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…the post is funny…i do have an indian bf…hahaha…yeah everybody is a relative to him even the girl who married his cousin of his second cousin…aw…thing is i am not an indian and the heartbreak is not knowing until when he will keep his love for me because i know he loves me. based on that i can say most of indian men have bad nature and bad habit. do u know there are many wrong things in the indian culture but maximum are good, like if i wanna get marry then 1st my parents will decide whether i am ready for that or not. the guy introduces u to his family, friends etc- then i think that is enough proof that he is serious. far as indian men’s lack of social life aspect is concerned , then certainly it is not as active so as to include affairs outside marriage ( a majority of men i mean ) . there is something about the south indian guys that set them world apart. even i told him why dont she complain in the indian police to catch him for his fraud? woman’s virginity is highly valued — and often expected — in many indian households. i can say is that your observations are refelctive of the crude and unsophiticated image of the indian male. i have known a few indian men who marry outside their culture only to end up in divorce later on. i think that the author is from a remote part of some village who is against indians! i don’t know why this kinda image (bad one) reflects of indian males? damage that fobness does to indian men’s game is why americans seem to have by far the lowest opinion of indian’s game out of any country, as indian americans tend to be much more recent arrivals and make a smaller portion of the population there than say in the u.  personally, i think brown and asian guys who actually think they couldn’t get girls of different backgrounds because of their own race never leave the house much or they think “that couple doesn’t count because the guy is good looking or ripped etc. things that make it so great to date a south indian guy. this man changed my perception about indian men and indian culture. but i can say i agree with jaded about indian images because it happened to me. the indian men i have seem to be real d’s… ; however like you said, “despite their crude exterior and rude attitude, they are docile at heart., you were attached with an indian, dont u think if there was yr fault that without knowing to eachother ( i mean the family n all) you fall for him. shalimar and waking up,I just wanna tell u that none indian mother teach her son to cheat anyone coz they also know if the same thing happens in their family then what the pain will be. a danger in dating someone from the same culture as you is the assumption that you value the same things. are some things in South Indian guys that set them world apart. monica my friend is an indian and looking for true. indian culture is unique and different and we need to respect it . people, i have had 3 indian boy friends, and i can vouch for it that they are big jerks.“people need to look at bigger picture in life not just single indian men out”. people tend to not hit up nightlife all that much, so when you do spot a hot brown girl in the bar or club make a beeline for her if there aren’t many other brown guys in the venue. this is not only for indians but this is basically for men’s. because due to few guys if you blame on any nation, that’s bad. just because your indian dating experience is far from that, there are likely some expectations about gender roles and the progression of a dating relationship. have seen many indians as well as foreigners (male and female both) who has more than one relations. which we indians did not see and when the men goes there they like to use women then.

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so for ladies in the world, be careful and don’t trust indian men, because they just give you suffering for your life. groups of people have different behaviors, customs, attitude in general which could never apply for every individual, but as a stereotype they are also not ‘wrong’…other groups have similar or sometimes partly the same ‘features’ but the described ones it in their entirety quite well to indian men in general…. the years, indian men got a bad name all over the world. as such, the skin tone of brown men dating out actually skews darker than brown male population as a whole. think you shouldnt generalize all indian men by your one or two bad experiences!! i have dated only one indian guy(also the last one) in my life, though at the beginning i already had a general idea of that most indian guys are the biggest cheaters in the world(because i had dealt with them during past working experience in a trading company), but still i believe there might be a miracle or an rare exception in this world, actually the reason i tried to believe him is that i do liked him because he is really a good looking guy which is kind of not that typical indian look“`he is smart and polite by the way, and he comes from a good family background as well. this is to put indian men down so that the indian women think of them as weak, and women don’t like weak men. i got the answer 7 years back from one indian itself! can be kind before the marriage and then someone els after the marriage the guy can be an actor so pray to gad girls and inchallah maybe you will find the man of your life. the one’s that do sleep with white guys will also sleep with brown guys as well. i shared it because i want to warn women whole the world to be careful with indian men. even i, a completely westernized brown guy who’d already been dating white girls before i started cold approaching had that thought creep into my head a few times early on while doing direct daygame on the street. westernised indian girls do however detest the  fobish indian men just like their white sisters do.. the indian man i knew told me about hit and that things, he said just like this: if my wife do something i dont approve, i will hit her. i like to say truth and this is what i show u the indian mentality but people can not understand.’m a latina and i’m marrying my indian boyfriend! why indian guys always like to use and take advantages of girls when they go abroad is because most of them do not have any real love experience with woman in their life in india, so basically they do not understand what is love and care. my indian fiancé must not be indian then coz he aint rude, crude or lazy. u can not say indians are like this, every where all over the world you can find men like this even in usa, uk or africa ! young guys generally have an easier time standing out with a little dress sense as well due to the abysmal competition. all the facts said here are very much true, my sister is married to a south indian guy and she found all the points you have shared here. i say indian women like pardesi gori go the other way and marry a non indian. so agree with this post… i see this even with some of the ‘urban’ guys of today… i’m a young woman that has only seen the negative qualities in all indian men that i have come across and trust me that is quite a lot. ,what make you think that if you were to marry a guy from your race, he would be better than you ‘ex’, what if he turns out to be worse than the ‘idiot’. south indians, be it tamilian, telugu, keralites or kannada; each of these tall, dark and handsome guys make excellent dates. as a girl, we should love and cherish ourselves first before being loved, that is very important, live a happy life, be strong and be happy, don’t allow some indian idiots destroy our good view of the world, we should keep our faith and believe most people in this world are kind and nice people, there will always be someone there right for us, ok? just about searching about characters of indian men in a site and suddenly found this site. most of the indian guys wanna fun instead to do any commitment. please try, if you are unmarried, to ask for a dowry in the modern indian marriage market and you will know how much india has moved on from the image you protray above.) because of the above reason, many guys from my city are exceedingly lecherous 😛. other words he’s saying; “yep, after dating and mating with willing women (as if willing women are bad? but i understand by it; that many of the indians having a double role at home & abroad?

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but ladies no one ever tells you about the advantages of marrying an indian man. as showcased by the once endless stream of “do girls from x country like indian men?  this post will explore the in’s and out’s of game for brown men, exploring both the causes and the solutions for their problems with dating interracially..I dont want to be an indian or an american… i want to be an earthian., where one can meet thoroughly westernised third generation indians whose ancestors have lived there since the 1960’s. actually came across this entry while i was searching for tips about interracial relationships, particular indian and filipino. completly agree with u im in a very commited realationship with my man who is indian and im australian we have been together for 27 months he is also very well educated smart treats me with loads of respect yes we have our fights but thats normal he can be lazy but he also helps out he is cute caring and loving and always makes time for me no matter wat he has a great personality his family loves me and mine love him so wat people are saying about all indian men is not true because my partner is nothing like them. so if your indian boyfriend hides you from his family or is too traditional, its better for you to break up and look for a new lover. that’s why it’s more difficult for indians to get visa from my embassy than people from other country. an indian male in 2008 is not as crude as you make him out to be.? because indian (and asian) men have such a high proportion of beta males among them that white women sometimes automatically think you’re beta., this may not be the case for many guys there…. indian men are not the only men capable of being jerks. so, before going in any relationship i would like to suggest to every female kindly check the guy whether he can go against to their parents or not? i ever do marry an indian man, he jolly well give me a huge dowry. so u cannot have one set of rules for “indian men”. tell you the truth, i think a relationship between an indian man and a woman from another country, can work, but is not usual….(who says indians are fat lol , no offence but you should look at non indians) bu t any indian even fat is cute. u dont know about the indian culture then dont comment. working on losing any accent you may have is very important, although most recent migrants who still have accents would rather marry a plain jane indian doctor and start a family than learn game so that will not apply to most of you. not all indian men are the same just like not all men are the same… my partner is indian hes best thing that i could ever wish for in every way .!I am married to an indian after 6 years in love. agree with guys out here, that indian men have to do the balance act of having in life someone he likes and at the same time managing the complex family structure. think it would take more than watching bollywood movies or hearing/reading about indian men to fully get a grasp of how it is to have a relationship with one. so here i can not say all indian guys are same but i can say 99% of them are selfish. , i can’t understand why is the extended family system of india under so much attack by westerners and many indian women ( yes , i did mention women here ) themselves ., so many responses from girlfriends of indians, where are the wives? and guys begin to live life for tomorrow, cribbing will hurt u more, depress u more. to the work of the roosh v forum’s indian race troll, the subject of brown men and interracial dating has come under a lot of scrutiny. she is typecast of as the beautiful, submissive, clever, deft woman who is forever under the jackboot of the indian male. according your statement above i get conclution that many indian parents are not success to be good parents for their sons, coz their failure to make their sons to be good person for everyone. i am an indian and a hindu to be precise and neither me nor my friends dated any girl till now and all of us are above 25 and i am sure that i will be always loyal to my wife in case i get married and i am sure my friends will do that so as far as i know 80% of indians are like that in your case he was not a hindu and my i ask you which country are you from by the way if you dont mind me asking.

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am also an indian and to be an indian i am proud, because we dont lie, most of my family members are abroad. the other one is nice, but after being very close for six years, he met and married an indian girl within 4 months, last winter. still, if i can meet an indian man who has his own mind, i would marry him! the indian female has not yet come under the scanner as yet. i have an indian bf and we plan to marry next year but goshhhhh…should i? reason most indian families are adverse to white ppl is because they are afraid they will cheat and have bad morals. final piece of advice to brown guys is not to avoid gaming brown girls, but also to realize that they are not pure snowflakes. you’re both indian, don’t take tradition for granted., i couldn’t agree more, i always knew that my perception of my indian man was correct, wait wait, it’s “karek”. think calling indian men mumma’s boys brings to the surface the seething jealousy of many women and their intent on stealing their husbands from their mothers. this comment might go down well with westerners who might be used to single moms and single dads or some indian women too might fight it interesting enough ( i am referring only to those indian women with evil intent who are are conspiring to be home wreckers once they get married , so please don’t get me wrong here). focus on broader topics,White girls, indian men are ready for u. you still remember what your cousin told you about indian man who leaved his wife in aus ? brown girls prefer brown guys, even the ones with predominately white friends. this, in combination with bollywood movie storyline’s cause indian men to place their own women on gigantic pedestals, but also see non-indian women as out of reach., i have an indian bf and we met in net only, we are 1yr and 4mos now and getting a stronger relationship. the poor indian bride has to hold her own right from day 1, and in a decade she’s good to go. i have an indian bf and he is the best bf i ever had!:fair colored brahmin, with 6’2” height (a bit unusual for indians),athletic physique. ur so right, my fiance is just like that, i love him to bits, i think everyone needs a guy like the ones we got 😀.’re right, maybe it’s basically for men to have fun only instead to do any commitment to anyone, but indian men are the biggest and the number one for that in the world. i am an indian lives in delhi even i am also hurted by an indian, does not mean if i should blame to that girl too. being my self an indian i have freinds from usa whom i have never met and still best closet freinds on the phone or chat and lots of marican girls want to marry me. there is nothing wrong in past relationships, he(your bf) is assuming that you are “loose” because you (may) have slept with your bf (virginity is still highly priced by indian men). “man”, a guy who has fun the way he wants to while studying here, goes to india to get married because of his insecurities and low self-esteem, because they don’t have the confidence of marrying an independent, beautiful and smart american (or american-indian) woman and of course, they cannot control her (ther prime wish due to insecurities). even i am an indian but whatever is the truth i told u very openly. for the last time i want to tell you, my reason to write it here because i want to share my very bad experience with indian man to every women whole the world so then they can be more carefull with them.  white girls also do not have to worry about being judged by their friends or family if they sleep with you, as there is zero social stigma for dating with a brown guy either (at least in the places where most of the indian diaspora live), which is the biggest hurdle to interracial dating that there is. because indian men should only marry virgins even if they are not virgins themselves”. i love indian culture, i use to read the times of india everyday, and many books about indian culture and tradition. should the flow of new immigrants come to a halt, the collective game of indian men would climb rapidly as they westernize, break out of their enclaves and abandon their traditional views on sexuality morality which stunts the development of their game.(((( these imperfections are in regards to not life , just becuse indiands are intelligent and get good jobs is a reason they lack in other fields but i feel honesty has a price)))).

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there are many indian men here married to malay women and converted to muslim. you know if u complaint to the indian police or in yr country about whatever he did make promises with u, he will really be caught and also put in yr complaint that he can harm you and i am sure that he wont harm you. if he is indian , american or african what so ever. disclosure before we proceed: i am an extremely westernised brown guy from a non-indian background, but am mistaken for one half the time so i consider myself qualified to help my fellow brown men out. traditionally, indian dating wasn’t even an option, with arranged marriages being the norm. indian boyfriend, sameer, is the best guy in the world! beyond the label of “indian” and get to know your date from scratch, ignoring all preconceived ideas about what an indian date will be like. i know this time indian mens image is bad like a loose character. i know indians are really nice people but when it comes to marriage most of them are narrow minded. darker brown guys are actually more likely to date white women. interesting and like minded verified singles in your city on india’s best dating and matchmaking app. i get married to someone (either white or any indian), as she will treat my parents i will do the same. indian men should learn to be racist and protect what they have. he is an indian but has lived major part of his life outside india (europe, usa). that means in terms of personality, now that we have a common personality embedded in a chip at the bangalore facility for manufacturing indian men. i don’t know about the situation of the relationship between you and your husband and of course between this indian man and his wife. because their natures indian men get bad name and bad image in the world. women of foreign origin who cannot fathom cutural aspects & family system of indian society should refrain from making such mocking references to indian men and their matrimonial prospects. the reason is indian women like to adjust but now a days if something is wrong on the hubby side then they give them the lesson. 7 that indian mothers condition their sons to to be slaves of the women in the family is totally preposterous. but please dont use the word “indians” to describe about him. author’s very mention of family pack that the guy come with ( where even a mother & a father are separately listed and not as one entity ie. if you’re not indian and your date is, celebratory social occasions and family events will likely become part of your life. are right angel, i’m in love now with indian man. all im sayin is for u people thats been hurt from an indian man dont take it out on others because everyone is different u can never have the same okay! do respect women and indian women so the above stated comments about the fairer sex shouldn’t be taken as a generalisation. am fascinated to all ideas and exchange of experiences about indian men. but yes, my family and i worried about indian image. ones who don’t know many brown guys think we all fit certain stereotypes and the assumption that you are beta right off the bat will just be something you’ll have to overcome either through game, getting ripped in the gym or doing something like getting piercings or tattoos. since these are the girls that indian men will have to approach the most as they improve their game, racism is not the primary issue here. first i thought it was because of being able to pull off “black guy swag” (all those years of being called “ma nigga” by suburban white kids who’ve never met a black guy will not have been in vain! then why do some indian men struggle with non-indian women?Migliore app dating italia

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am not indian, i am from argentina, and what about u guys? those whose hearts have been broken by indians, my sincerest apologies to you.) be sure to talk about what being indian means to you in practical, everyday terms. would u like to go with an asshole who doesnt eat curry or a good guy who eats curry. and that’s why i warn every women whole the world to be careful with indians and don’t ever trust them otherwise you will get suffering in your whole life. whatever, i married an indian man, which is one of the the biggest mistake i made in my entire life. but the generalization of indian men doesn’t do justice to indian race in general and indian men in particular. the portion of girls who are closed off to dating brown guys don’t give a damn whether you’re on the lighter or the darker side. this is not acceptable and it will not give a good impression on indians! if you are dressed like the average dude, girls will assume you are an average (read: geeky beta) indian., not all, indian men, both rural and mostly urban, are confused, insecure, pathetic, supremely lazy and cowardly; used to being pandered to by mummmmy.” which only proves my point that race is not a critical factor for brown guys in dating. to you if you don’t believe on any moslem but here we don’t talk about any religion but we talk about indian natures and habits. i dont trust on anyone to whom i find on the net, because none of the guy here gives the right information. roosh explicitly states in bang ukraine that indian men also do well with ukrainian girls, a sign that the traditional mindset of most indian men that western women detest is something that women in non-feminist countries may actually prefer. indian men generally treat them with respect, and they just dont chuck them as white guys do. i was still with him, everybody around me always warn me to be careful with him because as i told you in my previous message indian have bad image in my country. find indian women to be one of the cheapest breed on the planet. said about me “how ever what i can understand is you are also stuck in a mental block same like most of the indian elders! seriously, i could forgive my other 2 bfs, our relationship had to end , because of the problems in the guy’s family (caste mainly ), but yea, that is one spineless thing to do to leave your gf coz she is not being approved by your parents.’t miss: 6 things indian guys have to understand when learning game. most indian men consider their women to be their property, and if you become their loyal dog, they will not reciprocate the same in most cases :-(., i am dating an indian, and here are my points to marry him 🙂. advantage to dating an indian — whether you are or not — is that dating intentions are rarely vague. she’ll never meet any other guy quite like you. well in the indian society, we are bound to do things according with our parents, but when a person (indian man) goes abroad and sees the world on his own then there is no boundation coz there he is a free bird and then he does such kinda things. i am also an indian but i am pretty sure that few can take action against to their families but maximum can’t. the vast majority of guys of every race have poor game. first off it should be noted that it’s not like south asian men are the only guys who struggle with dating. i wish it lasts forever……the destiny for me and that indian men is the best thing in my life. because our rich indian cuture and way of living has elements absent in your’s , that doesn’t make it wrong or a subject of silly humour/sarcasm. some indian men will be quite progressive in their view of women’s roles in relationships, some are still quite traditional.Dating site with cute guys

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there are roughly twice as many east asian than south asian people in my city, yet brown men date out more heavily than asian and middle eastern men and i even see a fair few brown guy – asian girl pairings as well now but none of the other way around. know a few extremely good looking girls, going for not so good looking indian men but they are soooo happy. so here are the top ten reasons to marry an indian man. ever what i can understand is you are also stuck in a mental block same like most of the indian elders! whatever the perception you have about the indian guys, i agree somehow. better for a guy to be mamma’s boy because he actually is his mothers’ boy and no one would want him to be his wife’s boy ( read : affectionate slave of his wife given to all her silly whims and fancies ). think indian men are cute but they like to lie, cheat and mess around on their wifes and the wifes are stupid enough to keep them because of the arranged marriages. husband wife are never as close as indian couples are. met a few indian guys and they turned out to be jerks. it’s not easy for me and my whole family to trust indian anymore after my previous experience with indian but i have to say nice to know you, amit. now you don’t be angry and confused with people whole the world who have give bad name and bad image for indian men.” questions, there clearly exists a subset of indian men who are anxious about whether or not they will have success dating non-indian girls. maybe your reffering to those traditional old indian men, have you been living under a rock? thoughts on “14 things that make it so great to date a south indian guy”. indian female, i must admit, get the better part of the bargain. i never knew about indian culture but i was really shocked of what is happening to me. ask questions and show both enthusiasm and respect for these new experiences, understanding that some family members may be cautious about immediately embracing an “outsider,” especially if the expectation is that your significant other will marry an indian. but after what happened on yesterday it’s hard for me to trust indian. now my whole family hate everything about india, include indian movies. unfortunately, many indian men who sleep with their girlfriends still hope to marry a virgin. so i want to tell you we don’t talk about a man who doesn’t live with his mother anymore and then he is be a free bird but we talk about indian men natures. indian men usually dont marry divorced white women with kids. well i have been asking every one why wishing to marry an indian guy wthout even dating him and just on talks on the phone and chats or cam. i said my husband is an indian and im a sri lankan.( important – i know a few excellent indian guys who are v. i had a “relationship” with an indian man during almost 2 years, but was by internet, so, i cant say i knew him. i really want to know how their parents, especially their mother teach them to be a human being until indian guys get and have bad name and bad image and famous as cheater, fraud, bastards and player whole the world ? indians in america drink a lot in their homes, almost every night and weekend. come on in, marry the indian men, we’ll look after you allright, along with the others, part time, that we still cherish and care for. the women hate blonde white females and even though they have lived in the west for a while still keep their indian accent. i must say that you haven’t had a taste of most indian men these days. that’s why it’s more difficult to indian to get visa from my embassy than people from other country ( read my comment to rushi below ).

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you are her one and only shot for her to score her indian flag., if sex is important to you in a dating relationship, your date needs to know that. its not fashionable to call the spade a spade and point out the shortcomings of the indian female. it’s better if you consider their opinions ( family, friend or relatives ) about indian men. can’t generalize “all” indian men in your description of them! i only date indian’s and i can’t wait to marry an indian man! get to know one indian man and i’m sure your going to change your mind. two times burned, but i still love indian culture and i hope one day to meet a good indian man like mentioned above. there will always be some portion of non-brown girls who are either completely closed off to dating out or whose mistaken assumption that you are beta just for being indian costs you a potential bang you would’ve gotten had you been white. why as an indian boy im forbidden to date white girls even though i would treat one with respect.. i am married to an indian and having a great life. yes, most indian guys are the biggest cheaters in the world include in the business and romance. parents just to increase the count of guy’s family members ) makes me cringe with horror . from experience i can tell you that when an indian woman marries she has no voice and has to please her husband at all times…. did your parents also tell u to fall for that guy? all indians are like what this blog says, but a majority of them are(i have a few friends who perfectly fit this category [:d]). an indian guy in his 20’s ( still a bachelor ) , i would like to say that all the reasons to marry an indian men are disgusting , uncouth and are designed to malign the true nature of indian culture. everyone has the potential to play games, indian culture traditionally takes the quest for a mate quite seriously and doesn’t look fondly on casual dating. it’s clear that this is not a serious post and i don’t think the author was dumb enough to lump all indian men in these categories. have met an indian guy in a marriage web dating site, both of us wants marry. this is why brown guys who say they struggle with white girls actually struggle with every race of girl, because they have no game. that’s why i said indian men don’t have self esteem at all.’m marrying an indian man for all 10 reasons…he’s worth every one!.I am married and had an affair to a indian men (an executive in one of the biggest company in india). believe that not all indian men are to be taken negatively but as for my experience, i have an emotional distress in a relationship with an indian boy. if you’re swole and wearing a tank top or are rocking an urban, punk, indie, metalhead, hipster or any other kind of distinct look you will pique her interest due to your rarity and escape much of the negative beta connotations you’ll get for dressing like the average guy does. indian men are slaves to their parents and will never be able to defend their wives in front of their parents. have had a very sad experience of loving an indian man but i wouldn’t dare to think that all indians are cheaters or liars…it’s a great nation that has deep traditions, rich culture and i am sure that there are many spiritual and honest people in it. but i’m wondering why indian men are very famous whole the world as cheater, fraud, player and bastard over the years. was just searching why woman want to always marry wid indian guy but not tends to have fling or short term relationship. as i am also an indian single 38 and into the it sector and my thinking is if i fall for anyone then i wont hesitate to get marry.!Please, the way i see it is you have had a bad experience with an indian man, but guess what just like all men from all cultures there is assholes out there.

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’s true to the larger extent the points raised by my friend, am indian and single, still look for a good partner, i have not found, am obedient to elders, hopefully i shall get marry this year. marrying a member of that genus results in indian women growing up and acquiring survival skills sharp enough to one day produce offspring socially unlike their fathers. my current boyfriend is indian and we have talked about taking the next step. hell, the latest fad for hipster white girls at the moment is wearing bindi’s on their forehead, not to mention the popularity of indian culture and yoga among the swpl types. most women complain about immaturity, insensitivity, and insufficient evolution of indian men. myself: i should tell you guys about myself so that you can judge a typical middle class boy with a village background whose father somehow managed to get out of the shell and finally i made it to america. in reality, it is not the darker pigment that is responsible for indian men’s interracial dating troubles. seems intelligent coz believe me i dont want to have indian friend(im a flilipino). indian and asian men starting out in game use racism as a defence mechanism to rationalize and distance themselves from the damage inflicted to their ego by their first rejections on approaches. western interaction with indian male has been going on for much longer and hence opinions have been formed – some positive and others negative. it possible for an indian man (gujarati specifically) and filipina to get married? believe it or not but i was raised in canada and am married to an indian man. admit that you might suck, all the guys of other races just starting out suck too. sympathize with the ladies who have had problems with indian men, but as a non-indian, i can tell you that there are jerks in all races and nationalities. you shalimar for sharing the experience because i have sisters who search after a guy in sites and they think that the guys want a woman for marriage sorry for my bad english i just started to learn at school secudary. but hey, you can do the same to the indian male. calling the indian female a nagging, unsophisticated dosent help readership, does it? would like to say to those women who are uncomfortable with the so called concept of ‘family’ of the guy , would be well-off marrying an orphan homeless boy or let your murderous instincts get the better of you and plan on erasing the guy’s family before getting married to him. myself know many guys who just wanna bang white chicks and brag about it. i am with a non-indian man and sometimes he is difficult to be with. unfortunately bad things happen in our life and once an indian guru told me: nothing lasts forever: no good moments neither bad moments! one excellent reason for getting hitched to an indian (biological) male left out, i think. because i recently met an indian man who went here in my country to finally meet me after almost two years of correspondence through chat and emails. each person will define “indian dating” differently, but there are some things to consider when seeking a relationship with someone from india. people, i feel happy to at least see few successful indian husband cases, god bless those few good men. in humor, observation | tagged culture, indian men, marriage, qualities of indian men, reasons to marry indian men, why marry indian men | 187 comments., i’m not surprised to read comments about indian men by jaded who probably watched too much of make believed bollywood movies or hindi tv dramas but do not generalize a particular race because of a person or persons..This is an attack upon indians to push for separation between indian men and women. remember that most white girls in the cities where most diaspora indians live grew up with some of them from kindergarden. that’s i mean from my words about indian parents. we (men of indian persuasion and proud of it) will happily admit to some of your scarcastic generalisations, your comments presume, item number 7 for instance, is a bad thing.!All the indian men are probably exactly what you cite out to be. How to hook up an outdoor hd antenna

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there tends to be a direct correlation with how culturally attuned an indian is to his ancestral background to how worse he’ll do with western women, simply because their traditional mindset, it’s ensuing pedestalization and overall betaness are a massive turn off for them. for your comment on my previous post and im really sorry for what happened to you from the indian guy. person you’re dating is a typical indian male ’cause he lives upto certain stereotypes about indian men (notably dominating, beating, laying out rules for your “protection”, calling you “shameless” for having an ex-bf). you’re right not every indians are bastard but in my country most of them are cheater and criminals. dated an indian guy and he was so nice, thoughtful and generous at first and then after he became so weird especially about his parents like everywhere we go the parents must not know it. my case, to be honest i don’t love him anymore and i’d love to ask indian police to arrest him for his fraud to me.. i have been dating a hindu guy from mumbai for six months. by as time passed, it is disappointing to know that he still shares the similar bad habits as the rest indian fellows who is selfish at heart and not thoughtful at all, no matter how much care you give him he will not be remembering it and he think he deserve all this without giving back the same care for others“`but for me it is ok to get through all these bullshit because i had a bit prepared for it. thing u wrote about the indian parents, i am totally not agree with you coz you are directly blaming to their parents, once you meet with them (his parents i mean) or anybodies parents here and will tell them what he did, seriously they will teach them a lesson. i can also laugh at them, they are meant to be funny as well as to provoke…and obviously did very well looking at all these comments …and btw i anyhow love ‘my’ indian guy.#will never ever ever ever introduce my gf (no matter indian or american) to my parents unless i am sure she is the one whom i can fight for. indian guy do promises but when there is the question of marriage then they back off. also, when you are dating any man, you should take your time getting to know him before you marry him.(((((indian men like to make their wifes very happy so yes you are in control)))))). proof to everyone that you are not like typically of indian man who has bad nature and bad image in this world. that time they promise everything but when they talk to their parents, their tone get changed (especially with asians, i am an indian so can say about them and thats true). now my whole family hate everything about india, include indian movies. my fellow brown writer bojangles wrote an excellent post entitled “6 things indian guys have to understand when learning game” where the first point and perhaps most critical point he made was that brown men need to let go of limiting racial beliefs and insecurities if they want to improve their game. all those women complaining about indian men being too controlling, boring and old fashioned should marry a nigerian man. both of you guys seems like wasting each others time…. of the most common insecurities among brown guys asking for game advice is that non-brown girls and in particular, white girls are racist against brown men in terms of dating. am 34m/indian and was eager to marry an foreigner. but indian parents, when it comes to the marriage of their children; they are still stuck with culture, relatives, neighbors, etc. but hey who is any one to say anythign to anyone but all i can say is indian men have one thing intact. shalimar, i believe your “ex” is an insecure indian as**** . boss is an indian national and i find him really atractive. love this too,i’ve had intellectual conversations with some indian men and i must admit indian culture has the highest respect for everything in this world,and i like the way they are very interested in the spiritual world ,a very beautiful race,at least the men have an amazing anatomy ,im a fine artist and i’ve made plenty of anatomical studies, i must say they have the most correct anatomy even if they are not tall,they are brave enough,On 27 august 2008 at 2:37 am | reply nova. at the end of the day however you’re  just going to have to approach that extra % more than other guys to match their results, which in the long term will help you because the better your game gets, the less race (and a myriad of other factors) matter. he told me, indian marriages last long because indian wives has a great patience. am in love with an indian man … he is nothing like how you describe them to be …. you will have your shot at her just like guys of every other race will. i think its great, india has something special, but about indian men, i dont know. How to respond to first online dating email

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