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popularity has surprised even sbs2’s executives, who were initially skeptical that their viewers would care to watch a matchmaking show entirely in chinese. ‘if you are the one’ is loosely based on a show called ‘taken out’ that first aired in australia in 2008. if you’re an australian searching for love, forget online dating: the answer may lie in china. australian candidate joe sweeney left the show without a date when the woman he had chosen rejected him, saying her parents might not approve of a relationship with a foreigner.

Why Australia has fallen bizarrely in love with a Chinese dating show

, blunt and deliciously weird, china’s biggest tv dating show is wildly popular in the one market where the show is broadcast for an english-speaking audience: australia. in china, the show exploded after its launch in 2010, reportedly attracting up to 50 million viewers per episode. this presentation will reveal the the transformation of the series for the australian audience by: 1) bringing focus and structure to what is said in chinese through english subtitles; 2) translating contemporary urban and youth slang; 3) transferring humour. of the australians who understands the show best is joe sweeney, one of a handful of westerners to have taken part.

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show is so popular that producers have launched a casting call here for 28 men and women to fly to china in december and appear in two australian specials. in the last couple of years, sbs has acquired more asian-language series - mostly reality shows, including a chinese dating show if you are the one. he was living in china when producers picked him out of the audience to appear as a contestant in 2013. within the past year ‘if you are the one’ has become one of the small public broadcaster’s most-watched shows.

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its makers, jiangsu satellite tv, now bill it as the world’s biggest dating show. Chinese dating competition 'If You Are The One' has been broadcast with English subtitles since 2013.‘if you are the one’ — in chinese, ‘fei cheng wu rao’ — has become an unlikely hit for australia’s youth-oriented sbs2 channel since the network decided to start broadcasting it with english subtitles in 2013.“i had to think hard to figure out how to handle that one,” he says.

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the number of australian residents born in china doubled over 10 years, rising from about 200,000 in 2004 to almost 450,000 in 2014. a video clip show a part of the show with english subtitles will be the highlight of the presentation. based on the format of uk dating show take me out, if you are the one has proved a ratings hit in china, attracting up to 50 million viewers an episode, and developed a cult following when australian broadcaster sbs began screening it with english subtitles.’s version of UK dating show Take Me Out invites Australian singles to apply for one of 28 places on a new series filmed in NanjingTriple j wants you to weigh in on the date of the hottest 100.

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triple j is now polling its punters to find out just how strong the support is for a date change.” asks fei, in a video aimed at encouraging australians to join what he calls the “world’s biggest dating show”. of a chinese dating show "if you are the one" for the australian audience. fact that this dating show is produced primarily for its domestic audience makes the re-versioning into english a challenge.

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he returned home, sweeney never expected the show would be a hit in australia. “the show draws candidates from all over china and from all different walks of life, something very rare for chinese tv,” she explains.'s what indigenous artists are saying about this triple j/hottest 100. labor party is about to consider changing the date of australia.

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fresh meaning to the free trade agreement between the countries, both men and women have been encouraged to apply by the show’s presenter meng fei. up by october 31st for an extended 3-month trial of youtube red. survey is anonymous — though it does ask you for demographic information — and all responses will be taken into consideration to “help shape [triple j’s] decision”. in 2013 sbs acquired broadcast rights for the series and has since screened the show weekly with english subtitles.

Taken Out- Channel Ten Australia- NEW EPISODE 2- Part 1 of 3

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might be hope yet for single australians looking for romance on their favorite chinese dating show. the youth broadcaster says, “the outcome will be announced in the coming months”. more importantly, the show is basically an unscripted talk show, and what speakers say, and the way in which they say it, is vital to the representation of the participants. dating in the dark tv reality show full episode season 2 episode 1.

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now, people are more curious; that was necessary for the show to be a success.' editors weigh in about how to move the conversation forward.“it consistently outperforms other programs on the channel with its loyal and enthusiastic following,” says channel manager caleb james.“it’s tremendous, people like my mother watch the show religiously every weekend,” he says.

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the show has become increasingly popular with australian audiences, more as a cultural education and entertainment than just a dating show. you are the one: feeding bachelors to the lions on china's top dating show. makes australians prefer the chinese version of the show to their own? Translation SeminarAs a multicultural public broadcaster, SBS TV Australia’s language policy is to make its LOTE (languages other than English) content accessible to the Australian publicMeng fei, host of chinese dating show, if you are the one, appeals for australian contestants to apply.

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