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.) i'm seeing nothing in your post that provides evidence that he's manipulative scum. he blames any discourse on my menopause and that i'm not the woman he feel in love with. much age gap is not realistic or normal 9 months ago i think it is wrong for a 50 year old man past his prime to marry a 20 something girl who has barely started out in life. you can tell your daughter that without attacking her relationship, which she will definitely get defensive over. oldest daughter (17 years of age) had already a chat with my new partner. i was once fooled and married a man i never knew before (because this is how things are here) but i had a say in this marriage ( thank god). 8 weeks ago i am a 33 years old woman blessed with a wonderful career. this man is encouraging her to rely on him for everything. gold[–]silverraven1189 16 points17 points18 points 1 year ago (0 children)right now what your daughter needs is support, and she's getting it from this older man. the only exceptions are posts that were removed by actual humans for missing information. there's no point trying to force your man to go shopping with you, for example. i feel terrible sleeping with a married man, but i suppose you can't help who you fall in love with. tenth grade, we made friends with a group of older guys who hung out on the main street of town, which ran parallel to the local university — guys who'd once gone to our same high school and had never left the social scene. my man take me to different countries when he is at work .

Advice daughter dating older man

i can't imagine myself getting married of a 51 yrs man while i'm still 26! shes 18 and shes just all crazy on hormones dating this older dude.. it's not super-sweet and romantic of him when he buys you beer and/or gets you a fake. would suggest that you two go to counseling together as mother and daughter and work out any unresolved issues there. they need a strong anchor, and a mature man can provide that emotional stability. he'll either scoff at the idea of helping you with a masculine project, which will greatly decrease his greatness in the eyes of your daughter, or he will end up helping you and you might even learn a bit of respect for this man as he proves that he has character beyond just banging a young girl., she is indeed 22 years younger than me, and could be my daughter. gold[–]mankeybutt21 17 points18 points19 points 1 year ago (0 children)no, it does not. does it mirror yours (a woman much younger than him), or does it go beyond what you've already learnt from life? gold[–]feckinghound -4 points-3 points-2 points 1 year ago (1 child)because older men have usually been married or women their age have been married and have kids. 6 weeks ago hi,i have a problem with a guy i'm dating he's an old men,he is 50 & i'm 28.. there's probably a reason no woman his age wants to date him. but you can't say 100% of those cases involved an older man abusing a young girl. but you can't say 100% of those cases involved an older man abusing a young girl.

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it's a bad ideafinally, let's get into some of the problems that a couple may face when the guy is much older. daughter, who is your daughter's age, has had lots of mental health struggles, and yes, she mostly fought me for a long time on mental health treatment, but it was okay eventually. life had been blissful so far though i did face a lot of challenges including a failed long distance relationship with a man i wanted to spend my entire life with. i was adamant to everyone that it wasn't weird if we were to date, because i was mature, and an adult who could make my own decisions. many memories remain fuzzy, but incidents such as that day in the forest remain in crisp detail. 17 months ago what many people won't tell you is that even if a man is in good physical shape, after 50, many men loose their libido since their testosterone levels drop drastically. i couldn't imagine dating someone that young because it's too much of a difference. the most difficult thing of dating an older man is that if you ever separate and you are my age, you will not feel the same with guys your age. it seemed just about every woman i knew had a similar story, a time when wanting attention meant getting the wrong kind entirely. agree though, it would be impossible to prevent her from dating him and if op goes full blown on him it's only going to push them together. the irony is i actually found him more immature than the guy i am currently dating (4 years my senior). winchell 6 months ago "an older man's sperm usually cannot produce healthy babies. the more i read here, the more that it seems like op tiptoed around her daughter rather than forcing her to do things she didn't want to do, like get birth control, go to therapy, go to tutoring, have her assessed for learning disabilities, and so on. man should be jailed,I like the way you think that people should be jailed when they haven't committed any crime.

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but the sheer amount of older ppl preying on younger in r/relationships is astounding. 11 months ago i am 20 , dating a man 18 years my senior., there's no better way to damage the affection of a young girl for an older guy than by chatting comfortably with him about lame old guy stuff and marking him as one of your peers, rather than hers. have the guy join you in the garage to help work on a project that involves manual labor. she has many positive qualities, she's just vulnerable right now. relationships, personal issues, dating, crushes, exes, breakups, infidelity and any aspect of relationships ask a relationship question /r/relationships/. but op's daughter is going to remain a lot more vulnerable to him if she doesn't see any other potential paths in life that don't end in failure, and op is not in a position to go after the relationship directly; at least, not if she wants a continued good relationship with her daughter and to ensure that her daughter has a safe place to turn when the relationship with mr. i didn't realise it at the time but, in some ways my ex seemed to enjoy being the one 'in control', by dating a much younger woman. gold[+]nhavar comment score below threshold-19 points-18 points-17 points 1 year ago (2 children)do you have real reasons, other than the man's age, to ascribe malice to his actions? then you'll have a solid foundation for tackling the root cause of why she's with that man and whether the relationship is viable or healthy. gold[–]devil5advocate 545 points546 points547 points 1 year ago* (22 children)you can support your daughter by saying that you don't agree with her choice, but you won't make waves about it, and telling her if it does work out you'll be happy for her, and if it doesn't she can always come back to you. you have to kind of hold back on that, because your daughter currently feels that he is her one way out. talk to her about what to look for, as in red flags that she's being taken advantage of like if he's controlling, manipulative, etc. i don't want an older man, don't want his money, don't have daddy issues, no social needs.

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clearly there are deeper things at play than just this relationship with a man. not long after we separated a man i work with "john" was very kind to me. such a caring and loving attitude is usually found in older men. gold[–]oncesometimestwice 5 points6 points7 points 1 year ago (6 children)while that relationship seems like it was developed, op certainly colors her daughter's relationship as seeming very very predatory.?Tl;dr; depressed daughter's boyfriend is taking advantage of her! gold[–]tac1122 13 points14 points15 points 1 year ago (0 children)while there are occasionally age gap relationships that work, i share your concerns and i think it's overwhelmingly likely that the relationship is (or will become) exploitative of your daughter. of this, i believe it is a terrible idea for young girls to fall in love with older men. point has to do with the generalization that all or even most older people who get into relationships with younger partners are immediately manipulative predators, which i think is not only an unreasonable assumption but an offensive one. however, this article is about younger women falling in love with older men. he's such a caring, humble, loving, affectionate, and above all treats a woman rightly with much respect.) at her age, although she feels like a failure for a variety of reasons, she likely also feels that she is mature enough to make her own decisions and that she knows how to spot anything weird (but it's not "weird" for the older man to want to date an 18 year old in this case, because she's "mature for her age"). getting divorced in a young age made life harder; i stopped dating, i refused socializing, until i realized that i have been living in a cocoon that i have created. i find older men more attractive, more knowledgeable, and better in bed although that probably isn't comforting. this is unhealthy200 · 33 comments i [26f] use to date a afl player and i'm dating someone new [24m].

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 2 years ago i am 40years old, single with no child, presently in love with a 73years old married man. i was warned by my mom about marrying an older man. all abusers are older men, but enough older men are abusers, is essentially my argument. it could be that op's daughter is not only cute but funny and intelligent as well. i think many people don't drive because firstly - here it is really expensive to even learn to drive. gold[–]mokti 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (1 child)there's a hell of a difference between going on a bender and dating an older man. he's older and that's creepy but that doesn't mean he gets to shirk out of family dinners, parties, and holidays. make it clear if he's serious about your daughter he will not pull her away from her family. if you make the appointment for yourself too (on a different day), you're normalizing it as a regular part of life for an adult woman. women from overseas are taught to take care of their man, unlike american women. think this article leaves out one important point; if an older man is interested in a woman much younger, surely that says something about his own maturity levels? are more serious problems than the age of the guy she's dating. 3 months ago my fiancé is 16 years older than i am. summary: women marry older men for financial, psychological and social needs.

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he is an abuser the last thing op wants is her relationship with her daughter ruined, where she's isolated and has no where to go if things go bad. gold[+]ghebert001 comment score below threshold-10 points-9 points-8 points 1 year ago (0 children)consenting adults man. maybe it's that we get report cards and progress reports electronically, and can e-mail teachers as needed, but whenever my daughter has screwed up, i hear from no one until months later, it seems. yeah, basically i think it'd be best for you to support your daughter and not push her away in her relationship with this man, but attempt to get to know him in order to help keep your daughter safe. a few years above what many states in the us consider the age of consent. if you want an older man because he make your whole and happy go for it. i was incredibly lucky to be introduced to a man. 8 months ago exactly over a month ago today, i met an older man online. many of my friends and even my brother have put off getting their license for months. there any benefits for younger girls dating older men—other than getting access to their money if they are rich? 2 years ago i have been in a relationship with a man 25 years my senior. 2 years ago i am 21 currently in love with a man 58 years my senior,he is so freakin awesome! gold[+]cagedb1rd comment score below threshold-16 points-15 points-14 points 1 year ago (2 children)as a young woman who dates older men (think 18 to 34 and then 19 to 38) it might be a security thing. don't know if this is the right sub to post this, but I need help for my daughter.

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i dated a 32 year old when i was 19 and while back then i wasn't crazy about him being so much older i didn't think it was a big deal. if he is serious about your daughter he can act like a serious boyfriend. devil5advocate said :You can support your daughter by saying that you don't agree with her choice, but you won't make waves about it, and telling her if it does work out you'll be happy for her, and if it doesn't she can always come back to you. my friend's older boyfriend was close with a guy i'll call t. she is dating a guy almost twice her age, she is an adult. law is not on my side with this one how can i protect my daughter from this creep? gold[–]oncesometimestwice 6 points7 points8 points 1 year ago (2 children)unfortunately there aren't solid statistics on that subject, and i agree that my opinion might be colored by the sheer volume of abusive age-related relationships here, but i've also seen and been victimized by an older man so i'm very sensitive about this topic. you must know before dating an older manupdated on january 2, 2017. she needs an older friend who can offer her constructive guidance, and reassure her that messing up is ok.) but at the time, to us, it wasn't weird or taboo as much as this epic, forbidden romance. all remember when 27-year old ashley olsen made headlines for reportedly dating 47-year-old bennett miller, the director of moneyball. make it clear if he's serious about your daughter he will not pull her away from her family. 5 months ago i'm seeing a man that's 39 years older then me, i am 19, we haven't done anything sexual yet and he has told me he really doesn't want to do anything sexual with me he just loves my company and enjoys the time we spend together. injoinrelationshipsmarriagelong-distancephysical intimacyfriendshipdatingcrushesattracting a matedate ideasonline datingbreakupsdivorcerelationship problemscheatingfightingabusesocial skills & etiquettegender and sexualityrelationship advicereligiouslovecompatibilityastrologypersonality typesingle lifeconnect with us.

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first, dating a 21-year-old guy made 15-year-old Sarah Dessen feel excited and powerful. age is just a number why don't they date older women? you should do your own investigation and find out more about the man you intend to move in with. she were to marry a man the same age or slightly younger, they both would be starting out together and would lead a life of struggle initially—at least before they can plant their feet firmly in their respective careers. although the situation is slightly different because i was not actually dating him, i know myself well enough to know that if she had outright condemned the "relationship" i would have pushed on even further in my attempt (in typical teenage, "parents just don't understand" fashion) because i felt that she couldn't tell me what to do, because i was an adult, not a little kid anymore. if he is serious about your daughter he can act like a serious boyfriend. dating sites have made it easier for women to find men of all varieties—single, divorced, rich, and even married men. he has some mobile/balance issues, he's also grown more grumpy, irable, and quite frankly not the man i feel in love with. t 2 years ago i got married young to the man i thought i would spend the rest of my life with. get his information so that he can be an active participant in helping your daughter learn to drive and get a job. i loved the man i married and we were very happy. mean, my so is nowhere near op's daughter's state of vulnerability in life (i know better than to argue here that she's not vulnerable to me, but with me out of the picture she is successful and make her own plans for life,) but how do you measure vulnerability? gold[–]spacehooker 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (0 children)you need to empower your daughter any way you can. get his information so that he can be an active participant in helping your daughter learn to drive and get a job.

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i never expected to fall in love with a man 3 years younger than my father, but there is no going back. casting him as the villain and her as incapable only promotes distance between you and your daughter and if he is manipulating her, gives him ammunition in that manipulation. the man, as much as i was interested in him, made it clear one day that he thought of me as nothing more than a nice teenager (by asking what i "want to do when i grow up"-- which at the time was absolutely brutal for me, and totally rocked my "i'm a responsible adult and people view me as one"- attitude. gold[–]ditrastevere 19 points20 points21 points 1 year ago (0 children)you really can't do anything about her dating this guy, unfortunately. 7 months ago i am a mistress for 9 years with an older man. gold[–]tigris474 4 points5 points6 points 1 year ago (1 child)i was your daughter when i was 17.. he might be running from a bad relationship with a woman his age. "i don't want you hanging around with someone that much older than you. i'd like to emphasize, op: always be supportive of your daughter. what on earth would a man that age want with an 18 year old besides sex? in fact, many are full of married men pretending to be single or divorced. given a choice, would you like to have an affair with an older man? girls get a head-start by marrying older men, as it affords them a similar or better lifestyle than they were used to while living with their parents. 2 years ago i am 21 years and my husband is 60 to 61 this year but he is the sweetest man i have ever seen.

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you must know before dating an older manyou must consider the following differences before marrying or even getting into a relationship with an older man. previous partners were around the same age (usually two years older than me). because the guy is older doesn't mean he's a creep. unfortunately he's 20 years older then i am and stuck in an unhappy marriage. you go after problem b (the boyfriend) by first tackling problem a (the daughter's depression and loss of faith in her future). he's funny, humble, engaging, interesting beyond belief man, and he flirted with me. are more serious problems than the age of the guy she's dating. she wants a man to love and care for her. i mean just thinking about that statement right away makes me wonder how you value your daughter.)submitted 1 year ago by maxi_takes_a_taxii don't know if this is the right sub to post this, but i need help for my daughter. the more you push it regarding the man the less likely she'll see you as that and the further attached she'll become to him out of necessity. 2 years ago my fiancé is 15 years older than me (i'm 20, he is 35) and none of the issues you put in the "cons" list apply to us. if op voices anything beyond mild concern to her daughter, she runs the very real risk of making her daughter cling to the boyfriend all the more tightly. 8 months ago i do find many points in this article to be true.

Advice daughter dating older man

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you are having an affair with such a man, physical compatibility could be an issue. i'd completely accepted her romance with an older guy as normal, even destined. and hopefully, as she gets older, she'll realize just how creepy this man is being. is he actually living like a man his age (maybe he already has a house, children, & other responsibilities like parents he looks after), or is he just an unemployed/ unambitious manbaby, lol? being the older, wiser man is a power trip for him. that woman taught me so much about life, love and relationships. he's 22yrs older than me but hey i'm not counting. yet, the decision of marrying a 24 years older man is suffocating me! i know it's a one on a million chance, but i know from personal experience that there is the possibility of that older person opening the door to a lot of opportunities, personal and professional. as i got older, however, the more i realized that my experience was not an uncommon one., it's not a good idea to marry someone who is much older, but you can make things work by following the tips mentioned in this article. all i had heard is that he has a nice car, a job, and a house, which many people at that age should have and it doesn't make them predators. i'm not saying it's 100% of older men, and confirmation bias does cloud my judgement, but enough of them exist to disgust me permanently. i recently got involved with a man 14 years my senior.

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'm not saying this is always the case but, it's important to look at the other factors in his life to accurately gauge if he is actually an older man. my daughter has been dating this older man for 4 months. My daughter has been dating this older man for 4 months. she is not the 1st woman i spoke with of this age.!You have not helped your daughter by babying her and giving in and just letting her give up every time she gets upset. are many pitfalls to watch out for when dating an older man. don't frame it like you think she's crazy; just tell her that she's facing a tough transitional point in her life and she could use as many people as possible on her team while she navigates it. the fact is is that most older guys are looking for young targets for abuse. frankly i do t at all think age is the determining factor in how healthy a relationship is, if one partner is a manipulative fucl head then that's the problem, not the age difference. yes, there are times that i go out for chinese food with my daughters (the age gap between me and my elder daughter is actually shorter than rory's and lorelai's) and we watch movies and we talk about everything under the sun, but there's also plenty of time that consists of, "i'm not going to let you do what you want to do" and door slamming and histrionic weeping. traditionally, it has not just been customary but also advisable for girls to marry men who were a few years older - maybe by two to five years. awareness 7 months ago lol the poll wording is so biased - why does it ask if you'd have an affair with an older man, instead of whether you'd get into a relationship with one? additionally, it makes me respect the man so much more for not being a massive creep and dating an 18/19 year old. he's using the power imbalance that comes with him being a reasonably rich, older guy, and she is a depressed 18 year-old who four months ago assumed she had no future.

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i believe i am capable of having a loving relationship with someone who is olderridicule has been an issue. niall 6 weeks ago from christchurch, new zealandhi wendy, it sounds like he is not able to trust you, which is weird because you guys have been dating for about six months now, and he wants you to move in with him.. 2 months ago i married a man 17 years older than i. you have two choices, you can either accept that man is in her life right now and rejoice with her or you can be shut out like my mom.[–]jpallan 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (0 children)it's odd, i have a daughter the same age who was also in danger of not graduating, though it got straightened out at the beginning of senior year. i have never developed a specific type, especially toward older men, but a lust for excitement and connection. i was with a man almost 15 years my senior, & he was the one who had the affair. all were from overseas, and all told me young men don't know how to treat a woman, and that is why they pursued older men. we share many of the same viewpoints and the age is really not a factor to either of us, it seems to matter more to other people actually. that's one good thing about marrying an older man—he listens better than a younger one. gold[–]110069 -1 points0 points1 point 1 year ago (0 children)dating an older man is a lot better than other kids her age. i am in my mid 30s and dating a woman in her early 20s and she's very much an equal partner and it's the healthiest relationship i've had. it's possible, but unless you have specific proof of that, focus on your daughter and how to be supportive of her. was a very troubled 19 year old girl that was also wooed by a 34 year old man.

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