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relationships of a personal nature between employees and students, including consensual relationships, create the potential for actual and/or perceived conflicts of interest and abuses of power that could result in harm to both the student and the entire college community.

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we invite you to use this site to become familiar with the college’s policies, stay informed on new and revised policies, and provide feedback for policy improvement.

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scope this policy applies to all employees and students of the college community.

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definitions word/term definition personal relationship goes beyond the normal level of relationship between a student and employee that is ordinarily present in an academic setting and includes, but is not limited to, close friendships and romantic and/or sexual relationships employees includes full-time employees, part-time employees, and contractors of algonquin college, including bargaining unit members, management and non-unionized employees student any person who is currently enrolled in a course or program  at the  college, who is planning to attend the college but who may not have registered, or who was enrolled at algonquin college when he or she was in a personal relationship with an employee supervisor any employee of algonquin college who supervises staff policy algonquin college is committed to maintaining a learning environment that is free from conflicts of interest and abuses of power and authority, both actual and perceived.

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measures, if any, should be taken as a result of the actual or apparent violation of this policy including any corrective measure and/or disciplinary action, if any, to be taken by the college as a result of any violation(s) of this policy.

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to state the college’s position on personal relationships between employees and students and to provide a mechanism for the disclosure and consideration of personal relationships between employees and students.

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our policies define the college’s expectations in regards to student and employee behaviour and responsibilities, academic affairs and governance, and procedures and sanctions for resolving complaints and dealing with offences.


brief overview algonquin college’s policies have been developed to ensure the health, safety and security of all students, faculty and staff, and the proper and fair operation of the college as an academic institution and employer.

Algonquin College Students' Association | Founder Dating

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aa – academic affairs ac – accessibility ad – administration hr – human resources hs – health, safety and security it – information technology pm – property management re – research sa – student affairs all policies by category aa – academic affairs aa01 – aa01: advisory committees aa02 – aa02: college academic council aa03 – aa03: program council aa04 – aa04: admissions aa05 – aa05: advanced standing aa06 – aa06: prior learning assessment and recognition (plar) aa07 – aa07: admission of international students aa08 – aa08: course load aa09 – aa09: transfer of academic credit (internal) aa10 – aa10: transfer of academic credit (external) aa11 – aa11: registration aa12 – aa12: changes to original registration: course drop/add aa13 – aa13: evaluation of student learning aa14 – aa14: grading system aa15 – aa15: college credentials aa16 – aa16: honorary degrees, honorary diplomas and fellowship awards aa17 – aa17: dean’s honours list aa18 – aa18: academic dishonesty and discipline aa19 – aa19: academic appeal aa20 – aa20: plagiarism aa21 – aa21: deferred evaluation aa22 – aa22: student participation in athletics or on the students’ association board of directors aa23 – aa23: faculty consultation with students aa24 – aa24: disruption to college activities aa25 – aa25: student course feedback aa26 – aa26: course outlines and course section information aa27 – aa27: general education courses aa28 – aa28: essential employability skills aa30 – aa30: program suspension aa31 – aa31: algonquin college library aa32 – aa32: use of electronic devices in class aa33 – aa33: licensing of teaching materials aa34 – aa34: copyright aa35 – aa35: confidentiality of student records aa36 – aa36: field trips aa37 – aa37: review of final grade aa38 – aa38: program quality assurance aa39 – aa39: program progression and graduation requirements aa40 – aa40: academic advising aa41 – aa41: cancellation of classes aa42 – aa42: learning management system aa44 – aa44: international travel and safety – students ac – accessibility ac01 – ac01: students with disabilities ac02 – ac02: client service standards for persons with disabilities ac03 – ac03: aoda integrated accessibility standards regulation ac04 – ac04: notification of service disruption for people with disabilities ac05 – ac05: use of service animals on campus ad – administration ad01 – ad01: administration of college policies ad02 – ad02: freedom of information and protection of privacy ad03 – ad03: conflict of interest procurement protection for volunteers ad04 – ad04: ordering course materials ad05 – ad05: perquisites ad06 – ad06: legal deposit ad09 – ad09: college corporate image ad10 – ad10: certificate of appreciation (rescinded) ad11 – ad11: student activity fees ad12 – ad12: travel, meals, and hospitality ad15 – ad15: employee acceptance of gifts ad16 – ad16 – payment card industry data security standards ad17 – ad17 – international travel and safety – employees ad18 – ad18 – social media account management ad19 – ad19 – fraud prevention ad20 – ad20 – enterprise risk management ad21 – ad21 – whistle-blowing ad22 – ad22: government and other flags flown on campus hr – human resources hr02 – hr02: professional development leave hr03 – hr03: tuition assistance – algonquin college courses hr04 – hr04: tuition assistance – degree completion hr07 – hr07: hiring process hr10 – hr10: new employee orientation hr12 – hr12: conflict of interest hr13 – hr13: vacation hr15 – hr15: return to work with modified workload hr16 – hr16: leave of absence for personal reasons hr17 – hr17: partial tuition fee reimbursement for dependents of full-time employees hr18 – hr18: employee code of conduct hr19 – hr19 response to the death of an employee or immediate family member hr20 – hr20: non bargaining unit job evaluation – administrative staff hr21 – hr21: staff/student personal relationships hr22 – hr22: respectful workplace hs – health, safety and security hs01 – hs01: occupational health and safety hs02 – hs02: emergency response hs03 – hs03: workplace violence prevention hs04 – hs04: student and employee identification hs05 – hs05: accident reporting and investigation hs06 – hs06: fire safety and emergency evacuation hs07 – hs07: emergency campus closing hs08 – hs08: fatal or critical injuries hs09 – hs09 first aid hs10 – hs10 smoking on campus hs11 – hs11: alcohol on campus hs12 – hs12: in-line skating, skateboarding and bicycling hs13 – hs13: key control hs14 – hs14: hepatitis b vaccine hs15 – hs15: food and drink in labs and shops it – information technology it01 – it01: acceptable use of computer networks and accounts it02 – it02 : technology evergreening it03 – it03: audio-visual equipment loans it04 – it04: voice communication it05 – it05: information sensitivity and security it06 – it06: deployment of computing devices it07 – it07: information and communication technology systems maintenance pm – property management pm01 – pm01: property projects pm02 – pm02: parking pm04 – pm04: advertising and selling on campus pm06 – pm06: residence admissions pm07 – pm07: naming of college features re – research re01 – re01: research administration re02 – re02: integrity in research and scholarly activities re03 – re03: research involving human subjects re04 – re04: use of animals in teaching, research and other activities re05 – re05: intellectual property re06 – re06: use of biohazardous and radioactive materials in research and education re07 – re07: academic freedom rights and responsibilities   sa – student affairs sa02 – sa02: ombudsman sa03 – sa03: student complaints sa04 – sa04: response to the death of a student sa05 – sa05: scholarships, awards and bursaries sa06 – sa06: fees sa07 – sa07: student conduct sa08 – sa08: fee deferral sa09 – sa09: project hero award sa10 – sa10: student loans sa14 – sa14: unreturned college property and unpaid debt sa15 – sa15: spiritual centre sa16 – sa16: sexual assault/sexual violence.

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  the reputation of the college is important both to employees and students, and any personal relationship between an employee and a student puts that reputation, and thus the interest of the students, employees, and the entire college community at risk.

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  a positive and professional relationship between the college’s employees and its students is crucial to maintaining such a learning environment.

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