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my friend and i were always going to try a cantenna. i’m afraid you may be doing your readers a disservice by glossing over the technical details of setting up the network. your first point is nullified by your second point, and he specifically mentions that he kicked the “normal” comcast internet with the restricted sharing tos to the curb. the use of ubiquiti products you can get rid of the huge antennas and they are way more manageable using a mesh network repeaters with their 802. if you don’t think they should, but do it anyway because it’s offered, i suppose that’s your right. used to have a phone/tv/internet package at a reasonable rate. i assembled the 24dbi monstrosity, and this is how big it ended up:Rf engineers will note right away that in this picture, i had the shiny receiver part in the center mounted sideways – it needs to be rotated 90 degrees. us know when the comcast lawyers show up at your door! i don't really get the wifi internet set up with all of these devices? but i wanted to pipe up that i hate comcast too. you'll want to do the following:Make sure you've positioned your wireless gateway or router in the most ideal location within your home.’ve contemplated this idea and have been one of the most vocal comcast haters on the web, but have a few concerns:1. if this article becomes popular someday in the future, it may help tilt the balance of power (and the flow of monthly fees) away from the big cable companies and back into the hands of computer-savvy people like you and me. every time there was an issue, it was either internet related (internet drops out) or internal networking related (client wireless access card fails, or their router dies). plus you just became the neighborhood it guy if anyone has issues with their internet. in 2011, the fiber optic vote came back on the ballot, and comcast funded yet another disinformation campaign with the catchy name “look before we leap“. on my street i also provided free wifi to about 10 neighbors up and down the street — its definitely a great way to get to know them! i use a iview 3500stb to record shows, and i don't even have to pay for an internet connection unless i want extra entertainment. friends and i wondered, “if several people all live close together, is it theoretically possible to share a single internet connection, linking multiple homes with long-range wi-fi antennas? use a very small internet service provider that we found online and through word-of-mouth. the wireless access was installed, i boosted it with a small 1 watt signal booster plugged into that antenna and the usp port, i was able to send and receive at over 1 mpbs connected to a winery’s router from over one mile away, with a perfectly clear line of site. i pay a month for very crappy uverse internet with att (3 mbs) and 0 a month for even worse dish satellite for 250 channels, of which we watch 25. the hoa is the owner of the account, the hoa can then legally share out the internet access to its ho members.

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are also some internet plans that are specifically allowed to be shared among multiple sites (business plans and offerings from smaller isps). it’s been so long – i can’t remember what the reason was that i dropped comcast – but i can still remember the intense hatred and frustration i felt when i swore i would never be their customer again. cable company was afraid of having to compete with a potentially low-cost internet access program from the city, but since that wouldn’t make a very good sales pitch, they did it by lying instead: saying that the city would be spending taxpayer money on the project. for more details, see our xfinity internet minimum system recommendations. notes on comcast: after reading many of the comments below, i realize just how widespread the dislike for this company is. decades, cable television was the best way to get quality shows geared toward specialized audiences. first step to optimizing your internet speed is to know what your current download and upload speeds are when you're connected to your in-home network. always had this nagging thought that it is ridiculous that people living so physically close to each other have to pay ten separate bills, while we could easily share one connection. phone now connects to my home wi-fi network even when visiting neighbors many houses away. netgear offers a variety of prosupport services that allow you to access netgear's expertise in a way that best meets your needs:Professional wireless site survey. i do have a high speed cable internet connection, and about 2 months ago comcast offered a bundle price cheaper than i was paying for just the high speed internet. for about 4 years up until just about 6 months ago i live out in a remote area in the country where the only high speed internet in town was comcast. so i can stream my favorite pandora internet radio through the phone, which is fun for parties and also for outdoor construction work, which i do mainly close to home. with many housing materials, this will be sufficient to provide internet to laptop users in both houses. plug one into an internet connection and position the others so they have line-of-sight to at least one other radio. are my tips to comcast as a starter for how to make your customers hate you less. to configure your netgear router for cable internet connection with smart wizard. you ship your cable box back to its machiavellian overlords, you'll need a way to funnel streaming content directly to your tv. i did read something about someone getting these cable channels with his clear stream 4 antenna set up. but once you have it set up, you benefit from great-quality internet access at a price much lower than what the bad guys are charging. about a year ago i gave my neighbors my internet password. if i were to do this, i’d even take it a step further, and require a vpn connection to my internal lan before the wireless client could use my internet. optionally plug a computer into them as well to provide internet to that computer.

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– i’m not sure if this is legal in canada (it should be), but i’m always so surprised when i see that everyone in an apartment building has their own wifi. i could do light internet surfing, but the connection reset or dropped so often that streaming, games, and a lot of other applications were straight out. while you may be friends with your neighbors, you can’t know them that well, and internet usage is a somewhat anonymous activity at this point (likely to change due to dumbass politicians), which often leads to uncharacteristic behavior. these things are done by for-pay isps, and in companies where employees have internet access. i had to take over a network one time that they bounced the signal off 4 repeaters to get it to an office away from the main location. article is bs first of with all these streaming service u need a internet connection which u forget to include an decent connection would be at least 60 dollars a month with a tv package thats another 720 a year! unless you have some sort of rudimentary way of probing the antenna pattern (in both the near and far field) with a 802. brief, you configure these at the meraki website, set them up, indoors or outdoors, and plug them in. or is there a way to see the new comments without digging for them?, if you want to get fancy, you can set up qos (quality of service) policies on your router. but in the end, comcast just out-spent the council by a huge margin and stupidity won the day. trees get water on them and the signal fades – so that link you setup in winter may stop working in summer..htpc are the way to go for serious cord cutters with xbmc it is free open source software yet they don't talk about this option? if that doesn’t scare you off, here are the benefits:Sharing an internet connection with a friend can save each person 0 per year or more. if i had to guess, it would be a child, setting up another wireless ap … or a friend of a child that had a wpa secret stored on a wireless device.“as noted in the article, there are plenty of uses for long-range wi-fi that are not related to sharing an internet connection. with avoided costs and small ‘profit’ over internet cost for my time, that works out to be about 0/year after the equipment costs are recouped! need to be frugal to hate comcast – many of my big spender friends get totally pissed at them when they can’t provide even basic levels of service to their customers that pay them over 00 a year! and broad sharing of your internet connection effectively makes you an isp as well. the main point behind these business plans, aside from being allowed to share the connection, is that they give you a static ip address – allowing you to run a server on your own property that you can get to from the internet. i'm a big football fan, is there a way to stream games live?: how to buy a set top box or streaming media player.’m always trying to tell people that the mmm family does not lead a minimalist life.

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i did read a tiny bit about the tivo roamio set up. but this idea of "free tv" when you're paying for broadband internet access is just delusional. your home wi-fi network to include a big swath of your neighborhood allows you to make voice-over-internet phone calls even when not at home. you set it to client, then use its “site survey” feature, you’ll get a list of dozens of available networks, along with their signal strength in db. an apple tv is a good choice for consumers who already own a lot of apple devices, while if you plan to do a lot of gaming, a ps4 or an xbox one is the way to go. you have a dsl internet connection, see one of the following articles:If your router uses the netgear genie user interface, see how to configure a netgear dsl gateway for internet connection with netgear genie. i may be able to access wifi from a winery about a mile away with this system. don’t know; the apartment we just moved out of (with police action pending when they decided to enter the unit without notice, throw everything in it away, and prep the space for the next tenant five days before our lease and rent expired) used meraki. in the end, we succeeded in getting both houses to share the single internet connection. the main goal is to share the knowledge, and to publicize comcast’s election-hijacking. by always assuming that everything sent or received from my computer is visible, i make sure that i always use https for websites (especially email! call comcast, cancel the internet service while explaining it is because of the price increase, and select one of several other options we have here in my town (including a city-wide wi-fi network).: also, i don’t consider “my stock increased in value” to be “income” in any remotely meaningful way. he didn’t use the exact phrases and terminology of “becoming a mini-isp and reselling/giving away bandwidth” but essentially that is what he is doing. the citizens got their fiber optic network back, and comcast gained a few new lifetime enemies, including me.’ve even heard horror stories about people who didn’t secure their wifi, and some shady person stole it and put it to bad use—really scary things, like using the unsecured internet as a starting point for cracking government or military sites. on the other hand, if you want a rich backlog of classic shows (and ambitious original programming), netflix or amazon is probably the way to go.: if you plan to do this, check your own internet service rules to make sure it’s allowed. if i cut out the cable (we don't watch that much live tv, and could probably stream all or most of the content we want + local tv via antenna) the internet and phone price would probably clock in at about the same amount. i moved to a place that has an hoa which includes 100mbit internet at a cost of about /mo for each user in the hoa. you have a router with a netgear genie user interface, see how to configure your netgear router for cable internet connection with netgear genie. you can call or visit them if the internet access goes out.(yes i know there are ways around all that i mentioned, but that is a fact of life.

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Best way to set up comcast internet

but certainly if you do it all by hand, that is, build a router using linux or a bsd, and manually configure the routing rules, you can set up bandwidth limits by service. article will help you configure your netgear router for cable/broadband internet connection.. “(me calling comcast): um yeah my internet signal has dropped again (comcast): oh i’m sorry to hear that, would you like to upgrade to our comcast digital double play for only . all we want is cheap fast internet, yet they keep extorting us every year and killing all competition. the record: i would definitely use low-income status to get cheap internet access from a company i didn’t like (such as comcast). you want to take advantage of streaming services — netflix, hulu, amazon prime and so forth — you'll need a way to display them on your tv./month, while four neighbors would split /month 5 ways, or pay each, saving /month — not double. either way you’d still need an rp-sma to connect to the amp. keep in mind that you could set up a group of wi-fi repeaters at each house that bounces and amplifies the signal to each of the other houses, so you have a smaller send out signal but you boost it along the way. the act of deferring a capital gain to a future date (or simply holding assets in tax sheltered accounts) means that you are building wealth without realizing unearned income. it’s more than likely you can all save some money in aggregate, having the price of internet rolled into slightly higher hoa fees. am glad to see that someone is sticking it to comcast! the other hand, if i make a copy of the movie to keep permanently, and/or start sharing that copy around on the internet, i can see how they would start getting upset. funny part is, i remember reading an interview in a big business magazine with the comcast ceo a few years ago. i am going to double my internet speed for a month more and cut my satellite completely. there a way to subscribe to comments other than by leaving a comment? to another article:Jump to another article:Xfinity internet minimum system recommendations. haven’t tried external antennas, and it may not take them, so if your setup requires external antennas you may have to keep searching. about some key ways to understand your current xfinity internet speed and how to improve it. for example, two neighbors (plus mmm) would split three ways, or . if you think you are hardcore enough to handle maximum mustache, feel free to start at the first article and read your way up to the present using the links at the bottom of each article. even after learning from my mistakes, i would not recommend this project for someone who doesn’t know how to, for example, manually set the ip address of a computer, or how to change their wi-fi router so it assigns dhcp lan addresses on the 192. thinking of doing something similar with a neighbor who is a good friend, 60 ft away.

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nowhere in there does he say to take a non-sharable internet connection and to share it with others. this would cover my costs for equipment and pay for my internet. in the end, giving them access to free internet was the right thing (consider it local charity) and i’d do it again in a heart beat. meraki also started charging for the web interface, but last i checked they still have a free “community edition” that skips some features (like blocking netflix or file sharing programs), but is way more than adequate., mmm could reasonably ask to be paid for his ingenuity and upfront cost, and charge those three neighbors each (half-price internet! that way i can hit the 2-4 (maybe a few on the other side also! doing off site backups this way is a lot cheaper and faster than paying monthly for a terabyte of cloud storage. or better yet, lower it, since communications and tech prices are always dropping. otoh, its also a problem for network devices like tivos, but you can setup whitelists for those. in close proximity to your wireless gateway or router when connecting to wifi. definitely need to check this out and see if it’d fit in with the regs, i would love to split my /mo bill 2-4 ways! i want to find out the cheapest set up for watching my live regular channel shows and what i would need to tape them. way to save money with a laptop/desktop home computer with xbmc and a usb ota/qam/clear tuner with an antenna you can get local channels for cost of a usb tv tuner.), in which case it would be a 4-neighbor-month payback, after which he would be making money by having internet, rather than paying. its cost effective equipment that wisp (wireless internet service providers) are currently using to provide broadband speeds to cities. and then, all of a sudden, you just have the internet to shop around… i’m sure other options exist. we used a lot of these types of links, typically from the local cable company (which was not comcast). first would probably to educate people as to why comcast, and other mega-isps, often have an effective monopoly in their community. configure your router for cable internet connection with smart wizard:Connect your modem to the internet port of the netgear router and your computer to any of the four lan ports. use the antenna shown above, with two ubiquity titanium bullets to send the signals to and fro from my main internet access point, the place where the service providers antenna could access their wireless system on our land, to my home. use standard low cost routers including many of the tp link models, and flash them with openwrt firmware and batman-adv mesh software to allow many devices in neighbouring residences to form a resilient mesh that can share one or more internet connections.  i’m not a comcast customer (i switched to another service after the aforementioned hijacking of our town’s elections). it’s a common way to get hacked and if the hacker changes your password you’re sol.

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course, our wi-fi connection only extends a couple of houses away. if you go this route, just install dd-wrt right away, even on the access point, it was not possible to get dns to work at the bridged location without it. upside is, of course, that i don’t pay for internet, and i can have a voip phone line, with everything piped through my parents’ cable connection. put our media on for nas storage and to set up offsite backups. there will be a surcharge for internet only from your cable/telcom provider. result – one internet connection, one shared back up server, one shared printer and a bridged network that is good enough for voip! (in the same way that comcast is not responsible for what you do on their network). you see, i’ve had a bone to pick with comcast ever since 2009, when they secretly funded a voter disinformation program called “no blank check longmont”., confirm that your internet equipment (wireless gateway, modem or router) is compatible with your speed by visiting mydeviceinfo. the internet connection between the two houses was suddenly blazingly fast! course for general web browsing, you could set up a caching proxy, such as squid. you basically set up a rule on your router that says “voip traffic gets top priority with a guaranteed minimum of x bits/sec”. an extra would get me gigabit internet but i rarely cap out my current usage, usually only during game updates. to perform a factory reset, see restoring a netgear home router to the factory default settings.) a contract where they promise to deliver a set quality of service. was a full-time telecommuter and needed a really fast internet connection to get my work done.. setup may not be as easy, and you may need to power cycle the radios occasionally if things slow down or get hung.'ve got cable (standard def), phone and internet from comcast, and my bill is like 0/month. similarly for movie sharing, though that tends to go away if we beef up the sign in notice saying that we’ve had a complaint. addition to your equipment's compatibility with your internet speed and connected devices' capability to support that speed, be sure to set up your equipment and devices for success to get the most out of your wireless internet connection. don’t have anythign really interesting to say about the shared internet setup – i can’t imagine we would do it – there are about a million other ways i would rather save that money. is if it was the meraki equipment or internet connection that dropped out? i applaud your efforts, reading the post title i was hoping for some more user friendly tips on bringing the comcast dog to heel.

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you can install free pvr software like nextpvr and your all set. it’s also a pain to come over and say, “i’m sorry, is the internet not working today? we used a lot of these types of links, typically from the local cable company (which was not comcast). if anyone can give me the simple easiest way to do this. for cable internet connections, the setup wizard detects dynamic ip. for a short list on taming comcast if they’re the only game in town? they can nicely blanket a coffee shop, your house, and even your yard with internet access. this is less and less of a problem as home internet connections get faster and faster. unless you set it up to prevent this, yes, they can! information in this article applies if you configuring a cable internet connection with a netgear router that uses the smart wizard user interface. with a setup like this you have to stop thinking like a parent and think more like a system admin.’m all for sticking it to the comcast-man, but i think there are more efficient ways to do so., i do think that there are fine lines on all of this, what’s taking advantage of a loophole or corporate sloppiness vs what is stealing is not always easy to tell.“there are also some internet plans that are specifically allowed to be shared among multiple sites (business plans and offerings from smaller isps). punched comcast in the face several years ago, then shat upon them for good measure when i cancelled my cable. the market is positively glutted with set-top boxes, streaming sticks, game consoles and other devices. level up: a set of closely spaced houses / mesh network. this article, i set up the trial sharing with just one other person, and even that may not be permanent. i fact, if you were advocating setting up your own mini-isp business where you bought a shareable connection and then re-sold bandwidth, (or even gave it away) i’d be a fan. comcast, for example, tells you in the user agreement that sharing is not allowed (even though this is a silly rule: they already have a montly data limit, so who are they to say how you use the data you are paying for? it’s a (very small) bit more work setting up new devices, since you’ll have to know and type in the name of the network, but it pretty much eliminates people trying to piggy-back your network, since nobody will know it exists if you don’t tell them about it. thought i was the only one who hated comcast, there really must be something about being frugal and hating comcast, they both seem to go hand in hand. ethically, you should be able to use it up any way you choose.

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tp-link is plugged via an ethernet cable into the “wan” port on your home router, which will in turn share the internet connectivity through your home network. decided not to mention my own internet service provider for this article, since just because i want to keep the details vague in a highly public forum like this.(optional) to check if you are connected to the internet, select router status under maintenance. i agree with andre and matt to a certain point – it is possible to get in trouble for misusing an internet connection. be careful with security when you use this type of setup. with a little computer skill, you can run your own email, access your recorded tv and music over the internet, business documents, run a web site, run your own voice over internet protocol servers for free teleconferencing, etc. so the bigger your broadcast radius, the more secure you need to make your shared internet. if you and your neighbors have any overlap in your browsing habits, this would reduce the load on your internet connection. netgear’s round-the-clock premium support, help is just a phone call away. may be fine for a utopian hippy-style community where you want people to stop using gadgets so much anyway. my friend was able to get 10-megabit speeds through his test setup, and the connection was finally rock-solid – good enough to stream movies and music without stuttering. it may sound complicated, but all typical routers have a web service page, so long as you know the ip (bookmark it so you don’t need to remember it) and the default username and password (admin / admin), it takes about 3 clicks to reset. with a comcast agent to get the fastest answers to all your top questions. as noted in the article, there are plenty of uses for long-range wi-fi that are not related to sharing an internet connection. my house has a very fast internet connection (over 10 megabits/sec download speed), yet my friend was unable to get downloads faster than about 1. it’s also very simple to setup a bandwidth throttle if needed, so that no single user is using too much.+ setting up the semi-exotic gear (such as mmm purchased) can be extremely challenging if you don’t understand computer networking. otherwise, a factory reset is needed to restore the router to factory defaults. i'm still only paying around a month for entertainment (internet and amazon prime). mmm, this was the motivation i needed to install an access point at my parents house 400 meters away. i do have an internet connection, and use playon to stream free hulu to my roku equipped tvs. the primary point was to share internet with your neighborhood friends to cut the cost. additional troubleshooting, see i lost connection to the internet, how do i get my connection back?

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now if we had a serious competitor to comcast in my area, that might change. this doesn't provide a way to watch streaming videos, but if you want to watch live tv, it's the cheapest and simplest solution. this spring, reports started coming in from some nearby friends that their internet access prices had been jacked way up. thus, comcast had me by the balls several times with their crappy quality lines and other issues. we’ll all have different views of what works and what doesn’t, what’s good and what isn’t, but don’t pretend that your viewpoint is the one true way. i know i’m just getting carried away thinking about this idea… with my 3 neighbors, i could set up a reasonably strong omnidirectional antenna (0 estimate) and routers in their attics to broadcast to their homes (0ish for all three estimate) and then charge them /mo. unknowledgeable people setting up neighborhood wide networks pose a real danger. just set up proper precautions and things will be ok. to configure your NETGEAR router for cable internet connection with Smart WizardBack to xfinity internet.-replacement streaming services work exactly the same as having cable — live channels presented in real time — except they come streaming over the internet rather than via an analog wire. xfinity internet equipment (wireless gateway, modem or router) and connected devices (computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.: do not change the default settings unless your internet service provider gave you specific dns information that must be configured. but again, your article mostly focuses on sharing a single home internet account to save money, not setting up a business account. wood, we’ve never had the police involved in any way at all. someday comcast is going to end up like blockbuster (when blockbuster used to be just as arrogant in the 90s with their late fees on vhs tapes). i did some homework when i set it up; i wrote a policy (including that traffic would never be logged–this is much safer than logging), contacted the local police to explain what i was up to (they didn’t seem interested). if he’s splitting it 4 ways, he’ll be in the black by august. they’ll still allow basic email and web surfing, but unless the technology has changed since i last looked into it, they’re not really a replacement for city-style internet access. manage small internet company in canada and here is my 5 cents:1. for light users, this may allow foregoing a paid internet connection entirely. want to thank you all for your comments on comcast and others. this is more like using air-play to play your music at your friend’s house from a single cd (which you could do with this setup! 3: each homeowner found a way to string an ethernet cable from his roof, through the attic and nicely into his office to be plugged into the existing wi-fi router on each side.

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way to go mmm for accelerating the process to comcast’s demise! it seems that the local internet near-monopoly (comcast) had just arbitrarily decided to increase their prices by per month. as for bandwidth, one comment was that you would need a lot of bandwidth, however, you really don’t and it’s cheap nowadays anyway. the only abuse we’ve seen in years of running these networks comes in the form of an email or phone call from the internet provider asking/telling us either that a) we have a virus infected machine that is attacking others on the internet, or b) someone is illegally sharing movies and could they please stop. (otoh, if you do understand things like dhcp, static ip, gateway, nat, you may find it quite easy). they just aren't showing you the dodgy, grey, or illegal ways. not, setting up your tv for streaming can still be a simple and inexpensive process. this spring, reports started coming in from some nearby friends that their internet access prices had been jacked way up. a setup with a separate firewall and filtering would be the minimum. and if you’re really paranoid, you might have a lawyer draw up a liability release contract that you require to be signed by everyone with whom you share your internet connection. so in effect you could get a whole group of people in an area lets say 10… buy the fastest comcast line of 150mbps and then share it in a mesh network across 10 people and split the cost into a paypal account tie paying the bill out of the card from that account and viola. it’s quite amazing, and a bit reassuring, to see that running a company in an unethical way really does get you in trouble with your customers. my or my wife’s parents, i can’t think of anyone that i trust enough to share my internet with. set it to block torrents and anything else you may want to block. closing statement on a (blog post about the internet) is that society and the public fail to account for negative externalities of government transfers (destruction of the incentives to work, and hence the positive externalities described in the quoted paragraph above) and only consider positive externalities (“poor” people like me are less likely to commit crime because we have full bellies, and presumably happier because our unproductive lifestyles have been subsidized enabling us to consume a disproportionate amount of leisure). generally they weren’t price competitive or pleasant to deal with anyway and we used alternatives. your router uses the old smart wizard user interface, see how to configure a netgear dsl gateway for internet connection with smart wizard. i use att uverse now and while i dont like it either, i dislike it far less than comcast. it’s huge, but it is tucked away on a back corner of the mustache residence, so the overall effect is no worse than a tv antenna.’ve been running this setup at home for about 3 or 4 months, while previously running the router with stock firmware for about 6 months before that. there may be public wi-fi available at a library, school, or other facility (even several blocks away) that you can use from home, for free. there a way to increase a weak signal within a 2 story house…. but if you follow only one or two teams in one or two sports, you can probably get away with paying to per month — much less than traditional paid tv.

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