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New Christian Dating Site Aims to Help Missionaries Find Lasting

below are some missionary-ready qualities and characteristics to look for in a dating partner:dedication to, love and serious understanding of the word of godlistening and responding well to the spirit in personal and ministry issueslove for the church, involvement in community, and service in local churchmature understanding and practice of evangelismenjoys and values people; serves and honors others above themselvesestablishes goals and perseveres to reach them; words and actions match updeep value in practice of prayercommunicates well, unafraid of tough discussion, confrontation, or conflictspirit of boldness, potential risk-taker; appreciation for adventure and new thingsdissatisfied by the status quo; desire to live “outside the lines”the following are further practical and daily aspects to watch for and ask about in a potential missionary mate:friends: are they missions minded? We hope to become more than just a dating website; we want to give you opportunity to encourage each other, persevere together, partner with one another, and find life-partners.

Christian Missionaries 'Called Together' By Online Dating Site : NPR

  with christian dating sites online, you will be able expand your options, and narrow down the possibilities in a simple, easy-to-use wants to remind Christian singles who feel isolated by their commitment to God’s purposes: You are not alone.

Matchmaker for Missionaries Tackles a Top Reason | Christianity

New Christian Dating Site Aims to Help Missionaries Find Lasting


dating sites will offer you a chance to search out people like you, who are searching for anything from a good conversation and friendship, to a more involved relationship, built on the things that you were raised on. we strongly believe dating sites are being used by god to bring christian singles together.

Christian Missionaries 'Called Together' By Online Dating Site : NPR

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always, our dating standards and possible mate selection needs to be considered strategically, prayerfully and thoughtfully., dedicated Christians who consider themselves to be passionate world Christians, never end up in missionary service.

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our launch in 2006, over 130,000 singles joined our service, making cmatch a top ranked christian dating site, featuring a highly experienced staff. aug, 2014 07:02 am by:Christian Singles Chat - Discuss Missions and Missionaries- your goals, your experiences and stories.

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