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god was using those years to make me into a new kind of man., i am praying for you and your friend, thomas, right now, that god would use your friendship and relationship to result in praise and glory to his name. if we are not convinced of god’s love before a romantic crisis, we may negatively measure his love for us during or afterward. but if you want to be married, that holy desire must be pursued with holy passion for god that makes nice guys deeply masculine and prepares them to lead and love beautifully feminine women. recently posted…finding rest in christ: 9 practical ways to abide in god’s promised rest. it is painfully hard, waiting and you reminded me to pray, instead of ‘taking matters in my own hands’, i need to trust god instead. after reading your post, i feel encouraged to continue to be patient in trusting god’s timing for the man of my dreams (even if it isn’t this particular man! believing that same lie is what made me feel like god had betrayed me. i’ve learned so much by this break up, as far as god’s grace being faithful with emotions, seeking god’s opinion first before others, and how the enemy never stops working. after all, since he was baptized as a child, god owed him something, right? i cheer you on as you seek god in this very important area of life. many a single man could and would enjoy marriage if he could simply trust god enough to marry an imperfect woman. even though now it’s other things in life (not marriage), seasons of waiting are something i still struggle with.

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he demanded that the romanian orthodox church, which he considered to be god’s earthly representative, compensate him for “god-inflicted damage. i’m going to pray for you today that god will strengthen you to trust him as he calls you to wait patiently on him. i believed god loved me and would simply give me the desires of my heart.. i want you to know that this dream is good and honorable and god-given, inspired by an understanding of god’s design of marriage. when our ultimate goal is marriage or non-marriage, we are downplaying god's greater purposes in our lives. mr potential or not, my daddy god knows best and will give me the best. by becoming the kind of man a godly woman will be attracted to. this character will either conform to god's purposes or break. i have very high standards and won’t lower them for anyone because i believe i am worth the christian man who loves me but god above all. mankind has been created by god for intimacy, it’s no surprise most singles long for marital love.” taking god to court sounds absurd, but think about it.. another thing to pray is that god would make mr. if he is mr right god will make it happen, right?

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i made the mistake of being hasty, moving ahead of god and manupulating a man i was so sure god brought into my life. as uncertain and hard as this time in your life can be, i have no doubt that you will look back on these years and have opportunity to proclaim the faithfulness and goodness of god.” these three words really stood out to me and made me realize that, hey, he is god after all! in my “version” god actually turned my heart to a man who admired me for years & prayed about me being his wife- even talked to our pastor and friends about me, made changes to hear from god and all.! i can see god using you in many great ways, keep strong in your walk with him and he will show you his wonders for your life:). (niv)”the problem with condemning god and putting him “on trial” is that you suffer double. i broke things off out of respect to him and in hopes of receiving clarity from god when he began to mention the potential of marriage. this is critical in our single years as singleness and even dating are powerful tools god can use in us. oh, this sometimes endless and frustrating and even hopeless season of waiting. we describe this sanctimoniously as waiting for the right one or being appropriately picky. i am in the waiting scenario and have to admit that is not so easy sometimes. both will be surprised, and their marriage will be the ongoing discovery of grace, gospel and godliness. you may look back one day on this moment and just shake your head, thanking god that he knew that mr.

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may you pray that my feelings are in line with god’s and that i wait patiently for his timing. you’re busy serving the lord, waiting on god while you tend to the work and life with which he has blessed you. he once told me that he knew that i was the one he was going to marry and all he was praying was for god to show me as well. years later, after the rain cleared and the debris settled, god gently pointed to my heart and showed me that my desire for a mate was greater than my desire for him. god is intimately involved in the details of your life and those to whom he allows you to minister, and he will work a beautiful story for his glory as he tenderly cares for you. at least she’ll be able to have the confidence that because she held on god will reward her. our problem is usually that we run ahead of god and try to go arrange a lot of things to “help” god get it all together. it is clear god has given you his heart on this matter & you are making a difference in many lives all over. but a godly christian woman is really looking for a deeply christian and masculine man. if i am on mission with god's purpose in me, then my singleness can be seen as a good means to a godly end. girl, can i just say how impressed i am with how you graciously and boldly share god’s truth and love., i am so grateful that god encouraged your heart by what you read. it’s been many long years of waiting on god’s timing and his plan but i have also received confirmation along the way.

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i thought by waiting for this courageous pursuer the church kept talking about, i would get a guy strong enough to fix my tendency to control. i cried, remembering all the years of waiting, of enduring the space between “no longer” and “not yet,” and reliving all the moments when i’ve felt forgotten by the god who claims to love me. in scripture does god lay out for men or women the divine goal of marriage. it seemed that in every other area of life god requires my active participation. the one common denominator for every quality christian woman who wants to be married is that they want to marry a godly man. as i encourage you about what you do want to do, i bring you to this example to warn you what you do not want to do: do not be a stealthy, manipulative, conniving woman who does not wait on and trust god, and from whom a godly man will escape. i read the prayer out loud, something in me broke, and i started crying, all too vividly remembering the many times i’ve cried out to god about my desire for a family, children, traditions, people to grow old with, and a husband to hold me and tell me everything was going to be okay. but perhaps like ruth, god wants you to take some action. praying for you right now that god would fill your heart with much peace and assurance to rest in him. but like all of our deepest longings and desires, it has the potential to carry us to heights in god—when we allow him to be in charge of it—or to places of desperation when it becomes more important than our love affair with him. the quality i treasure the most in him is his heart for god and his steady, spiritually leading friendship.”from then on, god began to show me the joy i can have in him while i wait for a husband. i so admire your sensitivity to god’s word and his truth!

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your most devastating relational losses can push you into deeper relationship with god; you can cry out to him and he can hold you in his bosom of grace. i know that if i live for god and pray and trust in god and his timing. however, god wants to be enough while you wait; he wants to meet you in the middle of your emotional longing. as with all the other comments, there’s a great godly guy i like who’s pretty shy . often do we think the abundant life god promises is out there somewhere in a man or woman we will someday marry when christ is saying, “this abundant life that you’re looking for—it’s inside of you and it’s who i am. i guess i’ll just have to wait, god knows who has for me! to embrace god's goal and whatever direction this pursuit takes us.. christian sister, don’t forget that purity and holiness are not out of fashion with god.. nice is a turnoff; godly masculinity is a powerful attraction. if i did something beyond praying and waiting, did that mean i was taking over for men and sinfully thwarting god’s design for marriage?. “that god will turn my heart according to his will. as you wait for that starry, romantic moment to burst forth, waiting and observing is good. using the psalms, pray to the god revealed to you in scripture, and as you step through who he is, and seeking his will to be done and his kingdom to come, you will be able to pray more in line with his will and your prayers will be more effective and intimate.

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it is those who are sick who need the great physician, and we have the promise that if we confess our sin to god, he is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sin and to cleanse us from all iniquity (1 john 1:9). what do you do about that shy, cute, godly, sweet, i-hope-he-might-like-me-since-i-know-we-could-be-sensational-together fella?(if you have sinned and have not been holy both in body and spirit, then confess it to god, repent and turn from your sin, and seek his help to serve him. our job is to wait unto the lord’s and worship him while waiting. we dated for 4 months and in the midst of it i felt god’s presence, however; i fell and got distracted by a guy at school who i was flatter was giving me attention, and i grew confused when my friends were saying they didn’t think the timing was right to be with my boyfriend at the time as a storm came my way with family troubles along with the stress of nursing school. you so much for just reminding me the power of prayer and its not about praying for myself only that i will overcome temptation but that god will turn my heart according to his will. also: why christian women need to stop “waiting on men”. i pray that god will speak to his son about me, make him bold and that this time, i can wait for him to pursue me since i didn’t wait before. heart-throb-potential, but remember what paul says in 1 corinthians 2:9 about god’s plans for those who love him:“things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard, and which have not entered the heart of man, all that god has prepared for those who love him. i pray that if it is god’s will that god brings us together for his glory and that we glorify him in our relationship., “draw near to god, and he will draw near to you. you write with an honesty, confidence, and compassion that speaks of having experienced god’s lovingkindness in a special way. but deb, god is pleased with the woman who trusts in him, not the woman who makes no mistakes.

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in fact, it may require greater faith in god for you to take a risk, be vulnerable and perhaps learn some new skills that will help you better relate to those around you. the waiting and uncertainty during this time in your life is hard, and my heart is tender towards the place where you are.” our hearts are so deceitful, and i think it’s usually impossible to even know our own motives, but god knows, and ask him that your interactions with mr. also: is "waiting on god" an excuse to be lazy?(niv)” finally, accepting that god’s love for me has nothing to do with my marital status has allowed me to relax and rest in him. you experience grief from relational pain, but you also suffer because judging god falsely keeps you from being able to receive the comfort and peace from christ that you desperately need when your heart is broken. i hope that with prayer and patience, god will provide when the time is right. god gave most men a very strong desire for sex. people are quick to give you their opinions based on a man-made perfect love story scenario, and that scenario may or may not be god’s will for your life. god's goal for a christian man is summarized in romans 8:29 as conforming us to the likeness of his son. 5 or 6 years ago i felt lead to begin praying for the man god has for me. if and when god gives you a husband and a family, may you give him all the glory and credit for his gift to you. be quiet and still and spend time fasting and praying before god.

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thank you so much for allowing god to speak through you and for all the encouragement your blog has brought me, especially this series on “mr. man believed his imprisonment was proof that god had acted unjustly. thank you so much for the encouragement and i’m excited to see god’s future plans for my life whether or not mr. in the definition, i found the prescription for my and my friend’s sickness of heart: god himself is the abundant life we seek. i kept expecting and waiting on god the entire year of 2014. is the role of the single Christian woman when the guy is taking his time initiating or moving forward in the relationship? i sometimes wonder if having a husband and family is in god’s plans for me … then i have to remind myself that he knows the desires of all of our hearts and will allow things to happen in his own timing. we’re only friends, but he has everything i have ever wanted in a man: godly, wise, intelligent, funny, and really has a true and pure heart in serving god. wait is a word i keep hearing whispered into my spirit these days, and it’s a word i’m learning to appreciate more and more because i know that all good and beautiful blessings from god take time. he will have cultivated and demonstrated a life of godward living, and if they meet, he will find in her his feminine counterpart. along the way, god graciously reminded me that my hope for a great marriage was not in finding the perfect guy to counter-balance my sinful tendency. excited for what god has in store for me and all these other gals! god is transforming the christian male toward the attitudes, actions and affections that mirror christ's.

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i doubt that this prisoner sat around thinking that if he ever went to jail, he would blame god. that god will continue to use you to proclaim the good news of our saviour jesus christ every day!, i feel like such a beginner student of prayer, but god is showing me how he designs that our christian lives be lived out through powerful, scripturally-based prayer. most desperate times of emotional brokenness tend to bring to the surface what we really believe about god and ourselves. i was dating a godly man that pursued me just the way i prayed a man would. your words really spoke to me and encouraged me to trust god, which has been my latest struggle. i will trust you, and i will follow you through the waiting. god is able and willing to bless and help and guide. they are out of fashion with the world, your college friends, and maybe your family, but holiness is important to god. but i need to remind myself that god’s timing is perfect, and that i shouldn’t manipulate my situations to make something happen. has made me realize that it’s better to spend my time waiting for mr. wonderful that you have been praying for so long for the man god has for you. and, it reiterated so many things i think god has been teaching me through this difficult “waiting” time.

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i’ve been battling feelings for a guy friend over a year and they are not going away…i know god arranges the best marriages so i’m trying to be patient but it’s hard when he’s not pursuing, there don’t seem to be many options, and the clock is, as they say, ticking! doubted god’s love when he didn’t give me the gift of marriage. one of my girlfriends called me last year, lonely and frustrated that god hadn’t delivered her a husband. there is a godly man in my life that i am wishing and praying will be the one god has for me… waiting is so hard and i want to do it well by being cheerful, faithful, and resting in the lord while i wait. please pray that’s god’s be done in my friendship with this gentleman and that he gets some holy boldness if he does feel the same way about me. potential will honor god and reflect a heart at rest in your heavenly father. of my co-workers sent me a true story of a romanian prisoner who sued god.”this life is inside of me, inside of you, in the spirit, in the soul and it’s god-given. but when he was looking out between two bars, his beliefs about god’s justice became evident and lawsuit followed. in job 40:8 god asks job, “would you condemn me to justify yourself?” there is a remnant of godly men, kaleigh, and if god’s design is for you to be married, he will bring you together with a husband in his time and for his glory. for single men whom god has given the desire for marriage but who have not yet found a wife. i know that god is in control and this just confirmed it!

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are times when god calls us to patiently wait on his timing. potential bold and obedient to god if god is leading him to pursue a relationship with you beyond just friendship. recently posted…finding rest in christ: 9 practical ways to abide in god’s promised rest., your heart of expectation and trust in god encourages me! i feel that god has his reasons for me to wait, even though it is sometimes confusing and overwhelming. the greater the godliness in the man, the greater the desire in the woman to marry him. he had many things that i had asked god for in a guy and i just kept insisting it was too good to be true. please pray for me that i fully trust him on this waiting and that mr. i don’t know your story, but it is evident that god has marked you. every time i read it, god lets another little detail jump out for me to be reminded of. over time, i learned that in spite of my discouragement, if i believed god was good, then being single was, in god's eyes, good for me. as soon as i read those words i broke down in tears and just began asking god if it was true., not only did i read this post but also all of the comments, prayer requests and cries for help and you- you answered each one purposefully and personally, as if you understand how unbelievably impossible the pain & the emotions that come from hope deferred of a single woman waiting.

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being in medical school makes me all the more anxious that this journey will lead me to be single forever, but it is in this waiting period that i learn so much from god. never married and 40, she was tired of praying and waiting and waiting and waiting, but most of all, she was convinced that her life was somehow less-than. i’ve been head over heels for almost a decade now, so it was definitely a prayer that god answered. may he accomplish his eternal purposes through you as he brings you through this season of waiting and hoping and praying. i learned that we should trust god in his every decision to our life. your words lift my heart this morning, as you are a vessel of god’s grace to point me to the cross and the lord’s love for us. however, this time god has used my affections to grow me closer to him even through the worrying and hurting i struggle with. fix your gaze on our awesome, powerful, holy, and loving god. just look at how long ago this post was written and how your words continue to reach the hearts of so many daughters in waiting. for me, all that matters is god´s will for my life.” so, my friend, back off and don’t try to manipulate the guy — or god. seek god and ask him to turn your heart and mark’s heart in the direction of his will and leading, and then, as you commit to god your dreams and desires, hold your dreams loosely, willing for god to give or to take. i have recently found myself in a major slump of confusion, and yearning for romance with a godly man, because it just feels like there is no beep on the radar of love for me right now, haha.

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1 corinthians 6 reminds you that if you are god’s, then your body is a temple of the holy spirit within you and that you are not your own. watch god make him a bold, determined young man once he is convinced that god is leading him your way. i have been really struggling with waiting and staying patient for him to make a move. god’s plan is unique for all couples, and certainly not every girl marries the first guy that they date! my desire to marry a particular man was so important to me that when god didn’t say yes, i became offended by how he’d handled my life. last january on a sunday morning i went up for prayer after a message about claiming god’s promises. seems like i’m wanting something god hasn’t given me…. almighty god, creator of the universe, created and shaped me, lovingly, intentionally, and purposefully. have you heard anyone define god’s justice by their single status? topicsfaithspiritual growthself-careculturerelationshipsfamilymarriage + sexparentingdivorce + blended familiesfriendshipsingles + datingchurch life & ministryservicewomen's ministrymentoringworkcareercallingour latestmust readsthe magazinearchivesspecial sectionslifework diane paddisonflourish sherry surrattwild hope austin channing brownre: arrangements carolyn arendscross + culture helen leelive love margot starbuckvideos & imageshelpabout uscontact uswho we arewriter's guidelinesdonateadvertisemust readsthe magazineabout tcwissue archives. praise god for the blood of jesus that covers all our sin. if we see our own brokenness in our desire for perfection, a whole world of godly christian women becomes accessible and marriageable. may god bless you for pursuing the things above more than the cute, shy fella you’re stalking on facebook.

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although each situation is different and i surely believe that godly and wise young women will have occasion to take different courses of action (check out ruth’s pursuit of boaz, for example. i know that i need to wait for god’s timing, and he will bring the right man into my life in his timing, according to his plan.” recently i read a church singles blog that went so far as to shame a girl for “taking matters into her own hands” simply because she wanted to tell a guy that she liked him. i feel that god has told me that he is my husband…. my husband prayed that god would give me a love for him long before i knew he had ever glanced my way. what if god has given the desire for marriage but has not providentially given the green light to marry? found this article after a random google search on waiting for the man to pursue. i had been praying that god would repress my feelings until the proper time, but it had never occurred to me to pray that thomas would reciprocate the feelings. i look at all my years of singleness, dating and waiting, i could see them as years of waste, but i would be wrong. topicsfaithspiritual growthself-careculturerelationshipsfamilymarriage + sexparentingdivorce + blended familiesfriendshipsingles + datingchurch life & ministryservicewomen's ministrymentoringworkcareercallingour latestmust readsthe magazinearchivesspecial sectionslifework diane paddisonflourish sherry surrattwild hope austin channing brownre: arrangements carolyn arendscross + culture helen leelive love margot starbuckvideos & imageshelpabout uscontact uswho we arewriter's guidelinesdonateadvertisewaiting for marriage is hard. for marriage is hardtrusting god when i struggle with singleness. even if not verbalized, we may think, if god is just, he will give me a mate.” when i read that the lawsuit was thrown out because god is “not subject to a civil court of law’s jurisdiction” there was an ornery part of me that wanted to yell, “well, duh!

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