Do batman and wonder woman date in justice league unlimited

Do batman and wonder woman date in justice league unlimited

continued to work on league missions, such as assisting in stopping the dark heart. however, batman had struck a deal with circe and the spell was reversed before any serious harm was done to diana. seems to be interest on both sides in pairing wonder woman with either batman or superman, but the majority seem to want the red, white, and blues together. a batman/wonder woman pairing would be the natural result of a friendship built on mutual respect for each other's skills. diana watched as superman and batman were given their ideal dreams as the telepathic plant called the black mercy was stuck to their chests. and wonder woman are kindred spirits, but they each approach the world in wildly different ways. a number of these were heroes who had made guest appearances in justice league, but many heroes and other characters made their first animated appearances in this series. for batman, his relationships tend to collapse due to a lack of trust. remove the custom ad blocker rule(s) and the page will load as expected. also considered a relationship in a previous continuity, post-crisis in the justice league of america comic written by joe kelly in the obsidian age saga. Woman, known also as Diana of Themyscira, was the princess of the Amazons and one of the. • the flash • the green lantern • hawkgirl • j'onn j'onzz • superman • wonder woman. urged on by the distress call of the martian j'onn j'onzz, diana left themyscira and traveled to where she felt the summons originating. after successfully stopping savage and restoring the timeline, she visited an aged trevor, who still remembered her as his "angel. diana freed her mother and then pried the key from its lock. diana, though visibly shaken, accepted her exile and departed with the justice league. reluctantly, she agreed to allow him, j'onn, and flash to assist her in locating the other relics. she was instantly noticed for her beauty and revealing armor, most notably by flash. an alternate future created by chronos, justice league unlimited member warhawk informed diana that her future self had been killed during the destruction of the watchtower, along with many other members of the justice league."the once and future thing part one: weird western tales". v superman: dawn of justice had plenty of flaws, but the movie had a very big silver lining: it gave millions of fans their first taste of a batman/wonder woman relationship. to the question of if batman and wonder woman had a relationship in canon. in some way, batman and wonder woman represents each other's current mission and goals. in it, you'll get:The week's top questions and answers. this plot line builds upon events that occurred during the second season of justice league (which in turn built upon events in batman: the animated series, superman: the animated series, batman beyond, static shock, and the zeta project), and has affected the plotlines of most of its episodes. browse other questions tagged dc batman canon dc-animated-universe wonder-woman or ask your own question. mission that diana led included her leading hawk and dove to stop the god ares from igniting a civil war in kaznia through the use of a weapon known as the annihilator. however, just as faust was about to double-cross her, superman, j'onn, flash, and batman revealed themselves and fought the sorcerer. time later, diana would witness the alteration of history at the hands of vandal savage, who influenced the events of world war ii to his advantage.

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however, batman is reluctant to develop a full romantic relationship due to his duty as a superhero, diana's immortality, and his belief that a relationship within a team will bring issues and disaster. initially, the armor was taken by diana without permission, and thus it was some time before diana became aware of its additional potential. contains all episodes of seasons one and two from the original airing. the end of the series, certain characters became off-limits to the show, like blue beetle and hugo strange." he's been broken by crime, struggles with his emotions, and is frustratingly confusing. i remember her wearing go-go boots and traveling with some asian guy, if that puts a better time stamp on it. was last seen chasing after the legion of doom with the rest of the justice league. however, wonder woman decided against it after realizing that the relationship could either go really well or really poorly. according with matt wayne, if the show had been renewed for a fourth season, he would have liked to write more episodes focusing on superman and wonder woman. notable episodes where wonder woman and batman hint at something happening are, "maid of honor," "starcrossed," "this little piggy," "a once and future thing, part 1," and "kid's stuff. in "starcrossed," the justice league shares their identities before separating to rendezvous at a later point & diana & batman go their own way. to animator bruce timm, the series finale of justice league, "starcrossed", was originally planned to be the final episode of the series; however, cartoon network ordered the production of a successor, entitled justice league unlimited. batman/bruce wayne have a quintessential “love of his life”? (march 2017) (learn how and when to remove this template message). the creation of the dcnu, any previous relationship between the batman and wonder woman has been erased. joe kelly's run was the only one that explored that possibility, which then lead to the blackest night wonder woman, written by greg rucka. cadmus: exposed: mark hamill and the series creative personnel discuss this popular series story arc, justice league chronicles: series writers, producers and directors discuss their favorite moments among final season episodes, music-only audio track for the final episode destroyer. "wonderbats" fans have been pining for dc to pull the trigger for over a decade, and it looks like the "ship" is about to get a lot more crowded after justice league comes out next year. batman and wonder woman could bring out the best in each other and give creative teams so much room for growth and development. taking place shortly after its predecessor ended, it features a greatly expanded league, in which the characters from the original series—now referred to as "founding members"—are joined by many other superheroes from the dc universe; in the first episode, well over 50 characters appear. • the atom • atom-smasher • aztek • b'wana beast • black canary • blue devil • booster gold • captain atom • captain marvel • commander steel • the creeper • the crimson avenger • crimson fox • dove • dr. those layers to batman present something intriguing in wonder woman, too., when she arrived there, diana found her home in ruins and her fellow amazons turned to stone, including her mother. for throughout history, most writers have paired w and superman together. the joker, batman's archenemy, was restricted to appear in the series, unlike its predecessor, like riddler and scarecrow, which were supposed to be members of the secret society as a nod to the original legion of doom. time i wish to read something, i look back this answer and smile ^_^ wonder woman and batman look good together.[13] she also accompanied superman, green lantern, and batman when morgaine le fay transformed them into children in order to stop mordred from taking over the world after he had banished all of the adults. the league had successfully made their way to the batcave beneath wayne manor in gotham city, they were confronted by hawkgirl, now known as lieutenant shayera hol. have superman comics dealt with the man of steel, woman of kleenex problem?

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diana's bitterness toward her former ally was exceeded only perhaps by john stewart's, and diana was more than prepared to deal harshly with the other woman. were the votes for hawkgirl to remain in the justice league? faust, however, still managed to escape, taking the key and hippolyta with him. there's a mystery to batman that tends to draw women in, but they've all been turned away by his incessant drive and. hades attempted to drag hippolyta through the gate with him, but diana was able to rescue her while hades and the remains of faust were thrown back to the dead world. the justice league cartoon, as well as the direct follow-on cartoon justice league: unlimited, batman is subtly portrayed as being either in a relationship with wonder woman, or at least they are shown as mutually interested. these powers included the lasso forcing people to tell the truth when they were wrapped in it, and others which hippolyta stated that diana would learn in due time. the one responsible turned out to be felix faust, who claimed to have come to the island in search of ultimate knowledge. so by your reckoning, the jl cartoon's depiction of their relationship pre-dates the comic version? she faced off against four justice league members: hawkgirl, vixen, black canary and huntress. aquaman and related characters were unavailable due to the development of a pilot for a live-action series featuring the character as a young man (planned to be a spin-off of smallville), which wasn't picked up at the end. even if their relationship were to go public, there's not a lunatic in arkham who could really threaten wonder woman, not even on their worst, most deviant day. are highly intelligent and scholars in their own right, bruce is self-taught, diana trained by the scholars of paradise island. batman uses intimidation and fear to advance his goals, even around his friends and allies. its surface level, batman and wonder woman seem like a bit of an odd couple. some of these relationships are question and the huntress, black canary and green arrow, and the love-triangle between green lantern, hawkgirl and vixen. it was then that hades claimed to have had a hand in her creation, but diana simply dismissed it. and wonder woman share a kiss before dying in the obsidian age saga.[13] as the league grew to include over sixty new members, diana served on the league's founding council and as a mission leader. wonder woman wasn't intimidated by batman's stony demeanor and batman trusted wonder woman enough to let her see his flirtatious and playful side. she sat in the watchtower with the other members of the justice league when lobo showed up and announced that he would join the justice league, she and the others quickly rejected him. faust released hades from tartarus, diana and the other league members fought hades and an army of undead warriors that the god summoned to attack them. it's not that wonder woman needs batman (or vice versa), but ultimately i don't see how the characters would walk away from that relationship unchanged.[21] she was still alive and active in some way during the 2040s. from the voice-cast, numerous dc comics super heroes are shown as justice league members (and it is implied that there are even more members not shown).: 2004 american television series debuts2006 american television series endings2000s american animated television seriesanimated action television seriesanimated batman television seriesanimated justice league television seriesanimated superman television serieswonder woman in other mediaytv showsanimated superhero television seriesdc animated universecartoon network original programsjustice league (tv series)television series by warner bros. today i saw, in another question that superman was also, at least, romantically interested in wonder woman. perhaps its because of the logistical challenges, or because dc doesn't typically put batman in long term relationships, or maybe it's because they know the unavoidable truth: once wonder woman goes bats, there's no going back. after sharing a kiss in ancient atlantis, batman and wonder woman briefly considered dating.

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woman and super-woman are two different characters, though their physical powers are almost the same. "wonderbats" fans fully got behind the 'ship because of the justice league and justice league unlimited cartoons, which teased a wonder woman and batman romance for years. squad is now in theaters; wonder woman is coming on june 2, 2017; followed by justice league on november 17, 2017; the flash on march 16, 2018; aquaman on july 27, 2018; shazam on april 5, 2019; justice league 2 on june 14, 2019; cyborg on april 3, 2020; and green lantern corps on july 24, 2020. ultimately, wonder woman and batman chose not to risk their friendship over a relationship that wasn't a "sure thing. wonder woman, batman is a perfect representative of "man's world. "the once and future thing part one: weird western tales". she recommended that he spend time on earth instead of staying on board the watchtower all the time, coordinating league missions. should separate this into multiple paragraphs and restrict your use of capital letters. joined superman and green lantern in infiltrating commander hro talak's flagship in order to shut down the force field surrounding the hyperspace bypass generator. if there is one person in the world who batman can trust, it's wonder woman. the first of these, diana and bruce have a lengthy dance and flirt before getting around to saving the day. (shame he was only an illusion and bruce was considered dead at the time, but was actually lost in time). joined the other six individuals to combat the imperium, first joining batman and j'onn to destroy one of the invaders' factories in egypt. subscribing, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service. It seems that Zack Snyder and the DC Extended Universe isn't done with the 'WonderBats' pairing, as the first [. during the storyline "the obsidian age," in which the justice league journeyed into the ancient past in order to save a time-lost aquaman, batman and wonder woman prepared to fight their enemies to the death and, before doing so, they surprised one another (and a lot of readers) by sharing a kiss. however, diana proved to be unskilled in diplomacy when she accidentally threatened other nations with a military action from themyscira if their pollution continued to affect the island during a meeting over an exposed viking ship due to the effects of global warming. diana and shayera entered tartarus and soon located faust, only to be defeated. rosenbaum – flash / flash (justice lord) / vigilante (in "task force x") / deadshot / doctor polaris. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. both have the heart of a warrior and are pushed by the circumstances of their upbringing to reach for impossible dreams. all, batman and wonder woman were both raised apart from their peers and embarked on an unlikely quest with daunting, almost impossible goals. but superwoman was not an emissary of paradise isle, she was a renegade who left the island for her own reasons. jlu debuted on july 31, 2004 on toonami and ended with the episode aired may 13, 2006. shayera, however, caught diana and insisted on accompanying her to themyscira. she also discovered the identity of her fellow league member, batman, around this time. meanwhile, wonder woman relies on kindness first and turns to violence as a last resort. thereafter, diana joined batman on a stakeout to stop intergang. diana was knocked out when the thanagarians raided the watchtower, and then subsequently tied up with her own lasso.

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batman, wonder woman is proof that a better world does exist., wonder woman used martian manhunter's martian transconsciousness articulator, a doohickey that plays out various possible futures in dream-like fashion for the user, in order to determine that maybe she and batman were better off just being friends and teammates. diana rescued hippolyta after she was taken captive by aresia and tsukuri when she attempted to stop the rogue amazon.[1] a potential justice league unlimited soundtrack depends on how well the justice league soundtrack sells. then in jlu batman speaks his feelings for diana on episode "this little piggy. in the end, diana guesses that batman is bruce wayne, but he plays it off. while they performed this task, however, batman gathered information on faust. in the dead of night, diana slipped into the temple of athena and took the goddess' magic armor. the battle, diana participated in the debate about what to do concerning shayera's continued status in the league. terrific • nemesis • obsidian • orion • plastic man • question • the ray • red tornado • rocket red • sand • shining knight • speedy • stargirl • starman • steel • stripe • supergirl • johnny thunder • thunderbolt • vibe • vigilante • vixen • waverider • wildcat • zatanna. i think timm said it was like the head cheerleader and star quarterback getting together, so they never pursued it. diana was freed of her bonds and punctured large holes in the building, letting the sunlight in to destroy the invaders. lex luthor and brainiac were defeated, the league reformed again, creating the metro tower and a new relationship started with the governments of the world in the aftermath of project cadmus. diana and shayera also finally reconciled with each other stating while they may not be friends they are good teammates. batman was forced to employ the help of zatanna, but diana soon broke loose, forcing him to seek the help of b'wana beast to hunt her down.-woman is an alternate earth (earth-3 by pre-crisis parlance) character who shared an origin with wonder woman, having come from an island of amazons. then when the gorilla city episode aired and fans responded to batman's distress when he thought wonder woman had died, they decided to explore that route, which then leached into the comics a bit but was again dropped. was "blessed by the gods" with amazing speed and strength. provided additional muscle to the justice league lineup, besides superman. featurette: and justice for all: the process of revamping the series with new characters and a new creative direction, themes of justice: choose your favorite jlu musical theme audio tracks, creators' commentary on "this little piggy" and 'the return". she proved a formidable foe for both vixen and hawkgirl, whom she defeated with relative ease. diana says "sorry" and bruce says "don't be" like he enjoyed it. read larry niven's "man of steel, woman of kleenex," superman replies, "never with terrans. diana had saved themyscira, with the help of the other league members, she had broken the sacred law that forbade anyone from bringing men to the island. the attack seemingly resulted in batman's demise, forcing diana and j'onn to meet green lantern and flash in metropolis in order to rescue the captured superman and hawkgirl. successfully locating one of the artifacts and destroying much of the museum in a battle with a giant colossus, diana was confronted by superman about her behavior. she's the compassion, the inner strength, and hope sorely missing from gotham city and batman's life. berkowitz, a member of the production team, left the show later for the tv series friends and heroes, and writer matt wayne was contracted to replace him. woman, known also as diana of themyscira, was the princess of the amazons and one of the original seven founders of the justice league.

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    posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service. remember first seeing wonder woman and batman flirting in an early comic book. is this (batman/wonder woman) something only made for the cartoons, or does it have a precedent in the comics also? batman protects the innocent, he helps the less fortunate, and he's driven to do good. after saving a pair of civilians from falling debris, diana and wayne were forced to hide in an indian restaurant. in addition to the occasional flirtatious banter, the lingering glances, and the occasional unexpected kiss, the justice league cartoons showed exactly why the characters worked well together. featuring a wide array of superheroes from the dc comics universe, and specifically based on the justice league superhero team, it is a direct sequel to the previous justice league animated series. in addition, she was adept at providing cover for her allies, utilizing her "bullets and bracelets" routine to deflect artillery fire, lasers, and green lantern-style energy beams and [email protected] my guess the earth question was asked was because of earth 2, where there is a superwoman. most episodes tell a self-contained story, but the series also features extended story arcs, the first involving the building conflict between the league and a secret government agency known as project cadmus. she was exiled after bringing outsiders to themyscira, but was later welcomed back and made ambassador for her home. grew up as the princess of her people, beloved by everyone on the island. nearly two years with the justice league, diana had come to trust and rely on each of the other members. they shared a kiss in an action comic superman 50th anniversary edition, and in kingdom come they get together and later have a child. then when she sees that his gloves are dirty, batman tries to hide them in his cape but then she kisses him and he gets nervous. choosing a different tactic, they instead sought out hades and freed him before attacking faust again. arrived in the canyon along with hawkgirl, green lantern, and the flash and took part in the battle there, even saving hawkgirl's life from one of the fighter crafts. this extension of the justice league was originally planned to be explained in a planned direct-to-video feature film, but the project never materialized. the third season started in 2005 with the episode "i am legion" (which was written before the announcement of a third season) and ended in 2006 with the episode "destroyer". has teased a wonder woman and batman pairing in both the comics and cartoons, but has inexplicably shied away from coupling the two characters together. these included characters like deadman, warlord, and an unnamed modern equivalent of the seven soldiers of victory. characters from dc's "mature readers" vertigo imprint were also not allowed, like swamp thing and phantom stranger.[16] she would, however, be forced to deal with old feelings of betrayal when shayera returned to the ranks of the league. there was plenty of mutual flirting between the pair, fans got to see exactly how much batman cared for wonder woman in the episode "this little piggy"[email protected] apologies for the mix up with superwoman =/= wonder woman.^ "film music – movie music- film score – justice league – michael mccuistion – lolita ritmanis – kristopher carter – limited edition". diana and bruce has to hide from the thungarians so wonder woman reaches over and kisses bruce. justice league comic series has hinted on and off depending on the writers but only joe kelly has ever done anything serious with it. it was also the final series set in the long-running dc animated universe, which started with batman: the animated series in 1992.
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    she also possessed the power of flight, silver bracelets that could deflect all sorts of projectiles, and an indestructible golden lasso. he revealed that the relics together made a key which would unlock the gates of tartarus and release the god hades from his prison. dc comics super heroes: justice league – attack of the legion of doom (2015). so when hawkgirl betrayed the league to the thanagarian forces, diana felt particularly let down. woman possesses an infinite patience that's perfect for dealing with batman's intimidating airs and cold attitude. characters associated with batman and those who appeared in batman: the animated series (aside from batman himself) were restricted due to the unrelated animated series the batman and the christopher nolan's live-action theatrical the dark knight trilogy to avoid continuity confusion. she and batman battled mongul within the confines of superman's fortress of solitude, both receiving a vicious beating during the fight. wonder woman is a greek demi-goddess raised in an isolated female warrior culture, while batman is the weird child of unchecked crime and unlimited wealth. once all the resurrection, time-travel, villain-fighting and day-saving was out the way, the two put off having to talk about their kiss for awhile, with batman being the more reluctant of the two, even standing wonder woman up on at least one occasion. i said at the beginning of this article: once wonder woman goes bats, she won't come back. in this wonder woman was possessed by death and the only thing that could bring her to light was love. she traveled to china along with shining knight, vigilante, and legion of doom member star sapphire. he nonetheless has admitted that he and wonder woman may have something special. they're both natural leaders with sharp tactical minds, they're among the best fighters in the world, and they both fly cool jets. fiction & fantasy stack exchange is a question and answer site for science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts. batman fights a one man war against the out of control criminal element in his city, while wonder woman wants to use the amazon message of peace (which often contradicts with her warrior mentality) to unlock humanity's true potential. she traveled back in time with the rest of the league, sans batman, to stop him. the imperium's torture of j'onn, batman arrived, alive and well, to reverse the effects of the factory.'s take a look at the history, the chemistry, and the future of the most natural and obvious pairing in all of comics., when jlunlimited came out, the powers that be decided that was sort of routine. have superman comics dealt with the man of steel, woman of kleenex problem? the thungarians leave when they think that wonder woman and batman aren't there. when she and the league were forced to go underground after their escape to hide from the thanagarians, diana joined batman, whom she knew to be bruce wayne. she and shayera arrived on the island, diana again came face-to-face with hippolyta. wonder woman is a living avatar for the things that batman fights for, a ray of hope in the darkness that's constantly threatening to consume both gotham city and batman's soul. featurette: and justice for all: the process of revamping the series with new characters and a new creative direction, creators' commentary on "this little piggy" and 'the return",cadmus: exposed: mark hamill and the series creative personnel discuss this popular series story arc, justice league chronicles: series writers, producers and directors discuss their favorite moments among final season episodes. this time, diana received a command from hermes, the messenger of the olympians, to return to themyscira and restore hades to the throne of tartarus, as he had been overthrown by felix faust., i never meant to write 'superwoman' that was a mistake on my part. and shayera left tartarus and were welcomed by the amazons.
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    • Wonder Woman: Susan Eisenberg on That Batman Kiss and Other

      a story in which watch tower was crashed on the moon and wonder woman murdered a guy5does the dark knight returns fit into the dcau continuity set up by bruce timm? continued to work with the league, assisting on missions such as saving gorilla city from destruction at the hands of gorilla grodd. the third and final season story arc focuses on the new secret society (which is based on the legion of doom of the challenge of the super friends season of super friends) as the main villains, a loose-knit organization formed to combat the increased superhero coordination of the first season. contains "for the man who has everything," "the return," and "the greatest story never told," as well as the two-part justice league stories "the brave and the bold" and "injustice for all", and the young justice episodes "independence day," "fireworks," "welcome to happy harbor," and "drop zone". batman and wonder woman share a more than platonic relationship? during the battle, diana was reunited with j'onn, who had in the past months married and taken up residence in the area. dc animated series played with the idea of batman and wonder woman as potential significant others:A chief writer on this storyline is dwayne mcduffie - creator of static shock and one of the larger story arches for the dcau.-la land records released a 4-disc justice league soundtrack on 29 july 2016. batman was willing to put aside the persona and mystique he had built around himself and show his "true self" in order to save wonder woman, a fitting analogy for his relationship with diana., and there is one three-part comic series where wonder woman and batman share a kiss (as well as superman being in awe of her too): trinity. woman has been around since the golden age of comics and has had her own comic for over forty years. lamarr – green lantern (john stewart) / green lantern (justice lord) / steel / s. during her battle with the thanagarians on board the flagship, diana stumbled across shayera, who had been imprisoned for giving information to the league. league unlimited (jlu) is an american animated television series that was produced by warner bros. the general format of each episode is to have a small team assemble to deal with a particular situation, with a focus on both action and character interaction. this information, diana took the relics and returned to themyscira. it seems that zack snyder and the dc extended universe isn't done with the "wonderbats" pairing, as the first justice league teaser contained a few moments of gentle flirting between bruce and diana. to whether batman has ever had an interest in wonder woman, it has been shown in several continuities that batman and wonder woman have had more than passing interests:They are both martial artists, conversant in several styles. to her efforts on behalf of earth during the invasion, diana was invited aboard the watchtower, and she took part in the formation of the justice league alongside superman, batman, hawkgirl, flash, green lantern, and j'onn. after the sorceress circe transformed wonder woman into a pig, batman agreed to exchange "something precious" in order to get her back. woman gets to train with an excellent, highly trained fighter, and batman gets to fight against someone who has superhuman speed, strength and reflexes. additionally, the series continuously hints at a mutual attraction between batman and wonder woman. wonder woman and batman come from different worlds, but they are kindred spirits. continued to work as part of the league, but also began to venture into "man's world" for reasons other than to protect it. diana also defeated aresia and the other woman was killed when her aircraft plummeted into the sea." this may be the explanation of why superman turned from lois to wonder woman. no amount of pushing or angst would drive wonder woman away, as long as wonder woman wanted to be to be with him. batman runs over and tries digging her out just when he thinks she's gone, wonder woman then lifts up the missile.[5] however, eight months after the league's formation, diana began to have second thoughts about leaving her mother and sisters.
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      wonder woman might be the one person in the world who can see the good in batman, while not getting turned away from the accepting the bad. but for all that anger, confusion, and angst, there's also virtue. a brief relationship is hinted at in the dc animated series, justice league unlimited (you can see an episode featuring that relationship called "this little piggy. she was, however, responsible for freeing the captured league as well. strengthsuperhuman durability superhuman speedsuperhuman agility superhuman reflexessuperhuman staminaflighthighly skilled hand to hand combatantamazonian training. in jl season 1 wonder woman ends up stopping the missile but supposedly gets crushed doing it. the two-part series finale was aired in the uk on february 8 and 18, 2006, and in the united states on may 6 and 13, 2006. took on the name wonder woman and continued to serve with the league, working on missions such as assisting aquaman in keeping control of atlantis from his brother. has shown herself to be one of the most powerful beings in the justice league. wonder woman strives to set an example for those she protects, and batman uses intimidation and fear to advance his goals. both are warriors and superheroes who can operate in solitude but work best with allies and friends. and she's perhaps the most genuine person in the world, armed with a lasso of truth that makes lying to her impossible. this would almost be the same crime syndicate of amerika to appear in the animated film: "justice league, crisis on two earths. it was resolved in a four-part story at the end of the second season of justice league unlimited.-woman would later join the crime syndicate from earth-3 consisting of ultraman, owlman, power-ring and johnny quick. participated in the expansion of the justice league, eventually moving on board the new watchtower. best answers are voted up and rise to the top. now wonder woman and superman are an item but no knows how long their relationship may last. league unlimited, like the second season of justice league, is animated in widescreen. episode 21 – "hunter's moon (aka mystery in space)" – is placed out of order between episodes 22 ("question authority") and 23 ("flashpoint")." it is obvious that if they were to make more episodes that their going to start making batman more interested in diana and may even make them start dating. conroy – batman / bruce wayne (in future timeline) / batman (justice lord) / atom smasher / commander steel / crimson avenger / joe chill. wonder woman instantly fits inside his crazy weird world of crimefighting. she wandered into a butchering factory where she was captured by the workers and almost butchered herself. let's face it: batman is a longterm project, and wonder woman might be the only person with the patience to see it to the end. first teased the idea of a batman and wonder woman relationship during joe kelly's run on jla.'s probably a multitude of reasons why dc has shied away from a full-on batman and wonder woman pairing, but the company should consider embracing the potential these characters have together instead of shying away from it. batman is a good man, bent by the world but not broken. league unlimited on the dc animated universe wiki, an external wiki.

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