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Bungie Explains Why Destiny Matchmaking for Raids Isn't

then you have to do a strike that requires everyone to be roughly 300 light (20 more than raid-ready). destiny 2 raids that match blizzard’s mythic difficulty should reward the player with gear that cause other players to react in awe when they see it in-game. bungie were to pepper in strike-like bosses as well as fight styles unique to destiny 2, it would reduce the tedium of repeating raids. raids in world of warcraft have mythic difficulties, a setting that pushes the toughness factor far higher than that of normal and hard. on one hand, the developers claim "they don't want to revisit legacy content," but many of the old strikes have been re-done with a taken flair. are patchwerk fights (named after a boss from the naxxramas raid) like krosus that ask players to do as much damage as possible in a short period of time.

Destiny's Taken King expansion alienates casual fans more than

but i say that with the perspective of a hardcore raider. latest world of warcraft raid released its mythic difficulty on june 27, and it took the world’s best players (raiding all day, every day) until july 16 to beat the final boss.: lfm - looking for more, lf2m (2 more), cp = check point, hm - hard mode. you agree with bungie’s reasoning on why there’s no destiny matchmaking for raids? definitely think, as a raider myself, that raid gear should be special, but many multiplayer games out there have equivalent gear that can be earned with enough tokens. in the end, players will need to best king's fall to get the good stuff -- the post-level-300 items, which will be necessary for the presumed hard mode version.

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’s first expansion, the dark below, offered a shorter raid with an obnoxious final boss. of warcraft offers looking for raid (lfr), a nerfed version of the raid that allows for matchmaking and easy completion. raids should be the culmination of all of our efforts as players, but the first game’s raids were more like puzzles to be solved than challenges to overcome. it provides players who would otherwise never have the time or skill to attempt a raid an opportunity to experience the fights and see the environments. you can call the raid a lot of things, but it is not forgettable.'s taken king expansion alienates casual fans more than year one did2015-10-07 23:30:00by chris carter0there's more dependency on groups nowdestiny has noticeably improved since the taken king dropped.

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you agree with Bungie's reasoning on why there's no Destiny matchmaking for Raids? of warcraft launched in 2004 with two ludicrously hard raids: onyxia’s lair and molten core. months after that launch, the black temple, the raid where players first defeated illidan stormrage himself, was released. fastest and easiest Destiny LFG (Destiny Looking for Group | Destiny Team Finder | Fireteam Finder) to party up with like minded people for raids, nightfals, and crucible. speaking in the latest issue of edge, creative director luke smith had this to say:i think matchmaking can make other players disposable to you…the reason that people quit out of strikes is because there’s no consequence to their departure, just a punishment for that disposable person on the other end of the line. destiny 2 is going to give us goodies like adventures and the mysterious new “lost sectors,” then the old raid style won’t cut it.

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was very secretive about each raid, never revealing what the bosses could do before launch. of course being more organized is advantageous, but the choice that matchmaking would offer would mean that, while people might be paired with randos who aren’t serious about the game, more people overall could try the content with some hope for success. as of this week, i'm working on my third exotic sword and fourth oryx clear. while the chances of destiny having matchmaking for raids is still slim to none, bungie explains why they went with this design decision in the first place. house of wolves, the expansion after that, didn’t produce a raid, instead offering the prison of elders, a score-based survival arena. know all this, and are still asking for pure matchmaking.

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needs to add matchmaking to the Taken King, especially the new raid, and I will say why. bungie also notes that it wants to be welcoming to new players, but gates most of its meaningful content behind a lack of matchmaking services and grindy, exclusive questlines. the reality is that raids need to be more diverse as a whole to maintain and grow player interest. this is a problem that world of warcraft fixed a few expansions ago, making gear in pvp essentially negligible to your overall strength. of warcraft’s designers have certainly committed the sin of making some boss fights too similar, but after 13 years of raids we can cut them some slack. our database:destiny's prison of elders will be updated to endgame levels - darren nakamuranew destiny content update drops next month - kyle macgregor burlesondestiny's next expansion needs more memorable moments - kyle macgregor burlesondon't even bother booting up destiny for the crimson days event - chris carterbased on math, without challenges, it would take 'a year of raiding' to nearly get 320 in destiny - chris carterbungie to destiny players: are we having fun yet?

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bungie doesn't make anything clear for newer players in terms of what to expect from raids, or how to acclimate to the pressures of a six-man group. this would alleviate the issue of matchmaking in one fell swoop. is nothing wrong with making something extra easy if it means more players can experience it, and more players trying end-game content means that, in time, more people will be playing the more challenging modes., this is actually my favorite aspect of the taken king. but thankfully, the taken king, along with the drip feed of year one quality-of-life updates, has made destiny much more enjoyable. world of warcraft’s average raid, every boss in destiny is nearly identical, only the arenas change.

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shooting into a cave for hours didn’t bring enough joy for many guardians, but the narrative began to shift when people discovered vault of glass, destiny’s first raid. it even awards lower level gear to prepare them for the normal raid, should they choose to step up their game. on aug 3, 2015bungie needs to add matchmaking to the taken king, especially the new raid, and i will say why. as the difficulty of raids is raised and the number of people who pull off the hardest challenges dwindles, there is a natural opportunity here to go bonkers with the gear awarded for completing those challenges. more + disclosurescreate your own gaming blog also on destructoid:Destiny: the taken king.“matchmaking is about us trying to smartly pair up random people together for activities, but what we’ve found is that some of the more difficult activities, especially the more pinnacle activities, can be really difficult to put a bunch of random strangers together and expect them to cooperate in a fun way,” steve cotton, destiny 2’s world design lead told polygon.

Bungie Explains Why Destiny Matchmaking for Raids Isn't

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.tv/saynotorageWhat destiny 2 raids can learn from world of warcraft. yes, endgame content is by definition tough, so matchmaking may be hard to do, but what about actually making the game more. now players can use matchmaking to find groups, raids are diverse in content and there are multiple difficulties for both hardcore and casual players. these 40-person raids were strenuous, requiring coordination and planning that were hard to come by for most players. so what will the raids of destiny 2 offer to up the stakes? taken king and rise of iron, the game’s two final expansions, added the longest and best raids.

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taken king proves year one destiny was beta (don't buy ttk yet p2). make it a hangout for players "looking for groups," complete with billboards and a full-on lfg system built in. should also learn from blizzard by making these raids more accessible, and that includes making it easier to find fireteams.! - chris carterhere's what to expect from destiny's crimson days event - alissa mcaloonyou can now view destiny's calcified fragment list by character - chris carterdestiny's matchmaking is getting overhauled this week - chris cartermore related stories. many of those issues could be solved by a training session of raid mechanics, on top of a "sherpa" system that could be built into the tower groups idea. challenge doesn’t just broaden the difference between the best and the most casual players, it turns the completion of these raids into gaming news.

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now, destiny has three more equipment slots with light on them (ghosts, class items, and artifacts) and weapons also play into your light ranking. i have every year one exotic, every piece of raid gear (both armor and weapons, including primaries) for all three classes, and i've completed all of the year one moments of triumph. black spindle isn't easy for casual players to get, either -- the quest nearly requires a full three-person fireteam of raid-ready team members. has several different fight templates that it tweaks and reworks before each new collection of encounters, and not every one shows up in every raid. players don't want to raid because they aren't comfortable, and i don't blame them. the new forumxfacebook icontwitter icongoogle-plus-icon-logoyoutube iconrss iconsearch iconsearch for: hotps4ps vrpsnps vitareviewsvideosforums psls  •  news  •  ps3 / playstation 3 news, trophies, reviews, and more  •  ps4 news, trophies, reviews, and morebungie explains why destiny doesn’t allow matchmaking for raidsnovember 2, 2015written by alex co bummed at not being able to match up with random people for destiny’s now-infamous raids?

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