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as career colleges have entered the massage arena, so have the strict federal guidelines attached to financial aid and other admissions policies. if you've ever wondered if it happens (massage therapist-client love connections), the answer is, gulp, yes--it's not just a fictional scenario." she recalls back to her own days as a massage therapist and how she looked at the body as a magnificent form. instead, have at least one market where you don't have to spend a lot of time educating people about the benefits of massage . go in for treatment of sore muscles or an injured back, but sometimes you get more than you bargained for, says daniel reinisch, lmt, a new york based massage therapist. of that lost reverence, wiltsie agrees, comes from new therapists coming out of school younger and younger. are schools doing a good job of giving male students all the ethical tools necessary to deal with the sexual issues they will undoubtedly face throughout their careers? "i would rather err on the side of the therapist. "even if we educate to ethics, the male testosterone-based appetite will prevail and the will unconsciously seduce while working on female clients. while researching the subject of gender and the massage profession, for example, i came across some seemingly legitimate sites that, on closer investigation, showed message boards filled with male therapists looking for "full-body" massage trades from other male therapists. my commitment as a male therapist is to always remember that while i'm working on her. clients that grope, ply for a date, or drop sexual innuendos affect both male and female therapists."i have often noted that if you want to make certain that professional massage never becomes widely accepted in the western culture, here is how it would be designed--force clients to go into a private room, behind closed doors, take off all of their clothing, lie down on a table, and allow a stranger to rub oil all over their body. notable chair massage guru and founder of zubio chair massage, palmer recognized that the clothing issue was a barrier to massage decades ago. from target markets, sohnen-moe says it's important for all therapists to remember that everything they do creates and influences the massage experience for the client.'re all aware of the difficulties male therapists can encounter when working in this profession, and i think it's fair to say we can all appreciate that struggle. says she tells prospective male students that they really need to aim for a higher skill level than would be needed by a woman. says he often hears male therapists "whine that their lives will be ruined if a woman falsely accuses them.: istockkeywords: massagemassage therapiststress releasewomen healthwomen health concernsmost popularentertainmentthis student looks so much like taylor swift she gets mobbed by fansfashion65 brand-new wedding dresses that every bride-to-be needs to seebeauty27 cheap and incredible drugstore products you won't regret impulse-buyingfashion6 halloween costumes you can make out of a single dresstvconfirmed: this 'stranger things' theory about barb is never going to happenby anna moeslein40 minutes agomusictaylor swift sets the record straight about those nude scenes in the 'ready for it' videoby christopher rosaan hour agonews & culturerose mcgowan opens the women's convention by calling out sexual harassment in hollywoodby maggie mallonan hour agocelebrity newsprince harry had a crush on meghan markle years before they even metby christopher rosaan hour agotvin typical charlotte fashion, kristin davis is still optimistic for 'sex and the city 3'2 hours agocelebrity beautywell, this is cute: mila kunis and kristen bell just got matching haircutsby rachel nussbaum2 hours agoget the magazine6 months for only plus 2 free gifts! and four of my top five massage therapists ever have been men, because they were very good at deep tissue work, which i like, and three of them were especially skilled at handling repetitive stress injuries and working on my arms and wrists to make them less painful. sarah jioseptember 23, 2008 3:45 ampinterestin the opening chapter of my friend allison winn scotch's new novel, time of my life (out next month), the main character wonders if her massage therapist might make a move on her--while she's lying there on the table. respects those decisions, but also knows educating the public is part of his own responsibility as a male massage therapist. husband and i both have spa memberships where we get at least monthly massages."bottom line, he says, if your massage therapist makes advances that make you feel uncomfortable, get up from the table and leave the room immediately.

Dating a male massage therapist

on massage therapy continually updated from thousands of sources around the net. "it helped me grow as a man," he says, which ultimately helped him be a better therapist." more physically-oriented structural practices have always been more welcoming to male therapists, for whatever reason, so use that to your advantage. online articles:A public education site brought to you by associated bodywork & massage professionals. for example (and i'm being honest), i've had 3 occasions within two decades where the masseuse initiated and had sex with me on the massage table when i never even had that on my mind. they can't stop judging their own bodies, let alone put themselves on public display for a massage therapist, especially a man. a wrong step in what a therapist says or does in response to a client's erection could certainly turn a motivated massage client into one of those who'll never venture onto a massage table again. "i get massage from a male therapist and he's got this very gentle feeling about him," she says.'s important to recognize that both female and male therapists are subjected to the kinds of abuse that can happen behind closed doors." she says when her massage needs changed in favor of something more therapeutic than relaxing, she sought a russian-born male therapist, who, she quickly points out, is married. likewise, male massage therapists aren’t ogling my tits when they ask me to turn over on the table; they’re focused on areas of tension in my body so they can work on them and, hopefully, resolve them so i’ll leave the room feeling more relaxed and calm. every place i have ever been to is run professionally, the therapists are clinicians and businesslike, and it's a health-related procedure. our female counterparts' consequence if their framework isn't set up correctly is to die [at the hands of a violent person]. believes this connection is such a barrier that he created zubio in 2005 to bring massage to the masses in a less intimidating fashion." she says all therapists need to be mindful of the experience they create for clients, but men especially so. however, when i tried recommending him to clients who weren’t sure about which therapist they wanted to see, they’d all shudder and go “ugh, i don’t want a massage from a man. even if you’re getting a strictly therapeutic massage and really enjoying it, you can sometimes experience some, uh, tension2. this chair massage concept offers a sense of privacy without the vulnerabilities associated with unclothed massage in a secluded therapy room. that isn’t helped by the fact that some people providing actual sexual services advertise them under the guise of massage in order to fly under the radar, while others practice legitimate sensual massage (different from therapeutic massage) and clients have difficulty distinguishing the difference between sensual and therapeutic. this particular day after the massage session was over, she paid him, and they set up the next appointment date and time. who study the massage profession think that things are actually getting a little better for men when it comes to hiring opportunities. instead, combine it with an easier market for men, such as sports massage or medical work." this is especially important when it's a young client or someone new to the concept of massage therapy."the court ruled that marriott did not prove that being female was a bona fide occupational qualification for a certain percentage of massage therapist jobs, finding instead that the non-hiring of male massage therapists was based on customer preference," according to monthly labor review online.

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” it’s a common enough request that at most spas, clients are specifically asked at the time of booking, to make sure there isn’t an awkward situation later, as once happened to me when a mother booked a massage for her 12-year-old daughter, didn’t tell me her daughter was underage, and didn’t express any concerns when i told her the best available therapist was “craig. why do i need to know your height, weight, and hair color to trade massage with you? "as an attractive young female, you will be propositioned during your career," says jocelyn olivier, founder and director of the institute of conscious bodywork in corte madera, california. olivier, who's had thirty-four years of experience teaching and massaging men and women, says it's up to each therapist to set his/her limits. for example, if i'm attracted to a female client, the main thing is to remember your professionalism, proper training, and proper mindset. many of these young therapists are quickly disillusioned by the sense of invasion this seediness exudes on their wholly legitimate careers. in fact, he says, people develop crushes on their massage therapists more often than you'd imagine. i've yet to see a "no fat chicks" massage place. the client-therapist relationship, or any relationship with a power differential, boundaries of trust are paramount. "a woman licensed massage therapist i am friends with had a regular male client she developed a huge crush on. gender issue is complicated, because obviously i don’t want to force people to get massages from people they’d be uncomfortable with, since that defeats the purpose. and when we hear veteran therapists warn newbies about the code words (i. truth about massage school and becoming a massage therapist in charlotte, charlotte, 18 replies. "it's gratifying to hear some therapists not automatically say the session is over. clients might feel like the receptionist is silently judging them for being discriminatory or trying to imply that a massage is sexual, for example, or might never have actually thought about it before being asked. have to assume that anyone who would have a problem with their partner being a massage therapist either a) does not understand what massage therapy is, or b) is extremely controlling. "kim said he thought i would be a great therapist. either way, these young, female consumers believe men can't take sex out of the picture, regardless how good a therapist they are. so many pitfalls out there, what makes a successful male therapist? says he imparts the wisdom of massage therapist william frick when talking to young students about issues of sex and gender: "frick says by nature, people are sexual." combine that, she says, with your passion--such as pregnancy massage--and a third area of your choosing. or is it instead a feeling of safety and being free to "let it all hang out" that has many women booking sessions with female mts. therapist clientele is out-of-shape people with back and joint problems, elderly folks and people with diabetes with circulation issues, you name it. the opening chapter of my friend Allison Winn Scotch's new novel, Time of My Life (out next month), the main character wonders if her massage therapist.

Are You Uncomfortable With A Male Massage Therapist?

time: have you ever developed a crush on a massage therapist? a business perspective, sohnen-moe suggests male therapists carefully consider their target markets.., "happy endings") some clients use in seeking out something more than therapeutic massage, it's obvious sex is still a huge part of the consumer psyche relative to massage, regardless of the fact that oprah has an on-site spa at her harpo studios or that more people than ever before are climbing on the massage table. instead of an appreciation for whatever presents on the massage table, therapists are focusing on the superficial and it communicates directly to the client, she says. his own path of success, steers tells new male therapists to consider the setting of their practice. others fear that he’ll get turned on, or that they’ll get turned on, and that professionalism will fly out the window in a heated tangle on the sheets of the massage table, oil spattering everywhere. employing therapists who proposition clients during sessions is asking for the business to be shut down, sexual assault charges, etc. gender issue was a scheduling nightmare, because often we’d have a situation where the four to six female therapists on call were booked solid, and the one dude had nothing. "one of the greatest things that built my career right from the start was working for a well-known physical therapist." she says instead of seeing the body for the beauty that it is, she's hearing more and more young therapists talk about their clients' bodies in horrible ways. folks in the us in particular seem to think that nakedness=sexytimes, and get a little squirrely around massage, convinced that there’s something sexual going on. with that approach, massage will never make it into the mainstream. "a friend of mine who is a male massage therapist had a female client ask him out on a date. one male therapist at either of the spas i worked for managed to build up anything resembling a client base; he had specialized training in lymphatic drainage and working with fibromyalgia patients, and had a very loyal following of women who would only see him. was both the bodywork and education he was receiving from burkey and the compassion he saw his sister bestow on his dying father that prompted steers to consider massage as a profession. some women are worried about not being sufficiently primped for a massage from a man, and, honestly, massage therapists don’t really care about shaved legs or anything else. we both get massages by therapists of either gender (though my husband has noted that while, if a male therapist is who's available for when we make our appointment, he's fine with it, but given the choice, he's less comfortable with a male therapist). the court noted that, because clients are permitted to choose the sex of the massage therapist who works with them, privacy concerns are not present. it’s hard to relax if you’re stressed out about the person putting his hands on you, but it also sucks, because male massage therapists are terrific, and are totally underutilized in the industry. "i think an important factor in being a male therapist is you have to be ready for all kinds of situations with female clients. while the numbers of new nurses and teachers have dwindled over the years as a result of traditionally low pay and long hours, massage therapy offers women an entrepreneurial path, where a good living on your own terms can be had.. it is a well known fact that only hot chicks get massages." sohnen-moe says it's not as difficult for a male therapist to find employment in today's massage profession as it used to be. if anyone is uncomfortable getting massage from a man, it's not our job to push them through their discomfort.

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    for women who've been mistreated at the hands of a man, whether through physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, willingly putting themselves in a place of vulnerability with an unfamiliar man, such as in a massage session, requires a leap of faith often impossible to attempt. like so many therapists, it was an injury that first brought steers to massage as a client. for Massage Therapy continually updated from thousands of sources on the web : Washington Heights Beauty Salon Doubles as Gambling Den, City SaysRelationships and massage therapy (man, single, cheat, husbands). or did you ever get the feeling that a therapist was hitting on you? Not as a massage therapist, the term generally preferred over “masseuse/masseur”. the client-therapist power differential is never more important to understand than when we talk about victims of abuse. doing some research to find a fat/trans/disability/etc-friendly therapist before booking an appointment is, sadly, a good idea. it's interesting that even within this female-dominated world, women are still subjected to stereotypes. am considering some general interest courses in massage therapy, and if i enjoy it, maybe a career change as well (this would be far down the road if at all). - i love to get massages - i guess that makes me a "hot chick! consequently, the subconscious, and sometimes the conscious, connection between table massage and sexuality has been unavoidable. also don't know where these people who get solicited for sex by their massage therapists are going for massages. it our puritan genetics that has some female clients refusing to visit a male massage therapist?. it is a well known fact that only hot chicks get massages. especially since he was often very, very good at his work, and was skilled in a number of different kinds of bodywork specifically because he was aware of the prejudice against male massage therapists, so he wanted to be sure to have a range of options for his clients. typically considered the nurturers of the profession, female therapists sometimes lose injury-afflicted clients or those with a chronic condition as they go in search of more burly, male therapists to help." over her years as an educator, sohnen-moe says she's talked to both male and female therapists who have been "freaked out" when a client gets an erection on the massage table. we usually do couples massages, so we are together in the same room, anyway., like all the rest of the mts out there, says he is still subjected to the nudge-nudge, wink-wink response when those outside the massage circle learn of his profession. while understanding the real dangers that exist for female therapists, sohnen-moe reminds us that there are some very nervous clients out there, too. with encouragement from his own massage therapist/mentor, steers felt he was on the right path. massage therapy is not the only field dominated by women, but it's fair to say it's potentially one of the more lucrative options out there. it time to regulate the massage therapy industry in alberta?. david palmer, "a brief history of chair massage," positive health (portsmouth, nh: ink,1998).

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    visit any number of legitimate online mt forums and hear the laments of new female therapists who thought that placing a yellow pages listing would be a logical step in their business plan, only to find their phone ringing at strange hours with men seeking something more than massage.’s one reason a lot of massage therapists don’t like the terms “masseuse” and “masseur,” because they can kind of evoke an image of a steamy bathhouse with all the sexing going on and none of the massage therapy. but i do think the tendency to request female therapists reflects some embedded and outdated attitudes on the part of clients, and i’d like to find a meaningful way to fight it through outreach and education about the nature of therapeutic massage and what male therapists have to offer. there seems to be some sort misconception that if you're a massage therapist, you're doing hands-on with swimsuit models all day or something." before she began the massage, she confessed that she was crazy about him. likewise, all the medical professionals i see are male; in years of interacting with docs of different genders, they’re the ones who suited my needs best, so i stayed with them. the goal of therapeutic massage really is to make your body feel better. whether it be the new therapist struggling to build a practice simply because he's a man, the seasoned veteran who receives illicit calls from men at all hours because she is listed under massage in the telephone directory, or the underlying cultural current that tries to define, categorize, and typify therapists based on their anatomy, gender undoubtedly plays a role in an mt's daily business and, like it or not, is an important factor influencing this field. that said, i will state that when she performed massages for clients, it was always clinical and professional. but, "it would be a huge mistake professionally, psychologically and legally, for any massage therapist to use their clients as a dating pool. now, not to say the confusion and illusion surrounding massage doesn't still exist, but great strides have been made. "even though i had a steady clientele by then, i noticed an increase of women callers not wanting to book massage after they realized i worked out of my home. while i think i can discern the legitimate from the seedy, what about the average joe who might stumble across the same site while searching for information on legitimate massage or where to buy a massage gift certificate for his wife?-reading sexual cues in the massage therapy room can also create mountains of drama and maybe even a psychiatry bill or two. "my sister dawn, who had twenty years experience as a massage therapist, came home to be with dad while he was in hospice. marriott international held the marriott hotel chain liable for sex discrimination after the company's camelback inn spa in scottsdale, arizona, refused to hire a massage therapist because he was male. it's the price for being a man in the massage profession: regardless of training and experience, the difference of a single chromosome can sometimes predict career success. though i don't assume or imply that men receiving massage from men is implicative of anything other than a healthy, therapeutic relationship, there was no mistaking the sexual intent on these sites. so much at stake, what advice can veterans offer their newer male colleagues when it comes to fighting the challenges of gender? and i wish i could tell you that therapists never make nasty comments about the bodies of their clients, but the fact is that some do; i’ve heard them mock fat clients, clients with anatomical variations, and other people who look different. i have no doubt that there are female therapists out there who can throw some muscle into it, but my experience is that when i say "deep pressure," i get guy therapists. "many clients prefer men for massage because they want a deeper pressure and they know a man can deliver it. most of the time, i have male therapists, because i like pretty heavy-duty pressure, and in my experience, with that in my file, i typically get guy therapists. then after several massages, i started making appointments with a specific massage therapist, a man.
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      vulnerability is a topic best left for the psychologists, but its effect is obvious when we consider why some women seek out only female therapists. It is a well known fact that only hot chicks get massages. some say they’re uncomfortable with being naked around men, even with the drapes used in massage. he found relief from his injury under the hands of male massage therapist kim burkey and realized a lot about himself at the same time. with women about the issue, i’ve received varying responses when i ask about why they’re nervous about getting massage from men. course, not helping the sexual confusion surrounding the massage profession are the perpetual false messages. "when i get introduced and i tell them i'm a massage therapist, the females will say, 'i've got a spot right here,' while the males say, 'man, you must love your job. consultant and spa/massage educator charles wiltsie says therapists must establish sound frameworks to avoid the sexual pitfalls."the client may not know much about the therapist, but they certainly love their touch, and the trust that comes along with that," he explains. even today, with more educators trying to help students understand that in most cases an erection is akin to a client passing gas or having ticklish toes, some therapists still respond with anger and judgement." others say that while they're convinced their male massage therapists think about sex during the massage, it's not enough to deter the therapeutic relationship., a lot of people feel really, really uncomfortable with getting massages from men. "one licensed massage therapist friend of mine, a man, works with a lot of models." still, sohnen-moe says she doesn't assume people will have a problem with a man and recommends that those in a group practice or spa setting also treat the gender of the therapist as a nonissue, until the client indicates otherwise. even if it is not acted upon, the temptation within a massage session to fantasize will affect the quality of touch experienced by females from their male practitioners. client erections and every other sexual scenario that might present itself during massage sessions, sohnen-moe encourages schools to step up. "while you can never say never, in general, it has nothing to do with the therapist," she says.-moe recommends therapists have at least three different target markets as part of their business plan. being able to experience massage without inhibition, but with full intention, is what many women say draws them to female therapists--their kindred spirits. she says places like massage envy have opened the door for men, while chiropractic offices, sports massage centers, fitness centers, and other medical models continue to create opportunities. this kind of thinking might sell our highly-skilled male mts short, it does express an idea not unique to these women. "i think females have been taught to win approval by being sexual," she says. "actually, i think it's easier for men than it used to be, as massage is more accepted and more people are using massage services," olivier says. you be comfortable if your partner was a massage therapist or interested in becoming one?
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      not long ago, it was hard to look in the yellow pages of a telephone directory and discern the legitimate massage therapists from those merely calling themselves massage therapists. it comes to the role of gender in the massage and bodywork profession, the spectrum of issues is great. look, people, it happens, it’s fine as long as you don't expect anyone to do anything about it, massage therapists are totally used to it, don’t worry about it, okay? if so, i bet you have never requested a male massage therapist, regardless of your comment. sohnen-moe, massage business expert and coauthor of the ethics of touch, says we've got to respect these clients and give them their appropriate space.. not all, of course -– some of our male clients specifically requested male therapists because they were worried about getting turned on by female therapists. granted, some female therapists have been known to say, "now they know what it feels like. ten years ago, erections were typically not part of the massage therapist's dialogue, so no wonder therapists didn't know what to do when male clients on their tables had this physiological response. not as a massage therapist, the term generally preferred over “masseuse/masseur” for reasons i’ll get into in a moment, but as a receptionist. recently asked several young women from outside the massage community the gender of their massage therapist and why they had chosen that particular therapist.’s a lot of confusion and stigma surrounding massage and bodywork, not least because of the blurred lines created as a result of the fact that it involves naked people. women have dominated the profession to a point where a reverse discrimination is the experience of many male therapists." couple that with an antiquated public perception about what massage therapists really do, and we have a sexual storm brewing just under the surface of the profession. the other hand, in a recent sunday styles piece, evidently some women said they preferred male therapists because they didn’t want to be judged by other women. so why do male therapists often struggle to build a client base or find themselves discounted from job interviews at the local spa before they've even listed their qualifications? gina, a successful business owner in denver, colorado, says that until recently she would only frequent female massage therapists "because i don't want my therapist thinking about sex while they're working on me, and if it's a man, i know he will be. a codebook was required to figure out if the real therapist was listed under licensed massage therapist, massage therapist, or massage. other women wonder why there are not more top female continuing education providers out there beating the streets and ringing up the workshop dollars like a select group of very talented male therapists have been doing for years. "a massage therapist's boundaries can be different from say, a traditional psychotherapist," notes reinisch. we talk about issues of gender and sexuality, sohnen-moe says there is a much bigger issue in play for the massage profession. one of the most frequent requests we got from clients of all genders was “please book me with a female massage therapist. will it be when massage regulations govern all practices in all states? or, if you're developing strong feelings for your therapist, it might be best to move on. many spas say, “would you prefer a male or female therapist,” which sets up the decision as a binary with no third option; i usually said, “do you have a gender preference?
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