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day last summer, around noon, i called athena, a 13-year-old who lives in houston, texas. this past march, netflix released his comedy special, aziz ansari: live at madison square garden. that progress is apparent: ansari might not ever be able to transcend the hype he’s contended with from the beginning of his career, but at least he’s not content to coast on it.

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"master of none" star noël wells on working with aziz ansari and overcoming insecurities. it’s also the way into many of the concepts ansari introduced in modern romance. in all, modern romance reads a little bit like what might happen if a sociologist wrote a scholarly but accessible book about 21st-century human mating rituals, posted it on the website genius, and aziz ansari annotated it with some personal experiences and jokey stories: it’s occasionally laugh-out-loud funny, occasionally touching, and, for stretches in between, kind of dry.

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the single-topic focus allows ansari to, as he told lopate, give the jokes some breathing room. but that’s actually a good thing: master of none is brilliant, insightful, and hilarious, the perfect vehicle for ansari to animate the ideas and sociological concepts that he wasn’t quite able to make jump off the page earlier this year. and this past summer, ansari took things a step further, at least in the realm of social science, when he collaborated with the sociologist eric klinenberg on a book called modern romance that explores the nooks and crannies of dating and love in the age of the smartphone.

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ansari catches up with his fame at madison square garden. ansari doesn’t even try to emulate them, though some of his weaker moments come as he conducts “clap if you agree” insta-polls with his audience, which is tough to justify unless it supports some grand point or punchline. are no featured reviews for aziz ansari live in madison square garden at this time.

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6, 2015by chris riottait's a side of aziz ansari fans of his comedy specials and standup performances have never seen before: netflix produced an original series with the comedian as the main character, titled master of none, available friday via the streaming service. when dev invites a hot waitress on a date to a father john misty concert and she leaves him hanging for days, he gets to drive home one of modern romance’s primary conclusions: “treat potential partners like actual people, not bubbles on a screen. are no critic reviews yet for aziz ansari live in madison square garden.

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huge arena like madison square garden is almost impossible to work to a comic’s advantage—the energy has to be dialed so high to get the crowd going that it makes sense rock, cook, and hart have all succeeded in the space. ansari’s jokes often unfold as elaborately thought-through hypothetical scenarios, a sort of comedic take on the scientific method. but ansari’s perspective is fresh, his characters are totally lovable, and he’s got tons of source material to draw from.

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but ansari and klinenberg also draw on more standard tools of social science: focus groups, studies, data, surveys, and interviews with experts. humility is a rare thing to see in stand-up, since the medium requires such a unique degree of confidence, but ansari’s feels very genuine—he’s clearly self-aware about his meteoric rise to an echelon of success most comedians couldn’t even fantasize about.'s a question on how to handle modern-day feminism: what is your take on handling the bill on a date?

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both that and his second event, dangerously delicious, were fairly disjointed hours with no real organizing principle to them, mostly skating by on ansari’s infectious enthusiasm for every story he told. until now, it seemed ansari had always been racing to keep up with his rapid rise to that level, ever since he broke into the comedy world with the cult classic mtv sketch show human giant and his subsequent role on parks and recreation. we just live in this world where people are ready to talk down people on blogs or twitter or whatever, but to me the test is — let's say you're someone who criticizes things that i said on letterman.

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it’s the same technique that ansari uses in modern romance, kicking off his book with a trip to a retirement community to talk to residents about how marriage worked in olden times. can count the stand-up comedians who've sold out shows at madison square garden on two hands: eddie murphy, george carlin, andrew dice clay, chris rock, russell peters, dane cook, kevin hart, louis c.)early on we meet dev’s indian-born doctor father, played by ansari’s actual indian-born doctor father, shoukath.

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a section on the harassment women face on a daily basis both online and in-person doesn’t feel didactic or egotistical, but rather a worthy use of the huge platform ansari has; a later segment on the flakiness of the smartphone-owning generation rings true with personal detail, rather than sounding like an andy rooney rant. aziz ansari live in madison square garden on our movie forum!-release movies, 20 for tv shows), including 5 reviews from top critics.

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ansari shares his own experience, both in his relationship with his current girlfriend, chef courtney mcbroom (he’s particularly sweet when recalling their courtship, though he doesn’t use her name), as well as his less successful dating exploits in the past. sharedphoto: courtesy of netflixas an undergraduate at nyu, the comedian aziz ansari, the son of a gastroenterologist and a healthcare worker, initially planned to double major in biology and business. jon benjamin, as well as some of ansari's true family members, fatima and shoukath ansari, according to imdb.

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! aziz ansari's new netflix show has a title and release date. his first chunk of material is about his awe at the decision his parents made to emigrate from india to south carolina, and their early struggles in the states—it’s heartfelt without ever getting too saccharine, but even better, he lets it breathe onstage without delivering a ton of rapid-fire punchlines.ansari plays dev, a 30-year-old actor living in new york city struggling with career choices, relationships and choosing what to eat for breakfast, among other decisions.

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) they don’t, as it turns out, but when nina and her husband reconcile, they preach concepts cribbed from ansari’s mr interview with the sex columnist dan savage (fans of the savage lovecast will recognize strains of one of his favorite rants): “a marriage is a beautiful thing that you make together,” says nina’s husband, newly sober and loving both his wife and his new hobby of furniture making. after a set amount of reviews (80 for wide-release movies, 40 for. most stirring moment of aziz ansari’s fourth stand-up special, live at madison square garden (released this week on netflix), comes after the encore, when he brings his parents onstage and introduces them with visible excitement to the sold-out crowd.

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at madison square garden isn’t as organized around a central theme as buried alive was, but each chunk is long and carefully considered, and at no point is ansari yakking about his life hanging out with famous people, which used to be the backbone (and the most tiresome aspect) of his stand-up. ansari’s answer felt a touch defensive: “there are ideas that weave through all of them, but modern romance isn’t my stand-up turned into a book. 2013's buried alive was a big leap forward—a more introspective look at his life as a single guy surrounded by friends who were pairing off and having babies.

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