Dating old pepsi cola bottles

Dating old pepsi cola bottles

  be like mike watch video 1994 pepsi-cola is the first major soft drink maker to begin producing and distributing its product in vietnam. 2012 diet mountain dew, brisk and starbucks ready-to-drink beverages join pepsico's portfolio of billion-dollar brands, bringing the total to 22. pepsico and starbucks form the north american coffee partnership to jointly develop ready-to-drink coffee beverages..& on 1 pepsi bottle underneith it has a number 22 & under 7-up bottle it has a marking e with a circle and a number 2 & close to neck of bottles it says"remplissage unique" & under the pepsi-cola bottle underneith it has 4 shapes that i can make out 1 that is a square & 82 (or) 28 number aswell as the number 61 (or) 19 that i can make out! kendall, former president and ceo of pepsi-cola, was president and chief executive officer. have an old pepsi bottle with the name of my hometown embossed on the side(moulton). but this needs to be confirmed because of reproductions, and the company's commemorative versions which resemble antique bottles. pepsico acquires mabel, a leading producer of cookies, crackers and snacks in brazil. for the first time, pepsi-cola becomes the number one cola drink in supermarkets. major products of the new companies are: pepsi-cola company: pepsi-cola (formulated in 1898), diet pepsi (1964) and mountain dew (introduced by tip corporation in 1948).

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such a pepsi bottle is probably made before 1935, when paper labels were used more frequently. 1984 pepsi-cola makes advertising history as michael jackson and his brothers usher in a new generation of pepsi advertising in two of the most eagerly awaited television commercials featuring music marketing. 1988 "chase", a four-part pepsi ad featuring michael jackson in his first-ever episodic commercial, airs during the grammy awards and becomes the most-watched commercial in advertising history. pepsi bottles had narrower necks as compared to the later versions. for a paper label with the term 'pepsi-cola', or any remains of one. 1985 the cola war takes "one giant sip for mankind," when a pepsi "space can" is successfully tested aboard the space shuttle. the bottle has a number (510) under the back side neck logo only displaying the word pepsi, does that mean it was the 510th bottle made? pepsico signs the largest commercial trade agreement in history with the soviet union. 2008 pepsico announces plans to invest us billion in china over the next four years as part of the strategy to expand in emerging markets and broaden the portfolio of locally relevant products. have (2) pepsi glass bottles (1) 7-up glass bottle (1) coca-cola glass bottle & (1) stubby pepsi-cola glass bottle with the caps in tact & seal on caps not broken=(twisted) & on 4 of them it states to look under cap to "win", what to win im not sure!

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2006 pepsi celebrates its participation in its 20th consecutive super bowl. 1996 filming of the world's first commercial in space, cosmonauts shoot a large blue pepsi can in orbit outside the mir space station. have dug many of the 1940's pepsi cola script embossed on the base only, no labels or print on sides all coming up from my tip site here in great britain. pepsico introduces the first climate-friendly vending machines to the united states. history of pepsi can be traced all the way back to the summer of 1858, when a pharmacist by the name of caleb bradham was trying to find a way to draw more customers to his store in new bern, north carolina. deciding the value of an old pepsi bottle, its year of manufacture, the logo color, and condition of the paper label, if present, are important. bradham soon realized the market potential of this drink, for which he sought a trademark in 1902, by the name pepsi-cola, named after two of its main constituents - pepsin and kola nuts. there are swirls on the shoulder, one row says pepsi cola, the next row a bunch of lines, this pattern repeating itself around the bottle. pepsi light, with a distinctive lemon taste, is introduced as an alternative to traditional diet colas. the original formula did not contain pepsin or kola nuts or kola nut extract and was caffeine free.

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earnings information events & presentations annual reports & proxy info financial news investor contacts sec filings shareholder information overview faqs electronic delivery enrollment stock information. pepsico announced its intent to acquire naked juice company and the new zealand snack company bluebird foods. have a pepsi bottle with a coke cap still sealed product in side was wondering if it was worth anything.'s drink was developed in 1893 and the name pepsi=cola was used first in 1898. sent a comment earlier about a pepsi bottle i said was red white and blue, it is red and white only, i have no clue where i got the blue from. are some naturally occuring bottles with a light amethyst/purple tint - leaving. this pair of books is the bible for the pepsi. pepsico is now the largest company in the beverage industry and its products are available in nearly 150 countries and territories. started in new bern, nc in 1898 as brad's drink,But changed its name to "pepsi-cola" in 1903. have a bottle with no labels i found in the woods, but the cap says diet pepsi-cola in blue.

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.2010 - today 2010s 2015 pepsico celebrates its 50th anniversary as a combined food and beverage company. 2007 pepsico introduces performance with purpose, making it one of the first contemporary companies to recognize the important interdependence between corporations and society. have a 16 oz glass bottle with the dash between the pepsi and cola and the bottom has on the left side a d and on the right a 77 and under those a 1, and top center either the letters rhk, or ahk, what year is this? pepsico announces its intent to acquire russia's wimm-bill-dann, russia's leading branded food-and-beverage company. pepsico spins off kentucky fried chicken, pizza hut and taco bell as tricon global restaurants, inc. the slogan for diet pepsi is modified to "you got the right one baby, uh-huh! 2014 pepsi introduces pepsi spire, a portfolio of innovative fountain beverage dispensers. of the oldtimers around town remember this version or have ever seen this type of bottle. as such, let us learn how to identify an old pepsi bottle. pepsico live overviewfeatured contentstoriesvideosmedia coverage2016 year in review media resources overviewpress releasesmedia contactsmedia downloads.

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    , these purple bottles do make a nice color addition to your collection. began selling his beverage at soda fountains, but it dawned on him that if he offered it in bottles, sales would shoot up, since people could consume it anywhere. the pepsi-cola company celebrates its 100th anniversary of the creation of pepsi 1997 frito-lay announces plans to buy the 104-year-old snack cracker jack. 1991 pepsi-cola forms a joint venture with unilever to develop and market tea-based drinks. way to distinguish the amber pepsi repro is that they are light enough. if it is pepsi-cola, then the bottle is definitely a pre-1953 make, as the term 'cola' does not occur on bottles manufactured later, which are not classified as antique. bottles, which bear the label on the glass itself (called applied color label (acl)), rather than paper ones bearing the company name, indicate a manufacturing date between 1945 and 1948. 1982 pepsi free and diet pepsi free, the first major brand caffeine-free colas, are introduced. if there is a colon between the words 'pepsi' and 'cola', then this is a genuine version known as 'double-dot', owing to the colon. pepsi-cola introduces a new, modern looking logo, still featuring the red, white, and blue color scheme adopted in 1943.
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    the company began by offering the drink in glass bottles manufactured by local glass makers, and it was only in 1940 that the first standardized pepsi-cola bottle entered the market. 1974 pepsi-cola becomes the first american consumer product to be produced, marketed and sold in the former soviet union. pepsi-cola was created in the late 1890s by caleb bradham, a new bern, n. it has pepsi cola on the neck in a wave pattern, no hyphen." 1990 pepsico acquires a controlling interest in gamesa, mexico's largest cookie company. the colors are red, white and blue with sparkling pepsi-cola it satisfies on the front. 1973 foods international, later called pepsico foods international (pfi) and subsequently named frito-lay international, is established to market snack foods around the world. 1993 after a 27-year absence, pepsi returns to broadway with the lighting of a spectacular new neon sign in times square. have a pepsicola glass bottle,has swirl embossed basket weave. 2000 - 2009 2000s 2009 pepsico and calbee foods company announce a strategic alliance to make and sell a wide range of food products in japan.

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