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keep in mind i have text messages where she is telling me she is going to come find me if i don’t come back to her house. i’m going to fast forward, she later loses her place to stay couch hopes for a while so she decides it’s best for him to come stay with me, my new girlfriend (now my wife) and my son that is on the way (now 3). while living with him he was (and still is) emotionally and mentally abusive to me and my son. don’t know if i’m happy or appalled to see that i am not the only father going through this hell. mom who children father is abusive and his new girlfriend is making threats of violence and he is violating his 4year restaining orderi am currently going through an custody battle nw with my children father when he is not even consistenly or at all paying any type of child support to any of his kid. not only was he raising their two, he’s raising a child she fathered with another man while they were married (and still to this day no one knows her dirty secret! came here to find d pout my rights as a mother i want my child’s father to have shared custody but i don’t aprove of his 1 friend who disrespected my wishes i kindly told her she needs to leave him alone so he can focus on being a father but she doesn’t listen together they smoke weed and party all the time wich i’m fine with at times till it becomes a thing where he skips our daughters a point men’s even goes to work late be ouse he was putting her first i fear if he can’t put his baby above his friends his friends will end up distorying the child’s relationship with me and we there dad n the drinking i don’t care for he has beat me up not ok. he was the one that even made himself look worse, mentioned he did weed while taking care of our son, and that he wants custody because he can’t afford child support. what if the dad wants primary custody, yet hasn’t offered to help pay for diapers or food? are some of the factors judges consider when making a child custody determination along with the 10 most common mistakes made by men during custody battles. he even did these threats in person, while my son was present. she has plastered all over fb pic of her smoking weed, drinking, partying, while the child is present. well our custody hearing is april 15 i know it will go in my favor with all the proof i have. if this affected your ability to provide proper care for your child, this can keep you from winning custody of your child. i just feel like i’m going to go broke over this, which is exactly what my ex said he intended on doing…putting me into poverty. or will i need to with the whole child custody thing or can we work it out on a self agreement. you know for sures that’s not all going to the baby! it took me 7 years of fighting to see its a losing battle. parents just want custody arrangements so the other parent can’t constantly blow their child off and/or only get her on days that he has to work and his new perfect girlfriend can watch our child instead of him. while living there her sister gave her a curfew at 10 pm when she was 5 minutes late she told her the kid stays here and took back the house keys. about when its the mother doing all these things, when the father was the primary caretaker of their children for 5 years, at which time the father left the mother, because of emotional, and psychological abuse, she was cheating on him, with his best friend, constantly threatened him, went through his things, accessed his electronic accounts, and demanded he do everything in the house, while she sat on facebook flirty with guys, after leaving, she violates custody orders, alienates the kids (no. but we have a modified joint parent agreement, which as you all know pretty much means she has sole custody. the mother is found in contempt of court more than 10 times, and she still has sole custody.• be aware that there is a possibility that your dating behavior during divorce could affect custody and parenting issues. your only reason as i see it is to get full custody and a steady pay check. my ex said he had something to do and left to his parents house and had me served with papers for custody. he told even had me sign a contact with him that i would get full custody and now he is saying he didnt write the part about getting the kids but i recorded him writing it. a case which might otherwise have been settled easily, amicably and inexpensively often turns into a difficult, acrimonious and very expensive battle when one of the parties starts dating. know i’m a bit late to the thread, but i’m in the same boat, and the custody battle hasn’t even started yet.

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are no guaranteed ways to win a child custody battle but avoiding the above mistakes can at least keep you in the battle. were never married and we went to court which he never showed up to, so we have no custody papers. hell no, my kids are not going to be a part of that kind of life style. many cases though, the past is not the only thing affecting a child custody battle. if someone doesn’t know better than to hit their husband or wife, do they really need custody of the kids?.was unemployed while i was pregnant and going through highschool…has no reliable vehicle lives with his parents. if you date during the divorce proceeding, your spouse will be less likely to want to settle custody and parenting time issues on a reasonable and rational basis. not to mention while he lives with this trash and their kid and don’t show up on time or at all to see our kids and thinks it’s ok to have my kids around this nasty trash.?divorce, custody, support, and visitation are not court motions/actions that consider “the best interest of the children”. a mother must be proved unfit before the court even takes into consideration the possibility of awarding a father more than visitation, while a father has to prove that he is fit. you want to lay the groundwork for a new, strong relationship while you're in a "good place" emotionally, psychologically and perhaps even financially, too. California family law attorneys explain how your dating life can affect you during your child custody battle. is that going to add fuel to a highly contested divorce? is considered alienation of affection and can have some bearing on custody. win a child custody case, you should show the judge that you wish to promote the best interest of your child. i just need a little help from him is all i ask, and for him to follow through when he says he’s going to see his son. now we are about to go through a court battle where his petition states i am unstable and i live with my ex spouse, who was supposedly abusing my son. regardless you seem hardly the fit to be a mother what if you did die while you had the kid? expect your wife to bring the judge a printout from the school that will show tardies and absences while the children are in your care. i appealed the courts decision and after a 6year court battle was apologized to by a high judge. the court made us go through mediation which completely failed because he wants residental custody. list is not exhaustive but includes some of the most common mistakes made by men during child custody battles.’s have no rights neither take it from me i have been fighting for my son for 9 years and i am still a piece of crap in the courts eyes because i used to be addicted to drugs and now cleaned for 10 years his father moved him away 2 years ago so that’s how long it has been since i seen my son but that is ok because he carries primary residents custody no is not ok what about my right. mother now request sole custody because she thinks a financial fight vs best interest of the children. contact payloader,at,tutanotadotcom he can help you get dirt on your partner and if your partner is without dirt, he is able to fabricate enough dirt on your partner to tip the battle to your end. and she was never told about the rash coming from going to bathroom so much. on another occasion, after two years without being able to see my children, my wife was working at a mattress firm, working on their computer system, and she sees my ex wife’s mother come in with my daughter, and my wife secretly called me while i was out and told me that she seen my daughter at her job and i rushed there. what are my chances of gaining custody , i want my son badly..Our son’s wife began an affair while they were still married.

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. it seems my wife is being manipulated by her sister to hold my children from seeing me because i put my wife’s mother in jail last year for leaving my children by themselves in our apartment while my wife’s mother slept upstairs in her apartment. i am umable to afford a lawyer while she jas another new boyfriend whos paying for hers while she doesnt work…i am currently om a waiting list for daycare voucher from the state of florida sono can go get a meaningless job since i am unable to do what i went to school for…im a commercial diver in jacksonville fl and in the gulf of mexico. already have a lawyer and filed for full custody but it’s been 13 days and she still hasn’t been served the papers! if a judge feels that granting you custody will put your child in an unstable environment, your chances of winning are greatly diminished. i just need to know if it is legal in the state of georgia to mention child support in a custody and visitation hearing, because child support and child custody and visitation are two separate matters in the state of georgia.. he wants out 16 year old, while our 19 year old begs him for help all the time, and he refuses to help her… it’s not all about the money in some cases. comments on “ten things you can do to sabotage your custody battle”. i am wondering what is going to happen in court this time i am not trying to take my daughter away from her mother it is just not healthy over in that house. she has repeatedly made false accusations against me, and has tried to physically attack my current fiancee during a custody exchange….! i think i’ll let her have fun with her lawyer and now the “law guardian” holding her and the kids hostage in supreme court while i sit back in bankruptcy and foreclosure. while they seen the marks on me n my child she claimed i tried to take my child. let me just say that in michigan women do not automatically get custody and they certainly don’t always get ” their way”! with the child” drank a six pack while watching the child, and admitted to not being able to wake up when the child starts crying in the middle of the night. well hes up to his old ways and has already stood her up and a few times, misses another birthday and started to threaten me that he wasgoing to have me arrarrested for not letting him see her.. his father is suing me for full custody, so he does not have to pay back child support. the attorneys at wallin & klarich have been successfully handling child custody cases for over 30 years. after going through several jobs, he finally contacts me in october 2014 and informs me he wants to see his son and that he was unstable before but isn’t now. if my daughter is going to be manipulated emotionally and psychologically, i’m recording what she says and submitting it. on the same boat he is threatning me to file for custody he suffers from depression and somkes weed his mom does drug it sucks that i dont have proof of this stuff im always afraid that he will file for custody and that court will grant 50/50 i dont want my 4 month old alone with the ever… have you resolved anything yet? mom is in a custody battle with her ex and he and his mother wont agree unless they get all the holodays and cristmas and her birthday so that leaves mum with school days and no holoday time with her can someone call me to give me advice to help mum with this court situation. have been through what can only be explained as a custody war over my daughter for the better part of two years. / articles / ten things you can do to sabotage your custody battle. good luck with your battles and i hope you win them. even he says mama going to go crazy and he is 5. i won full custody of both of my kids after 7 years of marriage. she if she gets sole custody will never allow us to see our grandson again. did not have a court order and neither parent has custody granted. it may have taken 3 yrs for me, and 14 grand, but i did win custody of my son. well, at age 50 she is now wanting to me to pay child support for another 15 years when i was thinking that i was going to save money for my retirement.

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they only alloe me to stay in there home while i take care of my divorce for free since i have been cancelled by the state for ebt assistance and daycare. feel like the dadi am reading this because i am being accused and he is going for full custody. i later dropped the domestic violence injunction bc i believe that every child needs a father…(not that he was the best one all he did was hate me and play video games) buti dropped it and y hen he leaves me homeless in fl when all myfamily is in ohio i moved with my newborn for him and he took his misery out on me the whole marriage and then his mother take my one and baby who i live for and the courts gave majority custody tohim (and his mom) bc i did not have a home i was legit homeless. this fool is asking for alimony, my house and for me to take care of him while he works and pay child support to how many kids i don’t know and refuse to care for our children.“if she hits, pushes, punches, or otherwise makes contact with you in an offensive way while she is angry, you need to call the police. it was affecting my work, i had to tell my manager what was going on,i ended up with a new job a lot more money, everything done in house, our little girl was growing great the boys were happy but again no, because i opted to tile the bathroom and go get shopping in rather than go to a communion, the boys got verbally abused, as did i, our little girl got a smack in the hand and then the next day while she was sleeping after i dropped boys at school i got a beating again so much that i had a minor concussion, i thought that this person was going to be my future and everything ok, but i cldnt take it anymore, eggshells fighting, arguing, violence, it’s not me so after that attack i left to seek advice from police etc, but because i didn’t have time off and the usual with dv that i’d end up in jail despite not ever lifting a finger…i was advised to get legal advice, i had to wait a week or 2, in that time i text her uncle, brother in law and best friend just what happened. i have tried to gain custody, she won’t hear of it. on the other hand, my daughters biological father was sent to prison while i was still pregnant with her., so, im in the middle of a modification, which was illegally pulled from our home state with uccjea jurisdiction and moved to ma by a sneaky tro and emergency orders for custody, which where dismissed, but, the ex just kept going…. he worked his butt off to put her through nursing school and then was a stay-at-home father for 6 years while she ran around having affairs and treated him like a babysitter instead of a husband. (like 50-50 custody and making the other parent be around the abusive one. in pre-trial the ex’s lawyer brought up a single incident of my 3 1/2 year old daughter missing a day of school and my daughter’s appointed lawyer and the court mediator both said “if ciara is going to miss school while at her father’s then she should not be staying with him”. if your current relationship only leads you to disparage the other parent, this can keep you from winning your custody battle in court. but we were left with this horrible tragedy that left us suffering with the pain left without our son to bury him and never see him again and all the sudden we’re going through a process in suing the police who killed our son and all the sudden this girl that comes it back in the picture and claims she has a kid from my son now that he’s gone and the kid was born on february 27th 2014 butt she was saying and telling my son that the ex-boyfriend of her first child was the father and that’s why she kicked him out and come to find out the guy went to jail and she was trying to get child support from this guy and the guy wanted a paternity test and come to find out it was not the father so now during this whole time with fighting for justice for my son and sewing the police she comes in the picture and tries to say the child is my son’s and that messes up my whole case now because now there’s a child involved that my son never knew about so i’m really upset and really sad because if it is my son’s child i would want to be a part of my son’s child but she refuses to have anything to do with me and i think she would play games with the child and our family and i think she’s in it for the money which i don’t care about the money i just want justice for my son but why would she do this now that i’m trying to fight a battle so hard to fight and she made it even harder now i don’t know what to do. i served his dad with custody papers, since we were never married, there was nothing ever in the courts who was custodial parent. my ex has custody of my two daughters, and my oldest one has been completely alienated from me. my fiancé left me a month ago we been together for 11 years and i have three kids but the two smallest one is his we been rocky and haven’t had any sex or any loving since october i will ask him if he was seeing someone but deny it all the time he started coming late from work saying is events and so on since he left he block me of instagram facebook and i found out he was talking to a girl anyways i took him to child support and for custody it would of been different if we talked or care for the boys so child support i took him now he is complaining he cant get the kids cause he has no money cause i took to him to child support but found out he is living with this big girl he took the car and we having a court date for custody in a week so he claims he cant get them due to law so he hasn’t called them or came to see them and its hard for me cause i suffer with the kids everyday from taking them to school and doctors apt espically my youngest he has a disability and he says i put family before him and i was never there for him all lies and he is a coward i’m so hurt that i even have to go through this and don’t jnow what to do next. i reported her to dcf, sherrif, she became abusive with multiple vidoe evidence, we separated and shared custody for 6 months until she moved in someone that jus gor out of prison, had 2 children fostered out then adapted bc of child abuse, i came by to get my lil girl and she attached me. she told me that she was going to get a restraining order against me. my son will be 5 soon and the father was recently awarded 50/50 custody even after his “priors” which i was not aware of until i started looking into. 3 weeks after her firsr court appearance with supervised visitation i go over her custody agrrements and case against her..I was recently subpoenaed by my ex, in a custody hearing, however i was not prepared with my lawyers, and he won, during this i was and am in the middle of my wedding, should i go on with my wedding,or cancel.’re best bet is to call cps and tell them what is going on. i feel that this will most likely become a custody battle as he is threatening to do this.      did the relationship begin while you were still married or during the divorce process? in light of these experiences, here's my compassionate and informed advice if you're thinking about jumping back into the dating scene, and perhaps even if you hear wedding bells ringing in your near future:• if you've started your divorce process, honestly evaluate how your separation or divorce is going. of him in their house, they dont mention him, text mesaaages have been sent to him saying they are going to tell the kids daddy doesnt love them anymore, police wont stop the harassment, or bullying, even though in his state its a felony, he has no.’m in a custody battle and my daughter just informed me that she sleeps between her daddy and his attorney. he is trying to fight for full custody that means like 5 days out the week and including every weekend.

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  • 4 Mistakes Often Made During a Child Custody Battle

    .so since ive dropped the charges last year my wife’s sister is trying to manipulate her to use my chikdren as a divorce weapon against me, and yet when i do get my kids and hear my kids tell me that when they tell my ex that they wana call me to talk to me they tell me she says no…and to go play while shes on her ipad going through facebook. my husband works a lot and is away and i the step parent cares for the child while he is done . while goint to court dates for parenting time, he has still been using drugs and alcohol, even with an alcohol monitor on! i am currently going through a divorce and my husband, who still lives in the house, is going off every weekend and leaving his kids behind so he can be with his girlfriend and her kids. maybe if my father had gotten custody of us my sister wouldn’t have ended up pregnant out of wedlock at age 18. i finally filed for divorce, and a petition for temporary sole custody until they examine her case properly but the department of revenue still wants someone to pay, i have left bags of clothes, diapers, toothpaste brushes, cups, medication for cold n coughs, all to find out she has been taking back over half the stuff to the stores..she has since lost custody of my 11 yr old stepdaughter who i raised since she was 2yrs old and inhave been the only man she has ever called dad now lives with her grandma in colorado and she is not allowed to speak to her sisters per grandma… oh and here is a fun one. i just don’t want my baby girl tossed around like a rag doll from home to home, then when i go to get her on my day “no, sorry but you knocked on my door, and she is not ready, despite us agreeing on this time and place to get her, i’m going to slam the door in your face then call the police and claim harassment”, yeah. i had a no v contact prportction order full custody and he had supervised visits he never once did …. that could result in her obtaining emergency orders restricting or terminating your parenting time or custody. a half a dozen times he would not disclose her whereabouts to my daughter for days, while my daughter frantically called and texted to try to find her! i completely understand that there are good fathers out there, and bad mothers, and even good fathers and mothers that actually work out 50/50 custody. mom who children father is abusive and his new girlfriend is making threats of violence and he is violating his 4year restaining orderi am currently going through an custody battle now with my children father when he is not even consistently or at all paying any type of child support to any of his kid. if you behave as though the judge were standing next to you each time you interact with the children or their mother, you will certainly avoid the pitfalls that will reduce your custody chances. can i go to the court’s and ask for custody? call the police for a custody violation, then file an emergency ex-parte to inform the judge of the violation., i am scouring the web to get ready, for going to court with my ex. father is not trying to get physical custody of his children. live in a county where the judge just wants to give the custody to the fathers. i don’t know what’s going to happen… i’m trying to get physical joint conservatorship. that said, nowadays the greater majority of courts want equal custody between parents. cps granted me an emergency custody order and three days later it was overturned by the judge during the hearing. they’ve ben separated for several years and now is financially able to pay go a lawyer to start the divorce and custody battle. do you think i am going to get it, no way, the court wil decide and give it to her as it is the best interest that the child stay with the mother. everything i do is wrong, even going to a movie. low and behold what happens she files paperwork at the end of july which makes it where i can’t enroll him here because her lawyer is pushing for her to have physical custody. after a meeting with cps i of course went to the courts and filed paperwork to gain full-custody. we agreed on 50/50 ( i knew she would because she doesn’t like being a mom) but if she is going to put my kid around someone like that with the poor judgement shouldn’t i go for more custody?.The parent who has the most involvement in the child’s daily life usually has an advantage in winning a child custody case.

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    the judge over our custody case has not even heard the testimony of the girl yet or anything else we have to present in court — we have been waiting a year now. have a question if dfs has taken your children and they want to give the grandparents rights to adopt what do i need to do to show myself so i can fight this battle. but parents should have equal custody if they both equally contributed equally to the children’s upbringing. your new relationships will not directly affect your ability to win a child custody battle, the courts are always looking out for the best interest of your child. frequently, children will simply refuse to spend time with you if your friend is going to be there when the parenting time takes place. it involves figuring out a new plan for your child’s life, while probably trying to handle the stress that inevitably comes with your divorce proceedings. i assure there are issues going on such as anger, living situation, financial stability, and unfortunately if parents are/have just split… its the taking the child out of their comfort zone and known habit. (well you all know this is not going to happen right, he has lost his mind). now that he came across an new young dumb female thats going to settle for his hot mess causes im not putting up with it. i lost my daughter’s custody to my ex’s parents! why does it take so long to deem one parent at least residential custody? if you feel such a situation is going to occur, you should attempt to leave the area. may have considered dating while in the midst of a divorce, but doing so can create many risks. as you and the courts try to determine child custody and parenting time for your children, you may think the court’s decision is based on what happened in the past, during your marriage. while a divorce is pending, and for many months thereafter, a person goes through tremendous emotional and psychological changes. here the start of this year i knew he would be going to preschool starting a couple months ago i felt bad told her we will split the month him spend 2 weeks there and 2 weeks with me ti’ll school starts. my daughter’s grandparents on her mother’s side then also decided that they wanted custody too, and counter-sued me and my daughter’s mom. there is so much more, but she filed child support to back door her way to establishing full custody, dcf has had 6 cases in 9 months opened against her. until the divorce is final-and even for a while after-do not expose the children to a new woman. i’ve had full-custody for over a year, and my daughter actually started kindergarten this week! i’m going thro my divorce the judge give us a share custody of are daughter but i have a family member sick out of state what can i do the school start back in few days an probably i have to stay there for few weeks can i take my daughter with me or can i live her with my ex ? are you scared your going to loss your pay check. i advise that if you know your partner will be a better parent you shoul not do such but if your partner seems to be the one to win custody and you are sure your child will be better off with you as you can teach him better values and morals then you should not waste a second. recent times, the trend is starting to become secretely sabotaging your partner in order to ensure that you win custody. i feel he is going to try to take me to court for her. my wife has the child while this situation is pending until the 21st of this month. mom lied to my daughter about all of this stuff, even though people have been arrested in front of her, she labeled this stuff and had to stay with her grandma while mom was in jail, (cops never told me about it to come get her. his mother is in and out of his life sometimes going months without contact. the decision to date during the divorce could tip the scale in favor of the other parent in a custody battle.
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      son is going through a similar situation,in this case him and his wife have two children,whom the wife hasn’t let my son see in almost 2 years,she cheated on him had a child with this other man who is a policeman,my son has always tried to be an active part of his kids life but she is a bitter and hate-filled person who is using my grandchildren as pawns because she knows my son loves his children unconditional with all his heart and soul. because girlfriends/ new spouses we can’t do anything about it besides vent about what we see is going on with the legal system allowing these woman to consistently get over. a new relationship while still legally tied to your spouse is considered an extramarital affair. because, she was going to take care of her two adult children. put bluntly, judges and experts who assist the court in making custody and parenting time determinations are not impressed with a person who dates during a divorce. she and my son have joint custody, an soon is will be time for my grandson to go to school, and the court has appointed a gal, three months ago and has done nothing yet. heart goes out to both mothers and fathers going this i hope the link i provied helps you. so when i got with her she took me to her moms house and while we where there she found child helper papers and papers for showing up to court and the 60 days where up cause her mom hid the papers and never told her nothing. went thru a lengthy custody battle w/my sons father(whom i never married). ex wifemy husband has joint custody of his two boys and their mother has custodial but they have lived here with him and went to school here before and after the divorce e! make sure to say you are “more than willing to take care of her”(custody) but if that is an issue a heroine addict willing to sell her for sex to strangers would be more bemoficial and give her a better chance for a future. she hits, pushes, punches, or otherwise makes contact with you in an offensive way while she is angry, you need to call the police. now that he came across an new young dumb female thats going to settle for his hot mess causes i am not putting up with it.» 5 things you must do to prepare for a custody dispute: part 1» 5 things you must do to prepare for a custody dispute: part 2» 5 things you must do to prepare for a custody dispute: part 3» 5 things you must do to prepare for a custody dispute: part 5» does my child have a say in the child custody or visitation order. she would have to actually call them first… im currently going through my divorce with her and i feel thr only reason she is even calling (which she is still failing to call at the time we have agreed toisnall for show causeshe had not spoke to them or seen them since november 2016 its now april 2017) is cause she got surved witj divorce papers otherwise she would more than likely still have not called. but after moving out, i went and cleared my head,done well at work got a new flat for me and my sons, then i ended up working in my exs area so i had text about a catching a coffee, i still loved her and i knew i wanted her in my life… she refused numerous times until one day she text about mail i got and we ended up going for a meal and then dated regularly so much that, we were together again, i was so happy, things going well, boys were happy she was there, but there was the odd occasion where shed shout argue about stupid stuff, i told her everything would be fine i gave her engagement ring back and told her i loved her and we would get married. the decision to live with someone while a spousal support case is pending could cost you many tens of thousands of dollars over the duration of the spousal support award. doesn’t this fall under some kind of respect or not following something i let him call the kids anytime you wants to let him take him whenever he wants to even if it’s not his weekend if he has something going on with his family i let him take him and i feel like he does this just to hurt me. we separated for a month and i stayed and worked on our marriage while watching her manipulate the systems in every way, from medicad fraud, getting her son adhd medication to sell or trade for more drug, child abuse, vulgar, bi polar, complete 180 of the person i thought i married. we (his parents) will be here to help him with childcare while he works, so he has a very strong support team. my son will be filling for divorce and full custody rights of his kids and we(his family and friends) will help him get through this. they don’t award you full custody, i lose all faith in the legal system. have a son trying to get full custody of his son. my wife and i are going through a seperation but not a divorce and we have a 4 yr old girl and a 5 yr okd boy. she said that she was going to a “party” at 10pm and then didn’t come back until the next day around 7:30am. it’s who ever has the child has physical custody until one is granted custody. my attorney who raped me financially turned around and said well you didn’t lose custody and i looked and him and said was that really ever in question., custody and parenting may be negatively impacted if your new boyfriend or girlfriend has a questionable past. told me that i would have to come by myself to see my children, at first that was okay, until i got married and it just wasn’t appropriate and it wasn’t right for me to be having interruptions while trying to spend time with my children, she even tried to seduce me a couple of times, and would get mad when i would reject her.
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      so when my child kept asking why she wasn’t going home, and why she was enrolled in school with me and why mom hasn’t been aloud to call here, and why she was going to be living with me, should i have told her the truth and showed her the police records, news headlines and mug shots while telling her that her mommy is still a good person, just confused and didn’t know what to do so she lied about all of this and wouldn’t have done it if she knew she would have to give her daughter up to me? questionsgrandparent vistation with partial custodyadult childrenwhat do i need to know about grandparent visitation rights? this is a sure way to reflect a lack of self-control which will likely result in losing your custody battle. battles and jealousyi am hearing from all these comments lots of jealousy and entitlement. she *thank god* did order that my ex husband undergo psychosexual evaluations but while we wait for the results she is giving him unsupervised access to our 7yr old daughter. i was blown away about how well she had manipulated not only me but the system bc she was getting 0 a month food stamps child support along with remaining single when we were married, out of the bond n vows of marriage i did what ever i could to support her snd make sure that my unborn child was going to be ok with the medications i found out she was taking. need some help…so i have taken my daughters mother to court for custody because she does not let me see her. i then filed for an ex parte emergency custody order in the county where i live, where all original jurisdiction for custody is, and it was granted. he wanted custody to be 50/50 we alternate weeks, he doesn’t have a sitter and refuses to go to day cares with me (we have conflicting schedules i work from 4pm to 2am at the latest and he works 7am to 5pm) but the he says “lawyer up” i want at all costs to avoid court because i want him to have time with her and i know how unfair the court system can sometimes be, but what worries me is me haveing tuesdays and wednesdays off is somewhere down the line they will give him every weekend when she’s in school that leaves just the school days where she’s two tired or to cranky to spend any real quality time with me. judges do not appreciate children being exposed to significant others while a divorce is proceeding. while the reason for this higher divorce rate is unknown, it could be that some of these second marriages got off to a rocky start, because the ex-spouses didn't deal with the emotional impact of their divorce, and aren't really ready for another relationship -- at least, not yet. yes i look down upon anyone that lies just to get custody, it’s really the children’s well being that matters, and if both parents can work it out then that’s great. bottom line is l would like custody of my son , i’m self employed ( a 2 man crew in a wood working shop in brooklyn ny ). i am trying to retain majority custody, since i am the one who takes her to school, doctor appts, zoos, beach, pool, and play dates with her friends. and while i'd never want to throw cold water on a budding romance, i have some words of wisdom that i'd like to share.’ve never went thru a battle with my own child. now she’s going to hold on until we go to court and i don’t know when i will get to see my daughter. also, do you think the judge is going to grant permanency to the sole custody order under all these grounds if my child is already 3 weeks into her school year here if mom was changing schools anyway? he is trying to fight for full custody that means like 5 days out the week and including every weekend. paul wallin prides himself in going the extra mile to put his clients at ease especially when they are facing allegations of criminal misconduct and are stressing over it. we are not married but i would like to obtain full physical and sole custody of my child please help dads! your children will be less likely to want to be in your custody and will be less likely to want to spend time with you if you do not have custody. now i’m getting a lawyer and will be fighting for full custody. are fighting for full custody due to not taking proper care of both kids. i just want to warn people how bad custody wars can get. i don’t know if i should rush to filing for a divorce while things are civil or wait to see if things can work out. i was going there 4-5 a week and built a report with the clerks and the judges so by the time our cases we're seen the judge knew how invested i was and knew my position. meanwhile, he is a loving and wonderful father (and partner). i believe he should attempt to get full custody of the girls.
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