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can i cut and paste it to send to divorced dudes who im me on dating sites? thinking of separating seeks advice after joining a dating website where she met someone. there are a lot of issues beyond the separated label to consider. years ago it wasn’t socially accepted to tell people you are on dating websites, where as today almost everyone knows a couple who have met, fallen in love and have even married thanks to a dating website. he voluntarily signed up for another 3 years of married-though-separated…which is going to prove to be a problem with some women…and he knows it… hence his letter to emk. you for the comment on married woman posting on dating site.

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separated from my wife in june ( her choice) and i am still in disbelief at times . now when i date a divorced/separated guy, i listen carefully to find out where he is emotionally. some separated guys having no business dating; others are ready to move on. is nothing that bothers me more than married people who go on dating sites. just out of boredom i joined an online dating site and started talking to a few people. my ex-wife and i were physically separated for almost 10 months, mentally separated longer than that.

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): pat, the single most important thing you can do to improve how women see you:Divorced and separated are completely different things. began an online relationship with someone about a month and 1/2 ago who is separated but has filed papers for an uncontested divorce which should be finalized shortly. physically separated is not the same as being legally separated. you didn’t join an online dating site because you were bored. my problem is that because i am only separated and not divorced i fall into that stigma by women that i am only on the rebound, and they are not willing to give me the chance to start any type of a relationship. me to the list of women who've dated "separated" men — and learned some hard lessons.

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  i am dating and separated from a marriage that died a couple of years ago, though the separation is but a few months in. of these experiences, i will never, ever go out with a separated/divorced guy again. i have been on dating sites recently and find “separated” is a problem." so, yes, be honest about the fact that you're still married — and there's a big "pool" of recently separated women out there who are in the same boat!   i have already met someone whose personality is the opposite of my ex and makes me very happy. you recently divorced or split up after a long term relationship?

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