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) as a creative person, when i’ve taken a risk and put my writing or artwork out in the public and heard crickets in response, i’ve taken it as “they don’t just hate my stuff, they hate me, because my stuff is an extension of me! someone who is interested should either act that way or suffer the consequences of being oblivious., after 72 hours, and depending on the urgency of the matter, you haven’t heard back, then by all means…reach out again – in a non judgemental way. people will slowly get fed up with this behavior and look for another hairdresser. in the meantime, your post has made me uncomfortable as its me all over and i dont want that anymore. is a big problem i’ve struggled with so it’s nice to talk about. timing for me is often the reason and it is important to extend this understanding to others. am at the point where logically i process but emotionally i’m having a difficult time wrapping my head around it. it made me think about how sometimes it’s difficult to reach out in the first place, probably down to a fear of being rejected or ignored (easy to interpret as the same thing). me, for not taking the time to take the challenges marie puts out. so i am trying not to take it personally, and at the same time i feel disrespected, to the point where i am not sure i am wanting to do business with these people. not taking things personally is huge especially when you when you start your own business. i have to be in a good head space so if i don’t get a response, i know it had nothing to do with the energy i sent out. you have a point about the kind follow and if you still don’t get a reply! nowget startedclick here to get your free audio training now. i am a mental health therapist and sometimes clients just stop coming. i followed up twice with nice emails, noticing that she is alive and well and active on social media. in business (and even with friends/family), i believe giving people 72 hrs to respond is respectful. it’s not like we want people to fall all over us and tell us how wonderful we are, however the way i look at it is by saying ‘thank you’ to someone that is trying to help you out, regardless of whether it does or not, is a way of acknowledging that person’s efforts which i personally think is important. need a bit more specifics and context 😉 i’ll also say to trust your instincts. he's never set anything up, when i asked about it he said "soon". although, i’m cooped up, all of my efforts get waisted and i was feeling my friendships were very one sided, i regret saying anything irrational.!Great tip jessica – though not sure i can go a whole day without looking at my email! now, having said all that, there are no guarantees in a relationship. always, thank you so very much for watching, diving into the conversation, and continuing to spread the word to your family and friends.’s an example of how this works: my core desired feeling toward my husband is connectedness. you nicole 2 out 5 of those signs are being shown to me by a girl i like "the too busy" and " i don't want a relationship right now " but she just told me two days ago, i asked her what she wanted to do about us? man who i had dated over four years ago had decided to make contact with me as well but i didn’t even entertain him with a response. last week i had a light bulb moment and saw how i took it oh-so personally and made such a big drama, playing a victim role. started sharing this story with my sil who informed she knew him, and confirmed my thoughts. they may expect that as a paid employee, it’s your job to flog them into doing what they said they’d do. face it, if you are into somebody and have to cancel it aren't you going to do it in the most personal and expeditious manner possible and have an immediate, definite time when you can make it? i am very sensitive and when i get a view that doesn’t support me i get easily upset over it.) or, as nicole says they are telling you they are interested in someone else. i understand the not taking criticism personally, but am uncertain what it means to not take positive things personal…still i will commit to 48 hours of not taking anything (everything) personally. i have been on dating sites for a few years and have gotten many people who do this kind of behavior. be fair to the op, i think there is a difference between not responding to the initial email and not responding after you had 1-3 dates with someone else. i’m currently unemployed and have applied for over 100 jobs and a lot of time, hear nothing back. just as my life is super busy, others are too. for me if it’s not really worth it big picture wise and doesn’t have too much emotional or financial involvement i just try to learn from it then move onto the next project or thing on my list. by the way, your hair is gorgeous in this video. if you are interested in a girl and she is mentioning how fabulous or gorgeous a guy she met in passing was, she is telling you as subtly as she knows how, she’s not into you. instead i aim to be generous in my tone — whether reaching out to someone to collaborate or saying no to someone in a nice way– and to actually feel that generosity and groundedness in my body when i respond. he's awaiting your invitation, which they tend to do if they don't want to be the one to cover dinner. lol but there are times when i can push my ego aside and do something different. you know, i was struggle with it a few miutes ago, it’s crazy! am now in their place and understand why they could not respond to me.’ve also gone through the job search process and it was very hard then not to take it personally when i didn’t get the job or the interview.’ but we do need to be self-aware enough to realize that in all cases it may not be. at the time i was working in an organization in which several employees had personal struggles and unfortunately made their co-workers the target of criticism and rumours. i learned, and i hope this helps someone: since i was working within a framework of sanity, when the other one blew up, i was shocked and hurt, yes, but also i knew i was not to blame. people have no compunction to distract you from meeting somebody real. love this line darci — i take “no” as graciously as “yes” so don’t hesitate to let me know either way. miss solomon has a passion for writing about love, creating love strategies and mastering self- love. posted: 6/21/2015 7:15:42 amsorry, i don't respond to every message i get. a man should be worried that he will lose you if he doesn't show you attention. he is not as keen after meeting you and is too much of a coward to say so. seeing that i’m not the only person that gets treated this way helps to put it in a context the helps me to see that it’s not personal because when you see you’re not the only one it happens to, it’s easier to see that it’s not about you. i feel like i’m such a sensitive flower and there are too many things to take personally.. funny enough i do think when it comes to matters of the heart, if you have to wonder if someone is into you or not, than that person isn't likely for you. i remember the moments that did not make sense until they made sense…. very first refund a couple of years ago left me feeling crushed, sad and having a pity party. second, thank you for sharing what you shared, it truly means a lot. it is proof that you called and it’s highly unlikely that they will not get your voicemail. what could i have said or done differently to have them say yes? if someone is really into you, they are going to scoop you up immediately. and have avoided at least 3 unfortunate situations by simply not taking them personally., back to the drawing board of being human and growing daily, even (and many times mostly) through my mistakes! i replied and said "do you want to hang out? my friend blew me off with no text or call. posted: 6/20/2015 5:53:59 pmsorry, i don't respond to every message i get. marie always has great book recommendations and this one is definitely a classic. or if you text them and it takes them a while to reply, you’re not of real interest to them.!I did feel like i was blown off and i received and text back asking me to not feel blown off. he carried on despite it all, but took it all in., linda — clearly you feel strongly about this, which i respect. do have an agreement via email but not a formal ‘signed’ one so that is a good key learning for me to take into my next partnership. met a woman a networking event years ago and i thought she didn’t like me, i wasn’t sure why, she just seemed irritated or annoyed. in the grand scheme of things, he has much bigger fish to fry. this is what you have to know about being blown off. my, listening to your video this week marie, made me realise, i don’t often get fobbed off, because i don’t often put myself out there to even risk getting given the cold shoulder! celebrity here jai 🙂 anything you appreciate in me is something you have within you as well. in fact, i was wondering why a colleague hadn’t gotten back to me for the last few weeks and was making up some big drama in my head. by this time i had decided she truly had not been “pleased”, had really not sent any emails, blah, blah, blah. email notification only if someone replies to my comment(s). ‘lil mind is so good at creating “drama thoughts” and the worst is; we believe in them! despite the tongue-in-cheek title, it’s very spiritual and will help you with this exact situation. for months i was relating in a free and normal way with someone and one day–poof! it wasn’t until i had a friend on the selection committee that i realized all the factors that play into selecting art for a magazine. and i was- only to find out that it doesn’t mean anything. but, in the meantime just keep enjoying life and know that there is love will eventually find you. partnered with a mom blogger (more than your average mom) in november – sent her product, and money in exchange for a banner ad for 3 months plus social media support for 3 months, a december gift guide and full review of my product. is dis guy v bn lvn for d past 10yrs i lata told im my filns and he agri to date ever since dat day he hasnt called or text v bn the 1 textn and calln.  if you are wondering and there isn't any obvious signs, than you're wondering is probably in vain. she politely declined, saying she was really busy, and i felt like i was getting the brushoff, because she wasn’t launching anything new at the time. it’s crazy how much we build things up and take them personally. make sure to leave a voicemail on the first call.” the buddhists teach that one must live with it, feel it, learn from it, and carry on. i needed this marie- been sending out info about my 21 day online gluten- free challenge and i’m hearing some crickets! no answer, so i called his phone and left a nice message. now he could have still been racist and not have liked me but just finding this bit of information about him completely changed my perception. watching this i realize i just need to chill and let him do whatever and not take it personally! are pieces that i teach in my shifting into higher consciousness programs! when i think i am absolutely done with a man, i delete his number and i move on. and here i had cried for hours over that one. did respond briefly that he had just returned from a morning conference and make a joke about it. i realized her reaction came from some other source and, although i was sad to have a relationship broken, of course, i also was sure it was not my fault. four agreements is one of my favorite books, and i think the agreement of “not taking things personally” is especially needed. as being proof positive that everything was going to work out. the first time i though “oh my god, he does not want me to go his salon anymore”. you took yourself out of the equation and by doing that you allowed that conversation to happen when it was supposed to happen. this helps me not get frustrated because something didn’t work out or someone didn’t answer – it probably just wasn’t meant to be at this moment. not someone close, but someone i’m in contact with by default. don’t ever give anyone free rent space in your head who can’t take the time to recognize your worth. this is one of the reasons why i find your videos and emails so helpful; you’re my voice of reason 😉 thanks for doing what you do! i’ve been promoting myself as a wellness educator with using juice plus as my vehicle. yes don’t take any of it personally, but always stand up for what you want and deserve. big ‘aha’ for not taking things personally came when i realized that you also shouldn’t take the ‘good things’ personally either, all at once it made so much sense. accept the challenge and will see this as a way to build my boundaries and inner resilience as i tend to get affected by people’s opinions and views and make up stories when someone is not their usual self with me, as i think it’s something i have done. not in a magical way, but either the pieces began to fall into place or i finally noticed the doors were already open., i’d ask my good friend sometimes for a meetup, and he’s a very reserved and shy person. i think you must approve of yourself and love yourself — and then other people’s opinions matter less and less. understand that someone may not be in a place to be straight, and finding a decent way to communicate with them, might be the best way to handle it … if appropriate. i met a woman from a friend in person and she was interested in my coaching servcies. i laugh at myself because i will watch from beginning to literally the end, even after the b-school promo that i’ve seen what feels like a hundred times, just because i love the silly out takes. am getting better at watching my internal space, when it comes to criticism or praise. my 48 hour challenge, i will follow up and offer the resource again, i’ll be more precise in explaining how it benefits them and i won’t take it personally if this isn’t something they want. however, since that last phone call yesterday morning, he has not responded to any text messages from yesterday . i have since changed the address to make it more “user friendly” which it was not originally. are not a high priority for him at this point. that situation in addition to taking it personally, i also made an assumption about the situation (another fabulous agreement, ‘don’t take things personally’). as a result i have become friends with this influencer and a part of their inner circle. of course, i take “no” as graciously as “yes” so don’t hesitate to let me know either way. if only i’d continued on the path when in college! so i try to structure all of my interactions with him – business and personal – to support a genuine emotional connection.…i always appreciate the tuesday videos and this is definitely a topic that really hits home. did you have an intuitive hit on this that you ignored? sometimes i even get my back up about it, and not only think, “wow, i must suck,” but also, “i wouldn’t want to deal with someone who doesn’t reply to emails anyways – so there! you find anything in these situations that you can do to help you avoid it happening again? the chairwoman and her cronies didn’t think i was good enough, etc. i normally try to quell my knee jerk reactions and respond at a later/ more appropriate time (in the middle of staff meeting does no good, for me or anyone else in the room). you should get what you pay for and you might want to send a very firm email outlining the agreement the two of you have and what your expectations are moving forward.… “omg, you got rejected and you still sent him another text? but it’s one that trains you to be both resilient and compassionate — two vital keys for winning in business and life. they may be well-versed in the bible, not so much in marketing. the past, i used to get frustrated about emails/phone calls i sent with no reply. if you are being blown off, it’s not a pretty feeling. i’m 17 and there’s this guy in his 20s. if someone is making it painfully or subtly obvious that they don’t want to be in your life take it as an insult and move on. ha — not wrong to admit at all 🙂 thank you for that cristina. finally questioning: “what energy was in when i approached them? if someone isn’t replying to your magna carta of emails, send a quick text and say “i’d love to chat about [lengthy email topic]! i totally agree with the message of not taking things personally when it comes to outbound marketing or sales – it’s all apart of the bizness, i have encountered a different form of this phrase in my professional life that troubles me. thing i learnd about taking things personal is that usually when you are caught up the “why,” the other person is running free.

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this is especially true if it's later in your relationship. you are strategic as to when you call them, you tolerate their lame excuses of unavailability and you carefully weigh what it is you do and say around them. when we let the time take its course its a life changing moment, because you focus on what’s in front of you at that present time. in the latter case, i think it's good manners to be upfront with tact and tell the other person instead of ignoring him/her. send weekly advice to meeting and keeping your dream partner. not to worry, now there’s todd and jayde’s blown off! i later found out he didn’t speak good english. comes at just the right time when i was waiting for an email back from a client asking if could get feedback on some editing work i had done for them. he did respond briefly that he had just returned from a morning conference and make a joke about it. she explained that there were circumstances that meant she couldn’t go ahead with the project at that time – it had nothing to do with me. the way, i love the idea of the chrysalis cardi. when i send someone an invoice, and they repeatedly ignore all emails and phone calls, how am i not to take that personally? i wished for from moscow uni, is to get a written response about what was it that i said that got me the lowest grade. but i'm just so confused is she just scared of being upfront with me? it is not up to you to convince someone beyond what you have already done that you are worth dating. one valuable insight i gathered from my work though is that not all quick responses are necessarily good ones, so being kind, persistent and taking yourself out of the equation can be much more valuable than whatever incorrect first impression you may have had. it turned out that it had been an honest mistake and people (including the chair) had wondered why i wasn’t there. little recent example of taking things personally is that it took me a while to invite some of my fb friends to ‘like’ my brilliant living hq fb page, then when i did, one of my friends ignored my request. there’s something so emotional and personal about using my name, and personal brand in business that prevents me from not taking things personally. i was always a social person and still am, yet people have let me down in the past and now i am by myself. i love love, i want to be loved and have a great deal to give in that department.’m a huge advocate for taking full responsibility for the results that you create (or fail to create) in business and life.?Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. said again but it’s ok i understand you have to get home . 3 is great because it allows us to ask for what we want — in a non-confrontational way. video literally could not have come at a more perfect time. i’d much rather hear “no, i’m busy” than crickets…. won’t go into the details, but i was momentarily blindsided when he had the audacity to approach me while i was clearly holding hands with my boyfriend. not taking things personally is something that took me years to learn, so i’m very grateful for this video, maria! venues don’t get back to me or don’t bring me back again when i’m doing booking, radio stations, same thing. i did learn a lot about customer service and have been grateful for the experience. it’s in my calendar so it has to happen 😉. one member is not contributing to the team, and sometimes she has for help but not follow through, lately i try so hard to not take her attitude personally. i accept your 48-hour challenge and will be reporting back when i have done my part to fulfill it 🙂. i have an online translation into russian agency (oxbridge translation) and email potential clients until i get a some feedback. started a business 2 years ago and keep moving forward because this area is growing now, food allergies and i am waiting to get a product finished. i have to practice how to not take thing personally. focusing on the action of following up and the goal not the responses (or lack thereof). use the boomerang add on to gmail, that sets reminders attached to the emails. i wish we could, but sadly, it is not that kind of world. i know when to follow up and i don have to think about it. at the end of the day, i was the only one attending the show! my business clients are quite clear that they ultimately want sales as their result., yesterday i sucked it up and scheduled a chat with my boss. true in these tough economic times not everyone has the kind of work environment that allows casual cell phone conversations, so texting is very convenient. this one was ‘harsher’ i’ll deduct x % from payment because our delivery wasn’t on time (due to illness). but, busy means i would rather do something else than be with you. my problem has always been that i keep trying to be friends with people who have shown that they do not want to be friends with me and i get very confused trying to figure out whether someone is busy or whether they really are just ignoring my communications because they are not interested or because something is making them uncomfortable. i just have to say, though, i was completely distracted by how ahhh-mazing your hair looks! you refer to many authors and books in your videos and it would be great to first have a list of books you recommend us to read and second have an opportunity to have group discussion on the books. in one swoop my mind took her from ‘hater’ to biggest fan. i know you are super busy and this email may have slipped off your radar”……. he may just not be interested and could not bring himself to say it. part of the dating world, but it sucks more when they string it along in communication. focusing on the positive and running with it was the top skill i learnt in my university life. if you're prepared for any outcome, its easy to take action. i was so close to never wanting to “see” them again because i felt ashamed and hurt. think i could benefit from this balance in my career as well. all the while, i was thinking that his “no show” status was a reflection of the fact that he didn’t value my services or didn’t want to move forward with the project. she’ll respond to texts, but when i want to hang out with her i get crickets. 2 years later, i approached these ‘big notches’ again and had a fantastic response. we were both very attracted to the other, ------------------------------------why did you assume that? **scratching head** kind of hard not to read that she’s trying not to address the issue.. this one is so hard…and for those of us creatives who often work with our friends/compadres/community, it can be difficult to figure out what is personal and what is not. i’d love to see a candid 20-30 minute behind the scenes documentary about marie and/or marietv. sure enough, it did a year and a half later when i have long since moved on and in my current relationship and we’re all invited to an event to where he’s the dj. of the things i like to do is include a “follow-up timeline” in my contacts. i’ve gotten to think things are much more personal than they were in the first place. had been a little dicey due to our incredibly busy schedules. marie, i watched this episode a few weeks ago and it really resonated with me. is a really good post for the week, as i am currently feeling something happen. and she thanked me for my honesty in wanting to clear the air. from reading the comments, it looks like it’s going to be adopted faster than a sweet, snuggly puppy. in my book, if he wasn’t interested/attracted to me, it wouldn’t have gotten that far. but i decided to give it another shot by giving my crush a christmas card and writing in it the following "me and you coffee with my name/number" and if he is interested he has my digits. i have a tongue-in-cheek message on my contact page because of business solicitors. our experiences are helping us, so it’s important to be gentle on ourselves because, after all, we carry enough critics within…we don’t need to add to it ourselves. i told him anytime, he said he'd have to look at his schedule. i’ve been telling myself it’s not personal, and mostly doing well at accepting that “it’s not all about me. i guess i need to work on tactful responses to deliver in the moment so i don’t leave everything for later.’ve been watching marie’s videos for about a year, but this is my first time commenting.. sometimes people are just swamped / overwhelmed with the journey they are on and they don’t have the capacity to reconnect in any way what-so-ever. a guy i’ve been dating just got distant, my best friend has been crazy busy and i’ve been feeling a bit vulnerable and unimportant. it resulted in a social media nightmare & i was in a bind… so in the end i realised where i “f’d” up & sent the woman flowers but just left it at that… i really had an over investigation, thought to much made it into something it wasn’t moment… and it was just poor form… so i learned much from that experience… talk about taking things personally ! i waited til about noon today and i sent him a text saying that i was still interested in getting together with him again. grace — i’m with you on focusing on the positive 😉. that way, i wouldn't come off acting like i was needy.🙂 our egos seem to be louder and much more bossy than our hearts, which is why it is so hard to let go of our ego based thoughts and fall into our heart centers.” if this person does not respond, assume they are not interested if they text you back, “no thanks,” do not swallow your pride, let your pride guide you, chalk it up as their loss and forget this person ever had your number. not wanting to be pushy, after an initial follow up email or two, i let it drop. i have been telling myself for months now, stop taking things so personally. now, if only i can be bless with a celebrity comment;-). it sounds like you did indeed pay this blogger though, so did you pay for a banner alone, or did you pay for a full product review too? kristi, that sucks and i’ve heard many similar stories from others. this was the best reminder that other people’s actions do not have anything to do with how valuable i am as a friend/girlfriend/person. so if he doesn't respond to you immediately, like within a day or two, try not freaking out, and thinking he have lost interest. tell you, men get more crap for whining about no responses from women, then women do in the same situation. in dating when you don’t hear from someone it’s on purpose. the conversation hasn’t taken place yet, but when / if it does, it will be the right time, not my time. so if he doesn't respond to you immediately, like within a day or two, try not freaking out, and thinking he have lost interest. let the water roll off my back like a duck!, here’s a question: how do you decide if it really is personal?’m at home, in the country, 24/7 with, my baby, alice. the recipient probably hasn’t even read the email yet, so i won’t take it personally. posted: 6/21/2015 4:32:37 am he continues to communicate with me and says he wants to meet me. your message reminded and prompted me to keep at it. taking non response personally and imagining all kind of reasons why i’d apparently been rejected was a terrible habit of mine in the past but i’ve wised up to myself more recently (mostly – i still have the odd, sensitive day). i take this as the universe helping me figure out who i don’t want representing my brand (in a financially painful way lol! turns out, she was dealing with lots of family drama. would immediately delete the comment, and send the person a private message letting them know that abusive comments are not tolerated on my page. experience was emailing my mentor to say thanks, and then getting crickets, only to find that he is is completely living what he says and taking a techie time out while on holidays…. this person will have you talking about getting together to catch up over drinks or going to a movie but never follows-up. essentially, this person wants to put you on layaway plan, while they see what else is out there. they told him that he can not do that to the customers. love the idea of saying “just a friendly follow up. she was the outlier, but in retrospect, i rushed all of those partnerships b/c i was behind in planning for holidays. or do you think that nothing is personal and that one should just try again? it’s not because he sloughed everything off, that’s for sure. here are a few rules of engagement to abide by. it freaks people out when i call back or email back quickly and i love that. there is a company i need to follow up with and you helped remind me! i also take the approach if is meant to be it will happen at the time that is right. love the challenge and totally believe that it *will* provide insight and some good muscle-building strength for the tough times to come!!’ this video schooled me on my attitude…girl, where is the focus? in this day and age if someone tells you their phone is “conveniently” not working on a friday or saturday night, they are probably lying to you. i admit that i listened to this video to make sure you were going to say that the answer was “nothing at all”. my question is, do you think he’s just actually been busy from college this week or is he blowing me off?’m not of the school of thought that everything crappy thing that happens to in my life is a lesson or i’m personally responsible for everything that comes my way, however, i have a saying i live by:The truth has three sides: your side, their side and then what really happened. the genuine rule, and this is where honesty is so important, is to remember who ended the interaction. is something i struggle with constantly, especially in my business/work life. i’ve tried all kinds of things in the past, but in the end the advice that mattered the most was the one that came from my gut instincts. i caused a little scene only to discover that she had taken my words literally — when i said i hated weddings but that i would go to hers. said that, i do agree he should have been upfront with tact. of course, i made an appointment to do so later this week. it also keeps me from feeling pushy or taking things personally. i’ve tried to maintain focus and not let one play, one win, or one loss distract me from the ultimate goal…. as the lovely mastin kipp says: “a delay is not a denial”! sometimes it’s the timing of your communication or a host of other things that, to a certain degree, are within your control. i ended up giving him a bj from the spur of the moment. but running a business for 2 years, you start to toughen up! (duh – i’m sure it’s that way for everyone! i’ve learned to be professional at all times, follow-up when needed and take each episode and learn from it. while each situation is different, when it comes to business exchanges — always make sure you have a clear, signed contract with anyone you do business with. oh jeez… letting it go… i can really relate to africa’s post above. it turns out that the client literally was handling a 250 million dollar business and was traveling all the time and had simply not received my emails. don’t think that he even remembered my name but he was willing to risk it due to sheer desperation. i am going to be in action and be a stand for things to change.’m going to try to mentally close this one off and let it go at yoga tonight. it’s ok if things don’t work out sometimes like you plan them to be, as long as you tried your best, that’s what matters. what i do is, i will catch myself making assumption or having automatic negative thoughts. i was literally just whining to my mastermind group about a less than stellar (read: non-existent) response to an email i sent out. keeping communication brief makes it less overwhelming to get back to you quickly. i told her about my request she went straight on and liked it.” even though what you say is direct, i still think you are allowing people to “save face” in that the reason why doesn’t matter to you, just what is definitively is going on.

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i’ve realised that we make things up all the time and rarely stay with the truth. i’ll reach out once, but if there’s no reply i just move on without following up. even if i am aware now, i am afraid to spend time with my father because i am ashame of my past. sometimes i’m just procrastinating and not getting back to people or taking some me time because i don’t feel like working. the thing is that, although this is so silly, he didn’t answer back as fast as i thought it would be. the very first time they putter around when confirming a meet is when you should bail yourself out of the conversation and block them. once again, your wisdom has humbled me and lessened my ego. he could just be asleep and his phone is offf. in fact this is probably my number one problem in life, not only business. it is practicing, like marie said, that enables us to let go of the story we have created in our minds (that is causing us to suffer) and come back to ourselves. she has cancelled on me at the last moment, cancelled plans we had for 6 months to do something that appealed to her more, but then can turn around and be super sweet and attentive (for a time) i feel like trying not “to take it personally” has actually led me down this road because i tolerated increasing amounts of this horrid behavior., i’m not sure how old this is but i can tell you it couldn’t have come at a better time. may i add a couple notes, from my work as an online dating coach? dated a guy who would text me everyday and our conversations would last for hours.) or text message — there are more ways than ever to reach out, and to be ignored. i was taught not ask (“wait to be offered”) when i was little so simply asking used to take me out of my comfort zone… so the sound of crickets did hit a nerve. you want to know what being blown off really says about you, watch this. things like “if i haven’t heard back by ____, then i’ll circle back on ____. i’ve been sending out e-mails in offering to do talks or workshops and i’ve been finding myself getting discouraged by hearing no responses. of course, it’s not foolproof, but it is nice to not be checking email every fifteen minutes in the meantime. i know he’s super busy and wasn’t expecting to hear back right away, but that’s my what-i-should-think voice. he’s still a douche-bag for walking away like that though. thanks for the video, i will start my homework right now. some people just got “funk” and “junk” and it has nothing to do with you. reminds me of the “turning pro” phenomena where the author, stephen pressfield, mentions that we simply have to start doing and working and doing and working. in fact, there was a point a few years ago after a very romantic night with him he just completely feel off the radar and so instead of compassionately following up i freaked out. i just thought i’d hear from u to know plans were off. then i left that job and a few years later i graduated from cambridge university with merit, worked with the un and european commission. i am not getting a response back from someone that i use to communicate with all the time. (after all why would i want to deal with someone who doesn’t want to deal with me? every video i’ve watched so far are subtitled until this one. i gave her a detailed, stern-as-i-get email on the weekend outlining the agreement and what was delivered vs. can see that there are things that definitely involve me, but the source (someone else’s reactions) really has absolutely nothing to do with me. it’s never happened before and i try to make people very aware that the negativity isn’t welcome on my page. might have continue texting because he's keeping you on the waiting list: on the "maybe" list.) i’ve got mad self-respect yo and i don’t need none of that! he’d never done anything to make me think this. he did not address the comment about wanting to get together again. if the timing is not right, it’s better to save both of us a lot of time. i guy is eager to see you again he'll say heck yeah, let's.. other time people really are so self-centred that all they care about is that they now have the information / help they need and they can move on with whatever they needed it for. those who like to text, i encourage you to get some f*cking guts. human condition still can cause the “what did i do” moment but i do not hold on to it as long understanding that all things are worked out for my good even if at that moment i do not understand it. i’ve come to accept it as a cultural communication block/challenge and when i remember i include a ‘please reply so i know you’ve taken note’… when i do that, it works 🙂. she gave me some tips i’ll use next time, but i realize now how little the “rejection” has to do with me. fast forward… just a week ago she contacted me about working with her on a new project. and maybe there is a reason this is happening right now and that something better is coming down the road. both people i talked with said things to me in a way that felt disrespectful, and it really hurt my feelings, and hit some core wounds that i have, which i know are mine, not the other people’s, but the interactions felt rude, and like people were talking to me like i am a child. often times it has showed up for me in romantic relationships or close friendships, where i feel excluded for one reason or another and think it’s “because of me” that i wasn’t included. my cosmetician works in the same salon and when i mentioned my problem scheduling an appointment with the hairdresser she told me that the guy – for some unknown reason – does that to everyone. it has been very difficult to not feel angry with her or that i some how deserved to be treated badly. chances are likely that you’ll touch someone with each post and i thoroughly appreciated reading all that you worked through. i find when i caste a critical eye over these types of situations that there were warning signs well before the shit hit the fan that i didn’t pick up on because of inexperience or in many of these situations for me there was something that i really wanted and chose to ignore the warning signs that something wasn’t quite right that i should have addressed much earlier to get it. get over being blown off and don’t even think about giving up. however, most of the time i find that there were things that both of us could have done better. always feel sad when people i have never met, or met briefly and do not know, send me emails. ben & jerry , on the couch in pjs with a chick flick bummed? try and avoid ignoring people myself, i use sanebox for gmail. i usually don’t let the negative responses affect me, but i’m interested in striking a balance and not letting the positive affect me either. sometimes, you just have to keep running, bless the people who are by your site and continue doing your part (which may include working with new people and especially working within yourself and your mind to develop character and enjoy the run till the finish line, e. you for the reminder to get over myself and realize that it’s not always about me. he's texted me at least once every day this week and even initiated a phone call yesterday.) situations or circumstances that are trying to tell me or direct me to something/purpose? if someone isn’t replying to your magna carta of emails, send a q. was so bl never did appreciate the love my father had for me. i know she is busy, but my inner baby wah-wah is sad!  the truth of the matter is that often times people are blowing you off (in the nicest way they know possible), and yet you choose to see otherwise. What should we do when we know we're being ignored. but really, we should all just chill, followup, and if we do get enough “blow-offs” (i would call them “rejection by silence”), then we can think to ourselves how we can sell better or what we’re doing wrong. sometimes ill do a reading and the positive remarks will get to my head and when i don’t get them i will worry that i’m not that good and if i’m not the best i won’t have a bestseller. hope a lot of people take up the challenge and learn how liberating it can be — even when you’re nervous about starting something new. i am most confused by people who text me saying how much they’ve been thinking about me and miss me but then the minute i respond, they are silent for a year or more.” the person always winds up responding with an “omg, not at all!“does not taking things personally mean we just accept whatever kind of treatment because it’s “not personal”? i’d like to think of myself as being quite easy going but i have to admit i have lots of examples of this. we still manage to chat saturday evening and he says he’ll call and we’d make plans for monday. i typically find out they’ve been doing the same stuff i initially planned but with other people at that time. just take a “everything happens when the time is right” approach to it. from a business standpoint, i’ve learned to respond to the sound of crickets with “i just haven’t reached my peeps today. why would he text me (after our meet) throughout the week and even call daily if he had no interest? someone into you will always firm up the plan and get a scheduled date! the ego is strong and it takes a lot to release the whole “it’s all about me” tape, (it’s that old), being played all the time. i am busy with work, but obviously we'll keep in touch and make something happen. cos otherwise she is guessing, but if it makes you feel better to have it 'confirmed' then you should just go with that theory. so now we both feel excited about going ahead with her new project. when i introduce juice plus in a conversation, i bring it up along the lines of “i have something that could help you with _” and share how it helped me. douche-bag at school walked away from me when i asked him something about class. i also messaged her on fb, twitter and instagram to say hope you’re well, let’s connect., one thing i have noticed is, communication is easier with the ‘boss’, reply chances are higher when you have direct contact to the owner of the business, may be because they understand the ‘pain’ of being an entrepreneur. there is so much blog spammy, un-authentic, often repeated drivel out there that passes itself off as self-improvement. 2 years ago i started my business and went straight to ‘big notch’ with my products. you know what, sometimes during this process i’ve found that it was my fault and i tell you that’s a hard pill to swallow, lol. after i wrote the last comment i had an email from a client thanking me for helping her feel confident enough to go for a get the job she really wanted. is so important to not take things personal, i work with a diverse group of people. i jumped to the conclusion that she thought i wasn’t good enough to do the work.. and nobody i mean no one is getting back to me! but of course, they could be swamped or simply off their radar. i find it creates an awkward dynamic and expectation of continued immediate responses. don't play "unavailable" or anything, but what i mean is, don't play the opposite of sticking out as the chaser, is all.’m in the process of trying to get featured on some interior decor blogs and remember that after having submitted my material, i heard nothing from them. you made some great realizations and i hope you are proud if yourself for changing a “typical” response into a healthy one! hosting companies, and particularly specialized wordpress hosing companies, just won’t have the ability to contend. have had someone in my sphere who doesn’t bring up when she has an issue, but can sure get snitty when i don’t see (and do) things her way which is the right one, “of course”. sure, it stings a little, but it is better to know now than to linger and waste your time being delusional about the future. i felt disappointed that i wouldn’t be getting the “real-world” experience promised to me. but if we choose to not take the answer or lack of answer personally it makes us much more likely to take action in the first place. but i do regret the damage it did to our friendship…something that is still in repair mode., tell me one concrete example of where you took something personally — only to later find out that the crazy drama you made up in your head was totally not true. so, if someone cancels via email and you both have working cell phones, what does that tell you? (maybe cuz we've been friends for 2 and a half years? this was a great reminder of how to apply it to an everyday life situation. my life, i had been trying to fit in with others because i lost my own judgement. i know she has issues going on in her life and that might be the reason for her attitude. i invited a crush for coffee, and he did not reply. if they are not willing to commit right then and there to a time and place, see point 1 above. being told you are *taking things personally*, when you aren’t. not getting in contact right off, makes me look like i'm not interested. think that “not taking things personally” is one of the most destructive and cop-out pieces of “spiritual” advice ever. my thought went “she must have been thinking something bad about me. would he text me (after our meet) throughout the week and even call daily if he had no interest? feel a little trepidation but i am going to embrace the 48 hour challenge to not take anything personally.% of time i hear back or get a yes, for the 1% i surrender to what is popularly called ‘divine timing’.” it was rare for any of my postings to the class to get a response. no answer, so i called his phone and left a nice message. i was convinced she was ignoring me or upset over something i may have done. even worse did not apologize or say anything to me during my last days there. is right, follow your heart on how to get closure on this one.  you may call it human nature, i call it denial. advice it is too easy to take it personal without knowing what’s really going on with the other person. it seems that many people on a personal level would rather be quiet than *kindly* let you know where things stand.” i know that my boss is a good guy and he’s doing his best. do find what you wrote very helpful in sorting out my feelings around these two situations. if they know they will be held accountable that will help. then three years at chevron before i launched my business. i’ve also learned with refunds that it’s almost never about me and what i can offer, but more that the person isn’t ready to receive it more often than not, they come back when they are. once i let that worry go, what i needed began to appear. just like my father, i stir things up and help people during transitions in life.. talks about the opposite sex around you in glowing reviews. i checked every few minutes waiting for the little indicator to turn red and……….!Watching this post showed me i’ve lived selfishly by taking things personally while thinking i am just being honest about what affects me. inconsequential example but just shows what a waste of energy taking things personally can be. read the four agreements a few years ago and the book changed my relationships with family, friends and especially colleagues. i look forward to these every week, but this one was particularly helpful. they honestly don't realize that you may just lose interest or someone else may come along who'll give you more time of day!! i knew what you meant and just want to congratulate you for honoring the higher, wiser part of yourself 😉 great work. practice meaning that it’s something that you need to practice and practice and practice. otherwise, most people will let things extend longer even when not so interested. while many treat you like their best friend during the asking process, a significant number forget the magic words (thank you) once they have received the information that i have made time out of my schedule to give them. barbara and, for what it’s worth — i haven’t met anyone who isn’t a work in progress 🙂. posted: 6/21/2015 8:47:12 amas little experience as i have with dating, i did notice that some people think you will be around forever waiting for them to make up their mind. keeping communication brief makes it less overwhelming to get back to you quickly. i always ask myself; “what are other people’s negative comments or actions going to do to enhance my life? i realized that after posting this, i read some other comments and then immediately hit refresh to see if anyone had replied to mine. next 48 hrs is gonna be an interesting turn of affairs.

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anyways, sidetracking… the story goes, that i do all this info on my fb page, and then i noticed that one of my regular followers had got a package of the product that i sell, and im like ey ? i suspect that i don’t have a thick enough skin and i am also unaware of some things i might be doing to create the situations or conversations that don’t go the way i would like and take the results personally. get the whole idea of not taking it personally if there is silence, but what about if you are always given “maybes”., unless someone is willing to be straight, in a decent way, if there is something personal, then i really don’t want them in my close circle. i remember what it was like when i was trying to break through. i don’t regret the decision to do that, cause we all had our plates just too full. boy do i have a hard time with this one!” {blushing} #spoiledbrat thank you marie for your timely reminder… keep up the great work!.because this comments made me think about myself, who am i, where am i and where am i heading 🙂.. “don’t take things personally” (may be hard…but is highly possible and good for my soul…to say the least). aren't available for a relationship because of other things happening in their life.) one tip i’m learning on this front is to get really centered with myself first before i reach out. long ago i posted in a fb group that i was looking for soulful entrepreneurs to interview for my weekly radio show.(also, so great to see you’re response to so many blog comments lately — missed you for a while! i can do is remember it has nothing to do with me if someone doesnt reach back out. why not just tell me that you're not interested anymore? my grief at losing her was not clouded in any way by what might have been or what i should have done. once said to me “whats important to me at the time is not so important to them”. but you let go of your story and what i love most about your post, is that you realized that it wasn’t the right time for him. needles to say i was still feeling sensitive because a couple of weeks later, i quoted myself on my business page and someone wrote, “good one, i’m going to add that to line to the book of things sweta told me” it showed up as i wote it, so i didn’t know who wrote it. grew up in a loving family with four siblings and with parents who love me dearly and unconditionally. it can help us to decipher each book and great way to build camaraderie and leaving a sense of empowerment. you don't need anyone in your life who makes you feel like you're second class.. after a tough period in our business that really affected our home life, my husband and i said, “enough. left my hometown in lithuania and moved to london to work as a waitress with an abusive boss. oddly, the more you give into their ways, the less appealing you appear… how can they respect you, when you don’t respect yourself enough to set boundaries? because that would make it a different matter, wouldn’t it? wouldn't it be more logical to let his behaviour tell you if he was attracted to you. finally he found out that they weren’t having it this year because of a loss on their side of the family. i’ve been very conscious of not being self centered and i remind myself of the times i’ve been slow to respond. did happen to me that i thought that prospects wouldn’t go for my program because of something that either i had or didn’t have on my website, to later find out – after a follow-up – that they were swamped with their work and life and my reminder came as a blessing that kept their priorities in check. i sent an email to a prominent blogger a few days ago. i know this will happen, but being patient is a big life lesson for me. i was trying to schedule an interview with someone that i’d been after for a while. it’s only urgent to me and ultimately i wanted him to drop whatever he has going on to respond to what i think is important. is approaching the end of the fiscal quarter and depending on his job he might be up to his armpits with work. dedicate beyoncé’s “xo” song to you this morning, my queen! i was ok with that because i had time to make other plans as well as keep my options open. after that, i think it’s ok to let go of that particular endeavor and allow the universe to provide what is best for you. i actually took my personal feelings out of the equation for my business venture that i have been working so hard to launch and i was blessed with a new incite>! think we all know the universal signs of being blown off and i execute all of them very proficiently. if this happens and they mention a name, or are slightly more specific and any of the first three items show and they don't mention this person in such glowing terms any longer, take this to the bank: they are cheating on you. this video was a great reminder that i don’t need to take this personally.” i definitely plan to take the 48 hr challenge but i have done some work on this on-going. i do think there is a fine line between “expecting a response” from someone you’re cold contacting vs someone who has said they will support you and have acknowledged your deadline.“don’t take anything personally,” can (and is) often used as a cudgel against another. i especially feel so much shame when i forget something and remember it much much later! i rarely hear anyone talk of not taking compliments personally. i love the poster who texted to her friend and gave “permission” of sorts for him to say no. posted: 6/22/2015 4:35:24 pmat this point, he could be blowing you off, maybe not. – i bet you’ll hear more yes than you expect. he's never set anything up, when i asked about it he said "soon". was trying to make plans with a friend of mine (we had discussed getting together the last time i saw him) and no matter how many texts i sent i heard nothing… it was frustrating and i was ready to just say forget it when i decided to send one last text that said “if you’re a no to getting together or if something’s changed that’s totally fine, i would just rather you say no than have to assume from your silence that you’re a no. latest posts by miss solomon (see all) how to ask a woman on a date: foolproof method - october 19, 2017 why are we afraid to invest in others before we date them?, i’ve been on a learning curve with this one. up, let me know if you’re up for the 48 hour challenge to not take anything personally. so many singles are prone to feeling rejected from a lack of response, but the reality is that people are easily distracted and communication just falls off for no real reason most of the time. i'm bummed because i really liked him and he led me to believe he felt the same way. today, i intentionally chose to focus on the practice of not taking things personally. what a convenient way to put up a wall between two people and shut down any interaction. originally thought this acquaintance didn’t want to see me.!i'm marie you have gifts to share with the world and my job is to help you get them out there. i arranged a first meet last weekend at a dog park. was hard for me to send that text, but i have to say that i think he was totally relieved to be given permission to say no. i will try to investigate with them and make sure it’s working as soon as possible! maybe it would be cool for us to address this in a cheeky + fun way by having an email autoresponder or some language on our websites saying something like: “if you’re interested in an interview/jv partnership/etc and i don’t get back to you right away, it doesn’t mean i hate you forever and think you suck. i took it very personally, i was a newbie and so i assumed she was deliberately doing this to me. in particular when a person had initially expressed interest in going out on another date and later changed his/her mind. at least big for me cause i’ve never done anything like this before.” that way i’ve made a commitment and they know to expect my follow-up. i’m part of the parent and teachers association at my children’s primary school. was a huge lesson, sometimes, you can not push people to run with you to the finish line. but after about 6 weeks of not hearing from my partners (who i was supposed to be in easy contact with), i started taking it personally and ended up ending our partnership all together. when one takes an incident with one person and lumps the whole gender together.   if you are not sure if you are being blown off, here is your guide. i used to get butterflies when i saw a message from him, now i roll my eyes. but, taking a while to text you back or call you back is a bit tougher to tell. what really works for me is being so crazy busy that i forget who i emailed or followed or sent a friend request to, usually by the time i realise its all crickets i don’t even care anymore. it’s just that sometimes i hit the wall and can’t take one more second. that i do that helps with the wait is send all my “likely to make me wait” emails (particularly follow ups) on one day, then i skip email the next. after a day i started wondering why she didn’t ‘like’ my fb page, after two days i thought she didn’t like what i was doing, after 3 days i wondered if she didn’t like me (not really but you know what i mean). efforts toward a peaceful home life in the face of career challenges struck a chord with me. for example, my colleague was having a sour face when i was walking towards her.’t you know it, he texted back immediately and said that some family drama had come up and he was feeling really frustrated that it was messing with our plans. it will always be a no if you don’t ask., there is a part of me that is not really sure they will hear me, because “they are not taking it personally” and seeing that it is all over here on this end, and their actions were not to be questioned. “a day late, dollar short” well, i guess i did take something personally from one of my editors who i’ve sent a few emails to about something we needed to discuss and didn’t hear back from her about that specific message. i hope things work out for you in this case. i just hadn’t thought about it being my own neediness. that, my friend, is another topic for another video on another day. i don’t know if this is the case in your situation, of course, but it’s something to keep in mind. the four agreements is one of my all-time favorite books. never know what’s happening in someone’s life and i’ve discovered many folks who fail to pay are humiliated and full of shame. i took it a bit personally…then i set down and starting thinking. i first started my business i took a lot of things personally but i quickly learned that rejection is a huge part of the process of building a business, and you just have to keep on keeping on. of the 35 women in the open enrollment course i would say this is 75% of their biggest fears, besides being too young or too old to be a thought leader, not knowing how to sell and being rejected by clients. my estimation was that this man had spent the last few months lonely and unable to find a woman as friendly and cute as myself. 🙂 didn’t have the courage to ask my friends to like my page, then one day i just said to myself what the hell and send an invitation to everyone who i thought would be interested. a leading questions such as “what did you end up doing the rest of the night,”. that is just the way it works, specially when you are selling something.. however, since that last phone call yesterday morning, he has not responded to any text messages from yesterday . then when she got back to me, she said she totally was not offended and did not get any bad vibes from the conversation at all. i haven’t had highlights for a loooong time, but i’m having so much fun with them now. i’m pretty sure all four agreements can be applied to every situation, including email. in fact let’s say that they received a phone call the exact moment that you were calling and they have no idea that you called at all. have learned with my company that only writing once and waiting for people to write back or respond is really a waste of time. what a beautiful, kind and empowering way to approach this. thus, i needed to take a few classes that were “old., while your content is uniformly excellent, this video in particular was a welcome reminder to not take things personally.. i think oprah winfrey’s comment about ‘everyone needs to feel validated’ applies here. when i started this job all i really wanted was to finally be appreciated. and even though we had no plans of going there anyway, my husband took their lack of invitation personally. there’s always something valuable to learn when things turn out different than you hope! but at least the sting wasn’t as bad knowing that. we are all busy, but if we really want to do something, we always find a way to make time for it. i don’t follow many people but you are someone i absolutely adore and follow regularly. i convinced myself it was just that – my shire stupidity and i should stop trying getting something i cannot get. my list is bigger than their’s – they should be jumping at this opportunity i am so generously bestowing up on them! i’ve been struggling with taking it personally when people don’t show up to my health and wellness workshops. thank you, i have been taking things too personally recently and this was a wake up call. i – or others are hurting, we seek a person who “may” understand. thank you for the reminder that it’s not about me. i reach out, i make sure i do so when there’s the energy of resonance. follow up once after a week, and again after another week, then if it’s still silence then i move on 🙂. i have also been on the side where as a blogger i’m sent things and people expect a review or for me to talk about it, but there was no payment and i never asked for the products nor did i ever say i would promote a product. but, you’re so right – it’s not about you. i need not rip a**holes left and right when i’m just being selfish. had the opposite experience, of thinking all was well within a relationship, and having it explode in my face. what if we looked at our thoughts in a fresh new way? yesterday i regrettably flipped out on one of my friends. i hope to remember this for future refunds or client issues. have had proof of its truth in my life, though. in this case, you’ve gotta follow your heart on what steps to take next (continue to reach out or write it off) — but no matter what you choose, what’s the lesson this taught you?’s so easy to let the mental crazy train loose when we feel like we’re left hanging. i am not as important as i think i am. time has healed that wound, and i know it was a good thing for me in the long run., you could just try being patient and wait a few days to see if he gets in touch again. also helps if you have an insider 🙂 i’m a small business owner – snuggwugg inc and i coach and i’m a blogger- mompreneur mogul. others are busy, and frankly, they’ve got a million and one other things to do and think about besides giving me a pat on the back for every piece of work i do. for this – not taking things personally is easier said than done – takes a lil’ practice, but it’s so worth it! he's never set anything up, when i asked about it he said "soon". most textual people feel the same way but even texts have a limit.. that person does not want to be friends with you) or is striking a cord in the other party who sees you as their competition?) so this is simply a practice that brings more peace and happiness and fun to our lives 🙂. if there wasn’t so much money involved, i would but it frustrates me that i feel like she took advantage. i took every single comment that they said personally and it followed me all the way till the age of 18.’ve had that situation before when i first started my company. besides, would you really want to be with someone who was only slightly interested in you? usually, it’s in response to a truth-bomb or revelation that the other person doesn’t want to hear. you do not need to “tell people about themselves” or belittle but sometimes just a simple reply to let someone know where you’re at is really the kind thing to do. i am a textual person and i appreciate above all else that warm fuzzy feeling of popularity i get from the friends and potential dates that text me. when in fact my clients have told me it’s because they got new jobs, left old jobs to travel, are super busy, or are moving! however, one thing i have encountered recently is facebook comments. i know the world does not revolve around me: i revolve around the world (so what happens where-ever, how-ever, and whenever aint gonna phase me anymore).

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when your email came in i said to myself “marie has an answer to this? whether you want to wait anywhere from two to twenty-four hours is your choice. my lack of timely response just means i’m totally swamped with serving clients, jet setting ’round the world, and walking/playing/snuggling my dog. read more have you ever tried to reach out to someone and got nothing back but radio silence? sensitive people 🙂 yes, being pleasantly persistent and truly and genuinely energetically loving (especially when we craft those follow up emails) is a huge deal. as someone who recently launched their own consulting biz, i’m learning the hard way that things take longer than i’d like to materialize, it’s rarely personal, and patience peppered with some kind follow-up when necessary is more successful and feels better than fretting and wondering if my email is down 🙂 thanks for the reminder to stay cool and confident, and for all the other great stuff you put into the world! i wrote a whole book relationships — specifically about managing your energy around them. what criteria do i need to examine better to make sure that i am asking the right people? i usually approach the person by saying something like, “i’m creating this crazy story in my head that i was intentionally left out of dinner last night because you didn’t want me there. wish that things could be so much easier- so much happier. these days, if i don’t hear back, get a ‘no’ for reply, i follow the standard ’email follow up’ guide, then i try other options available besides email, i re-brainstorm on the possible causes of ‘no’, rebuilt,redesign, re-everything the product to suit the client’s need, because it’s not about me, for others it’s the product, offer and it meeting their needs. it has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with them. if something comes in when i am busy, i file it to answer later that day, or to pop back up in my inbox a day or so later so i can get to it then. feel that the reason we take things personally is to reflect back to us the baggage we are still carrying from the past, so we can recognise our automated chemical reactions and address them. i’ll bet you discover something that’ll serve you long-term. if you don’t respect yourself, then why should anyone else. in that case it’ll take a more than just brushing it off and more personal development work may be required. response was good but figures weren’t where we’d expect it to be. when we take that approach life seem to be so much easier. need this challenge in my life so it is accepted! they were both really unprofessional and had crossed the line many times. but in all honesty, it’s not about the money(i never once hounded and nearly gave-up on it after all the “should have it by next week”s he told me). although, it took awhile for it to sink and for me to follow.’m shocked, though, that not one of the comments mentions even the slight possibility that there could be jealousy, envy or competitiveness at the receiving end of the message. so, i was like: ok, this is not meant to be, maybe i should just quit, nobody wants to help me with it, probably it’s a stupid thing to do but why did i get all this ideas to start this project at first place? was a super helpful video right when i needed it. generally speaking,and this goes for women as well as men. being straight up with people about whether you can or can’t help them, work with them, date them, have random coffee with them creates time in your life to do the things you really want to do. the new person, and some probably are having a "nice" time, but it may not be enough of a good time, at least to him, to want to do part two. this year, i am learning to celebrate those moments as victories, because they truly are. personally, i screen all of my calls and i never return a call to a number if they have not left a voicemail.! so, i have shook it off and await the reaffirming responses necessary to relieve my sorrow and pain of being kicked to the curb (old school terms) by the lovely marie…i miss you marie and your outstanding team…you, also, looked perfectly model perfect in todays video…your “hair stylist & fashion coach” is the bomb! is absolutely awesome africa — great illustration of seeking approval — something all of us can do.” – be respectful of others,acknowledging that they too are occupied and have lives…. i let 2 weeks go by and then sent them a nice follow up and guess what, i got featured! item 5 is either an insecure ploy to attempt to make you jealous (do you need that in your relationship?’m organizing a first event for my business on saturday, and the place that i have rent for that’s time is challenging many change in his organization ( and that included people who are very close to me) so i’m not sure yes or no if i have the place ( at least if not i will do it in my house) and i want to talk about but in fact people involved are making a very important conference today so clearly no time for me. we may not be the right fit to work together anyway. great thing about being in business for yourself is that if you don’t want to do business with someone you don’t have to. there is one way i recommend taking action in dating to see results. i am sure this is not the case, though would you be willing to clarify that this crazy story i’m making up is not true, just to settle my mind? then, at the senior show we did a latin dance with ballet and modern elements and i got a bunch of praise again because it was more aligned with my stregnths as a dancer. why assume he is attracted to you unless he behaves in a way that demonstrates that he is? i’m trying not to take any of this personally “he’s really busy,” “he’s got people coming at him from all sides” etc. i have a friend (who i thought was a close one) who has blown me off more times than i care to remember. so finally(last week) i went to his house and hungout. the way i look at it is other person is only doing his/her job and they do that to the best of their abilities which may involve saying no to many people, spending less time in emails, who knows. maybe not the most professional answer but it’s the truth… nothing other than me being a little selfish 🙂. realize that what ever i have to offer the industry or the world can’t be received if i am holding on to it or feel the need to control the process. texts as the aforementioned are the complete result of not having heard from a person that you thought you were going to hear from. voicemails and 1 text– a total of 5 messages all from the same person in the past 2. it seems like you have a great deal of fun, and very classy at the same time. then she reminded me that most of the class are at the beginning of the journey, and i’m toward the end. i wanted know if you are interested in pulling an “oprah” and create a book club? very interesting to think about not letting positive affect you either. some things are reasonable, a death in the family, a hospital trip. my candidates initially show interest in my valuable free consulting services, then disappear. if you worry about appeasing everyone and their individual psychosis, then you become crazy. i used to feel that way early in my career, and i’d invent these crazy stories in my mind about how they hated me and thought i was super unprofessional. he has some career issues going on and they are impacting our home life. when i am waiting for a response i give them a week. you don’t have to know why they’ve blown you off, who cares! i do my best not to take it personally, but i’ll work on it some more. but before arrived in that conclusion and be ok with that, i was making all the scenarii in my head and i really messed a full day on it during a workshop i was doing with them. you have approached them, spent time with them, initiated engagement and they have declined. and as always thank you to your hair too, fabulous! it’s one of those books that should be read probably at least once a year as a refresher. i waited til about noon today and i sent him a text saying that i was still interested in getting together with him again. these days, i don’t take those thoughts personally or what the clients did personally.. we could just decide that sometimes it isn’t you, it’s them and move on. love+gratitude,Author of “just tell me what to do! am up for the challenge, even knowing the moment i say “yes,” there will be lots of “are you serious? i try to stay diligent and not let my filters lead to assumptions about the potential success of a cold call, presentation quote, etc. it happened to me, a very hot guy i liked jerked me around for a very long time, and i lost all interest in him eventually. we were both very attracted to the other, had everything in common, same life goals, same requirements for a mate. maybe he is hesistant because you are an impatient eager beaver who don't like to be ignored? i just had to reply to let you know i read your comment 🙂. sometimes people are swamped, sometimes i’m just not the right girl for the job. i say if you like someone, then you want to communicate with them, you never ignore their messages. join my private facebook community for freea friend of mine calls my phonebook the pet cemetery. never worth it to go where your ego wants to take you~ thanks so much for the reminder, marie! if we can make that little shift from blame/victim, into “how do i tackle this problem to get what i want? such a great reminder across both business and life that it’s okay to just let things be, follow up nicely, and focus on my own opinions about myself rather than the perceived slights of others. i put together a training and invited the two teams who were interested and ended up being totally blown off. tv is the one self-help sort of website/show/program that i consistently get value from. and is that “wrong” for some sort of way to feel unhappy about that? you what shared vanessa, and that bit of introspection (where is this really coming from) is so vital. what they really are saying, is that they are not ready for a relationship with you… this person does not want to burn their bridges, in the rare case they do discover they want to be in a relationship with you. more i think about it, i’ve used this approach my entire life in sports, whether i’ve been playing or coaching. send those emails and e-blasts and get on with the business of being great. as you rise to the top there will be other levels of rejection to deal with! it is like they fall off the face of the planet. of like the “enlighted elite” who are so transformed that they have nothing else to learn…. i read it and really gained some new perspective, especially about how you said that you learned that you sometimes are hard on others when they do not show up for you the way you think they should. yup that must be it and not the millions of other reasons it could be. i have been used to solitude, but that is not indicative of social persons. posted: 6/20/2015 11:26:23 pm i started sharing this story with my sil who informed she knew him, and confirmed my thoughts. i have seen an easier way- just a question as to whether anyone can entertain it. i also see that there’s trouble loading it and i think it’s a youtube problem. since then he has e-mailed me and i have asked him to call me, but at this point i’ve had no response back. i used to get caught up in thoughts like “i am a terrible therapist” or “what did i do wrong”. i believe that if jesus took anything personally (whether you believe his story or not)…he would find his sacrifice a complete wast of his time since he was slighted, rejected and outright betrayed by many. your boss is trying to get things done and may operate from a consistent space/energy of being overwhelmed/behind deadline/etc. so, then i am like god, please, tell what am i supposed to do? and yes…women and people have cared, but the caliber of such is a never-ending discussion. thank heavens i’ve made the decision to end this devastating cycle of “emotional smallness” to end with me. am a hungarian writer and therapist, and my mission is to wake people up to their real life. i’m taking the whole month to not take anything personally. though, the four agreements should be tattooed on my arm so i constantly remind myself of their wisdom, and this one is one i need the most work on. if something goes wrong or say their voicemail box is full i will call again either later that night or one day later. producing an online tele-summit and a tv show and lord knows the crickets kinda suck! it’s soooo nice to come to a place where we aren’t bullied for our opinions! this is the 3rd time “this” has happened, that i can recall now. i was taking the non reply ultra personal but now i have changed my perspective and will follow up with a short, polite email. his behaviour doesn't indicate obvious interest and life is too short to play games or wonder what is going. i run 2 businesses (songs + motivational lifestyle expert,) i know what it feels like to be swamped. course, not taking it personally, i need to take that to another level. if someone says "lets do such and such sometime", your response is that sounds great how about tomorrow night or whenever you want to go out. um, because she emailed me after that message about other things, like another assignment. anybody who is too busy to see you is absolutely, positively not that into you. thanks for inspiring me and making me laugh as always. to say that i was feeling a little dejected is an understatement. so this is why i am just starting up my youtube channel both in hungarian and in english language…because i feel i should open up more to the world 🙂 i am little worried but full with enthusiasm. for the most part in this particular example though, i do think they were all very busy and just didn’t get time. in fact, i totally love you for contacting me in the first place. but if h is the case he may not notify you immediately or at all. it actually reassured me i am on the right path 🙂. of course i follow up (and i’m working on putting myself out there a lot more), but i always remind myself that the right people and opportunities come my way when i need them. this is especially true when contacting journalists – so many entrepreneurs (and even pr pros) take it personally when a magazine editor or tv producer doesn’t get back to them. i am totally up to and need the 48 hour challenge of not taking things personally. and she told me that she liked me and all so i'm all like but what? after reading i realize i take most things personally, but at the same time i like what you say about us determining the outcome of each situation and analyzing what you could have done differently.!I believe that “no” is often the first step to “yes”. the biggest mistake single men and women make is appearing to be ‘unwanted’ and ‘undesirable’. he didn't know what happened and kept contacting me afterwards. you’ve been blown off, leave your name and phone number and tell us what happened below! simple rules for keeping a man interested in you august 18, 2011. cant image what would have happened had i sent a poor me how dare you text back. while i am not a relationship expert, i would suggest if she is telling you she just wants to be friends for now, you must take her at her word. however, i do check myself in that i take a look at how i approached the other party and what i was truly after. i (do everything) am a stay at home mom of a 10 month old baby girl. it’s a little awkward now because we do work together and at work he acts like nothing has happened and talks to me like normal. needless to say this video came out at the perfect time and i am going to use marie’s followup method to reach out later in the week and not take things to personally! you’re right marie, i really appreciate this video, it’s really helpful…i’ll keep to follow who i admire, i absolutely loooooove this thing*thank you darling**kiss to all your staff**. for me, it’s not about taking it personally but about continuing to hustle while being patient. few weeks ago a man text me that i’d met over four months prior. so many singles are prone to feeling rejected from a lack of response, but the reality is that people are easily distracted and communication just falls off for no real reason most of the time. the one that sticks out is when i was at university. off topic, but i’d like to share my ‘how could i have communicated my argument better’ drama., i thought a friend was blowing me off when i sent her multiple messages and didn’t hear back. it's likely to happen in your situation, just give it enough time. sometimes there are people or things i want to support but they get lost. this third call is for the eternal optimist or a desperate debbie, your call. yesterday i had two business dealings with 2 separate people and we were working discussing some misunderstandings of sorts.

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not taking things personally still goes through the filter of assessing things in a personal way. long story short, i don’t hear from him, and i had it in my head he played me this whole time, so i read him the riot act in a lengthy email saying i have my options and a life too, blast him all over facebook, and write a letter to a few of the other women in the group as to what kind of person he really was. i had to train myself out of the mousy, scared cat who was not a risk taker, into the teacher i am. until i saw her – and she happened to mention she’d taken an fb detox! not every day is perfect, and when i get off track, i start anew and keep going. the answer i was hopping for, but at the time i was actually happy for having followed my instincts and clarify his silence. buddhist teachings are far wiser and far kinder — full of compassion for oneself. am a sensitive pisces, ugh, and i have always thought everything negative was about me, what an ego! he's texted me at least once every day this week and even initiated a phone call yesterday. i can take from marie’s video is this has nothing to do with me – her blog, and social media has gone quiet since early december except for her posting pictures of her getting piercings & a tattoo. if your stuff is good they can’t keep ignoring you forever! one key tip: don't be the initiator of conversation for too long. as a friend kindly advised, don't give an insignificant pile of dog shit on the pavement attention: look forward and meet somebody else who will share his time with you. did i explain the opportunity well enough, and did i offer them something in return? was just struggling with this today from an incident that happened on my new job, and i should know better, being that i have learned this very lesson on my spiritual journey – it is irrelevant how people seem to treat you. and i can let it go and look what i could of done differently. most recent example of this was last year and not work related. still feel like there was some yucky on the part of other people, and i feel now that i have had some “structure” if you will, with the advice that you shared, that i can express myself in a clear way that, that will allow me to feel understood, and heard, as a result of also appreciating better where they are coming from as well. while i was disappointed not being in the comments, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do 🙂 xoxo. have you hit the nail on the head in this video for me. write down 3 possible scenarios a,b,c - a being if nothing happens, b being if it something happens but not what you expected, c being if your ideal results happen. posted: 6/20/2015 7:06:56 pmhi thereconstantly texting and chasing someone can put them right offmost people like someone who goes with the flowhis scared to say no~ thinks you're glenn close:). and although i haven't met mr right yet, i am hoping that making small changes in where i meet people will help. he did not address the comment about wanting to get together again. the act of asking still takes a bit of preparation, but i’m no longer worried about the answer. me sports fans, male or female, if anything, nicole is being a little bit gentle here.’m not sure if it’s marie’s personality, her production, or what she is saying, but it all adds up to fantastic content! the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want.’s a muscle i have worked on over the span of 35 years, working in media. ------------------------------------does that behaviour sound like the behaviour of someone who is attracted to you? not at you, but because you’re funny in a good, wholesome, honest way. if you try to corner them, they will conveniently have some event or activity that conflicts with your tentative plan, but will be quick to rain check you again. i wish i transcribed my brain back then because those stories would have made a really good movie about a frazzled girl who couldn’t grasp reality. let’s be honest with ourselves, why are you still thinking about this person? they didn’t have decency to tell you they weren’t interested. i got snitty, bad-mouthed her a little and put on my “i don’t like her anymore” hat. let me tell you the thing about texting, from a champion texter. recently i reached out to someone i had met with in my industry and didn’t hear back right away. what’s the cut off/ limit for the follow ups? we’re not allowed to respond to, much less even look at, unsolicited emails and/or material from people outside our production circle, because doing so can go very wrong under certain circumstances.” feeling bad for people is a major weakness of mine but most of the time and it always bites me in the ass. as an artist you can get tunneled vision especially with, blow offs or criticism! one appreciates art anymore, no one likes me 🙂 i think that because it is so hard for me to ask for help that getting no reply reinforces that i should not ask. i struggle with anxiety, which always makes me much more sensitive and clingy than usual…and i’ve been dealing with that this week. believe that this person can’t wait to connect with you just as much as you want to connect with them. i used to get myself wrapped up in everything until it strangled me and i was on my way to the asylum. like your policy to follow up by a certain date if you haven’t heard back from them – given a reasonable time. it could mean that you are loving yourself by speaking up for yourself or asking for what you want or need irrespective of the response, or lack of it, that you receive. then i hear from my friend that this woman told her “i am not doing that coaching”. only if i’d been a mind reader could i have known what was going on the day before it hit. it continues, is a sign not to put so much effort into a person that isn’t as into “it” as i am. think whenever clients cancel their membership with me would probably be when i think “what did i do wrong! i guess the worst would be he didn't have any other options -- and realized that if he were to see you again, given your exuberance about him, he couldn't just be "casual" with you and hooking up, so he stepped away. and in these situations it is hard to feel that doing the best i can is enough…and sometimes this happens in interpersonal relationships, where it feels like “the best i can do” is just not meeting a friend or loved one’s needs, or where someone else’s best doesn’t meet my needs…. it is very freeing to just do what we can and let go of the outcome. i thought, maybe they don’t like my idea, maybe i shouldn’t have posted it in this group, maybe i’m not ready. said laura, i use to get frustrated all the time when people did not get back to me. you so much for your comment and thank you for reading! i had entertained this in my head for three years of my university life. i spent a month just trying to construct different arguments, not think about, try re-applying next year, but nothing helped. it is such a hard lesson to learn and i’m still learning! i sent him a copy of the four agreements and i hope he will see the wisdom and get the lessons. he did respond briefly that he had just returned from a morning conference and make a joke about it. that matters when you’re single is that you are looking for potential dates and possible love. you are feeling and what the other person is feeling can never mutually develop with just words on screen. i told him anytime, he said he'd have to look at his schedule. we got on skype and had a long and profund conversation.?i'm bummed because i really liked him and he led me to believe he felt the same way. surprise, she got back to me immediately, telling me how much she liked my website and that i could write for them if i’m still interested. i know when that happens to me it changes the way i see people, and i too wonder if i am being too sensitive at times. you can not build an accurate emotional connection over text.. i have been really working on this year feeling excitement more and worrying about who shows up is not a feeling a excitement. but most likely the company was swamped with applicants or looking for someone else – that does not reflect badly on me! everyone is on this growth path together, and we’re all doing the best we can. that lol doesn’t mean that they were really laughing out loud, it’s all words and emoticons to make you feel secure but it’s a false representation of what the relationship actually is. i eagerly anticipated getting some inquiries – but there was nothing. i know for sure: when i don’t take things personally (when i don’t believe so much the stories i tell myself) i create a whole lotta spaciousness for fresh new ideas and insights. need to replay this content once a day because it’s so true. when you’re starting out it’s especially important to send individual emails and messages to people. you should both be taking time to get to know each other before you fall head over heels for each other. it has happened to me numerous times, more times than i even remember., i totally valued the fact that she called and that even if we are not biz partners now; we have respect for each other. it was a great lesson for me because although i really try to fight those negative voices in my head, sometimes it’s hard to keep up the positive thinking after being unemployed for 5 months. don’t take it personal, but with relationships or friendships, do not tolerate flakiness or being blown off. i can think of so many times in my life and in my business when i created unnecessary drama in my head about being ignored. and she just texted me saying that her parents are strict and that they don't let her go anywhere whenever she wants! even though its kinda sad to send someone a gift and they never even send a simple thank you back. this course is very hands on and one on one and i along with a panel of celebrity life coaches are dedicated to helping coaches in training get the mentorship they need. may i add a couple notes, from my work as an online dating coach? is great advice marie and one that i try to remind myself of often.’ve been working hard on putting my best foot forward…and not caring about the results. you for verbalizing it now i will be more mindful of when i’m taking anything personally! i replied and said "do you want to hang out? have not expressed my feelings yet, as i feel too angry, and too emotional about it at the moment. as i expressed in the video, sometimes being ignored is personal..Have you gone out on a date and really hit it off, but the guy or girl never called you back? the four agreements was a life changing book for me, as well. was dating a guy who was super wealthy sweet, right before i lost my cell phone.(it’s not about me, it;s not about me,…). took the whole experience very personally, but i’m glad i talk to people about it and find out what was really happening. to top “this” off, i checked my email at work today for an email response i’d been waiting for since last friday, which still has not come in, and was feeling down but saw the title of your video and perked up, couldn’t wait to watch.! there is no excuse for someone to blow you off without even a call or text the day of, or at least the next day, and if they do that then walk away and wait for them to reach out to you…or walk away from them for good. your videos always come at the perfect time for me. from sunny saigon – since my boyfriend and i left our jobs in rainy london, uk (i’m from lithuania, the smallest most forgotten european state), we are now working from home wherever it might be in south east asia! i think that people have lost their gratitude in this day and age. it can be hard sometimes because we can become so lost in our heads, that finding our way back home can be a long and exhausting ride. i first heard that advice when i was a wee lass of only 16 or so, and my parents (in their infinite wisdom) withheld my allowance until i completed “the four agreements”, which holds this notion at its center. so at "best" you were option #2 of gals he was juggling (to be fair: most gals juggle guys), and didn't know how to handle that properly and wanted to get a date set with the other one first. *wink* *wink* so you are onto the third call and you have not heard from this person. --------------------------------------yeah and if you ask 100 other people, you'll probably get the same generic answers..i will let the universe take care of the rest. i have now stopped using dating sites and try to meet like minded people through people i know or going out. totally have that book, and just picked it up off my bookshelf a week ago thinking to myself “you should probably read this bit o’ wisdom, jess. with otherwise seemingly good, solid girls on paper and in person. the only difference is that you were attracted to him, so read what you wanted into those generic answers. video reminded me to apply this same principle to my plan to ask for interviews for my show nakeia tv. text a relevant statement such as a reference to a movie you talked about or went to see; the restaurant where you had your first date. i’m always working to be a better person the next day than the previous (i chant for that), so this 48 hour method should help and teach me things about myself because i do take things personally. favorite part of the video: someone says “marie, you suck! completely off topic – but i just had to share it with people that would understand. and can craft the email easier and with less energy the next day or when i’m ready. he’s in college and we work together so i know he’s busy a lot. i sent messages to a few “big wigs” in my industry a couple of months ago and i was just thinking how it was no surprise that they wouldn’t get back to me. if you don't hear back from me then i don't feel that we are a good match. he could just be asleep and his phone is offf. purpose of those prayers is to release my work with confidence and to remind myself not to take any response ( or lack of response) personally. its own, “don’t take anything personally” reduces the drama we invent in our heads. he falls off the radar sometimes and when we first started crossing that line between friends and lovers it would drive me crazy. four agreements was given to me by a friend when i was 14. you for the very apt video regarding one of the issues which have been pressing many since the age of social media particularly. challenge is in not taking it personally and working at a better game plan next time and trying not to worry beforehand that it won’t work out. one example, the person had a lot of influence in my niche and i never thought that i would become part of their inner circle.  you cling to the possibility of maybe there is still a chance instead of facing reality..My final email last week, was more specific about wishing a refund of my funds and outlining what she hasn’t done (still very friendly).’s so often said that women “don’t know how to say no” and i think this is part of that dynamic…but if we all aren’t taking it personally, saying no when it feels right isn’t so hard…. also love your honesty in posting about checking back to see if anyone liked your comment. i worked with 4 bloggers in that time and they all delivered, and it paid off in sales. i found poise, i found my inner guidance with respect to my worth and who i am. sometimes it is hard to remember that approval should primarily come from within. for saying this better than i could… i’ve posted it on facebook! about a week later, she contacted me again to ask if i had heard from anyone.” and i hold the space for you work with folks who delight in appreciating you — as you do them. (at least i think that is how you felt ;)) regardless, i loved it!. “you have an accent, maybe you should improve it etc :))” or “why do you want to do your channel in english too. it took a few years for me to see that i wasn’t all that stupid. this what i emailed someone today – “i want to inform you on some events or opportunities.! a friend recently told me to put a qtip on my desk to remind me to quit taking it personally! sadly i'm currently one of those girls who seems to meet the wrong guy at the wrong time and instead of being chased i do all the work and ultimately end up with a broken heart. tech ladies i know respond to this by becoming increasingly flat and emotionless at work (see also: marissa meyer), or by trying to navigate around and stay one step ahead of those that would shut us down. i don’t know how this keeps happening but i need it to keep happening! the times i’ve taken things personally which blossomed, ungracefully, into major mind drama… are you kidding me? we made plans to hang out like 3 times this past week and he always says “ill probably be free tonight” or something like that. and whatever anyone thinks, i know i’m good enough! i thought i was the most stupid person (at least aged 17) on the planet, because all my friends got into where they wanted to get into.

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would like to think that you refreshed to see what other brilliant things you could learn from this community! i’m taking your challenge to not take it personally. i was surprised to get a reply 5 hours later stating that they understood and that i needed to chill. that person is not leaving your grasp, that’s for sure! i am going to lean in and reach out to a few people. please know that we do know you have great ideas, and they we care about you as people and fellow creatives. was crushed when one of my best girlfriends didn’t ask me to be in her wedding. in fact, you should delete their number and if not at least never contact this person ever again. i’m in the process of that in many aspect of my life and it’s hard but timing is everything. also got me thinking about being on the other end of requests, and how to handle them. at the time, it felt like i failed in life., it’s hard not to care about other people taking things personally. they might not want to burn bridges by being upfront with you, but they are being completely selfish. sometimes (although rarely) i even get bad reviews or people remove themselves from my mailing list. as always, you went straight to the heart of this issue and put it all in perspective. instead of worrying about the result, just focus on taking action. posted: 6/21/2015 6:58:28 pm gtomustang wrote:generally speaking,and this goes for women as well as men. the only person i allow to ‘interrupt’ my concentration is my daughter. i also believe that if your gut is telling you to move on, or if you’ve followed up and nothing happens…then maybe it means that’s it’s time to move on. someone who is interested in you will move heaven and earth to see you. since then he doesn’t really hit me up that much. it’s happened to me a lot before as well. about family (& a best friend of 40+ yrs) that don’t even care to acknowledge a new business venture you’re doing after u (excitedly) tell them? if he were to contact me again i would appreciate it but i can understand why the chance of that happening is slim to none. no use in barking up the same tree over and over again. when everyone else was informed about a meeting and i wasn’t (didn’t find out until after it had happened), i assumed that i was left out on purpose. feels personal, that’s for sure, but feelings are another matter. i think it’s a wonderful site and i’ll say that for sure so there’s no question. that means 72 hrs to not dwell on “why haven’t i heard back?’s true, i do love this community and learn so much but i’ll honest with myself, i wanted the “likes”. i’ve seen is the banner ad (with zero traffic i might add! i was told to not be too forward at first. i’ve submitted my photography to a magazine several times and been declined. providing examples for better understanding of what he was trying to teach me. we have a week in class dedicated to just learning prospecting and often times i share the ways to get clients to show up but one thing that i can encourage more is the responsibility and energy we put out that contributes to a client putting up a wall or block. i never thought that my life would be so difficult, but others are much harder than mine. with respect to marie’s example of a group who was too busy to work with her…. so i continue to read my new book do cool shit from miki agrawal where she is talking about her very good friend marie forleo. so in the future see if you can watch them a little more closely first, or find a network of bloggers, or a blogger with a stronger reputation. i immediately assumed it was a sarcastic comment because that previous friend mentioned me “preaching” i knew i was being presumptious so i wrote “note sure who wrote this and the intention but i wish you well” i got a private msg from one of my clients who volunteered to be an admin for me that said i wrote it and meant no harm, basically she like the quote and showed up as drsweta cause she had admin status on my page. months later she wrote me telling me that she wanted to talk. also i made judgements about the way he talked and acted. posted: 6/20/2015 11:33:40 pmif your sister-in-law knows this ruthless and notoriously evil man. they might be a flash in the pan in vogue right now, but they won’t last. a franchise consultant i deal with crickets/radio silence all the time. my husband always takes things personally (it kinda drives me nuts).%d bloggers like this:The phone can be our best friend or worst enemy when it comes to dating. it serves a purpose…not to be dwelled upon, but to release and move forward. motivation behind your actions should be one of genuine interest in the person that you are pursuing not one of desperation or resolve.! just one person ignoring you can through your self-esteem to the gutter … thank you – thank you – thank you! video as always – the four agreements is one of my favorite books as well. my anecdote: a few years ago i met with an author about editing her book. i even plotted my revenge and waited for the opportunity to present itself. i had taken an oath that now i will not take anything personally if someone do not respond to my emails. wish these people white light and the best, and know it is never personal. not taking things personally mean we just accept whatever kind of treatment because it’s “not personal”? now in my mid thirties, i see it sitting over on my bookshelf and i’m going to pick it back up again and read it over. post marie reminded me when i commented on an outreach from a blogger/e-academy owner’s post about guest blogging. if a man isn't treating you like you're valuable to him, don't stay with him. highlights are getting a lot of love this week lisae — gonna let my hair stylist know 🙂. however, i was constantly bullied in school and even by my own relatives because of my chubby and short frame. i am definitely a guilty gal when it comes to taking things personally. yourself out there can be scary but practice makes perfect! i'm bummed because i really liked him and he led me to believe he felt the same way. i have to remember that probably let fear and anxiety overwhelm them before taking the first step. i’m really impressed and excited about your videos and the advice you provide. i have not heard back from them yet, but that’s ok. it’s like being caught in a net, you are still alive, but can’t move – respond with a no and let me look for other opportunities without wasting my time. same can be said about anyone who is too busy for you! this video really inspired me marie to help these women in sisterhood support each other even more in taking 100% responsibility for what they can. as time went on i was getting myself worked up for nothing and putting my energy on something that wasn’t meaningful at the moment. i’ve never left a message here so excited to leave my first message. so now i assume they are busy catching up since they probably are better, if they are. sent an email to one of my fave people before the holidays. i work with brands all the time and i’ve never done that. one of my first clients was pleased with the work we had done together and offered to send out an email blast to all her friends advertising my services. the years with the dedicated, high-level work that i do, a lot of the business i’ve had as “come to me”. did not realise the impact of this, even though i’ve been subconsciously trying to adopt “don’t take anything personally”. if you have a normal pattern for those things, compare the new to the pattern. because we have the shared goal of being happy together, he listens when i ask for help and also takes action as needed. experience was when i said something to a good friend that i later constructed in my mind to have been very offensive and then spent all this time formulating an apology email. i’m one of those on the other side of the topic this week. his battery's dead or he lost his phone or left it at work, or in the car. i’ve got a serious case of fomo… i’ve found that just communicating what i’m feeling without pointing fingers or even stating that the feeling is true is really helpful in clearing the “taking it personally. year i’ve decided to give the benefit of the doubt when reaching out to industry contacts, etc. i mentioned our previous experience, asked her why she never got back to me, and told her about the conclusion i’d jumped to. the only problem is you are not sure if that person likes you. by the time later comes around, i’ve either cooled off enough to brush it off again or i’ve lost the thread of all the little slights that make me feel so ignored. the last and worst came when i was transferring from where we worked together and we had plans to go out to celebrate 1 week before i left. that’s why i watched polar express last night and focused on santa’s humanistic verbage.” and the truth is i absolutely did want to know! then we tell ourselves a little story about it, to make ourselves feel better. but this time i really need an answer i will understand,ok? it was very hard for me not to respond to my ex who has lied to me too many times after 6 months no contact because “i felt bad., to me, i’m going to drop it – i’m not the type to threaten people for money. did she sit quietly to the side as you dated him? i created a whole story about the client treating me badly, being disrespectful and abusive.’ll find out why he or she never called or texted you back by calling them and questioning them live on the air. i sometimes forget to respond to emails, phone calls, and texts. if you don't hear back from me then i don't feel that we are a good match.!Can i tell you how many dramas i’ve created in my head (and the ticket price were not cheap! i’m guessing the answer is still to wait and do a follow up later and after that leave it alone if there’s no response. that's why , the marriage kills the romance because of those bad traits. sometimes it may be attached to something that happened to you in the past. take it as insightful news and don’t waste another precious thought on that person. my sponsor says the key is doing events and getting people to hear guest speakers but that’s far easier said than done, since i have a full-time job and need to devote my time to exercise so i look the part of one who juice plus did wonders for. thanks for the fun, light perspective on an often personal affront. she was graciously trying to keep me out of the wedding-drama. that way (s)he will know and can move on sooner.…str8 up with no chaser…”you”, marie, are a unique personality serving all of us whom see that you business insight is on point…the addition of you fun, cool, sexy personality adds icing to the cake…i love being here and adding creativity is where we are two peas in a pod…”we” are lucky to have you each week…”he” is lucky to have you each day…plus, he found you first…shucks! recently contacted a well-known figure in my industry, and i’ll admit…i took it personally when i didn’t hear back. i know a lot of people who get really hurt by rejection, especially when pitching books and guest blog posts. of course it’s possible the courtship ended as a result of an error in communication. i never respond immediately to texts from guys i've just been on a couple of dates with (unless it's necessary). a new comment is posted:do not send email notifications. so glad to have you here and thank you for always creative and loving comments! she laughed and said she really was busy – she had some family drama and other offline stuff that she was handling and she didn’t have the bandwidth to take on a single extra project (and of course, none of that was any of my business at the time! posted earlier this morning and decided to do a follow up as the lovely marie suggested. i caught her on a whim and had the best conversation! she responded, saying yes to an interview for my magazine, indie lovely. dance had always been my strong point and now i didn’t even have that. i have to own it, not take radio silence as confirmation that i actually, really, secretly suck, and trust that if something ain’t right, the wonderful people who hire me will let me know! i like to call it our “natural knowing” or our “body truth. how does this work with people who have to do something, because you are tied to them, and they just won’t do it? this will be a difficult challenge for me but a good one., and there's an item 6: if they're not into you it will show in how they choose to contact you. well, now taking it personally is something that i will work on.” and guess what, she was just thinking and stress with too much work on her desk. i told him anytime, he said he'd have to look at his schedule., i admire how you told someone when it was personal. i sent a few questions {maybe too many, i’ve since learned to keep them easy-ish to answer for super busy people} and never heard back. it was a drama queen sandwich and i wasn’t feeling all nice like an oreo. communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and are just as guilty for creating a fantasy based on nada as the men are that are pining for the hotee that said hi to them. past week, i have been running a deal and who should sign up again but this past member who i had built up in my head hated me. now, i can just stop it in it’s tracks. my rules for first time text are to:Clearly identify yourself. i also use the “likely to make me wait emails” and skip a day before checking again. i being too sensitive in expecting the world to revolve around me because people don’t pay the common courtesy of saying thank you when i help them out? just so happy your schedule has allowed for it now. as always i love this thread and all of the women here! it’s an email, a date or a phone call, get the honest answer about what getting blown off *really* says about you so you never have to wonder again. we all have incredible wisdom and insight that resides within us. if he is doing someone’s hair he would not stop for a split second to pick up the phone and take an appointment. rule for those who are blown off via text is to never send anything that resembles, “what’s up”, “hi, how are you” “what are you up to” or other form of cordiality, it’s lame.) a lot of the people who make things happen in churches are volunteers. i have learned if asked again i’m busy even if i’m not or just i’m not interested because he can’t keep his word. then i was worried about being too shy to even attempt to make connections and to the rescue was your vid with susan cain, “networking for introverts”. what ever happened to just going out and having fun, you both should know if you are interested in one another in the first 20 mins. has any of them ever told you they are not interested? those times are truly a blessing and also a step in the right direction. i would like to see another video about when it is personal. in the last two times i tried to reach him via phone he did not pick up or call me back at all. you for the reference to don miguel ruiz’s book, the four agreements.

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, now i’ve got to get back to that agent….(obviously, i haven’t been very successful at blowing off the rejection! love the post, been blessed to understand this a long time ago from out dear friend dr. things personally and assuming had haunted me for many years. i eventually do but when i send out an email or a text or leave a voicemail, i want an immediate response. she got back to me a few days later and said she hoped we could work together in the future. i wrote a quite long bio explaining why i would be a good fit. recently pitched an article to a very well-known health & wellness website, so this video came in good time. i also think that when you react to something you should also question where that emotion is really coming from. as witnessed here, being “impeccable with your word” should extend to comment sections on the web, too.) i’ll get but i’d rather take my chances and try. are married / in a relationship or got back together with ex. as a song writer and music publisher, i submit songs to major labels and artists daily. one day, with your talent, you will be in our situation feeling sad when people you have not met send you unsolicited materials. i don’t feel like we are connected, i take action to figure out how to get back to that feeling. honestly, i get a lot of email, and i wish more people would follow up with me to help me know who is really serious. sometimes it’s just about getting back to the basics. i remember devouring every single world and it totally rocking my world. you melinda for all your awesome thoughts on the matter of taking things personally. i don’t think “not taking something personally” is harmful, nor does it require us to deny our feelings, or put up walls between each other. this happened particulary with a business partner i had, one day she did not show up for a meeting we agreed and she didn’t reply emails or fb messages or text, nothing. betrayal, money changing in the temple, “do unto others”–doesn’t get more personal than that., i would feel the same way you do, and i agree that it feels some sort of way that does not feel good when people are kind when they want something, but then drop you fast after they get it without even a thank you. june i had a powerful conversation with an acquaintance about building things. i only watched this and heard these words of wisdom one day sooner! to todd & jayde in the morning weekday mornings and check out “blown off” at 7:40 a. i have been taking it personally that i havent gotten the product out there and customers arent beating down my doors when i started calling restaurants last year. i am sure there is someone else out there dying to have your affection. i replied and said "do you want to hang out? am most certainly guilty of taking the actions of others personally and it certainly boiled down to emotional immaturity a lot of which is a family inheritance. one out of six of them actually gave me feedback. or like you may not want to help that person again in the future? don’t use it as a way to hurt someone else or yourself. one of my resolutions in heading into the new year in my business is to let myself feel confident that what i put out there is good enough. it took another three years for us to try again. this point, he could be blowing you off, maybe not. (actually it was last month) i wrote a boy (that i like) a “happy birthday” message, hoping to get a massive “thank you! so for me i wouldn’t want to be so quick to help them next time, and yes, i too wonder if i am being too sensitive? maybe it is meant for later, or maybe we’re just not a good fit at all. for past experiences, i’ve worked in sales so they kind of just blur together. there are tons of reasons that have nothing to do with me for people to no longer be able to come in for monthly massages! but to elaborate on the biz front, my husband has a very popular website and online community and gets spammers and trolls galore. i have sent out the test emails, test texts and started to really question what i was even thinking changing the path of my business and life. i told him that i had heard of the three-day rule but never a three-month rule. i have been avoiding someone’s text and it is personal that i don’t want to talk to this person. great advice, and something i’ve been actively dealing with over the past few months., don’t take this personally, but i am the biggest marietv fan! then i got angry and lost sleep, once again imagining this horrible client and feeling sorry for myself. item 2 is always a lie and means they are seeing someone else. it is one of the few times where your pride is an asset. have so many examples of taking things personally when they weren’t. thank you for showing us that being an expert doesn’t mean we’re not human or that feeling rejection doesn’t make one crazy. i didn’t read every single post above, so i post this not knowing if this scenario has been addressed yet, so sorry in advance if it has been. i tell people around me all the time about the four agreements – and that when people don’t meet our “expectations” it’s usually not about us! for your comments – seems like you are marie were cosmically aligned on your responses 🙂. i recognize that not many people do this, indeed some think that if they appear to eager, we’ll think they’re not successful or something silly. your hair is like marie tv it just keeps getting better and better. what if we didn’t attach so much meaning to everything? heard it’s because they are waiting for something better or sometimes they are genuinely trying to organize things. still getting people interested enough to take a closer look is a challenge and i tend to lose patience and not do anything. i haven’t addressed by feelings with either party, as i am still mad and don’t want to write out of anger, and be as immature as i feel like being at the moment.--------------------------------------had everything in common, same life goals, same requirements for a mate. my dad was really big into giving people a way to “save face. even asked my hub his opinion – he agreed that it was odd and that i needed to confront her. so i ignore them and go on about my life. i just completed a great 10 week class that taught and implemented the great book, the 4 agreements and it became a life changer!’ve been really taking it personally even though he was the one who called the meeting. marie – as is often the case, just when you need a message/lesson the most, up it pops! if you haven’t read make every man want you: how to be so irresistible you’ll barely keep from dating yourself, you should! i texted her and left phone messages with no response. without being too needy (and, by the way, only the psychopaths don't need love)just imagine how you would handle communication under the same circumstances. think the 4 agreements are sorely lacking in many elements that will make them stand the test of time.–i have been anxiously awaiting b-school to start since i signed up with the early birds back in the fall…someone please speed up the calendar! only in my marriage but taking things personally: both the negative things and positive ones, are so ingrained in me…. and the action itself means more than the result because you showed confidence. they give you the “i’m not ready for a relationship” line.’m grateful for that lesson because now that i’ve gone down the same road myself this past year, i know what it’s like to politely decline working with people, and only once has it been because i personally didn’t want to align myself with someone – and when it was personal, i told them so. you marie for once again reminding me not to take anything personal., it was only when a couple of friends started making judgments about his silence and his answer that i started feeling stresses about it. i tried one more time this week after your video (why not? like marie and i were writing responses at the same time 😉 again, i hope it works out for you kristi! freeing yourself from taking things personally is such a big step in success. our studio website says do not send unsolicited materials, but they always send it anyway, thinking they and their shining new idea are the “one exception”. am a big believer in responding to email and phone calls in a timely manner…. i help him on occasion with admin and whenever i see someone insulting him, or others on the site/fanpage, i take it personally and get so offended. i needed to hear this because my own aunt who i hold high esteems for, never returned an email that i sent her regarding an important issue. a tv and film producer, i want to assure you it isn’t personal; in fact it’s just legal. great breakdown on the phone and texting games that surround relationships., in all honesty, marie, i felt blown off this morning when i did not find my normal e-mail marietv update in my inbox…i started to panic, a bit…felt it may have been a “personal thing”…wondered “why me, marie…why me”…then my mind went everywhere…i considered even how last week, when you were soooo free, loving and liberal in “replying” to other fans comments…how “mine” went unnoticed, ignored, straight out dissed! prepare yourself for no response, for a rejection, or for a date. and i just find it really interesting that in this whole discussion there is not one mention of any other possibility than the recipient being busy. i was really upset because i just knew she was a perfect fit for the project. i have a huge problem with this issue, i know not to take everything personally, but i do anyway. my hang up has been, ‘i take the time to be genuine and follow through…why can’t they do the same for me? spend way too much time second-guessing myself because of other people’s actions, or lack thereof. but if h is the case he may not notify you immediately or at all. so, before i assume i’m being blown off, i will chill and enjoy the process. transcription/caption track has been uploaded to youtube and it is there. in retrospect, i can see the ambiguity of defining success. while intellectually i “know” not to take things personally, and that getting blown off isn’t about me, sometimes my heart (and ego! he continues to communicate with me and says he wants to meet me. however, since that last phone call yesterday morning, he has not responded to any text messages from yesterday . and i am like wait a minute marie posted a new video i need to watch it right now. we decided to host my family for thanksgiving this year, even though his aunt hosts as well. am not a believer, but i do know why he is so revered. guy asked me out i work with twice now and he stood me up for the second time. people have the tendency of falling for someone who isn’t right for them or interested in them. is this guy who flirts with me, shows all 32 teeth when smiling at me and sighs around me a lot, well i do like him and think the feeling is mutual, but ive asked men out in the past and that did not turn out as i had hoped. she apologized and did the most amazing – unexpected thing; she told me she was following up the things i was doing and told me she was praying for me and my projects. i’ve used this is all kinds of different scenarios, and feel it is a successful non-defensive way to clear any potential for taking things personally by just communicating openly 🙂. - october 17, 2017 this is what makes dating so hard in san francisco - october 11, 2017 share this:click to share on twitter (opens in new window)click to share on facebook (opens in new window)click to share on google+ (opens in new window)click to share on linkedin (opens in new window)click to email this to a friend (opens in new window)click to share on pinterest (opens in new window)like this:like loading. but what about the tinsey-tiny possibility that it is not just a matter of someone being busy. usually, they are trying to be nice and aren't good at juggling.’re absolutely right about me not standing up for myself in real time. i say this to myself all the time, “yes dear, i forgive myself, i need to forgive myself! we’re so glad you enjoyed this video, and hope that the tips marie shared will help you smooth things over with your friend! persona = per sonar = per sound = the voices from the past that we constantly hear from within our minds that form our inner critics.’s not assume they dropped their phone in a toilet or had to leave town and left their phone charging on the kitchen counter., as long as i continue to put myself out there and open myself up for opportunities (and continue to learn the lessons), i have no reason to take anything personally. comment jenny, there are so many comments i read and get value from that i don’t respond to, and i’m sure i’m not alone. it makes me feel as if i did something wrong that i have no knowledge. i even turn it on, i am a bit worried about what this says about me. i didn’t know what to say but i regained my composure when he complimented me on how well i did karaoke and was glad to meet my boyfriend. turns out the whole problem had been with her server which was now finally fixed. suggestion is to ignore/block him, and find somebody else. the flip side “letting” people say no without them getting the feeling thatthey are creating a whole lot of baggage for the other person goes a long way towards everyone having more ease in their work and willingness to experiment (or not) as they feel is right for them. i had built up in my head a guy i knew at university was racist and didn’t like me (he’s white and i’m indian, both born in uk). do they take forever with email, but always reply to texts?” i just loved the reminder about not taking things personally. he wanted to keep you in the shadows if/when #1 would dissipate. i took personally a relationship issue with my daughter-in-law – not waiting for a response, but the wisdom works here too…. am a stress relief coach who definitely had to take my own prescription on this topic. they have been helpful, and have helped me to remember to see both sides of the situation, which helps me to feel more compassionate as a human being and helps me to feel less angry when i “am not treated well”. immediately i jumped to the conclusion that there must have been something in my email that offended her. part of the enticement presented to me was real-world experience in social media with a church. this seems very timely as just today it nearly happened and i kept my cool and held my strength as received a comment i wasn’t in tune with. silly me… i know now that if i truly want to make the impact i know is possible, i need to reach out and connect with people operating at a high level too. usually, he’d give short responses to my questions for my meetups. this is so relevant to what i’ve been experiencing. you “wish” for another to acknowledge you and it does not happen, no reasons mean anything to you. " she's all like "for now" and then its been three times i asked her to hang out with me 3 times already and she has told me that she is too busy and right now i just texted her and told her she pissed me off and that i'm done! completely agree with the fact that most of the time it has nothing to do with us.) visit my friends, meet up or even wait for them to come to a party i’ve set up at my house. i thought you were going to say that it means she doesn’t take me seriously. i’d realised i’d made it all up and in fact i had no idea what he thought because i’d never bothered to talk to him and find out more about him. perhaps in past you were rejected a lot so to be in a situation where you are asking and not receiving it could also stir up past hurt. no answer, so i called his phone and left a nice message. so if i’m feeling graspy or insecure, that will come through. but, fortunately, i’ve tried my best to change that silly point of view that i had. such great advice, and something that is so easily forgotten. those books were like my best friends in high school. as soon as i press send on an email, i say these 2 short prayers:“this song will land where it is needed most. as well, researching their performance, consistency and perhaps even getting references if i’m not totally comfortable are some other things i will take with me going forward. what’s the “this”, you being so wonderfully right on time with great solutions to my issues.

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people lack the ability to say things that may hurt some else's feelings, or that might make them look bad. i’m getting ready to launch my business and marie has been a *huge* help and inspiration. maybe he just doesn't feel like talking at that particular momentc. some will go as far as to put you "on ice" until they have exhausted other dating options. if is meant to be it will come back at the right time and when it does it’s a breeze because you are not working against the wind. maybe he just doesn't feel like talking at that particular momentc. of course, with that mindset, you won’t take my compliment personally either! i feel like nothing i post here resounds with anyone and have stopped commenting. the fact of the matter is if someone is really into you, they have their phone close at hand. i can’t remember a time that i didn’t get back in touch with someone who sent a follow up email or phone call. however, since that last phone call yesterday morning, he has not responded to any text messages from yesterday . things to keep in mind when dealing with organizations like churches:1) ministers are trained in seminaries, not business organization and management. just this week, i did a friendly follow up to an email from last week that may lead to future business and the person even thanked me for following up because they have been slammed with new year nonsense…preach! it totally reinforces that we must not play the ‘victim’ (poor me), but move into problem solving (like you following up) to achieve our goals. if i had simply called the client or my friend, my candidate would have been seen and i would have made 30k. i just hate to see people get played then place their valuable in someone else’s bad etiquette. anyways, when he was on christmas break(he just started back at school a week ago) he texted me a lot and wanted to hang out a lot. he never mentioned to them that we wouldn’t be there…but then again they never invited us, either. has been such a valuable lesson in not taking things personally! he's never set anything up, when i asked about it he said "soon". i’m now inspired (and motivated) to get to work so i can save the money for one.’m going to be using your script today when i followup with some prospects that i haven’t heard back from in weeks. be a priority, not an option, and stand up for yourself. i followed up one more time on a connection i’ve been thinking about for 4 months (i had written a few times directly and to another connection in order to move the process along)., i totally agree with this video in that you should not take things personally and try again to reach back out if you haven’t heard back. friends know you so well :) i say if you like someone, then you want to communicate with them, you never ignore their messages. i received thank-you’s for the follow-ups, and not once. you were being heavily pursued by others you wouldn’t have the time to rehash past affairs and contact those who clearly want nothing to do with you, you wouldn’t even be thinking about them. my emotions cooled a little, i realized i did the most reasonable thing in the first place, and that he actually has reasons for not being sure the invitation was for him, in a way that i am terrible communicating, and that straight full speed invitation was out of my communication pattern. me, the upsetting thing isn’t about “no, we don’t need your services”, but the fact that i don’t get any response. why not just tell me that you're not interested anymore? so when we make our first date, i’m all excited, but 48 hours beforehand, he cancels saying he had family obligations. it took me about a week to get a new phone and i no longer had his contact information. so i wait and i wait and when 9 o’clock comes around he never contacts me again and the next morning is an excuse like “i fell asleep” or “i got home late” i don’t want a relationship with him, i just want to mess around but it seems like he doesn’t even want to do that anymore when he really wanted to a week ago. find answering this question helps me come to terms with these sorts of events in my life. your strong "let me know when we can go out dammit", after his avoidance, he called off the dogs and became less interested -- but not so much by your fault. i allow other people’s non-responsiveness to cause negative thoughts to creep back into my head.’s happened to me before and i’ve been guilty of doing it myself. the best bet is to read and reread gcdeb's excellent suggestions above. the anger: “why don’t they see how awesome this is? i figured that i will have another chance to say what i need to say, but when the time is right for him and not me. i tend to take things so personally when it is about something that i have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into. this third call is to be absolutely sure that you have covered all bases in trying to reach this potential date. i learnt a lot from him and i am very grateful for all that he had done for me. usual your videos are always so on point and very insightful. they teach that anything that says “don’t,” or requires a fruition that shuts down our human nature is innately violent against emotional well being. i told her i was surprised to hear from her after she declined my interview request.” then, i’ll stop and ask her objectively with care, “hey there, your eye brows are frowning hard. i read the four agreements last year and it has so much wisdom in it. as it turned out his adopted sister was mixed race. think that when it is about business it is often not personal that people don’t answer back and we should really get bak to people when we really think they are important. like a course in miracle says: “those who are certain of the outcome, can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety”. i have a repeated history of not being able to get men out of my life. i told him anytime, he said he'd have to look at his schedule. you should really write back and call and write back again if you want to get what you are looking for. 😉 so does that mean that i’m not alone in the “refresh to see if i have comments” game?. you haven’t spoken up for yourself –in real time — to ask why you’re not included in conversations (there may be a good reason and you won’t know until you ask), nor requested more more info/time to properly do your job. but in the inside, mainly my head, i still take things way to personally.” or something of that nature, so i can put the taking it personally story to bed right away, and then the other person understands where i am at too. posted: 6/20/2015 6:47:38 pmi would have been wary with the "i'll have to check my schedule" comment. am experiencing the beginning part of your story right now. everything is running smoothly, the universe is in working order, you have already called twice, left one message and you have not heard a word back. then one day, i couldn’t take it anymore and chose to share all my wrongdoings with my father. also, is it wrong to admit i couldn’t take my eyes off your highlights? conversely, our male peers who speak up are seen as “passionate about company x and their work” or “have great insights” or finally, my favorite, “he’s not afraid to put his (insert male body part) on the table”. know and this person knows that a blow off is a brewin’. i understand that one of the purposes of this site is to foster positivity and personal responsibility and i take absolutely no issue with that at all. i have a bookmark on agreement #2 and read it often. i had a vendor call a meeting and then he stood me up and didn’t get back to me for 4 days! i do get a little upset then i take it personally. this is stuff everyone needs to hear, and hear again and again and again. and i like your back-up plan of hosting the event in your house if need be. i’m a very emotional individual and i do take things very personally, in business and in life in general. i was going to recommend the same book, and i’m so happy you already did! i couldn’t sleep well, i am constantly blaming myself for all the poor decisions i made. statement of intent for a date such as, “i would really like to take you to that thing (event/restaurant/place) we were talking about”. i try to take the high road, but i would love to hear more from you on this subject! i’ve read it a few times over the last 12 years or so. i run a small business renaissance kids, teaching art to children. i waited 30 minutes on a conference call line waiting for a potential client to dial in. i don’t think either of us is particularly willing to give the other up. he just was too busy to respond to my emails. hey, better than playing that game where he disappears after multiple dates and fooling around, right? angela – i’ve set myself reminders so there’s no slacking! going to countless interviews and countless situations, i realized that i benefited from being more direct. the fact that these churches asked for your services and then didn’t follow up means nothing except that the leaders aren’t in the mindset of ‘good management and communication with employees’ and ‘developing this institution for the twenty-first century.! i went back and read it and it was a great email. anyway this video inspires me to write at the end of the week to follow up. then try to imagine how you would feel in each scenario. but i like this approach; it allows me to let go of anxiety about the outcome and to continue to focus on the good thoughts!! i have to check it out because i’m being ‘blown off’ (not like that! i have been feel frustrated with others when they don’t show up for me the way i am thinking they should., before i even share my contact info, for both personal life and work, i say straight-up —there will be crickets. i then wrote a long, detailed, angry letter to my friend who had put me in contact with the client and she called me instantly. you for all you do to make the world a better place,Great topic marie and entertaining 🙂 i think it says more about them then you when people blow you off. how freeing to think that it just doesn’t have anything to do with me. no means, no thank you and that means they are not the one willing to help you are that moment! dream of a person who thinks as i do- seems such an impossibility. just take action because you're a brave person willing to take risks, and go after what you want.. so it’s not like i’m taking it personally because i can handle attacks against me, but attacks against my clients is something i won’t stand for. know i have often mistakenly given people “the crickets”, and it can be so easy to take things personally when the shoe is on the other foot. i would like to reach a point where i am grateful for all praise and criticism and not let it control my mood, although the praise gives me a high. took a bridge job (thanks for that name, by the way) last fall with my church while i build my online business to teach social media marketing to churches, missionaries and ministries., not much that i’ve taken personally has proven later to not be personal. advice maria (as usual) especially the bit about remembering when we haven’t responded to someone even though it wasn’t personal. get asked a lot by out other business owners / start ups for information about me because i fit a particular demographic or a general call for information that i have and have no problem sharing. i had let that thought stop me, i would have never asked in the first place. but it seems there is this "maybe there might be someone better out there and i'll just keep him around. a friend had made a sarcastic remark on my personal facebook page and i got upset and responded but then took it off and sent her a personal message owning up and expressing why it offended me. really like that you changed don miguel ruiz’s idea of not taking anything personally to not taking everything personally. usually by the time i check in again, i’ve heard from most of the people on my list. of course everything you said in the video applied to my work situation years ago, as it does to my business dealings today. if you have any inkling that you are being blown off, which you probably are, you should never respond with a question. and, good news, several of her friends had tried to contact me and were finally able to because she took the initiative to discover what was going on! and even if i am doing the best i can with my finances the fact is that my water will be turned off. use a few techniques to help me remind myself to check in if an email seems like it’s getting unanswered – i use boomerang to send the email back to me a few days after it’s sent to remind me to check in if it’s unanswered. i recently was hired to do a headhunting mission for a client i had never worked with before. walt disney quit after his theme park concept was trashed 302 times. in my back pocket this video goes, i think i will need to remind myself down the line for sure! instead of being reprimanded by him, he took countless hours out of his busy schedule to talk to me. months, sometimes years will pass and this man starts calling me again. how in the world am i suppose to stay detached about anything? could think of hundreds of examples where i took something personally, only later to find out that it was so not personal at all. my sweet boyfriend will thank you for the major wisdom i picked up today ., yes, i did pay for a full product review (and she did receive the product) which didn’t happen in december, nor did her gift guide (not just for me, but for any brands she may have also partnered with). replied he didn’t realize the text was for him and he couldn’t make it that day. and frankly such power lies in the “gracious confidence” of knowing who you are and not being phased by anything.! nevertheless, thank you for being “you” and i, like others have falling in love with you…my queen, business mentor, and friend…have a blessed day and know someone out here cares about “you” and all that you have too offer in this life…xo. even if it hurts or it’s uncomfortable, at least i know where i stand., if i’d been suspecting and accusing, even only in my mind, i’d have wondered if i was sending off scary vibes to her, giving her something to go on and on about. haven’t been listening to these wonderful marie tv blogs because i’ve been dealing with things in my life. couldn’t have come at a better time for me. i often think about doing that but over the course of my life, my efforts at openness and transparency (even in the kindest of ways) have usually been met with great resistance or people lashing out. know this chick named bw and she totally always does all the things you stated above i think she just keeps me around for luck and an ego boost for her self esteem , oh well =c.’s great to see the effort you put into making sure every issue is addressed thoroughly!’m curious about this jennifer, when you really break it down to it’s roots, is it personal? my business fb page has increased by 20,000 followers over the last 6 weeks and people are starting to leave negative comments. no matter how many times i asked him to let it go…a few days later he’d bring it up again. if you find responses not coming in a timely manner, say two hours which is ridiculously lax then it’s likely that your possible date is not interested. anytime i want to see anyone i have to initiate, ask several people, schedule, pray for a sitter, ask several people, wait for my husband to get home, go over it with him, have him help me do the running around. as was talking with my chair about it, and she asked why was i seeking approval from others in class. i’ve encountered many folks who reside in what i call a whirling dervish state. and of course there are those times when i really do believe it was all their fault – keeping it real here. but, longing for someone who is not reciprocating your feelings will not make you feel good. too many of us start making a mental narrative when someone doesn’t respond. thoroughly loved your tips on if you want to keep your man. and, there dear friends, are all the answers you need., you’re completely right about being patient and not taking things personal. days… i’ve come to the conclusion; it isn’t me, it’s them. so even if they want to cite reasons that “blame me” its not really about me, its about them and how they feel! she wanted to work on my project, and felt bad that she couldn’t say yes, which was part of why she was reaching out to work with me. i lead an all in life coach training program for women on a mission called mentor masterclass. i have been resisting the idea for about 6 months because i wanted to control the responses i would get when i asked. i went through all of the self-doubt: “is it me?

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at the age of 18, i decided to end all the tears, unpleasant thoughts and actions because of the flashbacks of my wrongdoings. marie, i love the idea of a 48 hour challenge -here i go. i am appreciative of you helping me with this because i am feel now that i can express my feelings from a more objective place than i was at the time when the incidents happened. with just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life. this way you can prep your content with no stress and focus on be present and of service 🙂 xo. i was wondering your thoughts on the times that we are doing the best we can and we still fall short…like if i get to work late too many times, i will get fired, even if i am doing the best i can. many new more colours to come…and a new design in the spring 😉. thought about it and i’ll add another checkmark next to it from you 🙂. remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. that’s exactly what i tell myself when the familiar cricket sound comes along. — katrina, we’ll investigate that and get back to you. and yes, i am the most analytical person when it comes to attempting at understanding one’s actions. this is always a needed reminder to those of us who “forget” to let and allow people to “be” no matter if what you hear or experience is “good” or “bad” coming from them that seems projected onto you. just read the four agreements over the holidays and dug it! way i see it now is that it’s a game of odds: the more i put myself out there and ask, the more yes’ (and no’s! and that when someone wants to hang out with someone they'll make time! i’ve been writing about things they may or may not have encountered yet. it should never be assumed that someone is blowing you off from the jump because you’re a wonderful person with good judgment and a lot to offer, right? when i first started doing music professionally things like that broke my heart, but eventually i’ve gotten really good at just accepting that that is part of taking risks. so, i had to get over myself, and just keep moving along! would love to share one moment, but there’s so incredibly many as taking things personally is the limitation i have been playing in for…oh… decades. it’s an email, phone call, old-fashioned letter (remember those? - what not to do if you want to keep a man. why is it so hard to just say i'm not interested? why would he text me (after our meet) throughout the week and even call daily if he had no interest? if he has a significant other, then yeah -- that's even harder to juggle. she made another facebook post (which i missed) but didn’t send me the personal reminder so i missed out on being able to sponsor her for the race..aren't you an eager beavermy assumption is that he's blowing me off. but, i’ve been running a survey as well and she took it. undying mission to fulfill his purpose could not take a moment to give a ka-hoots about what people thought or did to him. i let go of the story that he is purposefully being passive-aggressive or whatever. is the important thing that most people are afraid to do. one thing that happened recently was i was in a business partnership and felt ignored. we can’t see the future but when it does happen we will see the “aha” moment where we see the lesson why it different happen then. the situation is based on a decision that someone is making for themselves not to communicate with me. later, i learned he may have been involved in drugs and looking back on it now, i sensed he may have been high during some of our phone conversations but blew it off. if i’m not feeling that way, usually i just need to sleep on it. at "worst", his option #1 solidified and he didn't want to / know how to tell you he's not interested. in the end, she told me that she had other things that caught all her attention and energy and made it impossible to get back to me. if i get blown off i look over how i delivered myself via email or phone and determine whether or not i sounded appropriate and professional and if the answer to that is yes, i will follow up. thanks marie for the reminder that despite how personal business can be, its still not personal. i like to finally get paid the cash he’s owed me since oct 2013? i read that book in my early 20’s and it changed my life. if that’s not a reminder to stop taking ourselves so seriously and realize it’s not all about us, i don’t know what is!’s say that you have text this person after the first date or maybe two or three dates and gotten no response. have the opposite issue at the moment, where it looks like i am blowing off a potential customer, but it’s more that they are wondering when i will have something finished (artwork) and i just don’t have the answer and so now i am just avoiding the convos. this takes bravery, tact and finesse of course, but it’s completely possible to get in partnership with your boss and get on the same page. not only are you an impatient eager beaver, you don't like to be ignored. you are chasing that person and they don’t want to be caught by you! thanks for the reminder, i need to read the four agreements again.?Great video especially for those of us trying to connect with busy people when we aren’t busy yet! in the last month, i’ve made an effort to not take it personally, but the truth is that i want to take that part of my skillset and go play on my own side of the playground. i was taking it personally and said those words, “fine, if they’re not gonna talk to me, i’m not gonna talk to them. totally agree with this advice, but what do you recommend when a business-relationship/money is involved? am on the 48-hrs challenge and i am wondering:How can i tell the difference between…. there are many circumstances that could be impeding your progress but in dating most people are the rule. thankfully he doesn’t which makes me stop and get over what i had let get to me.’s kinda an “unwritten rule” in the spiritual and enlightenment circles that it reflects back on you as selfishness on your part for rationalizing it this way; or an egoistic needed validation that you shouldn’t look for in others to give you anyway. i stopped jumping through hoops a long ass time ago. i sent a follow up email and let her know that i understand how busy she is and if she wants to be featured in my mag when her new book comes out to promote it i would love to include her. do i have the time to babysit an emotionally insecure, monologic, mismanaged brain-drainer? a response seems forceful and desperate – who wants to work with/friend a bully?’ve never heard of that book before marie mentioned it, but after hearing her talk about it and reading your comment, i’m going to make it my next book i read! if you get clear and comfortable about your own business/personal boundaries, and then offer the same respect to others. years ago before i met my current man, there was a guy i was crazy about and we would have hour-plus long phone conversations. i know a few follow ups i need to do now! his battery's dead or he lost his phone or left it at work, or in the car. i know this is easy to say but the best way to approach men that you like is to remove yourself from the outcome. thanks to this tolteca wisdom i’ve learned that it’s not about me; in fact, i am motivated to sign in in a business english course. and remain “pleasantly persistently” until i manage an outcome one way or the other, and no making assumptions! not taking it personally has allowed me to stretch and hang out in that area that we sometimes find uncomfortable and come away with something i would not have experienced, almost always positive. i spend a lot of time focussed on being very visible, but passively so, in a way; this is a big section missing from my pr dept: i pledge to get into that space and see how it feels to put myself out there a bit more, and to not take it personally if i get ignored, of course!! i try everyday to not take things personally, but i do need a kick in the butt every once in awhile, so thanks marie! it comes to general calling, if someone has given you their number and you are reaching out to them for the first time you are allowed two initial calls and a follow-up call but absolutely only one voicemail! boy did i feel like a dodo but am grateful i did not write anything super reactionary! as in, not waiting for confirmation from someone else that it is (and drowning in angst over it in the meantime). there, this weekend is good for me, for the reason that this occasion i am reading this enormous informative piece.– i want to open up, and do it in english too, because i feel like it :)). we can never tell what is really going on but if i stuck with a generated story of why, we would have never even spoken. thought a comment they made on a piece of work was negative and i talked myself into a downward spiral and then it turned out, that although they did not like that bit, the rest of the work they thought was brilliant. if after that no response i will leave it alone and move on to my next challenge. am launching my new business and have been sending out a ton of emails, connecting on facebook and am hearing nothing back. i love the paradox of it, as i complete agree with what you shared “the only appreciation i need is from myself. people said yes and i’ve booked 8 people already for my show. i found a great profile for them so i was surprised when i didn’t hear back. i say sensitive because he was avoiding the answer about going out again -- even a vague one like "yeah, we'll go out sometime later this week, we'll figure it out. he loved it and i reminded him this works on the play ground as was as the business world. he offered to lead the charge on getting the teams to the training. posted: 6/21/2015 4:37:22 amyes, it was obvious by the "i'll check my schedule" that he wasn't interested. that includes being confident and self-aware enough to ask yourself, “what could i have done differently in that situation to create a better outcome? join your challenge, and so far (24 hours in), i feel great. is it getting better and better or is is just me? there is often a big piece of truth in anger, or “taking things personally.” we sat down and reaffirmed our shared goal: to maintain a strong and happy marriage no matter the external circumstances. it…love it… and then love it some more marie! as my business grew i came across great people, learned so much (i only see my faults in mentioned situations), had to say ‘no’ myself to so many people. a statement such as, “i am going to a concert tomorrow, i have an extra ticket if you want to come. think i have this typical problem you mentioned in your video. the tweetable was an amazing way to explain specifically what’s going on when i take the situation too personally. ok, granted it can be in a nice non-judgy tone…and this is my lesson from the video. so if you do not get a respond from the health & welness website, just keep turning on, love what you are doing and the success will come at the best moment for you. absolutely not true and i am well loved where i’m at and considered an asset. live by the “take nothing personal” rule, but it’s probably because i’m so busy i don’t really think about the failures. i think your idea of being more specific is spot on, and all the best with getting some response this time. good reminder to do digging prior to forming these types of arrangements! i can’t think of a time where i’ve taken something personally that wasn’t about me, but i know i’ve done it and i’m sure i felt silly later! it’s a part of dating and we should all accept it because when you are dealing with a stranger you are owed no explanations. if i wasn’t doing the challenge, i would have taken that email as proof of my worthiness as well as taking the emails i don’t receive as proof of my suckiness. it could also mean that you are an amazing person who is courageous and taking risks by contacting people who are not already in your ‘circle’. in fact, the subject line of the email i sent to my mastermind group was “crickets. he said he wrote millions of words until the first was published. you move your schedule around, create time or do something. agreed to meet up, went great, laughed a lot, goodnight kiss. its perfect timing too because i’m about to start a launch and after the first few emails when i don’t get the response i’d hoped i always back off the promotion thinking its me even though i know people often don’t buy until the last minute (me included) so yes i’m taking up the challenge but i need to do it for more than 48 hours 🙂. express your frustrations calmly and concisely, and if they don’t respect you and continue blowing you off then walk away and never look back. from a biz point of view, yes, at the time, i was a bit upset, but thanks goodness i listen to my gut and kept doing my part and grew my business. so much of what you say really resonates with me. i failed on all accounts at the interview at the university in moscow, russia. you may have come on too strong tapping his shoulder, and i can see how that'd turn a sensitive person off. big gratitude to you for opening the whole wide world of online marketing and biz-ownership to me last year through b school and keeping the wisdoms coming! first w/ me heavily considering leaving my job, only to see your email the next day, “why i happily walked away from a million dollars”. i text because talking on the phone is a step towards to commitment that i’m not really trying to make. going through something like that with one of my oldest friends and it seems as though she has been blowing me off. setting up speakers for the biztopia challenge, i was really surprised and hurt when several people said no.) it can be different and i would not recommend reaching multiple times with no response. i am profoundly deaf, i rely on subtitles to understand the video. i had a facebook friend who was running a charity marathon but i didn’t have money at the time to support her, so i asked her if she could send me a personal message closer to the date. i simply asked her if she was already a rep for the product or where did she purchase the product & she simply ordered direct with the company, but in the meantime that i found this out, a whole lot of conversation went on & i screwed up our relationship & the company got an email from her about me also, and the emails that i sent to her which were actually really ouchy ! started a new job 9 months ago and found myself being bullied by a woman (who applied for my position), and her ex-boyfriend- my duty manager. i’d usually shrug it off my shoulder, but doesn’t praise help you boost your self-esteem when you’re feeling moody? i’ve experienced that in business (customers not paying for things they’ve promised to pay for, and have used to the fullest degree) — it really does speak more about them vs. i am about to launch this big project of mine. while i credit that book with changing my perspectives in life and teaching mew how to reframe situations that are uncomfortable, i don’t always remember to apply the principles to my new business. putting myself in my contact’s shoes is great advice that will help me stay on track. and it helps me to sort out the “my” stuff and the “there” stuff. single men and women can’t get the signs through their heads they send the message they’re desperate. i thought i was being too formal doing that but realizing now, it breeds accountability!!…then i watched that amazing video this morning and reassessed…oooh, maybe this isn’t about “me”, as i thought…maybe this is just a server error of e-mail subscription glitch that would be easily “corrected” once “the wonderful and magnificent queen marie” found out…then i thought, “hey, she may even acknowledge me with a reply in the comment section, too”…a true “dream” relived and fulfilled, like getting an autograph from you favorite celebrity!! oh well, should put me in better standing for my next 35! if i hadn’t reacted at all, it probably would have stopped because my overreaction gave them fuel to continue. just proves your point that we shouldn’t take it personally. time – the reason i open your emails each week and watch your video (no one else gets this kind of attention from me) is your authenticity and openness. learned about taking things personally the hard way – as most of us do, i supposed. being said, i try to just let things roll because i read the four agreements many years ago and that’s one that stuck out the most to me.! and then i love the cool inspiring crowd you draw as well – what a nice space you’ve created here…whoop! when i didnt hear for a couple of days, i found out they had been really sick for a week. far in my career (7 years in startups in sf), i have watched countless other women and myself be told (by mostly dudes, sometimes other women) they are “emotional” or “taking things personally” when nothing is further from the truth. he did not address the comment about wanting to get together again.’m glad she never found out because months later she approached me to work with her on a project. i created a huge story in my head that this client, who had never even met me, hated me and didn’t want to work with me. if you have no options, it won't hurt to wait. but recently, he seemed to be ignoring these messages, and i tried to keep all my frustrations in, and i was worrying i was being needy. it is pretty easy for me to fall into the taking things personally trap, so i always appreciate the reminder to further practice the art of not taking it personally. just not worth it… thanks for your awesome vid’s & this was a real refresher & reminder for me….

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what if your friendship/goods/communication is really not wanted (i. i have been sending media releases to all the local press for months and the crickets are deafening. well, i had taken it very personally that i had ruined our friendship, and there was nothing at all! months later she ended up hiring me and it turns out she was just nervous and shy about being at the networking event. i recently had someone blow up at me on social media because he felt ignored and created a huge dialog in his head. i can honestly say i have great results with it and people who haven’t seen me for a long time do a double-take. feeling is that they should have kept her info and followed up with her…i mean if they really wanted to stand out as outstanding. have always thought of others before myself- that is how i was raised. i found that if i make them sign a contract and go out there on a limb in some form of commitment, it turns out a lot better. do they take forever with email, but always reply to texts?!Oh man, i’m a musician so rejection is pretty much a part of the job description. but today i am going to send a nice follow up email to them all and see what happens. where is the line between not taking it personally and becoming a door mat? the awkwardness of that moment made me realize i did take his not getting back to me too personally. Agreed to meet up, went great, laughed a lot, goodnight kiss. the person got replaced and this new lady wouldn’t get back to me and when she did, always had something wrong with my proposal, she’d ask add that product, remove this, add that and so on. hardest”rejection” for me to let go of is struggling with my darling workaholic mad scientist audio engineer man.) reminding someone that they failed to get back to me, i would feel so badly (and foolish) when they replied with a legit reason for not doing so., myself is a counselling psychologist and still reminding myself not to take things personal most of the time. somehow that language shift really drove home the point for me. never take anything personally, often things are said in a particular way but there is an underlying reason that a person is not happy or able to discuss, just catching someone at the wrong time that’s all, there are many things going on behind the scenes in everyones lives. when stress levels get high, particularly when people have families and full-time jobs, volunteer work goes to the bottom of the priority list. ministry is interesting because when your work is people the “bottom line” is hard to define.’m a small business and cannot afford this… what would you do? agreed to meet up, went great, laughed a lot, goodnight kiss. that doesn’t mean that i don’t react or take it on as my story or make it about me, but it’s not really helpful for anyone if i do that. you put your heart out there and sometimes you get burned. one thing that’s always thrown me, is when a male colleague is emailed/texted and they don’t bother to reply. as a dancer growing up people would praise me after recitals and when i got to a serious performing arts high school i was shot down and criticized during because i was not a ballerina. however, in personal life when a guy doesn’t answer to sms or call or other kind other kind of communication platform, that behaviour might be a clue that we should not pursue them. i got tons of rejections on my first book before, and it sucks, but you have to get over it and not let it paralyze you. don't need a sil or bil to figure out when i'm gettin' a snow job. i think i don’t have compelling copy, what my topic is isn’t worth the time, i’m not supposed to be a health coach…. you must understand that you are valuable, but just not to this person. i am so glad that you visited my blog and that it reached you. i became a crazy woman for a short bit and…speaking of that, made her feel like i bit her in the hiney:( it’s sad to have worked hard for several years to come to a place of a really great relationship, and now to have hurt her trust in me. i am so happy i told myself my conclusions of her not seeing me could have been anything. 7 days later, the day i invited him for coffee, i sent another text saying “you still haven’t given me an answer :)”. as i’ve grown mentally and emotionally i have learned to take sooooo much less personally., i find voicemails and calls intrusive and often interrupting, so i have used skype spinvox to text me voicemails to be dealt with later. not taking an unreturned call personally is one thing; it’s trickier when it’s creeping into your bedroom. when they ignore you instead of a formal goodbye is because they want to keep the door open. i started getting self-righteous about why he didn’t call me back.’ve been a little “hit it and quit it” lol when it comes to contacting people that i’m interested in working with. 😉 learning to ask was one of the toughest things for me to do, both personally and professionally. i took your advise and did not get personal… what i did do was send a message back asking if we could make plans in advance so i wasn’t blind siding her with last minute requests. i have been going through all five, and it just comes down to this, why would you want to be with someone that does not care or respect you? when we are hurting and when we wish for anyone to understand…. i’m a late bloomer, and so what i learned the more the better! this is really helping me with my mfa applications right now. i have been up to my eyebrows in crickets since last thursday and “decided” to take it personally yesterday.’re good folks, just not always aware of how their actions impact others. there were many times in the fall that the only times i could book writing time or other crucial meetings was on tuesdays. taking things personally is definitely like a muscle that needs exercising or a habit that needs building through repetition, which is why i love the idea of your 48 hr challenge and am definitely up for it. sometimes, when i eventually do hear back from those clients, they tell me they stopped coming because they felt they were in a good place, or because they became so busy, etc. as a young writer i am learning how much rejection is out there as well us praise. it doesn't always have be flat out awful if its not leading to a happily ever after thing. sometimes when we are not taking things personally we can still decide that another person’s behavior isn’t personal to us, but still make the decision to move on, right? had a major moment of the “doh, i should not take this stuff personally” when last year an assumption i made and something i took personal almost cost me a major client. recently launched a free journal as a list builder and asked several people in my “inner circle” (people i would consider my confidants and close friends and business peeps) to just read it over and give feedback on it before i launched it. so, you’re helping me to discover the kind of circle i want to create around myself. i love the way you put it, it is being selfish and thinking everything is about me.*we use the latest web technologies on our site – please update your browser, or download google chrome for the best experience! i feel horrible, but there’s only so many times that i can say, ‘i am not sure’ and now i am just ignoring communication…but it’s eating away at me! people say nasty things about the success story photos i put up of my clients, like it’s not really them, or they don’t see any changes, or that person should have been able to lose more than 20 lbs in 6 months.’ve just added part of your verbiage to my follow up script, thanks for sharing marie!’s right lynne, it probably says that you’re a human being just like the rest of us. dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. thank you for reminding me that i need to let all that sh*t go. have had that happen many a times and gotten the same advice. and my boss wasn’t responding to my texts– only to find out my phone was not receiving them. the contrary, i believe it can inspire us to have compassion for one another and engage in continued communication and dialog, from a place of love vs. someone, you aren’t really interested in, you’re not changing your schedule or setting time aside for them. it was hard to separate myself from the situation and see that it was not about me – it was a business decision made by execs who had never met me. love how you integrate spiritual truths with business realities (like how to handle crickets. especially when it comes to pr you gradually transform from a stranger to someone who’s familiar. about half an hour after i abandoned the call in frustration, i got an apologetic email from him. reminded me of something i learned form eckhart tolle’s a new earth, put your ego aside, it ain’t about you honey! as you frequently remind, people can really feel our energy or the nature of the intent, even over email. she should just forget about him and tell him tough luck. anyone gets really hurt by rejection and feels like giving up, keep this posted somewhere to keep you going (you may have seen this making its rounds on the interwebs already):If howard schultz gave up after being turned down by banks 242 times.’ life is a perfect example of not harnessing the power of god. since then, if he’s a no, instead of silence i get a no instead. i think there’s a fine line to be explored. if it was with that grasping energy, i take a closer look at where i am in the realm of self worth. i jumped to so many conclusions and even had in my head that i was fired. a phone call a couple of days ago saying exactly what you said we shouldn’t say (*points finger*) “i emailed you twice but didn’t hear back from you…. they are waiting to receive a text or a call from you. see, this is the thing i have about emails – we get so much of them that they get lost and sometimes you need to phone people up and let them know that you sent a message. i swear, my boss systematically ignores giving me information, leaves me out of discussions with my peers and only speaks to me when he’s handing me some monumental task (with a 30 minute deadline). there are cases when other people simply do not make you (your project, your request) a priority and i think some discernment needs to be used in these cases. the four agreements was the first spiritual book i read fifteen years ago. hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing. get tons more done and i’m practically unstoppable when i’m pursuing my passions these days. when i came to town she was usually doing other things. i’ll do my best to respond within ‘x’ number of days but if i can’t respond just know – it’s me, not you :-)”. it’s touched a tender place in a lot of people. and i haven’t read “the four agreements” in a while, so i’ll hit that too. are awesome leanne — just sending you a huge hug from nyc and please do let us know how the 48 hour experiment goes! my husband is the bread bearer who works all night sleeps all day. in the end, it turned out to be that he hadn’t checked their messages earlier, but his reply was quite nice to me and got me thinking that i should stop being so dramatic at things that scared me (as usually happens with answers). but, i have to work through it on a daily basis—literally. then one day when i realized that my comment was still public on the site with no response i wrote a nice email asking to remove said comment cause it made me feel silly. she said that she thought i was busy so made plans elsewhere. as much as i tried to keep it calm and deal with it the best i could, it was tough to not get affected with their aggressiveness and negativity. when i call a guy for the first time, (yes i call guys! yes, you want a date, and i think it's great that you took the initiative but don't beat yourself up about the outcome.“but if we choose to not take the answer or lack of answer personally it makes us much more likely to take action in the first place. i have sent out emails to customers with no reply. people put on their best show on a date, laughing, sharing things, being silly, because it can still be a fun day for two people in general. i’ve sent out a cranky emails (yes i guess i’ve done that once or twice! i have had times where i’ve asked and been ignored. those silences back from people i admired and wanted to work with were devastating. sometimes it’s something i can change on my own. waking up to this message today has really re-calibrated my attitude. miguel ruiz would say that even if someone is pointing a gun at your head, it’s not personal.. though i myself comes from the men fraternity yet could not refrain from liking the minute detail you explained as i could have easily relate to each point 😄. i told him what was up without getting all bent out of shape. i committed many wrong things, stealing and being unfillial to my parents when i get scolded by them. i will not take anything personally, and certainly not use the outcome to judge my own self-worth. i further adore that you quoted one of my super fav books, the four agreements. looking back it’s such a great gift for teenagers and helped me navigate high school a lot better. on tuesday evening, even having seen my messages and did not reply, i just said “it would have been nice if you had given me a reply. thank you for posting your article about doing the best we can! oh well i am an ex-business process analyst so analysis is my thing, lol. and the amount of time and energy we wastes thinking untrue thoughts…. he's texted me at least once every day this week and even initiated a phone call yesterday. would you do when someone leaves a public comment that is negative or nasty toward someone you have been working with? it helps to take the pressure off of yourself by not taking things personally! not, and several nicer notes for the past few weeks. i needed to hear that from a voice other than the timid one in my head. not to mention an endless back and forth of texts. i have asked her if she has been blowing me off and she says she’s not, but it looks otherwise. but i will be brave because i know it will only teach me valuable lessons. i use a super cool program that actually reminds me in a week if they didn’t respond so i am pretty relaxed for a week. i have been making myself wrong because of not having it done yet but i am waiting on my video editor. she does pr work and still hasn’t found that ideal job that she adores. if you don't mind this arrangement, by all means, stay in it and wait. another note i’m going through something now where honestly it likely is personally, but even then its not. worked with several churches as a consultant and support group leader, it is confusing when resources are asked for without any action taken or follow up. my husband and i own a business together, so preventing work issues from escalating into family issues is extremely important to us. it's not about what happens, it's about taking the action, accepting the result as feedback and moving forward with new information. we absolutely do not have to accept any type of behaviour because it is ‘not personal. i will look at it again when i start to feel ungrounded. – i’m so grateful for the post and the message. he’s a good friend so i wouldn’t recommend this tactic with someone you don’t know very well, but phew, what a relief. marie thank you for the reminder about not to take anything personal.–she was up in smoke about some tiny thing i’d said, and it was downhill the rest of the way. and if not at least you both know and part ways.’m mexican and now i’m traveling on canada, i constantly meet people that make comments about my accent. at the time i knew that was about me, not my partners. someone is blowing you off, you may find yourself essentially chasing them! have friends who we do hang out and stuff, but if i invite them, sometimes they will say “maybe that will work for me” and then when the day comes, they didn’t even respond. he has interest in you or he wouldn't be contacting you at all.

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