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mcxhunthuntxmchwuhollywood u: rising starsthomas huntpixelberrythomas hunt datesmasqueradehuntxmc masquerade ballpll106 notesloading.! i really would like another date sometime so we can make it up to him but that seems unlikely soon… thomas huntprofessor hunthollywood uhollywood u spoilershwuhwu gameon the hunthunt datemcxhunt85 notesloading. archive warnings applythomas hunt (hollywood u)/original character(s) thomas hunt (hollywood u)/readerreader jess (oc) thomas hunt (hollywood u)fluff my first work in this fandom its so short i'm sorry i tried to make it gender neutral gender-neutral pronouns., let me know next time you need a ghost rewrite. each and every one of you deserves the opportunity to study here. up by october 31st for an extended 3-month trial of youtube red.  hwufanartmcxhuntthomas huntfirst datethis took me an unnecessarily long time to finishand i haven't even cleaned it up that wellbut ehmy art355 notesloading. everything in her life seems to be perfect, until she finds out that the director of her new movie is a familiar face from her past. chose not to use archive warningsthomas hunt/main character thomas hunt/original character(s)thomas hunt addison sinclair main character (hollywood u)teacher-student relationship. were a few amazing fanfictions about how hunt always knew it was the mc at the masquerade, and when they unmask themselves, hunt obviously put on the shocked, disgusted, professor act, but he doesn’t mean any of it. yeah, remember back in the first date, when -after unmasking ourselves- hunt gets mad and feels cheated mc is like “oh please, you wanted it to be me“, at which hunt answers “ why would i want you to be someone i don’t respect ?

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i want to cover the whole story from its beginnings, allowing the reader to have a greater understanding of the personalities and actions of the main characters, following the amazing and somewhat dramatic and tragic story of hunt and luna, full of passion, angst, and impossible love. both hunt and our mc try to make sense of an uncertain future while waiting for decisions to be made for the both of them. we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.çaisitaliano日本語türkçeespañolpусскийpolskiportuguês (pt)português (br)nederlands한국어简体中文繁體中文 (台灣)繁體中文 (香港)bahasa indonesiaहिंदी., stop being cute after being an ass thomas hunthuntxmchwuhollywood umcxhuntspoilershwu spoilershunt date168 notesloading. story has a slow build to it because, well, where's the fun at in jumping right to the good stuff? archive warnings applythomas hunt/main character thomas hunt/original female character(s)thomas hunt main character (hollywood u) original female character(s)romance past hunt/marianne past hunt/priya sexy implied/referenced sex pillow fights first time teacher-student relationship canon related out of character maybe?'ll be damned if she lets her school get shut down. timeline is where you’ll spend most of your time, getting instant updates about what matters to you. but then, he also gets to make a few new ones. sign up, tune into the things you care about, and get updates as they happen.

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most recent drabble: dedication - what jane expected versus reality., no distancing yourself from #fantasticfour now not after you put your name in the credits and waited for the bad reviews. arcana - a story of mystery and romance chapter iv part 2 |julian's| (with coins! was all i could think about during that scene with the rude sommelier. just look at the atrocious 1st draft of back to the future. is slowly letting down his walls, and i just love it. you have priya singh, that one ex that you’re civil but awkward around because you have to see her at work.(i was only going to do the first verse but i got carried away goddammit) hollywood uhwuthomas huntthis was the dumbest thing evermost of it is just bs so don't expect it to make sense all the timedate commentarykindahwu song lyricsmy blank space thingy393 notesloading. archive warnings applythomas hunt (hollywood u)/original character(s)thomas hunt (hollywood u) mcdrabble and it turned out way more dramatic than i had anticipated. that one ex that you’re hiding from because she’s crazy and batshit? fastest way to share someone else’s tweet with your followers is with a retweet.

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anyone else dating chris winters and thomas hunt on hwu or is it just me? depictions of violencethomas hunt clark kent batman diana (wonder woman) donna troyalternate universe.! im gonna cry heart:Lol look at this asshole professor in hwu and this gigantic dickwad in hss thats been bullying u & ur friends heart:Wouldnt it just be horrible if i decided. archive warnings applythomas hunt (hollywood u)/original character(s) thomas hunt (hollywood u)/readerthomas hunt (hollywood u) readeri tried to make it gender neutral gender-neutral pronouns its so short im sorry implied sexual content. a scale of one to ten, how severe would you rate your pain? sorry - freeform reader-insert gender-neutral pronouns i tried to make it gender neutral. had just done the unthinkable and for once, hunt was the furthest thing from jane’s mind. but between your wildly differing personalities, jealous exes, and a possible proposal looming on the horizon, will the two of you be able to make it work? chose not to use archive warningsthomas hunt (hollywood u)/original character(s) luna (mc) / thomas huntthomas hunt (hollywood u) luna. date with hunt was so perfect but the ending is so sad! despise people who gleefully post spoilers, but in truth, if a story isn't still compelling when spoiled, it wasn't good to begin with.

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because even if hunt did respect the mc since the beginning, the fact is that he finally admitted and said it out loud in front of mc, to someone else, in public..An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative WorksThis video is unavailable.’ll happen when you’re locked in a room with professor hunt? chose not to use archive warningsace/ofc ace/raven ace/oc ace/mc ace/main characterbartholomew "ace" de la cruz addison sinclair thomas hunt raven oswini am sorry raven and oswin are sister switch places look at ff it's on there i'm bad at formatting on here. can add location information to your tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. over the profile pic and click the following button to unfollow any account. archive warnings applythomas hunt / main characterthomas hunt main character chris winters. collection of unrelated drabbles centering around thomas hunt and the main character ("named" jane doe) told in 100 words. first date i hate this so muchhollywood umcxhuntmc x huntthomas huntfirst dateon the hunthwu spoilers148 notesloading. perhaps that's why she did it — just to hasten the inevitable along. is how i picture mc and hunt during the masquerade ball.

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years after isabelle (mc) left hollywood u to focus full time on her acting career, she is engaged to chris winters and about to star on a new drama movie. choice is thomas going to make that changes the world? this video to your website by copying the code below., class, your suggestions for tv did not give me an aneurysm. just some of the words used to describe thomas hunt as he battles for peace between these four worlds against a dangerous adversary who will stop at nothing to start war between them.--chorus ends-- what do i put for this one:Cherry lips, crystal skies whenever the mc has the option to flirt with hunt:I could show you incredible things if hunt kisses the mc during the date:Stolen kisses, pretty lies they're both celebrities:You're the king baby i'm your queen whenever the mc tries getting close to hunt:Find out what you want this only works if the mc is a girl:Be that girl for a month once hunt takes off the mc's mask:Wait the worst is yet to cooooome, oh no fangirls' reactions to the date's ending:Screaming, crying, perfect storms if your mc is one of the rude ones:I can make all the tables turn implied to be hunt's impression of the mc:Rose gardens filled with thorns what hunt does to us:Keep you second guessing like apparently priya singh:Oh my god, who is she "what we could have been, thomas":I get drunk on jealousy whenever hunt lets his softer side show:But you'll come back each time you leave also hunt's impression:'cause darling i'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream. first time they do it, it’s in hunt’s house, in hunt’s bed, and in between hunt’s sheets. archive warnings applythomas hunt (hollywood u)/original character(s) thomas hunt (hollywood u)/readerthomas hunt (hollywood u) readermy second fanfic it's short again. for any spelling/grammar mistakes (and if any are found, let me know! up instantly on the best stories happening as they unfold. but #furious7 does have one of the best character introductions you'll ever see.

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tells chris something that will make a big impact on their future. archive warnings applychris winters (hollywood u)/reader chris winters (hollywood u)/occhris winters reader thomas hunt (hollywood u) addison sinclair ethan blake (hollywood u) crash (hollywood u) lisa valentine harrison (hollywood u)pregnancy pregnancy announcement fluff. little info on my character:name: michelleage: 22hometown: new jerseyattending hwu for: producer/acting. only wish more of my students qualified for that path. time with hunt on catalina island may have been cut short, but that doesn't mean the date has to end there., thank you pixelberry playhollywoodu, what you’re doing is simply amazing, i just can’t wait for whatever you planned next for hunt’s dates. autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. every date i think it can’t get better, but it does.! like i’m so sad about how they have to forget this all happened and go back to how things were before like how can you even do that! i feel bad for dating both but i can’t help it lol please tell me im not alone? the dinner party, professor hunt didn't ask dear mc (named jade) to stay.

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not just because you don’t know where she is, but also because it’d be even more awkward with her than with priya. chose not to use archive warningsthomas hunt (hollywood u)/original character(s)thomas hunt (hollywood u)first time blank 'insert your own character' there's a lot of banter in here it's pretty vanilla but they do the do. i been lately me:Nice boys r so cute me:Omg he held the door open for her? more accounts to get instant updates about topics you care about.--skipping the chorus you already know-- dat angst with hunt's date tho:Boys only want love if it's torture well the mc did drop hints:Don't say i didn't, say i didn't warn ya hunt's date struck a chord with me and i'm not even part of the hunt crush:Boys only want love if it's torture seriously mc dropped hints:Don't say i didn't, say i didn't warn yaaaaa. find a topic you’re passionate about, and jump right in. incorrect hwu quotesoriginal: big hero 6hollywood uhwuhwu gamepixelberry studiosmain characterthomas huntmcxhuntdate auction64 notesloading. finally deciding to accept professor hunt's offer to move in with him, the two of you go through the ups and downs of living together. archive warnings applythomas hunt / main character thomas hunt / jane doethomas hunt main character jane doe.--chorus-- when the mask is still on:So it's gonna be forever once the mask is off:Or it's gonna go down in flames kind of what the mc is conveying once hunt gets mad about the seduction:You can tell me when it's over "this whole night was a mistake? is intended to be a complete series of a unknown number of chapters based mainly on the characters thomas hunt and mc, which i named luna, of the game hollywood u.

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i picture mcxhunt after the auction date mc:Hi tommy. there’s yvonne, that one ex that you’re probably never going to see again. yeah well, in the last date, hunt is still frowning, but his words are very different. like i could literally “hear” hunt’s voice saying those words during the masquerade ball." :I can read you like a magazine that idea someone posted about the mc being blackmailed with info about her relationship with hunt:Ain't it funny, rumors lie hunt's attitude basically:And i know you heard about me we should hang out some time tommy boy:So hey, let's be friends fucking ending to the hunt date:I'm dying to see how this one ends hunt wears prada:Grab your passport and my hand hunt wears prada pt 2:I can make the bad guys good for a weekend. embedding twitter content in your website or app, you are agreeing to the twitter developer agreement and developer policy." "i didn't say that" :If the high was worth the pain addison, ethan, chris, victoria:Got a long list of ex-lovers probably why they keep on going all over-the-top with the dates (because maybe we're high maintenance):They'll tell you i'm insane the mc is technically dating as many people as she wants:'cause you know i love the players lol hunt doesn't love the game:And you love the game whenever mc has 'yolo' attitude:'cause we're young and we're reckless was kissing hunt too far:We'll take this way too far hunt's attitude during the date:It'll leave you breathless hunt's attitude afterwards:Or with a nasty scar addison, ethan, chris, victoria:Got a long list of ex-lovers probably why they keep on going all over-the-top with the dates (because maybe we're high maintenance):They'll tell you i'm insane "insanely hot professor" :But i got a blank space baby and i'll write your name. archive warnings applythomas hunt (hollywood u)/original character(s) thomas hunt (hollywood u)/readerthomas hunt (hollywood u) readerpregnancy pregnancy announcement fluff. and some parting words to recent graduates: the real world will not be as forgiving as i am. everytime i think i totally got hunt’s character, and then they just do this, and i realize that i don’t. in this case, it wouldn’t change any of the character development or the beauty of it.

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arcana - a story of mystery and romance chapter iv part 2 |julian's| (with coins! date, hunt admitted his feelings towards mc, now he’s admitting that he also respects them (and at the end of the date he freaking admits that we are his weakness). chose not to use archive warningsthomas hunt/main character chris winters/main charactermain character (hollywood u) thomas hunt chris winters crash yamaguchi ethan blake (hollywood u) addison sinclairangst pining. u | hunt dates hollywood uhwuthomas huntprofessor hunthwu hunthollywood u hunthunt datehollywood u hunt datehwu hunt dateon the huntthe reluctant professordate auctionfairy kingdom formalhwustuff306 notesloading. you always have the option to delete your tweet location history. recentmost popularmost recentfilter by post typeall poststextphotoquotelinkchataudiovideoaskhiding adult-oriented contentshowing adult-oriented contentgrid viewlist viewi swear on my life if bianca and jenni actually expose mcxhunt’s relationship no more “i can’t wait for a bianca redemption arc” no more “oh but her dad is an asshole” no more “jenni’s parents are divorcing! archive warnings applythomas hunt/priya singhthomas hunt priya singhangst cheating idek where this came from tbh but i felt compelled once i started. mcxhunthuntxmchwu spoilershollywood u spoilersthomas huntpixelberryprofessor huntdate auctionanalysischaracter developmenttommy boyparallel211 notesloading. i'd provide my students with a substitute, but as my reviewers put it. swear as soon as i saw the word “respect” coming out of his mouth, it just struck me. there’s marianne delacroix, that one ex that you’re still pretty cool with, to the point where your new s.

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chose not to use archive warningsthomas hunt/main characterthomas hunt main character (hollywood u)first time romance pov second person. archive warnings applythomas hunt (hollywood u)/original character(s)original female character(s) thomas hunt (hollywood u)started as a prompt fic but this is just angst with a happy ending angst angst with a happy ending. clearly, some of my students need to take a cue from hollywood and try a reboot. this tweet to your website by copying the code below. you see a tweet you love, tap the heart — it lets the person who wrote it know you shared the love. archive warnings applythomas hunt/main characterthomas hunt main character (hollywood u) addison sinclair lisa valentine ethan blake (hollywood u) chris wintersmarriage proposal romance living together pov second person. tells them it’s because there’s no way he’d be caught in between 20-dollar cotton t-shirt sheets from the local target, but they know it’s because this allows them more privacy, means they won’t get caught- and thomas always does get a little, well, biting, when he’s nervous. autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. chose not to use archive warningsthomas hunt (hollywood u)/original character(s)thomas hunt (hollywood u). i swear, pixelberry is just amazing: the way they create  and write every single hunt’s date is just so thoughtful, developed and beautiful i just can’t. the mc first met hunt:Nice to meet you where you been whenever the mc has the option to flirt with hunt:I could show you incredible things pretty much what people's reactions would be like if the mc dated hunt:Magic, madness, heaven, sin when the mc first met hunt again:Saw you there and i thought fangirls:Oh my god jawline:Look at that face probably hunt's reaction to all this:You look like my next mistake sort of the attitude the mc has on the date:Love's a game, wanna plaaaay benefactor maybe:New money, suit and tie "deep down you hoped it was me!

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