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: cruk may amend the terms and conditions of grant at any time. instead, grant payments will be made by cruk in accordance with key deliverables and dates as set out in the gal. our clinical trials database for all cancer trials and studies recruiting in the uk. funding policies (that is, the funding policy statements published on cruk’s website, as updated from time to time);."it's not just their genome but its the cancer itself, and as the cancer changes over time and with treatment it will need redoing. to act as peer reviewer when requested by cruk: the grantholder and research personnel will respond positively and punctually to requests from cruk to peer review cruk grant applications. cruk will not pay for participation costs, including prizes or gift vouchers, for patients and volunteers. not an employer: cruk does not employ the grantholder or research personnel. integrity: the host institution and grantholder must conduct the grant activities in accordance with the highest standards of research integrity including, where applicable, in accordance with universities uk’s ‘concordat to support research integrity’. network of cancer-research activity supported by grants described as cruk centres grants. the collection of nhs numbers is strongly encouraged in trials of healthy volunteers and any other cruk-supported study where long-term follow-up is likely. supported by commercial entities: where a non-cdd clinical trial is supported in any way by a commercial entity to whom host institution intends to grant rights to the non-cdd clinical trial results of the trial, the host institution must:Notify cruk as soon of practicable of the commercial relationship and any monetary consideration it receives from the commercial entity;. of grant: the grant may only be used for grant activities and only for costs incurred during the grant period, unless agreed in advance with cruk. of thousands of nhs patients have already had their dna mapped, but the new recommendations set out in chief medical officer dame sally's "generation genome" report aim to multiply the numbers many times over.

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so far as reasonably practicable, cruk shall endeavour to give the grantholder and host institution at least 30 days’ prior notice, but shall be entitled to terminate immediately. that’s more than 400,000 cancer cases being diagnosed every year by 2020.: unless the gal provides otherwise, cruk will generally pay grant funds quarterly in arrears in pounds sterling to the account nominated by the host institution. where the host institution is not a registered charity, at the end of the grant period, cruk may request that the host institution pay cruk an amount equal to the market value of the equipment at the end date assessed by an independent valuation expert approved by cruk. host institutions should ensure that prominent cruk branding is displayed in cruk-funded centres, ecmcs, core funded institutes and any other place where a major programme of work is funded by cruk. conditions for host institutions with no technology transfer agreement with cruk or crt. any delay to the start date must be approved by cruk. cruk to draft a lay summary of the trial (and findings, as and when results are available) for inclusion on cruk’s online clinical trials database. alcohol sales and bring in minimum prices, cancer experts say. new era of genome-based personalised medicine could open up for cancer patients within five years under new plans unveiled by the Government's chief medical adviser.  russell petty, bmsc(hon) mbchb phd mrcp (uk) mrcp(london) frcp edin, consultantmedical oncologist/clinical senior lecturer in medical oncology, university ofaberdeen, aberdeen. and activation: to receive the grant, the host institution and grantholder must agree to the terms and conditions and accept the grant via cruk’s electronic grants management system (or in any alternative manner set out in the gal). "genomics dream" outlined by professor dame sally davies would see millions of patients having all their dna tested as genome sequencing becomes as routine as mri or ct scans. in fundraising and publicity: cruk may use data or other material from research it funds for the purposes of fundraising, publicity, public and community education and engagement, health practitioner education, policy advice and lobbying activities.

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the grant (including an institute core grant) funds a non-clinical studentship (or is associated with a non-clinical studentship grant) and the student is not entitled to paid parental leave or paid long-term sick leave under the host institution’s employment policies, the grant must be used to fund paid leave entitlements for the student in accordance with cruk’s funding policies;. the short term, she wanted to see "all appropriate patients" given the opportunity to have their genomes sequenced under the guidance of experts. The "genomics dream" outlined by Professor Dame Sally Davies would see millions of patients having all their DNA tested as genome sequencing becomes as routine as MRI or CT scans.: where the grant funds a studentship, the following provisions apply:The grantholder must notify cruk of the student’s name, email address, project title and start date within thirty (30) days of the start date;. cruk’s support in the format ‘this work was supported by cancer research uk [c ref. results arising from cdd projects are confidential and should not be disclosed without the prior consent of cruk. consult with cruk (or, at cruk’s request, with crt) and seek to agree with the commercial entity any arrangements that cruk (or crt) suggests;. of the grant conditions shall apply and in addition the host institution hereby grants cruk the perpetual and irrevocable right to use, and permit others to use, funded intellectual property for:Public policy and public information purposes on an exclusive basis, unless cruk agrees otherwise; and. on the subject of smoking: we commissioned research showing that the nhs could save a whopping £67 million in 1 year if uk smoking rates fell to 5% by 2035. for publications: grantholders must:Provide cruk with details of all publications arising from the grant activities at the time of submission for publication via the online manuscript submission form on cruk’s website;. charges: cruk will not pay access charges for use of equipment funded by any cruk grant. infections such as human papilloma virus - which can cause cervical cancer in women - and hepatitis - can be prevented by vaccinations and having regular check-ups. cruk at the earliest opportunity of any allegations of research misconduct connected in any way with the grant or grant activities, as well as the progress and outcome of any ensuing investigation into the misconduct. the purpose, the nature of the content and other appropriate details of any new collections on the ukcrc tissue directory (and any other directories indicated by cancer research uk) and establish mechanisms to manage access by other researchers to those collections.

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and other research personnel on clinical grants: the host institution must ensure all clinical research personnel hold honorary nhs clinical contracts (or equivalent, if based outside the uk) or honorary university contracts at the appropriate level. us cancer newsscience blognews digest – vaping, dirty air, ‘carbon-dating’ cancer and… gardening?: once cruk has established the amount of the grant to be paid in the first year, a fixed indexation rate, determined by cruk in its sole discretion, will be applied to all subsequent years of the award for salaries and running expenses. the host institution is part of a cruk centre, the host institution must ensure that all students at that centre have access to the same training and benefits irrespective of whether they are funded through the centre;. d palmer bsc mbchb phd frcp,consultant medical oncologist and chair of medical oncology, university ofliverpool and clatterbridge cancer centre. the individual’s paid leave entitlements are to be funded as follows:Where the host institution’s employment policies require a period of continuous employment before an individual is eligible for paid leave, that requirement must be waived for all uk-based cruk-funded clinical fellows and clinical research training fellows (ie. it includes information about:Who reviews our content and whenreader contributions to cancer research uk patient informationour reviewersa glossary of abbreviations. monitoring obligations: where the host institution is based outside the uk or is not a registered charity, it must provide cruk with information, at least annually, to enable cruk to effectively monitor the progress of the grant activities consistently with its monitoring and oversight obligations under uk charity law.-research responsibilities of fellowship holders: unless otherwise agreed with cruk, host institutions should ensure that cruk fellows are able to dedicate at least 80 per cent of their working hours to the grant activities that are the subject of their fellowship grant. is total amount payable: the grant is the total aggregate amount payable by cruk to the host institution and is inclusive of all sums (including, among others, all taxes, currency conversions, transfer costs and other charges) that may apply. the host institution and its research personnel shall co-operate fully with cruk and crt in all matters relating to funded intellectual property. overall, diet causes only slightly fewer cancer deaths than sun exposure in australia, at 7,000 a year. if a student fails to complete their phd, the grantholder must inform cruk of the reason;. media disclosures regarding cdd projects and trials must be discussed in advance with the director of the cdd (as well as the cruk press office as per section 12.

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and being overweight, linked to poor diet and lack of exercise, causes 3,917 deaths by cancer a year on its own. abstracts: at the time of application, grant applicants must provide publishable information about the proposed research and contact information which, if the application is successful, may be published on cruk’s website and other public databases including, without limitation, the international cancer research partnership.: the grantholder and host institution must contact the cruk press office before making any public announcements regarding the grant activities, especially in the case of clinical trials. from cancer research uk science blog by cancer research uk, is licensed under a creative commons attribution-noncommercial-sharealike license. research uk’s race for life is a series of women-only events raising money for research into all 200 types of cancer. aspirin also prevented 232 cases in the queensland research of colorectal and oesophagal cancers - but as it can also cause strokes, is not yet recommended as a formal treatment against the risk of cancer. the exception of content provided by our users, all material on the site has been specifically developed by the cancer research uk patient information web team. institution’s responsibility to manage third party arrangements: the host institution shall not enter into, or permit research personnel to enter into, consultancies, third party restrictions or arrangements which may give rise to conflicts of interest or affect the grant activities or funded intellectual property without the prior agreement of cruk. benefit: the host institution must ensure that cruk is not put at risk of breaching uk charity laws or regulations because of any relationship between a third party and the host institution, the grantholder or research personnel. down the line, she hoped the tests would become routine for every cancer patient. of a cancer caused by infection also comes in highly, linked to 3,421 cancer deaths a year. rena chauhan highly specialist oncology pharmacist - cancerresearch uk information lead, guy's and st. protection: the grantholder and host institution agree and shall procure that all research personnel agree that all information received by cruk in connection with the grant and the grant activities:May be used by cruk and its affiliates, experts and advisers for the purposes of monitoring and managing the performance of the grant in accordance with the terms and conditions including carrying out audits and evaluations. suggests that in 60 per cent of cases, the genomes of cancer patients reveal "actionable" data - personal mutations that can shape future treatment.

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, genetic testing of nhs patients in england is conducted via 25 regional laboratories and a plethora of smaller ones operating along the lines of a "cottage industry", said dame sally. pounds the nhs could save in just one year if uk smoking rates fell to 5% within 20 years. processed foods in developed countries appear to be causing higher rates of colon cancer than diets in continents such as africa, which have high bean and pulse intakes. new era of genome-based personalised medicine could open up for cancer patients within five years under new plans unveiled by the government's chief medical adviser. in the uk, this includes the employer’s national insurance contribution and an employer’s pension contribution, at a rate no higher than that used by the uss or nhs scheme, and outside the uk, at rates no higher than contributions required by statute or available to other employees of the host institution at an equivalent level. to call for assignment to crt: cruk retains the right to call for an assignment to crt of all funded intellectual property. in status: the host institution and grantholder must notify cruk if there is any change their status, or the status of any research personnel, that may affect their eligibility to hold the grant including, without limitation, a change of control or a change in relationship with any person or entity in the tobacco industry. for the avoidance of doubt, in the uk this includes the mrc guidelines for good clinical practice. cruk may recover any unspent grant funds or ineligible costs and may offset any amounts owed to cruk against any other sums (including any grant payments) owed to the host institution. it’s hoped these trends could help inform and guide gp referrals, shift cancer detection to earlier stages and potentially save lives.’s right to disclose information: cruk may disclose information regarding the grant application, the grant or the grant activities to its group and associated companies, relevant regulatory authorities, higher education funding councils and other agencies administering governmental funding."but you go at it through what will give a worthwhile actionable result for the patients, and the experts will tell us. grant issued to a cruk core funded institute that is described in the gal as a ‘core’ award. of trials: the grantholder must register any cruk-funded or endorsed trial on a recognised trials registry such as the isrctn registry, the eu clinical trials register (eudract) or the clinicaltrials.

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cruk may require that equipment funded by the grant is transferred with the grantholder.-fault compensation for clinical trials: the host institution of any cruk-funded or cruk-supported trial must provide a no-fault compensation scheme for participants. the project manager and key staff members who will conduct the grant activities must be identified to cruk before the start date, and may not be changed without consent from cruk. diet that is low in red meat can help to prevent bowel cancer, according to the research - with 30 grams a day recommended for men, and 25 a day recommended for women. lead applicant, any joint applicant as specified in the gal and, for institute core awards, cruk-funded group leaders.-commercial research: the host institution grants cruk the non-exclusive right itself, or by granting to recipients of cruk funding the right, to use funded intellectual property for the purposes of non-commercial research whether alone or in collaboration with third parties and whether sponsored or funded, in whole or in part, by any third party including any commercial entity. into a fair and appropriate revenue sharing agreement with cruk (or, at cruk’s request, crt) in relation to any monetary consideration received by the host institution for the rights to the non-cdd clinical trial results (which shall at least reimburse cruk for the funding it provided in support of the trial). from analysis of cancer samples could now be delivered in as little as four weeks. express also suggested a potential cancer cure, but this time for ovarian cancer. nazia mohammed, mbchb, mrcp, consultant in medical oncology, beatson cancer centre, glasgow. will be around 2 million new cancer diagnoses in the uk during the course of the next parliament, according to our latest stats.’s right to contact: cruk may contact all grantholders, research personnel, host institutions and other institutions from time to time via post, telephone or email. cruk accepts no liability for any claim arising out of matters relating to fitness to practice. crn support: uk-based trials or uk-based arms of trials funded by cruk (or, subject to nihr requirements, trials endorsed by cruk) can be included in the nihr crn portfolio through the automatically eligible route to access nihr crn support.

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, the future goal is for every cancer patient to have his or her whole genome sequenced, making the procedure as standard as blood tests and biopsies. the research found that exposure to ‘poorer’ environments is linked with increased cancer risk..Suspension or termination of grant: cruk may suspend or terminate the grant at any time and for any reason. ‘guidelines for the welfare and use of animals in cancer research’ as set out in workman et al (2010) (british journal of cancer 102, 1555-1577); and. breastfeeding for 12 months could prevent 235 cancer cases a year, said the research. for grant staff: all advertisements for staff funded by the grant must indicate that the research is funded by cruk. clinical trial that is not a cdd project or sponsored by cruk, but which is supported directly or indirectly by a grant. host institutions must also follow appropriate principles, standards and practices for the proper management of research including, in the uk, the principles set out in:The ‘concordat to support the career development of researchers (2008)’ (as amended);. transfer agreements: following receipt of a request by crt or cruk, the host institution will negotiate and enter into a tta with crt in relation to funded intellectual property. milestone reports: where a grant is made in more than one instalment, the grantholder must submit a scientific milestone report in a form and at a time determined by cruk.: cruk relies entirely on the host institution to ensure that grant activities are carried out in accordance with best practice to avoid damage, loss or injury to persons or property. fees at a rate no higher than the home/eu fees applied to students funded by uk research councils unless otherwise specified in the gal; and.’s too early for headlines to be claiming a cure, but a small study has shown the potential of an immune-boosting vaccine for treating some prostate cancer patients, shrinking tumours in almost half of those who took part. costs on institute core grants: institute core grants may be used to cover all reasonable operational and research costs, consistently with budgets approved from time-to-time with cruk.

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of nhs numbers: the nhs number (or equivalent) must be recorded for all patients entering late phase clinical trials or feasibility studies supported by cruk. report calls for a simplified two-stage consent system that draws on the genomes project model and makes it easier for patients to get involved in research studies and clinical trials. also reserves the right for it, or its agents, to investigate any aspect of fraud or misconduct itself and the host institution and grantholder shall provide assistance and information to cruk for that purpose. possible, actively seek to establish sample collections that will be made available to and useful for the wider cancer research community, including by obtaining appropriate patient consents, and collecting data in a form that may be used by other researchers; and. obesity is linked to 13 different types of cancer in adulthood, and obese children are 5 times more likely be obese adults. also have as many sections of the site as possible reviewed by people with personal experience of cancer. this notoriously difficult habit to break sees tar build-up in the lungs and dna alteration and causes 15,558 cancer deaths a year. of cruk support: grantholders must acknowledge cruk’s support (and, where possible, include cruk’s logo) in all publications, oral or written reports, posters, presentations and information posted on websites that relate to the grant activities or results or non-cdd clinical trial results. breast cancer drug called 'too expensive' now available on the nhs. and site visits: cruk may seek confirmation from the host institution or the host institution’s external auditors that the grant has been used in accordance with the terms and conditions. where cruk is the largest or most significant contributing funder of the research, it reserves the right to lead on publicity. back on drinks could reduce the risk of cancers caused by alcohol - such as liver cancer, bowel cancer, breast cancer and mouth cancer - that are leading to 3,208 deaths a year."genomic medicine has huge implications for the understanding and treatment of rare diseases, cancer and infections. Ultimately, the future goal is for every cancer patient to have his or her whole genome sequenced, making the procedure as standard as blood tests and biopsies.

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research uk, a registered charity in england and wales (1089464), in scotland (sc041666) and in the isle of man (1103) and a company limited by guarantee registered in england & wales no. replacement therapy, which is used to relieve symptoms of the menopause in women, caused 539 deaths from (mainly breast) cancer in australia last year. netty wood, mpharm, dip pharm prac, mrpharms, lead pharmacist, essex cancer network. could be learned from the highly successful 100,000 genomes project, which has now sequenced more than 31,000 genomes from patients with cancer and rare diseases, said dame sally.. cruk accepts no responsibility for any costs or claims for which the host institution, research personnel or any institution may be liable as an employer or otherwise including, without limitation, redundancy, compensation, dismissal or discrimination claims. transfer agreement being, unless crt determines otherwise, a framework agreement governing the management and exploitation of results as well as results of all other research funded by cancer research uk at the host institution from time to time. cruk will not provide indemnity cover for or accept any liability for harm to participants where cruk is not the trial sponsor. lsabel white, cancer researchuk nursing research training fellow, university of surrey. cruk (or its agents) may also conduct its own audit of the grant at any time and the host institution shall co-operate fully in that regard, including by allowing cruk to inspect all books, records and facilities related to the grant, by providing copies of all relevant books and records on request, and by procuring that any subcontractors provide that assistance as well.: in addition to the obligations set out in section 12 of the grant conditions, the grantholder or host institution must send any publication of results to cruk for review at least four (4) weeks prior to submission for publication. terms and conditions may be amended at any time by cruk and apply to the grant as amended. trials database: grantholders and research personnel conducting trials and/or studies will assist the cruk patient information team by:Providing cruk with the study protocol and patient information sheet;. cruk will not pay the final quarter of the grant until it has processed the final reconciliation submitted under section 6. line authentication: grantholders and research personnel using cell cultures must incorporate a best practice cell line authentication protocol into their experimental framework, following the ‘guidelines for use of cell lines in biomedical research’ as set out by geraghty et al (british journal of cancer (2014) sep 9; 111(6):1021-46).

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of interest: the host institution and grantholder must avoid any conflicts of interest in relation to the grant activities and notify cruk if any conflict of interest arises.: in accepting the grant, the host institution agrees to indemnify cruk against any costs, claims or liabilities (including legal costs) suffered or incurred by cruk as a result of any action, claim or complaint brought against cruk in connection with or arising from any grant activities or research personnel or the accuracy or application of the results. be disclosed to and processed by cruk group companies, host institutions and other institutions, external peer reviewers, experts and other appointees, government and relevant regulatory authorities, higher education funding councils, and other research organisations or funding bodies, some of whom may be based outside the european economic area; provided always that. completion of the studentship, the grantholder must provide cruk with a copy of the student’s thesis title, abstract and outcome of the viva voce examination. there is no tta between the host institution and cruk or crt, the provisions set out in schedule a to this document; and. special conditions for host institutions with no technology transfer agreement with cruk or crt. and volunteer costs: the grant may be used to pay patient or volunteer travel and subsistence costs only as approved by cruk (either in the grant application or subsequently). this is in recognition of the requirement in the uk that clinical academic researchers change employers in the course of their training;. however, if: (i) a third party contributes towards the directly incurred costs of the research which led to the creation of the funded intellectual property; or (ii) cruk provides additional funding (over and above the directly incurred costs), then the foregoing revenue share shall be adjusted as crt deems appropriate;."this technology has the potential to change medicine forever - but we need all nhs staff, patients and the public to recognise and embrace its huge potential. scientists are setting out to discover whether prescription patterns given to patients before they develop cancer could help doctors pick up the disease earlier in the future. subsequent instalments will only be made if cruk deems that grant activities have progressed satisfactorily. awards: where two or more institutions hold a grant jointly, cruk may select one institution as the designated host institution. the host institution will also co-operate in relation to publicity, research engagement and fundraising activity for cruk.

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of the following: the cruk beatson institute, the cruk cambridge institute, the cruk manchester institute, the cruk/mrc oxford institute for radiation oncology and the francis crick institute. termination of grant activities: in the event the grant activities are terminated early, the grantholder and host institution must promptly notify cruk. in determining whether a cost is a direct cost, the host institution must follow any costs guidance issued by cruk from time to time. the host institution must also:Make reasonable efforts to mitigate the risk of scientific misconduct occurring consistently with cruk’s ‘guidelines for scientific conduct’;. newscomputer programme could predict if immunotherapy will workoctober 27, 2017category: news report safety of gene therapy for brain tumours tested in early trialoctober 27, 2017category: news report meet our scientists investigating cancers’ weak spots, showing research rocks, and much moreoctober 27, 2017category: science blog cancer patients diagnosed at an earlier stage are more likely to have surgery than chemotherapyoctober 26, 2017category: science blog browse all news. clinical phd students) in accordance with the ‘uk clinical academic training in medicine and dentistry: principles and obligations 2017’ (as amended). factors – ranging from socioeconomic status to air pollution – can have a large impact on cancer rates, according to various reports on a new study. sally said: "yes, my dream is that, in the end, every patient gets their genome done if they've got cancer. of findings: the grantholder must publish or otherwise disseminate appropriately verified results to the broader scientific community as soon as possible, although cruk or the host institution may delay dissemination for a reasonable period in order to protect intellectual property (including through compliance with a tta, or schedule a, as applicable). grant award letter from cruk containing the details, and offer, of the grant. they must also comply with any publications policy issued by cruk. the host institution receive monetary or non-monetary income directly or indirectly from the commercial exploitation of funded intellectual property, then the host institution shall share such income, in a reasonable proportion, with cruk. of grant: the grantholder may transfer the grant to another institution only with the consent of the host institution, the new institution and cruk, and only if the new institution agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions as the new host institution. funding policy statements published on cruk’s website, as updated from time to time.

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host institutions based in the uk may not use the grant to cover indirect costs. around and not getting the heart pumping - less than one hour's exercise a day - is directly leading to about 1,800 people having lower immune functions and higher hormone levels, among other factors, that cause cancers. date indicated in the gal, or otherwise agreed with cruk, on which the grant activities commence. secretary jeremy hunt said he welcomed the report, pointing out that the uk had established itself as a world leader in genomics medicine. between cruk and the host institution in relation to a cdd project. cruk may also use the information for the purposes of knowledge-sharing, training and general business process reviews;. and conditions: cruk awards the grant to the host institution and grantholder on the terms set out in the following documents:These grant conditions (that is, the provisions set out in sections 1 to 16 of this document);. matthew wheater phd, mrcp, consultant medical oncologist, southampton cancer centre. or other long-term leave: where the grant funds an individual’s salary or stipend, and that individual takes parental leave or long-term sick leave, the grantholder must notify cruk. contraceptives, like the pill, caused about 105 breast cancers and 52 cervical cancers - but it also prevented about 1,440 ovarian and uterine (womb) cases of cancer last year. costs: where the grant funds a studentship, the grant may be used to cover:A stipend set by cruk (which must be paid to the student for the duration of the studentship) and any paid parental or long term sick leave benefits payable in accordance with cruk’s funding policies and paragraph 2. when speaking publicly, the grantholder and research personnel should identify themselves as ‘cruk-funded researchers’ but be clear that they are not speaking on behalf of the charity. on grants: unless otherwise agreed with cruk, students on grants must be fully funded by the grant and must be recruited at a time that allows them to complete their studentship during the grant period. ‘uk clinical academic training in medicine and dentistry: principles and obligations (2017)’ (as amended).

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the grantholder and cruk-funded research personnel will promote cruk and its charitable aims by complying with all reasonable requests from cruk to attend or speak at events, and provide help with images and copy for cruk publications. phase i/ii clinical trial which: (i) is carried out on a novel agent or therapy approved by cruk’s new agents committee; (ii) managed through cruk’s centre for drug development; (iii) sponsored by cruk; and (iv) may be supported partly by a cruk grant. internal reviews are carried out by members of the cancer research uk information nurse team or the patient information web team. in place formal written procedures for the handling of allegations of research misconduct and make those procedures available on to cruk on request;. research: reporting of in vivo experiments guidelines published by the uk national centre for the replacement, refinement & reduction of animals in research. cruk accepts no responsibility for costs incurred other than those specifically set out in the gal, nor any liability for any accident, injury or loss sustained by any person in connection with the grant activities or publication of results. of information requests: if the host institution receives a freedom of information request in relation to any part of the grant or grant activities, it must notify and consult with cruk on the response to the request. you are interested in reviewing a section for us, you should either have had cancer yourself or been a close relative of someone who has had cancer., communications and engagement: grantholders and host institutions must comply with any guidelines for branding, communications and engagement that cruk may issue from time to time. any other employment responsibilities assigned to a cruk fellow should be limited to a maximum of 20 per cent of their working hours. funding policies and research practices: host institutions and grantholders must comply with all cruk funding policies, including without limitation, cruk’s policies on data sharing & preservation, open access, and researchfish. dermot ball, networkpharmacist, nhs north central london and west essex cancer commissioning network. host institutions based outside the uk may use a portion of the grant to cover indirect costs only if specified in the gal. to terms and conditions: the host institution and grantholder must ensure that all research personnel on cruk grants comply with the terms and conditions.

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