Dating website terms and conditions

Dating website terms and conditions

by providing such information, the member concerned expressly consents to the processing of this data by the match group and assumes sole responsibility and liability for same. your sole remedy in the event of any deficiency, defect, failure, error or interruption shall be to request that humor rainbow correct the matter or, if humor rainbow fails to do so, to discontinue use of the website or any relevant goods or services at your option. in such case, mil will refund the member of the difference between the amount paid at the subscription of the service(s) and the amount equal to the prorated number of days elapsed between the day of the subscription to the service(s) and the day of cancellation, provided that any day of the subscription that is started is counted as a day on which the service(s) are provided. member has the possibility to subscribe to a paid subscription, with or without options, and therefore to benefit from the following features:Services features available to any member (including members with free accounts):View the profiles and photo albums of other members. particular, this template contains detailed provisions defining the dating services that are provided on the site and the subscribers' rights and obligations in connection with these services. in the event that match’s investigation of a report reveals that a member violated the laws and regulations in force or its contractual obligations, the provisions of the terms of use, in particular, article 8 entitled “termination”, may be applied. the member may not copy, reproduce, or otherwise make use of the content produced by other members, other than for the strict purposes of the use of the services for personal and private purposes. this case, the member may choose to comply instead with the terms of use that were in force on the date that the member’s initial subscription started until the expiry of that initial subscription.  link linkfinancial website terms and conditions a document to govern the use of a (non-regulated) website publishing financial information. these terms of use supersede all previous provisions not expressly referred to or appended and constitute the entire rights and obligations of mil and the companies of the match group and the member with respect to their subject matter. carefully read these terms of use to participate, along with the match group companies and as a member, in the development of responsible internet behaviour and the provision of a quality service. where appropriate, the member will provide such information voluntarily and freely and under its exclusive responsibility./alinksubscription and other paid services websitesif you are selling online services that are supplied through a website, then you need terms and conditions that cover relationships with both casual visitors and paying customers. written statement by you that you have a good faith belief that the disputed use is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law; and. member must have the skills, hardware and software required to use the internet or, as appropriate, internet, telephone and audiotel services, and acknowledges that the characteristics and constraints of the internet mean that the security, availability and integrity of internet data transmissions cannot be guaranteed.“match” refers to a set of services designed to promote person-to-person meetings for personal, leisure and non-commercial purposes. any additional terms of any purchase including an automatic renewal will be explained on the purchase page, which are incorporated herein. the member will be directed to a payment confirmation page displaying the details of the subscription and any option(s) to which the member has subscribed as well as the fee paid by the member. linklinkmarketplace website terms and conditionst&cs regulating the various relationships that arise out of the operation of a marketplace for products. internet security is a complex issue and no information system can be seen as perfectly secure. should the match group be held liable for any breach of these terms and conditions arising out of or in connection with possession of the match badge or super match badge by a member, the member undertakes to indemnify and keep the match group indemnified from and against all liabilities, costs, expenses, damages, losses and expenses (including any penalties and reasonably incurred legal costs calculated on a full indemnity basis) suffered or incurred by the match group arising out of or in connection with the member's breach., the services operated by the match group may use cookies or equivalent technologies designed to store members’ identifying information while browsing the services and to understand the members’ use of these services, mainly to improve the services and members’ browsing experience on the sites., you can set the number of notifications and the information you want to receive from us. generally, we will only collect this data from you and will tell you why. marketplace terms and conditionsfor a marketplace through which users buy and sell digital files. mil and the companies of the match group disclaim all liability as regards meetings between members during the use of the services or during meetings between members and/or non-members following the use of the services. information or content concerning racial or ethnic origin, political, philosophical or religious opinions, trade union membership and health or sex life is sensitive data. in the event of mil’s own wrongdoing or technical failure of the service(s), the member will be responsible for the use of its username and password or other identifiers by third parties or actions or statements made through the member’s personal account, whether fraudulent or not, and will indemnify and hold mil harmless against any claims in this respect. member interested in a paid registration for one of the events, must first sign in with an e-mail address and password and must accept these terms of use to be able to register for any event as a member of the service. you will of course need to adapt the terms to suit your website and business. of this website is provided “as is, where is,” as an accommodation, and without warranty of any kind, nor does humor rainbow provide any warranties of any kind in respect of any goods and services purchased or provided via this website (unless otherwise expressly stated in writing in the relevant terms and conditions of sale) or any links to this website. privacy policy applies to all sites and services provided by the match group.

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vat)add to basketwebsite terms of use that have been especially adapted for websites offering dating services.&aour dating website terms and conditions template provides a helpful model for operators of subscription-based dating sites. humor rainbow expressly excludes any express or implied warranty of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement in respect of this website and any goods or services purchased via this website or any links to this website. t&cswe publish probably the widest range of website t&cs documents available in english..3 below and the member may not invoke the right to cancel. using our website, you agree to our use of web cookies. you agree to pay humor rainbow all charges you subscribe for on the website using this online account. rights of use granted to the member are limited to private and personal use as part of and for the duration of the registration for the services. dating website terms and conditions template also allows the provider to detail the terms for renewal of membership, giving the provider alternatives to automatic renewal or, conversely, automatic cancellation. is the website a simple brochure, or can booking be made through the website? registered, and subject to having subscribed to the subscription forms offered, the member will have access to the services, in accordance with its subscription. informational websitesthese terms and conditions of use are for websites that publish special types of information. this end, mil reminds members that they are prohibited from indicating or disclosing to other members or third parties any information permitting their identification (except for usernames), such as surname, postal and/or electronic address and telephone number, to other members through the services. grant the match group a licence to use the intellectual property rights arising from the content provided by members in connection with their registration and use of the services or the display of its profile on the services..ukdocularnews website terms and conditionst&cs for a website that publishes news. to post, disclose, or disseminate in any form whatsoever information or content incorporating links to third-party sites that are illegal, contrary to morality and/or not in conformity with the purpose of the services. addition, comparable information on the membership subscription deadline is always available to members in the “my subscription” section, which allows them to manage their subscription and account options. a security and quality measure, mil may deactivate accounts of members who have not used the services for 6 (six) months, or more and for whom no subscription remains valid. humor rainbow establishes links to other websites for the convenience of its users; however, such links are not intended to be an endorsement of the other website. member enters the requested information and accesses the summary sheet containing the name of the chosen event and the total registration price;.-to-use websitesthese are terms and conditions for common types of free-to-use website. and participate in events or special events accessible through the services.“visitor(s)” refers to one or more user(s) accessing and using one or more events without having registered on the sites. website terms and conditionsfor use in relation to websites publishiing and making money from affiliate links. the purchase and sale of this limited license is a completed transaction upon receipt of your payment and is not refundable regardless of the extent to which you use the license. am dealing in the online gift shop business i am wondering how i can get legal help to draft my terms and conditions and also advise me on legal issues affecting my website. accordingly, and without this list being exhaustive, any dissemination, exploitation, representation, reproduction or use, in whole or in part, on any medium, of the terms of use for purposes other than strictly personal and non-professional, is subject to mil’s prior authorization. statement by you, made under penalty of perjury, that the above information in your notice is accurate and that you are the copyright owner or authorized to act on the copyright owner's behalf. termination will take effect without prejudice to any damages mil, the match group companies, its or their successors and/or authorized representatives may claim from members as compensation for losses incurred by mil and/or its successors and/or authorized representatives as a result of these breaches.“event” refers to one or all of the paid recreational events or activities that allow members and visitors to meet in real life. this template is, though, specifically tailored for dating website operators in several key respects. rainbow strongly advises you to use extreme caution before sharing personally identifiable information with other users of this website.

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terms and conditions are insufficient for a website selling products or services. any special conditions relating to a promotional operation will require validation by the member at the time of subscription. personal data we collect may include your name, postal and electronic address, mobile or landline phone number, banking information, information about your physical appearance, photographs, voice recordings, videos, your city and region, your personal values and interests and your use of the services. mil and the companies of the match group also disclaim all liability for acts of any kind committed by its members or visitors during the running of the events, however mil and the match group companies do not limit or exclude their liability to you for: (i) death or personal injury caused by the negligence of mil or a match group company; (ii) fraudulent misrepresentation of mil or a match group company; or (iii) any other liability that may not be limited or excluded under english law. you agree that humor rainbow is not responsible for the conduct of any user of the website and is not liable (directly or indirectly) for any losses or damages whatsoever arising out of or relating to the conduct of you or anyone else in connection with the use of the website. having entered its personal data and chosen its subscription and method of payment, the member must confirm payment.) to increase your chances of meeting someone by promoting your personal ads, search criteria and profile. if you cancel your subscription, you may use your subscription until the end of your then-current subscription term and your subscription will not be renewed thereafter. this last step formalizes the entering into the subscription contract to the services in accordance with article 9 of these terms of use. template contains standard contract provisions, including limitations on liability, remedies for user breach and indemnification by users. providing information through the services, members expressly authorize the match group, to which they have supplied this information, to transfer this information and the benefit of the above-mentioned rights to the other companies of the match group, to service providers and any successors of the relevant match group entity, located within or outside the european union, as applicable. users should use mozilla firefox - we do not guarantee optimal functioning of the website when using safari or opera browsers. to this point, you may edit and amend the documents to render them suitable for your purposes. if match group companies provide hyperlinks to external websites, they do not recommend the use of these other websites and give no guarantees as to their content or the products and services furnished and sold by these external websites. after your initial subscription period, and again after any subsequent subscription period, your subscription will automatically continue for an additional equivalent period, at the price you agreed to when subscribing. upon the renewal of your subscription, if humor rainbow does not receive payment, you agree that humor rainbow may either terminate or suspend your subscription and continue to attempt to charge your payment method provider until payment is received (upon receipt of payment, your account will be activated and for purposes of automatic renewal, your new subscription commitment period will begin as of the day payment was received). this button is accompanied by an explanatory note and link to these terms of use for more information. noticelicence to use websiteacceptable useregistration and accountsuser ids and passwordscancellation and suspension of accountdating servicespersonal profilesfeesdistance contracts: cancellation rightyour content: licenceyour content: rulesreport abuselimited warrantieslimitations and exclusions of liabilityindemnitybreaches of these terms and conditionsthird party websitestrade marksvariationassignmentseverabilitythird party rightsentire agreementlaw and jurisdictionstatutory and regulatory disclosuresour detailsdocument statisticstotal words: 9234total characters: 57841document pages (approx. violation of this restriction may result in infringement of intellectual property and contractual rights of humor rainbow or third parties which is prohibited by law and could result in substantial civil and criminal penalties.. the quality of the services demanded by both the match group and its members requires that members conduct themselves ethically, and behave with respect for the rights of third parties, and the respect for the laws and regulations in force. store terms and conditionst&cs for a website selling digital download files. errors may be corrected at any time before the contract is submitted and before clicking on the “confirm payment” button. users may not publish or create derivative works from the contents of this website for any public or commercial purposes. website terms and conditions template has been designed for use on typical websites, including those with with basic interactive features. rather, you receive a limited license to use certain features we offer and the license triggers are for use only to organize how that license may be used. furthermore, smartphone applications are only available to our members in possession of the smartphone handset and internet access is required. use the services, members must have the equipment, software, and parameters necessary for the correct operation of the services, including the latest version of an internet browser, with javascript functions activated, session cookies permitted and acceptance of pop-ups. long as you comply with these terms of use, you are authorized to access, use and make a limited number of copies of information and materials available on this website only for purposes of your personal use in order to learn more about humor rainbow or its products and services, or to otherwise communicate with humor rainbow or utilize its services. contents of this website are protected by copyright and may not be copied or otherwise reproduced without humor rainbow’s written permission except as expressly set forth above. request for cancellation must be made as indicated in article 12 of these terms of use or by any means permitting confirmation of receipt, using the contact details indicated herein. by providing this optional information and by ticking the consent box displayed on the registration page, the member concerned expressly accepts and assumes full responsibility for the processing of this “sensitive” data by the companies of the match group providing the services accessible to the members of the sites including the code dating sites and specialized sites, as well as their service providers located in and outside the european union. you further agree that you will not use personal information about other users of this website for any reason without the express prior consent of the user that has provided such information to you. 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in this context, we cannot be held responsible for the non-functioning, unavailability or adverse conditions of usage of the website resulting from incorrect hardware, problems experienced by the member's isp or blockages on the internet networks or for all other reasons outside our sphere of influence. the member does not wish to have immediate access to the service(s), that member may leave the site and wait until the expiry of the cancellation period. as a result, mil and the companies of the match group do not have a legal obligation to verify the actual identity of members when they connect to the sites or to control the content, information and statements posted by members.. date of birth, nationality, ethnic origin, clothing style, education/degrees, lifestyle, tastes in music or films, pets, religion and income) help us match you to other member profiles from the match group’ sites or who are registered with one or several services, and help us customize advertisements or special offers or services through the services. match service, a dating service available to match members over the internet or through their mobile phone or applications and/or landline telephone. you agree to maintain current, complete and accurate information for your billing account at any time you have a subscription. additional information about the scope and application of the right to cancel is also available on the help page. if you do not accept these terms of use, you must not register for or use the services. description of where the material that you claim is infringing is located on the website (and such description must be reasonably sufficient to enable humor rainbow to find the alleged infringing material);. at our sole discretion, we may take reasonable steps, including limiting the numbers of emails you send or receive and electronically filtering or throttling or terminating your e-mail. customary website usage provisions contained in the dating website terms and conditions template include a limited-use licence for site content granted to subscribers and a licence to their personal content granted by subscribers to the site, whilst protecting the trade mark rights of the site owner. this document is an extended version of our website disclaimer document. services names, trade marks, logos, graphics, photographs, animations, videos and texts contained on the sites and within the services are the property of the match group, and may not be reproduced, used or displayed without the express authorization of mil, the match group companies or their partners. if you do not wish your account to renew automatically, or if you want to change or terminate your subscription, please log in and go to the change / cancel membership page. the arbitrator can grant any relief that a court can, but you should note that arbitration proceedings are usually simpler and more streamlined than trials and other judicial proceedings. products and services mentioned or promoted on the website, including password protected information relating thereto may be changed by humor rainbow at any time without notice. the expiry of a subscription, this subscription will, unless the member sent notice of the termination to mil prior to the expiry of the current subscription in accordance with the terms and conditions indicated, be successively renewed for periods equivalent to that originally opted for by the member. information about products or services offered by third parties are referred to on the website for information purposes only. to post, disclose, or disseminate in any form whatsoever information or content that has the effect of diminishing, disrupting, preventing the normal use of the services, interrupting and/or slowing the normal flow of communications between members through the services, such as software, viruses, logical bombs, mass mailing, etc. if you do not terminate your subscription and/or if you continue to use the service, you agree that humor rainbow is authorized to charge the payment method in your online account.(2) by subscribing, you authorize humor rainbow to charge your credit card, debit card or other payment method at such time and again at the beginning of any subsequent subscription period, including any sales or similar taxes imposed on your subscription (as ms word documents) and docular (where they can be edited online and downloaded in a variety of formats, including html). use in conjnuction with our t&cs of sale via a website document. as mil and the companies of the match group cannot technically provide such services, they do not contractually undertake to verify the identity of the members or of their members or the truthfulness of the content they post under their exclusive responsibility, nor to moderate such content, except their photograph(s) and posts on their profile page..Summary of free document licensing termsby downloading a free legal document available on this website, you accept and agree to our terms and conditions. illegal and/or unauthorized uses of the website, including collecting usernames and/or email addresses by electronic or other means for the purpose of sending unsolicited email or using personal identifying information for commercial purposes, linking to the website, or unauthorized framing may be investigated and appropriate legal action will be taken, including without limitation, civil, criminal, and injunctive redress. humor rainbow reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to deny further or continuing access to the website to any visitor, including, without limitation, any user that humor rainbow determines has violated any aspect of these terms of use. is free, but if you would like to upgrade to an a-list membership or any other paid features (the "service"), the following terms apply. these rights are granted worldwide and for the duration of the terms of use between the member and the match group. accessing this website, you agree to use any personal information provided to you by other users of this website in a lawful and responsible manner. when the terms and conditions for registration are met, each member has a username (name indicated by the member) and a password, which are strictly personal and confidential and which must not be communicated or shared by the member with third parties. procedure and terms of access to and registration of services, start of contract. 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selection of our website t&cs documents are listed in the tables below, but we have many more variations on website-contracts. the extended subscription will be charged to the member on the basis of the base rate and the duration of the subscription initially taken out by the member. humor rainbow also does not inquire into the backgrounds of its members or attempt to verify the statements of its members but reserves the right to conduct any criminal background check or other screenings (such as sex offender register searches), at any time and using available public records. this licence includes, but is not limited to, the right of match group to reproduce, represent, adapt, translate, digitise, and use for the purposes of the services, or sub-license the content provided by the member (information, images, description, search criteria, etc. this information may be modified at any time by the member from the “my account and subscription” section. this case, the member may implement the procedure referred to in article 8 entitled “termination” at any time during the four (4) months following the date of entry into force of the new terms of use.“match affinity” refers to a set of services designed to promote person-to-person virtual meetings for personal, leisure and non-commercial purposes using psychological matchmaking by completing the exclusive match affinity test, available over the internet, by match affinity members.) to which the hyperlinks accessible on the sites and the services redirect and which any entity of the match group did not create. in particular, the use of our website may be interrupted at any time for the purposes of maintenance, updates or technical improvements, or to develop its content and/or presentation. your use of this website may be subject to the laws of other countries if you are not located in the united states.. in the event the match group is held liable on the basis of a member’s breach of its legal obligations or those under the terms of use, said member agrees to indemnify and hold the match group harmless against any orders issued against it resulting from the member’s breach of its obligations. link linkmedical website terms and conditions the publication of medical information can create special risks; these t&cs take account of those risks. prices and terms of payment for the various paid services are detailed under the section entitled “prices and terms of payment” of these terms of use and are accessible at any time on the sites during the presentation or use of the paid service(s) to which the member wishes to subscribe, as well as its (or their) respective rate(s). in all cases, any license to use any of our services is subject to your compliance with these terms & conditions and a non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable. a lengthy list of prohibited content is included and generally covers potential violations of law as well as offensive, harmful and misleading content.  link linkwebsite selling products or digital downloadsthese documents cover the use of websites selling products or digital downloads. ticking the box marked “i certify that i am over the age of majority and have read and accepted the [service name] tou” at the bottom of the registration page, the member acknowledges that it is fully informed and bound by the provisions of the terms of use. where applicable, these one-time services are purchased from other service providers and subject to other payment terms and conditions than those used for the services offered by mil (e. once payment is confirmed, an overview of the payment order, including the purchase reference, the chosen event, the invoice amount and the invoice date will be displayed. in order to improve the level of protection of your personal data that is not under the control of the match group, we suggest that you use software devices that protect data transmission networks (such as antivirus systems and updated firewalls and anti-spam filters). to keep your information private, go to your profile and choose the option “only me” or do not add the information in question to your profile. use of the website is with our permission, which may be revoked at any time, for any reason, in our sole discretion. these circumstances, the match group companies are not responsible for any lack of functionality, lack of access or poor conditions of use of the sites that would be attributable to equipment-related inadequacies, to the internal failures of members’ access provider, the overloading of the internet network and for any and all other reasons external to mil, which the member agrees are events of force majeure. match group may only be held liable by a member if and to the extent there is proof of a breach having been committed by match or one of its service providers involved in the performance of the match group’s contractual obligations, and this breach has caused the member direct damage. we may send you commercial offers for some of our partners, provided that you have given your explicit and informed consent relating to said commercial offers during registration, unless, during registration, you opt not to be contacted or you indicate any time thereafter that you no longer wish to be contacted. and participate in events or special operations accessible through the services. may also subscribe to the "match badge" and the "super match badge". registration constitutes a definitive commitment by the member, who may only cancel the contract under the terms of article 2. without this authorization, the infringing party may be liable for criminal offences and subject to criminal and civil prosecution as provided for by law. fees and terms of payment for these various paid services are at all times available during the introduction or use of the paid service(s) to which the member wishes to subscribe as well as its (or their) respective rate(s). as part of these efforts, humor rainbow may enlist the help of its active users to moderate flagged messages, comments and other content to determine if a user’s conduct is harmful to the community. website terms and conditionst&cs governing the relationship between a website operator on the one hand, and casual visitors, recruiters and jobseekers on the other. 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in this regard, the member will not, without this list being exhaustive, communicate, disseminate, share, make accessible, in any way whatsoever, its passwords and/or usernames to any third party..ukdocularblog terms and conditionst&cs for a free-to-use blog, including provisions relating to blog comments. accordingly, the member waives the right to make any claim against the match group, in particular on the basis of the possible infringement of its image rights, honour, reputation or privacy of its private life, that may result from the distribution or dissemination of information that concern it under the terms and conditions established in the terms of use, in particular, article 5, “members’ privacy and data protection”, to the extent that the member has previously given its voluntary and express consent to such dissemination as a result of its registration with the services and in application of the terms of use. mil and the companies of the match group reserve the right to delete mass messages sent by a member to preserve the normal quality use of the services.  n/a linklegal website terms and conditions these t&cs include special disclaimers in relation to legal information and advice. as a result, any registration to events carried out on the site is subject only to the cancellation conditions provided for in article 2. network terms and conditionsfor a website offering social network functionality: user-generated content, messaging, groups, etc. certain instances, humor rainbow may agree to provide you with access to secure, password protected pages of the website. member will be able to access all the core dating sites and its member profile will be visible to other members and visitors of the core dating sites. exclusive means of resolving any dispute or claim arising out of or relating to these terms of use (including any alleged breach thereof), the service, or the website shall be binding arbitration administered by the american arbitration association under the consumer arbitration rules. similarly, any member who fails to strictly comply with one of these essential obligations during events could be banned from the events and services. other purchases may grant you a limited license to use a feature where the license is governed by the use of “tokens”, “points” or similar terms (“license triggers”) during a set time period. give no warranties or representations concerning the free legal documents, and accept no liability in relation to the use of the free legal documents. in the “profile and account/settings” section of your account, you can indicate whether you want to be notified when a message is received and your profile is viewed by a member or if you would like to receive special offers from us. use of this website is governed by all applicable laws and regulations of the united states and any state and locality having jurisdiction. any copies made by you must retain without modification any and all copyright notices and other proprietary marks. should not use this document for a us website - at least without expert adaptation. rainbow uses industry standard efforts, such as firewalls, to safeguard the confidentiality of your personally identifiable information.. information provided by a member to any company of the match group, including to mil, must be accurate and true. agree to indemnify us (including our directors, officers, employees, subcontractors, agents and affiliated companies) against all third party claims and liabilities related to your breach of this agreement and/or to your use of the services. in addition, you authorize us to obtain updated or replacement expiration dates and card numbers for you credit or debit card as provided by your credit or debit card issuer. the member, on its own account, discloses and disseminates information, data, texts, content and images that concern it through the services. will not collect, process or use your data unless necessary for the performance and improvement of the services and to the extent necessary, if you have consented to or not objected to it, or if required or permitted by applicable governing laws. part of the use of the services, the member agrees to comply with the laws in force and respect third-party rights and the provisions of the terms of use. if a purchase that automatically renews involves license triggers, we will charge your payment method upon the expiration of the license you purchased and the number of license triggers you originally purchased will be added to your account to allow you to continue to use the licensed feature(s). similarly, mil may exclude and ban any member that does not strictly comply with one of the essential obligations set out in article 3. a result, members acknowledge and accept that the data they provide, as well as their behaviour or comments made through the services, may be reported by other members and are subject to acts of moderation and/or oversight by the match group on the basis of objective assessment criteria. website terms and conditionsthese t&cs can be adapted for use on a wide range of dating-type websites. organizations, companies, and/or businesses may not join and use the website for any purpose. only registered members can view the data, you should be aware that you are acting in a public space and are responsible for your privacy. website is not intended for children under 18 years of age. by becoming a member, you agree to comply with these terms of use. 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humor rainbow may change the terms of use, or may modify or discontinue the website or services offered thereon, at any time at its sole discretion. humor rainbow cannot and does not assure that it is safe for you to have direct contact with other users of this website. obtain a paid subscription and gain access to all the features of the site and services accessible to it, the member must first identify itself using its e-mail address and password. disputes between mil or the match group companies and a member, including any non-contractual disputes, arising from these terms of use or the services that the member does not elect to settle by mediation as described above, will be dealt with by the courts of england and wales, or if a member is a consumer living in: (i) scotland, by the courts of scotland or (ii) northern ireland, by the courts of northern ireland. shoppingreturn homerelated productsacceptable use policyprivacy and cookies policytop selling templates1. the main terms of the licence in the terms and conditions are as follows. you no longer wish the match group or its partners to reproduce or disseminate the information contained in your personal ad, your search criteria or your profile, you may cancel your account according to the terms and conditions of article 8 entitled “termination”.)on all or part of the services (on the sites, by e-mail) and on all the sites, in the mailing campaigns carried out by the match group, and, in general, on all electronic communication media (e-mail, sms, mms, wap, internet, mobile application) as part of the services. where applicable, these one-time services are purchased from other service providers and subject to other payment terms and conditions than those used for the services offered by match (e. indicated in article 4 of these terms of use, the member may also subscribe to other one-time services, such as purchasing smartphone apps and/or special offers. website terms and conditionst&cs for a company or business website that acts as the online equivalent of a brochure. terms of use are the property of mil and of the match group companies. terms and conditions include, amongst other things, a licence specifying how the website may be used, a disclaimer of liability, a statutory disclosures section and rules on user-contributed content.) and the ip address of the system used, the identifying information of your computer or other device used to visit the site, all with respect to both the member and any other visitor. operation of the services may be interrupted momentarily due to maintenance, updates or technical improvements, or to update the content and/or the way it is presented. these conditions, we do not guarantee that the services shall function without interruption or error. the member agrees to immediately inform mil of any changes to the data provided at the time of registration and, if necessary, to make these changes on its personal space on the sites. the email address that you registered with and we'll send a reminder of your login details. about these website t&csthe terms and conditions document includes the following provisions:a licence of the copyright in the website (and restrictions on what may be done with the material on the website)a disclaimer of liabilitya clause governing the use of passwords and restricted areas of the websitean acceptable use clausea variation clausean entire agreement clausea clause specifying the applicable law and the jurisdiction in which disputes will be decideda provision specifying some of the information which needs to be disclosed under the ecommerce regulationsplease read the notes accompanying the terms and conditions very carefully. the services in accordance with the purpose described in the terms of use.  the full range of documents are available both on website-contracts. humor rainbow shall not be liable for any indirect, special, consequential, or incidental damages including, without limitation, lost profits or revenues, costs of replacement goods, loss or damage to data or equipment arising out of your reliance on the information provided on this website, the use or inability to use this website, or any deficiency, defect or failure of any goods or services purchased or provided via this website or any links to this website, even if humor rainbow has been advised of the possibility of such damages. must have the abilities, materials and software required for the use of the internet or the services mobile application, if applicable, the internet services, and acknowledge that the nature and constraints of the internet do not guarantee the security, availability and integrity of the transmission of data over the internet or through mobile applications. information contained in your personal ad, your search criteria and your profile may be accessed from and are visible on all the match group’s sites, on the internet, by e-mail (newsletter), by mobile phone. described in more detail below, the template contains provisions defining permitted and prohibited activity in connection with the website and site users' obligations that are common to our model documents for various website services. by clicking on the “confirm payment” button during the purchase process, after checking the contents of the purchase and making any changes deemed necessary, the member accepts these terms of use in full without reservation.'m not in a position to recommend a particular us website i'm afraid. the completion of the match affinity test and the resulting psychological matchmaking process are compulsory. similarly, if applicable, the use of smartphone applications, whose use members have agreed on directly with the provider, requires members to have a smartphone and a satisfactory connection. there  i am about to finish my website for a small homestay hotel - which of your very useful documents would you recommend?, including cover): 27ask a questioncustomers who bought this item also bought:privacy and cookies policy:  £17. register and become a free member, anyone interested in the services must be at least 18 years of age, meet the requirements for registration or access to the concerned services, be legally able to contract, not be under guardianship or curatorship, have read and accepted these terms of use, the cookie usage policy and the privacy policy and have completed all mandatory fields listed on the registration form, including the fields for the following personal information:The member may then add to its profile by providing information as to its physical appearance, hobbies, profession and any other personal information the member wishes to publicly disclose to other members or through the services, except for personal contact details (postal address, e-mail address, telephone, etc.

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member is prohibited from, among other actions, modifying, copying, reproducing, downloading, broadcasting, transmitting, commercially operating and/or distributing the services, site pages or the computer code of the services and sites, in any way whatsoever. furthermore, the failure of a party to act with respect to a breach by the other party of any of the provisions of these terms of use does not in any way imply a waiver of the right to act at a later date with respect to that breach. should appreciate that all information submitted on the website might potentially be publicly accessible. the member may use its password and/or username to access the services.(1) when you purchase features on the website for a fee, some purchases grant you an unlimited license to use a feature during a set time period. for goodscontracts for servicesemployment documentsintellectual property and media contractsmiscellaneous legal documentssoftware and web services contractswebsite legal documents •  t&cs of use for websites •  t&cs for selling online •  privacy and cookies policies •  miscellaneous website legal documentstemplate packshome  >  website legal documents  >  t&cs of use for websitesdating website terms and conditionsprice:  £60. mil may exclude and prohibit any member from obtaining the match badge or the super match badge if they display inappropriate behaviour or make any inappropriate remarks which are contrary to the spirit of this badge. terms “we” and “our” and “us” refer to the match group, as defined in the applicable terms and conditions, and according to the operation of the services. terms of use are governed, interpreted and applied in accordance with english law, with the english language being the language of interpretation. you represent that you have never been convicted of a felony and that you are not required to register as a sex offender with any government entity. in addition, in order to maintain the integrity of the website, by joining, you agree that your use of the website shall be for bona fide relationship-seeking purposes (for example, you may not use the website solely to compile a report of compatible singles in your area, or to write a school research paper).. general obligations:The member’s general obligations are as follows:Conduct itself in an honest manner with respect to mil and other members. enforce the highest standards with respect to members’ privacy and personal data protection and we answer to the information commissioner’s office in the uk for the personal data processing we operate and have made a notification to the uk information commissioner, under the no. use the services, the member must have the necessary hardware equipment and software and the necessary parameters required to properly use the website e. in doing so, you give up your right to go to court to assert or defend any claims between you and the company (except for matters that may be taken to small-claims court). are accordingly invited to consult the version of the terms of use in force available on the sites at all times. infringe the intellectual property rights of the content provided by mil, the companies of the match group and other members. otherwise stated, the information and resources on this website relate to english law. the template contains an express acknowledgement from users that the website owner is not responsible for user behaviour or content. member selects the payment method and then confirms registration to the event, subject to the condition of acceptance of these terms of use when registering for the match service. in no event shall humor rainbow be liable for damages of any kind incurred by you as a result of any inaccuracy or error in the information provided on the website, any deficiency, error or interruption in the website, or any deficiency, defect or failure of any goods or services purchased or provided via this website or any links to this website. a result, by providing their information through the services, members expressly authorize the match group to reproduce and disseminate the information contained in personal ads, their search criteria and their profile (personal data, description, images, video, etc. is a great support from your website to new website owners. the nature of this website promotes the sharing of personal information by users with other users. to meet this demand for quality, individual responsibility and ethics, the match group requests any member to report any data (photography, text, video), behaviours or comments made by another member that appear to be in violation of the laws and regulations in force, concerning the purpose of the services, third-party rights or public morals. these emails may be transactional or relationship communications relating to the website, such as administrative notices and service announcements or changes, or emails containing commercial offers, promotions or special offers from us or third party partners. this e-mail will include the main features of the service subscribed to, the duration of the subscription, the invoice cycle, the invoice amount and these terms of use containing mil’s contact information. decisions by the arbitrator are enforceable in court and may be overturned by a court only for very limited reasons., if during the course of a search conducted on the sites, the result of this search leads a member to results that include external websites, pages or forums whose title and/or content constitutes a violation of applicable law, that member is requested to terminate its search of, or navigate to, the external website in question. if a member has reason to believe that a person is using its username and password or account, that member must immediately inform mil.. this agreement, and any dispute between you and the company, shall be governed by the laws of the state of new york without regard to principles of conflicts of law, provided that this arbitration agreement shall be governed by the federal arbitration act. this e-mail will include the essential elements of the contract, including the member’s username, the identification of the event selected, the invoiced amount and these terms of use including mil’s contact information.

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if you are under 18, you are not authorized to use this website and will not be afforded access to any features of this website that allow for you to provide information to us or to share information with other users of this website.. the match group cannot be held liable for the accuracy or inaccuracy of the information and content provided by other members, visitors to the sites and/or the member itself (and the consequences of reliance on any such information). following provisions are added to this agreement for subscribers residing in arizona, california, connecticut, illinois, iowa, minnesota, new york, north carolina, ohio and wisconsin:In the event that you die before the end of your subscription period, your estate shall be entitled to a refund of that portion of any payment you had made for your subscription which is allocable to the period after your death. members who continue to search, or navigate to, such external websites proceed at their own risk, and match group will not be liable for the content of external websites. registration for one or more services and use of the services implies the acceptance in full of these terms of use by the member. services website terms and conditionssimilar to the subscription services document, but without the assumption of ongoing services. your rights will be determined by a neutral arbitrator, not a judge or jury, and the arbitrator shall determine all issues regarding the arbitrability of the dispute. since this information consists of your personal ad, your search criteria and profile, the termination will not take effect until the next update or the next version of these communications (printed, press, audiovisual or electronic) containing your personal ad, your search criteria and your profile information. member expressly authorizes the match group to modify this content to comply with the graphic charter of the services or other communication media referred to above, and/or to bring it into compatibility with its technical functionality or the formats of the media in question. humor rainbow reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to seek and obtain any other remedies available to it pursuant to any applicable laws and regulations or at equity as a result of your breach of these terms of use or any other act or omission by you that gives rise to a claim by humor rainbow. if you choose to not use the license to its fullest extent, and let license triggers expire or allow us to redeem them for you, if applicable, you may do so. the event of a dispute as to the meaning of a term or provision of these terms of use, members may contact mil by letter sent to po box 64197, london, wc1a 9fg, uk or by filling out the contact form, making sure to indicate any personal, where you can get a professional version of these terms and conditions that does not contain the seq legal attribution notice. if you believe that any user of this website is harassing you or is otherwise using personal information about you for unlawful purposes, we encourage you to first inform local law enforcement authorities and then to contact us via the feedback form so that we may take appropriate action to block further use of the website by any user who is using this website and information obtained from it for improper purposes..ukdocularonline shop terms and conditionsthese t&cs govern the use of a website selling physical products. furthermore, mil is not required and does not have the technical means to ensure the identity of the persons registering for its services. if you purchase a license that uses license triggers, your order will represent an offer to us to purchase a license for the relevant feature(s) which will be accepted by us when we make the license triggers available in your account or debit your credit card, whichever comes first, and you can then use the feature(s) immediately. the billing and payment terms and conditions and the terms of renewal specific to these one-time services and special offers will be given to the member by the relevant service provider and accepted by the member prior to purchase. the billing and payment terms and conditions and the terms of renewal specific to these one-time services and special offers will be given to the member and accepted by the member by the relevant service provider prior to purchase. your digital interactions with other users (including, but not limited to: site messages, instant messages, journal postings, and forum comments), you agree to conduct yourself civilly and respectfully.'m building a non-profit and a salon website, both based in the us. the privacy policy is incorporated into and a part of these terms of use. users provide a licence to the dating website, they are fully responsible for their content, which must conform with the strict restrictions set out in the t&cs. it lets members discover the services and provides access to the following features:Services features available to all members (including members with free accounts). comply with the cancellation period, the member need only submit the cancellation form or clear and unambiguous statement of cancellation before the expiry of the cancellation period. words or terms used in these services terms of use and beginning with a capital letter shall have the following meaning:“consumer contracts regulations” refers to the consumer contracts (information, cancellation and additional charges) regulations 2013. current technological developments make it possible for users of the internet to obtain personal information about, and locate, other users, with very little other information.) on all the services and the sites, on the match group’s mobile application, on the internet, by e-mail) and/or generally on all distribution media, in particular, audiovisual communication (press, radio, analogue television, digital, cable or satellite television) or electronic communication (e-mail, internet) throughout the world, including outside the european union, for the duration specified in these terms of use between members and the company of the match group to which it provided its information. our technical teams make every effort to ensure the security of all of our sites and services. in addition, during a first physical meeting, members are advised to inform an emergency contact and to meet in a public place (cafe, restaurant, etc. payment is confirmed, an overview of the payment order, including the purchase reference, the duration of the chosen subscription, the invoice amount and the invoice date will be displayed. the member does not attend or is unable to participate in the event at the times and places indicated in the member’s contract, no amount will be reimbursed.

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a member’s access and/or use of these sources and external websites may be governed by third party terms and conditions over which the match group has no control..ukdocularsubscription website terms and conditionsthis generic document makes few assumptions about the nature of the services, but we do have service-specific variants. one or more provisions in the terms of use are held to be unenforceable under applicable laws or regulations or as a result of a final decision of a competent court, the other provisions will remain in full force and effect, to the extent permitted by that decision. terms of use constitute a contract that governs relations between the member and mil. website is for your personal use only and may not be used in connection with any commercial endeavors. from posting any statement or content that violates the rights of others or is defamatory, abusive, obscene, offensive, violent or incites violence, political, racist or xenophobic and, in general, any statement or content contrary to the purpose of the services, the laws and regulations in force in the territory from which the member accesses the services, the rights of other persons or public morals. beyond this four-month period, if the member has not made known its intention to terminate its account, the member’s acceptance of the new terms of use is implied. limiting the foregoing, if you believe that your work has been copied and posted on the website in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please provide our copyright agent with the following information:An electronic or physical signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright interest;. privacy policy does not apply to third-party websites which are external to the match group sites (the “external websites”) and the match group companies are in no way liable for the privacy policy of these external websites. a member wishes to sponsor a friend and provides the match group company providing the services with the contact details of this friend, that member undertakes to obtain that friend’s express consent to the processing of its data by the companies of the match group, which will only be used to send, on behalf of the member who provided mil with its contact information, an electronic message informing this friend about the services. you are under 18 years of age but have improperly accessed this website by providing false information to us, not only are you an unauthorized user using this website in violation of these terms of use, but you may also be putting yourself and others in danger. in particular, photos and any information, data or files provided by a member to mil must be decent and relate only to the member or, if they relate to a third party, must only be provided with that third party’s express consent. humor rainbow reserves the right to determine, at its sole discretion, what constitutes harassment or mischief, and where that has occurred; and may, also at its sole discretion, partially or completely deny service to any infringing party. revised march 3rd, 2017 (added special terms for subscribers residing in arizona, california, connecticut, illinois, iowa, minnesota, new york, north carolina, ohio and wisconsin). it cannot be held liable for the provision of hyperlinks to external websites, and cannot be held liable for their content, advertisements, products, service features or any other information available on or based on the use of such external websites.. by using the website or the service in any manner, you agree to the above arbitration agreement. a member may disclose information voluntarily and the consequences that disclosing this information may have on the member’s life or the lives of other members are the exclusive responsibility of the member in question.(3) the terms of any purchase will be explained on the purchase page on our website, where you will provide your billing information and confirm the particulars of your purchase.. photographs, videos, profile, lifestyle) optionally provided by the member may, under the responsibility and initiative of the member concerned, reveal the member’s ethnic origin, nationality, religion or sexual orientation. website may contain links to other websites that are not operated or controlled by humor rainbow. this paragraph includes any agreements you make on the website when you purchase the service. the terms of use set forth below are binding on all users of this website. this sensitive data is likely, under the liability of the member disseminating same, to disclose the member’s ethnic origin, nationality, religion and/or sexual orientation. however, perfect security does not exist on the internet; humor rainbow cannot and does not guarantee that any personally identifiable information provided to us will not become public under any circumstances. in some cases, we may redeem any unused license triggers ourselves prior to termination and provide you the feature(s) related thereto so you have no unused license triggers when the license period expired, although we are not obligated to do so. members are also advised to have javascript functions, cookies and pop-ups enabled. without prejudice to the provisions of the article entitled “termination”, in the event a member fails to fulfil one or more of these essential obligations, mil may terminate the contract and permanently delete the member’s account(s) on the sites and services. addition, any messages exchanged through the sites and saved by the member on its account are automatically deleted at the end of a one-year period.(2) you understand and agree that while license triggers may be described as being “purchased”, “bought”, “redeemed” or “spent”, the license triggers themselves are not real world or virtual currency and do not refer to any credit balance of real currency or its equivalent. match group is only liable for the hyperlinks it creates, and does not exercise any control over the external websites and external resources (third-party websites or mobile applications, social networks, etc. by directing your browser to this website or otherwise accessing the pages of this website, you accept these terms of use. they do not cover the contract of sale itself, but we do have a wide range of documents and packs that serve that purpose.

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