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a chat with the hollywood reporter previewing the fall finale, executive producer caroline dries discusses elena's sticky situation, damon and elena's shaky future and pairing up katherine and stefan. but it's more about trying to make the stories have a beginning, middle and end.) you would think that because they spend the episode together that damon would make some effort to do that but i don't think it ever occurs to him. is an interesting season because usually there is one clear goal elena and the others are working toward, but this time, there seems to be several different arcs, first with silas and now augustine. i didn't like damon and elena at first, but i like their relationship now, though i still ship her and stefan, but like i usually say, every tvd ship is good, so i don't mind who elena ends up with.

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so now, the former lovers are just looking for the right opportunity, and it might come their way this week. should watch season 3 i just finished it and if you like caroline you will be impresed because there is something going on between her and klaus! they just had a different feel than elena and stefan. when damon and enzo meet face to face, which is something we're teeing up as a big moment in the episode, enzo has a clear agenda with what he has to do but there are layers in their relationship. tv scorecard 2017: complete guide to what's new, renewed and canceled.

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    meanwhile, her relationship [with damon] is up in the air a little bit because she's just learned that he's killed all of the whitmore family, which is a horrifying thing to have done -- let alone, to have done while they were dating. but that’s not to say she shuts the date down. and if you date damon, you date all of his baggage too. of these women are desperate single moms and cheating wives looking for some fun. stefans constant need to be so perfect makes me want to vomit & damons bad boy attitude is starting to charm me.
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    i think the audience has embraced katherine even more this season because she's been so fun and fallible. I s question and answer in the The Vampire Diaries club'vampire diaries' ep on fall finale: 'it will have massive effects' on show (q&a). i started out liking stefan (so cool & laid-back) and hating damon (so gross and mean).? this is frustrating not knowing if they ever get together. to say that the future of damon and elena will be forever changed following the fall finale?
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    i don't like her with stefan anymore & damon loves her so much. this causing elena to question her own choices and decisions after learning about damon's whitmore murdering spree? that also helps us connect him to elena's college world. between elena (nina dobrev) and damon (ian somerhalder) are rockier than ever following elena's discovery that damon had been secretly killing off whitmore family members as part of his sketchy augustine past, as recently as several months prior when they were happily together. pilots 2017: the complete guide to what lives, dies and still has a pulse.
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" elena actually comes to -- having lived through what she goes through in episode 10 -- a surprising conclusion. we wanted to pay attention to damon's backstory and deepen his history on the show. has taken what he's learned from the augustine doctors of the past and is implementing his take on it. it finally felt earned in this moment because he needed someone and [even though] she's such a villain, but she opened up and helped stefan. impactful is the enzo reveal at the end of last week's episode in elena's attempt at getting out of her situation with wes?

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caroline is not even in this episode, so it will be about who knows and who doesn't know. knew that it would be a season of elena dating damon and what does it means to date the bad boy. we saw, elena wasn't in the best situation, being pinned down on the medical slab in dr. at this point, elena has finally admitted that she’d like to reconnect with damon, despite the fact that she previously erased their love from her memory. in an exclusive clip from thursday night’s episode, damon finally puts his foot down and makes official plans to take elena out to a proper dinner-and-a-movie date.

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moving forward, it will continue to hit some speed bumps here and there. the way she decides to move forward with damon won't be what the audience guesses. we saw it in the premiere and we're going to tee it up again in this episode and the next episode. you have to believe in him and be able to justify his backstory to even love him. never had a chance to watch this show til recently thanks to netfilx.

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think season 3 was amazing, most of damon and elena's development happens there. but at the end of the day, she has a very clear agenda and if she has to hurt him or betray him in any way, she's going to do it. damon actively try to redeem himself with aaron for killing off his family? we wrapped up the doppelganger thing with silas and amara, but the travelers are still around in the ether. all the drama surrounding kai, merges, and bonnie’s whereabouts on the vampire diaries, damon and elena have struggled to find time to rekindle their love.

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i finished season two a couple weeks ago & i just need to know does damon and elena ever happen? - I never had a chance to watch this show til recently thanks to netfilx. you see every single character judge them and refuse to believe they truely love each other + elena has to deal with so much in season 4 so they are not togheter right now but stefan isn't in the picture. he, being the sophisticated scientist, hates vampires and is trying to build something he'll use on elena. elena has a lot to process, but at the same time, elena's learning about other things of her past that shed a new light onto what augustine is doing.

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cause i don't like this klaus vamipre/wolf dudes and i don't wanna waste my time. much of a factor is caroline knowing about katherine and stefan? am not too sure about damon and elena but i really want to find out. 12 fall finale, "fifty shades of grayson" (more on the meaning behind the title later), kicks off with elena trapped on dr. wes is justifying why he's so anti-vampire and damon is the exact symbol of why he's anti-vampire.

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it's all going to come full circle and we're going to answer those questions that were teed up in the premiere. a lot of it for elena is meant to be this gray area: "am i changing because of my boyfriend or can i find a way to bring the light out of him? they have a very complicated relationship where he just has a big heart and he's human so and finds him lovable in a way.[bc_video video_id="4017472783001" account_id="219646971" player_id="default"] With all the drama surrounding Kai, merges, and Bonnie's whereabouts on The Vampire Diaries, Damon and…This is not a dating site! & currently in the show and what's airing on television, damon and elena have slept together but are currently not all that together since she's dealing with a lot.

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Dries talks to THR about Damon and Elena's shaky future, the repercussions for Katherine and Stefan's hookup and the pros of breaking up the season into "chapters. wes maxfield's (rick cosnett) medical slab and learning that damon's former friend enzo (michael malarkey), whom he betrayed, is actually alive and kicking. comes in carrying 60 or 70 years of being tortured on the slab table and the last thing he remembered of damon was that he had betrayed him. dries talks to thr about damon and elena's shaky future, the repercussions for katherine and stefan's hookup and the pros of breaking up the season into "chapters. we're five seasons in -- we learn a little bit every season -- and last year was the season of the cure, the year before that was the moonstone and the sacrifice.

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now episode 10, we're starting to delve into what augustine was doing and what augustine doctors like wes have learned from that history. if she avoids it, wes is there to remind her of everything damon has done. may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area.'m with you on this one i'm just 4 episodes away from finishing season 2 and i am just on th edge with if damon and elena are gonna get together because at first i thought of elena and stefan but now it's team damon. he really cares and its a definite yes they are probably getting together.

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