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enjoy college life, don’t sweat the small stuff, and let the holy spirit convict us where changes need to be made. i fear this is the case and you are already making judgments based on your own presuppositions of tracs and my college due to having any association with pcc. want to stress that i am by no means opposed to christian education. am completely comfortable with someone reading this and walking away with the impression that a college associated with tracs is not worth spending the money on to attend. i grew up in a strong christian home, was saved at an early age, and attended christian schools all my life, so i thought i was prepared for the pcc lifestyle. if you want to go to a “christian” school but want your social life in the sick world to continue, find another school. they will admit anybody and everybody into this college and encourage these young adults to end their relationships with their parents when the parent or parents voice their concerns about the twisting of bible verses to fit their beliefs. i spoke with several of the deans to ask if they would now be correcting oversights in their programs, like updating their musical theory courses to make them comparable with what you’d find at respectable colleges, or to even offer a class in literary criticism. this is my sons second year there and he is still finding out things they are not to do and how they are to follow god in the way of the colleges beliefs only and not of any other ministers or bibical teachings that aren’t twisted to fit their standards on religion. point i’m trying to make is simply this, not every college accredited by tracs is the same. this college is actually a great college to go to. because of our accreditation status through tracs my school is recognized by the government as being accredited, we offer fafsa and student loans, our credits have transfered to both christian and secular colleges.

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is in response to sheri who stated that students know before they attend pensacola christian college of the rules and how the dress code and the rules on what the college considers acceptable… that”s b. they should know that their credits will not transfer (except to another tracs school), and they should know that their degree will not be acceptable should they apply for positions in non-tracs schools (even a community college). grew up in a christian fundamentalist cult, but escaped as a young adult. year, i wrote a piece that condemned pensacola christian college for its habit of expelling rape victims for being “fornicators” or “liars. i was so unprepared for the real world, and real college that i ended up in remedial classes. i also feel that christian colleges should be an option for those who feel led that direction, but they also need to be made aware of accreditation realities. first off, remember that when he says “liberals” he doesn’t mean michael moore; he’s talking about liberal christianity, which keeps a more open mind in regards to biblical interpretation. i don’t have a background with pcc nor any other christian college… actually i was only just saved 2 years ago when god brought me out of a false religion… to tell you the truth, it’s painful for me to look back… wondering why god placed me where he did… wondering why couldn’t i have been brought up in a born-again believers home with the resources and godly protection that true believers give their children… anyway, again this isn’t meant to be hurtful. (it’s one of the largest christian textbook publishers in the usa). in fact, the reason that i stumbled today upon this post is because i was double-checking the accreditation of pcc due to the inquiry of a pcc graduate in my church who wants to now come to the community college where i serve as dean. again, we’re dealing with college age students here, so let’s let them mature and make their own decisions. son has just graduated from a christian high school in may and will be attending the community college here in the fall.

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its a good school for christians to be able to come learn together, and be comfortable discussing different beliefs and opinions in a safe environment. an old testament survey class, we were required to read and “write a critique of” a dissertation on why the king james bible is the only true bible that christians should read: all other versions are evil. day, another comment about how growing up in a “christian” home inevitably leaves one with nothing to complain about. the missing element, i am afraid, is honest and frank communication on the part of some colleges. 20 years later, they opened the pensacola christian college (unaccredited) to further their vision of “education from a christian perspective. those people also have the indecency to listen to christian rock and christian rap music. have seen a fine young christian man who now doubts what the verses in the bible really mean and says all he learned about the bible is wrong and they twist the scriptures to a point of almost brain washing them that all they learned before arriving their was wrong and they have been lead astray. there are many christian colleges that have solid reputations, even among non-christians like calvin college or baylor or vanguard or colorado or a dozen others i could name. november, prospective students will enjoy visiting classes and attending fine arts during college days. they are only a trac college,( transnational association of christian colleges), and this is why any financial aid is unavailable unlike most other christian colleges and universities. they’re a rubber-stamping agency for conservative and fundamentalist christian colleges that want to say they’re “accredited” but still go right on with business as usual. peter ruckman is a baptist pastor who started the pensacola bible institute (not the same as pensacola christian college).

5 Good Reasons Not to Attend Pensacola Christian College

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each group must be accompanied by a junior or senior chaperone who is an apl or pl and has been a student at least two years at the college. gather that you think christian and right-wing are near-synonyms, such that a person or institution that is more left-wing is also less christian. this college has crossed the line of decency and this is legalism in a way that is beyond obvious.! these are the grounds upon which a college should be evaluated, and, frankly, i find this much more disturbing than any of the crazy behavioral rules. what’s sad is that so many students will insist that the college is giving them a great education, only to discover years later that said degree is only good for ministering at a conservative evangelical church (if you’re male). i graduated from pcc over 15 years ago now, and i still consider my college years some of the best years of my life mostly because of the dorm life experience, and the friendships made. little over 10 miles north of the museum, on fl-295 and then up interstate-110, you’ll find the campus of pensacola christian college, a fundamentalist christian baptist institution – hey, if you’re going to dedicate your life completely to jesus and reject every other political or religious philosophy but fundamentalism then you might as well enjoy the sun. you’re saying that you can participate in activities such as christian rock and television as long as you hide it from the school? he prayed diligently about going to a christian college because he feels led into the ministry (he thinks perhaps education as well – imagine that! you don’t like living in a cult, don’t go; you probably wouldn’t be accepted by the college anyway. i admit…this article seems to be written by a secular author with some disdain for christians but…. let me ask you, does the brainwashing of white supremacy sound christian to you?

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when christians rise to the top of their chosen fields and professions, our heavenly father is glorified. saying “you grew up in a christian home and went to a christian college, so be grateful! sabrina poirier, a student at pensacola who withdrew in 1997, was disciplined for what is known on the campus as “optical intercourse” — staring too intently into the eyes of a member of the opposite sex. if you have to break the rules to feel normal and tell yourself it’s okay because you’re with other christians…something is wrong! i’m all for scripture, 100%, but there’s a vast difference between being a christian and being a legalist. plus they were deceptive about the rules when i went there for “college visiting days”. i did not attend pcc, i did live right next to this college. so, after that, i knew the college wasn’t the place for me anymore.“pcc reserves the right to check the computer files on any personal computer on campus if, in the opinion of the administration, it is reported or suspected that said files or related medium may be in violation of the policies and standards of the college. also, i didn’t become a christian while there, only years later. student told of how a group of men and a group of women from the college happened to meet at a mcdonald’s last spring. we need more colleges like pcc because our country was founded on religious principals, not if it feels right then do it attitude!

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” some parents don’t want their kids to have a good job in the secular world; they want them in the ministry – or they believe that pcc will prepare them to go into the real world, without any kind of bad influences, in a christian worldview, etc. it’s hard to tell the difference once these young adults are out of college and working. the only danger i saw was that the school’s philosophy and mission was so strongly emphasized on young impressible, college students that someone who isn’t well grounded may likewise adopt their thinking and mindset rather than form their own opinions. believe that the fundamental teaching of the bible is right and true, but if the majority of beliefs that the article says about the college are true then the college is ignorant to the fundamental teaching of the bible. and i wasn’t even at some prestigious university– i was at another conservative christian college, for crying out loud. actually, from what i’ve observed in friends and family and myself, i think growing up in a family or subculture where the name of jesus is used to justify abuse is probably harder to come back from, spiritually and emotionally, than a background of never knowing about christianity until one is an adult and (hopefully) mature enough to separate the good from the bad.! they never screened my son and allowed him within 2 weeks time admission to this college based on financial gain and not on any other bases. i am very thankful that he made the wise choice to attend a community college for the first two years. none of the schools they accredit have respectable reputations outside of conservative christianity. well shucks, that sounds an awful lot like the stories of hundreds of people who grew up in christian fundamentalist environments who prayed that god would just let them die so they wouldn’t have to endure one more day. i see the same thing every semester with students who have attended the local national business college (now called american national university). thirdly, i have served on multiple accrediting teams for sacscoc which is the regional accrediting body for all colleges and universities in the south.

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are to bear left after the toll bridge and drive east no more than five miles past the residential area to the open beach space between pensacola beach and navarre. my question to all the pcc haters is simple, “have you expressed your thoughts to anyone in the college administration, or are you simply content to say it online? unless you get a personal loan on your own you are bound to a constant debt to this college., aren’t christians supposed to be loving and caring to others regardless of who those other people are? at no respectable college that i’ve ever heard of is classroom discussion “rare. i get to preach from the word for class workshops and bible studies on campus—really just studying things out on my own at college has made my faith so much more personal. pcc is technically accredited now, but by the transnational association of christian colleges and schools. well, all of our neighbors were staff of this college and since myself and parents were not part of the college we were shunned and ignored. if you can’t pay for college then they tell their future students that they can work for the college which will pay for their tuition. many of those mfas and phds were granted by pensacola christian college. the real problem is that you will not receive even a passably adequate education– and since that’s the primary reason for shelling out thousands of dollars for college, that should be the way to evaluate an institution of higher education. if you look at the list of colleges that they’ve accredited, it becomes obvious fairly quickly that tracs is a joke.

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at the time i attended, the college had even gone so far as to sue the only people who were providing a complete and accurate account of what all the written rules are for people to see before they agreed to attend. will conclude by stating that christian school students are not the only ones facing this dilemma. someone of college age may read this and assume any college associated with tracs is a terrible institution when tracs is not the issue, pcc is. you might imagine, i get asked frequently my thoughts on christian education. about rules, student handbook, Pathway: Student Resource Guide, Dress CodeChristian cult: a look at pensacola christian college. it’s not the same as a college who is controlling everything you wear,say and do. i get to now be the college administrator (mind you, i am also her pastor) who tells her that nothing she has completed will be accepted at the local community college. went to a theologically tight christian college too, but it wasn’t nearly that bad! one thing i will say, i am very versed and strong in my christian walk and i didn’t go to a christian college, i went to state school, but i know who i am and what i stand for. still have family in that “church,” and some of them are teachers at the “college.’ll see other information in the pathway, too, since it’s a guide to starting college smoothly and finishing it successfully. in fact, i am pro-christian education as there are conservative, fundamental christian colleges that are regionally accredited (these are the highest levels of accreditation).

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pcc and other colleges would do well to remember that even their positions came from men who were willing to ask questions and discuss things.” secondly, i am also the dean of education at a local community college. these students work hard and study hard which is uncommon for many colleges these days. this is far fetched and never has my son ever been able to make enough money working for the college to pay for his tuition.. arlin horton and his wife beka moved to pensacola and founded the pensacola christian school in 1954. were precisely my feelings about graduating from a beka academy video high school and majoring in english at my state college. as such, i remain convinced that a christian education which is entirely and rigorously accredited is more important that ever. went to one of the unaccredited “colleges,” the one affiliated with the “church” i grew up in., if i may say it, with a sarcasm tag 🙁 you are supposed to be grateful for having jesus, only jesus, pumped down your throat, to go to a good bible-believing church three times a week and have fellowship with other believers without any kind of contact with the outside world, to go to a christian college where a biblical worldview is taught without any sort of regard to your personal and spiritual and emotional welfare – these are the things you are meant to be grateful for!’s up,i log on to your blogs named “christian cult: a look at pensacola christian college – odd culture” regularly. this college may be more strict than others but if you compare it to the world were in now(which everyone has to admit is in a horrible state) then when you leave your mind set on life keeps you looking towards the right path and you will not be led away from what is right. so now the seeking unsaved person is now going to the other end of the spectrum which is going to churches/christian schools/colleges that are worldly and licentious.

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