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and epilepsy - telling someone you like that you have epilepsy. any parent of a child with epilepsy should work hard to establish a "climate of trust," turk says. step at a time: our true love story with epilepsy.

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P4L is one of the few sites that cater to people with a variety of ailments. when your child enters a serious relationship, it's important for the other person to know about epilepsy. so, it's particularly important that women with epilepsy plan for pregnancy.

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weekly magazine, delivered daily newsletter website access subscribe weekly magazine, delivered daily newsletter website access subscribe free access to 40+ digital editions website access daily newsletter subscribe., which has 1,200 members, is one of a rapidly growing set of niche dating Web sites for people with disabilities and disease. and on our second date, he gave me a sterling silver bracelet, with one word engraved in cursive: epilepsy.

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laws vary from state to state, but generally, if a person with epilepsy is on medication and hasn't had a seizure recently, he or she can get a license.#1site for uk disabled singles - find your match today! with a teenager can be difficult for any parent, but teens with epilepsy pose additional problems.

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teenagers with epilepsy may begin to wonder whether they'll be able to have a normal family, and whether their condition may cause problems with pregnancy. i laughed out loud in theaters when epilepsy was given as a possible diagnosis for eric bana’s ability to time travel in "the time traveler’s wife. wasn’t until i actually began convulsing later in life -- my first big seizure was on an airplane flight from los angeles to boston -- that i was actually diagnosed with epilepsy and began taking medication.

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with a teenager who has epilepsy presents a host of challenges for parents. also, some epilepsy drugs may cause birth defects and others decrease the effectiveness of birth control., a dating Web site for people with sexually transmitted diseases and other health conditions.


principle behind the site is that no matter the disorder, everyone with a special condition understands imperfection—and shares a need for love and acceptance. but often they worry about telling dates that they have epilepsy. The site, which launched last year, is becoming a go-to spot online where singletons who also happen to have diseases from hepatitis to herpes to irritable bowel syndrome can find love and companionship without having to worry about the big reveal.

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epilepsy only gives me a cvs pharmacist who knows me by name. Durham created the Web site after watching his brother Keith grow increasingly lonely after being diagnosed with Crohn's disease: "It was really hard for him to tell someone he had a colostomy bag. The explosive success of online dating was followed by a proliferation of sites catering to people with HIV and STDs.

Epilepsy Free Dating, Singles and Personals

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mainstream dating sites leave it up to members to decide whether to disclose medical issues. Eleven more categories were added four weeks ago: arthritis, burn victims, epilepsy, HPV, little people, lupus, multiple sclerosis, paraplegia, Parkinson's disease, quadriplegia and transplant patients. some teens with epilepsy feel like they no longer need epilepsy drugs, or they don't want to be controlled by a drug.

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it's a rite of passage that many teens with epilepsy worry that they'll miss. my epilepsy isn’t an extension of me, it’s not something i have to explain, justify, or hope someone will accept. engraved on the top, in beautiful, thin, cursive was one word: epilepsy.

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although a lot of parents would rather avoid the topic, it's important to talk about these issues, especially if your child has epilepsy. but too little sleep is a real problem for many teens, and a particular risk for teens with epilepsy. facts are reassuring: most women with epilepsy have healthy children.

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