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"it's so weird everyone worships the altar of the great fico," ramsey said on his radio show recently. dave ramsey is known for anything, it's his insistence that people need to minimize their debt -- and, ideally, never get into debt in the first place. thing that is hard to argue with, dave ramsey’s approach to personal finance has caused a lot of people who would have been poor or mediocre with their own money to become above average with their money. dave ramsey gets rightramsey, the investment advice and financial planning guru, gives his radio show listeners and book readers sage financial planning advice in many ways but he gives some poor advice on mutual funds.

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just want to say that dave ramsey really impressed me with that comment. does dave ramsey offer scholarships or financial assistance to those who may not even have $. advice ramsey dishes out in his many books and on the dave ramsey show is concrete, sometimes harsh and always helpful. you have a part-time job and are having trouble making ends meet, ramsey suggests getting creative and using your talents to string together other side jobs to supplement your finances -- that's the advice he gave a caller on his radio show who was having trouble supporting his family with a .

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i have read dave’s books, (checked out from the library), visited his web page and was really interested in learning more, however, i cannot afford to pay for his help.  when i wrote the post i intended to focus more on the fact that dave ramsey had built the house without any debt of any kind, and wanted to hold it up as an example of living a financially responsible life. dave ramsey made the purchase of an extremely large house and subsequently, a few other people have made a judgement about mr. a person has or is thinking of contributing to dave ramsey’s wealth, then it does become his business.

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were other comments that i think were extremely judgmental, that were assuming the worst about ramsey and essentially saying that he was making money off the misery of others and that he wasn't a good witness for christ., with regard to mutual funds in specific, dave ramsey's investment philosophies are bordering on dangerous. i am a dave ramsey fan, but just because dave writes why he bought the big house does not make it true – i think and it is my opinion he is justifying it. on the web, you can check out this article on the blog, bad money advice, ten things dave ramsey got wrong.

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FinderShare21k tweet95 pin45 +135 share10 emailshares 21ka few months ago i published a post about how financial guru dave ramsey had built a beautiful new multi-million dollar home in an upscale neighborhood in tennessee. things dave ramsey says you should do with your money in 2015. you've been saving money, trying to get out of debt, investing in mutual funds or you just like listening to talk radio, dave ramsey needs no introduction. being a ramsey fan of many years (but a “christ fan” for many more), i found myself agreeing with both sides of this rather interesting “debate”.

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will refrain from saying whether dave ramsey is doing what god wants him to do or not. awesome is it that dave ramsey posted a comment on your blog? more on the topic of stewardship and using wealth for his kingdom, check out dave ramsey's new course:The legacy journey by dave ramsey. i was an early listener of his personal finance radio show (dating back to the mid-90's) and i own the first printing of his now famous book, financial peace, which remains on my shelf to this day.

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ramsey’s kind of money, i’d fund worthwhile ministries."go to where you can afford," ramsey explained in an interview with cnn last april. of contents1 dave ramsey comments on his house, his debt philosophy, giving2 good stewardship3 wealth and things as tools used for his kingdom4 importance of prayer and seeking god's will5 god can use the wealthy and the poor6 humility and our need for prayer7 conclusion8 related dave ramsey resources. i regularly read online financial websites, borrow library books, and attend free seminars and use other resources offered by my credit union.

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we rounded up six of the best financial tips dave ramsey offered last year to help you start getting 2015 on track.  i thought it was pretty cool that ramsey was practicing what he preaches, and was living a cash only lifestyle. if you can't afford the tuition needed to attend a private or out-of-state school, ramsey argues it's better to be realistic and choose a school that's within your budget. ramsey's 4-fund mix: overlap reduces diversificationin the dave ramsey mutual fund investment strategy, he urges investors to hold 4 mutual funds in their 401(k) or ira -- one growth fund, one growth & income fund, one aggressive growth fund and one international fund.

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dave ramsey ministry is worthy, tithes his taxable income, teaches basic financial common sense and has worked for many people to get out of financial misery . but, as ramsey told the caller: "you do not want to be this clueless five years from now."you need to understand, a car payment is a way to ensure that you stay broke," ramsey told his radio show listeners. i find it interesting that some people consider dave ramsey’s house to be wasteful and bad stewardship but some of those same people would consider someone a great person if they gave all their money to the homeless and ex-convicts.

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sure to use diverse fund categories: this is at the root of the dave ramsey portfolio weakness. or not you agree with ramsey's decision to build such a large house, i think there are things to be learned from this situation, such as our need for christ, the importance of prayer and god's guidance in our lives, and our need to be justified only in christ, and not in the eyes of others through our money and possessions. who cares if dave ramsey built a huge home with cash? you might not have enough money to cover a car purchase -- and you tell yourself a car is essential -- ramsey strongly cautions his listeners against accumulating auto loan debt, especially if they're already struggling to pay their current bills.

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all you really need is a good mutual fund research site and remember to look for low expense ratios as well as good long-term performance history (at least 5 years). dave ramsey’s choice of home is only illustrative of a deeper value. how to choose the best funds for yourself: dave ramsey helps beginners at the very minimum by encouraging them to invest in mutual funds but he gives very little detail about how to choose the best funds.’m not sure where you are getting the idea that i’m envious and jealous of ramsey and his success?

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also, be sure to use no-load funds, rather than the a share (loaded) funds dave suggests on his website. am totally debt-free christian who has not used any dave ramsey materials so i am not too familiar with his methods. this video to your website by copying the code below. ramsey, which incidentally, i thought christians were instructed not to do.

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  ramsey touches on the importance of prayer, and seeking god's will for your life and the resources he has entrusted you with. he was cordial, polite, accommodating, and showed a spirit of humility. gobankingrates on twitter:Leading personal finance and consumer banking website."the problem is you're getting on the wrong side of this," ramsey told one radio show caller.

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dave ramsey's 4-fund mix includes only one asset type; there are only stock funds, no bond funds or cash (money market or stable value). ramsey's advice on mutual funds gets a few key aspects wrong. was thinking about closing the comments on the discussion because it was starting to devolve a bit, when dave ramsey himself decided to stop by and comment on the discussion to shed some light on the situation. this tweet to your website by copying the code below.

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 this general respect of dave ramsey, combined with extensive financial services background and mutual funds expertise, makes me qualified to provide some insight into the best and worst of dave's investment advice (although he's not licensed to sell securities and does not technically call it "advice"). do i follow all of dave ramsey’s views financially… of course not i do what works for my family,but i like that he keeps it real. while i know that there are christians who will respond to ramsey’s home with jealousy, i also know that there are some of us who want to do some thinking. ramsey's advice on mutual funds is fundamentally correct and even wise but some of his key points, especially on asset allocation and diversification, he gets terribly wrong.

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