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there are pans with both the griswold and wagner logos, pans with a small griswold logo, pans with a large block logo, and pans with a large slant logo. i know that when i started out with cast iron, the logos were very confusing to me. on jul 1, 2014i try to give an easy semi accurate history of cast iron cookware. of recent vintage have thicker walls than do antique pans. it would appear the company which owned wagner was more interested in only using the griswold name and not so much its classic designs. for me, i have a ceramic cooktop and most of my pans have heat rings. this article assumes that the pans are clean, lack pitting cracks or chips, have smooth casting, and sit flat on a level surface. this is a telltale sign of all unmarked bsr pans. try to give an easy semi accurate history of cast iron cookware.

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griswold wagner cast iron collection how to identify cast iron. it is theorized that this logo might have replaced the small block had griswold not been bought out by the company which also owned wagner. these pans were manufactured by the wagner ware manufacturing company in sidney, ohio. these pans were not actually made by griswold; they were made by wagner. however, some pans are particularly scarce in a particular combination; that scarcity would of course then increase the value of that pan. if you find a pan that is marked griswold and wagner, it is not a griswold pan. pans marked only victor, with a product number, were manufactured by griswold between between about 1890 and 1915.) when seen on an iron or aluminum lid, the trademark is referred to as the "button logo", and is in some cases seen with only a single circle. normally incised, the trademark was in some instances seen as raised, these being confined mainly to the tops of some lids, implements like food choppers, and, as was normal for all but the earliest griswold designs, their waffle irons.

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of the images from the google “images” search for victor cast iron pan. if not, try broadening the search, to “victor cast iron skillet. rusty old cast iron pots & pans with fire & vegetable oil. name griswold alone on a trademark would then first appear on a handful of pieces in the form of griswold's first stylized logo, known as the "griswold's erie diamond", and next when the sixth series "erie" skillets were changed to read "griswold's erie", around 1906. page › cast iron collecting › collectibility and valuation of griswold cast iron skillets #8, #9, and #10. be found among skillet/lids; dutch oven/lids, and even waffle irons/bases. this refers to is an abbreviated method of saying that the word griswold. as with later griswold trademarks, it consisted of a cross inside a double circle, with the name griswold spanning the horizontal arms of the cross. the gate mark is a remnant of the casting process that was used in the 1800’s.

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very helpful reference guide for griswold pans is “the book of griswold & wagner” by smith & wafford. most are happy to share their knowledge with beginning cast iron enthusiasts. pans are amazing they are 1/4 of the weight of a new lodge brand which work well but these are better. page › blog › identifying and dating unmarked or unknown maker vintage and antique cast iron skillets. there is debate in the cast iron world as to whether these pans were manufactured by chf or by favorite. Evolution of the Griswold Trademark[ home ] [ history of griswold ] [ items wanted ] [ cleaning & care ] [ items for sale ] [ recipes for griswold baking pans ] [ litter of pups ] [ logos and terms ] [ smart buying ] [ related web page links ] [ upcoming events ] [ convention quilt ]. a number 8 griswold pan is typically about 10-1/2″ in diameter. griswold-marked pieces after the buy-out appear to be from modified wagner patterns, with hastily-concocted versions of the griswold trademark applied. the small logo pans are universally praised as great cookers.

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wagner ware cast iron skillet; marked only with b on the bottom of the skillet and on the underside of the handle. “go-to” reference materials for dating and identifying pieces for which i know the manufacturer are two much-used reference books: smith & wafford, the book of griswold & wagner, favorite, wapak, sidney hollow ware (5th ed. wagner cast iron skillet; ridge on underside of handle flattens out where it meets the outer wall. with both the wagner and griswold logos (a “double logo”) are lowest on the hierarchy. internet has opened up a myriad of ways to identify cast iron. manufacturing company, erie, pa: griswold manufactured pieces under names other than “griswold. and dating unmarked or unknown maker vintage and antique cast iron skillets. two clubs that have been very helpful to me, and of which i am a proud member, are: the wagner & griswold society, and the griswold & cast iron cookware association.[ home ] [ history of griswold ] [ items wanted ] [ cleaning & care ] [ items for sale ] [ recipes for griswold baking pans ] [ litter of pups ] [ logos and terms ] [ smart buying ] [ related web page links ] [ upcoming events ] [ convention quilt ].

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pans with a heat raised letter on the underside, along with a raised number on the handle, may have been made in the late 1800s – 1910 by blacklock, the foundry that preceded the lodge foundry. of the griswold logos would be the joint venture of the two. “century” series bsr pans were manufactured in the 1950s and are quite common and easy to find. especially as i began my adventure into the world of vintage cast iron cookware, collectors on the forums of these sites were more than generous with their time and expertise in helping me identify and date vintage and antique cast iron cookware that i came across. the last surviving text-only trademark would continue to be seen on the victor economy line of skillets, to which "the griswold mfg. in line are what is referred to as the griswold “small” logo skillets. a number 9 griswold pan is typically about 11″ in diameter, and a number 10 griswold pan is usually about 11-1/2″ in diameter. paradox exists between the logo as most commonly seen incribed on the cookware and that seen on griswold printed publications such as catalogs, bulletins, and on letterhead. are also very knowledgeable and passionate long-time collectors out there who have a vast amount of information about vintage and antique cast iron cookware.

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are tips to help you with your research as you venture into the world of vintage cast iron skillet identification. 7 cast iron pan manufactured by the griswold manufacturing company as part of the iron mountain line, circa 1950s. the pans often have a letter on the bottom of the pan in a times new roman-type font, and on the underside of the handle. was added to the bottom of the century series pans. of recent manufacture have a rougher, “pebbly” surface and thicker walls than pans of earlier manufacture. some of the vollrath cast iron skillets have the vollrath name on them, and some do not. beneath that marking, the block logo pans are marked “erie pa. post provides a rudimentary overview of pricing and valuation of griswold #8, #9, and #10 skillets. first "griswold" trademark to be used across virtually all production, and perhaps the most iconic, is known as the "slant logo".

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” this post does not address logos other than the griswold cross logo. large logo pans have either a “block” or a “slant” griswold logo. there are also pans manufactured by griswold that have different logos, such as “erie”, “griswold’s erie”, and “victor. this double circle and cross with griswold,  it will state  erie,Pa. some of these pans have “heat” or “smoke” rings; others do not – they have a smooth bottom. gate mark appears as a raised scar or slash across the bottom of pans.[…] ways to identify vintage cast iron and to learn more about a piece’s history. also manufactured pans for montgomery wards, calling them wardway pans. the small logo pans always have the smooth bottom (no heat ring), and always say “erie pa.

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there are pans that say “erie” under the large logo and there are pans that say “erie pa.(insert miami photo here – diamond attributed to favorite)there are also pans marked on the bottom with a number outlined by a diamond. to smooth the rough cooking surface of a modern lodge cast iron skillet., selden and griswold, who joined forces to produce cast iron products,Like the mailbox and the cuspidor or spittoon. down, rather than slanted to the right like the word griswold. often times unmarked wagner pans are mistaken for bsr pans.” according to the blue book, the large and slant logo griswold pans were manufactured by griswold during the following time frames:Griswold large slant logo epu with heat ring.“mary and team, i am so pleased with the purchases the two # 6 pans were also amazing. more common unmarked griswold line is griswold iron mountain pans.

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the griswold "large block" and "small block" trademarks, the large and small refer to the lettering and not the diameter of the logo. chf also manufactured lovely hammered cast iron skillets marked only with a pair of numbers on the bottom that are about 1” tall. cast iron cookware products came from this early time period. of the most valuable, collectible, and sought-after griswold pans is the skillet that is marked with a spider in a web, with the word “erie” in the spider’s body.” early griswold pans did not have the griswold name on them. bottom of unmarked wagner pans may be smooth, or they may have a heat ring. gate marked pans are the oldest of the old cast iron cookware; almost certainly antique. hope that this little dissertation on identification is helpful to you as you hunt for vintage cast iron cookware! of the unmarked pans you may come across in your cast iron travels were made by griswold, lodge, birmingham stove & range (“bsr”), vollrath, wagner, favorite stove & range, and chicago hardware foundry.

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slant logo pans are marked beneath the griswold logo with “erie” or “erie pa.[…] ways to identify vintage cast iron and to learn more about a piece’s history. - erie griswold wagner cast iron collection how to identify cast ironyoutube. this table, the approximate time period of manufacture of a griswold trademarked skillet can be determined. this second trademark containing the griswold name would be short lived, however, as traditional block lettering would begin to be replaced by stylized logos by many makers. griswold had been making cast iron hollow ware for the better part of two decades before first putting the griswold name on a skillet. the addition of descriptive markings such as "cast iron skillet" and the appending of ", pa, u..a” generally, the pans with heat rings were manufactured before the smooth-bottomed pans. also generally, the slant logo pans were manufactured before the block logo pans.

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having been in business with his cousins, the selden brothers, since 1868, the name griswold was originally seen in the mark "selden & griswold", on various pieces of hollowware. manufacturing company, south pittsburg, tennessee: i often come across cast iron pans that have no manufacturer’s name on them, but have “notches” in the heat ring. 2013) (commonly called the “blue book”), and smith & wafford, the book of wagner & griswold, martin, lodge, vollrath, excelsior, ©2001 (commonly called the “red book”). along with the logo shrinkage, the overall weight of the lettering, cross, and circles was reduced, and inscriptions like "cast iron skillet" were eliminated. similarly, if you find a pan that is marked griswold but it also says “made in usa”, it was manufactured by wagner and not by griswold.“mary, received the pans today and could not be more satisfied. there are “smooth bottom” pans and there are pans with a “heat” or “smoke” ring." to the "erie" made the lbl markings more complex than on any other griswold skillet, and perhaps the most attractive to collectors. is fun to learn the history and origin of old cast iron cookware.

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some of the victor pans have the griswold name on them and some do not. i have had had a lot of questions from customers seeking guidance on pan selection; hopefully this post will help you to understand why certain of these pans are pricier and more collectible than others. manufactured by the griswold manufacturing company in erie, pa between about 1880 and 1905. gate marked pans typically do not have the manufacturer’s name on them. a number 8 lodge pan of more recent vintage is more than a pound heavier in weight than the 1906 griswold number 8 “erie” spider skillet, and almost a pound heavier than a griswold slant logo “erie” number 8 pan. manufacturing company, sidney, ohio: unmarked wagner pans are commonly found. example, if you have a cast iron skillet that has only markings on the bottom that say victor 722 8, try a google images search for “victor 722 8 cast iron skillet”, and see if a match to your pan shows up in the images. once a person has a particular pan or two, they often want to match additional pans; i. if you are price-conscious and looking for a cooker and not collectibility, these pans might be a good bet for you.

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griswold item not manufactured in erie is not associated with that., this will take the mystery out of the confusion of  griswolds many logos frequently referred to by collectors. cast iron collector - information for the cast iron cookware enthusiast. hopefully this guide will help you to become a little more educated when selecting griswold pans. hopefully this article will make your entrance into the world of griswold cast iron skillets just a little easier! the griswold "large block" and "small block" trademarks, the large and small refer to the lettering and not the diameter of the logo. the waffle iron from 1880 is beyond what i had imagined. griswold trademark would undergo more changes after the acquisition by wagner. when i say “all other things being equal”, i mean that the pans are equal as to condition.

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, griswold began to produce some porcelain or enamel finished items. the slant logo was seen on both heat ringed and in rare cases smooth bottom skillets, as well as on pans marked "erie" and "erie, pa, u. there were many cast iron foundries in the 1800s, and many did not put maker’s marks on their wares., erie, is a signal that it was not made by griswold manufacturing. in that purchase, wagner gained the right to use the griswold patterns, along with the griswold logo. spider skillet is one of the most – if not the most – collectible of griswold cast iron cookware.-notch unmarked lodge cast iron skillet with molder’s mark, circa 1930s. far as i’m concerned, small logo griswolds are a great value. in print, the tips of the cross are closed by straight lines, whereas on the cast iron, it is the inside circle which forms the boundaries.

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