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of course i cannot claim that me disclosing my disfigurement was the reason for the reams of "sorry. appearancesimagine having a facial disfigurement and meeting someone for the very first time. few facts and figures:one in 150 people has a facial disfigurement in britain.'s hard having a noticeable disfigurement because often times i'm not treated like a normal person. ianevery single day of my life someone has drawn attention to how i look, just like julia i sit on the bus alone even when its full i still have a vacant seat next to me, i don't go to resaurants for the staring, and as for going out on a weekend i stand for ages at the bar usually the lads go coz they can get severed faster, try approaching a girl in a bar in watch the sheer horror as i come towards her, the abuse, the shouts of i am married even if its just to tell her the barman has given her the wrong change or wahtever. hemifacial microsomia causes a malformation of the ear and/or the structure of the lower jaw.

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people are only curious or even concerned – you might have experienced these feelings yourself when encountering someone who has a visible mark, scar or condition. at the same time around 90% of the job applications in which i brought my disfigurement in to a positive light in the covering letter were rejected. some situations, you might find it helps to bring up the subject of your disfigurement if people seem curious or to put them at ease. how to be confident in social situations and handle people's reactions is an important skill for anyone with a disfigurement. photos: surrounded by lovesurrounded by love – penny loker, 31, was born with two birth defects -- hemifacial microsomia and goldenhar syndrome -- that left her with a disfigured face. my disfigurement hasn't really gotten in the way of me doing anything else though except whistling, drinking out of straws and playing instruments like the flute or the tuba.

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penny loker, 31, was born with hemifacial microsomia and goldenhar syndrome, two birth defects that left her with a disfigured face. (i'm 18 and was born with a cleft lip and palate, which is a craniofacial deformity. children a facial disfigurement can be especially stressful and embarrassing. this colloquial use seems to neglect the implications that the saying can have on people with disfigurements, where living with one can be a daily nightmare – not being able to walk down the street to the nearest shop without getting awkward glances or sympathetic smiles. this must be  unnerving if you have a permanent disfigurement because it means that you can never just go about your day. it usually affects the appearance of eyes, ears, facial bones and the mouth.

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i would love to see the day when terms such as disfigurement and disability are removed from the workplace and we are all judged on our own merit, but for now i am hoping i can channel my creativity and passion in to engaging people in a dialogue on disfigurement. values - judy hemsley knows how cruel kids can befor those with a facial disfigurement, feelings of anxiety, anger, fear and embarrassment are likely to come to the fore. became a dis…i can't speak for everyone since disfigured is pretty broad, but i have a disfigurement and i can tell you about my experience."that sounds very much like the kind of research that we did a while back in london, on the tube and on buses as well, and found that people chose not to sit next to someone when they had a disfigurement on their face. Rich McEachran is waiting for the day when terms such as disfigurement are removed from the workplace and people are judged on their merits. 2008 survey by changing faces showed that 90% of people questioned unknowingly associated negative thoughts with facial disfigurements.

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    i was born with hemifacial microsomia, which basically means i have an asymmetrical face. you know how quickly things like personality and beauty are assessed via facial perception, you can understand the challenges we face. because we all make judgements about people on the basis of how they look, social situations can be difficult for people with facial disfigurements. out gets under the skin of the problem, and examines how looking different can affect people with facial disfigurements." talking to someone with a chronic illnessbut time can ease all wounds, and her determined spirit taught her to find the good around her. how to be confident and handle people's reactions can help people with disfigurements get more out of social interactions.

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    thinking positivejudy hemsley knows only too well how cruel people can be if you have a facial disfigurement. short shopping trip with judy is all it takes to get an idea of what it can be like to have facial disfigurement. being creative is when i am at my best as it allows me to wrap myself in a bubble where my disfigurement blurs in to insignificance. someone stares and you want them to stop, try looking back, smiling and holding their gaze for a moment. the charity supports people with disfigurements to build their confidence and cope with the emotional impact of looking different. "someone with a disfigurement can sit there for an awfully long time and feel that people are actually choosing to take any seat but the one next to them - and that's not a great feeling".
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      camouflage: maria's storymaria angel talks about growing up with a facial birthmark and how the changing faces skin camouflage service has helped. disfigurement - they include:Birth related disfigurements including a cleft lip, birthmark or cranio-facial condition;physical injury such as burns, accidents, car crash injuries, scarring or dog bites;health condition including eczema, acne, or vitiligo.'s natural for other adults to be curious, but people staring and asking questions can make those with disfigurements uneasy. she had very minor facial scarring, other than the ears.-up can reduce facial disfigurement and highlight other facial features, and can be applied by the person or a specialist. yes stacking shelves with bread and cakes is energy-draining and monotonous, but i felt that i was isolated from other colleagues, through no fault of their own though; rather, there seemed to be a lack of awareness about how to deal with disfigurement.
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      awkward social situations - taking action if you have a facial disfigurement:reassure the other person and let them see you are human. the futureskin disfigurement and facial blemishes are a major problem for may adults and children. what my personal experience has made me realise is that more companies should employ a toolkit which can enable their staff to make fellow employees feel more comfortable around disfigurement. one in 100 children has a noticeable facial or other feature. with facial disfigurementinformation and advice about building confidence and handling people's reactions for people with facial disfigurements. she remembers him saying dismissively, "do you really believe that someone like me would want to be seen with someone like you?
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