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there was a time when no one paid much attention to the appointments on a squier. as far as i am concerned, the quality of either is much better than the mexican made guitars and rival many of the usa models. are several theories about why some japanese fenders have mij and others cij.. facilities; japanese manufacturing facilities even included factories that had been producing the aforementioned fender copies. very similar to an american vintage reissue but with ‘made in japan’ beneath the fender logo, next to a slightly chunkier version of the ‘with synchronized tremolo’ lettering. you have any doubts as to a guitars’ authenticity please contact the guitar manufacturer before your purchase. with those goals and others in mind, squier will continue to offer products with features and prices that deliver truly excellent value, from beginners to hobbyists to working musicians alike. of these guitars had poly finishes of high quality, solid wood construction, and a standard of build which was normally very good, regardless of branding. the 1930s, squier began making strings for the era's new electric instruments; the company also sold pianos, radios and phonograph records until divesting itself of all string-related products in 1961. maintain and control costs over the years, squier instruments have been produced in several nations, including japan, korea, india, china, indonesia and mexico.

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these instruments, incidentally, were numbered into the standard fender ‘e’ (for ‘eighties) serial number series, which actually continued into the first of the korean guitars. remember when i was looking to get a contemporary strat from late 1986 onward, the squier system 1 model would normally be priced at approaching £300. in comparison to a plywood korean squier, a mid ‘80s solid japanese squier is very obviously superior.-end options such as transparent finishes on ash bodies and gold hardware began to drive squier prices up and elevate the brand perhaps a bit too close to fender and fender japan during this brief era. despite the mix and match logo arrangement, the guitars still otherwise followed the ’57 and ’62 vintage reissue templates, and since only the branding was changed at this point, there’s no inherent difference in quality between these guitars and the initial run of export models with fender ‘spaghetti’ logos and ‘squier series’ augmentation. by 1989, the series had evolved to include the squier ii stratocaster (which had a more modern-looking tremolo) several non-pickguard contemporary designs, and even the heavy metal hm series, which featured pointed headstocks and flashy finishes. so as soon as squier had proved itself as a brand and earned a good reputation, it was time to stop playing tokai and fernandes at their own game, and make some proper money. in 1984 when buying my first strat i had a straight choice between tokai and squier. mid–1997 the cij logo was the only one used on fender guitars coming out of japan (with exception the squire series). it’s true that the sst-30s were built for sale in japan and not for export, but it’s a small world and products do get around.

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." squier, a young english immigrant who arrived in battle creek, mich. the squier showmaster series, much like the hm series of the 1980s, featured non-pickguard guitars with locking tremolos, multiple humbucking pickup configurations, black hardware and reverse headstock designs. early '80s 'jv series' squier strats were undeniably amazing value for money, representing as they did the premium fender japan product in europe, at a budget price.. squier company became an official original equipment manufacturer for fender in 1963, and fender bought the v. subsequently, however, the squier brand was used to allow fender to downgrade the quality of its budget end output, without tainting the fender brand per se. the japanese domestic squier reissues (still part of the jv series) did not have american pickups like the exports, and were vastly cheaper than the most expensive of the japanese domestic fender branded jvs. some were better than others, because they comprised a higher grade of materials, and they were literally much more expensive guitars – listed separately, with separate product codes. these high-quality models featured minimal design changes, including a small squier logo on the headstock where the "original contour body" decal normally appeared, and a more cost-effective zinc tremolo block in place of the usual steel one. with the squier current/popular stratocaster around the beginning of 1983 (model cst-50: a ‘70s type bullet-truss strat with flush-poled pickups), the squier strat began to diversify away from the strict ’57 and ’62 reissue format. didn’t actually get a system 1 strat until late on in ’87 when the first korean squier strats had arrived and pushed down the prices of the remaining and now obsolete japanese range, lingering on the racks.

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the record, my ’57 jv squier didn’t have a model number sticker when i bought it secondhand in 1993, but the features seemed in keeping with an st’57-85, which is a cellulose-finished ’57 reissue with an alder body and us pickups – in this case, the more unusual flush-poled alnico variety. the time, many other established brands offered affordable copies of classic fender models including the stratocaster®, telecaster®, precision bass® and jazz bass® guitars. some vista models, such as the super-sonic, venus and venus xii, were innovative designs with no clear fender predecessors; others combined fender features from different models into all-new creations such as the jagmaster, which remains a solid squier performer to this day. squier introduced its version of blink 182 frontman delonge's signature guitar, which featured a more familiar fender approach with its '70s style stratocaster design, plus a single duncan designed™ detonator humbucking pickup and single volume knob. most of the “made in japan” and the “crafted in japan” guitars us a 6 digit number (but not all and excluding the a prefix! initially, all carried the usa-made pickups for which these early jv series guitars have become renowned, but other parts – scratchplates for instance – could be american on the most expensive variant, but japanese on the cheapest.  the first being the “made in japan” date and the second is the “crafted in japan” date. the contemporary series guitars were thus the first to arrive in the uk as true fender mijs, without any hint of the word ‘squier’ on them. there's also a tiny 'made in japan' beneath the 'squier'. according to the august '86 edition making music - the free musicians' mag, fender were still officially terming these guitars '57 and '62 reissues, regardless of the deviations.

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to conclude, i'd stress that not all early squiers are equal. time progressed, indeed, some distinct undesirables filtered into the early squier range. the export models featuring ‘squier series’ augmentation on the headstock were said to have numbered not many more than 3,000 instruments. summer 1982, the squier headstock markings had been completely revised, with the main branding now reading 'squier' in gold 'transition' lettering, then the word ‘stratocaster’ scripted in the large-print 1970s style, and a very small ‘by fender’ logo underneath (see the next illustration). victor squier started making his own hand-wound violin strings, and the business grew so quickly that he and his employees improvised a dramatic production increase by converting a treadle sewing machine into a string winder capable of producing 1,000 uniformly high-quality strings per day. these contemporary and hm series instruments soon disappeared quietly, but the standard series itself continued throughout the early 1990s and evolved into a new generation of squier models. when squier versions of these instruments appeared, demand for them as the "official" cost-conscious alternatives was immediate, and a brand name was reborn.) that appealed to the growing number of squier players who preferred to upgrade their instruments with after-market parts. it should be noted that squier contemporaries, although a significant saving on the fenders, were not necessarily cheap. in the early ‘80s, tokai’s tst-60 strat copy was seen as the equivalent in spec to the squier export models. Sweet things to say to a guy you re dating

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i actually thought the squier versions of these strats were a lot more predictable in terms of their build than the jv series stuff., most guitarists know that squier was a sub-brand of the fender company, originally made solely in japan, but later – forward from 1987 in fact – made in a variety of other countries. also, some crafted in japan models came with custom shop parts, like special limited edition guitars and signature guitars. promise of a new, revitalized fender dawned in the early 1980s as the dismal cbs era wound down, and concerned fender officials noted the abundance of japanese guitar makers who were blatantly copying—in some cases cloning—original vintage fender designs with great accuracy and low costs, albeit with some occasionally bizarre details. yamara and gotoh retooled to handle the woodwork and finish aspects of the guitars—thus the crafted in japan line was created. this is all part of the jumble with early squiers. that is, a fender ‘spaghetti’ logo on the headstock and no reference to the squier marque at all. that’s why they’re the most collectable of all squier stratocasters. the range-topping st’57-115 1957 reissue, for instance, cost y115,000 in japan, whereas the sst-45 1957 reissue cost only y45,000. some of the price difference between fender mij and squier was down to brand power, so to speak. Best open source dating website

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as his business grew, squier moved the company to 429 lake ave. moved into the lifestyle marketing arena in 2006, partnering with the sanrio company on a successful and certainly distinctive line of hello kitty® instruments, and with noted graphic artist shepard fairey on an equally distinctive line of obey guitars. it’s essentially still similar to a vintage ’62 reissue, and indeed the headstock markings are truer to the ‘60s style than the large-print adorned jv squiers. the jv and sq guitars, as well as some of the e series, had usa parts (mostly pickups, switches, and potentiometers) that were shipped over to japan to help speed up production while the new usa plant was being set up in corona, california. much cheaper than the last of the japanese squiers, making a downgrade in quality inevitable. squier lineup was augmented in 1996 with affinity and pro tone/vista series guitars and basses. music tastes at the time often ran to lower-than-low sub tones fueled by 7-string models, and squier produced a short-lived 7-string showmaster guitar.’m not going to be including late ‘80s korean squiers in this piece. website possesses no database of guitars made by manufactures,Instead simple serial code patterns that are available on this site and in the wider guitar community are used. scored big hits in 2004 with the upgraded jagmaster ii and the popular squier '51, a value-priced instrument with unique looks—a very cool melting pot of vintage and modern features that combined '51 precision bass cosmetics, stratocaster body shape and a tinted telecaster neck.

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the contemporary series was well established and proving itself more than capable of carrying the squier range, the jv series was dropped. thought for this piece it would be worth exploring the reality of the squier stratocaster of the 1980s – just as a guide for anyone who’s been subjected to conflicting pitches from vendors who might be, shall we say, a little over-enthusiastic to sell their merchandise. and now japan as started making the made in japan guitars again and using old serial numbers., on guitars exported to europe, the ‘original contour body’ text near the top of the headstock was replaced with a black ‘squier series’ logo – larger than the ‘original contour body’ text, but smaller than the main fender ‘spaghetti’ logo, which remained in situ. outside japan, then, this guitar kicked off the sq series. october ’82, fender launched a range of squier-branded strats for the japanese market. limited edition affinity series guitars included a butterscotch blonde telecaster and two-color sunburst stratocaster; new standard colors such as metallic red and metallic blue were also introduced. limited number of these "i" series guitars were made in '89 and '90. the squier strat is one facet of the guitar market which comes steeped in hype, and i wanted to provide a bit of balance amid what can sometimes be wishful, hysterically over-gushing, or just plain misinformed rhetoric. in a first for squier, fender custom shop master builders designed two master series models, the m-80 and the esprit.


these markings were applied to squier vintage reissue strats imported into europe from 1982 to 1984. all 1980s japanese squier strats after the end of the jv series had solid wood bodies and poly finishes. here’s a more detailed look at the japanese squier strat…. regarding quailty, i have owned many of both these japanese guitars and it is a fallacy that the made in japan models are better than the crafted in japan or vice versa. one particularly galling instance, for example, one manufacturer used headstock logos closely resembling those of original pre-cbs fender guitars, but using the words "tokai" (with a large backward uncrossed "f"), "springy sound" instead of "stratocaster," "breezy sound" instead of "telecaster," "oldies but goldies" instead of "original contour body" and —the last straw— "this is the exact replica of the good old strat" instead of "fender musical instruments" in small print below the main logo. i can see how people could have been tempted, when secondhand jv squiers were still very cheap, to buy one, whip out the usa pickups and electrics, put them in a ‘90s fender mij strat, and then flog the squier with the cheaper ‘90s parts in it. the only reason collectors want the ‘spaghetti’ logo squiers is that there were far, far fewer of them. by may, fender japan had six vintage instruments— '57 and '62 stratocaster models, a '52 telecaster, '57 and '62 precision bass® models and a 62 jazz bass®. by the mid-1970s, the squier name was retired as the strings had taken the fender name. the number of remaining jv squier strats with a fender ‘spaghetti’ logo and ‘squier series’ denotation on the headstock is bound to be pretty small – minimally so if you’re looking for one in good condition.How can I find out when my Japanese-made instrument was

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late 1983, as it had in europe and japan, fender decided to import squier instruments into the united states in order to compete with the many copies flooding the domestic market. the slogan "there's magic in the breed," fender re-launched the squier name in the u. in japan a + 6 digits    1997-1998crafted in japan o + 6 digits    1997-2000crafted in japan p + 6 digits    1999-2002crafted in japan q + 6 digits    2002-2004crafted in japan r + 6 digits    2004-2005crafted in japan s + 6 digits    2006-2008crafted in japan t + 6 digits    2007-2008. with a limited market for violins in battle creek, however, squier astutely sought relationships with national music schools and famous violinists. in terms of what went into the guitars, there has probably never been a better deal in the history of fender. the most serious problem, though, lies with the sellers who use the great reputation of the very best jv squiers, to sell inferior squiers made in the latter phase of the '80s, for totally unjustified prices. in all honesty, i like the early fender branded mij export reissues from the mid ‘80s better than the jv squiers. affinity series paved the way for the subsequent great success of squier instrument/amp/accessory packages, such as the strat pak and bass pak, that provided aspiring musicians with everything they need to enter the world of amplified music in a single all-in-one purchase (usually by mom or dad). you were looking for info on the fender-branded '62 reissue strats exported from japan from the mid 1980s to the mid 1990s (the fujigen gakki fender mijs), please follow this link. squier standard series, introduced in the mid-1980s, was based on the original vintage models, but with more up-to-date features (likely mirroring design evolution and standardization at big brother fender). Best time for online dating

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was a very significant divide in price between the mij fender contemporaries and the squier contemporaries. early squier jv models were produced until late 1984 and are highly sought after among collectors today for their quality and relative scarcity. dawn of the new millennium saw squier dabbling once again in areas perhaps better left to others, with several products designed to appeal to and accommodate more aggressive playing styles. but even in ‘87, the standard of build and finish on the final japanese squiers was extremely good.. squier string company in early 1965 shortly before fender itself was bought by cbs in may of that year. it was accordingly included in the jv serial number series for the japanese market, but exported under a new series of serial numbers, beginning with sq. so yes, today the early squiers look like they were worldbeating value, but in their day they still lost a hell of a lot of battles to rivals. but suffice it to say that the ‘80s korean squiers were inherently and consistently inferior to their japanese predecessors, and they had what i’d describe as ‘double-take’ retail prices..-japanese venture, fender japan produced guitars with material and technical support from fender's u. you can also find a detailed look at the squier japan silver series strats of the early to mid '90s via this link. Online dating for average guys | Japanese Fender Serial Numbers | Your Complete Guide | Guitar

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number and approximate date of manufacture of fender guitars made in japan and crafted in japan. acted by setting up its own official japanese manufacturing operation, fender japan, in march 1982..-bound squier models were given '70s features and touted as the first instruments ever "officially authorized" to borrow from fender's classic designs. bearing in mind that the system 1 was fender’s most basic locking trem, and that these guitars had cheap pickups and electrics, it’s easy to envisage that fender were making more money on these squiers than they had on the early jvs. fender had previously experimented with "holiday bundles," but the squier package concept proved wildly successful, putting a new generation of young musicians on a path to making music. below you can see how these first export-only squier strats looked, with fender 'spaghetti' branding, and the addition of a small squier logo. photo below shows a how a classic-styled mid 1980s squier strat looked after the demise of the jv series. this article, along with its companion piece on the '80s korean models, sets out to provide an impartial and realistic look at the sometimes great, and sometimes not so great, 1980s squier strat. + 6 digits 1985-1987, 1997-1998 (made in japan) and (crafted in japan) this was one of the most confusing serial uber used by japan. + 6 digits     1991-1992m + 6 digits    1992-1993n + 6 digits    1993-1994o + 6 digits    1993-1994p + 6 digits     1993-1994q + 6 digits    1993-1994s + 6 digits     1994-1995   t + 6 digits     1994-1995u + 6 digits    1995-1996n + 5 digits    1995-1996v + 6 digits    1996-1997in 1997, fender transitioned to a serial number decal that included the words “crafted in japan” above the serial number.
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first wave of jv series strats intended for the japanese market carried full fender branding. the electrical components and quality of body wood were inferior as compared with the early jv guitars, but as i say, the contemporaries did seem to be assembled much more consistently well.. squier company in 1965; by 1982 the squier name had resurfaced as a low-cost "value brand" alternative initially manufactured and distributed in the japanese domestic market and soon offered to europe, north america and the rest of the world. i've now added a full study of the first korean squiers, which you find in the truth about. usa fender wanted to stop the import of these guitars to the usa due to firing up their mexican plant and due to the “too good” quality japan was creating which competed with the usa models. first strats made in japan by fender were vintage reissue ’57 and ’62 replicas, launched in tokyo on friday 7th may 1982. squier has now entered that arena, too, with the three new squier artist model basses that debuted in april 2007—one apiece from green day's mike dirnt, anthrax's frank bello and fall out boy's pete wentz. squier violin, banjo and guitar strings became well known nationwide and were especially popular among students because of their reasonable price. the fender japanese guitars, there were two different logos used: crafted in japan and made in japan, and both were being made at the same time from 1994 till 1997. with this in mind, fender japan pitched itself headlong into the world of ‘superstrats’ on the doorstep of 1984, offering an array of different configurations, from basic styling with classic type vibrato and perhaps the simple addition of a humbucker, to fully humbucking metal machines with locking trem systems.
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full articles for the pics in the composite image above can be found on the following links (clockwise from top left): fernandes rst50 'revival', 1980s tokai tst50 goldstar, original '92 squier silver series strat, and original '87 eric clapton strat. soon after their introduction, a new and larger squier logo appeared, accompanied by the now-familiar "by fender" logo. for the first time, the company chose to offer both squier-branded and fully fender-branded models on the export market. 2007, squier introduced its vintage modified series; vintage-styled stratocaster and telecaster models with "hot rod" modifications such as custom pickguards and finishes, gloss-finished maple necks and duncan-designed™ pickups. the consensus in the ‘80s was that early squiers were erratic. although the new series offered several instrument style options—single-cutaway beginner guitars, semi-hollow-body blues guitars and archtop jazz boxes—at an excellent value, these products ultimately did not resonate with the fender audience, beginners or otherwise.. squier company began supplying southern california inventor and businessman leo fender with strings for his unusual new electric guitars. in the future, squier will seek more artists who want to be part of the fender family and be associated with products that give their young fans an affordable instrument of inspiration and expression. the message is: don’t assume that a jv series squier strat will by default be a great guitar. in the uk, you’d expect the fender version to sell for around 50% more than the equivalent squier, and with ‘higher end’ hardware, this would see the mij fenders selling for more than the regular early ‘80s usa models, which were on their last legs as the first contemporaries came in.

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