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-1975: from 1970 to 1975 the method of serializing instruments at gibson became even more random. best method of identifying them is to use a combination of the serial number./esquire/broadcaster/no-caster number year 33-860 1950-1952 0005-0746 1950-1952 0748-1331 1951-1952 0161-0470 1951-1952. solid body and semi-hollow body guitars from 1976 to 1987 had an e before the three-digit number.. other guitars that d’aquisto built had their own serial numbers. anderson spent a number of years building necks and guitar bodies before producing completed guitars. electric solid body guitars had the serial number inked on the back of the headstock (y xxx or y xxxx) and the first number indicates the year: "8" (1958). the serial numbers were stamped onto the back of the headstock. 15 25 26 60 75 85 model century hawaiian zephyr spanish zephyr spanish century spanish zephyr deluxe zephyr deluxe regent. 1257 was d’aquisto’s last serial number on non-futuristic models. if a serial number is not present, the guitar was likely manufactured prior to the mid-1970s. followed by five or six digits with the first one indicating the last number of the year. all following numbers again are the production ranking code (zzzzz). seems like the list of players who used aria pro ii in the '80s is endless. note: if "made in usa" is stamped in the back of the headstock near the serial number. then they may not have been ready to change how they numbered them! the kalamazoo numbers were discontinued in 1984 when the factory closed. the last 2 numbers indicate pickup configuration: 20= two humbucking pickups with or w/o pickguard (ex: tc420md) 30 = three single coils with or w/o pickguard (no current models) 40 = sin/sin/hum with a pickguard (ex: tc740mn) 50 = hum/sin/hum with a pickguard (ex: rg550bk) 60 = sin/sin/hum with no pickguard (no current models) 70 = hum/sin/hum with no pickguard (ex: rg570fbl) exceptions: of course! the serialization came to be known as the f series. pro ii “herb ellis” model te 175: prototype or first production model?

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s not every day that i evaluate a guitar with a serial number of 1! gretsch decided to begin using a date coded system of serialization. the model designation became the prefix for the serial number. the matsumoku company built guitars for a number of trademarks. while this trademark has changed hands a number of times.'s one of cliff burton's aria pro ii black n gold basses but with a pickup modification. any final two digits with a code number over 52 possibly indicate a part number instead of a week of the year code. from robert benedetto’s archtop guitar serial number logbook note: year listed on the right indicates date shipped, not made:Every instrument the company has produced has a corresponding instrument file which contains the original work order (specifications), returned warranty, and any other relevant paperwork. a serial number beginning with 8910 likely means the 10th week of 1989. 1970-1979: the following chart details the serial numbers as produced through the 1970s. the serial numbering sequence by decade is indicated below:Last number 112803 130304 149625 169867 190567 211877 year 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 letter j k l number 88 89 90 91 92 93 month october november december year 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993. neck plates with stamped serial numbers were pre-purchased in lots. the rest of the numbers correspond to that guitar’s production number off the line. 2911-5368 stratocaster under 6000 precision bass 161-357 299-619 0001-0160 0161-0470 0475-0840 0848-1897 year 1951-1954 1954 1951 1952 1952 1951-1952 1952-1953 1953-1954 number 760000s 800000s 1000000-8000000s s100000-s600000s s700000-s770000s s740000-s800000s s810000-s870000s s880000-s980000s s950000-s990000s e000000-e100000s e110000-e120000s e200000s e300000-e310000s e320000-e390000s e400000s e800000s e900000s n900000s n000000s n100000s n200000s n300000s n400000s n500000s n600000s n700000s n800000s n900000s z000000s z100000s z200000s z300000s z400000s z500000s z600000s z700000s z800000s year 1976. the use of a single digit means that those numbers will cycle every ten years (0 to 9). identify the manufacture date of an aria guitar, first locate the serial number, which is likely located on the back of the neck on an electric or in the body of an acoustic guitar. serial numbers were also stamped into the headstock nameplate of a few models.-1961 (hollowbodies): gibson changed their serialization system once they reached 99999 and decided they did not want to go to a six-digit system. imported deans do not carry the stamped and year-coded serial numbers. there are two spots where the model is printed and serial number is written in.

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it consisted of numbers that were impressed into the wood. except an 8 or an sa separates the year and production number. and the final three digits indicate the numbering sequence of carved/arched top instruments produced that day. the last two numbers will range from one to fourteen. documentsdocuments similar to electric guitar serial number datingskip carouselhow to modify guitar pedalsfretless guitarhow to make humbucker pickupvintage fender guitar pickup spec infostrat pick guardselectric guitar amp handbook jack darrfender strat pickupelectric serializationassembly instructions for strat and tele style pickupsvintage gibson pafpickup testerseymour duncan how to pick a pickup the factors that affect your guitar toneguitar pickups magnetic fields 3 malcolm moorehumbucker pickupfender headstockshow electric guitar pickups workfender telecaster (corpo)tele schematicdouble cut lp jrfender jazz bass templatesguitar - luthier - fender telecaster deluxe plans (1973)fender - fender guitar stratocaster wiring diagram схема подключения гитар - 2008electric guitar pickupselectric serialization72 custom - deluxe telecaster planbass player great rhythm sections part 2bass player presents - slap mastersmeshell_march2002the making of a gibson usa guitarbgm jackson interviewcarousel previouscarousel nextdocuments about string instrumentsskip carouselerik johnson declaration (skidmore v. it is estimated that gibson’s kalamazoo plant continued to use the six-digit serial numbers through 1978 and 1979. serialization on the import series models is for identification only, and does not depict the year of manufacture. the number is ink-stamped inside the guitar on the back. peavey serial numbers exist more for the company’s warranty program than an actual dating system. special runs/limited editions: certain special editions in the 1970s and 1980s may feature serial numbers with six digits in the configuration of yy nnnn. custom shop signature models: most custom shop signature guitars use a serialization system with the artists initials and the instrument production number. only the year can be identified by the serial number that is indicated by a letter prefix. the main body of the serial number is followed by an additional pair of digits and a letter.* actual number in log: benedetto did not adopt his current serial number system until his third guitar. the first number should indicate the last year of the production. as prior numbers were reserved for special instruments or presentations. by the late 1970s, they ran out of numbers and had to begin using serial numbers meant for the following years production. basses built between 2000 and 2004 will have a serial number on the headstock that has a number indicating the year followed by the prefix eb that indicates an electric bass. please refer to the next section on serializationf for 1970-1975 guitars. this new format follows a two letter and eight digit serialization system (jtyymmnnnn).

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and the number after the letter indicates the year of production: example: x(x)b7xx (a bass from 1957) 1961 to 1986: in 1961. and chet atkins ce produced between 1981 and 1983 will feature a serial number with a letter prefix followed by three digits. serial numbers on original epiphones can be found on the label.. and the remaining digit (or digits) represented the number of the instrument in production for that month. the two guitar models to have their own prefix digits and numbering system were the broadcaster ("bc") and george fullerton signature model ("gf"). your aria pro ii model is unique and i’ll explain why, but first let’s look at the history of aria and herb ellis. on the back of the peghead) with either a five or six-digit serial number. some model numbers will appear on the label visible through the f-hole. serial numbers consisted of a two-letter prefix to indicate the year. here’s how the ibanez model numbers work (of course. started using serial numbers in the mid-1970s, and models before this have no serial number. following three or four numbers are production numbers for that year. the numbers remain consecutive throughout and the following chart gives approximations of the years they occurred. located, the serial number offers clues as to when the guitar was manufactured, and the first few digits are especially important, as the numbers changed over a few decades.. seven guitar serial numbers are follwed by the letter "a".. the following codes represent most of the reissues:Number 1 2 3 4 5 8 models sg custom/sg special/les paul sg standard 1963 firebird i 1964 firebird iii 1965 firebird v/firebird vii 1968 les paul custom. the y indicates the last number of the year the guitar was built. (0)document actionsdownloadshare or embed documentembedview morecopyright: attribution non-commercial (by-nc)download as pdf, txt or read online from scribdflag for inappropriate contentserialization 1125serialization. 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 guitar g011654 g013273 g014690 g017325 g020241 g023725 g024983 g026344 g027163 g029962 bass b010382 b014266 b016108 b017691 b018063 b019627 b020106 b021788 b023013 b024288 serialization examples: 12-4387 december. following three numbers are the production number for that month.

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the serialization used on these instruments consists of a format ydddyrrr. you would need a serialization table for each model/by year to date by serialization alone). and the last three or four digits are production numbers. if a serial number doesn’t fit the coding system. but ibanez did institute a meaningful numbering system as part of their warranty program in 1975. the three ppp numbers 500-999 indicate nashville production from 1977 to 1989. when trying to determine the manufacturing date of an instrument by serialization. xx code) may not have the 0 as the first number. fender decided to move to a new numbering scheme for their serialization. dating is unknown from the last numbers of the serial number.. the number can usually be viewed from the bass side f-hole. a tl60 built in 2002 has a serial number of 63663 while a bolt built in 2000 has a serial number of 82398. 1980-1996: all g & l serial numbers are seven digits long.. the letter indicates the year in which the guitar was built and the following numbers are production numbers. the resulting serial number must still be checked in the serialization table. the last four digits indicate the number of instruments built per month through a particular production date. fons were discontinued after gibson changed to the new serialization system in 1961. and an instrument ranking number (when the guitar was built in the. guitars manufactured in the 1980s typically only used the first digit of the serial number to denote the date. last number year 92800 1935 94100 1936 95200 1937 95750 1938 96050 1939 96600 1940 97400 1941 97700 1942 97850 1943 98250 1944 98650 1945 99300 1946 99999 1947 factory order numbers (fon) letter year a 1935 b 1936 c 1937 d 1938 da 1938 e(x.

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the factory order number and any features that are particular to a specific time. the numbers are usually stamped or written on the instrument’s back and seen through the lower f-hole or round soundhole. the lowest and highest numbers represent serial numbers that have dated to a certain year. alembic started with the number 1 in 1972, and has progressed sequentially ever since. vintage reissues have their serial numbers on the neckplate and have been in use since 1982. and serial numbers were relocated to a paper label in the instrument’s interior. this is generally considered to be the most confusing out of all gibson’s serial number systems used between the years 1961 and 1970. the objective of this list is to help identify the production of numbered guitars. gibson used the same serialization system on all standard-built guitars. the cliff burton fans out there should know what the custom serial number on the back of the headstock means! while not always exact, the serial number is a useful tool. regular production set neck five-digit serialization is fairly easy to decipher: the first digit of the instrument’s serial number corresponds to the last digit of the year (i. thus:Code letter h i j k l m n o p x y z month or year number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12. serial numbers up until the late 1990s were stamped on the jackplate. eight-digit numbering scheme that covers both serializing and dating functions. the serial number works just like it did back then with the first number indicating the last number in the year of production. the f o n is the only identification number on gibson’s lower grade models (like the es-125. early serial numbers and foreign-built potentiometer codes on japanese guitars aren’t much help in the way of clues. pro ii black 'n' gold cliff burton signature demo video. top models: on models with carved or ached tops the number will normally appear on an orange label.

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example: archtop guitar #23891 and #23891-a are two separate instruments even though both are numbered the "238th". (2007) "gibson electric serialization" in blue book of electric guitars (11th ed. most important factor in determining the year of manufacture for moonstone instruments is that each model had its own set of serial numbers. the following chart of serial numbers contains several overlaps in numbers. gibson les paul deluxe (sn 620310) serial number 620310 - made in u. the approximate numbers and years are as follows:Number 100000-110000s 120000-170000s 180000-210000s 220000-251000s 252000-291000s 292000-298000s 290000-344000s 345000-370000s 380000-530000s 540000-590000s 600000-656000s 657000-660000s 670000-700000s lowest 100173 112172 156657 204352 224160 278916 261863 258495 316987 417024 595121 highest 158977 261343 263115 262774 290835 304089 331031 654030 602615 677199 717257 year 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1971-1976. gibson changed this system so every serial number starts with 2 instead of 0. sequence of hofner serial numbers does not provide an exact method for dating hofner guitars. pro ii ls-700 bk (sn 012082) - headstock back with serial number (2013-04-13 19. except a 5 or an eg separates the year and production number. the following codes represent most of the reissues:Number 2 4 6 models 1952 les paul 1954 les paul 1956 les paul number 7 8 9 0 models 1957 les paul 1958 les paul. and one for production models: custom instruments: these instruments are easily recognized by the use of a four-digit number stamped into the wood on the back of the peghead. becoming a black and white rectangle with gretsch guitars and the date-coded serialization on it. tokai tst goldstar sound - serial on neck joint plate (sn 226964). the serial number was stamped into the end of the fingerboard unless it was maple. elite/elitist models: epiphone elitist models utilize a different serialization system that consists of one letter and five digits (fynnnn). 1940-1949: serial numbers were penciled onto labels on the inside backs of gretsch’s higher-end instruments.-1969: while some models retained the serialization from the original series.  he was also featured in an aria pro ii advert with this bass and the quote "it's a bloody good axe! these serial numbers follow the same numbering scheme as most standard guitars.

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the label inside the guitar indicates that it is a model te 175 and the serial number is “1. only the model prefix and last serial numbers for each model were recorded. in general, the first two numbers in the serial number are the year the instrument was completed and the letter code designates the model. the letter appeared between the batch and instrument numbers (i. the first digit being the last one or two numbers of the year of manufacture. electric instruments were brought under the same numbering system as acoustics. heritage uses a letter prefix followed by a series of numbers. production then moved to korea where a different serialization system was used. Aria Pro II Herb Ellis model shows up with serial #1. way to cross-check the serialization from 1973 to 1976 is to check the production dates on the neck.) any matsumoku-produced instrument will have the first number as the identifier for the year." serial and model number replaced the penciled numbers inside the instruments. the serial numbers were utilized by micro-frets for warranty work. recently received a guitar that appears to be a gibson copy aria pro ii “herb ellis” model. in addition to the serial number on the back of the headstock. this is a matsumoku-produced guitar, and they were fairly consistent in using a six-digit serial number where the first one or two digits indicated the year of manufacture. there are several instances where batches of numbers are switched in order and duplicated. carvin suggests dating your guitar by certain features rather than the serial number. for example, a serial number that begins with a 1 was likely manufactured in 1981. it is important to recognize that yamaha uses two different serialization systems.

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aria guitars can be found with the trademarks of aria, aria diamond, and aria pro ii almost interchangeably, but since the early 2000s, all guitars are simply branded aria. the gibson les paul chambered reissue (also known as the cloud nine) has a "cr" prefix before the serial number. there are three separate groupings of numbers that have been identified and which are used for their accuracy. a four digit number was first used that started with 9. when production formally commenced in 1972, the first 350 guitars were numbered sequentially. the number was placed inside the electronic compartment either on the wood or on the control plate. most solid body ibanez guitars and basses didn’t feature model numbers until recently. the serial numbers started with number 100 for acoustics and around 90000 for electrics. the updated serial number code has letter prefix (a to l) that still indicates month. a modified nine digit system was introduced with a new batch number added to the previous system. a lot of different model numbers to try and keep track of. the violins, violas, and cello have their own serial number system (starting with #101) as do the electric solid body guitars and basses (starting with #1001). aria pro ii pe 175 “herb ellis” model features a laminated maple body, crème body binding, two bound f-holes, mahogany neck, 20-fret bound ebony fingerboard with split square inlays, three-per-side tuners, rosewood-based adjustable bridge, engraved “pro ii” tailpiece, layered black pickguard with “h. hofner then introduced a number of guitars based on classic american favorites from the late 1960s on. 14087-16488 16588-19189 19289-22490-a 22591-25091 25192-28092 28193-30293 30393-32994 33095-36595 36696-39496 39597-40697 40798-4349 43599-45199 45200-46200 46301-46601 year 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 number 1096-1724 1725-2938 2939-4261 4262-5303 5304-5491 year 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986. the five-digit serial number was encoded yyzzz, with the first two digits indicating the year and the last three indicating consecutive production. aria pro ii models - rsb-1500 & sb black 'n' gold & new website. series: the first in the model number designate the series: rg550bk.. some models produced in the 1960s may have the number impressed into the back of the headstock. and the four-digit numbers do fall roughly in a usable list.

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guitars manufactured in the 1970s typically feature a serial number with the first two digits of the manufacture year. the first two numbers indicate the last two digits of the year (03 indicates 2003). the second and third numbers indicate the month (numbers 01 through 12). plates with the number 5492 are considered nonauthentic because several of these plates escaped the factory and were easy to forge. the serial number should be in red and the model number written in blue or black. with the large number of guitars being produced in mexico. other fons may appear that aren’t listed here that were produced during wwii. these guitars have a vxxxxxx designation with the numbers only representing production number. the primary idea to realize is that most guild models use a separate serial numbering system for each guitar model . gibson’s factory order numbers were an internal coding that followed the group of instruments through the factory. for example, a serial number that begins in 77 was likely manufactured in 1977. the serial number would properly indicate the actual date of the guitar. the centennial models produced for the 1994 model year have an inked-on serial number that is six digits long. serial numbers are on the label and fons are ink-stamped on the inside back of the guitar. also, the stamped serial number of “1” is very interesting.. yamaha’s coding system substitutes a letter for a number indicating year and month. gibson started a new serial number system that covered all instrument lines. the serial numbers on these are unreliable as a usable tool for dating models. in the mid-1970s, the trademark changed to aria pro ii, which appeared mostly on electric guitars. a fender instrument by serialization alone can get you within an approximate range of years.

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and the following digits indicating production numbers (y nnnn or y nnnnn). custom shop: regular production custom shop guitars utilize a serialization system of csyrrrr. serial numbers found on the original music man/leo fender’s clf produced instruments ("pre-ernie ball") are not encoded in a system that indicates the production date. plus four digits for the first three years (note: this is different than the similar gibson serialization). offered a number of guitar models as well as lap steels prior to world war ii. serial numbers: all benedetto archtop guitars (except his first two) are numbered in one series, electric solidbodies and basses each have their own separate series, as do the violins, violas and cello. an "a" or "b" after the serial number indicates the rare occasion when a serial number has been duplicated. hollow body guitars had the serial number on the inside label. but a batch number was implemeted to better keep track of production and allow for more than five hundred instruments to be produced in a day. you find out how old your fender is by using the serial number?: prs basses also follow the same style of serialization that the guitars do. several exceptions exist in fender’s serialization make sure to read the entire section for all models. diamond series model 5120 by matsumoku (sn 0728021) (1970-1974) hollow-body bass guitar - a bolt-on neck joint with a plate on which serial number was engraved (2013-01-16 17. given that the first digit in the instrument’s serial number is the last digit of the year the instrument was produced (1986 would be a 6. first recorded serial number for each year year guitar bass 1980 g000530 b000518 1981 g003122 b001917 1982 g009886 b008525.. a number that indicates the last number of the year (1=1991 or 2001). the three ppp numbers 001-499 indicate kalamazoo production from 1977 to 1984. the earliest alembic models have serial numbers stamped on top of the headstock. the most common being the use of impressed numbers in the headstock of instruments. guitars manufactured after 1987 became quite specific, with serial numbers identifying the manufacture date with the first two digits and the week of the year with the third and fourth digits.

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there are no corresponding model names or numbers for this time period. the rickenbacker serial numbers during the 1950s have four to seven digits. mmm(m) references the model number with either three or four digits (i. 1987 was the first year that the volume began to resemble production numbers.. the number may be stamped inside the control cavity cover plate. when both numbers are present on a higher grade model. gibson also used factory order numbers (f o n) to track batches of instruments being produced at the time. pacifica 012 bl (sn q0p183166) - headstock back with serial number (2013-03-10 20. 1980 (56th instrument produced) 1989-2002: gretsch serialization beginning in 1989 utilized a nine digit format (yymmmmm(m)xxx). the numbers became fairly standard and the letter and first digit prefix can be used accurately. so double check the serial numbers on those 1970s l-5s. the older gibson guitars may have a serial number and a f o n. it is best to keep in mind that there are no clear-cut boundaries between where the numbers began and when they ended. serial numbers after the two-letter prefix in each separate system began with 100001 (thus. and an lb70 bass built in 1998 has a serial number of 63094. the following numbers represent where most numbers will fall into categories. serial numbers were generally placed on the back of the peghead or on a label inside the body. on older instruments, the serial number is stamped directly on the ebony fingerboard below the 24th fret. last number year a 21909 1955 a 24755 1956 a 26819 1957 a 28880 1958 a 32284 1959 a 35645 1960 a 36147 1961 700-1000s 1947 1100-3700s 1948 factory order numbers (fon) letter/number year 3700-4500s early 1949 2000s late 1949 3000-5000s 1950 6000-9000s 1951 z 1952 y 1953 x 1954 w 1955 v 1956 u 1957 t 1958 s 1959 r 1960 q 1961. and any instruments made during or right after world war ii do not bear an f o n codes.


the ernie ball music man serialization utilizes a numbering system that indicates the year through the first two digits (for example: 93537 = 1993).-neck models: if a prs guitar has a set-neck the serial number will appear on the headstock. many models were designated with a two-letter prefix and an independent numbering series for each individual model between 1966 and 1969..Home » aria pro ii “herb ellis” model te 175: prototype or first production model? i prefix: limited number of guitars built for export only in 1989 and 1990. most numbers finished at 099 and would move to the next letter. reissues: early les paul reissues produced between the late 1970s and 1993 should have an inked-on serial number on the back of the headstock. the numbering scheme changed as all models had the serial number pressed into the back on the headstock. each mexican serial number starts with an m followed by another letter (n=90s. when gibson moved to nashville they brought the serialization system with them! models that were numbered with the new two-letter prefix started each separate serial number series with 101. les paul special ii (vintage sunburst) - bolt-on neck joint plate. guitar serial number datinguploaded by wattsupnowrelated interestsstring instrumentschordophonesnecked lutesmusic technologyceltic musical instrumentsrating and stats0. and five or six additional numbers that indicate production rank.-on basses built between 1989 and 1991 will have a serial number on the neckplate that has a number indicating the year followed by a 4 that indicates.. rich serialization does provide numbers which correspond to the year, as well as the quantity of guitars that were built in that year. the last three numbers of the model number are next . serial numbers can be found on the guitars stamped down by the lower strap button. which is very similar to gibson’s standard serialization system. last number a 1304 a 2665 a 4413 a 6597 a 9419 a 12462 a 16101 a 18667 year 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954.

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on new instruments, the serial number is stamped on the truss rod cover and also in the electronics cavity (epic and orion models have the number stamped on the back of the peghead and in the electronics cavity). you can cross-reference the model name to the serial number to judge the rest of the serialization. and the montana workshop begins at number 001 (as did kalamazoo). identify the manufacture date of an Aria guitar, first locate the serial number, which is likely located on the back of the neck on an electric or in the body of an acoustic guitar. all numbers were impressed into the wood and a six-digit number was assigned. archtop guitars have a four- or five- digit serial number with configuration ##(#)yy. set neck basses built between 1986 and 1991 will have a serial number on the back of the headstock that has a number indicating the year followed by a 9 that indicates a set-neck. the 11 semi-hollow electrics and the one classical guitar are included in the archtop guitar serial numbering system. some transitional instruments bear both impressed numbers and a paper label with differing numbers. the y indicates the last number of the year of the guitar.. and the final four digits are a general numerical sequence that has no specific model numbering. were followed by three digits which were the actual "serial" number. the heritage series explorer produced between 1982 and 1983 has a serial number that starts with 1 + 4 digits. halloween is just around the corner, here's an update about an aria pro ii sighting in glenn danzig's old band samhain! serial numbers are found on the bridgeplate or vibrato backplate. there was constant overlapping of serial numbers between years and models. and the first two digits of the serial number are the year of manufacture. the serial number appears on the bridge or jackplate of the instrument. les paul classic: the 1960 les paul classic features a six-digit number like the models had in the late 1950s and early 1960s. and dissecting the serial number is a great first step in identifying the manufacture date of an aria guitar.

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