Can you hook up computer speakers to a projector

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Can you hook up speakers to a projector

  if you want a whole home system get a sonos and spend the time or money to setup airplay or sonos input/bluetooth to be able to cast from youtube etc. buy any sonos products if you like watching youtube songs or movies its as simple as that its like a stupid radio spotify machine ffs u can even play taylors swift music for that reason lmao waste of money get a bose system much better. step 5 use the stereo's source selector to select the input to which the computer's audio output is connected. step 2position the projector in a secure location where it won't be bumped or knocked by excited movie-goers. projectors work best with dedicated projection screens, but a plain white wall will do in a pinch.

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I want to get sound from cumputer not the projector using HDMI and

the guys at best buy, who i speak with pretty-often and find to be rather knowledgable, generally, said that it should be easy to hook-up to the tv and play other sound through my computer, besides the music library, which i had to upload, and was a bit of a pain, in and of itself. right-click the speaker icon from your computer's system tray and select "playback devices.  (also, i tested all, and the 3's really seem to be the best "bang for your buck", for anyone interested. note which input name you use and insert the red plug into the r or right channel input and the black or white plug into the l or left channel input. however, if you plan to use your computer speakers or a separate sound system, you might need to disable the hdmi audio.

How to plug speakers in when using a projector and computer

projector with audio output step 1 turn the stereo system off. share this article: tweet share plus1 pinit tech life categories #samsungtips celebrate create design organize ces 2016 travel navigation shop this article ht-j5500w home theater system 4k ultra hd blu-ray player samsung hw-j8500r wireless multiroom curved soundbar w/ wireless subwoofer have you seen how to photograph a graduation ceremony when to use your camera's filters < prev | next >. projector without audio output step 1 turn off the receiver or amplifier to protect the speakers from transmitting the sounds of you connecting the computer. we recommend how to protect your smartphone from viruses best smartphone accessories tips for shooting and sharing family videos tips on getting a family picture that's great samsung is a registered trademark of samsung electronics co. make sure it is large enough to accommodate your anticipated image size.

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i thought it would do simple things that other functional wireless players now do like let you locate the projector and audio system in separate locations without the need for cables or enable audio to be streamed direct from my android phone without needing to have my computer turned on (as the music server) and let me listen to ted talks or youtube clips from my computer wirelessly. i personally would buy a lot more components if i knew i could take some speakers with me and play from my phone or ipad while traveling or visiting, especially where there is no wi-fi system at all. select "movie mode" on the projector to optimize the display for smoother, color-rich moving images. a reply   i have 3 sonos player , but i'm so disapointed not to be able to use them as "multi-purpose" wierless player, just like a regulare i would plug to my computer. utilize airsonos for airplay (although rarely need) and i also have a connect hooked to my desktop computer which is hidden away to play sonos music on my computer and also allow me to stream any computer audio to all my sonos speakers (such as youtube).

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doing so disables your primary screen to reduce ambient light and shows your computer screen through the projector. step 8launch your movie from your computer as you normally would. the brightness of your projector will offset ambient light to a degree, so opt for a higher lumen rating for brighter rooms and try to minimize external light sources. one end of the cable to your external speakers as. can i either send the movie to my sonos library or is it possible to connect the computer (audio line out) by hard line into a sonos component.

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thing is buddy people like sonos play 1 cause its compact small device they dont want the big ugly version of it personally id rather buy 4 of sonos play 1 but at the same time id rather if there was an option to stream from youtube n use em all at the same time. i wanted to do was send the audio from a film i was watching on my projector, but sonos says no. for example, i am connecting my computer to a projector. is turned off, you need to select communication on for the standby mode setting and always on for the a/v. references epson: powerlite 1261w wxga 3lcd projector - specificationsepson: powerlite 1850w wxga 3lcd projector - specificationsepson: ex5210 xga 3lcd projector - specifications about the author steve lander has been a writer since 1996, with experience in the fields of financial services, real estate and technology.

Can you hook up computer speakers to a projector-I want to get sound from cumputer not the projector using HDMI and

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if you don't see your desktop through the projector, open the projector's menu and manually select the connection type, such as hdmi, vga or dvi.  i hope this is an improvement you are working on for your desktop app. to get the echo to play through the sonos speakers. items you will need projector screen or reflective paintvga, dvi or hdmi cable3. press "win-p" on your computer and select "second screen only" or "projector only," depending on if you're running windows 7 or 8.

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I connect my computer to sonos and play the audio of a movie through my sonos system? have a connect hooked to my pc between the audio out and the computer speakers. some projectors might also provide a color test pattern to make fine tuning more accurate. step 3connect a vga, dvi or hdmi cable between matching ports on your computer and the projector., is it still valid that with play:1 and play:2 you are not able to easily forward sound from your computer into wireless speaker wirelessly?

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or, at least, easier capability and better instruction on how to connect it to your tv, and/or play more media through your computer, laptop, tablet, smart-phone, for gaming, etc. depending on the configuration of your particular stereo, you would press a button that's marked with the name of the input, press a button marked "input" or "source" repeatedly, or use a menu system to select the input. sure your computer or video source is connected to the. step 5 select the input on the stereo to which you connected the projector. photo credits ryan mcvay/photodisc/getty images share share tweet email related searches more articles how to connect a toshiba tdp d1 projector to a computer how to hook up a toshiba projector to a gateway laptop how to hook up tv to an expedition wonderwall entertainment projector how to hook up an optoma projector to a television.

How to plug speakers in when using a projector and computer

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the most portable of projectors can often produce an image larger than the biggest TVs, but you have to construct your environment to optimize the theater-like experience. For example, I am connecting my computer to a projector. you can recognize a vga port by its 15 pins and typical blue color. i have had plenty of quality bluetooth speakers, and these are definitely "the best" quality, and an amazing idea, with less wires, relatively easy set-up, initially, with the "basics", and the option to always upgrade/add-to/modify your sound-system to your liking! you want to output audio from the external speakers when the.

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alternatively, select "auto-detect" to make the projector search through all available feeds. for all i know, i can hook-up to these other devices and media, but with-difficulty! the most important considerations when using a projector is the projection area and the ambient light. have two sonos 3s, to use as left and right speakers, and have the option to move them wherever/whenever i like. to use a soundbar with a projector how to hook an iphone to a traditional projector how to hook up a stereo to an epson projector by steve lander related articles how to use a soundbar with a projector how to hook an iphone to a traditional projector how to show a movie with a projector & a pc how to connect a dvd player to an epson projector how to hook up sound to an optoma projector how to connect a panasonic projector share on facebook many epson business projectors, despite their display abilities, frequently have low-powered monophonic speakers, which makes them less than optimal as audio presentation tools for anything but small conference rooms.

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to help solve this problem, some epson projectors have audio outputs that you can connect to an audio system for richer sound. from my computer, or from any of my tvs, even with all of the other tech that i have, i can't seem to make it work, yet. you might also find auto or manual adjustments for brightness, color and contrast that further fine tunes the display according to your preferences. because, at this point, they're just great speakers, with a great idea, and great promise, not yet kept. i connect my computer to sonos and play the audio of a movie through my sonos system?

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even the most portable of projectors can often produce an image larger than the biggest tvs, but you have to construct your environment to optimize the theater-like experience. mm male-to-male audio cable step 1set up your projector screen in a comfortable viewing position in the room. for projectors that lack audio outputs, connect your computer directly to the stereo system in the room where you'll be presenting.  this makes my computer speakers sonos speakers and allows me to stream anything from the computer to any sonos unit. mm stereo jack extension cable between the projector or computer and the audio line-in cable that connects to the stereo.

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as a general rule, the further away from the screen, the larger the image, but if you go outside the specified throw-distance, you risk a blurry image. mm plug into the audio out, line-out or headphone jack on the computer. i think you need to be more upfront about the limitations of sonos' wireless functionality in your marketing. keep the distance from the screen within the projector's advertised throw-distance, which is the distance it can project an image and properly focus. have a play 3 and would also like to hook up my computer to a projector to play a movie and use my sonos for sound.

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