Black american muslim dating sites

Black american muslim dating sites

of course there are african americans married to ‘immigrant’ muslims. i am african american (born non muslim and raised in california)."muslims say there's an epidemic of educated, professional women older than 30 struggling to find suitable matches among muslim men, who are often less bound by a biological clock and societal expectations, and more likely than muslim women to marry younger and outside their culture or religion. a result, many black muslim women remain unmarried and chronically single. the question still remains: who is accountable for the horror stories involved with being a black muslim in certain communities? at the end i get the answer he can’t marry me, am not in his crit eria: am not virgin, my family ar not muslims and he can’t mix his family. am not a muslim but this topic affects even i. is going to take an endeavor, as many muslim men are approached about marriage from the arabic community, and many muslim brothers white and black are interested or attracted to women of lighter color carmel,, redbone, white ect. came across your blog on google when i was trying to find an answer to what can muslims women do islamically to handle racism and discrimination. i’m an indian muslim man and my family doesn’t have any problems with me marrying a muslimah from any race.

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but i find that the younger american muslims, along with african-american, white and other “non-immigrant” muslims, do the same thing, just in ways that they/we don’t always perceive because we are residing in the culture that reinforced in our outlook / values. of the native born muslims, 32% are black (combination of african american and children of african immigrants).“in many communities, black muslim women are viewed as the most undesirable women as far as marriage prospects. muslims are notorious for sweeping serious issues under the carpet, turning a blind eye, and pretending as though problems such as racism do not exist. @patheosmuslim: yes, this is about marriage and the muslim woman and what she is all too often "groomed" for @loveinshallah https://t.. with muslims only making up an estimated one percent of the population or about 3. met my husband who was at the time, i now realize, “ramadan muslim”. i am a nigerian-american muslim, and now that i am older and more serious about settling down, i have restricted myself to only dating other muslims. in the philadelphia muslim community, which is primarily african-american, may also face a double whammy: a dearth of educated men in communities ravaged by unemployment and incarceration, said aneesah nadir, whose observation is echoed in research by the brookings institution and yale university. an african american male 23 about to graduate college with a degree, i often contemplate how my challenge will be when i set out to look for a wife because i do not know how to approach a muslim woman in america, since we do not have the same access to people’s parents as some people do in other parts of the world.

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"but those other cultural groups are looking at their own group, and not so much at african american women, as prospective mates. + muslim + woman | love, inshallah | hasantnt's blog says:September 26, 2013 at 1:43 am. the issue is not (sorry for the pun) ‘black and white’ as many younger american muslims make it out to be. be honest with you white or black all of us will feel racism and ignorance from muslim comunity. the south asian community, i’ve often heard stories of parents using the excuse of major “cultural” differences that exist between their own culture and others to discourage their children from dating/marrying someone outside of their racial or ethnic community. same questions that a joe schmoe on coffee meets bagel has to navigate are very similar to the ones muslims ask themselves when looking for a partner. my parents rejected a black muslim who asked for my hand. american muslims have no official centralized hierarchy, priesthood, leadership, etc. i think that this is not just a muslim woman issue, but this is a woman issue. the “marriage crisis” seems to be an issue for all young muslims regardless of race.

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have had good potential with non muslims which has put my belief in test. you muslimnlove for your positive take on matrimonial commitees…i originally posted a not so positive response, because i started to agree with mikael boulos mirsab who stated a truth–a committee won’t change racism."at the same time, aliya khabir — special assistant at united muslim masjid and sister of naeemah — sees many educated, financially independent women who prefer the extra free time and independence that polygyny provides. therefore, you find more interracial dating and marriage within second generation muslim americans that was not as present in with first generation immigrants. whether or not we are born americans…many of us live in this country. currently, there are over one billion muslims worldwide; however, the numbers are far lower in the u. i have known a lot of black brothers who want the light skinned foreign muslimahs. it is sickening to see how hypocritical our fellow muslims are. so i say this to you my lovely black muslimah, do not despair of the mercies of our lord, and his ability to give to you a good, righteous, hard working, muslim man, that does not feel like he is settling but yet attaining high status, with his receiving from allah a black sister. get a better experience, go to one of these sites and get the latest version of your preferred browser:google chromemozilla firefoxget facebook on your phonestay connected anytime, anywhere.

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many communities, black muslim women are viewed as the most undesirable women as far as marriage prospects. realize this reply is long over due seeing the multiple responses in regards to what black muslim sisters are facing.., and not just between african-americans and what are termed the ‘immigrant’ communities. unfortunately, a lot of the similar racial trends seen on various dating apps are also present."although polygyny is permitted under islam, and some would say is growing in acceptance, naeemah khabir said that it remained a contentious topic within the muslim community and that the specific guidelines under which it is permitted have not always been followed. specifically, i’m talking about a racial hierarchy of dating that some dating websites, such as okcupid, have published data on. this is true of authentically african-american mosques i’ve visited, as well as turkish, etc. nadir is a social worker specializing in premarital education and project director of the muslim alliance in north america's healthy marriage initiative.: september 25, 2013 | author: love, inshallah | filed under: single in the city | tags: american muslims, dating, ihssan tahir, interracial relationships, love inshallah, muslim dating, muslim love, muslim women, muslimnlove, racism, relationships, salaam love writers, single in the city, your voices |68 comments. i personally have non-muslim family and friends so i applaud effıorts at interfaith dialogue and ask that we continue to find some middle ground between faiths to try to intercede in the atrocities that are being carried out and falsely attributed to our prophet (pbuh) in the name of our lord, most merciful,(aoothoobillah).

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the gist of the critique is that both of these south asian actors from muslim backgrounds chose white women as their main love interest, and by doing so, they perpetuate the idea that those with fair skin, and more specifically white women, are the epitome of beauty and desirability. as a muslim/black/caribbean woman i can totally relate 🙂.… having been told by a few of my arab & pakistani & also the same from my sudanese sister friends that american women are usually thought of as whores? teach them to stand for the right even against other muslims, teach them to be just and fair and it will solve racism and all the other isms. the stark reality is that many muslim communities across the u. sister ihssan is right in that we need to have open dialogue about these issues – muslim communities are way too insular and prejudice must be addressed. i truly hate this element of ignorance that seems to run vein deep within the majority of muslims all around the world. in other words i don’t think it is just racism/prejudice within the community or just a sort of “tribalism” within the american muslim community – it is both at the same time. a hilarious twist of irony, a friend, who is a white muslim convert that is very involved within my local community and a very trusted individual, discussed on facebook the issues with this racial hierarchy, which he sees first hand. the american muslim community is very diverse and this is a strength, but when boiled down to its most primal level (e.

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i am at a point that my study and desire is to start a family and be a father, yet, i realize in seeing the racism and prejudices that black muslim sisters face can be extremely annoying, but at the same token there is a beauty in my black sisters that many cannot see or understand. think about the thousands of poor muslim men who can’t get a wife because they can’t pay her unreasonable dowry, don’t have her look…wrong nose, wrong color, work grade of hair, wrong shoes etc. back in the 80’s a divorced pakistani sister married an african american man and was disowned by her family; but she and here children were heartily accepted by her husband’s family. the real issue is that as long as your skin color is dark, you will never be accepted by most emerging muslim immigrants. is obvious to non-muslims who will use it as a reasoning to promote hatred against muslims. i am fortunate enough to have friends from various ethnicities within the muslim american community, and i think each individual has the right to date or marry whoever they want. taking into account both native and foreign born muslims, the pew study suggests that south asians and arabs together make up the majority of the muslims in america, followed by a sizable number of black muslims, and the rest comprising a hodge podge of various other muslim nations as mentioned above. thus there are albanian mosques, and arab mosques and desi mosques, african-american mosques and…. you think the on going need for american born and raised imams has gone unanswered or are the brothers not stepping into their responsibilities? its a major issue for muslims all over the world not just in western countries.

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. so if faithful muslim brother was to take the heart of muslim sisters captive through truth and faithfulness would it be of allah to hinder the size of his family, by limiting the number of wives he can take?, the same post-mosque social group separation is not as apparent in second generation muslims compared to first immigrant muslims. 2 riyadh-us-saliheen qoutes (muslim) one man will be seen followed by 40 women dependent upon him due to scarcity of men or excess of women. obstacle to finding a good muslim man through dating can be islam itself: the religion limits intermingling with the opposite sex, prohibits physical intimacy before marriage, and requires the presence of a wali — a male family member who serves as a chaperone, go-between, and private investigator — for all interactions between two potential spouses. the idea of arranged marriages or marrying your cousin is no longer the answer and muslim husbands who hope to that their daughter find a suitable wife need to face this reality. the love of culture: racial hierarchies in muslim american dating. i deliberately use the plural ‘communities’ because muslims are not one monolithic community in the us. muslims from different parts of the world burned and rioted over a cartoon., along with kashief smith, a fellow member of the united muslim masjid in west philadelphia, created a "marriage fair" under the mosque's healthy marriage committee. the inherent diversity within the muslim american community, these community social spaces tend to remain segregated.

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i enjoy speaking and learning about community issues (especially with other muslim sisters). often, people will come to him frustrated with the prospects of finding a spouse and ask him to introduce them to good muslim men or women for the purpose of marriage."as a result, many matchmaking websites and apps geared toward muslims have emerged. as a girl, i was told that muslims should marry from their “own people. but zara johnson, known as zara j, founder of the private marriage network black muslim singles society, said she believed hers was the only one that specifically served african american muslims. llama alaikum, i think we as american muslims look to be lead by cultural islam rather then by the spiritual truth in islam. that is why when allah swt allows a revert to enter the portals of deen, the reality is encountered that no one is a true muslim until he/she can sacrifice their culture for al islam instead of sacrificing al islam for their culture. i think this black muslim woman crisis is an extension of the single black woman crisis in the us where 70% of black women are single. at the end of the day we must realize muslims are simply people and we have flaws just like any other folks. except within the muslim-american community, parents play a much larger role in mitigating potential interracial relationships, which in turn ends up shaping the racial hierarchy that prevails in these dating trends.

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of the foreign born muslims, 35% are south asian, with 25% are of middle eastern/north african descent, with the rest a combination of sub-saharan african, iranian, european, and other parts of the globe. the brother i met over coffee, i know there are many muslim men out there who prefer chocolate sistas but refrain from venturing further with those prospects due to family and cultural expectations. from the way the american conservative media depicts our impending takeover with sharia law, one would think that we were much more numerous. specifically, i’m referring to the dynamics of dating and relationships within the muslim american community and how my community has absorbed some of the standards that nanjiani and ansari are accused of perpetuating in their craft. the faithful muslim brothers that are true to spiritual islam should not be hindered to raise children in truth. am a pakistani muslim sister (based in uk) who is married to a ghanian man (who is black). according to a pew research group study in 2017, around 42% of muslims are native born, while 58% are foreign born."almost all of the matchmaking services, events, and websites, including the black muslim singles society, face a similar problem: there is much more interest from women than from men.” these simple yet powerful words from the person we muslims revere the most condemn racism in the strongest terms. there was a time i longed for the full “americanness” of my peers, especially the younger ones, of being born in the u.

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"when you look at all muslims, of all races and ethnicities, who has it the hardest? — naeemah khabir, a 35-year-old devout muslim who works for the department of veteran affairs in philadelphia, has attended matchmaking events from new brunswick, n. but for me, the bottom-line is that in this and age, muslims should not have to be faced with such a situation. our culture of marriage arrangements in the muslim community is not the same (i would imagine) as overseas. is started by muslims who have moved here from other countries. first taking place with a speed-dating format in 2012, this year it was revamped and rebranded as a match-up event. united muslim masjid's then-new imam, shadeed muhammad, has made strengthening marriages a priority, so he sees the committee's goals as twofold: to fortify the connection of married couples to the mosque, and to make marriage seem "cool" to single members. there need to be matrimonial committees that strive to help muslim brothers and muslim sisters locate sociable spouses. walahy not a cute look really but 1 i see on a regular basis as my neighborhood is full of muslims. this preference for lighter skin tone is also present within arab and other non-black muslim communities, but perhaps it is not as blatant as within the south asian community.

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