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is a humorous, challenging and candid resource that examines the subtleties and complexities surrounding dating, relationships, romance, sex and friendship.

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reporting "on-line" to be "in a relationship" is a far cry from actually being in one and david will help you navigate those tough dating waters.

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-time speaker of the year, david coleman, the dating doctor, will help you discover (within 5 minutes!

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david coleman, a 12-time national speaker of the year award winner, is the real man behind the movie hitch!

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-life 'hitch,' dating doctor david coleman comes to virginia tech jan.

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Real-life 'Hitch,' Dating Doctor David Coleman comes to Virginia

david coleman is the only speaker to ever win entertainer of the year.

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” many of coleman’s suggestions and methods are similar to those used by smith’s character, so much so that coleman was involved in marketing the film and ultimately earned recognition as a real-life version of the character.

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tech union is bringing the dating doctor david coleman, also known as america’s real-life “hitch,” to the haymarket theatre in squires student center on thursday, jan.

- David Coleman as "The Dating Doctor"

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