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Who Is Poppy Deyes? The Low Down On Zoella's BBF And Alfie's

it’s only ever been confusing when starting a new job, or when i was in a new class at school, and  introduced as emma. we are excited for lifestyle blogger @poppydeyes to be joining the gleam family. here’s everything you need to know about poppy deyes. of youtube phenomenon alfie deyes who is a social media star herself with more than 1. everyone has always called me poppy, everyone except my mum – my mum calls me both, which i’m used to.: we asked youtubers to do impressions of other youtubers and omg. paul is missing 15% of one testicle and here’s why. embedding twitter content in your website or app, you are agreeing to the twitter developer agreement and developer policy. and phil officially unveil their board game ‘truth bombs’ – here’s how you play it.

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’s been 8 years since dan howell’s ‘hello internet’ and these are his most iconic moments. is the filter bubble and why are we all so guilty of it? your hands on all our ‘we the unicorns’ books now! just dropped new tour merch and you’re gonna want it all. chapman just opened up about his step dad’s tragic death and it’s heartbreaking. and alfie mentioned sex in a video and you all need to calm down. fans just broke into this major youtuber’s house and it’s creepy af. years-(can you feel the love tonight) poppy and sean.: build an autumn look and we’ll tell you if zoella loves your style.

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i love wrapping up, i love winter outfits, i loveeee the mulled wine and christmas markets, but most importantly i just love the atmosphere, when everyone around you feels warmer, in every sense. guide to daca – the reason david dobrik and 800,00 others might be deported. and sean met in college and have been together for a few years, sean has practically become part of the furniture at poppy’s parent’s house. was born in may 1991, and her real name is emma poppy deyes. mongeau’s “girlfriend” just kissed another guy and we’re so confused.: pick an obscure british candy and we’ll give you a youtuber. paul has a new mansion and the pictures are unbelievable.. i studied fine art at kingston university, and graduated in 2014. mashup of ‘it’ and ‘the it crowd’ is even better than the real film.

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announced the “richest youtubers” again, and we still don’t care.: can you keep mark and jack both at 50% on this poll?: plan a youtuber halloween party and we’ll guess your age. it’s a long story, but to cut short my parents couldn’t decide, and my nan loved the name emma, so emma comes first and poppy is my middle.: we know who you will kiss next based on these random questions. joly just posted an incredibly brave story about being sexually assaulted and it’s so important.: tell us about your personality and we’ll tell you which youtuber should you be for halloween. i think sometimes when writing you feel like everyone already knows you, and knows things about you, but actually there’s never been a time when i would have spoken about what i studied at uni, what my first name is or what camera i’m using. we’re off to amsterdam in december and i can’t wait.

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: update your winter wardrobe and we’ll tell you which youtuber loves your style.: build a zalfie fanfiction and we’ll tell you if it would get published. dallas just chopped all his hair off and you’re gonna be shook. 19 wildest parts of logan paul and bella thorne’s new music video. howell teams up with mental health charity, pentatonix get new member and more! up and coming female youtubers to subscribe to right now. stories of youtubers going above and beyond for their fans. deyes is the sister of alfie deyes (aka pointlessblog) and has been a regular ‘guest’ on his, zoe’s and sean’s channels for a long time now. sign up, tune into the things you care about, and get updates as they happen.

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of poppy’s growing popularity and her release of her blog, gleam snapped her up knowing that she was the hot new talent. are “team 10” and what is their basic-ass drama all about? from icarly has a youtube channel and it’s pure meme trash. just surprised zoe with her dream present and her reaction will make you sob. i’m often shopping and fall in love with a top which is nearly identical to every other top i own, but i obviously have to get it as the stripe is just that bit thicker than the last one.: build an aesthetic and we’ll tell you which youtuber wants to follow you on instagram. i literally swooned over this for months but couldn’t justify its price, that is until we went in one day and there it was sitting in front of us with an 80% off ticket because it had a teeny crack. erika costell: the girl who married jake paul and hit 2. over the profile pic and click the following button to unfollow any account.

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the freedom to be able to write and photograph absolutely everything and anything.: tell us your phone habits and we’ll give you your perfect contract. can disagree with a youtuber and still be a fan of them. can add location information to your tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications.) follow her on social and go check out her blog. who faked having cancer has just been fined thousands for lying. so, i thought it would be really nice to hand things over to you and your questions and give me a chance to, well just speak about stuff and things . million people on her social media platforms and her blog.'ve got all the information you need on who exactly Poppy Deyes is, what she does and why you'll soon think she's amazing!

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about Poppy Deyes: her birthday, what she did before fame, her family life, fun trivia facts, popularity rankings, and more.‘dan and phil wave’ is the aesthetic nightmare you’ve always wanted. first name is actually emma while poppy is her middle name. you ever see poppy out and about you will more than likely see her in a striped shirt, jeans and trainers , they’re her favourite combo – and don’t forget the signature red lip! toddler cosplaying as thomas sanders will melt your cold, dead heart.: the hardest “would you rather” quiz for dan and phil fans.: should you cancel your weekend plans and watch youtube instead? uses a canon 70d to take her photos and she’s a pro at editing. i love a good festival – my favourite one is the exit festival in serbia, i’ve been twice with friends and both times it was amazing.

Who Is Poppy Deyes? The Low Down On Zoella's BBF And Alfie's

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’s how to upload camera roll pictures to your snapchat and instagram stories.!) but i hope they make some sense and that you enjoy the post. sugg revealed how fans inspired his book series and it’s pretty emotional. poppy’s real identity has been uncovered… but there’s more to the story. howell’s tweets have been turned into a song and it’s a bop. find a topic you’re passionate about, and jump right in.! but i’ve managed to get a vlog edited and scheduled sooooo 7pm tonight yahhh. and phil’s new board game just leaked and the pictures look insane. up and out of youtube, and how to leave your faves behind.

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website just congratulated “power couple” zoe and joe sugg on their “five year anniversary”. paul was named one of the most important young musicians and people are p*ssed. howell, emma blackery and other youtubers got real about mental health. howell opens up, instagram star accidentally has live sex and more. moved back to brighton, england after four years away from the city studying fine art and living in central london for a year.: answer these style questions and we’ll reveal what your one true aesthetic is. carl’s wife has finally broken her silence on his cheating scandal. paul’s testicle drama, faze banks break-in, phil lester update and more! millions followers on social media and a successful blog of her own.

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but that’s the part i love, the rearranging, the changing and switching bits around until getting the outcome i’m happy with. these 10 pieces of incredible dodie fan art bless your timeline and your soul. ridiculous items of youtuber merchandise you’ll hate yourself for wanting. charles and shane dawson are feuding with a 14-year-old ‘it’ movie actor. it’s a bit of a strange one, because my name is poppy and always has been, but my first name and ‘real name’ is emma. but generally speaking, if you plonk me in front of a pool where the weather is hot and the cocktails are large, i’m happy. and phil confirm their board game ‘truth bombs’ is real and give more info. just revealed the secret to her stunning instagram feed and it will change your life.: this new soap opera stars all your favourite youtubers and it’s dramatic af.

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