Can i activate a sprint phone to virgin mobile

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Can i switch my sprint phone to virgin mobile

when you see a 'promoted product' or a product with a 'go to site' button it means that whistleout is earning a transaction click fee for the referral. phones only work with one network, whereas other phones can be switched across all networks. you want to open up your phone's onscreen keypad- is there a phone icon anywhere that's available to you? 9your phone will now either automatically shut down on its own or ask you if it's okay to shut down. 2 months ago i never got a msid number its a phone out the box with just mei. you need to know about buying iphone 8 and iphone x. in those 17 years) and will stay with them until i'm so old i forget how to use a phone. comment on this article and other macworld content, visit our facebook page or our twitter feed.-mobile devices are often locked to its network, but good news: our guide to unlocking a t-mo phone is available here. swapping the sim means the new phone will operate over the same network with the same phone number. gunsberg 14 months ago from traverse city, michigangood to hear, lee! this is a small removable plastic card that stores the data needed to identify a subscriber on a wireless network. sure you have the following to complete the transfer:Your account number with your old provider." on mine, it's literally an icon of a back-in-the-day telephone. & servicesprint family locator: don't sign up before reading thisby patty hahne66. nexus 5x google nexus 6 google nexus 6p google pixel htc desire 530 htc desire 626s iphone 7 or iphone 7 plus iphone 6s or iphone 6s plus iphone 6 or iphone 6 plus iphone se iphone 5s or iphone 5c iphone 5 iphone 4s or iphone 4 lg stylo lg stylo 2, stylo 2 plus lg k7 lg k10 lg v20 lg g5 lg escape 3 motorola moto e, moto e lte motorola moto g4 play samsung galaxy s7 or s7 edge samsung galaxy s6, s6 edge, s6 edge + samsung galaxy s5 samsung galaxy s4 or s4 zoom samsung galaxy s3 or s3 mini samsung galaxy note 5, 4, 3, 2 samsung galaxy grand prime samsung galaxy core prime samsung galaxy j3 zte z max pro zte grand max. name on your new virgin mobile account has to match the name on your old provider's account exactly for us to be able to bring your number over. gunsberg 7 months ago from traverse city, michiganrick,i think you should be able to activate your new virgin mobile phone just as you would with any other virgin mobile phone. whether you purchased your iphone from an apple store or a verizon shop, big red states that it does not lock any 4g lte devices, so no code is needed to open up your iphone for use with another carrier. devices can be taken to ting and boost mobile, but not prepaid brand virgin mobile. iphones bought from the company will still be locked to at&t’s network, so bringing it to another carrier isn’t as simple as popping out the sim. check activation status check the status of a previously submitted activation request. sure you have the following to complete the transfer:Your account number with your old provider. gunsberg 4 months ago from traverse city, michiganhey ana, if the steps here don't work try going to "tools" and settings" and then "phone info" if that's an option for you. i think that should have been their solution in the first place. far as i know, this should work for any model, as long as the provider is virgin mobile. hubpages and hubbers (authors) may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including amazon, google, and others. all the info on sim cards, check out our sim support page. you sure you wanna remove this phone from your basket? 4 months ago will this work on any phone i buy, or does it have to be a virgin phone.

Can i use a sprint phone with virgin mobile - Virgin Mobile Community

injoincomputersdesktopsaccessoriessoftware & operating systemslaptopsrepairsinternet access & networkingconsumer electronicstabletse-readerscell phonessmartphonesappsplans & servicehome theater & audiospeakerstvshome theater systemsinternetsocial networkinge-mailcultureentertainmentsecuritybrowsersgraphic design & video editingindustrial technologyconnect with us. 7 months ago i am thinking of buying a galaxy phone but want to but it from a t.'ll need to get your new provider to grant permission for your device to be given a serial number (and thus a working service line and phone number) on its network. gunsberg 4 months ago from traverse city, michigani can't say for certain, russell, but these steps are actually based on an older virgin mobile phone from like 2012 if that helps :) does anyone else here know if these steps will work on older virgin mobile or any other kinds of phones? if the device is deemed eligible after the two-day review period, you’ll then be able to pop out the old sim and insert the new one. 3 months ago i just ordered a new iphone for the inner circle plan, and it says after confirmation, i'll need an ss number and various info from my account. if your phone isn't compatible, then we've got the phones you really want. sprint devices may work with verizon: namely the iphone 5c and up, as well as nexus devices and the moto x pure edition. of 8192 characters usedpost commentno html is allowed in comments, but urls will be hyperlinked. other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. to activate your virgin mobile phone without calling customer serviceupdated on may 2, 2016. phones: how to take your phone to another carrier and save money. i have a loft phone, is it outdated with virgin mobile now ? mercer 2 weeks ago brand new samsung entro - followed the steps implicitly, does not work. hook up your own phone on a month-to-month term with a virgin mobile sim card. to do that, log into your account, choose the device you want to unlock, select “unlock phone or tablet to work with another wireless provider,” and follow the prompts. these serial numbers are coded in to the phones themselves, which creates a problem if you want to switch carriers. get hooked up with virgin mobile and you can keep your mobile phone number, and we won't charge you to switch. and will i be able to transfer my number the way outlined above instead? & servicehow to file an at&t insurance claim for a cracked screen, lost or damaged phoneby paul edmondson26. basically, you’ll need to call customer service at (877) 746-0909 to get the mobile device unlock code for your phone.'ve got two ways to get it:Activate it on a monthly plan. gunsberg 8 weeks ago from traverse city, michigannikki, what kind of phone do you have? sprint devices with sim card room may work with at&t and t-mobile's gsm networks, but only on 4g lte service.'ve got two ways to activate it:Visit a virgin mobile store. if you're having trouble, give us a shout at 1-888-999-23211-888-999-2321.!Authorkierstin gunsberg 2 months ago from traverse city, michiganndp33, i'm sorry for a late response. this is when a carrier places a block within the phone to restrict it from working on any network but its own. you sure you want to remove the phone from the basket? first hurdle when moving between networks is a big one; us carriers don’t all run on the same kind of cellular technology.

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Bring Your Device | Virgin Mobile

where did you buy the phone and what was virgin mobile and sprint's reason for saying they couldn't activate it? if you can’t get into your account for some reason, you can use the company’s device unlock portal to verify the phone’s eligibility. my question is - what info will i need from the person who pays that bill (we had a fall out) and will i need a social security number (which i don't have)? to keep iphone data roaming costs down when traveling abroad. of the four biggest us carriers, at&t and t-mobile run on 'gsm' networks, while sprint and verizon wireless use 'cdma'. i am a parent or guardian activating a device for someone under 13 years old. we've got travel packages and great roaming rates, so you won't get bill shock when you open your mobile bill. 2 months ago i hope this works lol i'm waiting and it's like taking forever but i'm happy so far. should be able to use your 4g device on at&t and t-mobile. you can usually find him with his nose buried in a screen. mobile companies "lock" their phones so that they'll only work with sim cards hooked up to their company's network. if you deactivate it first, then we won't be able to move your number over. pick of the hot deals from every carrier, handpicked and fresh. the province your calling area will be in:Northwest territories. for t-mobile it’s 40 days, sprint 50 days, and at&t is the longest at 60 days. virgin mobile is no exception, which is why i am going to gently walk you through the necessary steps to activate your new virgin mobile phone so that you can avoid that hundred-and-six-minute phone call with some guy half-way around the globe whose name is clearly not dan. your cell activated already or risk having to find a payphone like this sad, sad man. phones - such as newer iphones and selected nexus devices, will work with sprint. you're heading to a virgin mobile store, we'll be able to take care of moving your number before you leave the store. and that means it won't have access to the virgin mobile network. don't wanna come between you and that phone you love. you want to switch to a new carrier, you'll need to make sure your iPhone is unlocked first. mobile sim card, micro sim, ipad sim card, tablet sim card, blackberry sim card, smartphone sim cards. head to a virgin mobile store or order your new sim card online and we'll get you hooked up. can help you with your next cell phone article or media piece. any non-virgin mobile phone needs to be unlocked, and any phone that's already been reported as lost or stolen might be blacklisted. & servicehow much is 1 gb of shared data for a cell phone? get the ultimate vip access and sweet deals from the hottest brands. extra careful when getting a new phone from an unauthorized retailer or a private seller. gunsberg 10 months ago from traverse city, michiganhi john, i hope that you've been able to set up your phone at this point.


11 news, ipad rumors, itunes and the app store, and your comments and. plans, android plans, iphone plans, prepaid plans, blackberry plans, cell phone plans. are you looking for:Hey there, we think you're in ontario. gunsberg 7 months ago from traverse city, michiganpedro, what kind of screen/button options do you have? if that doesn’t work, or if you haven’t met all the requirements, you can call customer service at (888) 211-4727 and they’ll be able to help.   () -paygo planhomepaymentsredeem voucherservice & usagesettingsdevice & supportcommunitylogouthome > activate activate activate your device you've come to the right place to get your device up and running. you can take your sprint device to a new carrier, you'll need to make sure it's network unlocked - find out how here.: get your first 6 months for when you byo your iphone. it's a bull option, don't do it, it doesn't work. lte devices should work on verizon, although you may not be able to use 3g/2g services. you need to know before transferring:Don't deactivate your mobile phone number! you can bring both of 'em to virgin mobile - all you need is a virgin mobile sim card. online shopping network who sells virgin mobile phones with service but how will it be to activate it? i'm told the phone is unlocked and i did reset it thru apple itunes. i recently just crack the h3ll out of my screen so i'm planning on buying a new one shortly. phones use a sim card for 2g (voice and text), 3g (voice, text and internet), and 4g (high speed internet and volte) operation. gunsberg 2 months ago from traverse city, michiganhow did it work out, erika? i tried to find a solid answer for you but came up with nothing. more conversation with virgin is getting me a new sim. erase those and type in the one you were actually provided with. good luck, and let us know how things turn out/what worked! it may also be listed under "min" instead of "msid". we audit the prices across the whole market regularly and we don't alter the ranking of products in our organic search based on any commercial relationship. you may have to call the customer service line for this one. you need to know before transferring:Check if your current phone is compatible with our network. phoneswhy you should switch to a dumb phoneby noah driver36. your phone between networks in the us can be a tricky business, but well worth it. any phone with a tampered serial number may be exposed to being blacklisted by another party. don't forget that unlocking a phone could void its manufacturer's warranty. below to find out more about wireless networks, or skip ahead to your carrier:Verizon, at&t, t-mobile, or sprint.

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  • BYO phones: How to take your phone to another carrier and save

    i now have a useless phone that can't be used for anything. if you have a keypad, you should be able to just start typing the digits in. transferring a landline phone number can take a couple of days. i've been a virgin mobile customer for going on 15 years now (i think my service has gone up by (maybe) 5. car 4 months ago step 5, where do i get the "msid" i was "provided with". if you're lucky enough to have a phone like this, you may be able to move to most carriers. your phone unlocked can range from trivial to downright tricky, depending on your carrier. you submit the request, you’ll get a confirmation email with an unlock request number. calling virgin to activate isn't a big deal but i'd still rather not have to. each handles the process in its own way, which we'll cover in each section. and you might need to factory reset your phone before the new network can be recognized, so make sure you're backed up. all of verizon's phones come network unlocked - more information is available here. devices may also work with the carrier's mvnos, such as straight talk, page plus and red pocket. phone companies operate under one of two types of networks; either cdma or gsm. 7 months ago where do you do step one im confused. is common globally, and is used in far more countries than cdma - so travelling with a cdma phone may be difficult. out how to unlock your at&t phone in our step-by-step guide. verizon phones - newer iphones, google nexus models, and some motorola handsets - will work with sprint. you’ll find out in two days if it’s eligible, and if it is, you’ll receive an email with an unlock code. follow the instructions, pop out your sim, and you’ll be ready to switch networks. if your current carrier is set up for one, and your desired carrier set up for another, then it's likely you won't be able to use your current phone on the new network. then your account will need to be free of any financial obligations. few reasons why you should choose us:Member exclusive access & deals. you get your new virgin mobile phone online, give us a shout at 1-888-999-2321 once you've got your hands on it and we'll move your number. it says virgin on it but i want a newer phone. what kind/service were you using that didn't work according to the instructions in my article? this service: whistleout maintains a broad list of providers to help you compare, always covering at least the top ten providers in every category so you can make a transparent choice. virgin mobile's terms of service prohibits tampering with a serial number (or imei). your phone is currently locked, it needs to be unlocked. if you accepted a contract in exchange for a subsidized up-front cost, you’ll have to either wait until your contract is up (usually 24 months), or if you bought your phone on a payment plan you’ll need to pay the balance.

    Hacks to Activate Your Virgin Mobile Phone Without Calling

    you could ask to get it unlocked from the original company you bought it from or from a third-party store that offers unlocking. it's a sadistic, mentally abusive relationship wherein we as the victim dole out precious pennies to pay "service" charges and "fees" until we're working for a bill for a phone that works properly only about 18% of the time, granted you are actually able to get it activated.: get the unlimited plan free for 1 year when you switch. very well written and hope that others find the trick so much easier than getting on the phone/web! get the ultimate vip access and sweet deals from the hottest brands. if you have a smart phone then you may need to access the menu to get into the "phone. mobile has a 0 discount on an instantly unlockable 32gb and 128gb. requirementsbefore you can hook up your phone to a new network, you need to meet a series of requirements. sprint states that it will automatically unlock phones as soon as they’re eligible, so you should be able to insert a new sim and start using it with your new carrier immediately. if you deactivate it first, then we won't be able to move your number over. Simply bring your own phone, get a Virgin Mobile SIM card and you're in. days of being tied to a single carrier with a locked phone for months on end are all but over. to switch cell phone providers (and keep your phone number).'ve got two ways to get it:Get a sim card online. 8 months ago my phone is a note 3 and my old account was with sprint. i am transferring my number from a t-mobile fanily plan. if you've finished your contract, paid for your phone in full, or have used it for over one year on a prepaid service, then chances are you're eligible for unlocking. Here are some tips on how you can keep your cell phone and save money by switching carriers. electronic serial numbers are used to identify subscribers for 2g and 3g. unlocking process at at&t is the most complicated of the four major carriers. you already have a virgin mobile sim card you just need to activate it. can take most phones to t-mobile or other gsm providers.., an iphone directly from apple for full outright price), then it should already be unlocked. get the ultimate vip access and sweet deals from the hottest brands. in or sign up and post using a hubpages network account. you need to know about the new phone unlocking rules. gunsberg 9 months ago from traverse city, michiganluke, that's how i've done it but anywhere that yours phone allows you to enter numbers should work. name on your new virgin mobile account has to match the name on your old provider's account exactly for us to be able to bring your number over. your awesome new phone online or head to a virgin mobile store. also find ridiculous that if store bought get transferred to another department, as well as can't add phones to account to swap on the virgin mobile custom account.
    • How to unlock your iPhone on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile

      in my experience i'm pretty sure that you could keep the same plan if you make sure to purchase a phone that is compatible with the plan you've been using :). you're looking for a brand new phone and want to keep your current number, we've got you covered. 10if your phone isn't automatically restarting, turn it back on and you should be all activated, all without any of the weird bonding between you and a poorly informed customer service rep. can you go into the about in your phone and see it listed? Here's how to do it on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Virgin Mobile. i want to move my phone number from another carrier to virgin mobile. step-by-step guide to activating your Virgin Mobile phone and getting on with your life. sprintif you have an iphone from sprint that fulfills all the criteria in the general requirements section above, it’s likely unlocked already. please make sure you have your device with you before you start this process. first, identify your carrier's original network below, then select your network and your phone model to see which carriers you can switch to. i travel with my sim card and how much will it cost me? follow the link in the email to confirm the request. running on cdma networks don't use a sim card for 2g or 3g, but require one for 4g. 9 months ago do you have to enter the number in your call log keypad. if you want to move to a new network, simply cancel your service and start a new plan with the carrier of your choice. comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. 6 weeks ago both virgin and sprint say that my used iphone 5s cannot be activated to my virgin number even though the phone is unlocked and previously used on sprint. lte phones with band 2 or 4 compatibility should work with verizon. gunsberg 6 weeks ago from traverse city, michigani'm glad they're getting you a new sim, cassp. mobile's new inner circle phones can be unlocked without a problem. where we once were forced into 24-month contracts with devices that were useless on any other network, nowadays your wireless carrier must unlock your phone if you request it. a virgin mobile sim card you can talk and text in over 200 countries and save coin at the same time. transferring a landline phone number can take a couple of days. clear all of those numbers by backspacing them out and type in your phone's 10-digit number, starting with the area code. phone companies make it their business to create hell in our day-to-day lives. on to figure out if you can keep your phone and, in turn, save a bunch of cash with a byo cell phone plan.-mobile may be the un-carrier, but you’ll still have to call them up to unlock your iphone. phone's serial number (the esn/sim/meid/imei number, depending on the type of phone you have). that means it can’t have been reported as lost or stolen, or associated with any sort of illegal activity. want to bring my own phone but need a new number.
    • Get a SIM Card, Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) to Virgin - Virgin

      when you set up your account at virgin mobile's website, they provided you with both a new phone number and an msid number. is great news; you can remove the sim from your current phone and insert it into another compatible device, provided it’s either with the same carrier or you’ve ‘unlocked’ it from its original network for use on another. you will need: your account pinactivation request numbercheck the status of your current activation. gunsberg 12 days ago from traverse city, michiganhi marc, did you purchase this samsung phone through virgin mobile and if not through the virgin mobile website, where did you buy it from?, most carriers require accounts to have been active for a certain number of days before they will allow devices to be unlocked. i am a new customer and want to activate my virgin mobile device. in just a few easy steps, we'll help you set up your account and activate your device. however, there are some terms and conditions that you’ll need to follow before you can pop another sim into your phone, and of course they vary by carrier. we can't guarantee that a non-virgin mobile phone will work, 100%, you can check if your current phone is compatible with our network. the phone itself is not part of the authentication process; the sim card handles all of that. you can also give us a shout at 1-888-999-2321. a virgin mobile sim card online or at a virgin mobile store near you. if you’ve got a handset that you’re still happy with, but want to ditch your current carrier, keeping your old device instead of buying a new smartphone on a contract can result in huge savings. first and foremost, it needs to be a legitimate device. t-mobile iphones, nexus devices, and the motorola moto x pure edition should be compatible with sprint. 14 months ago does this work while trying to switch iphones? you have your own phone and want to get a new phone number with virgin mobile all you need is a virgin mobile sim card. i've activated many many phones w/virgin and have never written down the instructions (duh! if you did and are able to summarize here that would be awesome because i do not know the answer. 15 months ago as someone who frequently drops, cracks, drowns, or loses phones and having been a loyal vm customer for years, i can say i've used this method many times without fail. a few phones, like the 'cdma' variants of the iphone 6 and 6 plus, are designed to work over both cdma and gsm. 6 weeks ago kristen, my iphone 5s is a sprint phone. if you need to jet away somewhere, we'll help make sure you're covered. you’re an at&t customer, the process is slightly more complicated than the other carriers. will this allow me to keep the exact plan that i currently have? grab those from either the page or your email, where a confirmation should have been sent by virgin mobile containing these numbers. startedfollow your phone's instructions for inserting the battery, charging it, and powering on the device. phone's serial number (the esn/sim/meid/imei number, depending on the type of phone you have). beyond that, the process varies slightly for each carrier:verizon stephen lawson. the unlocking consumer choice and wireless competition act makes it so any phone purchased after 2015 will work with any carrier, so your provider can’t keep your phone tied to their network because they feel like it.
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