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when used for flattening, bench planes with longer soles are preferred for boards with longer longitudinal dimensions. planes which previously had "nickel plating" on them carried a "ministry of supply restriction" label, dated 1951, affixed to the lid of their boxes to confirm that an alternative plating had been applied although the box labels still identified the contents as nickel plated. second profile had a curved top and marked "record, made in england, best crucible cast, tungsten steel" from mid 1950's to 1959. hand planes are made from wood, ductile iron or bronze which produces a tool that is heavier and will not rust. early block planes prior to ww2 also had record highlighted in orange on the lever caps. wood bodied jointer planes are excellent if you want to spend the time making or refurbishing one sufficiently.: the finger rest knob block planes are held in the palm of the hand while the tip of the user's index finger rests in the indentation on top of the knob. central information for all types of hand planes, including wooden planes, infill planes and stanley type planes. out when a particular record plane may have been made. i find this the best way to date all record hand planes. all planes that had nickel plating on them carried a "ministry of supply restriction" lable, dated 1951.

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falls and veritas also make good bench planes, but i just haven’t used their bench planes very often. though nowhere near as complicated and involving as dating stanley planes, record hand planes did have their differences over a 70+ year history and some of them are listed here. first profile of the cutter had a straight top with angled sides and marked "record, made in england, best crucible cast, tungsten steel" from 1930 to mid 1950's. you want a step-by-step video guide for making a lovely traditional 18th century wood plane, then buy this dvd that i made, where bill anderson shows how to build an 18th century jointer plane. planes are the traditional “bench plane” of choice for leaving a finished surface that is vastly superior to sandpaper. check out my stanley hand plane age identification tool (here). some curved top irons were marked "record, made in england, best crucible cast tungsten steel" 1956 to 1959. 5  jack planes (to use as scrub plane blade)…same blade as no. the roman planes resemble modern planes in essential function, most having iron wrapping a wooden core top, bottom, front and rear and an iron blade secured with a wedge. sites check out the excellent website by david lynch for more great info on record hand planes. you can only afford to start out with one bench plane, then i’d recommend buying a jack plane, specifically a bevel down stanley no.

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 check out my new stanley bailey handplane type / age study (click here). prefer stanley bailey or stanley bedrock planes made prior to world war ii, when the quality standards were higher. planes are characterized by the cutting iron bedded with the bevel facing down and attached to a chipbreaker. stanley in 1843, originally a bolt and door hardware manufacturing company located in new britain, connecticut. in my mind i divide hand planes into three general categories:A bench plane is a hand plane that is used so often that they usually “sit on the bench” and are used for flattening, dimensioning, & smoothing wood.'s to 1980's: - a blue and white printed box made of corrugated cardboard. some planes, such as the stanley bedrock line and the bench planes made by lie-nielsen and woodriver/woodcraft have a screw mechanism that allows the frog to be adjusted without removing the blade. anything you ever wanted to know about record planes and spoke shaves can be found here on this site, so please take some time out and enjoy searching through our articles for the stuff you want (or need). here you will find a wealth of information, diagrams, statistics and photographs of all the planes, routers and spoke shaves originally marketed by c & j hampton under the record trade mark. machinery that perform a similar function as hand planes include the jointer and the thickness planer, also called a thicknesser; the job these specialty power tools can still be done by hand planers and skilled manual labor as it was for many centuries. is my list of hand planes (or “hand planers”) that i feel would be the first hand planes that you should buy to get started in traditional woodworking.

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of american patented antique tools a pictorial collection of antique planes and other tools showing some of the variety in styles. third profile had the curved top with angled sides and marked "record, tungsten vanadium steel, made in england" from 1959.: planeswoodworking hand toolshidden categories: wikipedia articles with gnd identifiersarticles containing video clips. hand planes make the most exciting changes to your wooden work piece. very early large planes may be seen with the box contents label on one end and a side of the lid. This buyer's guide covers antique wood planes, stanleyRecord plane information.: tool manufacturing companies of the united statesamerican brandsstanley black & decker brandsamerican companies established in 1857manufacturing companies established in 18571857 establishments in connecticuthidden categories: pages using deprecated image syntax. in 1920, this company merged with the separate but related stanley works, founded by henry stanley's cousin frederick trent stanley, and continued operating as its hand tools division. the spokeshaves which had their numbers prefixed by 'a' were made of malleable iron and painted red. most metal bench planes, and some larger wooden ones, are designed with a rear handle known as a tote. of the edward preston & sons planes made it into the record lineup?

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ltd also supplied the orange paint for the highlighting of record on the lever caps of the hand planes and block planes. record planes could be bought with the stay-set cap iron at no extra cost. you will see i don't use the name tote for the plane handle and not sure where tote came from as i have looked in many stanley catalogues and record catalogues with no mention of any handle called a tote. to record planes dotcom - the definitive resource for record planes online. nickel restrictions were in force the plough planes were plated with a nickel alternative along with the side rebates which made a post-war re-appearance. 14 1935 listed all of the above planes as being "rustless plated" along with the following newly introduced models: bullnose shoulder rebate: no. a transitional hand plane is a hybrid between a metal stanley plane and a wood plane:Now you can search below for some vintage and new wooden jack planes:View wooden jack hand planes on ebay. types of bench planes are designed to perform different tasks, with the name and size of the plane being defined by the use. bailey iron bench planes were designated by number respective to the length of the plane. it is a division of stanley black & decker, following the merger of the stanley works with black & decker in march 2010. new wooden planes from arkansas plane maker old street tool.

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are some stanley handplanes searches to check out:View vintage stanley no.: click the link below for a list of record planes and spokeshaves by their product number (with links to their individual pages). 'genuine' on top of record and 'made in england' underneath, on a water slide transfer, from 1962 to 1979-1980. the bs refers to british standard and is one of the colours from the very old bs381c range. the end grain of the board involves different techniques, and frequently different planes designed for working end grain. there are suggestions that the earliest planes were simply wooden blocks fastened to the soles of adzes to effect greater control of the cutting action. we jump into the hand plane buying guide, make sure you read my two articles on the pitfalls to avoid when buying antique wood planes and antique metal hand planes:“how to choose antique metal hand planes“. this lever cap was used on the first record bench planes from late 1930 to mid 1931. on some planes the knob is used to adjust the size of the mouth by allowing a sliding portion of the sole to be moved back or forward to accomplish this. your skill level improves you can also branch out and buy (or make) an all-wood jack plane or an affordable “transitional” jack plane like this stanley no. planes with a painted finish were advertised in catalogues as record blue but the shade did vary over the years.

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combination plane, which combines the function of moulding and rabbet planes, which has different cutters and adjustments. is a well known brand of tools and has produced millions of hand planes, saws, rulers, try squares, chisels, screwdrivers, and many other types of tools for consumer and for industrial use. qualcast also cast the body and frog for other plane makers like stanley and woden. woodworking hand planes (often called a “hand planer” by new woodworkers) are the rock stars of hand tool woodworking. ' genuine' is on top of record and 'made in england' is underneath, from 1956 to 1961/2. planes are generally the combination of a cutting edge, such as a sharpened metal plate, attached to a firm body, that when moved over a wood surface, take up relatively uniform shavings, by nature of the body riding on the 'high spots' in the wood, and also by providing a relatively constant angle to the cutting edge, render the planed surface very smooth. 15 of 1938 listed the planes as nickel plated with the exception of the no. wealth of information, diagrams, statistics and photographs of all the planes, routers and spoke shaves manufactured under the Record trade mark. this woodworking hand tools buying guide article i’ll be discussing the hand planes that you need when starting out in traditional woodworking. 40 years of collecting record tools this is my finding on the lateral lever of record hand planes from no 02 through to no 08, t5, no 010, and the no 010½. one example found in cologne has a body made entirely of bronze without a wooden core.

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some bullnose planes have a removable toe so that they can pull double duty as a chisel plane. planes equipped with the stay-set cap iron had "ss" cast into the lever cap. with a few acceptions, which are dealt with seperately, record planes were supplied in boxes as follows:Pre-ww2: - dark blue paper-covered strawboard with the contents labels on each end of the lid. "bedrock" versions of the above are simply 600 added to the base number (although no "601" was ever produced, such plane is indeed available from specialist dealers; 602 through 608, including all the fractionals, were made). record tools acquired the production rights for the planes formally manufactured by edward preston & sons, a number of edward preston planes ended up in record's own product line. and rounds are similar to moulding planes, but lack a specific moulding profile. planes, lever caps and small screws were also furnished unplated during the war. i will be focusing mostly on metal stanley planes (because stanley planes were manufactured by the millions). all planes are used to flatten, reduce the thickness of, and impart a smooth surface to a rough piece of lumber or timber. metal hane planes are easier to find, easier to adjust, and are usually in better shape than a typical wooden plane. the mid-1860s, leonard bailey began producing a line of cast iron-bodied hand planes, the patents for which were later purchased by stanley rule & level, now stanley works.

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block planes and other bevel-up planes are often effective in planing the difficult nature of end grain. many of these hollows and rounds can be classified in the category of side-escapement planes. examples include jointer planes, jack planes, smoothing planes, and block planes. instead of being expelled from the center of the plane and exiting from the top, these planes have a slit in the side by which the shaving is ejected. 6, and the jointer planes at twenty-two to twenty-four inches in length are no. special types of planes are designed to cut joints or decorative mouldings. hand planes offered with stay-set cap iron were 02 to 08 and the t5 jack plane. 7 metal jointer plane, and as i mentioned above i prefer purchasing stanley planes that were manufactured before world war ii. most planes are pushed across a piece of wood, holding it with one or both hands, japanese planes are pulled toward the body, not pushed away. the majority of the planes that i’ll discuss are vintage and new metal “bench planes”, which include all the planes that are typically “on the workbench” or close by. early planes were made from wood with a rectangular slot or mortise cut across the center of the body.

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their innovations include the bailey plane, the surform shaper, the powerlock tape measure, the utility knife (called the "stanley knife" in british english), and an unusual multitool known as the stanley #1 odd jobs. these planes are usually designed to use an iron bedded at a "low angle," typically about 12 degrees. router planes come in several sizes and can also be pressed into service to thickness the cheeks of tenons so that they are parallel to the face of the board. the original bailey designs were further evolved and added to by justus traut and others at stanley rule & level. but if you go with the low angle jack plane, i prefer the new lie-nielsen version over the antique stanley version because of a larger tote (handle) and lower price than the original antique hand plane. history, types, collector value and other information on the british hand plane maker record planes. this empowers these planes to be used instead of a scrub plane to remove a lot of material really quickly (across the grain then diagonally). block planes are characterized by the absence of a chipbreaker and the cutting iron bedded with the bevel up. the very small curved bottom varieties are known as violin makers planes and are used in making stringed instruments. thereafter, it was "record, tungsten vanadium steel ,made in england". polishing planes are the same length as western smoothing planes.

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of the edward preston & sons planes made it into the record lineup? hand planes are specialty planes used for creating or finishing joints. flat soled 1910 stanley bailey jointer plane would be an ideal jointer plane for the novice or expert. stanley rule and level company was founded in 1857 by henry stanley in new britain, connecticut. 'genuine' is on top of record and 'made in england' is underneath, from 1930 to 1955/6. planes of this type have been found in excavations of old sites as well as drawings of woodworking from medieval europe and asia. planes are broadly categorized as either bench planes, block planes, or specialty planes. and there are several options, including the all-metal body smoothing plane, all wooden body smoothing plane, or “transition” smoothing planes. the frog is screwed down to the inside of the sole through two parallel slots and on many planes is only adjustable with a screwdriver when the plane iron is removed. examples include rabbet planes, plow planes, shoulder planes, tongue & groove planes, router planes, etc. examples of moulding planes include dedicated moulding planes, hollows & rounds, snipe bills, beading planes, etc.

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