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, i find it easier if people just name their kid merlin, or summer, or daffodil, or eisenhower, or prudence, because these are still words, with spellings that you can normally guess. to their credit the gardner has continued to offer this nice deal for anyone named isabella. and explaining it was a family name, including his father’s middle name, generally quieted the naysayers. the show started at 1998 and that name started to resurfaced in 2000. i punched my sister because she hacked our copy of pokemon gold so she all the legendaries or some shit, but it ended up breaking it to where it wouldn't save. being the little bitchy toddler i was, i responded, “my name is jennifer and that’s what you’ll call me. my mom told me that the name wasn’t even that popular when i was born but not long afterward, two things happened: a popular soap opera character had the name and then some popular commercial came out with a song about a baby named “jenny.[–]working878787 3990 points3991 points3992 points 6 months ago (156 children)gotta give her a nickname or a form of the name your sister never uses. i still look like a highschooler, i’m a quarter-century old and i have a older lady, vintage name. is on par to meeting someone you despise that annoyingly has the same name as your future baby name - you can’t do it. the same for my other children, and it had worked out well:-) have always been interested in names and so freaky enjoyed this post!’re actually wrong about natalie being a fad name, if we are to use the criteria suggested of typing it into this website, and seeing a witch’s hat. i have a question, the name of liz, what does it mean? my aunties got neiva and rosemary, my uncle was named moesio, but my granny saved the best to the end, my mum’s name is eurideia. dying out as a popular name for southern women a few decades ago, charlotte has returned as a popular name in the most liberal states. in my country, my name is one of the timeless ones, with a more or less steady popularity during the last 300 years., once you have girls and give them traditionally boys names, you can’t name the third one something very feminine. but as far as names go it’s not weird, seems to me as rather timeless though, just not in the top 1000 before the 1930s. more comments (50 replies)load more comments (38 replies)load more comments (66 replies)[–]1drlnddormie 2195 points2196 points2197 points 6 months ago (61 children)my husband has the same name as my brother. category is perfect for parents who are far too thrilled with themselves and are having far too special a child for a timeless or top 10 name, but who also look down upon those who go for a super weird name as annoying or unclassy. emma’s popularity is also clearly caused by a wave of naming after great-grandmothers, another way people sometimes name a child:To stress how much more popular the biggest names used to be, mary was six times as popular in 1880 as either sophia or emma is now.: the immaterial part of a person; the actuating cause of an individual life sister: a female person who has the same parents as another person soul sister: someone who fully understands you. goldload more comments (49 replies)load more comments (350 replies)[–]eatupandwelltellya 7312 points7313 points7314 points 6 months ago* (523 children)i broke up with a girl because she spelled a word so incorrectly that i couldn't look at her the same any longer and it ruined how i felt about her. the closest thing was the question of my son’s middle name being frank, but i felt the same way. we’re planning to name our first – boy or girl (we’re waiting to find out) – a gender-neutral name as well, and i promote them to all of my friends (though nobody has actually followed my advice yet ;)).: how to name a baby | wait but why | name news |.

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my parents, good name they chose for me and i thanks. nice enough names in their way, but very much a thing of their time and place so much so that even with my penchant for older names or names that reflect my ethnicity i probably wouldn’t consider them for my children. we had no idea it would start trending and one of his coworkers actually named their son declan a few months before ours was born. looking at my family tree i had a theory that girls names beginning with “z” were very popular in the years between about 1900-1920. those late breaking adolph’s were named for their grandaddies….: you might be a little too pleased with yourself for someone who still let the top 200 names dictate their choice; there’s a chance a lot of other people feel the same way about that “unconventional” name and you inadvertently find yourself as part of a name fad. in the uk it was a peak baby name in the 1960s (guess why my username is usally emmad? only time i ever saw a dead name return in fewer than 80 years is when it caught on with a totally different demographic (jeremiah is another one of these, which after losing steam in the early nineties in the northwest, has now gotten hot in the deep south). both their names were announced when their genders were announced. each of the following names has had the other gender in the top 1,000 during some stretch of the past (click on a name to see its history with the opposite gender). his father is named vally, so i guess that’s where it comes from. she also was reading a sushi menu, and when she saw sesame seeds, she asked me what "see same" seeds were. and john would be quite respectable male and female names. when did people decide that the name for a grassland ecosystem was a good thing to name their daughter, apologies to all savannahs thus blessed. and that her name isn’t used by the next celebrity parents to have a kid. by the way, did you recently break up with someone, waitbutwhy? an adult, i am actually really glad to be named stormy. names are often biblical, or sometimes those of famous royalty, and they’re bigger than any one generation—william is not a typical old man’s name or young guy’s name—it’s just william. now, i am constantly hearing people yell my name, everywhere! literally just had a baby girl and was filling out the birth certificate form when i came across this information, and i am changing the name of my daughter to something else so that people will not start calling her a boy’s name.. now i love your posts but how in the name of zeus did you not include black names in this hot mess? her conclusion was that the main difference is that conservative women have children younger, and that young moms are more likely to choose the newest fad name. curiosity rose to a whole new level the day i discovered an amazing website called the baby name wizard, and especially their voyager tool, which lets you plug in a few letters or a whole name and see a visual depiction of its corresponding popularity trends over time. my parents worked hard to think of names for us, and found ones that transfer well, yet they’re still written differently in cyrillic than in english, for all of us. five in my year at school alone …), like me, named after our great grannies in the 1830s., there are lots of ‘variant’ names based on the same name in different languages – so catherine or can become katerina, or ekaterina, etc , but these names are still normally based on a spelling standard within their language.

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    it is very difficult that a class, exist similarity of names for students.’m pretty sure this is why nicknames were created anyway #babycakes. parents almost named my brother declan 17 years ago, but decided that it was probably not the best choice because kids are cruel and they couldn’t help but think of the nickname “deke the geek”. and when you announce the name after the baby is born, everyone has to pretend they like it to your face no matter what they think, so you’ll end up feeling like everyone likes it. me, studying name fads throughout time yields the most interesting information because it speaks about something society is doing as a whole at a given time. the graph it looks like the name adolph was declining very rapidly, to the point it would be non-existant by the early 50s, but then some small percentage of the world population decided it was a really good name. i went to school with one other patricia–we were both nicknamed patty but my mom spelled mine patti–but almost every other patricia i’ve met has been at least ten years older than me. just like you are experiencing, from my quick research, anyone who names their daughter the boy’s name ‘ryan’ is sure to set them up for confusion.’re all about phonetically-spelled names (or made-up names) in australia. learning foreign names can be hard (and i say this as someone of immigrant heritage), so having to learn a million variations on a simple, common name on top of that feels silly. i couldn't see myself dating someone who was afraid of fish. that’s the interesting takeaway that i’d love for someone to explore while they are procrastinating. had my first baby in july so have spent most of the year a bit obsessed with names – the first half looking for a great name that hasn’t been overused or the name of a shitty child i have taught, and the second half scouring sites to check that her name isn’t turning into a category 3 fad.: your child will probably be the only one in his/her class with the name, while still being familiar to everyone and considered a “normal” name by the general population.” and again, if the kid’s awesome, a weird name just makes them even more awesome. like a soulmate, but not someone you want to marry and make babies with. impression, many names just don’t seem to fit many roles in life, i. you’d think jane would be pretty popular since “jane doe” and “john doe,” but i’ve never met another jane and people tell me they love my name all the time. i don’t think it matters too much because once the childhood years are over, the women will be on their own and it won’t matter what the siblings’ names are…. didn't cure me of it, but it definitely gave me a chance to be around aquatic wild life and see them at the same time. since at least the early 2000s "soul sister" is usually shortened to sista without the word "soul". and impact is more of a parren’ts feeling towards the name. how did you deal with thousands of people on the internet laughing at you (even if your name and details were blurred out)? then – boom – the name exploded and every 10th little baby girl in metro boston was named isabella. the voyager tool does bear this out as there was a noticeable rise in names like zelda, zola, zelma, zena, zetta, zorka around that time. i remember asking my mom how she came up with my name and she said my dad did because it was the name of a hurricane at the time!
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    far as the adolph phenomenon, my theory is that since the name was a popular one but decreasing in popularity due to natural shifts, people still used it for a while because it was still a common one and the sound of it reminded one of lots of other people besides hitler.: you’re being nonconformist but without most of the drawbacks in category 2; if it’s a really good name people will be jealous and you’ll be all thrilled with yourself; it says “my parents are cool but not too annoying. goldload more comments (61 replies)load more comments (39 replies)[–]original_name18 6105 points6106 points6107 points 6 months ago (204 children)honestly, this is probably the most petty thing in this thread. but i now fear a future conversation of the topic, “mom, dad – did you name me after a [email protected]$&ing tween vampire! this is why both of my kids have out of the top 100 names. in 1950, only 5% of parents strayed out of the top 1,000 names when naming their child. the history of the name may inspire them to grow up to be awesome. we went with names we liked without paying too much attention or getting invovled in the #s, though i did look at them. my name is easy to read for slavic speakers and easy to recognize by arabic speakers when spoken (جنان), in english it belongs to class 2 squared (class 2, and then some)! having a ‘foreign’ name is one thing, having a near-impossible to pronounce, peasant granny name is something else entirely! my name was five, which i thought was better than chris-with-a-k. a your mom’s friend’s name name happens when lots of middle-aged people have a name that no young or old people have. might be an ok name for a boy, especially if he farts a lot! as a genealogist, i’ve found some really odd names on my tree (deidamia i think is the oddest, but my great-grandmother’s name, “opal valley” is still a favorite). said they set up an e/mail address and asked all the friend and family to suggest names for the baby, and people should just send the mane/s to that address for it to be considered – without a need to mention it to the couple – the name being announced once the baby is born. however, i was named for my aunt, who was born in 1930 as the name was gaining popularity. i didn’t name my kids after any mega storms but have them very regal sounding traditional names that they could use later in life, but still had the ability to be shortened into a hip nickname for their younger years. i haven’t heard either of these names in years until a couple of years ago a young pastor and his wife named their daughter, deborah from the bible in our town. gold[–]firebreathingowlie 903 points904 points905 points 6 months ago (45 children)that's not even poor spelling, that's someone who has never read in their life. – i’m just seeing this, and have to say, it’s actually great to see my name on a list for once (even if it’s classified as weird). it becomes cursed and just like that, the name you’ve always loved is tarnished and whenever you say it out loud, you’ll think of the person you despise. the name adolf in the baby name wizard, i was not surprised it kind of plummeted around 1940’s xd. my husband and i named our son declan last year. there are a bunch of middle-aged conservative women and liberal toddlers out there named charlotte. on the other hand, if the name gets revived like emma or grace down the road, then he/she will then experience having a name in old age that marks the person as younger than they are. my first name, derek is technically a “fad name” centered around the 80s it never reached a high popularity.
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    ” so if you want people to tell your daughter she has a pretty name, pick a name from category 3. let’s spend the rest of the post digging into name fads and how they work—. if i meet a young person named patricia, which is pretty rare, she’s almost always named after a relative. seems to me that the presidents were elected based on the then-current innocent baby-sweetness of their names. personally my kids having their name cemented before they were born at least for us helped make them part of the family from the start. these are all just name fads—only difference is when they happened. then again, i think it may be worse to be called something totally unrelated to your given name. i discovered at one point that i had never known anyone under the age of 30 named gary, which seemed weird because it doesn’t sound like a walter or howard. my interest was especially piqued by utah as the prophetic name state since my name is particularly utahn. like the name sakura because of what it means in english (it’s japanese), it means cherry blossom. get the desire to ‘prove’ your squidy baby is the best thing ever, but i’m a spelling pedant, so to me, gratuitously misspelled names are just painful. that way when she introduced herself as “liz tyler” people would think she was a southerner saying her name was “liz taylor. or girl; someone of the opposite sex who you have everything in common with from music taste to birth defects. all of my names (including my married name) are intensely popular.[following my post on the multi-category names for my kids]. what this means for all the jennifers of the world is that while they’ve enjoyed spending most of their life so far with a cute, hip, young girl name, they are on their way to having a your mom’s friend’s name name. was born in 1966, which was apparently the year of patricia’s last hurrah as a popular name. gold[–]blindgirlmcsqueezy 9670 points9671 points9672 points 6 months ago (127 children)was his name gaston? main role of parents is to give the best name for your child., here’s my dating dilemma for you: you meet an awesome guy but he has the same name as a long-term ex partner. the article is behind a paywall and a little on the technical side, but definitely interesting for thinking about differences in fad-ish names and those that gradually increase in popularity:I also am in the position of having a name (noah) that was not particularly popular when i was born (1980), but is now #4.: there will be three other kids in the class with the same name and they’ll be referred to along with their last name initial; your child will one day have a middle-aged name, and one later day, an old person name. my last name was tyler and i had a girl kid i’d name her liz. my older sister is named charlotte, which was a category 3 when she was born but is now becoming a category 4., i will not change my name now, so pondering options is useless 😉. nickname for bar-bar-a (roll your rrrr’s) in polish is basia (rhymes with russia)…now that’s a bit too new age to be old lady 😉.
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i think this article is necessary for parents to choose their children’s good name. aloud the name of the baby in a focused group containing 10 children with an age range of 7-10 years of age. i have a friend who was born in the 80’s whose first name is adolpho (his parents are columbian). largely because most of the parents that deemed it a great pick for a name didn’t pay enough attention to catch the character’s actual name, daenerys. i love my category 3 name because when i introduce myself people are like, “what a pretty name! i’m glad that it’s a lot easier now to find a name that’s both relatively common everywhere in america and also reflective of a non-wasp background.’m also a bit of a name geek and love the name voyager – and our first is due any day now. is part of a broader trend away from conformity: in 1880, the top 4 boys names (john, william, james, george) covered one in every four boys., i wouldn’t name my kid gary but it sounds like a totally perfect suggestion for your #5 category as one of those names that inexplicably dropped off the name planet i.” this probably wouldn’t happen if my name was more common, since people would already have heard the name ten thousand times. and in 60 years, the names ethan, cody, brandon, and matthew will be earl, chester, bernard, and melvin. so many mormons get married in their late teens and early twenties, it makes sense that the names that are hot in utah would hit other states a few years later. the “sexism” of using these names for girls but not for boys is most prevalent in the northeast (and more conformity with boy’s names in general is larger there as well). i have three boys jacob connor (2009) tucker mason (2011) and soon to be chase ______ march of this year… any suggestions on a middle name 😉. there’s no danger of a 2 year old violet or alfred being mistaken for a 90-year-old, so there’s potential there for hipster parents who want to pick a name that’s unusual, but is actually still an established, respected name (and not a surname masquerading as a name or some random noun lol), because it’s existed recently enough that it doesn’t feel ancient and strange. choosing a name have a few options:Examples: john, james, william, david, mary, sarah, elizabeth. and my grandfather’s given middle name at birth was friedrich, but he wrote it frederick by the time he was in his 20’s. actually think this happened the other way around – that stephanie meyer named the characters based on current naming trends. i also have a gender-neutral name, and i have to say, it’s actually been incredibly useful. i’m also one of the few who uses my full name; most are either pat, patty, trish or tricia. later on, i would befriend someone a few years younger than me named gary so the life streak was broken. not normal nicknames like liz for elizabeth, or rob for robert, but calling them by their middle name, for example. then i’ll be an old person with a middle-aged name, which i guess is okay. we’re still close enough in time to the red name fads that they seem really common, but they’re actually just fads. me anyway, i like the idea of having “matching” names, or at least similar in feeling.’d like to add a #5 option: use a name that suffered the fate of #4 from a previous generation, but is not common anymore.

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i also didn’t know that i have the most popular baby name. any more examples for famous name patron peaks other than presidents?’s a current fad going on for names starting in is.. i like to tease my husband that his mother just wasn’t creative enough to come up with a name of her own for her kids because him, his brother and step brother are all jr. enough, and this is not a word of a lie, after our recent first date, i got home to see instagram likes on my pics from the long-term ex with the same name whom i haven’t spoken to for years. when i majored in computer science, i could often safely predict that others who had only seen my name would assume i was male until i walked in the room, and wouldn’t form any sexist preconceptions about me (“i bet her boyfriend does her homework,” “she’s only here because of affirmative action,” etc.) just dive into the current honeymoon, knowing you’re picking a popular name. now, many of the most popular baby names are popular with both genders, as if each gender can’t handle the other one innovating without being included.) but grew to appreciate having a “unique” but not bizarre name! the opposite (james and june) continues to cause problems because there are so many in the same town that i’ve hit a brick wall.. i've seen people die in movies with the same exact face. being born in the early 80s, even though i have a fad name i won’t feel the effects for a long time, like when i’m ancient it will still be considered a “mom’s friend” name. when it comes to men, is there space for two love interests of the same name? anna is a name that kinda sorta fits in the first category (classic and timeless) but isn’t too popular. not the being a geek is necessarily a bad thing, but…he ended up being thomas instead, like my father, and got the middle name patrick to honor our irish heritage. interesting trending trend in some countries over the last 10-15 years is that names with local characters are disappearing since they don’t work in online communication (especially in email addresses).’ve been discussing this with girlfriends over many wines and we’ve come to the conclusion that if a guy has the same name as an ex it’s ok, as long as he’s an upgrade. i am obsessed with baby names for some reason right now.) not sure who made utah the name prophecy state, but that’s what it apparently is. as long as the name is easy to say and doesn’t have unfortunate implications, i think it’s fine. the utah thing is easily explainable: mormons have weird names. and i wish adolf/adolph wasn’t a no-go name now, it rocks! have always heard that someone knows someone who has a le-a or le-ia in a classroom, but have never heard someone who actually knew the person first hand. i don’t think that surnames really fit name voyager’s parameters but apparently bowen is on the rise as an uncommon baby name since 2011. i guess it wouldn’t have been a big thing generations ago, because those names felt less dated, but now they definitely do.: they’ll have to spell out their name on phone calls 2 trillion times throughout their life; they’ll have to watch people figuring out how to react every time they introduce themselves; they’ll get made fun of at school; it might hurt their chances of getting job interviews; if the kid isn’t awesome, the whole thing is awkward; if you were just in a phase and made a compulsive decision, that’s shitty cause the kid has to live with it forever.

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the corner of eastern europe i come from, there most certainly are dated names you associate with older generations, or even of older people of a particularly rural background. we chose it because we wanted an irish name and this one meant something to us as we got engaged while hiking through st. some names are category #2 for the average american, but category #1 for arabic speakers and/or muslims. ultimately we changed that name for another and my kids ended up having a ‘multi-category’ name: being in category 1 for spanish/italian people and category 3 for australia. as far back as i can trace my tree (and given shoddy eastern european record-keeping, that’s not far), everyone shares the same 10 or so names, often repeating every couple of generations. emma is the peak baby name in the us, now, following on from great-grandmothers in the 1890s. i’m a deb and i had a good friend named deb and 2 jackies. the ”process’ was something like this, we show the name written to a person a would ask this person how would s/he said that name here in australia. had your same thought at first about the president’s names, because they do slowly get more popular, but they definitely peak during the time in office…. read a very good idea one day about baby names (from people that had friends a family giving suggestions on the baby name). my name is south asian and everybody always thinks it’s pronounced as “cheyenne”. know what you mean about old person names–never thought about the fad-ness of it. the same phenomenon goes for natalie, aubrey, riley (m), jaxon, paisley, braxton, and lacey. my 16 year old daughter, who now loves her unusual but not outlandish name, spent ages 3-6 wishing her name was sarah. was a good baby name wizard article about why more liberal states favor traditional names and conservative states are more trendy. and in a few decades, in the whole english-speaking world, i will be a middle-aged man with a young-person name (imagine someone called “brooke” running for office). 4: pick a name (of someone awesome), intentionally multiple centuries out of date to encourage your child the to pretend to be a time traveler. love data and i think this is great fun but i disagree with your statement that people copy the names of the presidents… all the images you show have a convenient point near the time of the presidency, but in fact the trends had been building to that point for some time, and they all head downward soon after (and even before in some cases)… i think the fads were just running their natural course. but i’m also worried they’ll already have a name picked and this will expose something bad about it. cousins (they're sisters) also both married guys with the same name, but their names are spelled differently. if i have a daughter, i’ll name her margret. my kids, nicholas and alexandra, were born in the early 90’s, the same time that interest in the romanovs rekindled. got a name that was immensely popular in the 1990’s, but i prefer being called a name what was popular in the 1910’s (nick).!Interesting post but i challenge anyone to beat my grandmother’s imagination for names. charts with presidential names don’t look so much like people imitating the president so much as that name being instantly ruined, and going into immediate decline. photo: instagramor imagine if the guy has the same name as your dad?

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’s what a name fad looks like:Between 1965 and 1985, everyone named their daughter jennifer, and now, no one does. 10 years ago, within a 6 month period, i had 3 friends cleverly decide to go with the little-known name of ainsley. love my name, even if i often have to correct others that there’s no ‘d’. i named my daughters gender-neutral names (or at least they will be in a few years) because my mom always used her initials in business and i liked the concept of not being gender-biased before meeting.: your child may feel the name “ages” him/her and feel awkward when everyone they know with the name is much older than them, and others may likewise assume they’re older from the name. gold[–]fisted_by_a_midget 3252 points3253 points3254 points 6 months ago* (230 children)i did the same with a guy who texted ''we minus well. well, i realised that a name i did like a lot was pronounce completely differently as it was originally thought. this would be impression, and impact that a name leaves on a person. we didn’t want our children to be saddled with names that were difficult for an english speaker to pronounce or that didn’t reflect the culture that they’ll grow up in, but wasp names like william and elizabeth felt wrong, misappropriated. caught on to this phenomenon only after we named our son. goldload more comments (192 replies)[–]kastoli 2895 points2896 points2897 points 6 months ago (115 children)same name as an ex or family member. the top 10 boys names in the 1880’s share six members with the top 10 boys names in the 1950’s: john, william, james, robert, charles, and thomas. like to think that once a name has become so old, some of them are beyond dating you and now in a trendier place. i will share a name with my daughter’s friends i guess. gold[–]sirhippieangel 2655 points2656 points2657 points 6 months ago (37 children)why did you say that name. gold[–]shortstack96 1384 points1385 points1386 points 6 months ago (89 children)my sister married a guy with the same name as our brother and that's what we did so that it wouldn't get confusing! i went to high school with a girl also named sam, and she had the same frustrations. have a theory for the adolph thing: hitler’s name was spelled adolf, not adolph, so perhaps some still thought it acceptable to give their child that name since it wasn’t the *exact* same as hitler. the name meanings together:King usurper (son of a) warrior. we’ve stuck to the english version, reckoning that if we’re spending our entire life here, it’s easier for us to not explain how to spell our name every. they have a program where if you are named isabella, you can visit the museum for free, anytime, indefinitely. don’t see it as an issue and forget the past, just start fresh with each guy and take it as it comes (not in a naughty way), because imagine if he is the most incredible guy but his flaw is his name? of course, jennifer is just one of many such names. i’d you like a name, it’s your kid, go with it and stop worrying about any ones reaction. for the girls, lots of examples of one state leading the charge on a new name before the rest of the country catches on. i’ve seen so many absolutely ridiculous kids’ names, and this trend is getting more outrageous every year, as if the new parents compete whose kid’s name would sound more “wtf?

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great grandmother was named barbara before it became really popular, and then i was named after her when the popularity had declined sharply. daughter was born in 2003 and my husband (a huge lotr fan) wanted to name her arwen. i was little (15-20 years ago), zoya was a typical “granny’s name”, so there must have been a fad 70-80 years ago, at least in russia 🙂. i believe 17 if them had a name ending in the ‘uh’ sound (jaleigha, zy’nasia, jeremiah, josiah, katarina, etc. starting with a vowel were hottest now and 100 years ago, while many names starting with consonants were biggest in the middle of the century. choosing the name for my boy, i follwed a balance of social and personal impact and impresion the name will instill. it doesn’t make the us name stats pages, but in england and wales there were 9 renesmees in the most recent list and it’s on the rise every year. gold[–]c4sanmiguel 3614 points3615 points3616 points 6 months ago (142 children)the most baller way to combat this: play the same song/video with a 3 second delay. so the “fad-name peak” distributions actually have longer tails to them than appear in the plots. was always wondering if there are fads for my zoya as it seems to be category 3, but i know hardly anyone with the same name. i think part of that is trying to wrench individuality from a fad name. (oddly, ‘edward’ does not seem to be experiencing the same effect. a pity that this website has no data for cyrillic names! parents named me jessie (not jessica) so everyone assumes i’m jessica and i’m not! so my mom asked me if i’d like to change my name, just to something different but still similar, like jenna. that means that either daniel was so immensely popular that even on it’s downswing into a dead fad it’s still the 11th most popular name, or that the witch’s hat structure is just a product of every name becoming less popular as more and more people go for option 3. now i see that the “is” names are becoming popular and my son, isaac, is 4. this was riveting—names are so interesting but i’ve never seen them broken down so visually before. i was born in the early 70s and named after the weather i was born into. looking at the other top names of 2012 emphasizes just how dead fads are once they’re over:So to be clear, gunner and gael are currently more common baby names than phillip or scott.(i know someone with a college-age daughter named linda who did this – so far the results have been mostly positive. adolf spelled wrong seems like an odd thing to name your child in the late 1940s. one thing parents searching for the perfect name ought to be aware of is the hassle they are letting their kids in for when they call them something other than what they are named. but then, 10-20 years after my birth, it suddenly became a huge fad name in the usa, where it used to be uncommon., that name so perfectly placed at #137 on the list of popular names is #86. goldload more comments (55 replies)load more comments (91 replies)[–]nousernamesleftsosad 5884 points5885 points5886 points 6 months ago (455 children)she smelled.

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’m slightly, unhealthy also obsessed with names and this just made my day. since i’ve been young, i’ve liked the name sakura so it hadn’t just came with the language. totally thought we were a category 3 with our name choices and just typed them into voyager and low and behold we are right at the beginning of a huge spike in popularity. i kind of hate the trend for “uniqueness” in today’s baby names.?Permalinkembedsaveparentgive gold[–]hingl_mccringleberry 672 points673 points674 points 6 months ago (25 children)what's the name of that restaurant you like with all the goofy shit on the walls. upon a voyager trip with my own name, i discovered that tracy (f) was “like, so over” in 1982 when my parents gave me that name, but turns out my mother named me tracy after one of her favorite students, who would have been born in the late ’60s or early ’70s when tracy was wildly popular. “judith, nancy” etc are names that remind us of real life old people, but names like winifred and alfred and bartholomew are that generation back so they don’t seem dated but more like romantic and from a bygone era, hence the spike in popularity two generations later!” but perhaps the most frequent new experience is finding myself in discussions about baby names, both in the form of talking to the impending parents and pressuring them to reveal the candidates, and talking to other friends about the eventual name choices behind the new parents’ back. someone who’s had to spell their name because of transliteration differences between my mother tongue and english, i know it’s frustrating when you have to spell your name, and chose to keep the anglicised version for my sanity. few decades after that, jennifer can look forward to having an old lady name, which happens when a name belongs to lots of old ladies, but no one under 75. after shirley temple’s peak of success in 1934 the name got apprently less generic since it got to accociated with a typecasting effect to temple?, did what they said, they announced the name once the baby was born, happing exactly was picture one describes.: from adolf to zilla: choosing names is so easy - dadhacks(). i can’t fit my name in any category, but i don’t care because my name is awesome! she was perfect, except that she would snap her fingers whenever someone would say something she liked. i would totally name a son adlof if it weren’t for the social stigma he would carry for life.“name your daughter after a queen and she will rise to queenly stature” is what my mother told me (my name is victoria) and despite trying tori and vicki (and now i prefer to sign things vik or v) and have never liked my name since it’s neither ballsy enough nor conformist enough., being one of the zillions of jennifers in the world (and having my name used as one of the examples), i read this a while back (and now again) feeling kind of bummed out. oldest daughter is named jennifer (pre-love story which is what set off the massive rush to the name) and her oldest daughter is victoria/tori. many hours on the baby name wizard (and the government’s official name database), here are my thoughts (focusing on the us unless otherwise stated)—. probably explains the great grandchild spikes as opposed to grandchild name repetitions. it helps, i always think of noah as an old-man name because of the bible, no matter the age of the person who has it.’d assume that thinking about baby names is a new thing in my life, but i’ve actually had a lifelong fascination with the topic. i have a friend who will forever be “stephanie with an f” (stefanie) — and another friend who is “jennifer with a ‘g’ in front and only 1 ‘n'” (genifer) these kids turned adults have such a hard time with their names — and it’s getting so old. sure if other readers have said this (i’m thinking some probably have), but i’gm wild guessing that the reason the name charlotte came back from the fad was due to a popular tv series which i think is mostly enjoyed by liberal women called sex and the city. most of the character names were already rising before twilight.

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made me remember how my wife and i pick up the name for our kids. way back when they started this program the name isabella was very unusual.! took me a while to figure out that what looks like a name dropping all the way to zero is really just a name dropping out of the top 1000. i’ve never had a good student with either of those names., for all these reasons, it seemed like the right time for a post about names, trends, and the things expecting parents need to think about as they make this decision. it really does take someone to call you out on your shit for there to be a change. as you say, it is a challenging thing to have a weird name…is that your real name? 5: pick names with meanings that work well together or make a descriptive statement or paint a picture. english spelling rules, jennaan zookich would be probably the closest to what my parents envisaged, but the first name’s spelling is super-weird and confusing for an american 😀..That’s how i decided against the name turd ferguson. fascinating trends on names i guess some people still tried to make adolph work but received a lot of negative remarks and stares so it phased out – i would like to think this occurrence was exclusive to germany. is a sudden trendier name ok within the same family? i wonder how many adolfs changed their names, and if those name changes are reflected in these results? let’s focus on something i mentioned in the drawbacks: the name fad. my family tree literally has the same names alternate every second generation, until my parent’s generation when a lot of people moved out of the country and discovered more varied names, or even *shock* western ones. i’m not saying that they can’t get the role, but someone reading a notice of an application with such a name does not get feeling of a strong leader. convention of naming after grandparents we have in my culture doesn’t help, it just saddles babies with what are now obscure, hard-to-pronounce names of dead relatives. it means having to ask how people spell even a common name, because that particular common name can have, like 5 spellings. you want to know if your name is a fad, type it into the voyager (not the search field at the top in the orange—the one below where it says “baby name >”. i find that name to be pretty classic without sounding too old-manish. that’s why my children will have name easily pronounceable and non-problematically written in english. one could imagine that if someone becomes incredibly famous, parents would be worried about using the same name for fear that other people would assume they had lamely named their child after a celebrity. i didn’t realize how nice it was to not have a fad name until it became a fad. found it interesting that you’d include the name when it doesn’t fit the mold you listed–maybe a bit more fact-checking next time would be prudent? the idea of letting someone touch me with those things makes me gag. i wonder if it’s because their family size tended to be 3-6 kids so they had name choice 1 and 2, but also 3 and 4 actually getting assigned to people.

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i have a fad name, and the thought of being an old person name some day saddens me.! i’m a fad name and will soon be an old lady name! her second is elizabeth/lizzie–same reasoning you used, a good solid adult name and a good nickname as well. people still name their kids joseph, in spite of stalin (although i’d be curious to check the stats for that in eastern europe), because there are tons of other josephs we can think of.(note: definitely best to keep the name candidates a secret until after the baby’s born—no name will please everyone and other peoples’ opinions really shouldn’t be part of the process for something so personal. this means that in only a few years, in the us, i will be an adult with a kid name (like people called noah trying to be taken seriously).)as quoted in confessions of a teenage drama queen, "ella gerard you are the sister of my soul" 2)hayley just gets me, she understand everything about me, she's my soul sister. can you date someone with the same name as your ex? a relative of mine goes by steve, (from his last name, stevens) but so do all the other men in his family!) also don’t name your daughter harley – the boys will say “i’ll ride ya! (or sofia) is in the top 6 baby names in italy, finland, denmark, germany, russia, ukraine, argentina, and chile. assume that my name “alejandro” has gone all coo coo since lady gaga … bitch haha.’t the graph y axis be the percentage of names in order to normalize for the reported births. plus, their name would be sakura so they wouldn’t really say that unless they knew japanese. they have a chapter on names and how they move across generations/classes.’s the history of the name brooke:Utah got into the name in the early 70s by itself, and then suddenly in 1980, everyone else decided to jump on board. 30 years, the names natalie, chelsea, samantha, and lindsay will sound how nancy, cheryl, susan, and linda do today. both also have one of their great-grandmother’s names in the middle (including winifred for my oldest) and they like that connection.. i am a kid with a middle-aged name d:I’m in a weird situation. so while i imagine some people have heard flack after announcing a name before a child is born, otherwise why would the stigma exist, it was never my experience.’ve also noticed an interesting pattern with unisex names and “red/blue” states: in many cases they’re more common – for both genders – in the republican-leaning areas (your first instincts might lead you to believe otherwise). natalie is actually still widely used for young girls today, so its use hasn’t tapered it off enough to make it a ‘grandmother’s’ name on par with ‘linda,’ etc. so for instances my oldest being victoria with a nickname of tori. i used to hate my name (my friends were mostly jennifers, amys, michelle, etc. i held out for anna, and that’s what we named her instead. but the top 10 in 2012 only includes one name from that list—william.

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both girls like their names (though one of them in elementary was often “girl ryan” or “ryan ann” because so many other boy ryans were in here classes). see it as a personal positive that popular names now have more international, less anglo tendencies (the fact that america is less of a monoculture than 50 years ago might account for the relative drop in popularity of the most popular names). why would someone name their kid sarah only to inflict a lifetime of having to spell out ‘s-c-a-i-r-a-g-h’? but definitely can see the fad-iness of my name now and always knew that to be the case since there were 5 of us jennifer’s in my classes all through my school years! i think there’s much more of an acceptance of eastern european names in the uk now due to immigration than when i was a kid, perhaps my kids would have to do less explaining than i had to…..EXCLUSIVE: Could you date someone with the same name as your ex? my prediction for the next big boy’s name trend: nelson. as such, the impact the name leaves on a person is very different. i guess my parents helped start that weird name fad. so she got to have a “young lady” name, and i got the “old lady” name. stole a lot of the hottest current names from utah. i rarely encountered namesakes and appreciated having a conventional but unusual name – until sometime after 1980. so we prepare a short list of name and we had them tested with friend and people we did not know at all. plus i could nickname them cherry as an inside joke. as we are from spanish/italian background living in an english speaking country we wanted our kids name to be easy for these cultures – taking into account than in spanish and italian you pronounce the name exactly as it is written. i’ve never appreciated my name because no matter where i was my entire life, there were always at least three other people with the same name. know when everyone calls a guy by his nickname except his parents, who use his full three-syllable name? of satc at the show’s inception: “we need a name for a super old-fashioned character. one gender is doing its thing, living its life, when one of its names is suddenly stolen by the other gender:Another case of females committing full-fledged robbery:Genders also get jealous when the other has too popular a name.. can yo imagine someone running for leadership positions with the weird names you have listed? enjoy reading your blogs 🙂 just an interesting comparison: in slovenia (where i’m from) emma was no6 baby name in 2011 – it’s spelled ema in slovenian, though. forward a few generations and there’s a new dilemma touched upon by other commenters; that of multicultural parents and immigrants wanting to find a name for their children that hopefully reflects their heritage whilst not being impossible to pronounce. i hate the idea of being with someone and after a drink or two they turn into a gorram child. in 2012, the top 4 boys names (jacob, mason, ethan, noah) cover only one in every 26 boys. am always trying to explain the “middle aged name” and “old person name” to people but you put it way better here.: mel greig: 10 tell tale signs your partner is cheatingrelated: five dating terms every singleton needs to knowthere’s obviously the benefits such as pre-existing tattoos and screaming out their names in moments of euphoria, but what about the moments of you wanting to punch them in the ball sack?

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