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i am a nice looking 49 year old country girl who happens to be a single mother of 3 wonderful kids with the oldest being 24 and the youngest being 18 to which i have raised by myself with some help from my mother. he spends his time outside of work with his daughter, as well as writing for his blog, diabolical rantings of a single dad. 3 months and i’m alway there for him yet i feel like just a toy at this point and that i’m not in his future plans because we berly ever spent any time together and he has met my kid and never mentioned of me meeting… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestadrian5 months 10 days agoi have been dating a single father now for about 5 months. comments on "what a single dad wants in a girlfriend". it seems that single dads understand that they are responsible for multiple priorities if they choose to date, and they are willing to carve out time and attention for their kids and girlfriend. i’m a single mom in date-process with a single dad who loves his kids. Monique Boyd forDating a single dad, how to tell if he's busy or just not that into me? works full time and so do i, as well as a part time night student so i know that i won't be available all the time. i love women, but i don’t see as many single, quality women worthy of my respect- hoping for a unicorn- and no she doesn’t… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestjennifer4 months 23 days agoi am in a relationship with a single dad of two kids. here’s a point single moms like me love to hear: according to fisher, “single dads prefer to date a mother.

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, as long as i’ve had a full night’s sleep, i can be fairly selfless and understanding. if you think you can deal with getting less attention from him than other single childless men, then keep dating him. do you have to have all of these traits in order to be the type of girl a single dad wants to date? / featured content / what a single dad wants in a girlfriend.!0  |    share hide replies ∧guestjohn5 months 15 days agohe’s got a full life, guest. i’m a single dad and i know it doesn’t give me the right to be a chronically lazy idiot. recently, after a brutal 14-month custody battle, i was finally granted 50/50 custody of her and no longer limited to being an every-other-weekend dad. i am a recently separated 35 year old single dad who takes care of our 21 month old son 4 days/week. believe me, we single dads have a complete life and don’t need you and your games in it. as much as you have to be patient when dating a single parent, that doesn’t mean you have to be unhappy!

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view is that if one is unhappy or frustrated with a single parent, its best to move on and find situation that suits you better. i’m childless but 20 years older that the single date i’m dating. i think a single dad will have an easier time dating then a single mom. i find myself re-entering the dating world as a 31-year old single dad. as if single mom’s aren’t allowed to ask for the things they want because some men act like they are sub-human. watching the successes and failures of my married friends’ relationships got me thinking; what exactly am i and other single dads looking for in our potential mates?, if you are a single woman who keeps saying that you want to find a good, honest man who is passionate and caring, then maybe you should look at this list as a starting point for a little self-reflection. they can be some of the most nurturing and sensitive men you'll ever meet, as they have gained these qualities from being a good father to their kids. also, if you read the article, you will see that i wrote i after reading a similar article about what a single mom wants from a boyfriend.”◊♦◊the day i was granted equal custody of my daughter fell smack-dab right in the middle of our relationship, and looking back, it was a defining moment for us—the day i can pinpoint as the beginning of the end.

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i’ve been dating a single dad for a for awhile now. depending on whether he has full or partial custody of his child, it can severely limit the amount of time he spends on leisure activities. if you think you can deal with getting less attention from him than other single childless men, then keep dating him. their father will show you how little you matter, compared with how much his children mean to him. it’s my first time dating a single dad, should it always be like this?’s also why i think nothing beats dating a single dad—especially for a single mom like me. may make more concessions for you: it's very challenging to be a single parent, particularly for men. it’s a list of ways that dating a single dad might be different from dating someone without kids. being a single parent with a vindictive ex who would be willing to do anything to remove you from your child’s life, is pure hell. it’s to answer the question of “what does a single dad want in a girlfriend?

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    he then stayed the night (unplanned) but felt dreadfully guilty about dumping his kids in his sister at the last mintue. he just works full time and has full custody of his child. he also had sole custody of his kids, a girl and a boy. your expectations seem rather high considering you are a single parent. a man with nurturing and sensitive capabilities: this is one of the best traits single fathers have, particularly if they are raising daughters.  |    share hide replies ∧guestwanetta woodard5 months 15 days agowouldnt mind dating a single father. what's a woman to do when she meets a single dad? in this country, one of out of every 45 fathers now heads a family household by himself, according to ellie slott fisher, author of dating for dads: the single father’s guide to dating well without parenting poorly. it’s funny…i met this amazing single dad (split from his ex 8 months ago) and he is going through now what it looks like you did. he has full custody and has help from his live in sister and nephew.

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    some of us have kids more eager for us to get involved with someone than we are because they want us happy and are wise enough… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestlisa3 months 26 days agohi i’ve been seeing a full time single dad for nearly 2 months.  |    share hide replies ∧guestsheila3 months 26 days agochildless single women, stay away( as much as possible) from men with children! you can talk to any single dad, and the odds are at one time or another, they have trusted too much and had that trust broken—either by their child’s mother, or by someone they dated after her. this was simpl answering the question from single women of “what does a single dad want from a girlfriend? we hit it off well but he has backed away because he doesn’t know how to handle being a single dad and having me in his life. i'm the one that's a part time student while working full time.  |    share hide replies ∧guestdaniel6 months 7 days agoi have dated several single moms as well, & it goes both ways. as a single dad of 3 girls id add ‘don’t pressure us to have kids with you too’. guess that dreaming about a single dad is different from dating one.  |    share hide replies ∧guestsmith6523 months 22 days agoas the second wife of a formerly single dad, i would say that these qualities sound great, but make sure you are also giving enough appreciation in return to your so who is graciously taking on your children.
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       |    share hide replies ∧guestguest7 months 7 days agoi read your article and you failed to include or give reasons why any woman would want to date a single dad. he has sole custody of his 9 year old daughter, and sometimes i feel like it’s tug of war for him. when i dated men who had kid(s) it was usually joint custody or weekend arrangements so they had a little more time to spend in relationships. ask me: “if you could spend the rest of your life with one of these one of out of every 45 fathers now heads a family household by himself.’m looking for some quality single time and maybe some quality man who has other priorities and circumstances. he said he thinks we… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestmgtow mike3 months 29 days agoas a single dad myself, good luck. i and a number of other single dads i know have got vasectomies to avoid feeling trapped like this and to limit our dating pool to women with or without kids who can fulfil the above and not badger us to have… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestmadnet2 months 6 days agoi think it all sound great, but i have 2 wonderful teenagers. i'm the one that's a part time student while working full time. recently read an article describing what a single mom wants in a boyfriend i began asking myself exactly what i was looking for in a woman with whom i choose to have a relationship. but i can see how dating a single dad can suit some women.
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      i’ve learned the ropes regarding how to date a single dad. he was a six-foot-tall father of two who was working full-time and completing his ph. woman sings the praises of dating a single guy who has kids—and tells how to make it work for everyone involved. the single mom articles on gmp seem to get a lot of a slack, the comments section holds a different, more negative tone. daniel robinsondaniel robinson is a single dad, blogger and photographer. i'm starting to worry that i won't see him that much now and that may ruin the chances of a future relationship because he's a single father. he came back and said he wanted to try but the next day, his wall went right back up (aka reality hit) and… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestdismissed1 year 2 months agoout of curiousity, when do you stop calling yourself a single dad, if ever? he just works full time and has full custody of his child..out of hurt and disappointment…i’m embarrassed to say this…now, coming up on his week with his boys, i’ve shamefully been thinking of all the excuses i will have to not be available to spend time with them. my bf and i have lived together for four years and he has had 50% custody from the day he moved in.
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