Dating luke hemmings would include

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Dating luke hemmings would include

luke would involve:nibbling on your cheek playfullybelly ticklinghim pouting when you deny his cuddlesyou giving in and softly kissing those frowning lipshim trying to get you to eat vegemite on everythingbeggingshy foreplaygiggling over things that aren’t even funnysilly selfiesteaching you guitarbananaswhen you can’t reach something on the top shelf, you refuse to ask him for help so he rolls his eyes and lifts you by your waist at night in bed he kisses your neck sloppily while saying “muah muah muah”wearing his flannels and hatswearing his hat while you ride himhim getting flustered and clumsy“i hate you” he grinshim being competitive with michaelembarrassed mumbling when he wants you to do something kinky‘try not to laugh’ contests“oh yeah?”trying for a baby after he begs forever“oh my god”“what happened this time, luke?

Am I Wide Awake Or Dreaming..? — Dating Luke would include

asks on lukemichael are all public and i'm a sca r ed lil bby. Luke would include: • “babe, no, you need to cuddle now” • “I don’t care if you’re washing the dishes.

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Be like Calum (dating Luke Hemmings would include:)

“•"i love you”•him hugging you from behind, refusing to let go unless you kiss him•him laying on top of you with his entire body weight until he gets his way•facetimeing michael all the time•taking selfies•tickle fights•holding hands in public because he doesn’t care what other people think•having to drag him out of bed every morning•long showers together•telling really bad jokes•him singing new songs to you•"i wrote this one for you babe"•making out in any spare moment •placing tiny kisses onto your head as he hugs you•dancing around the kitchen while you make breakfast together•hugs when you’re upset•falling asleep next to each other•waking up in each other’s arms, big smiles forming on your faces as you both realise how lucky you arei temporarily became a luke girl while writing this oops but here ya go!- sophiedating luke would include:“babe, no, you need to cuddle now”“i don’t care if you’re washing the dishes.

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•kisses on your forehead•stealing his clothes•wanting to facetime you at least 3 times a day when he’s on tour•him being a complete gentleman in front of your parents•him always wanting to be the big spoon, but secretly loving it when you are•laying on the couch with your legs entwined•or laying with his head in your lap as you play with his hair• always needing to have his hands on you, even if it’s just wrapped around your waist as you watch tv•walking around your house in your underwear because you’re so comfortable around each other•slow passionate sex after long periods of not seeing each other•but rough and sweaty sex after shows•whimpering, lots of whimpering•conversations that quickly turn into giggles•just dance competitions•him pouting when he loses•him constantly reminding you that he loves you, even in the most simplest ways•pokes to get your attention•"hey babe"•"what luke? Luke would includeDating luke hemmings would include:Classifiedluke:- “but babe”.

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  • Dating Luke would include

    i miss you lots :-)))’‘u woke me up, u stupid idiot’‘good morning to you too’him running to you when he sees you after a long day and hugging you tightlygrinning when you tell him you’re pregnant“oh sweet baby jesus i’m gonna be a dad”telling literally everyone he meets that he’s a dad“luke no.-blog liked this ashaesthetic liked this littlemxkid liked this witchyashton reblogged this from spilledtee 5secondsof-heartfaillure reblogged this from spilledtee spilledtee reblogged this from michaelscloud9 argenhemmings1996 liked this omgspookykookie liked this spideyboyschurro liked this hadidwilk liked this lauraandrighetti liked this sugarsweetsadness liked this boredonline022 liked this smellslikebitchcraft liked this gleemazing- liked this valverdelizziee liked this itdependsonhowyouseeit liked this wheresthelipring reblogged this from michaelscloud9 kimwalli liked this fandomtrashspn reblogged this from michaelscloud9 chaos-starter-pack liked this alone-in1this-world liked this socially-awkward-otter liked this ifiwassorry liked this awesomedaisyisd liked this fangirling-central liked this whichdirection liked this 5sosandmyphotography liked this smartdancerreader liked this icantcomprehendthefeels liked this sweetdream771 reblogged this from michaelscloud9 sweetdream771 liked this daylight2003 liked this honeybabyharry liked this lucky-lucy12345 liked this taylorhemmings96 liked this umthatwasrude liked this rexreck liked this alyssaaguayo reblogged this from 5sosreactions alyssaaguayo liked this snowyimagines reblogged this from michaelscloud9 snowyimagines liked this her-black-velvet reblogged this from michaelscloud9 xxsadgrungeteenxx liked this embodythesass liked this shantismozeratti liked this youre-out-of-my-limit liked this permanentidiot reblogged this from michaelscloud9 permanentidiot liked this michaelscloud9 posted this show more notesloading.

    Dating luke would include

    Luke would involve: • nibbling on your cheek playfully • belly tickling • him pouting when you deny his cuddles • you giving in and softly kissing those frowning lips • him trying to get you to. you see this you should follow my blog @lukemichael because i cant use this blog anymore.
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      ” • you being on top because he thinks it’s so hot • calling him lukey to annoy him • lots of movie. or a baby”“what the fuck luke you can barely even take care of yourself”“but, princess, a baby.
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