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at competition, maddie still refuses to dance her solo despite being listed as performing. and his mom diane were extras in the film don't back down. week is the aldc annual recital, and abby is very stressed. sadly, maddie forgets her routine and runs off stage, begging for a second chance, but is disqualified. at pyramid, it appears that payton would be at the top, but brooke's return places her there, and abby informs brooke that she has to win her division in order to stay. at competition, nia forgets her solo and rushes off stage, but is given a second chance.: brooke hylandpaige hylandnia fraziermaddie zieglermackenzie zieglerchloe lukasiakpayton ackermangianna martellokendall vertesnick dobbs. second season of dance moms, an american dance reality television created by collins avenue productions, began airing on january 10, 2012 on lifetime television network.

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appearing at the bottom of the pyramid, jill sends kendall to a studio where she would feel more appreciated: candy apples dance center. jill invites the candy apples to the recital to show off what kendall has been learning, but cathy uses her attendance as an opportunity to scout new dancers. meanwhile, the candy apples are readying for the national competition, and cathy has produced a dance to go head-to-head against both maddie and chloe. holly objects to nia's character and the role is given to payton. at competition, both brooke and a candy apples' dancer are questioned for age discrepancy. see tables for brandon pent's dances and results, visit the brandon pent/dances subpage. at competition, maddie falls during her routine and is escorted off stage.'s new dancer, nicaya, is not very knowledgeable of her dance terminology, and is unsure if either she or paige should perform in the group routine, despite paige being cleared to dance by her doctor.

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is invited to dance in this week's group routine to replace mackenzie due to the dance's sensitive theme. is the start of the new competition season, and vivi-anne's position on the team is soon replaced by new dancer, kendall. payton, a senior dancer, had also auditioned for the spot but is doted for being too tall, which upsets her mother, leslie. moms - kendall has a crush on the new boy (season 6 episode 31). moms - cheryl brings in a new girl (season 7, episode 26). meanwhile, kelly is concerned that paige's solo routine is unchallenging and selects to re-choreograph the dance for her, which upsets abby. is stunned to see jill and kendall walk in during pyramid, and kendall is quickly placed on probation. a dancer, brandon favored jazz because the moves are faster and sharper.

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: angel armas • victor smalleydancers: hannah epstein • jessi kennedy • kimberly kopke • lucas triana • mia diaz • sammy smallmoms: abby small • anicia gutierrez • brigette triana • debi epstein • leonora diaz • mayra smalley • susan kennedy. on last week's standings, paige is finally at the top of the pyramid and maddie is at the bottom.[12] originally, it was supposed to be brandon and brittany, but brittany was unable to do it, so diane went in her place. "tuesday cable ratings: 'the game' returns on top + 'storage wars,' 'teen mom,' 'dance moms,' 'let's stay together' & much more". abby rehearses a new group routine, and gives nia the featured role. is excused from competing this weekend, and payton is used as her swing in the group routine. when abby learns about the candy apple's last minute sign-up, abby asks maddie to learn a solo the day prior, but melissa says "no", leaving chloe to defend the aldc. "tuesday cable ratings: 'storage wars' wins night, 'teen mom', 'pretty little liars', 'white collar','dance moms', 'face off' & more".

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at competition, paige, chloe, and maddie perform as their award winning trio, and jill is seen talking to members of her former studio saying that kendall's abilities are not being well utilized.: jennifer ellison • david wood guest choreographers: craig wharmby • ryan jenkins • ashley nottinghamcurrent dancers: tayluer amos • chloe fenton • leah rose kennedy • eleiyah navis • aleah simpson • harry smallmanformer dancers: sam dennis • chloe greenwood • molly thorpe-franklinguest dancers: jack • adam • josh adedoyin • evie • phoebe harvey • sophia turner • angel wharmby • shevaun cottrillcurrent mums: maxine kelly • lisa kennedy • serena mcconville • kelly navis • danielle simpson • claire smallmanformer mums: carol greenwood • helen thorpe-franklin • charlotte traynorguest mums: lindsay • debbie • patti wharmbyteam db: debbie barrass • ali rasul.: ayla deguzis • kerisa mccullough • tara johnson • vivi-anne stein former: erika schrade • justice mccort • sarah parish • taylor o'learcurrent guest: chloe smith • haley huelsman • madeline underwood • nicaya wileyformer guest: ashtin roth • alyssa chi • brooke shore • brandon talbott • bryant culler • campbell reynolds • drazen wilmers • evan gorbell • gavin morales • gino cosculluela • hadley walts • jalen testerman • kaycee rice • lucas triana • mari dudash • mckenzie morales • nick daniels • samantha gonzalez • tessa wilkinson • victoria miller • zack torres. is only one week left, and each girl must prove herself if she wants to dance at nationals. additionally, kelly's behavior forces abby to pull both paige's and brooke's solos. moms, abby, and cathy sit down and talk more about the happenings of seasons 1 and 2. meanwhile, the candy apples ready a group routine using vivi-anne to lower the median age. meanwhile, the aldc and the candy apples audition for a small role on drop dead diva.

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at competition, abby is surprised to find kendall dancing with the candy apples, and nia worries that they will compete head-to-head.: camille bridges • holly frazier • jill vertes • kira girard • stacey ketchman • yolanda walmsleycurrent guest: fernanda fletcher • jaime caesformer: cathy nesbitt-stein • christi lukasiak • christy hunt • diane pent • jessalynn siwa • kelly hyland • kerri evans • kristie ray • leslie ackerman • lynn faye • maryen lorrain miller • mary owen • melissa ziegler • sari lopez • tiffanie oladi current cadc: jeanette cota • kaya wiley • liza smith • melanie huelsman • shari johnsonformer cadc/guest: brigette triana • cheryl chapman • gina dudash • gina torres • gloria hampton • jackie lucia • jodi gray • kim nyugen • loree cloud • marcia hoffheins • shelly serigne • tami adamson • tracey reasons • yvette walts • more. lee miller hosts a clip show featuring twenty most exhilarating performances from worst to good so far on dance moms.:      jill and kendall leave the aldc and join the candy apples. remove the custom ad blocker rule(s) and the page will load as expected. finally discovers that jill has returned to the aldc, and plots her revenge at the upcoming competition. meanwhile, nia is placed in the trio, and abby gives her tips on how to recover when she forgets part of the routine on stage. this week, the girls are each assigned a solo and the mothers are asked to design their own costume, and abby is livid to discover that jill purchased one for kendall.

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sends brooke and kevin on a date dance moms s03 e22. at competition, the mothers throw a surprise engagement party for melissa, and holly leads the girls out when a stripper arrives. additionally, mackenzie's solo finishes first place and earns her her first title award. was in a group dance called "first class" that was performed at in10sity dance in solo fever, but not shown on dance moms. abby shows emotion for maddie's onstage mishap, and when the mothers confront abby about not feeling hurt about the other girls, abby leaves the mothers behind. aldc and candy apples dance center are to perform at the upcoming competition for the first time this season. abby invites three senior dances to join this week's group routine, and bumps up the choreography.' premiere + 'the game,' 'white collar,' 'justified,' 'southland,' 'key & peele' & more".

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abby does not notice brooke's absence until later, and almost pulls the group routine, which had brooke perform the featured role. the second season featured 30 episodes including 4 special episodes (abby's most omg moments, abby's dance-a-thon, reunion: off the dance floor, part 1 and reunion: off the dance floor, part 2) bringing the episode count thus far to 43 episodes. pressure is on to see who gets to dance at nationals this weekend. backstage, the mothers band together in an effort to nag kaya, but after a verbal altercation, abby asks kaya to leave citing disrespect and boisterous behavior, and scolds the mothers for driving away another dancer. lee miller hosts a clip show featuring the most shocking moments so far on dance moms. meanwhile, chloe is given the featured role in the group dance, and jill is upset that the role was not given to kendall. the mothers are on the fence about kelly's decision to allow brooke to leave mid-season, and an angered abby attends competition without kelly. learns of an upcoming joffrey ballet school summer intensive audition, and awaits the aldc's invitation.

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brooke is given a solo to compete in the junior division and is scheduled to compete head-to-head against one of the candy apples' dancers. although fearing under-confidence, maddie says she's ready to dance her solo this week. meanwhile, maddie has to deal with packed schedule having the featured role in the group routine, learning a new solo, and leaving to film drop dead diva. he used to play on football and baseball teams until he decided to focus on dance. abby rehearses a group routine of a serious nature entitled "the last text", and the mothers are concerned about the dance's mature theme. graduated in 2013, amidst deteriorating relations between the pent family and abby,[6][7] afterwards joining the air force. is to be a role model for the younger dancers, but would like a change of pace and tries out for cheerleading. "tuesday cable ratings: teen mom,' 'storage wars' tops + 'the game,' 'white collar,' 'justified,' 'southland' & more".

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at competition, maddie dances to a scratched cd and the mothers question if she expected the music to be ruined. the mothers appear disgusted by it, and when confronted, melissa tells abby she selects to stay home this weekend, which upsets maddie. meanwhile, abby is infuriated after learning that chloe misses rehearsal to appear in a television spot for cathy's husband's business. meanwhile, kendall is scheduled to go head-to-head against maddie and chloe at competition. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. meanwhile, a disheartened paige is replaced by kendall in the trio with chloe and maddie, with whom paige has danced with since they were four years old.' wins night, 'the game', 'hardcore pawn', 'switched at birth' and more". abby announces she has invited a senior male dancer to perform in the group routine, which the girls seem excited about.

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tyler[5] pent is a male dancer from abby lee dance company, first featured in love on the dance floor of dance moms. "tuesday cable ratings: 'sons of anarchy' wins night, 'counting cars', 'white collar', 'covert affairs', 'face off', 'dance moms' & more". moms: the girls' guide to life: how to stretch at home (e3, p2) | lifetime. learns she is out for six weeks due to a broken foot, and jill seizes the opportunity to get kendall in the strongly requested duet with chloe. eagerly wants to defeat the candy apples after a humiliating loss when the last competed against each other. the dancers of the abby lee dance company, and their mothers return for another season of dance competitions. submitting your information, you agree to receive emails from lifetime and a+e networks. in this season, new dance moms and dancers are introduced into both the abby lee dance company and candy apples dance center.

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while preparing costumes for the dance, the girls are asked to switch outfits with each other despite their size differences. moms - brooke wants to go to the football game (s2 e1). is frustrated that the other mothers continue to ask her about her pending nuptials and has her lawyer pen a letter telling them to back off. moms, abby, and cathy sit down and talk about the happenings of season 1 and 2. moms: the girls' guide to life: how to stretch at home (e3, p2) | lifetime. when abby asks the girls to critique each other's dancing, chloe feels stressed and leaves rehearsal. additionally, cathy has hires two new choreographers to help with the candy apples' and produce a solo for kendall, which jill feels is poorly rehearsed. tires of cheerleading and has a heart-to-heart with abby about returning to dance.

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plays cupid with brooke and her duet partner, hoping their off-stage romance will make on-stage drama. meanwhile, abby rehearses a new group routine, and maddie, again, gets the featured role. "tuesday cable ratings: 'storage wars' wins night, 'teen mom', 'pretty little liars', 'dance moms', 'hardcore pawn', 'shipping wars' & more".^ a b c d e f g "shows a-z – dance moms on lifetime".: brynn rumfallo • camryn bridges • elliana walmsley • kalani hilliker • kendall vertes • lilliana ketchman • nia frazier current guest: daviana fletcher • maesi caesformer/alum: alexus oladi • alysa owen • areana lopez • asia monet ray • auriel welty • brandon pent • brooke hyland • chloe lukasiak • jojo siwa • katherine narasimhan • kendyl fay • mackenzie ziegler • maddie ziegler • nick dobbs • nina linhart • paige hyland • payton ackerman • peyton evansformer guest: ally serigne • ava cota • bella hoffheins • chloe nguyen • fallon chapman • jalen parker • jade cloud • jane dickson • kaeli ware • kaleigh cavanaugh • jayden bartels • kamryn beck • kevin cosculluela • sarah hunt • sarah reasons • saryna garcia • simeon johnson • sophia lucia • tea' adamson • will simmons • yadiel figueroa. meanwhile, kelly takes brooke to a recording studio, and has asked the other girls to sing back up, and allows abby to produce her music video.,' 'the game,' 'westminster dog show,' 'justified,' 'southland' & more".: american reality television series2012 american television seasonshidden categories: use mdy dates from june 2014.

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the mothers are concerned about dance's theme, and melissa gets criticized about favoritism between the girls. moms - brooke wants to go to the football game (s2 e1). sends brooke and kevin on a date dance moms s03 e22. aldc is in new york city preparing to audition for joffrey ballet school, and not far behind them are the candy apples. nia, also, is absent from rehearsal and is concerned for her solo being under-rehearsed. at competition, a candy apples dancer falls on-stage and has to be rushed to the hospital. see brandon pent's placements on the pyramid, visit the brandon pent/pyramid subpage. second season featured thirteen star billing cast members with various other dancers and moms appearing throughout the season.

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"tuesday cable ratings: 'counting cars' wins night, 'teen mom', 'white collar', 'dance moms', 'face off', 'covert affairs', dnc coverage & more". at competition, the aldc pulls a clean sweep with chloe earning a title award, as do mackenzie and brooke. the aldc performs a wedding themed group routine reflecting melissa's talked-about secret, whereas the candy apples perform a funeral themed routine. chloe finds herself at the top of the pyramid for the first time this season, and is given a copious amount of dances to learn. the mothers are outraged when they discover that the costumes for the dance make the girls appear nude on stage.,' 'the game,' 'key & peele, "white collar,' 'justified,' 'southland' & more". in the mezzanine, the mothers confront leslie about payton's supposed meanness toward the younger dancers. Tyler Pent is a male dancer from Abby Lee Dance Company, first featured in Love on the.

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