Dating a man with a baby mama

question looms: is it ever a good idea to date a man with kids? and there are certain things many of us shouldn’t stand for. lol no thanks i can’t date a man with 1. ancientspiritnewday a man with multiple baby mamas is a man that makes impulsive decisions, clearly doesn’t use condoms, anddoesn’t like to commit for very long, if at all. a man or woman with multiple kids by multiple baby momma's or baby daddy's!

Dating a man with two baby mamas

i refuse to be caught in the middle of baby mama/ex wife drama. we asked our facebook and twitter followers whether or not they would date a man with multiple children, why or why not and how many is too many. older man is an interesting option for a girl looking to broaden her dating experience. pingback: ramona debreaux » true life: could you date a man with multiple children? guest360 that really depends on how many kids he has and what his relationship is like with their mother.

DANGER ZONE TOPICS #1: Men w/ Mutiple Babies & Baby Mamas

i want to share the 1st child/parenting experience with my man, therefore even 1 child is too much for me. older men tend to be more skilled in many aspects that appeal to women. lol maybe that’s why so many women are single. men: beware of the baby momma madness & bad child dumping! if he has children by the same woman, i may give it shot and see where is goes.

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hell, i can’t even date a man with one kid.. quality timeif you are a lady who loves lots of time with your man, the man with kids may not be the best option for you. one is too many if he has a difficult relationship with the mom destiny s. i don't see myself dating a man who's had several kids out of wedlock, especially not with multiple women. all they want to do isget their d*ck wet, they don’t care if a baby is created because thatdoesn’t stop the show.

True Life: Could You Date A Man With Multiple Children?

unexpected pregnancies happen often enough; however, many of them can be avoided. only recently did i become open to the possibility of a relationship with a man with kids, but that was only because i first became interested in him before he had the kid (and also he was married so it wasn't a baby mama situation). a guy with kids, due to practical purposes, is well-versed in the anatomy of a woman! i want a manwho doesn’t have any children like me, that end. but realize that it will be a bit harder to find a man without kids in your age group.

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a man with multiple kids by a woman or women he did not marry makes him sound allergic to commitment and condoms. smh child_puhleez my child will be off to college as soon as i blink, so i don’t want a man with any kids. experiences, reflected in this list, have graced them with a plethora of lessons, some of which are too naughty to share, but all of which should help you to decide if it's ever a good idea to date a man with kids. is in this way i want to break down what it would be like to patter down the path of romance with an older gentleman., baby mammas and baby daddys also says something about how the person feels about sexual intimacy and sexual health in general.

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topic is about men with multiple babies and baby mamas and I'm wondering is this a red flag to alot of women or is he ok to date. more watch more true life: could you date a man with multiple children? asked our Facebook and Twitter followers if they could date a man with multiple children why or why not. of us fall in love differently, so i am bringing this to you in the spirit of gary chapman’s work on the “five love languages. i rebuke that baby daddies, stay the hell away from me!

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be honest i do not think i could date a man with more than 2 children especially if they areunder the age of 10. steffon: i could date a man with multiple children but it depends on how many multiples and more importantly how many mommas! or s/o has baby, get divorced, and now how often does dad see baby ?: probably not, i don’t want someone with previous baby mama drama. and if he only has one baby momma with multiple kids i would wonder why he wasn’t willing to fight to keep his family together.

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on sep 8, 2012this topic is about men with multiple babies and baby mamas and i'm wondering is this a red flag to alot of women or is he ok to date. in some cases, the man don’t want to deal with the mothers being disrespectful and allow the foolishness to go on. did my research and have come up with the good, the bad and the ugly of what it is really like to date a man with kids. i understand and respect a man who takes care of their children & spends time with them & i make that clear in the beginning, but if you’re not willing to work with me to make the relationship work like i’m willing to then bon voyage! kameria i absolutely could not date a man with multiple kids.

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he also has another child who is 22 with yet another woman. faith maybe 1 child, if he has two, i have to ask if they are by the same woman. people in those baby mama/daddy situations can be very selfish, not thinking or caring about who they hurt, and if you notice their drama is usually all they talk about. you could be letting a good man past you by just because he has a kid. if there are more than one than i’d assume there would be more than one baby’s momma.

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i have known him for many years and we dated briefly a little over two years ago (before all the new kids got made). envy helllll no, baby moma drama close thank you for subscribing! bad: if you do end up being with this guy on a permanent level, all of the things you do together that are firsts for you might be old hat to him. smh isis now that i am a little older and wiser i would never date a man who has multiple children. i don’t know how some of these guys deal with the personality of mulitple baby mamas by deciding to have children by some of these women.

Dating a man with a baby mama

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paris prior to my last 2 relationships i would’ve been fine dating a man with children, however it was because of the children & lack of time management that it didn’t work out so why should i continue to waste my time? he was a very sweet guy but his ex-wife was a terrible woman (outside friends that knew of her confirmed she was pretty well known for being an awful human being., here’s the thing: when it comes to dealing with the proverbial “older man,” there is a bevy of baggage that comes along with it. these types of statements don’t really make sense because if a woman is not interested in the dynamics and challenges that accompany these situations, then it’s no loss to her (us). i'm 27 and there aren't too many out there, but i'm going to wait until the right one comes along.

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if i were single now, i would not date a man with small kids by someone he never married. of single men with no kids marrying baby mamas, relationships, 215 replies. i start to have a panic attack when i begin to think about looking at a man with multiple kids. the guy had major baby mama drama, and i realized that he himself was all about drama and probably even still had feelings for the mother. too many women around, too many external forces coming into the relationship out of the gate.

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the "baby mama" crown of thorns: steps to reproductive empowerment. may be reluctant to share all he has learned about how to caress, kiss and dote on a woman he in front of his kids. laine #7…isn’t the whole purpose of dating to see if you guys fit romantically/ have a long term relationship? even if they are no longer an item, the fact that a new woman is taking the time and attention of her former lover will affect the "baby mama" on some level. i’m not dating a man with any children unless they are grown or very soon to be.

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am i am dating a man with 6 children i have not ran into any problems with moms or anything and most of the kids are older.: the number of women he has gotten pregnant is much more important (to me) than the number of kids he has…latasha: 1 is too many, i require a lot of attention and it’s just not a good look to be “jealous” of “daddy time,” which is on weekends. plus, as many have said already, it points to a lack of responsibility and judgment. all honestly, my baby max is two and my baby mama max is one. man with kids doesn’t get a lot of one-on-one adult time, especially if he is the primary parent.

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