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that way you don't have to worry over visitation and he won't pay child support. that way you don't have to worry over visitation and he won't pay child support. worst relationship fear came true -- she announced that she was pregnant with his child, conceived about one week before he and i met. even if he was in their life, he would only likely teach your child to be mean and abusive jsut like he is and that is not any way for a child to live. i caught his current girlfriend looking at him, looking at me. i wonder if your hesitation is based on knowing the emotions of becoming a parent. it seems hard now, but there really is a better guy out there for you. know this hurts like hell to hear, but this guy doesn't really sound like someone you would want in your child's life. Learn how to get your family back together with this epic resource. the thing is - we had unprotected sex for a year. posted: 9/11/2012 1:39:07 amlook at it like this, the situation that youre referring to will be over soon, and then youll have a great guy."i saw an ex of mine from a decade or so ago at an airport, as i was taking a flight home from an international work trip. but her daughter (older now) is a really beautiful, vibrant spirit. it just made me feel really good about myself that the breakup she'd initiated (over text after two years together) had left her doing much worse than it had me. they had been broken up for a while but remained friends. you might also be having some concerns about the fact a one-night stand resulted in a pregnancy and if unprotected sex was a frequent part of his sexual history. other than that, "do his dad thing" ended with the wet trail running down the crack of her azz about 8 months ago, basically.

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you will continue to cling to that guy, hoping against hope that he will return and this other monster who replaced him will go away. - in re-reading your post, it doesn't seem like you are in a relationship with this man, merely considering initiating one. long time ago, when i was your age (actually, even younger), my best friend had a baby under similar circumstances. i have chosen to stay with my partner/husband despite the fact that we sometimes have horrible fights and that he has explosive angry outbursts. if he isn't savvy enough to figure it out yet, his lawyer will tell him to get a paternity test (unless, of course, both parents are willing to attest that the unfortunate lil' [email protected] is his). his face when he boarded the plane and saw me, happily sitting in first class with a bourbon in my hand, was priceless. it will be a long road emotionally and being a single parent is no joke. every time you think of getting back with him, think of him hitting your innocent baby. he doesn't have to go round her house and stay in, as long as the new born is wrapped up well it should just be like any other single dad taking his baby. posted: 9/11/2012 12:30:04 pmhas the guy told u wat will happen after this woman gives birth to his child? guy is your first and only love, and he may always be your first, but he won't always be the only, and that's a good thing. the drama that's likely to ensue because of it - the constant child support and child custody court battles as well as the personal drama of fighting over endless nonsense for the next 18+ years over the kids' every move - makes my brain bleed profusely. this is especially do since he also has anxiety and ptsd."i have an ex who is dying to get into the industry i work in. once you're back on your feet and feeling (and looking! my ex was sitting at a table with his new girlfriend near the bar and i waited until i was served and then looked about. the record tho it was a 1 night stand when they found out she was pregnant they tryed the couple thing and didnt even last a couple of weeks.

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but it would take a great deal of effort and commitment on both sides to keep this going. my ex walked by -- he is now a mall cop. you would have to accept that you're not his first priority. i can definitely understand your hesitation in this situation, im sure id feel the same way. you have a chance to start fresh and clean,but you are clinging to this guy. and he would have to be devoted enough to get to know you while he's learning how to be a dad. having a safe place to live should be your first priority. you are also likely thinking he will return to his senses after awhile, especially once you have the baby- dump this new woman (whom he is probably being like he was to you at first) and plead forgiveness, say he was just stupid and scared and made a huge mistake. if that's accurate, and if you decide to go ahead, then do so knowing that his whole world will change in a matter of weeks and he can't know today how that will affect him. i found out a month after i broke it off that i was pregnant. really hope you will make the right choice for you and your baby <3. i believe there's a way he can sign over his paternity rights. you might be thinking about him not just being supportive of his one night stand in the labor room but also experiencing that rush of emotions when that child is placed in his arms. it hurts that he doesn't even care that i'm pregnant, because at one point he wanted this. i wouldn't date him because i don't want to raise his baby, but if you are okay with the diapers and bottles and potty training (if things get serious) go right ahead, he may be a great catch who just made a bad decision one night., we have been having some issues as he is under an enormous amount of stress and has been emotionally unavailable. you might determine after thinking things through that this man has enough changes coming for you to be involved with but that's a choice only you can assess.

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"my ex told me probably one of the most hurtful comments of my life due to the nature of our relationship. i think cautiously aware might be the best plan for a little while until some of these unknowns are less uncertain.. listen:if your serious about this man, go meet that womanand have lunch with her before you think he is some innocent victim, after allif your going to be with him, you are going to be around her and even sharing your home and your mans money ( because of his kid (s) ) with her. i would be laying in his bed waiting for him to get back from the strip club, even though it killed me. i am sure though that once he sees the baby (even in a picture), he will be developing a sense of pride that he now, actually already have a baby of his own. would this woman want to have a kid with some guy after she slept with him for one night?.do you want a guy who has a newborn and is absent from him/her? the truth is that abusers don't change without serious long term help and a true desire to do so. seems like you've made up your mind to keep the baby. now i miss him badly as a friend, but i don't feel the same desperation to get back together with him as i did for the past month, and i think i may finally be 'over him. if the mother was a supposed "one night stand," then this means these two aren't that close and will have a lot less tolerance for bullsh*t from each other. posted: 9/12/2012 10:42:58 pmi understand j_bird61 from what i understand he tryed when he found out she was pregnant she wasnt interested pretty much told him to go away and she since has a new boyfriend. also after the baby is born, what if he has a change of heart and decides that maybe for the sake of the child he should try to work out things with this woman to give the baby a healthy home. he said he'll never look at this kid like his own and that i'm only having this kid to ruin his life. there will be better, more deserving men in your future who will love you and your child. because for me it would be a bad thing, but everyone is different. if he hits you, sooner or later he will hit your kid, that's just the way it is.

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like yeah, sure, i'll just give you, a person i would not extinguish were you on fire, a leg up into the kind of job i worked my ass off to get. everything was pretty much perfect for the first six weeks -- so perfect that we actually discussed a potential future down the road, including children. can see this as negative, but its just the reality of your situation.'s always your choice, but i want to put a few things out there."i invited a friend of mine to my birthday party, not realizing that she was dating my ex at the time. view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater.'re not exactly the best version of yourself after a breakup: you're crying all the time. a one night stand is never an ex, ex requires an actual relationship be established. we had sex one time in november, the last time before we broke up, and that's what got me pregnant. truth is you are choosing a terrible, difficult life for yourself and your child. there's not a doubt in my mind that i'm not keeping this baby. people who ran into their exes and handled it like a boss.? do you not think " a great guy" would/should be doing something other than pursuing another lady while one other one is carrying his child to full term,,,,no matter the reason for the pregnancy? make it entertainingjoined: 7/17/2009msg: 8dating a guy with a pregnant ex? this to me is an issue ( i think) i usually date guys with kids rather than guys without but say we were together and my partner was going into another womans labor room when baby is born and then him going to her house to visit this little new baby. posted: 9/11/2012 6:28:57 ami should step back for a while let him do his dad thing and see how that turns out before i let this person into my life."i was at the mall with my current boyfriend, who has been my best friend for years (and my ex met him a few times).

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it also means he's going to have to be in this other woman's life as well. i have never been in your situation, but my sister was once in a horrible relationship that sounds very similar to what you experienced. so i think you need to do everything you can to get this guy out of your life and create a stable happy place to raise your child. my fiancé is tall, slender with glasses and wears a suit to work and this was a friday afternoon. i would literally cater to him - make him breakfast, pack his lunch, make him dinner, wash and fold his laundry. i would also question the 'one night of drunken sex' story. experience has the potential to bring you a lot of strength and wisdom, i think."once i ran into an ex at a grocery store. wondering if i should persue a relationship with him and try to get over my own insecurities or if i should step back for a while let him do his dad thing and see how that turns out before i let this person into my life. remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. after all, you are going to be the mother of his child and he will see that and want to do the right thing and fall in love with this child. you can either choose to be a an untrusting selfish person and try to keep him from her and the child, or you can do the opposite and support him (he might need that you know) and encourage him to have a relationship with the baby (you know..Motown_cowgirljoined: 12/22/2011msg: 6dating a guy with a pregnant ex?"i started speaking to my ex again very casually a couple of months ago. keep in mind though, pregnancy is easy to prevent; so the impending fatherhood may indicate this man is careless with his health. posted: 9/11/2012 7:25:45 amdate a guy with a pregnant one night stand is more like it.) your best, it's clear why you'd want to see your ex again, especially if he or she was the one who initiated the breakup.

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not all abusive people with anger issues want to change.' when i saw him recently, i was pregnant and out with my husband buying a playstation 4. he wants to be in the childs life and i dont in any way blame him he is fantastic with kids and would be a great dad. that is something you can work with, because sometimes our minds/hearts are like puzzles that, to a certain extent, we can actually solve and improve. he is indeed the father of this child, that basically trumps you and any relationship you might have with him. he will likely teach a son to act this same way towards women and for a daughter to see that this is how women are treated. doesn't it kinda make u wonder, why he didn't wear a condom that one night let alone, y he didn't tell this woman to have an abortion or why after a one night stand she's having a baby of some guy? i think you should take the remainder of your pregnancy to weigh the pros and cons of having him back in your life if ever he tried to come crawling back. sometimes reality sucks and is a tough pill to swallow. not a good idea, but some women need first hand experience in how to not take on otherspeoples problems and bring them smack into their lives.) my brother informed me that my ex has put all of the weight that he lost back on while i have gone on to hit and maintain my goal weight for the past year.'re not exactly the best version of yourself after a breakup: You're crying all the time.'d suggest seeing an abuse counselor at the very least so that you can understand the cycle of abuse and remove yourself from it. i think your insecurities, him in her labor room, should be the last thing concerning you. you are young and believe it or not your entire life is ahead of you. on sunday, redditors on the ask women board shared their most satisfying post-split run-ins with their exes. if this child is his and he's not gonna support this kid, he's not worth pursuing cuz he's shying away from his responsibilities.

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i had a quick look at your profile to see if you have children of your own. it seems from your post that this is a new relationship for you both and so maybe, this is a situation where you try and identify your concerns, be mindful that some very big changes are going to happen in the next few weeks and that no one can predict how that will affect your partner. i told him i was pregnant and he tried convincing me to get an abortion. view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. next to him, my ex looked like garbage and knew it. international travel means business class, or first if no business is available. it sounds like pressing for it could put you and your child at risk. anyway, we spoke, and she was repeating the year and wasn't seeing anyone, while i'd graduated and was writing my thesis, and i'm currently engaged to an awesome lady who is the best person i know.. because he's the father), and trust that his interest in the woman is only for the sake of the child. you can't do that, then walk away now and let him get on with his life without your drama weighing him down. i believe there's a way he can sign over his paternity rights. while they're not perfect, self help books can be thought-provoking. you do not want this kind of man for your baby's father. posted: 9/11/2012 5:47:37 amhe had a 1 night stand while drunk and got a girl pregnant she is due in a month or so . we had unprotected sex for a year and nothing happened. from the sounds of it, he won't keep the girl he is with for long and very well may come back to you begging for forgiveness. would run so far and so fast i'd need my shadow fedex'd to me the next day.

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photographer to view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. he's gonna be changing diapers and spoon-feeding smashed carrots every other weekend and that'll interfere with your time together as a happy couple? of this makes him a bad guy - it simply makes for some uncertainty. but by the time the baby is born op you will have only been dating a month, you wont have much say. 1 of 1    ok so i met this guy a while ago he added me on facebook via mutual friends and we chatted here and there for a long while we had mutual interests so we met and he seems like such a nice guybuthe had a 1 night stand while drunk and got a girl pregnant she is due in a month or so . find a supportive environment for yourself and do not return to any abusive environments! i've got to get myself a new dictionary, cause i can't for the life of me find the definition of "great guy" that matches this guy of which you describe. don't expect this man to be able to commit to you for a while and that is no reflection of his character but a circumstance caused by his situation. my ex is with someone else and has been dating her for over a month now. what you need to do right now it take care of yourself, take care of your child and get counseling. usually date guys with kids rather than guys without but say we were together and my partner was going into another womans labor room when baby is born and then him going to her house to visit this little new baby. i really care about his man and am willing to accept his child into our lives, is it to my benefit to continue on with the break and see what happens?"my brother shared a college course recently with an ex of mine so this is a slightly vicarious story. he could change his mind down the road and try to gain custody. are you going to feel comfortable with your child having this man as a role model?) anyone who's ever known someone with this disorder knows how incredibly verbally abusive they can get. you and they will live with this for the rest of your life.

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the more i think about it the more i just know it is not something i want to deal with. posted: 9/11/2012 5:10:25 amhe had a 1 night stand while drunk is that his version of the story, or is that your version of his version of the story? people who ran into their exes and handled it like a boss. abusers have been known to try to kill their pregnant girlfriends/exes. once you get there, settle in, and then look around for what's next. you just have to ask yourself if this guy is worth it to you. hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing. out why he really wants the break and then decide whether you both have it in you to take on this struggle together. it can seem like some kids are determined to get to this earth! would you have a problem with him visiting female friends at their home without you? your ex might have just said that he won't care for the baby because of the frustrations and negativity on his part too. would u be able to get into a relationship with him now and then he has a sudden change of heart after the baby is born, will u be able to pick urself up and move on?"i love lisa simpson, and when i grow up, i'm going to marry her. then it leads to, what's that say about his commitment level. he had also gotten some of his shit together, and i'm genuinely happy for him because he's a good dude who just happened to be an inconsistent childish mess when i knew him, but he was in the checkout with a rotisserie chicken and wearing sweats and i thought to myself, 'i won that totally-not-a-showdown. dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. you do not want this, do everything you can to prevent it.

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i decided to stay with him as i saw something incredible in this guy and was willing to stand by his side and support him. you might as well make the best of the situation otherwise it's going to be a really bad experience for all of you. wish you strength to build a happy life for you and your baby, just remember baby is your priority now, not this guy. what i'm saying is i can completely understand loving an abusive person."on saturday i looked awesome and was genuinely having a good, not-lonely time with the friends i'd been neglecting while i was dating my ex. i don't understand what god is trying to do here. that a baby is about to be brought into the world in less than a month or so? a brand new dad has a lot more to concentrate on than you, with a pregnant ex i would assume his time will be very limited. if the dna test is positive, his discretionary income will then drop to near-zero as he is forced by the courts and perhaps wage garnishment to financially support the unwanted spawn of a drunken fuckfest until said love child reaches the age of majority, but only if *she* isn't smart enough to give the child up for adoption. don't push for child support, don't put his last name on the birth certificate, i would cut ties 100%. ive told him im not interested so it really isnt such an issue but it does interest me how people would deal with this situation. and that will both help heal your heart, and give you a lot of power back. it sounds like pressing for it could put you and your child at risk. times are desperate and running into your ex is the last thing you want to happen., i would resist beginning a relationship with him at the moment only because the man is going to have all sorts of emotions to sort through when his child is born and i wouldn't want to be the woman confusing him even more at this time. feel kind of selfish but when a guy already has kids most of that stuff is over with they pick their kids up dont have to sit around this persons house to spend time with the baby. he had a one night stand and got someone pregnant dont know what the birth control situation like that but hey he played in the big leagues and now its time to step up and be a man, i would wave this one good bye and find someone else who is actually looking to spend one on one time with you instead of some dyck following his dyck.

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