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what i know of islam till date might be nothing, but it is not much different from my i know of hinduism, though the practices are a little different. the requirements are stricter for a dharmic (sikh, buddhist, jain or hindu) rather than for a christian or jew (people of book; abrahamics). my parents brought me up with hindu values, but i never followed hinduism properly. according to the kerala catholic bishops council, by october 2009 up to 4,500 girls in kerala had been targeted, whereas hindu janajagruti samiti claimed that 30,000 girls had been converted in karnataka alone. furthermore, these reports stated that these girls were being exploited by their husbands, some of whom afterwards abandoned them in pakistan. "in up, community bans mobiles for girls to fight ‘love jihad’". views · 40 upvotesanonymousupdated 68w agothis is about a cousin who was married to a muslim boy in hyderabad. while i come from a north-indian hindu brahmin family and am agnostic, he is a devout muslim from  maharashtra."[24] conservative hindu activists have cautioned women in uttar pradesh to avoid muslims and not to befriend them.[88] in early 2010, the state government reported to the karnataka high court that although a large number of young hindu women had converted to islam, there was no organized attempt to convince them to do so. but i still would be reading the qoran today; in fact my super orthodox hindu brahmin granny has also read the qoran and praised it.

Can hindu girl marry muslim boy

during the talks, the nawabi family, promised that she need not change her religion and she can continue to be a hindu. december 2011, the controversy erupted again in karnataka legislative assembly, when member mallika prasad of the bharatiya janata party asserted that the problem was ongoing and unaddressed — with, according to her, 69 of 84 hindu girls who had gone missing between january and november of that year confessing after their recovery that "they'd been lured by muslim youths who professed love. achuthanandan referenced the alleged matrimonial conversion of non-muslim girls as part of an effort to make kerala a muslim majority state. was fine for a month and then the mil stated that she was muslim now and should stop going to temple, stop wearing modern dresses like jeans. the making of exile: sindhi hindus and the partition of india. for hindu and non-abrahamic couples, love is all that matters.[87][4] they did indicate that a large number of hindu girls had converted to islam of their own will.[36][37][38] according to an opinion piece by liberal politics blogger sunny hundal, "in the 90s, an anonymous leaflet (suspected to be by hizb ut-tahrir followers) urged muslim men to seduce sikh girls to convert them to islam..despite his assurances, the bride was given a muslim name. a non-muslim is not allowed to be appointed as a leader of muslims, and they must pay jizyah- a personal tax on non-muslims. zoroastrians, certain types of hindus, and buddhists are accepted by some muslims as 'people of the book' as well, but this is a matter of dispute.

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but she says that i don’t need to be a muslim after we have got married. a marriage with muslim has one strict condition- convert to islam. september 2014, controversial bjp mp sakshi maharaj claimed that muslim boys in madrasas are being motivated for love jihad with proposals of rewards of, "rs 11 lakh for an “affair” with a sikh girl, rs 10 lakh for a hindu girl and rs 7 lakh for a jain girl. two months later, he filed another petition and alleged that her daughter was converted at the behest of isis and feared she may be taken to join it in afghanistan, citing cases of two kerala women joining the group after conversion and marriage to muslim men. there been any such example when a muslim man/woman has to convert into hinduism just to marry a hindu woman/man he/she loves? fundamentalist muslim organization popular front of india and the campus front have been accused of promoting this activity. religious conversion from islam was therefore conceptualized as a vital criminal violation that might be punishable by death because a former muslim would endanger the existence of all muslims by allying with an enemy of islam."[74] the father had claimed that her daughter had been radicalised and influenced to marry a muslim man by some organisations so she no longer remained in her parents' custody. "'we need to talk about 'love jihad says minister: india's muslim boys seducing hindu girls to force their conversion". there is another famous bollywood music composer (with whom i worked on one of my films) married to a hindu girl who is distantly related to me and belongs to the gowd saraswat brahmin (gsb) community. if a hindu boy wants to marry a muslim woman?

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was/is no guarantee that life with a non-muslim would be better or even equally good as it is right now. the experience of those who have married a muslim man here differs vastly from those who have married a muslim back home in india. i respected my son even more when he said to his father in law to be … i love your daughter and you say i must convert to marry her . same month, the alleged phenomenon was raised by rashtriya swayamsevak sangh leader during a protest organized by hindu hitarakshana vedike about the arrest and reported mistreatment of 15 people on an unrelated matter, when sangh suggested that police feared to interfere with muslim youth who practice "love jihad" and cautioned young hindu women against using cell phones, suggesting these play a major role. of 2014, hindus were the leading religious majority in india, at 81%, with muslims at 13%.^ "now ‘love jihad’ case in bihar, girl forced to change her religion, pleads for justice".[18] love jihad is an alleged activity wherein muslim youth utilize such emotional appeals, using charm to entice girls into conversion by feigning love – in some reports, as an organized, funded behavior. know over a dozen female friends/relatives of mine (both here in the us, and back in india) who have been married into muslim families (yes, you read it correctly:- in our “desi culture” we do not marry a boy or a girl, we get married to the whole family). hindu guy getting married with muslim girl in saudi arabia. almost all of the intra-religious marriages that i have witnessed in india (17 cases) involve girls from prosperous gujarati community and boy is usually from middle to lower middle-class muslim family. by that i mean, of the 22 kids in my immediate family and friends circle born to hindu mother-muslim father, 13 of them are either dating or engaged to hindu girls/boys and the remainder are either in relationship with caucasian whites, african-american’s and other asians (east-asians) with no clearly defined religious orientations.

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^ a b c "kerala muslim man challenges hc decision to nullify marriage with hindu woman over isis link". is it like being a hindu woman married to a christian man?. banerjee stating that, "in most cases we found that a hindu girl and muslim boy were in love and had married against their parents' will. he has never disrespected hinduism or any other religion, though he does have questions, and we have healthy debates and discussions over it. have not glorified my story or islam, nor have i claimed to be a hindu or a muslim. november 2009, dgp jacob punnoose stated there was no organisation whose members lured girls by feigning love with the intention of converting..he asked her to join the same office he was working in, which was full of muslims. questionswhat is it like being a hindu man married to a muslim woman?[29] according to a 2014 article in the mumbai mirror, some non-muslim brides in muslim-hindu marriages convert, while other couples choose a civil marriage under the special marriage act of 1954.[55] popular front of india (pfi) committee-member naseeruddin elamaram denied that the pfi was involved in any "love jihad", stating that people convert to hinduism and christianity as well and that religious conversion is not a crime. the answer not only has over 3k upvotes, but also 99% positive comments, by both hindus and muslims.

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i have been told both by a christian and a muslim that i will go to hell for not believing in jesus and marrying a non-muslim, respectively. as for christians, the christian partner in malaysia always demands that spouse convert and hindus who believe that all gods and religions are the same usually fall prey. a hindu girl marries a muslim - times of indiaparents pay the price for hindu-muslim love | latest news & updates at daily news & analysis‘honour killing’ stink in akhilesh hometown17. the theological discouragement to marry a mushrik (polytheist) is an islamic strategy to preserve the existence of the marriage institution and allow muslims to better achieve the aims of their faith. practices of interfaith marriages of hindus to others in malaysia are summarized here.: islam-related controversiesconversion to islamislamism in indiareligion in karnatakaislam in keralaislam and other religionsreligion in uttar pradeshreligion in jammu and kashmircontroversies in indiafar-right politics in indiaconspiracy theories involving muslimshidden categories: all articles with dead external linksarticles with dead external links from april 2014articles with dead external links from march 2017commons category without a link on wikidatause dmy dates from august 2011. got married in a court but immediately the muslim family compelled her to quit her job, took away her facebook privileges, was “unwillingly” convert to islam, given a new name nusrat, most documents including passport had name changes, sent to islamic school, made to wear black gown called abaya and hijab, confined to home, allowed to visit her hindu parents only twice in 9 months of marriage, and her hindu identity was erased in all respect. the question asks  - "what is it like being a hindu woman married to a muslim man". he said he was a muslim and could have multiple wives. while muslim women are only permitted within the contract to marry muslim men, muslim men may marry "people of the book", interpreted by most to include jews and christians, with the inclusion of hindus disputed. this map from 1909 shows muslim regions in the northwest in green mixing with hindu regions stretching across most of the region into buddhist burma.

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in that marriage she had to convert to islam but more or less the couple lead a very secular lifestyle (typical bollywood ishtyle) and their 2 kids though raised with secular values identify themselves as muslims. actually its high time and they are forcing me to marry a guy in my area, javed. after a lot of convincing, praying and literally begging from both sides, they finally got together - he did not want to marry as he loved his first wife too much and had a child, and she because she did not want to be a boyfriend told me that i would either have to convert or leave him. most probably will be slandered by many hindus here, as not only did i marry a muslim guy but i also converted to islam for the marriage.[25][26] in 2012, the hindu reported that illegal intimidation against consenting couples engaging in such discouraged unions, including inter-religious marriage, had surged. is sikh and will remain sikh and i am still muslim. it allowed nia to explore all similar suspicious incidences to find whether banned organisations, such as simi, are preying on vulnerable hindu women to recruit them as terrorists. also: interfaith marriage in islam and interfaith marriage § views of hinduism. i know handful of such marriages which have either ended up in divorce (owing to intense family pressure) or simply, the muslim man has entered into more than one marriage.: my name is ganisha, i am a sikh girl who is in love with a muslim guy who i have been with for a few years now.

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, how does it feel to have dated and married a muslim guy?[7][89] in early 2010, the state government reported to the karnataka high court that although a large number of young hindu women had converted to islam, there was no organized attempt to convince them to do so. we are happy and i don’t think someone should say it just to “please” their spouse’s family, because i think your faith is a part of who you are, and even though i am muslim, whatever you are raised as, hindu, sikh, jain, etc. this includes jew, christians and sabeans (a sect that most muslims believe no longer exists). you know any indian muslim woman married to a hindu man?" he claimed to know this through reports to him by muslims and by the experiences of men in his service who had converted for access. is it like to be a christan woman married to a muslim man? january, vishwa hindu parishad's women’s wing, durga vahini used actor kareena kapoor’s morphed picture half covered with burqa issue of their magazine, on the theme of love jihaad. the girl’s parents had no clue what that meant. if a hindu boy wants to marry a muslim woman?[81][82] in april 2010, police used the term to characterize the alleged kidnapping, forced conversion and marriage of a 17-year-old college girl in mysore.

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: i am a brahman girl and i am dating a boy who is muslim shia. does a hindu indian man marry a saudi muslim woman? in most cases i have seen that not only does the hindu girl have to forsake her religious identity, she also has to suffer been disowned by her parents and other family members and relatives, sometimes for rest of her life. jihad hindu boy married muslim girl divorcedForum for interfaith marriages with equality. 51w agomy answer will offer a third persons perspective because, neither am i a woman, nor a muslim. non-muslim is expected to take shahadah oaths before nikaah (marriage).[21][22][23] women on both sides of the conflict were impacted, leading to "recovery operations" by both the indian and pakistani governments of these women, with over 20,000 muslim and 9,000 non-muslim women being recovered between 1947 and 1956. do not claim to be a muslim now, as i am still just in the initial phases. theoretically, via the good manners of a muslim husband, his spouse may be induced to convert to islam. is the number (approximate) of hindu women marrying a muslim man and vice versa?.Singh: i am a sikh guy who loves muslim girl from pakistan.

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he too has married a hindu girl and their family is archetypal bollywood family but with slight muslim bias."[9] bjp mp yogi adityanath alleged that love jihad was an international conspiracy targeting india,[62] announcing on television that the muslims "can't do what they want by force in india, so they are using the love jihad method here. parents want our kids to be muslims, and i do not have a problem with that.!Prateek: i am a hindu and in a relationship with an islamic girl (it was she who approached me first), we both love each other and can go to any extent to live with each other…. she says that i most convert to islam, and then marry her. is it like to be a christan woman married to a muslim man? subramanian swamy is pro-hinduism and is against love jihad and religious conversions, why did he marry a parsi woman and not any hindu. sikh council received reports in 2014 that girls from british sikh families were becoming victims of love jihad. is the life of a hindu divorcee woman married to a muslim divorcee man like?"[48] in connection with an alleged case in delhi, india tv indicated in september 2014 that the number of cases of reported love jihad were rapidly increasing admidst "intense debates" over relationships between muslim boys and hindu girls. may 2017, the kerala high court annulled a marriage of a converted hindu woman akhila alias hadia to a muslim man shafeen jahan on the grounds that the bride's parents were not present or gave consent for the marriage, after allegations by her father of conversion and marriage at behest of islamic state of iraq and syria.

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.Poonam: m in love with a muslim boy for 2 years and he loves me very much he is intelligent nd independent in life can support me ., if you love a muslim boy or girl (which seldom happens - i am yet to hear a story on that), be ready to get converted. subsequently, a case was initiated against the website where fake posters of muslim organisations offering money to muslim youths for luring and trapping women were found. jihad, also called romeo jihad, is defined by far-right groups as an alleged activity under which young muslim men and boys target young girls belonging to non-muslim communities for conversion to islam by feigning love although there are no official evidences supporting these claims..9k views · 1,069 upvotes · not for reproductionrelated questionsmore answers belowwhat is it like being a hindu man married to a muslim woman? compare mentality of people (the answers are not being compared):there is another answer on quora about how does it feel for a muslim lady to be married to a hindu man, and the top-voted answer (ashwin shukla's answer to can a muslim marry a hindu? is it like being a hindu woman married to a christian man?[53] in late october 2009, police addressed the question of "love jihad" itself, indicating that while they had not located an organisation called "love jihad", "there are reasons to suspect ‘concentrated attempts’ to persuade girls to convert to islam after they fall in love with muslim boys". a british woman marry a muslim man in the uk? what we heard last is that divorce is difficult and lawyers said that she has to fight the case as per muslim personal law. ken's answer to what is it like to be a hindu woman married to a muslim man?

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.Monicapreet: i am a sikh girl and i am divorced from a sikh boy in 2007, i am having two kids which are with there father, the reason of divorce is heavy drunker and having relationship with other womens . on jun 3, 2017love jihad hindu boy married muslim girl divorced. she was in college when she met this muslim boy…teenage years, she saw him as fair, tall, strong, etc…continued into employment as well. is the number (approximate) of hindu women marrying a muslim man and vice versa? is it like being a muslim woman married to a hindu man?-muslim couple missed their pheras and nikah to dance the night away #shaikhitwithjosh.^ a b "kerala high court nullifies woman's marriage with muslim man after bride's father raises islamic state angle".. as i am in love with a muslim guy who is from kurdistan originally and i am a punjabi sikh girl. in this case, the muslim lady converted to hinduism for her marriage. maybe if i had looked elsewhere, i could have found a hindu guy who is equally good, but why would i do so when i had one next to me already? i could stay in my religion and we could marry under civil law.

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now i am living with my parents and having affair with a muslim boy.  mimmie: i’m in a christian-muslim relationship here in the states. quran prohibits appointing a non-muslim as leader, including as the head of the family. is an irreversible conversion to islam: muslim caliphates invited all muslim civilians to be involved in defending the islamic state from attack of the non-muslims. 9 december 2009, justice k t sankaran for the kerala high court weighed in on the matter while hearing bail for muslim youth arrested for allegedly forcibly converting two campus girls. "'not just white girls, pak muslim men sexually target hindu and sikh girls as well".[79] a week after the announcement, the government ordered a probe into the situation by the cid to determine if an organised effort existed to convert these girls and, if so, by whom it was being funded. subramanian swamy is pro-hinduism and is against love jihad and religious conversions, why did he marry a parsi woman and not any hindu. cousin’s parents were feeling guilty because their only daughter did not do well in studies and finally getting married to muslim…. the imam sided with the family, and told she could marry another from within the community. from my personal experience i have observed that these exemplary celebrity unions are limited to bollywood/film industry only and don’t necessarily translate into good news for hindu-muslim alliances elsewhere in the indian society.


but neither my parents nor his parents want us to marry now plz tell me what should i do ? is it like being a muslim woman married to a hindu man? we have been dating for 3 years now and recently he found out that his mom is looking for girls for him. christian groups, such as the christian association for social action, and the vishva hindu parishad (vhp) banded against it, with the vhp establishing the hindu helpline that it indicates answered 1,500 calls in three months related to "love jihad". "handsome muslim men accused of waging 'love jihad' in india"..Madiha: i was born into a very staunch muslim family in the us. according to the takht jathedar, "the sikh council has rescued some of the victims (girls) and brought them back to their parents. every time the word hindu is mentioned i am called a kafir. i am not sure if the fact that my muslim composer friend being ardent follower of jiddu krishnamurti - wikipedia is something to do with that. "hindu activists in india warn women to beware of 'love jihad'". 124w agobased on my answer to how does it feel for a hindu girl to have a muslim boyfriend or marry a muslim guy?

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