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, jwoww's boyfriend tom visits, and within ten minutes the pair are bickering over a phone number in jwoww's phone book and tom's on his way out the door. married her long-time love jionni lavalle, whom she has two children with—her little boy, lorenzo, and daughter giovanna marie lavalle—and she's shooting a new reality show, shore flip.

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's still sweet on ronnie, but see where the rest of those wild jersey shore kids are now. these days, however, deena has completely settled down with boyfriend christopher buckner, a guy she actually met on the show.

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"Facebook tweet email angelina's mess didn't go over too well with 'jersey shore' housemate the situation. news confirmed that the most iconic love saga to exist on the jersey shore—you know, the one between "sammi sweetheart" giancola and ronnie ortiz-magro—had sparked once again, we suddenly grew nostalgic for the cast that once had this country glued to the television every week.

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stars of the MTV reality show have gone on to lead new lives after their many years of fameFacebook tweet email it was a busy episode for 'jersey shore's' angelina and vinny who, well, got busy with each other in episode 8. angelina blows off jose because she doesn't want to get busted, and the situation and pauly d debate which girls will get the privilege of going home with them.

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"and it seems the woman can even choose when to lie about having sex with a guy as well, seeing as angie goes on to tell the whole house she "smashed" jose so people would "stop busting her chops" about stringing him along. but here's what they're up to:Read: jersey shore stars sammi sweetheart giancola and ronnie ortiz-magro are back together.

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nicole cortese's life after jersey shore is among the most unexpectedly low-key., sweetie, now they're just making fun of you for hooking up with both vinny and jose in the span of 24 hours.

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" so it's jose's birthday (yes, still), and angelina decides its time to play nice for once. at the club, angelina, whom the situation calls "the staten island ferry" because "everybody gets a ride and it's free" decides to come clean with jose .

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 jersey shore ended, sammi stayed with boyfriend ronnie for two solid years. Things go south for Angelina when the house learns she slept with Jose after smushing Vin.

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the whole group goes home to what's shaping up to be a good night, the sitch's girl suddenly gets cold feet about sleeping with him on camera because she has a boyfriend., vinny's whole family is visiting and while his mom makes a feast for everyone, angelina contemplates telling jose (on his birthday, mind you) of her indiscretion.

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the situation jokes about her birthday present to jose: "happy birthday, i f---ed my roommate! guadagnino, the jersey shore's former resident funny guy and one-half of the show's most epic bromance, has also kept a low-key profile since the finale of the show.

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while jose is looking forward to his, er, special birthday present in the smush room, angelina comes up with every excuse in the book to avoid putting out, including …angelina's feminist theory: "i'm the woman so i pick and choose when i wanna have sex with a guy. his part, jose takes the news pretty well, considering vinny is dancing around the pair the whole time.

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ron excitedly explains, "jose's definitely getting played … like a piano!"angelina then launches herself at the situation and yet another "jersey shore" fight breaks out.

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"Facebooktwitteremaildirty padseason 2 ep 99/23/2010things go south for angelina when the house learns she slept with jose after smushing vin.'s been nearly four years since the jersey shore cast packed away their tanning oils and fist-pumped their way off of mtv.

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just as it sounds, snooki and lorenzo flip houses along the jersey shore and show the importance of working together in a marriage. that said, jose really doesn't know the extent of the hookup.

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while a lot has changed since the 2012 series finale—weddings, babies, tax fraud charges—it seems you can take these self-described guidos and guidettes out of jersey, but you can't ever fully take the jersey out of them. left off with archenemies angelina and vinny getting drunk and smushing, even though angelina's been seeing (and accepting fossil watches from) nice guy jose.

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