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would never marry a white woman not my taste i’m staying with the strong black women. it’s nice they embrace their black roots, but white society dictates race according to how they look or genetic makeup.’s no excuse, and it supports the theory that black women won’t feel validated until they active acceptance by white men. americans are and were native americans, but his name doesn’t say white it says a user of whites. among the white women are gwenyth paltrow, juliette lewis, jill schoelen, jennifer aniston, and angelina jolie. i like fried chicken and i’m white as rice! alleged “beaus” are just speculations…it’s just like seeing someone with a guy and assuming they are dating, i guess you can’t talk to any one now a days because ppl immediately cast them as your lover! why the name calling… just say like i say i am a proud educated black woman and no i don’t care to date a white man. due to racist desire to change the their features and skin tone show different…face the earth’s true population, the people of these lands have been forced to identify themselves as white even though. if it wasn’t for us jungle bunnies like you said, yall ignorant race of white people wouldn’t exist. has told you mariah carey is white she is half white and half black. too have problems with a lot of black folks, but i probably have more problems with white trash, such as yourself. whoopie seems to have a knack for attracting white men as well. sis married a black man but her son is white as snow but he went through school as black! you can’t argue for gender equality then go, “oh it’s not fair that white men don’t objectify us sexually as much as he does you girls. this is why the world is so screwed up because of racist like you all white only see the beauty in being white and yet your white women want blk features. but she still insults us with her preference for white men.’s guys do not prefer aa women exclusively as robert deniro, etc. most white men are undercover black woman or man lovers. she should be proud of her white heritage as much as she is proud of her black heritage. i don’t know what possesses women of color to put white men on a pedestal.

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we can’t keep blaming the white people for everything. not have an article “black men who like white women”? am mixed but predominantly white so i identify with white. media constantly flashes images of whites as being the center of everything…the most important and the most beautiful. there are many black women that are very much more attractive than white women especially since many white women really think that they’re all that which their not at all. was just thinking that – i’m white but have only ever been attracted to dark skinned black women with typically black facial features – mixed or fair ones might as well be ‘white’ to me. out 20 of the hottest white guys who adore black women. am mixed but predominantly white so i identify with white. if a modern day white guy wants to have kids with a black woman, my hat’s off to him. know for sure, that my ancestors were slaves in this country and that i had a so-called white great-great grandfather on my mother’s side but i look like any other aa woman, not light-skinned or dark-skinned but in-between but definitely aa. people can date who they want and if these white people want some sweet brown meat…blessings to them. unless this country has changed the standard for being white. she probably thought he would never cheat because he’s white! don’t think asked if you would date a black woman and halle berry is half white. this is the reason whites are so afraid that they will one day be extinct. blacks should simarlily be comfortable with themselves instead of claiming those mixed with white. hahaha white men are l0sers who wanna be black men smh! but if it were the other way around, black father/white mother, they’d be labeled as “black”. not in this society because they don’t look white. why because they look darker then the white men they are with. also, kim k is worth 50 million please tell me a white man that would consider her trash?

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) that even white men wouldn’t touch…whois having the last laugh here? and chrissy tegan and mariah carey are not white either! you feel if a white man who uses derogatory or racial comments about black women-has been with a black women. white partner doesn’t stand in the way of one’s ability to be passionate about black issues. race are you and are you even american black white or other?, there are black people who fetishize their white partners, who use their white partners to put down other black people and cement their own internalized racism, but this is not a rule. there isn’t an article (or this one) about white or white-looking people of mixed heritage: irish/german or something like that…. you are not white, don’t know what color you are but it is definitely not white. white people is not beautiful…remove the make up from white women and see how ugly they are. charles ur part white and part baboon, u stupid fuck! agree with you but it is the black mans fault as well as the whites cause black american people should stop referring to themselves as african american and just black american, and when a white person calls a black person african american the black person should correct them “i’m an american, ‘what kind of american’ black american”. and to the ignorant blacks, they convince themselves; their friends or relatives, to believing that we whites are all devils; have small dicks; bad skin; serial killers; etc. it ever occur to black women who date and marry nothing but white men that they essentially spit in the faces of the boys and men in their families. you probably have a small dick so you should stick wit your own kind white boy…. a white canadian woman, i see a lot less division and animosity between races and cultures here than i hear about occurring in the states. he used a derogatory statement and now we’re all devils and all white men have small dicks and so on. but does dating a white person really make someone less black? i’m involved with a white woman and she is the greatest! many of these are black celebrities married to white spouses. white kids tend to not be cute until they are abt 2-3 years old because they have no hair or its very thin. i doubt you date any one and if i had to guess, i’d say you’re some ugly, fat, socially awkward white guy who can only get paid dates.

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one’s mother is white and one’s father is black you should ignore your mother and up your father?“i’ve had my blackness challenged because i’m in a relationship with a white man, and it’s hurtful and erasing of the work i do to combat white supremacy,” says ashley reese, a black culture and sex writer who has extensively explored the politics of her own interracial relationship. is your perogative if you only date white women but no one asked you. i bet if you looked back in your ancestral line you might find your not as white as you think! most white babies are not cute and we just lie and tell u your baby is. abt prferences, but i know many black people who have told me to my face, they don’t want their kids to turn out dark skin like them, so they intentionally date white or very light. we all know what a real black looks like, we should be clear that as much as we have white people there are black people, mix the two and you get mixed people, not other blacks! it means that the child is white but it’s nationality is africaan. come on look around you claim christ is white when the pagans , incestors , terrorist and everything evil made is white . they claim white, black or asian on the census like the rest of us. thing they save mariah carey obama are half white most black people in america are half white they might not be melado the first-generation but there half white that’s why they call them negroes do your research. you can’t bully women into limiting or expanding their dating pool. let’s state facts the jungles are in south america africa are plains i was not born in a jungle an my hubby is part african american an scottish he loves me for me if you date only whites ok but stop calling other race out with names a woman is a woman a man is a man you love what you love can i say thou a lot of different women that are not eithic back ground what a butte like ours…lol i’m glad for them. so what he doesn’t want to date a black woman, so what she doesn’t want to date a white man. in some places (like in my neighbourhood), white people actually see people as individuals, and don’t waste their time trying to figure out if someone “qualifies” as black or white based on the shade of his or her skin tone. i think to label a black person who was born here in america an african american was initiated, most likely, by a racist white person who wanted to differentiate between “real” americans and black people…in their warped minds. give white people a bad image and im betting ur seriously ill built, hard on the eyes and ur breath probably smells like a hot bowl of shit. and some guys can’t get enough of some of these celebrity brown beauties. we all know what a real black looks like, we should be clear that as much as we have white people there are black people, mix the two and you get mixed people, not other blacks! things changed a bit in high school when white guys lost respect for me for even talking to a black guy..Black women are great for a good f**k & chuck.

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white men think black women want to be with them. certainly not because they aren’t beautiful, but because a very euro-centric society has continuously promoted the image of white/blonde hair/blue eyes as being the standard for beauty.) and why the hell would anyone compare the average woman… white or black to someone like the kardashians or coco…? aubrey was white and mr martinez is spanish but he is caucassian in color if you look at him. white women don’t care for you at all i bet with your attitude. most ethnic women who go for white men instead of men of color do so for the money. instead of giving black women more reasons to distrust black men, be one reason that a black woman changes her mind about only dating outside her race. yakub, an see where you all were grafted from, an you all will see that whenever you mix a dominant black gene with a recessive white gene, the black gene will always dominate that white gene! daughters of black men and white women will be considered black ? for your ignorance “proud white male…” like your fellow humans who have chocolate skin tone, dust you are and to dust you will return! a white partner doesn’t change one’s lived experiences as a black person in the past, present, or future. this bread was written to brainwash black women – the good ones anyways – into giving themselves over to white men. when a white guy date a black women jealous bm and bw have to point out nationally and ethnicity. some are white, some are black, some are native american indian…. so she is just as much white as she is black. this with your friends:For a certain group of famous white men, there's nothing that matches the grace and beauty of a beautiful black woman. know ya can’t blame a black man for marrying a white woman, black women are just plain ugly, or at least most of them.” in fact, if i recall correctly, when dennis rodman was asked years ago about him not dating black women, he commented about being rejected and ridiculed about his looks so often by black women (probably before the $$$) that he started looking elsewhere. his being white doesn’t make me any less black or invested in black issues, the same way him being a man doesn’t make me any less of a feminist. how does she look them in the eye and tell them that she loves them and thinks they are beautiful, but justify dating nothing but white men? they feel coz of the slavery thing they should get a pass to discriminate as oppose to the whites or anyone else…as though the world owes them something is how they portray themselves!

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besides, she has spent a deal on plastic surgery to make herself look more white, so in reality she probably has more african features. they are white men with beautiful black women on their arms. you, a lot of black women have so low a self-esteem that they desperately want validation from non-black males especially white men. women are very different when they are with white men. you may have given blood to a “white devil” and you may not know it. the proud white man if you look back into your family history i guarantee you have some african americans in you and another thing proud white man abraham lincoln was black,along side dwight e. if whites decended from ancient africa, can only the black ones stay? blacks who find whites more physically appealing are socialized to do do by media…living in a world that denigrates everything black and negatively stereotypes black men and women. ancestors didn’t mind that’s why a lot of white folks down south especially have some black ancestry smh lol huh the ignorance. this is why white women try to have mixed race children w black men. one is black and no one is white, you’re either brown or pink let’s keep it real. this country makes me sick thank god i am preparing my daughters on how racist this country full of white people are. choosing a white man over a black man is like choosing a mouse over a lion. m a white latino and i think rutina westley is the most beautiful women on earth. why do you assume that all white ppl are attractive. oh yes, that little room with the white chair is the bathroom. i know i didn’t marry my white husband to get one over on the brothers. she would need to classify herself as something else to not be of african decent, such as white brazilian or indigenous. where kidnapped, brought to america and enslaved by white people you dumb f#@k! robert de niro is a white jew just like barak obama is a black jew. cousin has dated nothing but white men, and now she’s married to one.

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! so what are they supposed to do look in the mirror and clearly see that they are predominantly black, but do the white thung an lie to themselves and say, well one of my parents was white, so im going to say i’m white, even tho my features are black? would appear, being so disturbed by interracial couples that are complete strangers, or the knowledge that a non-caucasian celebrity is dating a caucasian might indicate the distressed person has deep seeded issues with race, color, stranger control issues (all people of african descent don’t belong to each other or owe each other such loyalty as sacrificing love for others dogmatic views). there’s no way to justify her dating preferences except to say that she finds white men more physically appealing. i can’t even turn on the news without seeing the words ‘racist’ or ‘black’ or ‘white’ it’s ignorant! its only bad if a white guy says he likes white women only?, jungles bunnies don’t want your small pinky white dick !.Let’s be real black women let a lot more slide with a white man than they would with a black man. straight black men definitely get their share of criticism, there’s something especially terrible about the way visible black women like ramsey, serena williams and halle berry are scrutinized for their white partners. count as long as white people still view them as black…and white people view them as black! careful of such comments as your white daughter will most definitely end up with a “jungle bunny”…white females love black men.’s what all white boys say when they can’t get a black woman, or is it that you can’t get a black man? unfortunately, there is a lot of self hate and loathing in the black and brown community which are vestiges of slavery, jim crow, segregation and current culture of white is good and everything black is bad. am a man and i like all women, black, white, yellow, brown because its all pink inside. they are with white men for financial benefits, and they don’t want to mess up the gravy train. do you think an black person acknowledges obama to be half white?-t-w we need to stop make only daughters who will be just white man’s h00kers and str! the fact is that whites have been the world engineers for thousands of years. totally agree and a lot of them are in it for the money as well from the experiences and the know of that’s what it is they always say the dam white man treat them better and put them on a higher pedalstool. the sooner people realize that while white people are rarely racist these days, but that black people are not only racist but proud of it, the better. thats white americas problem, always telling lies to themselves an trying to make others believe the same falsehoods as them!! her decision doesnt affect you one way or the other, so why does it bother white people so much?

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thanks i’m a proud white man i will only date white women i don’t touch jungle bunnies!’m white and i was a so called professed bigot but i’m married to a black woman for 11 years with two beautiful daughters.! when they are fully aware of the fact that they got their looks from the white parent. however, if a black man calls a white woman ” a dumb white bytch” would you feel he’s been with a white woman? that is why being a white women i would never talk to someone like you! black puerto rican people, in america, are taught to believe they are not black, to kin themselves with white or “real” puerto ricans and not being black or black americans,to ignore their black blood by their parents. are told every day that we are “less than”…less attractive, less refined, less intelligent, less responsible, less chivalrous, less caring/loving than whites. self hate can be disregarding black men completely when it comes to dating, but that is not always the case. white man be singing all those hip love songs to his black wife, paula. white men date average black women too and many of them don’t have 50 million like kim k or a reality show like coco. just mad because no black woman would date your ugly white narrow ass! some black begin to buy into these beliefs, and it often becomes manifest in our dating “preferences”. men always seem to get the best black women whilst black men always get the trashy white women( kim and kloe k, coco and the likes! “nobody wants to marry the devils race anyways” the point of this thread is plenty of blacks has married whites! and tamera are half white: white father and black mother…. black race american nationality, white race african nationality… see how they are different? a minute i’m not a typist i do the 2 finger poke when i type so leave me alone on the typing and grammar, but i am married to a black women not because she was black or that i am white. zoe saldana loves only white males because she buys into the idea that they are superior to men of color – which is completely fallacious, btw. i’m so sick and tired of saying “white people this” “white people that” like it sounds so stupid especially in this day of age. one of her guy was white – if i may ask? she has natural beauty and there have been no reports, nor has she admitted to having anything done “to make herself look more white”.

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.white woman stink and white men … all i date is my black brothers! it is indeed sad that faced with our current situation in our great country people find the time to make an issue of skin color and who has had plastic surgery and who has white features. must you trash black men just to praise black women and white men? you are uneducated and you sound stupid and i bet you even have a hard time getting a white women … you have no class and have to use racist comments to try and make yourself look good and all you have done is shown the world how low class you are white trash lol lol …. and no, a white partner doesn’t automatically make you less conscious, less engaged with your own blackness. white actor who likes black women is jamie kennedy… he always goes after black women and dated a black friend of mine. for rihanna’s case all of the guys that she was with, did they love her? also, to your question about the black guy using a derogatory name in reference to a white woman; yes, we women would think that, and that is why he was calling her names. all of us “whites” are actually very mixed with other races. stop pretending to be a white man when you are actually a mulatto woman! white men have tried for the last four centuries to take black women away from black men, because that would permanently cripple black men. you are a rare “real man” who knows a woman’s worth by what’s in her heat and not the color of her skin i applaud you and all the other men you represent whether they be black , white, hispanic, asian or any other race. these are all insecurities on the parts of ones who feel this way about whites. personally i don’t understand why any woman black or white would want to date bradley cooper.’m white married over 37 yrs wife black and three kids, good life wonderful three grand childrens. some are taught this school of thought but many, when they make it to the good old usa and if they can get away with it, they will pass as spanish or just another version of white! have no doubt that there are cultural factors involved in zoe’s dating choices…tastes in foods, live for art, poetry, sports types, musical preferences…all which are somewhat race-neutral aspects of our lives (the latter to a lesser degree). but it’s the white race out of lack of understanding too who perpetuate this (being called african american) along with blacks. am a proud white woman and i feel the same way about white men . if a black person is proud of being black its cause for celebration, but if a white person is proud of being white he is a member of kkk? of all the races, whites are the only ones that have invaded and colonized places owned by other races and left them destroyed….

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and by the way, in this country, the good old united states of america, u r white as judge by ur color, not ur nationality! not to mention the countless number of brainwashed black men who have bought into the lie and as a result have done more damage to the psyche of black women than the dominant white society..loving an individual not based on race…question for caucasian does loving outside your race make u any less white… same question for african american…. question i have for you is are you a white jew ?” she’s made a career out of calling out racism and sexism but also happens to be married to a white man. “mote white men are serial killers” if that were even remotely true, you’d have a lot of them out there. appears that there is a strange attraction between the white-man and the black woman., according to the biography rising star: the making of barack obama written by david garrow, obama let go of his white woman (who was  actually a half dutch and half japanese woman named sheila miyoshi jager) for a calculated reason ― he knew that in order to become president one day, to be credibly black, he had to be married to a black woman. an aunt is dating a white guy and her nephew’s self-esteem takes a blow because of that, it’s because that’s what’s been taught to him in his home and environment., charles, you must have a wonderful white spouse who you love more than life itself. a white woman i would never even consider dating anyone with such such a narrow, disgusting idea of beauty. the labels starting with white people first it was ni#ger, then colored, then black, then political correct african american. black man don’t want a white man or black woman to strip them of their man hood. you know what, i wouldn’t touch a white ass like you. half black half white woman are beautiful so what gives ? it looks like the black women were more famous with the exception of a few and a lot better looking then some of those guys. i could never marry a white man with a little dick and small brain. at least i hope these black women are not trying to find acceptance from white men! have many african brazilians with not a single drop of white or hispanic blood living in brazil. latino is black, white, asian, native, middle eastern, mixed, etc, just that they are native spanish speakers or decendents of native spanish speakers. newton always dates white dudes, plus she’s british, and they say its almost a trend to see light skin “beautiful” successful black women like to go for white guys in britain.

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do white people get so offended when people who are mixed identify themselves as being black? and gabe from "dear white people," which explores interracial relationships. brazil they would deny to be of any race but white, something pretty different in the states black american will identify themselves as black with tons of pride,December 12, 2016 at 11:44 pm. only thing that’s died is any sense of logic you may ever have had (which is doubtful) and btw, the white man will continue to steal your sistas, betta recognize biotch. you cannot wash out blacks, but you can wash out white recessive genes. of the prominent black women in hollywood married to white men… most of the prominent black men in hollywood married to strong black women. chrissy tiegen is 1/2 asian & doesn’t look white at all.! those black genes are more dominant than the white genes that the child was made of, so when mariah or halle, or president obama or even drake look in the mirror, they see those same dominant black genes as you hateful people, and it cant be denied! sister now dates a white guy the difference is between night and day…. have found that the most outspoken white men that say they won’t date a black woman,are some of the most sexually obsessed with black women. that means you are looking for it, you will see it in every interaction with someone white, and i wouldn’t be surprised if an inferior complex comes along with this line of thinking. you guys (adults) don’t need a 17 year old to tell you that this whole thing is ignorant. she’s had a nose job to make her nose slimmer and “more white”. you can’t argue for gender equality then go, “oh it’s not fair that white men don’t objectify us sexually as much as he does you girls., she’s half white and despite having a white mom, she identifies as black and considers biracial/mixed race terms of separation from black people, so she doesn’t use them.! at the end of the day its up to the individual to chose who they identify as, an white america you just have to accept that!’s a huge plot point in “dear white people,” where black student activist sam faces scrutiny, shock, and disappointment from her friends when it comes out that her boyfriend is a white guy named gabe. there are no white people in this country you need to check your dna. that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what’s going on with black and asian women who expressly prefer white men. think black women and white men together are beautiful…though color should not play a factor in love,unfortunately men of color have become too emotionally abusive to accept a woman for who she is…. it’s so embarassing to claim that a man loves black women just because he is dating one.

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