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and to all of you that are hurting and grieving your beloved parents and family members,I came to this website looking for guidance that could help my future husband and my own relationship with his adult children after his mother passed away 3 years ago. way i thought of it was that my mom dating was to make her happy and to get her mind off things. my parents were married for 35 years together since 17 years old. and while i understand my mother’s death has taken a toll on us all, i don’t feel that my dad gave himself adequate time to grieve and as a result is acting in a very selfish manner. my mother’s sister used to say that my parents went to the bathroom together-. if you care at all recognise that for the family it will be like losing two parents. parents need to look not just for themselves but their children's loss as well. mom recently started dating, and it’s really hard to adjust to. she had dates lined up and then after the second, started regularly dating. her death, while so very difficult to deal with of course, was not a surprise for any of us. my dad and i have never been close but mom wanted us to mend the rift and after her death i stayed with dad and helped with as much as i could before going back to my family. at this point they were already in a serious relationship, and i have no idea when he first entered the dating scene–all i know is that it must have been fairly soon after my mother’s death. a lot lately she has been telling me that i care more about myself than anybody else when i’m the one helping my grandparents and waking up at dawn to help with the farm. and i always see myself getting more mad at my dad for little things like i saw on his facebooks messages he got my moms death year wrong and that made me so mad all in all i want him to be happy but i dont feel lile i can accept that he could find love with someone that isnt my mom . one week after my mother passed a women that was a member at the same club as my parents contacted my dad to send her condolences, saying she had just found out about my mom. of the adult children of parents who are dating after a reasonable amount of time of the passing of a spouse, are in a mode of it is “all about me” and not about my parent. growing up, i lived with both my parents and i would say we were a very close family. well, about 5 months ago he started dating a woman… who he met from one of my mom’s best’s friends. so i have been living in my parents empty house with all the memories of my mother dealing with everything on my own. i am sick to death of reading on all these grief websites that life goes on, no one is expected to spend their life alone, blah, blah, blah…. parents divorced parent remarried and i was forced to live with the new spouse who actually told me she hadn't expected to take care of me and wasn't at all thrilled about it. i lost my mother to illness a year ago and my father started dating just 3 months after she passed. i understand that, but it was still entirely too soon when he began a relationship months later, she moved into our house and slept on my mom’s side of the bed less than 6 months after my mom’s death, they were quickly engaged and married less than 20 months after my mom had died. just to be able to open up and have these kinds of discussions about dating again or how to, you know, talk about these things with your children, i think that those are the women that you're really going to find the help in moving forward in a positive way. but then again, it is “till death do us part. her bestselling book, motherless daughters: the legacy of loss, author hope edelman argues that a surviving father’s behavior in the wake of his wife’s death “matters [to a daughter] even more than we think,” in how it can influence a daughter’s long-term adaptation to the loss of her mother. and, you know, it's also very angering because you're thinking, why am i back out here in this dating pool again, you know, i thought i didn't have to go through this anymore. her death my husband and i continued to live with my dad to keep him company and ease the loneliness.

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i am now dating a wonderful man and find myself missing my husband. this came out of the blue, as i had just seen him several months prior and there was no mention of him ever wanting to get back into the dating pool. my dad started dating a former high school classmate of his about 9 months after my mom’s passing. he has chosen her over me and i’m in straight hell constantly being reminded of my moms death as she is living much better in my house with her nose in the sky and always wnjoying when me and dad fight cuz of her. it has been five years since his death now and my mom started dating a man a few months go. that is what mom wanted and he has failed miserably in the 6 months since her death. but it is sort of a freeing experience in that you realize your parents are free to do as they please with their time and money. can’t say what it is that makes parents cast off their responsibilities towards those left behind but this website is a testament to the fact that they do. see, for example, some of the links listed on this page on my grief healing website: death that brings relief. today, though, we decided to talk to mothers who have reentered the dating world after losing a spouse. i expect that whether or not my daughter is 8 or 10 or 15 or even 25, she would never be supportive of me dating, let alone falling in love and she clearly is not happy and has begu acting out a bit. parents got divorced about 4 years ago and it is really herd on me. a year hadn’t passed since my mother’s death, and already my brother and i had to welcome this woman, her 8-year old daughter, and 4-year old son, into our home every weekend. 2006 and my dad just started dating a women a month ago. i have been dating a man who lost his wife to cancer and let me tell you i feel like i have committed a major crime for dating this man so soon after his wife died. Two moms who lost their husbands share how they ventured back into dating and how their children reacted. back into the dating pool after the death of a spouse can be tough for anyone. everyone wants to fall in love and have their fairytale come true and there is nothing wrong with that or dating a widower and with this service that was possible, but as a newcomer i told her you need to make sure to manage your expectations – meaning that you state what you want and know what the other wants as well, leaving very little room for disappointment. the woman he was dating is a wonderful, genuine respectful woman. he only started dating after a few years (well, to what we know – and that’s fair in my eyes). mum and dad split up about 5 years ago during that time he went to a diffrent country but i still had contact with him also my mum was dating this guy that my sisters and brother never really knew and at first he used to just come for dinner and know he has his own key and since then my my has been going to parties and clubs and leaving my sisters and my alone till 7 or even 8 in the morning she never really took us out for a family meal she spends all her time with him and were just at home. got to my parents house, and noticed that a cupboard that was under the stairs – that my dad hadn’t cleaned out in 43 years of being married, nor had he looked in , in that same amount of time -was completely empty. you may assume you bring all this joy to the man’s life, and you think of your own needs in justifying the relationship, but as a woman, i feel that the disrespect to my mother’s memory and to family, even if i seem to be the only one devastated, angry and in grieving now for the loss of my dad due to the “girlfriend”, is beyond anything i would bring to the children of that family if i were thinking of swooping up a widower 4 months after the death of a spouse. mom is dating this guy named rodney he is very rude and thinks he knows it all he doesn’t like me i can tell but of course he would never say that to my mom but i don’t want them to get serious., almost 2 years later he has begun dating a woman fairly seriously. parents were in a small plane crash 5 years ago, and mom died from her burns. my father lives across the country from me, and he has been dating a woman for a few months now, but it doesn’t bother me because he’s so far away and it’s almost like a fake relationship to me. when i moved out for college, my parents’ relationship began to change.

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before and after my mother passing from leukemia my father was dating and later married my mother’s “best” friend from college. she sent us cards on my mothers death anniversary or birthday and was so sympathetic to us. i just pray so much that the lady he is dating is the woman she says she is and that she and i can find a way to bond over common interests. although you may still find yourself devastated long after a parent’s death, your surviving parent may well have worked through this or her emotions already, especially if it involved a lengthy period of caregiving before your other parent died. of the women interviewed for her book, 59% of the surviving fathers had remarried and 31% of the women who reported “poor relationships” with their fathers had experienced the remarriage of their father within one year from the time of the mother’s death. i’m surprised she even waited 18 months before she joined the dating agency. about 8 months or so ago, he informed me that he was going out-of-town to meet a woman he had meet on an online dating site who lived in a nearby town. her house sold and then all of a sudden she is living in my parents house.) remarrying within 8 months of your spouse’s death and wanting to insert the new wife into everyone’s life regardless of their feelings;. it is more about the widower than it is about whatever woman they happen to be dating. as difficult as it is, the marriage vows are “until death do us part”. two moms who lost their husbands share how they ventured back into dating and how their children reacted. our parents deserve to be happy, i want my mother to be happy and not spend the rest of her life alone. my dad began dating a woman about 5 or 6 months later. feelings you’re having toward your dad in the aftermath of your mother’s death are understandable. have accepted the situation( he lives at her home since about 3 months after they started dating)and his condo is for sale now),I’ve finally accepted that he hasn’t replaced my mom, he just wants companionship and to be happy again. all the time my husband and i spent with my parents is with with this new girlfriend. parents got divorced 7 years ago and they haven’t really dated, but when i went on holiday with my dad i came back and it turns out my mum had been seeing someone, we met him and he is nice. couple of years later i suggested her dating site i’ve heard about.: my mom is dating again, and i’m worried that she’s trying to replace my dad one. dad started dating a year ago and i’ve never not once liked the person who he dates. you wrote about this, after date - you wrote about dating after you lost your husband to cancer in 2008. i realize that the surviving partner may not be used to being alone and may feel the need to begin dating before the rest of the family is ready but it is important for them to take into consideration how the other family members feel about it… if they don’t want to damage their current relationships. what i, and it sounds like many others here, think is inappropriate is possibly the timing involved- being so soon after our mothers death, and the insensitivity towards our feelings of grief and loneliness of having lost our mothers. ironic thing about this is, if heaven forbid, the lady he is dating now were to pass away, how long does she think it would be before he were dating a new one? think i’ll start out with saying that i’m almost 28 years old and you’d be surprised how little support there is for someone who’s an adult when it comes to grief and learning how to handle one of your parents dating again. but oddly, i feel like a very bad person and that dating him was something very bad. my dad has been acting differant since they started dating too hes been drinking more, ect.

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i don’t agree with certain behavior of some of the parents: comments about physical description, lovey dovey demonstration in front of your family, this thing has to be deal with at the moment that they occur or soon after. he was not there for my husband as my husband went through the grief that his mother’s death left. but he wasn’t the only one affected upon his wife’s death as lisa b. anyways, being the eldest daughter, i get concerned when my mom started pointlessly dating. has not been the same since my mother learned about dating sights. ten weeks after my mother’s death this woman began coming to stay in the house. think that the parent should be concerned with how their children (even if they’re adults) feel about them dating again. it’s been a little over 4 years since my mother’s death. i dont care about the money, never have never will, but ill be dammed if some new pc tries to bleed my parents dry. he says that if you grieve over someone’s death, it is because you are not right with god.“sure,” patty told me of her mom’s recent dive back into the dating pool. a year later, my father met his wife and within months of dating she wanted my 1-year-old to call her grandma. the new year came by and i finally excepted that my parents were going there own direction..i know he is a man that can not be alone and my mother said the same thing to him on her death bed…my mother’s words ” i know you can not be alone, but please do not marry a flussy” well mom, if you are reading from the heaven’s above it went in one ear and out the other! i’m upset he does not outwardly express that he misses my mom or feels sad that she died, for example, he forgot that the one year anniversary of her death was on that day and her birthday plus he doesn’t say anything about how he misses her. instead, he announced his engagement a mere 3 month and 3 weeks after her death. your parent credit for enduring a major stressful life change, and understand that they deserve happiness, too - whether that comes in the form of friendship, casual dating, sexual intimacy, a committed relationship, or a marriage. first of all my mother and father live in the same home…they never agreeded on dating others…so basically my mother was cheating…second, this man would come over multiple times on a weekly basis. about 4 months ago my mom said from nothing that she thinks to split up (20 years of marriage) i asked her if she is sure about this and did she thought this good she said yes and i agreed with her (my dad wasn’t nice to her nor to me so 2 months later (april 2014) we moved out to my grandparents house. moms been dating this guy for 6 years i don’t mind it we all get along and stuff i’m okay with my dad and her not being together but it just upsets me cause i know there adults so they “do it” but it makes me so angry i can’t even find the words, and i can’t say anything about it because there adults and that’s what they do and that’s there private buissness i get it but they act like i’m blind they will kick me out of the room in the middle of the day for “private time” cause i hangout with then everyday i mean the past 5-6 years i didn’t hang out with them everyday but i have the past year and they spend every second with each other and they act like i don’t know like they team up on me all the time i just feel like she thinks about his needs rather than hanging out with me i know i want her to be happy but when they kick me out to do that stuff or i’m always afraid or paranoid they “do it” and then like a half hour later i go and hang out with. then began dating another woman, who i am not completely comfortable with but have learned after experiencing the loss of my spouse in 2008, that what my father said about loving my mother no matter what and that even though he choose to date again he would love my mother no matter what and would do anything to be with her again. i truly hope that all of you can find peace with your fathers dating again, and i am so very thankful to have found this site. there still secretly dating behind my back and they still call it friends even though they kiss and always hangout, ect. i understand it may be tough for a child who lost a parent to see their remaining parent start dating, but this does not mean they are trying to replace their previous spouse. looking back, i know i fought my own demons when coming to terms with her dying and then her death. it was really rough, my mother actually talked to me about it days before her death-telling me to not be angry because dad was involved with this woman, that he would need someone when she was gone and that it was okay. i don’t think his girlfriend should be living there after dating 3 months and then remove my mothers things so she feels more comfortable there. mums death he seem to have convinced my dad that he looked after my mum and the rest of the family did nothing,but we all work?

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finally, once we visited our parents’ home and we could comfortably sit and chat again with our dad without this woman hanging around. regardless of age, children are children, and parents are parents. my parents have been divorced for seven years now, and i am about to graduate from high school in a few weeks. hes only been dating her 3 months and ive just been told he will be bringing her to visit when he sees us over the summer. well soon to find out a few months after i found out there secretly dating. really does feel like you lose your father once he starts dating again. within weeks of her death a woman who had been a school friend of my mother’s who would show up maybe twice a year or say she would visit and then not bother, phoned to offer a shoulder to cry on. all the things they believed about their parents lifetime of loving are shattered. he has chosen her over me and i’m in straight hell constantly being reminded of my moms death as she is living much better in my house with her nose in the sky and always wnjoying when me and dad fight cuz of her. now she has started dating, and this guy is at our family home all the time myself and sister feel left out. 6 months after her death, my father announced that he had been dating a new woman and asked if my wife and i wanted to meet her. and so they sometimes seemed amused by the dating situation and sometimes were really concerned and helpful. are many reasons why you might disagree with a parent’s decision to begin dating after his or her spouse has passed away - and they’re all legitimate emotions. see some of my friends with parents that are divorced then remarried with another man/woman & they are happy but i just cannot bare the thought of my mum or dad with anyone but eachother. every week, we check in with a diverse group of parents for their common sense and savvy advice. than three months after her death my stepfather started seeing this friend who he and my mother had known. for you being a young widow i think it’s astounding how you understand both sides of love and death now and like you said you can date and love someone again while at the same time never forgetting your first husband. so to those of you who are upset about your parent dating again, while i understand how this may upset you, the most important thing is that your mom/dad is happy, and if dating makes them happy you should support them. celebrate your parents, give thanks for all that they have done for you and the family, appreciate, and respect them. i don’t know how long your parents were married, how close they were to each other, or anything else about their relationship, but i do know that however your father reacts to your mother’s death depends on many, many different factors. he and my mother had a great relationship and together they were the best parents my 3 brothers and i could ever ask for..i know it was so wrong, but i truly wished death upon the man. my dad died 18 months ago and mum has just joined a dating agency. will never get over the death of my mom and now i have to factor in that i will also never get over the insensitive nature of my dad’s behavior towards her memory and of my daughter and my feelings. what a huge insight on your part, death has made you more understanding and aware, not less. little did i know 14 months later i was going to be blindsided with a call that he was dating. and on top of this, if you actually read everyones comments, most of these people want the parent to be happy, but they are just not ready to meet their parents new friend..we at that time had been okay with it, at the same time upset we all new he couldn’t be by him self he and my mother had been married 49 years…anyways on with the story mother passed nov 2010, lady friend moved into my parents home jan 2011, engaged oct 2011 and married aug 2012.

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    mother had also started dating a year after my father passed away. in july 2009, my father-in-law began dating irene and one month later, we found out that they were opening up another shop between the two of the them and were opening it the next day. i would just have to add, i was totally opposed to the whole online dating thing at first because it felt sort of desperate and dangerous to me. can be really hard to talk to your mom/dad about dating after losing a parent. within the year, my dad was dating and in a serious relationship. as much as i understand all this, i still find it so incredibly difficult to accept him dating. have basically lost my mother, father and sister who is too afraid to stand up to dad and have no parents. mum and dad have recently just got divorced and i do not want her to start dating again but i want to be happy. has anyone been able to move on from the pain of their parents getting involved with someone else so soon? but, i feel that any parent should recognize this and approach dating after the loss of a spouse (and parent of your child or children) in a manner that is respectful to the grieving process of his or her children. the crazy part is they all had both parents in their lives. i live a block away from my parents house and never once has she been by to see me she has to pass my house to get to the highway. one thing is for sure, just as our parents could never select our friends or mates in life – we neither can select theirs. i feel i have lost my parents and that my mother’s life and death have been so disrespected by his need to be with this lady who worked in the dentist office where my parents attended for 17 plus years. since my father was near death almost 3 years ago, i feel my mother was and is jealous of the attention we gave my father. not only has she lost one of her parents but now she was thrown into a situation which she is forced to accept another women into her life. it may seem selfish but i dont like him dating because i feel like he totally forgot about my mom and it hurts lnwoing that and they broke up. have found out that because of her, old friends of my parents (who also know this women) will not talk to my father because they have never like her. my parents almost gave me up for adoption but luckily my grandmother and grandfather raised me. the circumstances, then, it may help to keep in mind that there simply are no hard and fast rules for deciding when the time is right (or wrong) for a widowed person to begin dating or falling in love with someone new. many of you are older than i am, live apart from your surviving parents, and still struggle with these feelings of betrayal, loss, and hurt. my parents were married for 29 years, and i am the oldest in the family (28) of three children.'s easy to imagine, how dating again would bring up complicated feelings, not just for the widow, but also for the children who may still be grieving the loss of a parent. sometime late in 2014, he connected with an old college friend and they began dating, and i was surprised by how ok i was with it. lost my mother to cancer in november, my father enrolled in one of thoes dating web sites in december., and, you know, being a young widow especially, it's a very different experience going back into the dating world after you've thought you've already found the person that you're going to be spending the rest of your life with. 6 months after her death i realized my dad was sort of speaking to other women and though nothing was obviously happening, i was enraged. not even 5 months later he was dating seriously, and had been talking about marriage with.
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    i truly believe that he never let himself grieve and accept my mother’s death. a parent a guilt trip about dating again isn’t going to help either of you. as a child of a single parent, i thank god every day she refrained from dating. my parents had been together since they were 14 and 15 years old (and married since their early 20s), so my dad had no idea how to be alone. my children were not happy that i told them i was dating, they were hurt and angry. the 24th will be four months since my mom’s death. i suspect he was dating again within a year after my mom died. he and his lady friend caught me completely off guard within weeks of my mother’s death when they attempted to solicit my blessings on an “intimate” relationship they stated they wanted to pursue. i feel this women is just looking to have someone take care of her and support her, and that she is hoping to move into my parents house. father died of colon cancer and after helping him a bit, my mother got a pretentious job and started dating several men at a time. it can be quite terrifying because you don't know how, you know, other people that you're going to be dating are going to accept what you've experienced, and what they might say that's insensitive. mother started dating someone last year and recently she told me that they were to be married. parents can be a great source of answers and confidence. in fact, many people feel confused, disappointed, and even angry when mom or dad steps back into the dating scene. when one parent dies and the remaining parent begins dating or marries someone else, it can be very hard for the adult child to accept, no matter how soon after the death it occurs. if you don’t like the person you’re mum/dad is dating you should try and get to know the person a little bit more if it continges tell you’re mum/dad. relationship has already caused pain and destruction ;do parents believe things will improve? you talked about that, too, how the idea of dating again after the loss kind of feels - it's awkward, it's embarrassing. you may have no control over how your father chooses to live his life in the wake of your mother’s death, but with help you can find more effective ways to manage your own reactions and get on with your own life. this year he started dating and the day i met her before i went out to eat with them i had a mental break down. i will always love him and be there for him, but i don’t know him and to be honest, i feel like i lost both parents when my mom died. about my moms death than anyone i break down all the time and i dont feel lile good things could happen to me anymore and i went through this time where i would cut and try to kill myself but i realized my famoly doesnt need to go through another death . all you women dating widowed men, take note that the adult children (esp daughters? parents separated when i was super young – i don’t actually know how old i was or the reasons for the divorce as they have never spoken about it to me. but the reason i don’t want to start dating again is because i don’t want a stranger trying to suck up to me when i don’t want to be friends with this person let alone them living in my house. so there are a lot of young women who've lost - and, you know, men, too - who've lost spouses who are still young and in the - kind of the prime of their lives - prime dating years and forming new family years. but my mom on the other hand has started dating a man a few months ago, and it really bothers me. my mom just started dating again and i feel like she is trying to replace him.
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      “he got started on online dating and i was really protective of him. my mom died last spring and my dad started dating after less than 6 months. i’m and always had been very very close to my parents, especially my mom. if i become estranged when she move on, it will be easier to deal with the death of that parent as we have already parted in the living years. i was still uncomfortable, but slightly more accepting of the situation because (1) a little more time had passed since my mother’s death, (2) the new girlfriend was actually my father’s age, and (3) at one point my father had said: “don’t worry, she doesn’t have any kids! today is the one year anniversary of my mother’s death from a 6 month battle with pancreatic cancer. that is why i am able to see what my father meant by i can be dating someone and still love your mom and miss her. you need to get a grip on your own life and let your parents be human beings. dad started dating stepmother #1 who happened to be my mother’s best friend immediately (if not before my mom died). my parents were married for 39 years so i only knew them together. she didn’t shed one tear at his death bed or funeral and has been out with one of his friends who carried the coffin within weeks of dad’s death (only on occasional basis as he has a complicated relationship with someone else “whatever”) and i have not stopped her. for me, it shows a lack of regard to go out and re-marry within a year of your spouse’s/partner’s death. is how i feel when my mom started dating i felt alone and that i would not have anyone to talk to i would just keep everything bottled up and ready to pop then my mom started dating this one guy she was so happy i couldn’t tell what i felt then after six months of dating they wanted to live together but i didn’t want to go to a different school plus he had a daughter she was nice & sweet but i didn’t want to leave so i talked to my mom and my older sister and they said that it would be a great thing but i kept thinking the were just making accuses but it turns out that everyone in the world does the same thing so now i am just trying to keep a positive attitude. my momma lost a long battle with lung cancer, and her death hit me the hardest in the family. i don’t agree with certain behavior of some of the parents and new gf or friends: comments about physical description and sexual nature, lovey dovey demonstration in front of your family, verbal abuse, etc.! i feel like i’m overreacting because i cry so much over this because i just recently found my mum on a dating website talking to guys. the s flat out told me he did not have a problem with our dating. but when it has been not even a year since the death of your mom (or dad), it is just too fresh for most involved. then i just found out after only 4 weeks of dating he went and bought a new queen bed for her so she could sleep comforable with my dad. i am going to sit down with my mom and try to convince her to start dating, assuming deep down she wants to. everyone is so enthusiastic about one parent dating again after the other parent has died, however. i have read a lot of comments on here from younger teens who appear to be unhappy that their widowed parent is dating. i have felt exactly the same way weird – even down to the comments- but it is my mom that accessed a dating site 3 1/2 months after my stepdad for 25 years passed suddenly and unexpectedly. i am still having a hard time coping with her death., i know my dad has been making an effort to be social, as everyone recommends after a death. my parents spend every last dime of their retirement money on travel and enjoying themselves and leave me and my brother nothing, i'll be happy for them. it’s not an easy transition when a parent starts dating again and there is unfortunately no formula to make it that way. (as examples, you can see the pinterest boards i started for my own parents here: remembering mother and remembering daddy.
    • 11 Best Practices for Dating as a Single Parent

      i had been bribed never to tell anyone of all this dating, but i finally made the choice to cry for help. mother died from leukemia in 2004, a year later i was shocked to find out my father was dating so soon. if your dating this man is just that – going to dinner, catching a movie, and someone to confide in…. two moms who lost their husbands share how they ventured back into dating and how their children reacted. i think he can now begin to start processing his grief over my mom’s death (we have just now passed the three month mark since her funeral. i guess i don’t feel like her dating is coming from the right place. 17 year old girl asks: My Mom is dating again, and I'm worried that she's trying to replace my Dad. father has warned me for years that he considers that children owe their parents however bad the parent may be. companionship is very important and i wish my mother would start dating for her own sake. and you say the whole idea of dating felt disloyal and embarrassing., my 73 year-old dad seemed to “move on” rather quickly after my mom’s death. i’ve always been close to both my parents, so to see my relationship with my father deteriorating due to his marriage hurts. i would feel more comfortable with him dating, even if he set up a local profile on eharmony to meet for a date within the large cities he lives by. i just wish i didn’t have to think or deal with this whole “dating” issue so it would never bother me. would never ever hurt any child’s relationship with their parents for my happiness. make sure that you’re comfortable with the person that your mom/dad is dating, and if you feel a weird vibe off of them, tell your mom/dad. maybe you worry that your mother hasn’t fully grieved the death of her husband, or you feel betrayed that your father has started looking for a new partner.: getting your kids on board with the dating game dating after losing a spouse can come with a world of complications. my mom started dating someone just after christmas and it came as a shock to me because within the weeks prior to christmas she stated that she wasn’t ready to date anyone yet. please, i really want my parents to be truly happy and never cry any more, but i just can’t feel happy for them about this. however i was not angry with my mother whenshe start dating. do know that i took my dad’s death much harder than my mother did. my parents were married for 45 years and my mom died of colon cancer. just a couple weeks after her death i found out that my dad received pictures of young filipino women, 3 different women, and on top of that it was from a distant family member whom divorced my aunt and remarried an american filipino women. the latest blow has come from a slew of articles that i’ve come across, which (1) advise divorced/widowed parents to prioritize the new s. past year, i noticed an even bigger change in my parents’ relationship. have always felt he could have waited longer than 5 months after my moms death to date and move in with another woman, i believe it was in very poor taste, and he did not honor his and my mothers relationship by doing so. but it was an interesting time to be dating in a way, unexpectedly, because last time i had done it was really in my twenties.

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