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 |    share hide replies ∧guestjonathan g3 years 6 months agoi got a 42, which proves that this quiz is bogus!

Which Dirty Rock Star Did This Actress Hook Up With?

/ ethics & values / what a buzzfeed quiz taught me about privilege.

Which Rock Star Should You Hook Up With?

Which Rock Star Were You In Your Past Life?

i am an ardent supporter of gay rights and religious freedom, but it doesn’t mean i know what it’s like to walk in the shoes of someone who is gay or someone who ‘looks middle eastern/muslim.

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ugh…” —regardless of the quiz’s shortcomings, it did get people talking.

(BMA) - Stato del volo, mappe e altro - KAYAK

How to Use Trivia and BuzzFeed-Style Quizzes for Marketing

i remember thinking, when i joined, that i had never done anything this far from my mainstream, somewhat privileged upper-middle-class white, highly educated life.

Which Dirty Rock Star Did This Actress Hook Up With?

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” quiz exposed to pauline gaines the blind spots in her understanding of privilege.

What a BuzzFeed Quiz Taught Me About Privilege -

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week, when i was scrolling through my facebook news feed, i happened upon a friend’s posting of a new buzzfeed quiz, how privileged are you?

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think this quiz shows exactly what is inherently wrong with privilege as a concept – oversimplistic hierarchising.

Which Rock Star Are You?

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you're a dude, you should probably just try taking this quiz again.

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comments on "what a buzzfeed quiz taught me about privilege".

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luckily my mental illnesses may have kept me from showing up as a full-blown snooty-snoot.

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