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the article was just a rebuke to the stereotype that is happening because of the few turkish men that make shame on your culture. we believe in equal humanity we would pay every effort to find the human that suits us. have been dating a turkish man for 3 months now – i live in the uk and him in istanbul. but 1 main thing u missed to write and its the most important factor why the turkish guys are behaving like that … i’m gonna explain it . did not aim for my post to be bashing the bashers, it was more of a “lets get back to the basics” and have a look at why a majority of these romances do not work out. i will not say it was all roses and as though i was walking on air the entire time i was with him, we argued (i know this seems odd with the language barrier, but we managed it), we both were as stubborn and rather highly tempered as each other, but this was what if i am honest i liked, the fact that regardless of the age difference, the language barrier ect we were what i deem a “normal western” couple. they dnt give the chance to do that to man . british friends they especially like turkish mens because in fact turks are more honest, calm and depending to lover. for the turkish tv – well i’ve just told him that he lives in the uk and nobody is at all interested in listening to it – he needs to wear headphones – didn’t go down well! if you want the real thing go out with a tourist turkish man like yourself. also she said i can get full permanent visa and after one i can apply british passport. he was a great man we had a wonderful time together i grew up in the south of ireland as catholic so mixing with his family was easy i knew how and when to respect. thanks for leaving your comment and nice to hear that you have found yourself a good man. in my last season i sacked my entire staff twice (interestingly they were all kurdish as they do actually work harder than turkish) but their attitude towards me as their “boss” and to my female customers was atrocious so it gave me great pleasure in the end to say gule gule. ur turkish man has been to uni and comes from middle class background …u may end up marrying him …then u really are buggered …. we wouldnt like to get married whos not virgin but now we doin that butt no chance for kürdish girl. i am a turkish man, living in istanbul, 38 years old, marieed with one dougther. there, i was innocently perusing a facebook application that allows one to meet people worldwide when interest was expressed in me by a turkish man in his early 30s; i am 29. to all actually i m on this page by mistake i was searching bot turky i was reading the whole page and find some intersting stories actually m 24 n m not turkish im indian i live in india i was reading somewhr natalie talk bot that dong distance realationship she said its impossible well im not agree with that all n she said u cant fall in love with anyone on internet whom u nver met well i hve gf from finland n v met on internet i love her so much she love me too so i think it is possible . i have reason to believe he had sex with an older english woman 68 who i know has slept with most of the gumbet waiters she is asexual predator..If an educated western woman falls for some young uneducated resort worker who can be her son. he was a perfect gentleman and never made another move. i shortly and simply advise you and other european girls who want relations with a turkish man, to try to find out real turkish man search for at least bachelor degree from any university. can only speak from my experience in highly educated circles in istanbul but i’m sometimes amazed how openly married turkish male friends or colleagues discuss their girlfriends with each other. he had been looking online to marry a moroccan woman to have his children,and would marry her as soon as possible, he wanted a morrocan muslim because they are very submissive, she was just to bear his children. beacuse we know who we are… for example, for your man, i would easily say…. comes firstmany women who have been disappointed by their turkish partners claim that while turkish men prefer to date american girls, they will marry only a ‘good muslim girl’ their parents select for him. wonder if you can help me, i’m a freelance journalist and i’m desperately looking for a british woman (aged 35-55) who is happily married to a turkish man and has been for a good few years (seven or more)…. yes, he is kurdish and yes, believe me i am well aware of the difference between turkish and kurdish men. not been to india so can not really say what the difference between them and turkish men is. mind you, it came as no surprise because he has asked me many times before to marry him. he is afraid of commitment because such requires fidelity and he cannot stand having to be with a woman when she doesn’t turn him on any more.. i have only heard bad stories of turkish men, but these three we met, changed my point of view… and so did this boy that claims his love to me…. are a woman at your late 40s who came to turkey for fun, have met a young boy at his 20s who probably is there for a part time work in the summer, got some relations with him and you still expect him to be honest ? his mother came straight over to me greeting me with a hug, and then followed by the other woman of the family..but the turkish man would never be bad to who loves him. you want the true here is the artical in turkish:Prophet mohammed was 51 when he married with mother aisha.!I have a lot, really a lot of pals around the world, and turkish men are one of the best among my friends. be careful with the turkish men ladies, there extremely beautiful and charming, they will shower you with gifts, tell you they love you, but if there working- that is their job. meet a turkish man on facebook he was married had 1 child and one on way we was just friends to start i planned a trip to turkey where we met spent the whole week with him he told me he loved me thought when i left it would be over but it didnt end i went back to turkey we met again spent 7 days,since he has told his family and wife about me did say he went to court for divorce and will be done in 6 weeks i have 4 children he say he only want me i have met his best friend and all his friend know of me so do his brother and sisters i am due to go back tukrkey next month but will be taking my kids and mother with me,he told me yesterday he is kurdish and so is his family but he is not like them i am so unsure what to do. the very start of our holiday, my friend and i had so much attention from the turkish men – we are not stupid, most of them are probably players but it was a great confidence boost..and i dont even know what makes you feel so confident to talk like this about turkish men? because old british women or any country old poksy women come turkey tray get young god loking turkish bosy or men but i am sory 25 30 years young god loking boys or men not stayin with stinky old pusy thats why them cheat now turn raound women young beatuful turkish men oldu ugly fat and how long women stay with that men this is exaly what i am talking ebaut dont try be so smart and get turkish sex toy because why u will get be toy end the day :)) and don complyn this is for all old ugly fat women thanks byyyy. it would be painful but good for me to see the reality of the situation and if she ever found out down along the line, i owed this innocent person the chance to at least put a face to the other woman so that she would realise that i was not your average husband-stealing monster. as a member of the turkish wives club most turkish men, really do think they are so very special, this is due to high status they have amongst mothers and sisters, they often dont handle well, woman who stand up them, if they are insulted by words or actions they may not react well. me this was so bizarre because in the states most men get anxious even asking a girl out (kudos to those who have the courage to take that risk).. victory is had if only one man of the group gets laid. not all of these traits or experiences are only a result of turkish-ness. i don’t know his life or what he is going through but i believe that every woman deserves a man who will stick with her during the bad times and not just the good. dating a turkey guy for 9 months now he was suppose to get a pension in february this year but some family member falsified his passport and got away with his money.. last summer i’ve met a british girl and i have an unforgettable memory about her. been married now to my turkish husband for almost 5 years and yes we have ups and downs like most couples,but to agree that it isnt just the mans fault if a woman gives away her money if he asks ,they must use their brains,if my husband had asked me for money i would have told him no. for marriage there must be decent meeting,talking,sharing and of course caring what kind of man can ask for money from a person if he knows her for only weeks or months? didn’t know so many women fall for turkish men! marie, in this type of holiday places, never ever trust any man, not just turkish or alien ok! even in less conservative cultures than the turkish one people would not assume the best of a woman who flirts with and kisses somebody while she is on a holiday with her whole family. the british boys wont go out with a older woman. you are right, my concerns have only recently became apparent as he seems to be pushing for this to be something more and i honestly can’t understand this as we only knew each other for 11 days and to me that is far too short a time to be able to say somebody is you girlfriend/boyfriend and especially telling somebody you love them. people like this are not particular to turkey, they are a strange personality type and expert manipulators who exist in all countries, but the tourist industry does make it easier for them to operate in the way they do. if your man is happy to not have any children and the family will not pressure him, then i am happy for you because in the turkish culture, children play a big part in any family set up., because i have a turkish boyfriend we’ve only meet @ the social networking site and he is so far away from me i’m asian and he is a turkish 🙁 we have a lot of differences in life from culture to nationality . have a turkish boyfriend i find him so protective but i still love him so much they are good guys. the simple answer to find out if your man is genuine, is to wait and see if he asks you for money. it’s ok for men to sleep with many women? even u say ,woman should think with their head first ,,do u believe it urself? as a turkish girl ,17, i can tell what real turkish men seem and look like.’s cultural, they are brought up to use women and turkish women accept it. was in that culture normal that a rich man could married a weduw as a garanti for to give her a good live. his mother asked me to join her in their kitchen where she gave me a present (a turkish cook book), she said that when i learn more turkish i can use the book, as i had said the night before i would love to learn to cook such food as they were serving for the entire family, this was so sweet and actually made me cry.# if they say always love you or whatever ,# if they want to meet alone anywhere to see you ,# if they ask information about your job and your money ,# if they speak or love other girls like you , etc. and then he keeps reminding me that his heart is with me and he cant give any other girl his heart because i stole it . sounds like you are at a vulnerable stage in life and this man has sensed it and is going to use that to his advantage. article originally pointed out that there are many relationships between english and turkish people that are happy but we never get to hear about them, just the bad relationships. also notice, when western women come to turkey they behave superior to turkish people. because trust me im not the stereotypical ‘english girl’ that turkish men believe us all to be either! by the way i’m turkish too (but always get mistaken for an english girl) so i know the difference. may be much more satisfying than a average turkish citizen guy or a guy from your home country! but, obviously that was a sex advanture, however, most woman seems that they cannot see basic sex advantures as it is. goodness… the reason i even came across your sight is because i started correspondance with a turkish man overseas and this is describing what i am dealing with! neither any decent turkish man or woman do not understand when we see a beautiful european going out with the help. know so many naive and easy european women who fall in love with nice words. holidayed in turkey for many years and never wanted turkish romance, then i met my man..i’m actually from asia and i have a turkish friend. know this…it is most likely going to be more successful if the man is from the western part of turkey. if yes then what difference she sees b/w indian men and turkish men ? abused in any country is not funny and its happen here also not just in turkey and men can be very charming then want to bed and dump you in the morning or when there done and every woman takes a leap of faith that he might feel the same, and be a good man…there is bullies and crowds every where and you as a woman have to know when to say”no” i had enough …you don’t have to be control and live in fear not every man is the same they just keep doing it until they meet a woman they can not control they can not be bullies and cowards a woman has the charm to control any man she is with and some are just to evil to bad not worth your time of of day and they pick another older woman that is single and so lonely she gets trapped or talked into things she know better but doesn’t realize she can control whats happening your not going to be passed by find the right man not just any man especially the young one that are saying i love you they are out for money sex not love so older women and prepared young and old think before you leap just because your despaired tired and lonely doesn’t mean you settle for the first that pays attention to you and says i love you there intentions may not be noble but love doesn’t have an age just has to be the right man. this is because turkish families prefer girls from their own religion and culture for their sons for the simple reason that such girls know what is expected of them and thus have an easier time adjusting to the family. as just a small writing on this site,natalie but our story is start in 2004 till now,and is stil nt finish,,,,,last week w efind again another viktum of him ,,,,,,,,,,,I have been seeing a turkish man for 3 years now. turkish men in turkey thinks that we white girls are piece of meat and they can eat us whenever they want but in india it was totally different……. i learned this from experience, not just with turkish boyfriends but english as well. first of all , humanbeings have similar or same characteristics in all around the world. but either way, it was fun while it lasted and ended like a scene out of a romantic comedy film. i think if you want to engage in romantic behaviour with turks, you have to be realistic about the fact that it is just a holiday romance. have an intimate graduate level turkish reading class with 4 other students.

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’ve said i am not a typical english girl and as inhale been there and done that i will never make the same mistakes i did with my husband. in this case the european women think they should be regarded as special and superior by these “poor brown men”, not realizing that the turkish men feel very superior and start out being gallant but then begin to feel contempt and thing get out of hand. if you want to enter into a relationship with a turkish man, do your homework, and their wont be so many surprises, they are the master of the talk, love and roamnce, and getting what they want. in love with a turkish man but im an asian girl. people – i wrote on here last year about a turkish guy i met when i was on holiday with my husband and kids and we kept in touch via social networks – i kept trying to stop it but have fallen head over heels – he is a good man but very jealous – i have been back this year and we did sleep together this time – he has not put any pressure on me to come to turkey or him come to england – in fact he does not want to come here – he has his own house and job but not a lot of money – i want to sell up and go and be with him but have children of my own and do not know whether they would want to come or whether my husband would allow them to – there is so much to consider – i am not stupid i understand that love cannot conquer all – i would really appreciate any comments on my situation where children are involved as they must come first – even if that means i have to wait until they have left sch etc – i sound like a complete cliche of the english woman meets turkish guy but although i can be an idiot i am not stupid and my children will come first even if i have to be without him – please any advice people 😉. their females are so ugly and freak that when they see a real human woman their mouths juices and… (just a quotation from a 18th century protestant middle school textbook, just for you, with loves 🙂.!Watch the hand gestures and eye sight of your woman /man and people around you, she may be a prostitute/cheater or looking for some quick cash. but reading articles on how turkish men are scare me. i was absolutely stunned when he indicated a romantic interest in me. i spent all day at the bar from 12:00am until 6:00am because my sister wasn’t feeling well, was scared to fall asleep so he was there because he was a barman. i’ve been trying to understand the turkish men reading some blogs but i did not find many information,Hi i am lisa i travelled to turkey i met a young turkish guy who was 10 years younger to me at first i rejected his advances he continued to be polite. he found out that we were talking about him so get closer, so i asked him in turkish, that she was in love him. daughter is 20 and just met a 25 yo turkish guy who is living in the us and working in the mall. chats in the club are not what turkish men prefer., for turkish you seam on of the good ones, my heart was broken and you are right,i know what they are after , but i also blame us british for falling for it, don’t get me wrong i love turkey but turkish men i know different ,they have a turkish woman hidden away, some where, they want sex money till they marry there love one,! the very turkish man who opress women finds himself in a position where he is supposed to love a woman whom he would also opress under normal circumtances. beytullah,yes he hade wife from 40, but how manny younger he hade? she has never had a serious boyfriend and i dont know if this is a turkish custom to move quickly or if he has an alterior motive. my – ive just been reading all the blogs about these turkish men – i am married with children and recently returned from turkey – having been pursued by a turkish waiter at our hotel – who i did end up kissing (oops! if a turkish men introduce you to his family, maybe you can trust him, maybe. i had a girlfriend in the past, she was older than me and i remember some of my friends told me to leave her because she was older. to meet turkish guys who been and/or lived out ide of turkey and speaks a common language that you understand. are not going to find a decent turkish man workin in the tourism industry. people i posted on here last year after meeting a turkish guy on holiday (even though im married) and i was out there with my whole family. from the ladies on vacation, often uneducated introduced to turkish men. is a funny term charlotte “turkish love rats” not sure how it started, i think it might have been the take a break magazine series. and i have a large english/turkish dictionary and some sign language is involved too! am talking to a turkish man at the moment, he is sweet and very nice. you have a stereotyeon your minds as a perfect man. it was very difficult as he couldn’t speak hardly any english and i could just about manage hello in turkish, but we spent an entire evening together and i learnt more about him in this one evening than i had ever done with any relationship i had ever had. he is a very successful businessman and he always treats me perfectly when we are together either in turkey or the uk (we try to spend regular weekends together – every 2 weeks). they join turkish love rats and make it the  focus of their facebook page. why date a man who cant make enough money to get by any way. there is still so much more you to find out about this man so keep your wits about you till you find out whether he is honest or not. who is thinking about sleeping with turkish men on their holiday be very careful don’t be stupid they no how to get into your head aswell as your knickers it scares me to think how many people (young and old) are dont now what they are getting involved with trust us we know if they love you they will wait ask them questions get to know what they want because when your in too deep it might be too late just think! you, a friend of mine (who funnily enough has turkish parents) went on holiday to bodrum when she was 17, met a turkish barman who stole her phone and even her suitcase, asked her to buy him clothes, and was generally a tw*t. after that long rant i guess what i am trying to say is, things went well on the second holiday, but i am still none the wiser about what i want from all of this and i know i am the only one who can decide, i just don’t want to end up hurting him (for once it’s the english girl worrying about hurting and breaking the heart of the turkish boy, not the other way round). met when we both worked for the same company, so it was not a holiday romance. ma gf told me that turkish guys thinks that european gals are whores n they can get easy sex with them n money . reading your words, i think you are looking for the turkish guy to take you away from all this. you can be used and have your heart broken by any man anytime anywhere. has always kept me a “secret” from his family, as they are very religious and wanted him to marry a turkish woman. the only problem with adopting turkish game is that it clashes with a western man’s individualistic values. i knew all the stories of turkish men wooing western women and all the stereotypes. ridvan, thanks for stopping by and giving us your view as a turkish man. and yes he is younger than me by 18 years (but he is not a bay he is a grown man) and he knew that the first year before anything happened. the proper turkish man is the so faithfull and honest and would never use the woman for money. would like to know more details on the matter of a christian dating a muslim since my father is a priest and he obviously would not like the thought of me being converted to another religion , so is it really necessary for me to be converted if i were to marry him ? i loved this post… i’m brazilian and married to a turkish guy.’ve met my girlfriend during a port visit near the city viareggio. advice is that if you want an adventure, turkish men are great, they will make u feel the luckiest woman ever. note this: mostly time, a typical turkish man who has decent, proper life does not prefer to go to bars. i am glad to hear from you that the people will not discriminate against turkish people because of the negative comments here. i have so many pages about turkey, turkish culture and cuisine. now we find 5 other woman that the brthers sheated for alote of monay in that restaurant. your situation is different from many of them as it is not a holiday romance. the older woman younger man scenario prob comes from that …and it is highly prevailant over here …but absolutely every time the relationship breaks up when the mother decides it is time for the son to marry someone suitable and start to produce chi,ldren ……and then the older woman is left picking up the pieces …untill the next toyboy comes along …. i would like to high light the word “turkish” for those who doesn’t see clearly as these guys who you are talking about here is 90% from northern part of turkey who are 100% kurdish! love this man very much and been with him for a year. the only person that can stop a turkish man doing something idiotic and disrespectful is thier mother. selin is trying to say is that your chances of meeting a turkish man versus a kurdish man are very low in touristic places. but i totally disagree to generalise this for all the turkish man. i was worried about him but he was adamant that it’s only for a few months, that he will come back in november and we will be married. most turkish men would never want money from their woman. idiot turkish girls try to speak up about these and we close their mouth and we insult them. i done some snooping and found out not only did he have a girlfriend he had a kid too. a man is cheating, the wife should work harder to keep her husband in. my husband and i will be celebrating our 10th anniversary this august, so sometimes holiday romances really do work out. had my own turkish romance with a friend i made about a year ago over twitter (who meets on that anyway? i am interested to know what you think about the girl that was raped and murdered in india – did she deserve it because she is a woman ? i’m sorry that some of you have had a bad experience with turkish men…but…. putting aside that fact that when in his presence you drool all over him because he’s so damn handsome and seductive……put that aside and know that, by their cultural nature turkish men are insecure (most men anywhere are but turks in particular). the woman is most important for us but some men who are malicious, easily cheat women, especially english women.-how much you warning a woman who is in love on her boy-friend, wil maby reed but nt bilieve. you are not married to this man and you don’t live with him so should not be considering giving him any of your money. she thinks abt turkey herself and i am sure she must have come across some desperate turkish menand if she has been to india already ? haven’t actually seen many stories of married women and much younger turkish men with their own children either internet commenced or otherwise. after 5 years of marriage with a turkish man, we still get a lot of questions as to why we have no children however we don’t let that pressure affect us because the decision is only ours and no-one elses. turkey and have lived here for 17years …i married a turkish man …i have a daughter and i have seen a lot of things …. have known my turkish husband for 5 years and married for 3. something happened to make him change from the loving man he was before you got married to this sullen man who is acting like a teenager. believe me i try not to involve this blog i have been just reading as much as i can, but there is some comments generalization turkish guys and sad part most of those ladies have their bad experience with kurdish guys and just because they dont know their orign very well turkish guys got blamed. is how we are and noone will able to destroy this society… you cannot brainwash our girls with equalism crap. because they facilitate the relationship and for this reason turkish men easily cheat them. for making enough money, it’s not so easy if a man is poorly educated and from eastern turkey. you cannot lay down hard and fast rules about what turkish men – or for that matter guys from any culture – are like. also, many of my best friends were and still are in his age group. for the real friendship i have with turksih ppl it’s ways better than in many other places.“my” turk is from a rural village in southeastern turkey so i suppose he must fit into the category of the more traditional turkish man although he is always at pains to say that in his area different religions have co-existed peacefully and amicably for centuries. many of them are handsome, have a wonderful accent and seem to have no problem making their desire known.” a week later the teacher describes a scenario in which this young man has a girlfriend and they’re struggling to stay together. therefore, while a lot of the bad press about typical turkish men centers around jealousy and persistence, it is a two way street—with a misunderstanding of both sides’ social norms and cultures. the next time you assume to know what my sex life is like, realise that i am in a happy marriage with a turkish man. and if his english is dodgy, get ready to learn some turkish!

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are poor, uneducated kurdish boys coming to the west coasts of turkey from eastern sides of turkey to work and earn some money and dreaming about marrying a foreign woman to migrate richer western countries. so these people dont have the right to slag off the turkish man.%90 of the tourists coming to turkey are thinking they are dating with turkish men. some turkish men do rip women off for money through sex. per amazing coincidences of destiny, i encounter the turkish barman by crossing the street, we chatted a bit, told me he broke with his girlfriend and “his heart was only mine” . you have only known this man in your home country and have never had a chance to get to know his background and how his life is in turkey. The top three reasons why holiday romances in Turkey do not work out. in many ways i suppose i am lucky that i dont have the pledging of undying love and constant texts to confuse matters further but still it confuses me that he is so very different from what a typicall turkish man is meant to be. we were together 3 years and he was not much different as an english man. i have many many regrets and in my case the only one who was hurt was myself – i did however experience a very different life and culture for many years and had some wonderful travel experiences but i was self sufficient and actually moved over there when my marriage in the uk ended and i had my turkish property to live in and after a time i decided to move into business. later that day i got a message from another turkish guy, so we began to chat on skype, we didn’t do video chat, we just chat by writing. will struggle to find a turkish man who has relocated outside turkey and done it off his own back, it is always funded or heavily substituted financially by their partner and they are oh sooooo desperate to get married because you are the love of their life …. i am offended and find this article racist because not just “some turkish” men or women have ulterior motives but “some human beings” have ulterior motives. but still be extremely careful when it comes with turkish men and their promises and their words. we speak most days and he says he can tell the genuin girls from the smallest that go there. had many women friends who had bad mariaages with turkish man, also had another bad marriages from their country. it’s just that it happened to me with a turkish guy and i know very little about the men and their customs and behaviour so it was useful to get a perspective on that. why does a 20 year old guy fall in love with a 40 year old woman ? remember that anything that you do in this relationship will set a pattern that will last for the duration of it, if a romance is meant to be. couldn’t agree more with the comments about turkish men’s charm. you mean just the ones who marry a foreign woman? turkish people are all honorable and we do not need any money of european. i have tried to let him off the hook by saying he should be with a young woman who will give him children and who isn’t the same age as his mother. my parents are less than pleased with my budding romance and think tht getting involved with a turkish man would be the worst possible thing i could ever do and id live to regret it. i decided since i am travelling alone it would be nice to meet a man while there (i guess my intentions are the opposite).” it also doesn’t matter how many times you try and explain the cultural difference—they won’t change their minds. turns out he’s well known for being with different girls throughout the summer and using them for money. her sister says there many girl would die for to get treat u do treat to her. and that everyone, if i mention a turkish boyfriend, automatically thinks he wants money or a visa. there will be many women desiring these hot guys 🙂 and they are masters of manipulation when it comes to make a women believe she is the only one for him. american girls or those from western cultures will inevitably find turkish gender roles and expectations from a daughter-in-law too serious to handle and end up causing heartache not only for herself but for everyone else around.!I spook with lawyers and journalist in turki and that agree with me about that 70% in the coast working guys look afther a ,or monay giving woman,or visum. do not trust not all but many especially with foreign women they think they are all “sultans” once you get older…it’s all about them. yes, it happens in any country and any man can steal your heart and then break it.’s taking one for the team, and then there’s the turkish version of it. it is too early to say that you know this man and spending some more time together will give you a better idea of whether this is meant to be. the overseas trip and the fact that they only physically met one another after a two year internet / skype “relationship” my wife is now planning to return to turkey in december to set up both a relationship – despite that we are still married – but also of concern is that she thinks she will buy property in turkey and own businesses to be run by the local man – with the only person she knows in turkey being this person who has conversed on the internet for two years. i’m not a turkish, but i dated a turkish since 5 years ago. many of them dance surprisingly well, practicing for years as teenagers to turkish music until making the switch to more mainstream house and hip hop.’s a good information, i would like to know about turkish girls, how are they? every turkish man without exception is contaminated with leprosy and lyssa. plenty more and my german/turkish girlfriend told me a few nice ones as well. glad you found a gem of a man and i hope he has a wonderful time when he visits you in october. update this girl he made pregnant after liying saying he never had sex with her now he says its not his baby so now we have a child who will be brought up without a father and a women who will struggle , what sort of man did i share my life with my dreams , hes a let down to himself , i went back to visit him in antalya he tried to win me back . but i see now, apart from age and location, a lot of woman have difficulty in understanding turkish man. i am more into tall and blue eyed european man. this turkish man was way older than me, and he told me he couldn’t have kids, and he was happy that i had kids, because he love them. natalie i have read most of the comments i don`t understand why you blame every turkish men those men who lie to western older woman are generally kurdish people living in the east of turkey and working in the summer time jobs they refuse to get education they don`t even know english grammar they learn this language by hearing anyway some of them aim one night stand some wanna move to west ( actually they will be disappointed when they move to when arrived to europe because i had been there several times) anyway the old women are so horny they can`t find young boys in their countries so they going to there for sex tourism the main problem is that why they dreaming of marry with waiters ? he is wanting to come to england in march if he can get the visa to do so, it is then i think i will know if this is going anywhere serious as the biggest challenge will be him meeting my family and seeing if they will be able to except him and welcome him just as much as his family did me, but i highly doubt this due to their very ignorant views on turkey and turkish culture. stay a fact that 70% is stil look for a way to get monay into married a forienger woman. you are naive enough to take advice from people who fill there days up with giving out advice on dating turkish men, then you are just as pathetic as they are! this rule is the essential structure of marriage in turkish culture. don’t think you can make a general observation based on your negative experiences after all those men don’t know who you are and talking nonsense about turkish men is not your business. at first i found it cute how this young rather attractive man fussed around to get my attention, something i wasn’t giving easily. make love-relations,let that relation go on for couple of years ,and taked slowly monay,,,, big monay from each from thos womans. i think turkish men like their women a bit submissive and he couldn’t understand why i was independent and free-thinking. even staying friends with this man is not a good idea. have just spent two hours reading through all these posts and the general feeling i get is that those that have been burnt sorry to say bring it on themselves i have been with my partner for 10 years and no we are not married my choice we have two wonderful children we dont have lots of money he works for a living we live in turkey he comes home every night and puts his money in my hand he has done that from the day we met he says as long as i have money for a packet of cigs what do i need money for he worries if we cant pay our bills probably more than me and whatever i want he gives me maybe not there and then but he takes a mental note and in the future i get what i have asked for he very rarley asks for anything for himself he is not religous so we dont have problems in that quarter and we have never had a culture clash he lets me wear what i like and go where i want argue yes of course we do but dont all couples i have never known him to tell me a lie not even a white one mooody oh yes he is very if he has had a bad day at work or someone has upset him he can be like the devil himself he is a great father and always puts the kids first that is why we have two very spoilt little girls am i worried that someone will come along and catch his eye not in the least a few have tried and very badly failed now we just laugh at them and their antics you cannot tar them all with the same brush we have a normal life like anyone else we work together to make it work if i wash the dishes he dries and puts away if i dust he mops and that is what all relationships are about not just mixed race relationships. if you feel that you are not ready, then take it one step at a time however if it is because he is from another culture, you mention that you both have managed to overcome the difficulties.) everything will be all rosy as there is no other way to get the girl in bed and afterward made her marry you. my family are 100% against me returning, the fact i had a holiday romance, the age gap, the language barrier and the main reason that he is turkish as i am from a forces family who have very strong (all be it judgmental views) on the turkish men and the turkish culture. look at it from the viewpoint of your turkish waiter who’s grown up in a culture where this behaviour is considered unthinkable. any man can have an affair even if he lives in the same house as you, so why do you think he is going to be honest when he lives in a different country? can you explain maybe, why does a turkish man says that he ‘loves you’? the “love” word is dropped very quickly by some turkish men and they have no understanding of what it really when we find the nice girl like that doesnt matter english or turkish and love her why we wouldnt marry coz we are soo sensitive abt marriage its not easy for us to decide coz we will love her forever and look after her and will never leave her and our heart will beat for her. yeah i totally understand you but it is not true to generalise all the turkish people. i may not be a young girl any more but the thought of never seeing him again is unbearable.!As months ago i talk to a kurdish man ,i told him: ”your wifes havent rights”he did answer;’yes, maby , but they are nt stupid to give monay to other man”,you in europ did go to school , more as my wife”but you nt have live-experience or self-respect at all,start to learn about that and you wil get answer about us”. and i am sure most of our girls are more beautiful than you. the kurdish man do that i dnt think it his fault ,its english womans fault. for example i have never seen that one university or academic branch is being introduced in a detailed way but wherever i read is either waiter man or camel fights 🙂 or it was what you have seen in turkey all the time? and please english women understand the difference between turkish and kurdish men. myself and my turkish husband are proof of that – together since 2004 & happily married since 2009. see as well the woman who go for sex to turki,and other country’s. i think the fact that they are turkish has nothing to do with it. my opinion is formed on all the conversations we have had discussing all kinds of issues – from political, historical, religious, moral values, family values, human values….’ve worked in turkish resort in the past once and saw many of them, i am not saying all ladies come for that reason though. men aren’t so needy that they are buying drinks all night long, but they definitely do try to lock down girls with a strategic purchase of a bottle of liquor.. so on… until i read those posts here, i thought that silly girl was a unique case in my life. i’m on the verge of starting a proper relationship with a man that i met on holiday. given the potential danger of being a single woman in a country where males can harass women the men tend to be protective of their women and walk close or chaperone you to keep you safe. it seems that non-religous turkish women make a decision to go with the money and let their man cheat or forgive them. so be on your guard when dating a turkish man - allow yourself to partake of the excitement and romance but don’t be fooled into believing that if you have had sex, it means something special to him. believe me i had very hard times because of this reputation including her family members think that turkish people are some kind of lunatics serial killers, crazy living bombs. he puts a smile on my face and nothing will ever come of it… there are cheating men everywhere in the world…they don’t have to be turkish or kurdish to cheat.’d just like to say, john, that men can fall for an older woman.. if your cheating wife or girlfriend is a whore, she will flash her fingers in twos as for sex for 200 tl or more, she will wait for you to look the other way and not paying attention so she can give him her phone number or get his. was also saying that women can normally tell if someone is after them for sex or money, so if they get involved with a turkish man like this, it is their own fault because there are warning signs like the man is thirty years younger than her. i hate the stigma attached to turkish man and romance. deniz, are you saying every turkish man who appears to be gentle and romantic, will show his true colours and become a monster once he is married? thanks god i’m not in the case of the holiday girls… but after writing about my story, i discovered many girls with turkish lovers… some of them in a serious relationship, some in a only-virtual relationship… but all of them with plans and really in love. the time finally came and against my parents wishes i got on a plane for germany. seen or heard of a turkish man wearing the ring on the middle finger.

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from my experience, turkish muslims have a strong hold on their religion and yes, you may have to convert to islam in order for you to be with him. those girls came to my village in the south of ireland and behaved as they do in turkey then our men would treat them as prostitues. i look younger for my age & am a good looking woman (sorry i’m not vain) albeit that’s not important. are polyfiller untill he marries a turkish girl of his families choiice …that is the culture amongst the working classes here and that is what will absolutely 100 percent haqppen …wether now or 10 yrs down the line ….!I know if someone was telling me this alarm bells would ring but it’s so hard to believe this sweet guy is a conman and my intuition is not helping me at all.’m an english man married to a turkish woman and i’m very happy, as if my back story makes any difference. toward the last two evenings he began to tell me in english that he loved me, something i thought he didn’t really understand, the same as when he called me his girlfriend, i repeatedly told him i wasn’t and he didn’t love me but he would just smile and say yes. come to vacation and meet a man working in a hotel or restaurant totally in love with you and believe it is just you. enjoyed reading this article however it does not illustrate the reasons why turkish men are so attractive, and why it usually ends badly. but for sure, on the net i mean, i’ve met plenty of turkish men who , like all men i’d say, are after attention or cybersex or a combination of both. of all, turkish men often crawl facebook looking for females. am just after some persepctive really of someone who knows turkish men well, i went on holiday twice this year to turkey, the first time i had some fun with some turkish guys and never felt anything for any of them, didnt want to spen my holiday with them was happy just to be a one night stand, then i went back again in sept and again had some fun with some really hot men but left it at just that, fun., an experienced traveller, i faced such a$$holes described here in many other countries too, personality doesn’t depend on how much country is rich and educated. he got engaged while we were still dating and he’s getting married, but he’s said it’s never gonna stop him from seeing me.. sleep……go to play tennis or go running…… then go on his pc and play turkish tv as loud as he can to the extent that i can’t even hear my own tv…… then when i ask him to turn it down he says it’s like he’s living in a prison with me complaining all the time so i literally can’t speak to him anymore. – i think we will just have to agree to disagree but if what you say is true then you can not balme the women who fall for the bad turkish men as they are only following their heart. i dont know if this is a cheap move for a woman. understand that there is no other choice left to meet a decent guy but to raise the chance about meeting a new proper guy, you should be visiting frequantly, so that you may encounter a decent, inoffensive guy who has a good carreer, good manner, romantic attitude. i’m not silly enough to think within those few months he wasn’t seeing other girls (he works in the tourist industry and is good looking) but in saying that we both knew we were not officially together at that stage. am dating a turkish guy who lives in london and works as a hairdresser. think what you say here can apply to any holiday romance, and the bit about different cultures can apply to any culture. perhaps he means intimidated and many men can be like this no matter which nationality they are from. his mother however has found him a girl and wants him to marry her, but he dosen’t want that .! trukish man are very hardworking men when it comes for family but if you break their trust they would not be as the man you loved for sure but i guess all men and women does that ! cannot marry a woman who is older than us, bcoz we have a stomach. have met some fantastic guys (turkish) who have married english women, and the union has been ” magic”. the sacrifice they make for their fellow man is admirable. i don’t think that there is english version of it avaliable but if you are able to read in turkish then you may . everything is in turkish so i can’t read it and i have tried to translate it but it doesn’t make sense half the time. that we can go as a men to thailand for sex , woman go to turki? – i’m glad you have said goodbye to your turkish friend. there were girls young and old, pretty and less so, slim and overweight, eager and shy…but for a reason unknown to me, it was me who drew his attention. they also like hard working woman who can make money so in the end they can relays on you. i am in love with a married turkish man, who does love me, as he has said all along. i never really understood the relationship between the kurdish and the turkish until then! my best friend gigi and i were out one saturday doing our usual “girls just wanna have fun” shopping days. hence as i read all these posts nobody has even had a chance to make contact a decent turkish man. english woman know some idiot people of my country will have sex with them for money and dnt say no,of course she knows that..but think some peoples blame to turkish peoples ,even u. for all the years i’ve been coming, i’ve always got attention from the turkish guys, although i promised myself i would never get involved with one…welllll, kinda broke that promise this year. them in kitchen,from istanbul to cizre we visite,istanbul bodruma kadar hepsi dolastik,i learn that ataturk make first woman -rights in turki,, but is som on manny places tthat there isnt so much left anymore..but would not go back into a relationship with a turk again…but i have lots of friends who are happy and have been for many years with their turkish hubby;s…. by the way he is a mix of greek and turkish guy.’m interested to know once you have married your virtuous turkish bride will you be faithful to her and treat her with respect or will you continue to have sex with western women? for example a kurdish man can marry with 4 women, not legal. problem is, one(usually the man in this case because he has a secret agenda, not sinister necessarily)falls out of love before the other one. i can  however tell you the top three reasons why a holiday romance did not work out., this type does not describe all turkish men, because i have met some really great male friends while in turkey. holiday romance is doomed to fail regardless of what country you may be on holiday in! dont forget you are with turkish guy and we dont know how many you dated so dont understand anything from this post because last time you was talking about not to date english girls. he spoke in german not knowing i was american, but quickly changed to english.) – i am fighting with my conscience to stay or go – has anyone been through this situation – have never felt like this but obviously beng a mother cannot put me first – please can as many people reply as possible – would love to hear from people who have been in similar situations – thanks :s. not all the turks need cons to grasp one) i have a couple of words for those retarded bully fellows who writes here that turkish man can cheat on their wifes: tell that to my wife, and your wifes, if you can dare, totally useless bigot idiots. i often get emails from girls, saying they met a turk on facebook who says he loves them and can they trust him. natalie i known english and spain men, they are my friends and they have more than one girlfriend. i agree that most turkish men are love rats ive read alot about it. koran ,a men cannt marry a woman from other religion. have many girls just look like jennifer lopez, you are just blonde that s all…. i know you have feelings and we’re all only human with a heart but guard yourself. it is good that you warn women about some type of turkish men and you are absolutely right. if the genetic characteristics of the man and the woman are very different, the chemistry will be incredibly strong in order to encourage the mixing of the two gene pools and conceive the healthiest possible offspring who will then have the best characteristics from both races. he politely declined, but he said thats a regular occurance, and many men take up the offer. i think it is the same reason that japanese cartoon-animation reflecting japanese people as huge round colourfull eyed humans. shes given him her everythings going to england selling her everythings and give him all her money and when she get sack of him shes says turkish man done this to me and blame every turkish man. if you are dating a turkish man or woman, there are no other men or women that exist anymore. hope that i can be helpful to all women who share their thoughts and concerns about turkish guys in this blog by telling a bit about what happened so far in my long-distance relationship. told his girlfiend to be buzzy with devorse his wife! really is a sweet man and he has been working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to get money for us. put around there neck,on a chain, i live there 2 years, sold up my home in england like a fool, turkish/kurdish men all look the same,treat women good at first, i love you,and when they get you. if you met a man, ask him where you came from turkey or turkish boy or kurdish boy! it’s hard to tell the brutal truth to someone with romantic feelings, but i have no reason to type here to you other than normal human desire not to see a lady conned.!I don’t know if you are still around, nigel, but how many more times do i have to say this! turkey is a fascinating and interesting country with a wealth of treasures and i will have my memories of adventures with me forever – this is not a case of a woman scorned (i finished my relationships myself for various reasons) so enjoy your holidays, lose sleep over making the decision to move over there permanently as the ultimate decision will change your life and stay alert at all times for any red flag behaviour, always remember you are a long long way from home/friends and family and you will find that any so called “friends” over there are not keen to get involved when any domestic issues which may arise for you and the men will always stick together and never ever act against each other under any circumstances…. you are the man, and you love this woman right , end of story. ask her direct what her intentions with this man are. i happen to really enjoy learning about and living the turkish culture. my fathers friend owned a restaurant there and my father introduced me to the barman he seemed alot quieter than the others and i used to help him with the glasses. like antalya as a nice summer place and i visit turkey so many times a year, right now i am turkey. a lovely story nice to read thank you it gives me faith back in the turkish man. american woman are usually not that way however some fall for the bs so go with your gut! they have in fact no desire to wife up these girls and simply want to use them for the sexual release that they can not have with their own women..and we have many things or story to prove it. read your words with great interest and it seems that you are a level headed, honest woman who has no illusions that life is a fairy-tale romance. to exemplify it; a secular girl marrying conservative boy will be problematic or a boy from istanbul marrying a village girl will absolutely fail or sunni – alevi marriage brings too many doubts even in the beginnig. so you guys can see not all the turkish man same. there’s so many opportunities for them to get entangled with tourists! know you say there is chemistry there but this man has lied to you and his wife. can take the man out of turkey but you can’t take turkey out the man. also a very jealous type of man but in a nice way, for them to show that they value and care for u. i lived in germany for a few years with my family, my dad was in the army. alana, generally turkish mothers are very influential in their sons life but do not assume this will be the case without assessing the situation first. have pushed him many times to walk away from me, we are still together!!First of all , greetings from bangladesh , i can’t tell about turkish men …. also i don’t think his family realise that even though it is nice they all seem to want to meet me (the ones that already haven’t) and get to know me that this is also a little too much expectation of a foreign girl who has only known this boy for a short period of time, but then again i don’t know what he has been saying to his family about me and our “relationship” if it can even be called that.

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.they are handsmoe and smoothtalkers but they are alll lies do not get involved ever with turkish men they cannot be with one woman only ever. even there are stories that ladies are trying to live romance with un experienced young guys at the age of their son who has very limited english and even can not express themselves., i’m a 50-yrs old polish catholic, married to a turkish aethist, 17 years younger than me. however, i do not think it would be wise to have this man come here. we immediately began chatting on skype and i was taken aback by how well-educated and handsome this guy is; he does not fit the somewhat stereotypical philandering turkish criteria but i do have concerns. he is a very stubborn man it is either black or white, no grey shades. you get married happily and moved to uk or wherever, you will get two behaviour from your young turkish hubby,1. i have a feeling that you and your girlfriend are going to be just fine despite the long distance relationship. others however can not accept the holiday romance for what it was. they start free blogs  slating off every turkish man they know and then join numerous amounts of forums to declare to the world that all turkish men are sleazeballs and should never be trusted. believe that rather than criticizing natalie, we should thank to her for showing how other people´s perceptions are about turkey and turkish people. one thing they do is position themselves around women they are talking to in a way that completely blocks any other man who may want to try an approach. then, chris, instead of just a couple of months the poor girl has to put up with the arsehole for five years 🙂. his girlfriend found out but obviously didn’t believe it. find it arrogant to say that “some turkish” men have alterior motives right in the beginning of the article. brought during 5years about 800kg on human-help (elebise,ayakaba, ilaç) to east of turki. i have just been very shocked at my emotional reaction to this situation – turkish men are very intense and seem to wear their hearts on their sleeve.’s naive and this is his first experience of romance. my experience with speaking or talking with guys all came from my two best male friends and my two big brothers–obviously nothing romantic or flirtatious there. – i am not blaming every turkish man as i know not every turkish man is a love rat. he tell other womans he live in isatnbul during the winter where his familie life &work,,,,,,,,all so unbilivble but the truth,take care about yourself. have a holiday romance if you want but leave it at that. i am in no way naive and im not at all ‘loved up little girl’ because some turkish guy called me beautiful on holiday, but yea, i do like him. in the same way that women can fall for an older man. over the last few years had a english boyfriend but when i went back this year being single ended up going out a few times with a turkish guy that i’d actually known for a few years and i trusted and who also had his own business. i do struggle with his flirtatious nature sometimes but this is quite normal for turkish men in this industry and when it comes down to it i do trust him and do not believe he would ever cheat on me. like the guy said earlier find a secular educated man from west side and you will have very few cultural issues. i just wanted to tell you that the words ‘turkish love rats’ makes me giggle. in the 1920’s, it was made illegal for a man to have more than one wife. & yeah i agree “so possesive” well i must admit that im happy with my turkish bf. he swears he doesn’t have a girlfriend and the pictures on his profile show only him. this is the same as what was happening to biritish girls in the years of 1980s and 1990s, when british discovered the spanish holidays ! honest opinion is that your problems are nothing to do with the fact that he is turkish. soon as your plane leaves another one flys in with hundreds of beautiful girls his age but some how you think he’s staying loyal to you? however there are turkish men who do stay faithful to their girlfriends and are very good boyfriends. dreamgirl, i am sorry to say it that unless something changes, this romance is not going to work married with scottish girl now and we have a boy only 2 months and she hates me now even i done nothing to her or anything wrong.. sex is nature of this places and some of the turkish boys i know are honestly serving you at this point as you wishes… just serving you to make you happy in one night stand fun. we did sneak about my parents for a while, (they have a set impression on turkish guys), but only touching and kissing. i am a turkish man and i think you are a witch. it was really nice, just me him and his parents and even though they spoke very little english and i very little turkish we all seemed to manage ok. they appear to feel they are so superior to every other human on earth. but it is up to the woman to look after themselves and not be so quick to hand their money over. i don’t want to insult turkish men indeed but come on… most of them are perverted creatures. some turkish people sayin we dont do sex before marriage ayee some is not do but some does. the same if you we dating an english guy whos a mummys boy, lazy layabout, man whore etc….. how much of an influence do turkish mothers have on their sons? in my opinion they are worse, as they take all the attributes of the country they live in but still treat woman for the use off.. i lived in the states for 5 years and i’ve seen many people cheating… lived in uk for 5 years and seen many many cheating., we the turkish guys became big issue for all these foreign women 🙂. you want an easy romance and your old enough go for it but be honest with yourself and don’t write it up as a great love story then blame him for the failure. sorry, but i dont except that as a “real turkish man”. in turkey, if a girl is not virgin, noone wants to marry her but everybody wants to use her. my turkish friend seems very sincere, in his feelings for me, we have spoke at great length about our feeling for each other. recently come back from turkey having met a gorgeous man, who gave me every single way to contact him upon my return and when i got home on the monday has rang twice a day text and spoke on msn every single day. indians are far civilised than south indians and this rape case which happned in new delhi was just because some illegal bangladeshi citizens migrated to new delhi and it has been proved already that they were not indians ,also to throw some light about north indians : they really are very well cultured and have respect for women and they don;t treat white woman as a piece of meat whereas in turkey every muslim over there thinks that white girl means free sex . then again on reading the comments, there are many happy couples who have made things work. educated men who had an university degree ,traveled a lot-so i thought that i have a modern man in front of me-he was 43 years old so that was also thing that made him look more serious to me ccc…he said he doesn’t care i am an ortodox christian and that he wants life with me. the way i am not turkish aswell but i have respect to this country and the people in it. is south east turkey and you will not see many foreign tourists there. but i found out that he was cheating on me with many woman and he also addicted to porn. have to admit some turkish men could really be romantic but keep in mind that some of them approaches you even without any conversation but questions like “are you sex? he does not want to be with another girl, that is his decision but don’t think that because he does this, you owe him something. 🙂 what is sad about that story is, those miserable young boys are presented to the world in all travelblogs as “the awful turkish man”. firstly, you don’t exactly understand/ know the guy you are dating as we (people of turkey) do; this is normal, beacause, you are foreigners. they don’t have money to pay,it is all lies, they have a green medical card,i have heard so many story’s i could write a book, some of my friends got married 3 of them to turkish, came to england,and they still cheat on there wives, in the uk with other women, 3 things they want no1,money no2 sex no 3 to spend your money on them , ie pay for drinks,my advise be very carefull, i know everyone are not the same, like 5 fingers are not the same,as turkish say,but most are, and if not married most of them will marry there own turkish women cassi. there are many people in turkey who are not practising muslims. and feelings of a woman are often dismissed, but hurt them its unforgivable like our pain not important, and theirs is greater. there is absolutely nobody who is trustworthy where a foreign woman is concerned and that goes for every category from my accountant, lawyer, council, estate agent – need i go on? seeing their romantic wedding photo on the wall, i felt a stab of pain but, the visit was cordial and friendly., as a turkish citizen, i am very ashamed of hearing each time i am on holiday with my parents from one animator or waiter or whoever, that he spent the previous night with one hot chick coming from x county and was delighted and amuseed how easy and hilarious it was! anyway, i am a married man and therefore any romance related stuff will be lacking 🙂 i will advise on your tour totally free of charge. i’m a filipina and my husband is also turkish. maybe we’ll meet again soon … but hey, not all holiday romances turn im having second thoughts about him… i always caught him chatting with a lot of girls but whenever i confronted him about it he just says that he is bored and nothing serious is going on between him and the girls…. you have more of an understanding about this man now and that is the main thing. do not get involved in a holiday romance with a turkish man simply because you can not handle it. a turkish man would go crazy if his wife did this. but if you identify yourself with your college degree, your social level then at least try to find an average turkish guy (which is by the way, is quite difficult to convince the man). a man does penetrate through their defenses, they immediately re-group to eject him, either by distracting him (with the same energy they use on the girls), or getting the bouncer of the group to deliver a not-so-subtle admonishment of “these girls are with us. turkish men dont see the role of participating in some relationships and fatherhood often not as we accept, they may accept they will live away from their children, the role of care is clearly the mothers, i have known of a mother being beaten for their childs disobedience, as with arranged marriages, some turkish men see the marriage for example economic, ie protect family money son marry cousins, to benefit the family & the thought of a better life in england, often matches are discouraged as the family want the best secure financial future, love often doesnt play a part. first of all foreign women should understand this : you are not someone special to a hotel worker,shop worker,barman…etc . we can do what a man does too 🙂 use our logic mind dont be a fool bcos of man. but you are “that kind of woman” and a turkish man can never love you by heart. first of all we are talking about a culture which adopts islam but not in a manner like iran does. have only skim read all this…… i am half turkish…turkey is a wonderful and exciting place…. this out you will understand better your casuist if you call turkish love rats i wanna know what you will call this lady and her hausband. i was in istanbul two years ago, by some reason i´ve found myself drinking at hotel’s bar and end up flirting with this turkish (or kurdish? indeed turkish men do have a reputation for breaking hearts but i hope that when people think of turkey, they also think of magnificent buildings, masses of historical sites and a friendly culture as well..turkish children are raised on a system based on criticisim and competition …. most holiday romances are doomed however my blog is about turkey, so i am going to concentrate on holiday romances with turkish men of course.. make all girls in the group feel like princesses, no matter how ugly.. we turkish man who are living mostly in major cities and not working in tourism service industry almost show the similar attidude towards women with british guys. i am turkish man who lives in poland recently but i ll be back in turkey soon.

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facebook is a well known haunting ground for some turkish men who have an obsession with western women. i may, if you are a turkish man, you always feel the support of the family (how very un-macho!!I must also emphasize that these guys who are involved in such romans are not turkish boys really, many women do not realize that most of the guys they meet in such places (antalya, bodrum, etc) are not turkish lovers but kurdish!. again do not look my age …this he says to me and also that my age do not matter to him… (i am 51, he’s 26) i have even suggested to him go meet younger woman… to which his reply … he dont want. will say this – if a woman is out there considering any sort of a relationship with a turkish man..Life might surprise you but i would be very weary of trusting a man who had already severed the relationship twice because times got tough. because in some turkish families, religious tradition or something like that is so important. the turkish generally move to america, isolate themselves from american culture, complain about it, then speak like everyone should come visit turkey and adapt turkish ways. i am asian and still have my asian looking as a turkish man i guess i must tell what kind of mistakes you women are doing;. once again he look directly across the table saying “if i could get a girlfriend first. he has also told this to my english friend who speaks fluent turkish. i respect u and ur marriage and many of others’..but usually not all turkish people really have lovely heart and feelings and when the english girl likes him ,he would fall in love with her really easly if they not know anythings abt them. i have now been awakened by this turkish man (sexually) even tho i have not slept with him. you’re not a 14 years old teen girl in a pink dress dreaming of a prince charming, most of you are experienced women, so you have to keep yourself away from these vacation adventures then later blaming all the nationality. i love to show people that turkish people are descent and nice. find work as well as to find a western woman to marry and get a visa out of turkey, again this was very common in the 1980s and 1990s with italian and spanish boys from rural areas trying to come to uk for work. original turkish man like honest one is trust me soo lovely person like they can look after their family never hit to the woman always care abt their family. i have a few women friends who got in that situation and saw many more who were willingly working their way into it. girls be careful its all an act like max said, he should know, me too. they spend the summer season, juggling the times that their girlfriends will come out to see them. am honest if an english man told me those things i would prob find it hard to believe due to my experiences. in a conversation a couple of days ago, he told me that i scare him because i am a smart woman, but his love for me is worth everything..but i have readed many story here and they usually saying and blaming to the all turkish so they should think that there are some not all. there,, i am enjoying reading all these stories about turkish guys.. my turkish lover is coming to visit me next week. we all women want romance and excitement and love and it’s so easy to fall for a turk who calls us “his angel”, his “princess” and other various stuff. i have told him that we can just be friends, he is ok with that, but he wont take anyother girl because one day he will get me as his girl…. he does hide his friends list, though, so i have no idea how many girls he might be friends with. by the way i am a turkish man too but i hate the way we do. i actually met him on turkish personals which is a website for turkish singles. also be careful of putting your children through any emotional stress if you are not 100% sure that this is the man for you. am myself involved with a kurdish man, but i would never ever, consider being a second wife of any sort. they don’t insult these girls or call them names, but through their actions, they make it clear that sex is the goal on their mind.’s sad that he did that you, remember not all turkish men are like that, you should not date a turkish men from touristic cities, more in the normal cities, those men are more like conservative and don’t treat women like a dirt. every woman who marries or is romantically involved with a turkish man should definitely keep in mind is that the turkish attitude on cheating is definitely very different to most western countries. people – i did write on here earlier about my liaison with a turkish guy – sad to say that he hurt me terribly – after finding out that he was just about sex – i even had his english girls mesaging me telling me what a nasty piece of work he was and that he sleeps with men as well as women – it still hurts that i was drawn into this pathetic excuse for a relationship and am so glad i never slept with the guy – i just dont understand why he went to all the lenghs he did to try and get me hooked – very embarrassed and hurt but he has been blocked and deleted – ladies please please be aware of all the deciet before you turn your lives upside down – very good forum – thank you x. he was engaged to a turkish girl 10 years younger than him the which ended the year before i met him, due to various resasons, the main two being her age and the fact he was kurdish and was not liked by her family. b4 you ask, i have married the best woman in the universe. there are so many questions that need to be answered. dear, you are absolutely right…it is very stupid for a european woman to have an affair with a turk man…the great majority of them are uneducated, ugly, dirty and cunning. i have had lots of english men wanting to cheat on their wives and girlfriends with me, i’ve had some men talking the talk and only wanting one thing. turks don’t treat women like in india (it’s a bad karma to be a woman lol) still, turkey is a society where men rule and girls are risen in stricter conditions. agree cultural differences are too big-and after deligh of knowing european woman pass-they will rather be with turkish woman,A very level headed approach to the situation zee – well done for dealing with it in the way you have. and kurdish man diferent , and much tourism place have kurdish,“boooo hoooo i’m a middle aged woman and i thought that 19 year old turkish boy really loved me, i can’t believe it didn’t work out”. so many people come to this lovely country and never move from their hotel sunbeds! and honestly, i didn’t want him to be a foreign man married to a us citizen wondering what happened if our marriage failed. natalie stop telling these women that they have a chance of hitting the 1 in a million loto of a faithful decent turkish man that they met in their vacation. remember, that a lot of girls let their hair down on holiday and are somewhat more trusting then they are in their hometowns..:) i am a hopeless romanticist and i intend to explore what could possibly happen between him and me. i think romances between two different cultures always has bumps in the road. christian woman married a christian man,, isnt a garanti that they have muslim children. turkish men are not all the same, like in every ethnicity you have different characters.! also if you read the article, you will discover that i am not blaming all turkish men!? that time it wasnt for monay mohammad married those woman for 40. meet a turkish man this time last year and im english… and we are now happy and married. are rather traditionaleven though modern turkey has adopted many of the western principles in sectors like health, education, economy and military, still turkish society is rather traditional at heart. the majority of holiday romances are doomed to failure, sometimes there are happy endings! is almost impossible that you bump into a well-educated, western type man at coastal holiday areas of turkey. don’t accept the first no that a girl gives them, even if it’s absolutely certain to an outside observer that that no won’t be changed. i’ve had a couple of romances the 1st i saw it for what it really just a bit of fun, he worked in a bar kept asking me to buy things etc which i didn’t and i knew deep down all he was interested in was coming to the the uk. i was mortified when we arrived and i was greeted by a massive table of 18 turkish adults plus 8 children, ranging in age. i have a friend who is a catholic and married to a muslim turkish man. i think people will not discriminate against turkish people because of some of the above comments. this evening as he walked me home he found out for the first time that i am not the type of woman that can be controlled or told what to do when he informed me that i was his girlfriend and he didn’t want me to talk to other boys for the remainder of my holiday. alana, without knowing the man it is impossible to say whether the interest is genuine. it is important for girls to know that facebook is popular when it comes to turkish men looking for single females. is my basic story and if it prevents even one more woman from having to go through a degrading and even dangerous experience then it will be worth it for me. if you’re solo in a club with a lot of turkish men, you should consider leaving. is just taking advantage of you under the disguise of many things except of course marriage. kinds of romances happen in many countries, mainly in ones that see a lot of tourism from northern/western countries. i don’t know how to trust him or anything he says, when all i have ever heard is ” … stay away from turkish men”., if you do not return, he will probably follow you or hassle you via internet because generally turkish men do not take rejection well..I m turkish man and i work tourism,i saw many man and girl , please not bad talk to about turkish man ..the only reosan they go to forein women sex because normal turkish girl they do not sex with outh married . family is important in the turkish culture and many turks are unwilling to go against the wishes of their family and the elders in the family. all turkish men are cheaters but on facebook you can’t trust them fully.. this girl carried on messaging me and messaging me it was just sending me crazy , i told her the truth and showed her the evidence she still sent him 3000 euro trying to win back love that wasn’t love and he begged me not to leave him , i asked him if he loved me he would leave the hotel go home to ankara and wait for me to come so we can talk face to face he did this i fly out in 25days not to save my relationship but to close a chapter in my life ..Women why don’t you look around your own back yard men are the same all over the world all men can be bad and take advantage of a woman they beat them cheat on them tell your to fat to to ugly for any man to want them so they stay with them abused disrespected dishonored men are men any where take a look around you how many women are divorced how many women have been abused how many woman have been raped cheated and what country? turkish women play all kinds of games as they know their men are mostly insincere. encountered a turkish man which is my child’s father. my experiences (the stuff that i see around), turkish men are pretty sexist. i felt today was the day after being in a happy and successful relationship with a turkish man for 6 years, to turn around and say for god sake stop with the stereotyping!’m a 36-year old woman and i fell for it as did most of the 18-25 year old women who work in my office and went to marmaris this summer (weirdly most of them). well i need to research about turkish men attitudes because my boyfriend was a turkish. woman must know she will lose some things for to get him. have you ever heard anything negative about this site “turkish personals”. i must admit that turkish men scamming women in some kind of holiday romance is becoming more of a problem. met a turkish man on holiday this summer and i really took a liking to him, basicaly its your usual story, he texted me all the time blaa blaa i went back to see him again and then a few weeks later i discovered he also had a dutch girlfriend who he was to meet in istanbul for a holiday together. on what basis did your new man get his tourist visa? the fact is that from day to night, he stopped the romance and write just about sex ( oh! first of all, i hope you have a good holiday and second that you gain more of an understanding of whether this man is for you. it’s strange that turkish men are more thirsty on the surface than american guys, but they are much more averse to cockblocking or watching another guy’s girl get stolen. i can find hundreds of turkish men to read your story and they will all say this man is not a typical turk.

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well you can imagine my shock when a month after my return i recieved and email from my turkish friend. why don’t these kids play with girls their own age? could not understand the sentence “how manny younger he hade ?) for my italian girlfriend, i came across with this blog n read almost all posts.“otherwise i would recommend you apply the same strategies the turkish women do to test him over and over again. i remember a few times going to all-inclusives in the dominican republic and the woman would practically get on their knees for the animators. at least i now do know to behave and become a humanbeign as you just specify my role in this silly world of you efi… so far i was just an idiot. woman often arent part of decision making, where in english culture, our world is full of career women, but traditionally if a woman doesnt marry & give birth she is a failure. yes, we can stay friends for a while, we can even visit each other 3-4 times a year but no, it’s not a real romance. so if you are involved in a profession where you spend long hours with male co-workers, are out for most nights or touring in other towns, you can expect a turkish male partner to disapprove. you will have more chance to find a better person then a barman . if you dont want to be dissapointed next time you are dating a guy choose wisely. i went to marmaris in 2006,i went with my sister and her little girl. he is my dream man and i love him to death so there are not just bad stories to tell, just want to say. since the girls are coming and going to the destination all the time, it has been a habit for them to play around. olga, i do not fancy you or other russian girls.’s anya here, i just thought i would let you know thast despite the many signs that my turk was a player and liar, i went to turkey for a few weeks and it was nothing less than amazing. does it mean when a turkish man wears a ring around his neck? he knows i’ve been married to turkish man before and i’ve told him i will never make the same mistakes again. for god sake people… if you go to konya for example, or erzincan, or erzurum, or rize, out of the sea and holiday, in a day’s simple hassle you will definitely get real turkish men and women how they live and behave. he introduced me to his parents shortly after we started dating and they tolerated our relationship as did my parents. i was devastated not all but some turkish men are con artists. i’ve had holiday romances in turkey but even i know soon as our plane leaves another one arrives. i won’t go in detail obviously haha but we stayed up and drank our beers watching turkish tv and talking about our lives, he said hes tried to come to the uk and used the reason as he had a girlfriend but his visa got declined and its too exoensive etc and i told him about the angry waiter, he said he was jealous and is used to getting many girls so when i didnt want him he didnt like it and i exolained to the nice one i was with that i wasn’t a slut and not to think of me like many young girls that go there and sleep with everone , really really nice guy. just like real british man (kind, gentlemen, polite, honest) real spanish men! it is possible that even the educated turkish men can be conservative about their values. his parents never accepted me, they wanted a muslim turkish woman.? what would be the reason to make all this people worried about seeing a turkish guy? me tell you something about the geneuine turkish guys; yes they do care about their mothers, yes they usually dont let the ladies to pay the bills (they dont like the woman’s money), yes lot of them are protective towards their partners (in the begining the western girls like that), yes they like their partners to be submissive a bit (but depends on their upbringing and where abouts in turkey they are from. saying : türkish people just want to be with english old woman for money and for visa, no its not true maybe some does but not all. steph – sad when as girls we have to have our wits about us though! i apologise for the misunderstanding – i actually see you agree in your article with what i said in my response – some of the comments you make about the things women say in forums got me confused – i agree with the elements you describe in relation to some turkish men – i have seen them in action! i know loads of turkish words although putting them into sentences is a different proposition! in turkish society, men can have sex and cheat on their wifes. the date was amazing he swooped me off my feet and made me feel like the most special girl in the world. i had a fling with one of the hotel managers, we spent a few nights together and then to find out he was boasting to his staff about being with me so i called it off. and i’ve told like to sooo many (turkish) guys that i know what’s going on in all the tourist places. this ripped out your heart this man who i have loved for 2 half years is a giggalo ,male prostitute, i couldn’t belive it i’d given up everything for him all i could do was pray and ask allah to help me . i’m a bit of a romantic though and do think that sometimes love really can be found in a faraway land, but it takes extra care and the knowledge that it will be more difficult than a romance back home. i thought yous blaming to turkish people not kürdish. luckily i was introduced to him through a turkish friend of mine that i want to college with here in the us (we’ve been friends for over 20 years and i trust this individual completely. for all that time, i have received really hundreds of messages and friend requests by turkish men. you’d be amazed how many turkish men just want a visa so they can live and work and earn good money over here. there are many types of men in turkey, from extreme muslims to more modern and liberal , from conservative men with ideas men in greece had 50 years back to well educated open minded men. it gets to the point where if the hottest girl wants to leave, the ugly ones will convince her to stay because they are being pursued so vigorously by men who are much more handsome than they are pretty. your flight is booked so come out to turkey, spend some time with the man and then you will be able to get a better idea of the situation. i never thought i would be the kind of girl to fall for this but we were the same age and he perused me and i give him the benefit of the doubt. your situation i get the feeling that it is out of your control and the one who has to make a decision is your man however he is not prepared to face the risk of being thrown out of the family. if they don’t know the woman very well, they see it that she could tell the player what was said and trouble would be on their doorstep. going back there where this man is would be a big mistake. i asked him before about why he’s changed and he told me that when 2 people first get together you have to romantic and lovey-dovey, but as years go by, it disappears. if you were to show yourself the worth of the man you were going to get involved with what would you do. let me give you some advice for those who are easily susceptible for a turkish man. west of turki as istanbul and izmir they married a christian man . luckily i found out early on but i fear for these girls who don’t know any different and believe everything they are told, like his poor girlfriend. soon they will find another girl and/or you will begin dating someone, which will turn them away because…. totally agree that majority of these romances and marriages from different cultures, do likely to fail ( i am one of the example) especially after the birth of a child, unless the both side tolerant and understand the culture and comitted to work towards their marriages. in turkish of course, so i have to translate it! they also can’t handle an independent women and wont’ take helpful advices from a women in stride, unless of course it two women coward and acting and act like silly little girls in there presence. is a scrap of honor among turkish men in that they don’t interrupt you if you’re talking to a girl (as long as you appear turkish). at the same time, you must be aware that while turkish men find it easy to initiate a physical relationship, they will rarely respect a woman for being sexually confident..the girl met with turkish boy in holiday and having great time and go back home. is full of romantic ideas and talk about us being together until the grave though i pointed out that that would be here for me a lot sooner than for him! also do not assume that because he says he is not with the dutch girl, that he isn’t. these guys work there for 7-8 months and they meet many foreign women . chatting up women from all over and practising his perversions may be just a way to pass the time and make him feel like a man. i have just returned from a holiday in turkey and met a gorgeous turkish man who wouldn,t take no for an answer, he wanted to take me to his home he worked every night while i was there without a night off!* try to find a man who is not rich and not poor either. i aggree almost all comments about turkish men but as always there are some exceptions for sure. me-my dad- or any other men from my family, never and ever cheated on our wife’s girlfriends or even the ones we liked! why would a man want to marry a foreign person or even say he loves her out of the blue or invite her the next holiday when they can have a girlfriend/wife/other significant one just by his side speaking the same language. turkish woman with similar beauty, education, manners would not even have a cup of coffee with those locals at coastal areas. feel safe and confident with him, but i couldn’t say the same about all turkish/kurdish (whatever) working in the holiday resorts. a true turkish man will never depend on his woman to look after him in life. boy friend complained about him to manager but he just didnt react anything and i believe they don’t give a shit about it…. so when he kissed me it was a massive shock, he said he didn’t care he had wanted to do that since i last left him and that all the staff new that i was his “girlfriend” and that i was coming back to see him as he had told them all as he was apparently excited for my return. a turkish guy you should not convert your religion to islam or something just because of your lover or anyone. kelly, what a shame for his wife because if he was after you then chances are there have been others girls as well. is easy to get into a turkish man’s mind. can be extremely stupid and naive,that’s why i never vote for a woman! when i first wrote it, i never expected that many people would comment however they have done and i always like to respond to people that take the time out to write something. a female turkish friend (much less religious than he) said to me: “wow, in his own way this means he really really loves you, because he is respecting you”. aside from my fears associated with our cultural differences, i don’t know whether i am willing to change who i am for a man (no matter how amazing he is) as i don’t want to convert ur culture man or woman doesnt matter but usually woman think shes always right but when u prove her shes not right shes getting mad. suppose it’s ok to marry a younger woman though? once home i added him and we got chatting then we chatted on skype, he rings me 4 times a week and texts me everyday,he has said he has fallen in love with me, and wants to marry me, he says he is not after me for a visa and he would want us to live in turkey, i am 30 and he is 28, i have never even kissed this guy but seem to have more feelings for him than the other turkish men i actually went with, i cant stop thinking about him or wanting him and although i know i cant be in love with him i feel like i am, i have booked a flight out there for next month to go see him, is this just a pipe dream or could this guy be for real? a canadian girl dating a turkish man who is a canadian citizen as well so there is no visa issue obviously. i’m wondering if you have a turkish man yourself? and what part of usa he lives, im dating a turkish guy which work in usa as well and talk about the same isaue all. many different ethnics in turkey too, which makes a lot of difference about the individual! lets be rational; a man is saying you with a low-level english ”i love you” or ” you are beautiful” or this or that or bla bla bla., i was just mooching on the net wondering what other people’s opinions were on turkish/british relationships and i felt i would like to share my story. only when a girl’s attraction for you is solid can you be more aloof. that is what leads them to this page because their turkish boyfriend has hurt them.

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have been reading all the stories with interest (and despair in some cases)… until fairly recently i lived in turkey for 10 years; i bought and sold a property there, ran my own business for 5 years (and employed many turkish and kurdish men) and have seen absolutely everything first hand. men are used to being dictated to by their families and they will follow what that family says …yes they are very quick to fall in love …this is mainly motivated by sex which turkish girls use as leverage to get the fellas to marry them …. if anyone knows of someone who is fluent in turkish and english then their email would be much appreciated to help me translate and explain to him how i feel properly! of saying watch out fir turkish men, how about advising a bit of “please use your brain?. ihave met 20 or more of his friends and they are all married and meet girls and tell them they are single you can never tell because they own an appartment on the side so you can never suspect they are married…. so if you are interested in knowing what turkish men are like, here is a brief pointer. i feel that the emphasis is on the fact their turkish because you were swept away in this holiday romance!.Hi i lived in turkey for 3years then i met turkish man on facebook we started a relationship and he was a hard working kind man never asked for money we lived together for over 3yrs in antalya we applied for visa but was refused so i returned to my country set up home found work but alas refused again so as we are both adults we decided to end relationship as long distance relationships do not work. feel a bit sheepish in that i did not cut off contact with m like a good christian woman would have done, at least not yet. this often happens in relationships with turkish men, and the girls keep quiet about the fast pace because at the same time they are enjoying the vibes of a new romance. mandy, i was happy to read your post as you are approaching the relationship with caution but still enjoying it at the same time. the only thing that is going to tell if this romance is for real, is time itself. it sounds overly weird to me that some foreigner women are dating with turkish men. just explain politely that you are not ready to make that commitment and discuss with your man why. europian woman and travel ,to have stil contacts in turki i see bold site ,special as woman! they can be jealous and yes gender roles are a bit old fashioned but after years of being a working wife and mother i am the happiest i have ever been because my turkish husband is wonderful and looks after me. course, since you are foreingers, we do not expect you to detect a troubled person by just by looking but we feel very sorry when we see a foreign girl gets bullied on the news. i let him take me out to dinner he was polite a thorough gentleman and dint seem to take advantage of the fact that i was on my own i came for 8 days to istanbul.. and he hasen’t been with any girl since he met me … is this real? they are faithful, they are good providers for their families, yes they love their mother first (this is a cultural thing and really…would you want to be with a man that didn’t think highly of his mother, regardless of what country he comes from! name is chloe and the man that i was dating which i am now married to lives in ft. u can make ” fake account ” in social media to contact that man and see how his reaction. when shes guna comeback to turkey shes texting him again and says aww sorry i lost ur number my fone was broke or many things like that and get him again. hear so many western women complain about western men going to thailand and hooking up with thai girls. the same time, typical turkish men are not always to blame. i was told the other side of the story all the time, lots of old women come for sex tourism to turkey and after getting what they want from their young inexperienced boys, most of whom coming from east,upon returning their homes and telling how exciting their holidays were even make themselves believe that love could be on the way :)… as a turkish citizen, i would like to assure you that there are also people who are ashamed of these young men being representation of turkey. they are kurdish men and they come from east turkey, they want to get married with foreign (british, german, swedish, dutch, russian etc.!we did that and have already 2 woman who just escaped for men we did complained in turki. it be possible for you just to have a holiday in turkey instead and tell this man that you are not ready to give an answer to his offer of marriage? i’ll talk to the ugly girl for 10 minutes or so to help my buddy out while a turkish man stays with the grenade for the whole night and with such an energy that it appears he really does like her, even though it is a physical impossibility due to her monstrous appearance. if he is nice and flirting with the woman in ur fake account , so just kick him out of ur life , no need explanation just leave him!. as a turk i got to tell you that if you are dating a turkish guy much younger than you are, the chances are it would not hurt him to have a little advanture here and there. of course the holiday ended and i am a realistist, holiday romance, confidence booster, a bit of fun for both of us but we talk and text and i have agreed to go back at the end of the season. my brother has an apartment near him and is a ‘facebook friend with him so i know he is now had a baby with a turkish girl who looks really nice, is educated etc, (ive found this hard to deal with) also his friend still communicates with me a bit who tells me i have trust issues and he didnt do anything. natalie,normal it shut be good that all those womans to put those turkish man by full-name/adres they work/ wich destination the work,on internet, so other can reed and have information about this guys! r talking about a population where 90 percent live below the poverty line …yes he will promise u the earth …turkish men learn very early on how to lie to women …they have to lie to their mothers from a very early age so it is cultural …. know it sounds ridiculous, a woman in her fifties with a man in his twenties. a turkish man i want to say ridvan brother is right about mom issue i am 29 years old and still afraid from my mom and my sister. having a baby with boy and she leaves him and be with someone else and english man leaves her too soo everythings happen to baby. more woman they can catch the more power they will feel. have had many propositions whilst in turkey, my recent one by a man the same age as me (55), who seems solvent in his own right. fall in love with any turkish men who says romantic things to you. i have never known personally a turkish man that has gone against his family however i have heard stories about turkish men who have gone against the wishes of their family and married a foreigner. i like older woman than me because young girls are childish you go on warning your citizens not to marry with hotel workers they should not give them chance to marry or such a stupid stuff i want you to be honest and don`t`blame every turkish man. now, i am in “unclear” relationship with turkish in antep. if she goes anywhere she always pretents to be german who does not speak turkish. he was a gentleman and we had a quiet drink in a bar where he asked me if i would be his girlfriend.. more receptive to love with a foreign international since his mother is married to a german. so i was not sure what they would say about my girl friend., another important point: even if a woman has a man in one house, and has been with him for years – still he can be with dozens other women. being romantic is all very well but of the romance turns out to be with a rat, then there is trouble. little things like the fact he still has himself as being in a relationship on facebook, though apparently split with his young turkish girlfriend a number of months ago. all turkish people ( male or female) should be ” tarred” with the same brush. guess there is a misunderstanding here, arabs, turkish, russian, african nor australian forces no one to have a relationship or s6 with them! you may be prepared at playing the romantic and maybe even manage to feel a surge of love the minute he enters the room. know turkish culture is very different from other european countries because we have lots of different people and culture together. come every single sleazy guy that i met in turkey was turkish then?. then look on his computer and play turkish tv as loud as he can all night to the extent that i can’t even hear my own tv …… then when i ask him to turn it down he claims it’s like living in a prison and he’s not allowed to do anything without me complaining and it starts an argument again., the truth about that turkish guys is, that they know to find how your situation is in your life, your love -relation by your husband.’m currently dating a türk for 9 months now , we met on some social app it was just a whimsical decision at first but then we decided to take it seriously. fortunately, recently, for few decades, we have discovered the so many positive sides. how anyone can have a relationship with a man who doesn’t speak your language and you don’t spek his is beyond my understanding . i also am curious to know how much a turkish man living in america would still fall under these “stereotypes” or if he is able/willing to not necessarily do a dramatic change, but perhaps mold a bit to the multicultural and diverse american life? but the guys(and the girls) who act instinctively and change sexual partners like the change bed-sheets are very common. a brit, there is the whole stereotype about women having romances with turkish men and like you say, it often ends with heartache as the woman will get carried away whilst wearing rose-tinted glasses. the thing about turkish boys is that there are shy, the way for them to approach girl is by saying that they will marry u.’m managing better, but the thought of him marrying someone else still makes me feel sick and jealous and angry.! if my husband hase contacts with a turkish men,them conversation is so much diffrent as they try to me…. am sure that every women has lost her head over a man before susan ; if there is one that hasn’t then i believe her to be living in a nunnery. not all turkish men are like that but most of them has this culture. what a shame i hadn’t come across it before i got involved with my turkish guy who is twenty years my junior. met a man who work as garson,out of what he earned i a restaurant he came home afther season with 10., im sorry to ask this but what is this man name? and it is taking every cell in my body to not go back to turkey on my own and have a weekend with this man even if it means the end of my marriage ! read some of you saying that educated turkish are different and i would like to know how different? annoys me so much that there is a double standard wherein there are many men who take up with women who are half their age and no one bats an eyelid. i have heard many stories of couples that have worked for years, the women has an affair with the turk, they take all the money and then dump them. i did not think turkish people were that fickle either! he is very nice guy , caring , loving , romantic , religious and ., this guy had nothing to do with the turkish guys working on resorts. i just felt so bad for his fiancé because he is still talking n meeting his ex-girlfriends too. i’m married, and will probably never have occasion to pick up a much younger turkish man at a resort (although if the hottie in the bandanna is a typical example, i might want to rethink that). ayngelina and it is us who end up with the bump + bruises and cuts, i can respect that you do not know these things, but its not just about different cultures, my friend is with a turkish man and they are very happy but only because they respect each others cultures, beatings are not about cultures they are about cowards and bullies ………. minister fatma sahin work very hard for woman right in turkey. speak a lot of sense ramazan and it is sad that the good turkish can get forgotton for being faithful and looking after their girlfriends. you are in true love and you will save this man and you will live happily ever after, hey at least the bed interaction is good. i am a turkish man and i lived marmaris in 2009. but for those turkish men who were offended for being stereo typed by some women. to be fair, this is not true only of turkish men but of those from many traditional societies where family pressures override all other considerations include falling in love. i’ve been coming to turkey for 30 odd years and see these mismatched couples often and see it for what it is, the guy is getting easy sex as turkish girls aren’t so easy and the woman/girl is getting a holiday romance. to say i have said goodbye to my turkish friend but not without regret and sadness. when thinking about turkish men, i type this post in despair. i am blonde and i am from ankara for example and there are many whites there, anyway . just met a turkish man, he drives a yellow cabe.

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in turkey it takes about 2 years for a man to decide whether he will marry the girl he loves or not.. i explained to him how i didnt like him working as a barman in tourist area and i didnt think he would listen but he left his job and started to work as a carpenter with his uncle. i have been with my husband for nearly 20 years and have had enough mentally from him – i am not looking the this turkish guy to “take me away from all this” but it has made me realise how lacking in passion and love my life has been for years – my hubby is a good man but i have fallen out of love with him long before turkey and this turkish guy has made me realise how empty my life has been ! i am in the early beginnings of what i hope will be a good relationship with a turkish guy.?Yes nicole they wil have sex with western woman,and them wife hase to agree,it bring her extra monay,! just to let you know turkish men most of are lazy. i gave my everything and in the change i have her love and recpect but because of my culture i would like to get accepted by her mother too… but unfortunately im still suffering because of that brainwashed old hag and i can blame you guys for that cause you get hurt by someone you barely know and writing bad things about whole county and you media takes it and puts 100 times worse version of it on tv and those people have no idea about turkey or turkish man believe it. -the woman who go for sex ,nt red this blog. are so many stories on here about good and bad, it make me very wary what to do, as mine turkish man as asked me to marry and we say we are engaged!?Oh i’d love to meet a turkish man, but educated and from istanbul. facebook is well known for turkish men trying to find western girlfriends. nonetheless, i had a rude awakening about the characteristics of typical turkish men within the first month i lived in turkey. you know i went back to marmaris for the end of the season to see my turkish man. this man has literally changed my entire life for the better., you are so right, i cant believe your admitting it ive just been conned by my turkish conman husband,he had his passport 2 days and he vanished ,he,s, trying to take half of my property now. does it mean when a turkish men wears a wedding ring on his middle finger? my message is to all girls going on holiday looking for a summer romance and to forget about it when they come back, don’t. postswashington dc has bottomed outdating doesn’t workhow to make money onlinekill whiteythe past is an anchorwomen have been tricked into living like menthe high cost of working 40 hours a weekplaying in the rainthe uncle roosh t-shirt has arrivedcharlottesville was a disaster for the dissident rightthe hunt for a moral womanhow to play real-life tinderblogroll captain capitalism. after several years of commuting between our 2 countries, i moved permanently to turkey. when asked what the author was feeling in the moment and throughout the piece he looked straight across the table at me and said “he wants a woman. seein some comments about turkish guys like that turkish guys like this (don’t worry i am not going to say we are awesome we have assholes like every nations) living in alanya and have many foreign friends including girls,really i love to talk with them same for my brother even his friends came to our house for eating and talking meeting with my mom (when i say friend i dont mean f… buddy or something like friends). but yeah, when a man 30 whole years younger than us is telling us all that and on top maybe asks us for money, well, that’s not a very good sign i’d say 🙂. i have a news for u dear loves: “turkish man” are ain’t different from any other man in the world. mother seems to think that human trafficking happens in turkey. even if the turkish guy you’re dating feels you are the woman for him and musters up the courage to arrange for a meeting with his parents, steel yourself for a cold response from his folks. girls coming here for holiday,99 girls coming here for have fun for sun for sexs for every crazy things but only one girl come here for a love. the womans who fall in love and are sheated by those guyes with help from his familie’s,,,,Please dont speek about culture than!’s all rubbish , turkish men are just the same as everywhere in the world , there are the good ones and the bad ones , the one for you and the one who isn;t for you .. i have mete someone who told me that he loved me wanted to marry after 6 months (he did not need anything he was a business owner wealthy and has his papers) so he was not with me for anything i could bring him other than sex…i found that out when we talked marriage and he said he promise to marry a girl in turky and he would try to stop it . will be hard for you mary because the chemistry is so strong but you seem like a very confident and strong woman. i had the attitude that this was just a summer romance and i’d forget about it when i went home… nu-uh. she must have experience with all turkish man in order to write things. wife has stated intentions of going back there to start businesses with this man and his associates. i found the turkish men to be gorgeous, emotional, soulful and approachable. i can even say that turkish girls prefer to marry a foreign man to marry a this type of man..days after i couldn’t recognize him-like a woman above mentioned he was very selfish and moody-former casanova was gone! i helped som woman to find the truth about them boy-friends,as exemple we met a man;he wasnt married,promissed his girlfriendto meet his familie,this promiss stil go on but she never met his familie. thing happened to me…but not holiday romance though i have gone to meet with him and his family… we met on internet in different circumstances… a year on we still together, even though so many say becareful…i thought if he did not like me when we met we would go our separate ways… in a loving relationship with an english man…taken a long time to get passed the turk though…. is girl for fun and there is a girl for love for fun and for marry. means girls or boys a things to use and after use just leave it like machine or animal or somethings. i am puerto rican american and educated woman and catholic. at work we have a turkish man ( well, a couple actually, they were the lucky ones, they got in)and when i told him that murat had said he didn’t want children he almost shouted “rubbish!- women from european countiries rarely keeps their virginity until marriage and they are much more eager for sexual relationships compared to turkish women, and this makes them the perfect target for men. too sure if that is a turkish thing or muslim thing. hence turkish culture has many of the positive aspects of both the east and west.’ve just returned from a holiday in turkey and also had a “holiday romance”. answer is simple, eventually most of them go back to turkish delight. some people like yous been telling aww türkish boy going to england with rich and old woman. when i asked he said some turkish people have two names?.Hi vanessa,yes head of those womans are somthing wrong,and yes those guyes work for penny’s. happened to me on last october, when i visited istanbul…i put trust on a man there that who were so gentlement treated me so well, include he has good education and job. i have unfortunately had some extreme relationship issues in the past and i do not trust easily but i believe without a shadow of a doubt that this was the most genuine man i have ever met and even if the relationship does not continue, i have no doubts that the friendship will.! i knew a lot of people were going there to experience the short romans at the time. beytullah, we stay 3 time in turkish vilage , lived by thime,stayed& spook hours with a jsech(imam). recently broke up with my gorgeous sweet loving turkish boyfriend… but, he had his bad sides too… culture and religious differences are very difficult to overcome. some turkish guys whilst i was staying at the bar approached and we started talking. if someone manipulates a kind hearted person it’s not the manipulators fault? most girls dont seem to relise they hand it to them on a plate. believe me there are thousands of successful marriages in the way like turkish-german, turkish-russian, turkish-dutch …etc.! this man told me if he ever see me in istanbul, he will kill me, and cut my body in small pieces, and put me in a trash bag, and throw me in the ocean. a true turkish man will never consider taking money off a women because it will damage his pride. turkish men are notorious for trawling fb looking for western women., i like yourself met a turkish man in my country, he was on vacation.…girls,don’t be naive…turk and marriage are not compatible things if you are european …. however the ones that are easiest to fall for are those who are both attentive and passionate, artistic and rugged, liberated as well as spiritual and it is this combination which makes for a roller-coaster, exciting dating relationship. reed hours on this blog, even i agree kadir , is depence if you ,woman ,know turkish culture. fact is that there are plenty of mixed relationships between turkish men and foreign women that work perfectly well. as if there no other men around… if you are good looking, and attractive and you look after yourself you can find a man anywhere, you don’t need to rely on facebook messages from unknown sources. he is the most sweet, kind-hearted, honest, loyal, man i know. i also know quite a few educated turkish men in the coastal resorts of turkey. if they work summer season, they come from batman, diyarbak? when shes get a young man here she wants to take him to the england to show all people she has young and handsome man. it is just a shame that they are never mentioned but the turkish love rats always are. again i knew my husband didn’t want english girl for a visa as we waited over 2 years and lived apart in that time. i hope he finds his own ‘virtuous’ turkish girl who will find out exactly what he is. something, or things, to do with their view of women and themselves and their only commitment, because it is safe and undemanding, is with their mother.’t blame turkish men-after all they are asians and muslims…. as a turkish man, many of us reading this blog and not commenting one bad word why? am sure people realize that there are good turkish men eray.… come on do you really think that a 19-25 year old boy would seriously want to date and marry a 40-60 year old woman after only spending 1-2 weeks with you! me out ladies – especially the ones are seeing a turkish guy. i first came to turkey, i was given no warning about how typical turkish men would act. (that’s one in the eye for all those who say my lovely turkish guy is after money from me. i ended up “bumping into” him one more time (long story that has too many identifiers). this can be painful to watch, and even worse is that you know the girl will be much less receptive if you approach her afterwards because the turk put her in a more sour mood. to be fair he is, so is his brother, we r here laughing because them story line was holiday romances and what turkish men r like then i see him i was like omg ha ha,Ha ha – you can also tell him that quite a few women have remarked on his looks. u all say that turkish people is good or bad. if his mother is married to a german then this could eliminate any worries about him dating outside of his culture. most of the turkish men are not like him and we don’t like that kind of men. the turkish and their gulen inspired charter school system just desire to skim off and divert us tax payer funds to turkey, so they can open up and spread their version of islamic ideals through out the world on the us dime. he might well feel justified in trying to have a child with a third woman at some stage in the future. for dating a man who doesn’t make enough money, i wish i could have found myself a wealthy turkish business man instead of a poor cook!.What if you meet that turkish guy in a public chatroom?

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in a club i saw a turkish man inform a random german man that his girl is wandering off and needed to be watched more carefully. am married to my wife since 2008 and i dont think there is any other man in the whole world who loves his wife any where near i do and who is happy in his relationship no where near i am! but the turkish guy was charming and fun to talk to, and i am ashamed to admit, highly addictive. can’t get over these turkish men who think it’s ok for them to whore around, but go crazy if their woman smiles at another man. saw a comment who mentions a guy as a turkish guy who is from ? i don’t understand why any girl would trust a guy who asks them for money, he’s 20 and they’re 60 and he hides them from his friends? and it’s a close knit male society – a man could attend an event with his girlfriend and male colleagues openly and sit in the same circle of males the next day with his wife and nobody would blink and treat both woman just the same. here some advices to see if you can make it work with your turkish man:* test him: do or ask for sth which is not appreciated in islam intentionally. love this post………i’ve been married to a turkish guy for 23 years and still going strong. hard truth is that he doesn’t think that much of you but you feel guilty and scared because somewhere inside of you is a little girl who once got scared and he’s just bringing back the memories. and as for the nice ones who come over all faithful, how does a woman know if he is playing away or not? the beginning, my turk was posting on his facebook about me, messaging me all the time, being very sweet, lately he has stopped messaging so much, comes up with strange stories for where he is, and these is this woman about 15 years older than him (german) who likes pretty much every single picture he has got. i am angolan, 27 years old and at my place of work i met this turkish guy who is 30years old. the only way to deal with turkish men’s persistence is to grin and bear it.. i have visited this gorgeous country many times, and have never started any romance then. are many great guys in turkey – but your waiter certainly doesn’t sound like one of them.  if it works out, then i am happy for you, if it does not work out,  then please publish tales of your failed holiday romance  with turkish men somewhere else than the internet. unfortunately, all turkish men think the same … i’m sorry, but this is not true … this is not a real turkish man. though, of course, it’s not that easy for a turkish man to just decide he wants to visit the uk. i was much younger, about 20 years old, i was thinking of my girlfriend and i was thinking what would happen to her if i dumped her. wouldnt say anythings bad or nice things for english people if i didnt know anything abt them but i know, there are some turkish people making shame our culture too. this confuses the woman and she loves him even more(as she reads that as hope for the future with him.:) oh actually, this would be a stupid worry as i know my wife is an independent woman who has her own brain to use for making her own judgements for the situations around her, unlike some people on here listening to this woman called natalie! having said this, not all turkish men are rigidly patriarchal; there are a whole range of attitudes between the two extremes and if you wish to date a turkish man, it would make sense to share your individual notions of gender roles and responsibilities. about a week ago, a turkish man found me on a music fan page on facebook. iam stronger and he knows he lost me and nothing will change that , this is my story and it still stabs my heart when i think about what ive been through i will never be able to trust a man , yes hes turkish and yes like he tells me i am a play boy . anyways if i get the chance to find a foreign love i will try to remember to tell her to mention about me in a possitive way ( if she aggres 🙂 so that i can try to get rid of bad attitude against turkish men. too many woman i have seen get taken this way. many ladies (german, brits, danish, dutch … so on) are coming for having sex to turkey? her boyfriend was ordered to marry a girl from the village and not a foreigner. for what its worth i would say, from my own experiences and those of my friends and even my touristic lady customers, “enter the holiday romance arena at your peril” as nine times out of ten it will end very badly and it some cases tragically with complete uk families being shattered and even children being abandoned for this complete and utter madness that takes over. shes coming to turkey and goin with young man that he has no honor. is it to let the girl feel comfortable during her stay in turkey? the relationship was very innocent so i have no experience with turkish men in their early 20’s. i missed him, don’t get me wrong, but the awful ache ( sound familiar, girls?.I’ve never been to turkey but in london i met few turkish people and loved their way of thinking, their culture and their tradition. haven’t had a holiday romance abroad, but as a married gal visiting turkey, i love the men. someone who understands you as a woman in your culture even before he gets to know the real you. than you can find a new man on your own terms.! but in your culture is just normal ,you have to do, like you are a man,,,,in mali the problems are start. have a turkish bf he is 43 and im 25years old im asian. is such a nice country to travel but marrying a turkish man is very problematic for the most. hell if you are angry and bitter about something then you need to take it out on that particular person and not an entire nation, unless you have met every single turkish man that exists? every year, thousands of foreign women enter turkey and strike up a holiday romance. i recently went over there and we ended up having a full blown fling – he is a good man but has a low paid job – has never asked or wanted money from me (not that i have any! turks historically have always been cunning and shifty as so it goes with many islamic nations that do not hold themselves accountable to other people from other religious backgrounds. i did reject them all in a kind manner however i accepted almost every lunch or dinner offer to be polite. there are so many unanswered questions about the future of our relationship. he gave me his email, asked me five or six times not to forget to write him, and that he’ll check his mail the minute he gets to germany ( i’m 30, and he’s 24 and he knew about this) please don’t lose the email, he said. am sorry to hear that firstable i am turkish, my dad is traditional guy i can tell you he is very macho he is retired but he wash dishes he makes cooks marriage is sharing help each other. for men who are not allowed to pick up their local women due to cultural and social barriers, i was duly impressed with their wingmanship and coordination. for example in istanbul, the tourist season is all year round and there are some turkish workers there. the way, i’m a 26 year old turkish man born in mersin. he is adamant that he has nothing in his life and it’s not right to expect me to live in poverty with him and that i should find someone else. went on a girls holiday and yes we got the typicl flirt and sleeved on. i know a lot of amazing turkish men and plenty of other foreigners who are in successful relationships so please don’t only listen to the negative stories you hear! now, reading this post i totally realize what is going on… the girl are crazy for the charming turkish guys lol. when she sad i was there giving shoulder to cry and still that mom hates me because i am turkish! i did however put this man through hell before i agreed to marry him. of his turkish friends are divorced in the uk, we were lucky to be so happy, his friends we always jealous, they all think he is right divorcing me, none of them treated their english wives well and have little or nothing to do with their offspring, and no one i know thinks he is right because i had lain all my cards on the table from the off. i met a lot of turkish men, both gold diggers, weirdos so as really gem people. similar stories all round about turkish, greek, italian and spanish men pouncing on female holidaymakers. i lived in istanbul for 7 months last year and got involved with a turkish man.’ve probably been spoilt by having this lovely man in my life because it seems all men my own age are fat or old or unattractive, generally all three. thing though; i am seriously putting aside the man who beats their wife and girlfriend, i am sorry but they are just animals.’ve had a few holiday romances, but it never happened in turkey. and you talked with a man, you call him hot and all those stuff. looking just as a stranger from outside and an observer, what you see is obvious: a muscled, tanned, lovely boy with a mature lady is not supposed to be a long term romantic relationship. so far he seems honest with everything but i dont trust him at all… i am to return in january with my friend and he says he wants to take me to meet his family, this makes me wonder if maybe he is being genuine now because he comes from a traditional turkish family and they only want him with a turkish woman so this is a big risk for him… i hope that he is real this time round but if he isnt it will be his loss. married to scottish woman and we have a boy now. rape is considered to b a crime against the family honour …not the person in question and where cheating is considered normal and a sign of manhood …. it is what it is, a holiday romance, even if you return six times a year to see him.! guess what-i use to married for 3 years with an american girl who has degree from lse. my turkish husband and i will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary next week. i am a bit lonely need to date a former wife never respect me,when i work night time mostly weekend,my wife always jumped to the bars and hang out with different stupid and ugly mexican man. i wonder if some foreign women would have prejudice about turkish men or generally turkish people because of some wrong comments . ask to see the paperwork confirming that her money has also been matched by the turkish man. at the same time, sometimes even the wisest person (woman in this case) can slip and fall in love with the wrong person… this is not the problem per se – but if she’s going to declare her hatred all around the web, she’s definitely not the wisest woman then. isn’t a recent thing, it’s been going on for years now and the hotels are full of single girls holidaying in turkey for a bit of sex (sometimes lots) outside their hometowns. turkish people do not have two names and they do not have two birthdays. beware of men lining up pretending to mind their own business… they are waiting for you to look the other way so they can signal your wife or girlfriend. want to say something about turkish men as a turkish man . i find this attitude to be general though among the turkish. would like to put a comment about hotel workers cause im one of them and yes im turkish too. persisting past a no late in the game when you’re close to sex is important, turkish men ignore no’s that come right upon the approach, and once in a set with a girl, they will not leave unless the girl pushes him away or ignores him completely. take it with a pinch of salt and if the romance is meant to be, then it will work out with you feeling happy and not confused. when it comes to vacation-romances, there is no wonder that foreigners want to hold on to that “love” because it give them a chance to save a piece of the vacation. you go to a bar with your turkish boyfriend and flirt with other guys in there, you are asking for trouble! we have tried to break it off a few times as i have children and we both are very concerned about the heartache it will cause so many people my end. you want to visit  turkey and fall in love with a turkish man, then be prepared for a life changing experience. all this time, surely he would have given up, maybe went back to alanya and looked for another british woman? you have no chance to find a decent turkish man. a lot of turkish men and english woman do this and that is when the trouble starts.

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soo not every english person or turkish peoples the same. re the turkish man, not a lot is really said about him so it is hard to know whether he is a turkish love rat or not. i will now attempt to dissect the game and wingman ability of turkish men. you are dating one of the many turkish men who break women’s hearts, then don’t call him the love of your life when you live in two different countries. a non turkish man who often works in turkey, i was always wondering why some women really think that there is anything but the obvious behind such relations. two people fall in love and it seems that many western women find turkish men attractive in a way they can never find in an englishman, for example. true am marring my hoilday romance who is 13 yr younger than me ive been to met hes lovely family number of times who live in batman i cant have anymore children ive got no money nothing in value to offer him apart from me he doesnt want me to change anything about myself and yes i still eat pork and i still like the odd drink . they are coming those places as unqualified work force ( not all but many of them) and these bad things becomes their life routin which is so bad.. a woman, believing the compliments of a guy 10-15-20 even 30 years younger than her, is crazy. sometimes a woman will shut off her mind when her heart tell the truth. when i want to make restaurant reservation i call the restaurant – my turkish friends call 5 other friends who know somebody who’s brother is working in said restaurant etc…it’s part of the culture so can easily be applied by love rats to scam you. the turk love a good time and trying many different of woman before they get married. i have known some british men, who will find another woman before they dump the other one, just so they do not end up homeless! why would he do that unless he is hiding me from another woman? i’m english woman who is in turkey now i’m actually feeling so sorry for turkish men right now because as strong woman we have choice to make if you in there country you have to understand like any country your going to be looked at and charmed by men this goes for everywhere in world you need to know how to handle yourself and your own behavior regardless where you are yes i read full article and i’m sorry for woman who have had unhealthy experience with (men) but honestly you saying these traits are not in men from your own countries i think what i see so far i like don’t lose yourself in romance let him know from get go this is me except me i wish i had read more positive stories honestly only thing i don’t like being stared at but i have to except i’m british i look dress act talk different if someone in my home town was different i would look to out of curiosity i thing in every culture there is sleeze but you have to take time get to know people properly i struggle with bit language barrier but trying to learn as much as i can i think good/bad everywhere can’t brand all with same brush. i, too, am in love with a turkish man who is the love of my life and i plan to marry as soon as possible. man does get it but finds you an easy target to control. the meantime, here so many comment about private life and experiences. please people advise me on what to do with regards to my turkish man..well need i say more by my ex husband i would only say to anyone that is either dating or intending to marry someone from turkey be very careful who they are and what there real intentions are my husband never asked me for money but, most of them are my husband was just an angry person who beat me for anything he was having a bad day over much the same as his father did to his mother, do not trust that there families are poor or that there mothers or fathers are terminally ill or they do not have one bread to live on, or that there previous girlfriend died of cancer or in a car crash they are taught all of these things sad stories from a very early age how to manipulate and get what they can from women or men from other countries. i am more into tall and blue eyed european man. always says he would never be with a younger woman again as they “peck your head “. and hopefully next year will meet the man of my life. but when you say turkish, it’s quite general expression. i did visite manny times bodrum,and yes he was right in his way to think. i’ve seen this happen many times when i’ve been on holiday with my husband. is not normal for any man, whether he is a turk or not. if you want to have romance with a turkish guy then prefer turkish men which are also tourist in these places .’m dating my boyfriend for almost 7 months he is turkish. isn’t a player or a man of the world. believe me natalie, i’ve been in turmoil for many months. my story is slightly different, as i’m 20 years old, and i met an amazing turkish man who is same age as me. those guyes know what &why a woman comm from , but afther verry soon they know what they have in hand,is it for 1night-stand they nt wil more contact ofthen. i went out with a turkish man four years’ ago, and i am still not properly over the experience! thats what i was guna say natalie abt old english woman., it could be agreed that brunettes are the majority of women in turkey which increase the demand for european women. i will finish this story if any of you girls are interested.. i am bulgarian, and for many years we would know mainly some negative sides of turkish culture. this is my second marriage, i was married an ukrainian man before him. it is obvious that this man is troubled, look at that weirdo. i’m a working mom and he’s also a very busy man doing his own business. unless you know the turkish man, we will never find out if he is genuine or not. does not solely go for turkish men; this is true for men and women here.. i also fight with him alot and accuse him of things that ive read or seen from magazines i know what turkish men can do to women and i dont want to be one of them women. am an ukrainian woman who is married a turkish man. a woman who gives him the glad eye makes his day.. being of turkish cypriot/irish decent and having lived in turkey for 16 years i myself still distrust turkish men. people is not arabic different things its selfish people all over the world in every nations also cheats if you met with wrong person nice going with blaming all turkish people…. be surprised it wasn’t all written in text as that is the way so many young adults/ teens americans teens actually write to communicate. im just back from marmaris and met a kurdish man over there , we spent all of the holiday together and i had a great time being spoilt by him , he was also on holiday , i am 40 and am divorced with grandchildren and he is also 40 and divorced with grandchildren and although he cant speak any english nor me turkish we communicated quite well. well i could, but it’s all in turkish so i wouldn’t get much enjoyment out of it. personality traits of a gentleman, smooth talker, romantic, and extreme flirt are all wrapped together to give you the typical turkish man. i had few similar experiences with british girls and irish girls in uk good experience bad experience . the fact that turkish women are mostly the latter accounts for why they are so good at testing men and people think they dont have affairs. in a macho sort of wayto a great extent women from the western world are attracted to the macho, raw sexuality of turkish men. yes, i’ve had some bad experiences and i would find it very hard to trust an english man. for some, the holiday romance does not work out and they move on., i will keep having sex with western women and marry a virgin girl. many women do not realize the obstacles that they are up against and when it all goes wrong, they claim it is because he was a turkish love rat, not because it was just a relationship that went wrong., natalie, if you ever decide to interview these second wives and mistresses for an article, this is one woman who will most certainly be avidly reading your words. much like the old guys running hand in hand with a thai girl in thailand. so a british woman of a certain age goes to turkey and in no time she is getting attention she hasn’t experienced in decades.!So my dear,i see bold ways:I see the way from westen woman ,som realy faled in love,,, but a big%wil be used. regarding the women rights in turkey, it was their leader ataturk who has changed the rights of turkish women back in 1920s, this happened before than many other modern countries did the same ! think if you get involved with a married turkish man, it is all going to end up in heartache and mostly for you not him. i said he should be with a young woman who will give him children. m not muslim and christian i don’t believe any religion and i had british girl friend she was younger than me 2 years younger when we knowing and start like each other after one months we have first sex, after few months she offer me we together her house she i don’t need pay for rent than i offer her i must pay bills i cooked most time cleaning and tidy her house and decorated her house (if she were turkish girl or other nation girl i would do same) after 4 months she offer me we must married i said we don’t know each other also i do not want married. if i knew how turkish people are, i would never marry a turk. turkish man would want to posess you , first sexually, then surround you like an octopus..I dislike turkish men soo much now because of the things i’ve been reading and my own experience with a turkish man. are a lots of topic when it comes to good looking guys especially turkish men . im seriously tired of hearing this shit i dont know whats happening in europe but there must be something against turkish people. to all woman who go for a jump for sex ,to have a nice time with younger guyes. my children are bilingual and have the best of both worlds embracing both cultures and religions… agreed there are cheats and love rara in every conteinet in this world just a shame you tar every single turkish citizen with the same brush.. (in my opinion) at least when they know i’m 18 and a girl. ytria, i must say you hang out the best men ever in turkey, best best best and greatly trustworty of turkish people… a liar barman… oh seriously i would like to be test subject of your scientific experiment. can find good european or american men,no need for turkish ”macho” men…. unfortunately there are some turkish men who don;t quite understand that looking after your wife does not involve taking away her phone etc. most of the bad experiences i have read on these blogs have share the common thing -an innocent girl starts to chat on facebook or an innocent girl meets from lower-class lowbrow and of course as a results she gets bullied, beaten etc. if it has not happened to a woman, then they would not be interested in the topic so would not comment. met a turkish man, actually i interview him for my project. samanatha, i can not answer whether this man is just using you for a visa. at u guys, turkish men are done with you and seeking other women but you write so many stuff behind them. this is in no way a compulsion since both turkish as well as turkish-american women are encouraged to study and work but somewhere, somehow they are expected to conform to ‘womanly’ pursuits, preferably as a teacher, nurse, doctor, in an office job and so on. what you say is right however a lot of girls end up in permanent relationships without realising what they are getting into it. i said this in the article “the fact is that there are plenty of mixed relationships between turkish men and foreign women that work perfectly well”. he would send me so many sweet text showing that he really really liked me and would profess his love for me all the time. tell u the little story i have seen it many times but was one of them absoluletly shit. am convinced that there is no basis to the relationship apart from a sinister intent from them to make a profit from the investment of money from a love struck married woman thinking that turkey will provide her with a business and love future. he didn’t have a clue how to behave with a woman. i have been in many holiday places in turkey mant times and yes i had some kinda short ended stories as well. groups of turkish men in a club is like witnessing a coordinated dance.! i agree with yavuz because they are not turkish men in bodrum, marmaris, antalya etc.. i know im only 17 but not all turkish men are the way people make out.

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tourism summer places will be full of guys and girls looking for some craziness! it is a woman habit that, they attach some emotional, behavioral expectations to that affair and expect it to be a long term real relationship. if its an older man in thailand he should have “known better” or “he got what he deserved” (i’m not one of those by the way – but have seen many stories where a man falls in love and loses everything).. have you ever seen such a warm nice smi,ling people like turkish? then she began crying and began to said “ i cannot understand turkish man, why are they so heartless, i love him, i want him”. they are spoilt(because boy children are preferred to girl children)and they think they can get anything they want by whatever means – lying, cheating. you say that you love the man and you are aware of the culture differences so what is holding you back?) so after an endless period of time managed to tie everything up and move back to the uk but please please think what you are doing before entering into any serious relationships – for example – would we consider having a boyfriend who is 15, 20, 30 years younger over here and if so why didn’t we do it and save the hassle of conducting such a long distance relationship? they know that if their husbands cheat on them, they shoud do their best to please their husbands so that the husbands do not kick them out… men can always get the young and virgin girls in turkey.. am reading theses comments and i must say its making so upset that these men are getting slagged off for english ladys been so bloody stupid and falling for anyman who tells them they love them after a couple off days in the sun i would expected a 16 yr old to fall for the patter not a grown woman . i seeing some people are worry,honestly also know bunch of couples (turkish-dutch,turkish-german,turkish-russian,turkish-british etc) they have no single problem but they had their time for meeting and stuff. liked this blog it really describes real turkish man whom i am one…. timur, many thanks for taking the time to write this. you want turkish man you ask do they have a money in bank do they have car house normal job if thwy have it safe love …. but im scared now after reading that most turkish men are love rats. i have read about women like me in take a break and always thought fools, but now i seem to be under the turkish spell as thats what it feels like, he doesnt even speak much english, we commiunicate mostly through google translate! he shut me down so i shut him down, there is no way i am giving money to a man i have yet to met and converdsations does not constitute a relationship. (actually i wanted to speak with them about wwii memoirs but couldn’t dare) then one night i dropped by the disco, expecting nobody there again, but as i stepped in, a nice brunette girl get in to my arm, pushed me into the floor and began dancing. was was work during 5years in bodrum,so sow alote… also alote of woman com for sex, as a man go to tailand.’s also very hypocritical as the majority of turkish men are screwing around or chasing others so perhaps this is why they are the way they are, they presume their partner may be up to the same. being said, here are three things i have learned about typical turkish men:1. and i see lots of turkish men who are looking for virgin girls to marry even though they are not virgin.’s what people always claim the turkish man is after when he marries a british girl. i also had a turkish romance and i must admit that it is the most beautifull love story i experienced in my life. i’ve heard so many bad stories that i do not know whether he is being truthful, but deep at heart i do. have to understand one thing man and woman are different. all in all, i had an awesome time and probably some of the most romantic times in my life. i also think you are approaching it from a very sensible manner. my culture and i know my culture is little hard for english girls but its right. found my kurd of “low social standing”, the manager of a platinum hotel at a coastal resort, speaks 4 languages, never applied for a settlement visa,whose family have several businesses, we got married after 2 years, been married 6 and we don’t have children together and never will. i have been in a relationship with a turkish man for nearly 3 years now.. i met a turkish guy on a chatroom… he is sweet and charming. i have a turkish boyfriend he’s possessive 🙂 but for his possessiveness, i found out its kinda cute 🙂 sometimes we fight because he acts like a 5year are old kid throwing tantrums. if any of you turkish guys realise a foreign woman is being fooled by a player, why don’t you warn her, or tell her what he is saying in turkish about her behind her back? man big problem love,laf,live move on too many sleazy women thinkn she have nice bf i want to take him away even if you r so happy i love my man very much but i have to move on forgive forget forever friends. considering that most of these men are unable to understand and respect the perpectives of other cultures, they either run away from the woman or keep them as their prisoner., if girls want holiday sex, they can, if it makes them happy they should let their hair down and have lots of fun. or now that i read this it was definitely an on off romance. the problem is that after a while, the vibes of a new romance die off and sometimes the girls are in too deep to back out. ever i hear bad news about turkish holiday roman stories, makes me upset and angry as a turkish man. and now this day in few hours he will arrive but i am totally worried if its all about flights thats why i kept myself busy reading about this article but anyways his the one who supports me coz he believed that a man should support his future wife and how surprisingly for 5months long distance relationship and im just his girlfriend and fiance and future wife haha but anyways he is very intelligent man ive ever known i never thought of all the type of man that im looking for, i would never expect that i will fall in love wit my boyfriend and now my future husband soon his too rush for marriage and wanted me to live in turkey but he still wants me to decide if i want to live somewhere else! i have seen good looking turkish men wing their brothers with horrendous women—all night long. this is how they treat american or uk wives anyway, if they are dishonest they make many promises and tell many lies. second is lots of arabics and kurds are living in turkey but they are not turkish. the age difference isn’t over the top & i was in a relationship with a man 14 yrs younger before my marriage. an educated person and a redneck romance thing does not work, it happens in adam sandler and hollywood movies. turkish men have to work to support his family or himself and according to the turkish labor law, turkish people can only resort for a week because labor law allows it. hushed calls or a certain period when he can not be reached because his other girlfriend is here. but i must also say that you generalized all turkish men in one type.!***i just have questions if turkish men can be like other muslims that can have multiple wives? this turkish man 4 years younger than i am just started talking to me one day on facebook. don’t go, i am telling you it is all wrong, i owned my home there, and turkish friend robbed me it was all set up when i went out,i lived there 2 years, went for 6 years,and i got i love u so much,since i came back to england only hear from him when he wants something,the oldest trick in the book is either there mother or some member of family are in hospital and cant pay for it, i have heard it so many times, i have found all so hard to start again in england,i know everyone is not the same,like they say we have 5 fingers not the same lol but most of them are, they want a visa, or your money walk away while you can trust me on this. real turkish men treat a lady right and you are right. yes, there are those that have affairs, go to work in antalya, bodrum, etc to have a holiday romance, attract a western woman to marry her for a visa out of turkey, but these very same type of men exist everywhere and in every country. it’s sad that some forums talk so horribly of turkish men. billion and it;s normal to have some bad people but turkey has a population of only 73 million and every second men in this country wants to have only sex with white woman or tries to marry her to get the citizenship of euorpe,america etc…. girls have been told about their duties in life since their childhood. i am with guy for 2 years he is so genuine i hate this stigma attached to turkish romance there are bad and good in all countries.! what the hell shall i do – please please advise – i have been in contact wth turkish man for the last 4 months every day – what shall i do ? they are going to grow up with the “mummy left daddy for a turkish waiter” syndrome. have no many they no work roun a year and they want you to go your country they are useing you more kurdish man do this than turkish man. anna, human trafficking does happen in turkey but it also happens in every other country of the world including the usa and the uk. vanesa, i am a turkish man, well educated and from istanbul 🙂 if you ever decide to come to turkey, i will be very happy to guide you in istanbul as a native. anyone have experience of a turkish family not wanting their family to marry a foreigner, and more importantly what can they do to my partner that makes him so fearful of them? my two boys was gone with their father, but my little girl, well she’s a mommy’s baby.. anyways i am home one day and i know that he has been cheating on me so i go through his things and found marriage papers with a turkish girl that they married two months before we met but she was stil in turkey. don’t speak turkish so we are at a big disadvantage when it comes to separating the frogs from the princes so far from home. eventually his father said i had to move out because people in the building were talking badly about them letting an american girl live there and for not having more control over their son. slut and i know lots of girls would be fine with that. i dated a turkish man for a bit and he was very persistent when we met. yes i have had my doubts about turkish men only because i have had them grab me in turkey and it can be quite frightening. i met a lovely young man 30 years younger than me. i had gone back to marmaris with my friend and one of the other waiters in the hotel, who was a little higher up than my man took a liking to her. why waste your lives suffering ,they are very different cultures and even as a checkout girl you will be respected and understood much better with any english man! i just met a terrific turkish man in a group on facebook. investigate girlfriends in thailand and boyfriends in turkey (all over the place actually). because i know a turkish girl and i feel her like the girls of my country. 99% of the turkish guys who go for foreigners are so bad, she would rather get engaged to a yeti or bigfoot. one german woman i know, married her guy and after a short time his cousin came to live , along with baby, as hubby had thrown her out, after 6 months of this, the german woman found out the “cousin” was actually his legal wife, and they married in the mosque just before he married her. 23 months ago i live in ankara, a turkish man’s wife. stereotyping the whole male race of a nation simply because of your failed holiday romance is ott and on the verge of bunny boiling. i had not one, but two sexual encounters with turkish men. yes children are a big issue as the turkish culture is so family orientated. agree with post ‘living in two countries, everyone in the uk love holidaying in the sun but they have to return to the gloom and by falling for a man/women on holiday helps them take a part of the holiday home with them mistakenly.. it is hard for me to give you any advice as i do not know this man or you personally. there were old germans and russians or couples with kids everywhere and communicating with them was slightly harder than to a brick wall. cultural differences or not it’s wrong and this is supposedly an educated man. but guess what, she wasn’t the bar girl on a marmaris boat trip and she’s not 20 years younger than me. you like sappy love stories and hearing overflowing turkish emotions i suggest you start watching a couple of turkish movies or even better soaps.. and if a husband/wife is turkish, then they are turkish, not an arab. maybe he does not sleep with every woman who comes in his bar, maybe he does. im a wéalthy swedish woman that met a turkish man 13 tears younger than me 5 years ago.!unbilievble but even she agree that he hase out of her other womans to work as jigolo. choose right and follow your feelings , i have met 2 wonderful turkish men , we still are friends and talk to eachother , they never asked for money and were always generous and have too much pride ,Women , live your life !

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but he was far from the woman beater idea people have of turks. think the trouble with turkish men is that they can be damnedly good-looking and like the italians, they can never separate completely from their mothers. and yes, these turkish men do seem to be very persistent! go on your visit in december and think again after that visit as to whether this man is for you. i don’t know how many stories i can squeeze from my old memories… and whether i can be a good voice for the characters… if i had enough time after work to write them… anyway, i always felt that holiday resorts are kind of huge trash bins where people drop and leave a lot of feelings… these feelings are most of the time not the feelings of the normal flow of the life… they are extraordinary feelings triggerred by these extraordinary places, extraordinary situations, extraordinary encounters… when i read the comments here, i just get that feeling again…. in conclusion, i want you to think why do always uneducated man exteremely be caught up in women? i have seen in turkey many british girls come get drunk have sex wearnext to nothing they do not know anything about turkish culture so theres no respect. story made me cry, because i know how you feel, but thank god i didn’t meet with this man in istanbul. a woman go blind and no information about moslim culture,no turkish language ,they wil be eazly viktum. i understand that those turkish/kurdish guys (whatever) tell u exactly whatever you wanna hear. it is hard for me to say if you should be warey of him as i do not know him however i will say that whenever a man says he loves a woman over the internet when they have never even met – that is a bit concerning. met a turkish man out there and i knew straight from the start it was just holiday fun and would end swiftly, however he lied to me about everything, he said he was single when really he was engaged to an english woman, i feel so very sorry for his fiancée, also a married man of 10 years made a move on me i believe they are all liars and cheats and i feel very sorry for the women that fall for it all. my turkish lover was extremelyyy punished by his boss for having real feelings for me, and telling everyone i was his girlfriend, and refusing to flirt with other women. sounds like you were level headed though and did not let this man affect your life. i adore his family, but because of my limited turkish and their limited english, we can’t have long meaningful conversations without my husband translating, which makes it hard for me to want to live in turkey permanently. so if the middle age and divorced ladies are coming to turkey for holiday with the idea of getting young man. otherwise i would recommend you apply the same strategies the turkish women do to test him over and over again, as you’ll see most of the time those “gentle”, “romantic” men will instantly turn into hating monsters. there are so many who are proud to show off there dyslexia. let me add this, there may be some good looking and not disgusting turkish guys but they are very rare. do not believe his sweet words, turkish language is upside down and the most perplexing barbaric language you can know, their mindset is different from a normal men’s, they use the meaningless words to dull you and then take advantage of you, rats. i work as an officer for the turkish navy and i stayed in that port for a month. maybe he changed his mind and wanted to keep it as a holiday romance as well. course you aren’t an idiot just a woman in love. have seen many woman and been meet many woman they have child and left their man. while i believe that your description does apply to some turkish men, i do not believe that it applies to all of them. bet you–you have had bad experiences with men of your own nationality as well :v i for one have been dating a turkish man for almost a year now and he is the exact opposite of all the terrible things you speak of. i turned his offers of going for walks and drinks down until my last night when i thought – hey, i know what your trying to do but i’m single and just come out of a long term relationship with a man who has cheated on me for the past year. want to warn all women that turkish men say sweet and big words very easy and can be very persistent in that! tourists need to be aware of this, and that generally those men in those places look at a woman who would sleep with a man before marriage as a whore, and while i believe prostitutes deserve respect as a basic human right, they do not. last year i went with my american boyfriend there and we were sitting in a restaurant and one of the turkish waiter asked me if i would like to go for a date with him. even if you had everything wrong about this turkish man, he has moved on now and is with another woman. i do not trust them 100% but i have started a new romance up with a turkish guy in england and i wasnt very sure obv him being turkish but i can honestly say he’s such a lovely guy and a gentleman and he has said himself how embaressed he feels with some of the stories he hears.…i find turkish men although generally most are good looking, they act feminine. it is all the same… therefore any man will have chances to compare ladies. meet a man have sex within hours then expect him to consider you a serious life partner. in marmaris, fethiye, bodrum, antalya and place where tourists visit, there are many hungry men. would never cheat my woman neva coz i always think if she done to me same how i would feel. is the same woman everywhere regardless of time, place or whatever. however turkish guys will not tell a girl if her man is a player unless that girl is a great friend of theirs. when you see a man rubbing his chin(wants sex), pretend to yawn with his hand index finger touching the thumb and staring at your mate(wants blow job), if shes not interested she will move her chin, lips and forehead up or ignore him..In out trips around turki, we met people and we gived our e-mail adres,afther ofthen they make only contact with me ,never with my husband,a man ask me to let him to com to europ, for a visum,he chould mary -lol . it is always about a person, a human being and what he/she represents. i wonder how many women he chats to on skype who encourage and enjoy his ‘perversions? stil my meaning is;woman go for sex to resorts ofthen, they wil not be on this blog.. it’s a long one so please bare with me … i went on holiday 2 half years ago met a turkish man and started this long distance relationship. where i live, romance, dating and sex is extremely difficult or non-existent (mostly non-existent) and amazing women are constantly made to feel unattractive and like something is wrong with them. if i don’t hear from him for a day i’m miserable and sad and wondering if he has another girl with him.. we chat now and again via texts and facebook, and one day we hope to meet again, but until that happens, i have no expectations 🙂 and i hope the women in this blog will not paint all turks with the same brush due to their failed romances. i am 11 years older than him but maybe because i am small size so many of our friends thought that we are about the same age. a majority of the turkish men are facebook are looking for other means to deceive the women as they can be traced back should anything happen to the girl. i just want to know if this is normal behaviour for turkish men and if anyone else has experienced such attitude within their relationships. jenn, unfortunately we can not say whether you can trust this man or not. i used alot of that money i made to buy a beautiful wedding gown and had it fitted and sent to germany to his family home. turkish guy says he is very lonely and wants to come to live here with me and marry me, the problem is i hartly hear from him he used to contact me 4 times a day and he used to send me letters talking about him and his family i know he is divorced but i dont know why he said his wife got sick so he left her 5 years ago, he works very hard and tell me he is tired i think his friends has a lot to do with the way he changed ,he was suupose to get a pension in february 2016 he told me the brother of his mother falsefied his passport and got away with his money so he did not receive anything he also said as a business man he does not get paid for his work, i know he is verry poor and battles a lot, can i ask and trust you to help me see what is going on with this person, even if you could talk to him on my behalf i would apreciate it so much. some woman marry these men without looking into the culture and their expectations of marriage, hence the conflict and failed relationships. they begin smiling, touching, and joking almost immediately, usually with a plan to get the girls dancing as quickly as possible. for turkish people it’s true that they tend to be controlling, especially the men and often the women too, although it’s a male dominant society. the tactics that turkish men use to attract a western woman, when they have ulterior motives, are the same as any man uses when they have ulterior motives in attracting a woman., what i m saying is; a man at the age of 20-30 is absolutely either looking for money or short term sex relation in turkey if the spouse is too way elder than him. for the language barrier, i’ve learnt a lot of turkish., i went to bodrum in may and met a gorgeous turkish waitor. lets not forget charm standing which is valid from the beginning of mankind. i will be very cautious, he ays he isn’t a fake man so he has picked up on my cynicism, how is it going for you? i dont trust him simply becuase of the sterotype of turkish men but i am giving him the chance to prove to me he can be trusted as he cried when i was leaving and wouldnt let me get on the bus to the airport. i know turkish men to be kind, family-oriented, courageous and loving. but lets be honest ladies, summer places are known with its summer boys and girls! my friend is a good man not like the ones described in this blog. it was such a surreal experience but they all made me feel so welcome, all going out of their way to speak what little english they could and they were all rather impressed with the little turkish i had learnt in such a short period of time. but then i meet this doorman on one if the bars. felt so sad to hear that your girlfriend mum hate you but i dont blame her as many old people thing in just one way. past we did warning non-stop womans,but we they past the border of be in love is verrry difficult to chanse them mind , ,,,, till is to late. i agree with the controlling nature they have i was married to one i am english and my husband beat me slept with other women and then beat me every time he did, and then accused me of destroying his honor when really he did not know the meaning of the word, however saying that i am not so shallow that i think they are all the same, my friend is married to a turkish man and he worships the ground she walks on as does she him …he is in the uk and works for a living they work very hard at making there relationship work and he would not dream of hurting her,. problem with turkish men is they confuse love and lust, this is how they are able to declare undying love within a quick matter of time. were a lot of negatives in my recent trip to turkey, but a positive was being able to witness how turkish men work in groups to get laid. instead of all the guys in the group running game independently without accounting for what their wings are doing, turkish men maximize their individual strengths to ensure group success. and believe me, he looked as the most innocent, best man on earth and still he doesn’t seem to be bothered that he’s cheating on his wife. was just reading all these posts and find it very sad that nearly everyone seems to have had a bad experience with turkish men! and i am going to advise the following advises as a real turkish man!’ve met a lot of turkish guys on the internet. i’m so happy i never broke my own values for him because he was with another girl the entire time. a nurse is one of those jobs that is reserved for turkish citizens and i have never heard of a foreigner working as one., there are some idiot turkish girls who has sex before marriage but they are always insulted in the society. “i think this is my main worry as they all seem keen to welcome me to the family as his girlfriend, is this normal behaviour? i have tried many times to tell him something is wrong and also asked him to go to counselling with me, but the only answer i get is…… there is no problem and i’m making the problem. also are you really going to believe a man that says he loves you when he has never met you? if you both want to take the romance further, then one of you has to move countries..u r talking about a country where in some regions if a girl is not married but becomes pregnant …her fam,ily will shoot her for dishonour …. now i wish he didn’t give me his email from the first place, because i really wanted it to stay as a holiday romance experience, with a very attractive and nice turkish man that i had fun with.’d say his mother didn’t react simply because she knew her son would never be seriously romantically involved with a woman 30 years older than him. now he is saying i never understood him, i didnt show him true love, i laughed at his religion ( something i would never do) and i did not try hard enough amongst many other things. jen, not all turkish men are horrible but there are love rats.. i didn’t expect a holiday romance but i’m glad i experienced it. right, a reason is, when man is muslim ,so them children will be muslim as well. i am not rich but am prepared to pay my way but he was nothing but a perfect gentleman for the entire time.

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man i’m in a relationship with was working in istanbul a year ago. was not aware there was an entire huge group of women in despair over failed turkish romances! turkish guys will feel that if a woman can be got into bed on the first or second date, she is “easy” and not worth getting into a relationship with.! he just contradicts everything ” typical ” of a turkish, sorry kurdish man. take note of what i wrote “the fact is that there are plenty of mixed relationships between turkish men and foreign women that work perfectly well”. he sang to me in turkish, he put flowers on the bed, he put a plaster on my foot when i got a blister! but as soon as i arrived there, i understood that is was a wrong choice, because i am a man of mountains and i don’t like sea and sun at all. they like many people under religious influence are devoid of internal personal character traits since, everything must be referenced from the quran. can motivate yourself by saying that we turkish men are easy for you. the apartments i was staying in, there was a fight between the bar staff (kurdish) and the owners (turkish)., if you are looking for one (or few nights) romance, they are very good lovers 😉. his phone rings and he will not take the call in front of you, this is a warning bell as it may be another woman. aften by familie’s or small pansions,to speek them language,i hade discution with womans and sjechs,with resort workers,stayed ofthen in resorts as well and sow manny woman looking for sex,all kind of woman. perhaps there are some turkish – american associations who could point you in the direction of schools for foreigner children that need a nurse., can i tell you what is happening with my new turkish friend? all seem very well educated in the turkish romances and relationships and based on what i have told you any advice would be extremely appreciated.. i watch turkish modern movies on daily basis, their life seems more modern than in the uk, their investment in film industry is amazing.! the way the turkish guys speak about their foreign female companien is ouright disgusting and that in public places.’m turkish myself and i have a japanese wife, i met her when she was touring in my country…. they can be nice but most of them think they are sultans from the ottoman empire. have a long time turkish friend for almost 13 or 14 years now. in fact ,turkish men are realy gentleman,polite and faithful persons !) and after that , not writing at all, so i asked him, and freshly he said he found someone else, ( a local girl i guess ) very in love and very happy… the shortest experiment ever! just returned from turkey where i did have a holiday romance. he lives in america but is turkish and i live in the bahamas. the usual behaviour of the girls are “obviously he wasn’t the right person for me or i have changed my mind now”. somthing happend that he give as reason to nt comover to his familie,more;she never payed anything whenshe is by him,,but he hase diffrent girlfriend where he take monay from., as a turkish friend of me once said: “it’s only words. also thanks for mentioning the stereotypical role that english girls have. if he were a muslim man, i would want him to marry a virtuous turkish girl. in these several years i have been in touch with them, i have never been treated badly, none of them even tried to get me into bed (as many say they are sexualy desparate), they are generaous and open minded. have suggested that i meet them, but his says they want him to find a turkish woman (he has always told me he is not interested in turkish women because they are too demanding). let u know that its all old english womans mistakes., they like spending easy time too, in turkish society (not all) pre-marriage sex is a taboo, therefore western women who don’t care about such stuff like: pre-marriage sex seem to them more available, hence not reliable for serious relationship, hence no developement of relationship, hence no respect. it is themselves to blame and they shouldn’t be so stupid to see the realities of involving with a younger man! bodrum a met woman who married afther her boy-friend in malatya ,he 30 and she 60!.i see with my own eyes tomany happing whats the english girl and lady has..The guys from summer time in turkey : ” before summer , they work hard and collect their money for having a great holiday in turkey , so simple … these guys ( exactly which one u met in summer ) i’m sure of that they are non educated guys , and they think they’r womaniser and trying to proof this ” who’s better ” … we are so crowded people and unfortunately we have lotz of bad guys and these guys are shame for real turkish guys… mrs sayin and other ladies , next time when u meet a turkish guy ask them ” do you have any bachelor’s degree 😉 ” even he can speak fluedly english he can’t find any answer about this cuz it’s about academic life not in a street life ….. as far as different cultures go, he is not 100% for his turkish culture, he is very well-read, educated, does not practise his religion. even when turkish men have successful professionals for a partner, they are apt to believe that a bringing up children and looking after the home are solely a woman’s job; thus they can be rarely depended upon to do domestic chores or care for the kids at home..this is not just from my experience …but from most of the foreign women here in istanbul …turkish men are very good at seduction …and really crap at commitment …if it is not in their interests …. least in elazig i might be broke but i would have a lovely man to cuddle up to at night. at all, what i was trying to say is it is not always easy to judge a man’s “true colors”.! i wouldn’t ever get involved with a turkish man again personally and i know you can’t tar ever one with the same brush, as i know alot of very nice turkish people. a turkish man let me give you a piece of advice. he can go with any woman and age doesnt matter. you say he knows there is no visa in it for him however in the event of you two getting together permanently, are you prepared to live in turkey full time? the men does not have to be virgin but the woman has to be virgin. we have long got over the stage of asking if we have both been faithful and it is generally accepted that we are boyfriend and girlfirend.. well girls you are dating with kurdish man =) and believe me there is a big difference. am sorry that i can not be of more help kzee but the way you have described your relationship, he is not a turkish love rat.’m coming back to this website, which i’ve been visiting these days cause i’ve also met a turkish guy i was falling for. this relation we should keep building bridges to unite the humanity back. whether a man can take a foreigner as a bride purely depends on his upbringing and generally whether he has had a village life or been bought up in one of the more western cities. met my turkish “friend” the first night i arrived; he was a waiter at my hotel. we’ve managed to keep “it going” for 9 months now (thanks to skype!: i found love in turkey, and no turkish man i’ve ever dated have ever been the same as the other. of my parents are turkish but i was born in the united states. devrim, i tried in the article to ensure that turkish men were not generalised. im engaged to a turkish man whom i beleieved who loved me with all his being ! i think this leads way to them forgetting, that everything is not possible when it comes to the human mind and heart. it was interesting, too, to see the comments made by turkish men if there are any more of you out there, please give us your thoughts on this subject. and whatevr i read here bot turkish mens my gf told me bot them same stories coz she was in turky with her mom fa many times she said all turkish mens just want sex n fun with u n want ur money the young guys flirt with older womens but u cant only blame to them i think the eurpeans gals also responsible for them coz mostly go there just for hving fun with them i hve one female frnd denmark on fb she loves to visit turky why only reason she can hve sex with those young turkish guys for free n i feel wonder wen she says that i love my husband . now that i know a rose napkin is common with these guys, i highly doubt he’s a florist, perhaps it was just to make himself sound a bit romantic? comes some comments from one turkish girl who was born and raised in antalya, heart of tourism in turkey and currently living in austria for her master study. if this is going to be a long term romance, then to avoid disappointment and hurt, this man has to get to know the real you.!between her and his first wife he hade diffrent weduws who lost them man in war. know the joy of loving a turkish man, and the pain of loosing one. while the clubbing season is on, there in turkey, having atleast 6 english girlfriends a week and spending different nights with them.?It is normal for turkish men to leave arrangements until the last minute so he probably has not even sorted out the apartment yet. think i allways say english girl do not envole with turkhis or kurdish man . these days there are increasingly larger number of turkish families who are ready to accept the fact that children’s personal lives and loves are not for their’s to interfere.. meet people and keep your potential turkish guys who are far away as a reserve. last week i looked and i found what i was looking for a young dutch girl had liked his picture on his friends facebook , i messaged her and from that point on my world fell apart, she had just come back from a 2 week stay in bodrum this left me heart broken she said they had been talking for 1 year . we have been dating for 7 months, and i have never been this happy before! turkish guy i was involved with was a grand master when it came to pity parties – he played every emotional game in the book. does sound sooo sweet but i am not a stupid woman and he knows theres no visa in this for him…im goin to see him in april for a week…should i go ….,ive met married turkish man while on holiday for 2 weeks he was very loving an english girl that worked in hotel told me she never sees him chat up women he seemed quiet he asked me to meet him and i did he never tryed anythin iam going back to turkey again he asked me to keep in touch as he gave me hs mobile and email address hes 6 years younger than me he knows iam also in unhappy marriage should i be scared i really liked him alot we didint have date till my last holiday night what do you think ? met my turky guy via facebook and we have almost 4 month dating via chat , he told me he is in love with me and invite me to go to istanbul in january , and to make my story short i found out he also invite other girl to visit him in december , thank god i cancel my trip , we need to be careful on this kind of social network i talk with the other girl and both agree to get rid of him , my family told me to be careful with this but i was in love with him and didint paid attencion , so now i am so relieved i ddidnt went another thing what about if you know something about sex traffiking in turkey because he always said he going to rent an apartment for us that if i didnt have money he pay half for the tiket it make me feel that have other intencion by the way he work in a resort on bodrum. speak to any modern turk and they would be horrified that this man has even suggested it to you. i know that a lot of turkish men read this blog and probably can help me. unfortunately most of the relationships that i have seen fail,  is because the women wants to keep 100% of her culture and the turkish man wants to keep 100% of his turkish culture. apart from insisting he takes some moeny here and there for food he paid for everything, he was a complete gentleman, didn’t do any strange behaviour like taking phone calls in another room or hiding his phone/going out and leaving me. had a holiday romance last year whilst on holiday in gumbet, at the time it felt so real and so right. my husband is a very caring man and i would say i am lucky to have him in my life. am in a long distance relationship with a wonderful turkish man. my next question is there a difference in educated turkish me & the so called love rats etc.’m in full agreement with their strategy here: if you’re just starting a conversation with a girl in a club, you must immediately shut down any attempts by strange men, even if it makes you look needy. the europe politicians think when the door open all turkish people come to europe and leave turkey forever.. all i know is that i like this man and i have grown to love him even his imperfections. i think this is my main worry as they all seem keen to welcome me to the family as his girlfriend, is this normal behaviour?) spain and italy were not in the eu and most of the spanish and itailian guys where in england illegally and working or they where trying to get a visa through the holiday romans. there is a huge difference between turkish and kurdish traditions and cultures! and many of ur stories sounds real and i see many of woman got hurt.

Marriages between Turks and foreigners on the rise, bring problems

but turkish girls are very good , very friendly … and trust me …you can believe them . karen nice answer :d:d:You did a great job to find out ” how the turkish men’s profile ” and i’m absolutely agree with everything what u wrote on the blog on upside . half of the disaster stories are when the woman met the man in a chat room. however you may also be interested in my latest post regarding turkish men called “my turkish love letter” (november 2013). one last thing beware of dogan duman he is looking for a way to come to the united kingdom yes that is what mine wanted he has some very serious issues he is an internet predator and dangerous in real life he put me into hospital in turkey 3 times in alanya to be precise so ladies and gentleman yes and men you are in an equal amount of danger as the women …. you can not have a cyberspace romance and expect it to last. then i found out he had a girlfriend which he denied, he give me the whole trust me, i love you etc. was until i got to the airport, our flight was delayed by 4 hours and it was early hours of the morning, my friend who is a smoker and afraid of flying went off to see if she could had a fag somewhere so i stayed with the bags and people watched, where i saw a really cute turkish guy workin in the airport, later when my friend came back we moved to some more comfy chairs and then i saw this turkish guy who i fancied walking past me, so i gave him a look as if to say oooh your hot, and didnt think anymore of it, then later when we were getting something to eat i saw him again and gave him another knowing look, after we ate we went to look for someone to bed down for the night until our flight, i must have had my eyes closed for about 10 mins then someone teps me on the shoulder i open my eyes to see the guy i fancy standing over me, he hands me a piece of paper with his facebook details on, and then walks away.’ve seen a trail of tear-stained faces emerge from the loo at work over the last 3 months, mascara run, eyes all puffy – and it’s all because a handsome turkish waiter promised the world and delivered…bugger all. it is wrong to generalise against a country or race but romancing, lying and scamming vulnerable women from other countries almost seems to be a cultural thing that has become acceptable in turkey. for most of them is that penny’s bahsis (tip)near what they earn near the monay they can get from western womans. he is very public about his feelings for me and i don’t think that he is keeping me a secret from another girl/wife. this is why we find different accents, whether scottish, french, italian or turkish,more sexy than our own familiar accent. learn to speek turkish to travel around ,reed information before , during and still we do. he seems on the surface sincere, doesn’t have the player charm which surprises me, as i have heard so many do. will say this – most turkish men are honest and upstanding men. my husband is the best human i have ever known, an efendi to the core. won’t change my turkish girls with anybody topic is turkish men not girls! you may find that you both have a warm romantic relationship but still no talk of meeting the parents. is not only sexs or love or money,hope u understand now why every countries girls likes to turkish men now. am a turk and married to a woman from norway and there is 17 years old between her and me. when i was in turkey turkish men followed me all the way through macdonalds, restaurants etc. see how much of an honest blog you created to approve my first comment ms turkish men expert natalie. had been going to turkey for over 19 years as a family, then went as a divorced woman, met a turk, he was lovely, fell head over heels…went back to see him married him got all his visa’a , came and lived with me. my experiences (the stuff that i see around), turkish men are pretty sexist. natalie, i asked my wife to read the article and she explained the context – i think i misunderstood parts and thought you were saying all turkish men were sleazeballs etc. and dating men looking for long term relationship or marriage. very decent man and also the classic turkish ( and very sorry, this second type belonged to south turkey also! so, i put my name on a turkish personal website. turkish mamas exert considerable influence over their boys and even if your turkish guy has been living in the us for several years, be prepared to be kept away from his parents. i would say to all enjoy the holidays, turkey is beautiful and rich, you can find good and bad as everywhere, but if you think to move/travel to the country, do it for the country itself, not just following the image of a man. and lots of men think the best way is to marry a british woman. we are a member of the long distance relationship but we managed to travel every 3 months. he is like, things are good right now for me of course because i am man and i dont need to be tied down. i can not answer that one for you as it is not a typical character trait of a turkish man. wanna share something, i’m indonesian who met turkish man from one of online chat website. this is not a middle aged woman deluding herself over a younger adonis but perhaps a middle aged woman deluding herself over a middle aged adonis! i said her that he is too tired and want to sleep, and he can’t live a love affair with any girl in the hotel, because that would result him to get fired. read all the comments here its so funny to read all of this i just dont understand one thing why are all the women complaining about turkish love rats dont the foreign women have faults. therefore i will not comment nor advice about the romance situation except telling travellers to be smart..i gain touch casually again with this barman after 2 years being in turkey . a typical turkish man is a gentleman and will treat his wife or gf like a princess if he loves her. i’ve dated much younger men from germany, ireland and switzerland as well (and never given them any money), but here it seems to be the rule rather than the exception. you have never met this man and yet he is declaring undying love for you. on a holiday to antalya and had an amazing holiday romance with a turkish german guy. he could have a turkish wife for all you know. most women like to be involved and be loved by turkish men because of there good looks, romantic. me and my sister recently, about a month ago went on a holiday to one of the turkish resorts. mature women are not able to find young men in their own countries so they go to turkey or north africa as they know they have a chance to find young man there..i told him it wouldn’t work because of the distance etc (and i knew he had probably said this to many, many girls). not all turkish men like their women to be submissive though. i am a student and i met my turkish friend on campus. i’m not really sure about dating dynamics in turkey. mothers – well, that is the way with many other cultures, mainly mediterranean. dated a turkish guy too when i met him on a holiday trip. too found love in turkey and he is totally different from any man, either turkish, american or british. a foreign woman want to marry with turkish man the age should not be a problem. i’m also not trying to create a stereotype about typical turkish men. truths about typical turkish menaugust 8, 2014europe, foreign correspondent, living abroad, men, men featured, turkey, turkey men, working abroad. we had a romantic night out, including a cruise on the bosphorus and dinner on the asian side. if u feel strange about a man u just knew , try to check on him. do not know this man and can not comment on whether he is genuine but from speaking to other readers and friends, i can say that genuine turkish men do not declare undying love to random women on facebook. because in turkish culture, borrowing money makes people shy about that even if he/she getting it from a relative. i myself have a turkish frend,, (some1 special) we met in facebook, and do skype always,, he seems nice,, if he shows some pervertness he feels sorry and since then he would not open up nasty topics anymore, he doesnt like hot dirty chats,,, he said he is starting to feel somthing more depper feeling for me, he loves me,, and want to come for me,, i am feeling normal, not want to expect much,, and not demanding anything,, i have proper job and he got nice job also,, we dont talk about money,. some of them had managed to strike gold and make a woman to fall in love and give away her possessions while other kept selling their services to women looking for a holiday romance. the turkish men lovee these jobs, my turkish man has told me all the insides and outs of alll the jobs. how many get date raped and to a shame to say so yes going to another country and no one to turn to is dangerest but you can not stop having fun because of men because of a mistake you have to find out if there serious are as there called wife beaters dranks druggie charters dead beats lazy etc and maybe you have to think before you leap etc some don’t know what there getting into until its way to late. i originally came here to get some advice about my turkish guy. i am a black american woman, divorced with children, and he is well aware of this information. if a woman can’t pick up the warning signs and is heartbroken over it, she needs to reevaluate her life. summertime , even he is married in east &hase 4children ,he live with as belgium woman in bodrum..they have easy sex with girls and after start ask money .! i think turkish guys wear their heart on their sleeves – i try and listen to this sound advice – maybe its time for me n hubby to part company ! and good for them as sometimes they will choose an englishman instead, which means i get a go as well ;). men take bros before hoes to a level i haven’t seen, and as long as one girl in a group is pretty, all the men will give it their all on each of her friends. i had heard many stories like most about turkey and turkish men and went with it clear in my own mind i would not fall or be taken in by anything these “sleazy” men had to say or do to win my attention. selin, i have also known turkish men who have more than one girlfriend. do not think all turkish/kurdish men are same also i do not think all british girl are same.. you could do this with a turkish man but be aware that he could use this as an excuse to distance himself in the future……he is not my child blah blah blah sort of thing. it is true that turkish men are hardworking and very dedicated, honest and loving. sounds from your comment though that you have your head screwed on re the turkish men and you can appreciate the good times that you had as well. he is lovely, sweet and romantic and declares his love for me all the time. had a romantic experience with a turkish during my vacation in the usa. now i have german girl friend 7 years together i have 2 lovely kids but i m not still married yet for visa even i have now british citizen. i am not a dumb woman, but i am a bit vulnerable right now, since i have been alone (without companionship) for almost a year and i could be acting a bit nieve in this whole thing. so, to all western or asian women out there who are dating turks, just enjoy every moment of it, watch over your wallet and don’t expect anything else.’m still new to turkey, and i’m wondering: why are there so many romances between foreign women and very much younger turkish men? what a great post i have been living in west africa for 7 years and many things discussed here in the blog have totally mirrored my experiences in gambia…. blog is interesting, as a harlequin romance intrigue, romance, conniving men and even the families are in on it. name can in your or any religion a beutiful name,my mam named anna and was also a name ”mother in turkish…but this blog as nt going about that all. cafe in marmaris at early afternoon, i’m sitting next to a group of 4 guys in their twens when another arrives with a pretty girl hand in hand. i’m a turkish guy and i believe all the stories ladies told. also not all turkish love rats are from the east either. if you’d like to meet a really nice turkish man maybe visit there and you’ll be surrounded by so many, you don’t need this nonsense online.

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