Does batman and catwoman hook up

Did batman hook up with catwoman

despite being one of the more conservative publishers out there (remember when the batwoman creative team quit cause dc higher-ups wouldn't allow kate kane to marry her girlfriend maggie? #0) and return to the orphanage where she stole documents exposing the administrator's corruption and sent them to the authorities. however, she has learned her reformation was the result of a mindwipe by zatanna, a procedure known to deeply affect and, in at least one case, physically incapacitate its victims. she promises to stop messing with superman's love life, and presumably started locking her bedroom door at night. this was the second time that batman's true identity was shown to be known to her. gordon; batgirl: the daughter of police commissioner james gordon in the dc animated universe, barbara hinted at having been in a brief relationship with bruce in batman beyond. then returns to gotham city, which at this time is in the midst of the no man's land storyline. instead of getting the hell outta there, kara decides that what she needs to do is find superman a mate who is also a super-person like her. woman battling ares is the superhero showdown of the century. salvation run #2, catwoman was exiled to the prison planet by amanda waller's suicide squad. have been many versions of catwoman's origins and back story seen in the comic books over the decades. anne hathaway portrayed the character in the third installment of christopher nolan's batman trilogy, the dark knight rises. #0), "where selina began to see how hard the world could really be" (catwoman secret files and origins). the modern age of comics until the present date, batman has had numerous romantic relationships, in every different media, some which have lasted long enough to set a "record" and others which were merely used for the sake of a story. although there has been many events in which the two of them decide to become a regular couple, their unconventional lifestyles and personal choices makes them always grow apart from each other, making it sort of a "running gag" in the batman history. ivy is a villain who often relies on seduction and manipulation of pheromones to drive men around her to obey. #62 revealed that catwoman (after a blow to the head jogged her memory) is an amnesiac flight attendant who had turned to crime after suffering a prior blow to the head during a plane crash she survived (although in the final issue of the brave and the bold, she admits that she made up the amnesia story because she wanted a way out of the past life of crime). while sasha and batman kissed near the end of the omac project, their relationship seems to have passed on. superman offers to remain on staryl with her, but she compels him to stay and protect the people of earth, tearfully promising to love him always as she leaves (bear in mind they met a whole page ago). together selina and ivy manage to rescue harley from elliot, but not before having to deal with an old associate of the joker's who is posing as joker trying to kill harley for taking his place. photographer/reporter, vicki vale was initially introduced as a woman smart enough to expose batman's secret identity using her images. she regularly eludes capture by the dark knight and maintains a complicated, adversarial relationship with batman that frequently turns flirtatious and occasionally, legitimately romantic. after several encounters with ra's, talia and bruce eventually had a sexual encounter, from which their son damian wayne was born. selina kills stan to save her sister, and is able to do so with impunity. her formidable hand-to-hand combat skills are augmented by her cat-like speed, reflexes, balance, and flexibility.

Does batman and catwoman hook up

-induced make out sessions are hardly a new thing in comic books (or storytelling in general really), but the fact that moments before robin had smashed the cloning tube and spilled its contents everywhere really brings down the atmosphere somewhat. so she sets out to find the perfect mate for him, dragging the man of steel on a series of adventures throughout time — even trying to set him up with helen of troy. took to the streets for a time before being caught and sent first to an orphanage, then juvenile hall (catwoman v. unfrortunately, this idea proved ill-adviced as vicki's character was not developed and instead, it was simply a modern take on the same old concept of learning batman's secret identity. in this story, holly robinson is introduced as selina's roommate, a young runaway and prostitute kyle has taken in. thus, vicki vale was introduced in answer to superman's lois lane, but the efforts proved futile as the character couldn't be developed in the right direction. thief: selina is a master thief, known throughout gotham city for her burglary of cat-themed objects and/or gems and jewels of the highest quality. • anarky • bane • black glove • black mask • black spider • blockbuster • calculator • calendar man • carmine falcone • catman • catwoman • cavalier • charlatan • clayface • club of villains • cluemaster • court of owls • crazy quilt • crime doctor • crimesmith • david cain • deacon blackfire • deadshot • deathstroke • doctor death • doctor dedalus • doctor double x • doctor phosphorus • doctor hurt • electrocutioner • firebug • firefly • fright • great white shark • harley quinn • hugo strange • humpty dumpty • hush • hypnotic • jane doe • jeremiah arkham • joe chill • joker • kgbeast • killer croc • killer moth • king snake • king tut • kite-man • lady shiva • league of assassins • lew moxon • lex luthor • lock-up • mad hatter • mad monk • magpie • man-bat • maxie zeus • merlyn • mister freeze • mister zsasz • nocturna • nyssa raatko • owlman • penguin • pigeon • poison ivy • professor pyg • prometheus • ra's al ghul • ratcatcher • red hood • reverse-flash • riddler • rupert thorne • roxy rocket • sal maroni • scarecrow • solomon grundy • spellbinder • talia al ghul • tally man • three ghosts of batman • tony zucco • tweedledee and tweedledum • two-face • ubu • ventriloquist • white ghost • wrath. and Catwoman meet up at the No-Tell Motel in this Cartoon Hook-Up, but Batman is a little ticked it took this long. cloud was a socialite who dated bruce wayne and managed to deduce the secret of bruce wayne's alter ego., using a mental discipline taught to her by talia al ghul, avoids the interrogation and gives ivy and harley a fabricated story about there being multiple batmen over the years, and that she's had a personal relationship with more than one of them. the next day, the staff members of the mental institution are shown discussing maggie's escape, also mentioning that a nun that works at the hospital had been found beaten and stripped of her uniform. batman and robin, elle macpherson plays julie, though the character seems to have little in common with her comic book self. often pictures a possible marriage between batman and herself, such as in this scene (nightwing #52), shown in one of catwoman's romantic daydreams. this allows her to calm injured cats, train them, befriend them, and form strong bonds with them. kyle, also known as catwoman, is a fictional character associated with dc comics' batman franchise and created by bill finger and bob kane. in a backup storyline trail of the catwoman, by writer ed brubaker and artist darwyn cooke, private detective slam bradley attempts to find out what really happened to selina kyle. and orion's wife bekka, had a strong attraction to each other after she rescued him from darkseid's forces on the planet tartarus. sign up, tune into the things you care about, and get updates as they happen. selina returns home from her adventure to find that the mysterious movie aficionado film freak has deduced her alias, joined with angle man, and grabbed helena. so she tracks down a female superhero named luma lynai, who just so happens to be an older "superwoman duplicate" of kara, living on the planet staryl. her plans to use this position to run for mayor are ruined when the trickster inadvertently connected kyle to her catwoman alter ego. when the new batman takes back control of gotham city, catwoman remains despondent at the loss of bruce wayne.'the dark knight returns': remember the time superman ripped off green arrow's arm? together the girls manage to stop the faux joker and move in together.

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    fairchild: fairchild was a radio host from gotham and her relationship with bruce wayne was established during doug moench's second run on batman in the 1990s. zatanna refuses, judging for herself that such an act would be cruel to both mother and daughter. the earth-two/golden age selina kyle eventually dies in the late 1970s after being blackmailed by a criminal into going into action again as catwoman (as shown in dc super-stars #17). this storyline leads in to the newest catwoman series in late 2001 (written by brubaker initially with cooke, later joined by artist cameron stewart). she was framed for fairchild's murder and later joined maxwell lord's checkmate organization. popular figure, catwoman has been featured in most media adaptations related to batman. in the first years of the bronze age, batman had only one romantic interest and that was with talia al ghul, but this never came to something serious as they were often at odds. caspian: in "batman: year two", bruce wayne falls in love with rachel. before bruce could officially commit to her, benedict kidnapped her and turned her abilities to evil use. during this time, catwoman was given her trademark cat-o-nine tails whip by a client, which selina kept as a trophy of her time posing as a hooker. more accounts to get instant updates about topics you care about. dick and selina share a toast to their family who were not with them that year (bruce, tim, holly, helena, ivy and harley). the money she stole from the corrupt orphanage administrator ran out, selina found herself in "alleytown - a network of cobblestone streets that form a small borough between the east end and old gotham" (catwoman v. in this series, selina kyle, joined by new supporting cast members holly and slam bradley (a character from the early golden age dc comics), becomes protector of the residents of gotham’s east end, while still carrying out an ambitious career as a cat burglar. after he tells her that he plans on getting an emotional response before killing her, selina steals a car and heads to the mental institution where maggie kyle is held, believing black mask is coming for her. find a topic you’re passionate about, and jump right in. can add location information to your tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. batman: the brave and the bold, the two regularly flirt, which others notice. as adults they met again and realized they cared for each other, but nothing came out of it. cyrus and liam hemsworth made their first red carpet appearance together since 2013 at 'thor: ragnarok' premiere. lois discovered that bruce was batman and broke off the relationship, but kept his secret. the 1970s comics, a series of stories taking place on earth-two (the parallel earth that was retroactively declared as the home of dc's golden age characters) reveal that on that world, selina reformed in the 1950s (after the events of batman #69) and had married bruce wayne; soon afterwards, she gave birth to the couple's only child, helena wayne (the huntress). earth-one, julie's history resembled that of her earth-two counterpart, but after her break-up with bruce, she wed someone from the european royalty. over the profile pic and click the following button to unfollow any account. applegate had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed — and she’s talking about it for an important reason.
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    batwoman was introduced in an effort to give batman a much needed female figure in his life, but again, the character became a caricature instead of a serious persona. bane asks her to work for him, but she refuses, giving as her reason that bane broke batman. zatanna gives no reason for her actions, but in a flashback it is shown that she had acted with the consent and aid of five of the seven jla members who had helped her mindwipe dr. unlike catwoman, talia is more than willing to play second-fiddle to bruce's mission. by the end of this age, various ladies were introduced in batman's love life such as silver st. she later calls batman to her house in order to turn the would-be thief over to the police, but discovers that kitrina had managed to free herself and steal back the map. once bruce wayne returns from his time in the past, he establishes batman incorporated, a global team of batmen. the character adds little to the plot, and many of her scenes were edited out of the film's final cut. the series also fleshed out more of her origin, revealing her beginnings as a young thief, her difficult period in juvenile incarceration, and the training she received from superhero ted (wildcat) grant. we also learn that they like to keep their costumes on whilst doing so, and also that selina doesn't actually know who batman is under the mask — though she suspects he's aware of her real identity (he is). as in the comic books, sexual tension between their costumed characters is a major story point in batman: the animated series. the the dark knight rises film, talia, portrayed by marion cotillard, poses as an executive member of wayne enterprises and becomes romantically involved with bruce wayne, only to take control of his company and destroy gotham city, following her father's mad design. batman: the animated series, bruce wayne regularly dates selina kyle. ted grant informs selina that holly has been arrested for the murder of black mask; selina infiltrates the police station and frees holly. however, her husband had kept her jewelry in his private vault, and she had to break into it to retrieve the jewelry. of the following ladies are often ignored and their past relationship with the caped crusader is mostly forgotten:Jillian maxwell: in batman: legends of the dark knight halloween special #1, during the beginning of his career, bruce find himself attracted to a woman who called herself jillian maxwell after meeting her at a costume party. even though, most of his relationships are with ladies from his own rogues gallery, the constant in every scenario is batman's unwillingness or inability to mantain a relationship longer that the batmobile's paint job. in the new earth continuity, batwoman was never romantically interested in batman, except for a couple of stories by grant morrison, who liked to use silver age content as reference in his works. however, characters associated with catwoman's past as a prostitute have remained a part of her supporting cast. this is no different with batman, who initially confused his lust and desire caused by ivy's methods, for love. is the older of two sisters (maggie being the younger) born to brian and maria kyle. then obtains an abandoned animal shelter as their new home from a man calling himself the broker. the jla story arc crisis of conscience, catwoman fights alongside batman and the league against the old secret society, of which she had once briefly been a member. on earth-two, batwoman resignated to live without batman's love and in the earth-one continuity, kathy kane was murdered by the league of assassins.), dc have had their fair share of weird and wonderful moments over the years.
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    selina's connection to the falcone family is further explored in the miniseries catwoman: when in rome. shore: in batman confidential "lovers & madmen", bruce met museum curator lorna shore during the beginning of his career. from true romance and lost loves, to random hookups and superhero sex tapes, there's something for everyone in the pages of our favorite comics. years later, lion-mane orchestrated a prison riot and took the guards hostage. frustrated over his failed attempts to clone superboy, tim goes all smashy on his science project in teen titans vol 3, #37, spilling the dna samples all over the floor. in the recent animated adaptation of the killing joke, batman and batgirl have a distasteful sexual encounter in a rooftop. posing as a criminal, selina gains the bana's trust and thwarts a terror attack aimed at causing mass casualties in gotham city. this series met with critical and fan acclaim, especially for its first 25 issues. a month after helena is placed with a new family, catwoman asks zatanna to erase her memories of helena and change her mind back to a criminal mentality. this time around it's paragon of virtue superman getting in on the creepy action in superman's super-courtship! having understandably gained a few pounds, selina finds that her costume is now a tighter fit. disappeared from the batman comics when julius schwartz took over the editorial office of batman in 1964, but she eventually returned in the early 1980s, brought back by gerry conway and his effort of bringing back old forgotten characters. she was a jewel thief who briefly adopted jason todd and knew that bruce wayne was batman. unfortunately, rachel's father moonlighted as a murderous vigilante who committed suicide once, losing a battle against a gun-wielding batman. according to this storyline, selina trained under the armless master of gotham, receiving education in martial arts and culture. later that year during the officer down storyline in the batman titles, catwoman is initially the chief suspect. woman and aquaman are of course both royalty, so his kiss breaks the magic spell diana had been placed under by the queen of fables. selina enjoyed this experience so much she decided to become a professional costumed cat burglar, and thus began a career that would repeatedly lead to her encountering the batman.'s far from the weirdest thing batman's been in — at least there weren't any tentacles involved this time around — but it marks one of the few times dc have explicitly portrayed sex between two of their big name characters on panel. embedding twitter content in your website or app, you are agreeing to the twitter developer agreement and developer policy. batman: arkham city, bruce and talia have some romantic background and they truly care for one another, as both of them risk their lives to save the other. her sister's keeper explores selina's early life as a prostitute and the start of her career as catwoman. batman: the animated series, she was portrayed similar to her silver age appearances. the hush storyline (batman #608-#619), batman and catwoman briefly work together and had a romantic relationship, during which he reveals his true identity to her. unlike superman and wonder woman, who are characters that have been in publication as long as batman, the dark knight has never had a a leading partner and instead, he has been constantly switching interests when it comes to romance.
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most recently in bruce wayne: the road home, vicki finally learned the truth of batman's identity, but she was developed into a confidant of the batman family rather than a love interest of bruce [email protected] this has ruined my day and it's not even noon. but before ivy and selina can discuss the matter any further, boneblaster returns and tries to once more make a name for himself by attacking ivy, harley and selina. when she used the identity audrey marguerite in brazil, bruce, as batman, sent her a note, telling her to confess all her crimes.: to pull off her many capers, catwoman resorts to disguises and [email protected] happy thanksgiving to you from my extremely hormonal sons ferted, hemergob and largeonesque. catwoman and batman have angry costumed sexbruce wayne/batman is one of those superheroes who doesn't really have one stand-out long term love interest, largely because he's a brooding loner who hangs out in a cave full of bats all day. up by october 31st for an extended 3-month trial of youtube red. this is due to the nature of the batman character, who cannot mantain a serious relationship with a woman as a result of his obsession with his crusade against crime. holly robinson takes over as the new catwoman while selina, living under the alias irena dubrovna, turns her attention to caring for her daughter (selina's alias was inspired by the name of the main character in the 1942 film cat people). she attacks and subdues kitrina, who tells selina that she had unknowingly stolen a map that details the location of the new black mask's underground bunker. you think batman ever went over to catwoman's apartment to hook up but saw a huge turd in her litter box & fucked her twice as hard? not having the joker in 'batman v superman: dawn of justice' is a good thing. she appears alongside various other batman villains, and has a tendency to say "meow meow" after every sentence. batman: arkham city, although their love is not explored, catwoman constantly flirts with the dark knight whenever they meet.'ve always loved women dark and dangerous-- yet if they do something dark and dangerous-- you can't love them-- and therefore, you've never really loved any woman at all. cassie comes to investigate the noise and is horrified to discover what robin has been up to. realizing that she could use the map to capture black mask and claim the 50 million dollar bounty on his head, selina leaves kitrina bound in a locked room so that she can keep the map for herself. while contemplating her loss, and her unexplained physical weakness despite being fully recovered from her physical heart trauma, she rescues two bystanders from a new supervillain-wannabe who calls himself boneblaster. eventually cottons on to what's going on, so supergirl admits to her big cousin her plan to get him super-laid. her true feelings for bruce wayne were not developed in the time she was introduced and her stories often involved the same plot. catwoman even gives up her sure escape from arkham city to go back and help the injured batman. in an attempt to cover up the illegal activities, the administrator put selina in a bag and dropped her in a river to drown (like a cat). catwoman is #51 on wizard magazine's "100 greatest villains of all time" list, #11 on ign's "top 100 comic book villains of all time" list, and #20 on ign's "top 100 comic book heroes". 1993, following the success of batman returns and selina kyle’s prominent role in that film, catwoman was given her first ongoing comic book series.

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a former socialite, she dedicated her time as a nurse for the elderly, instead of falling into the stereotype that rich women were spoiled and lazy. lane: when the new batman adventures crossed over with superman: the animated series, bruce developed a relationship with lois lane, much to superman's annoyance. 1, issue 3, was penned by wonder woman's co-creator william moulton marston, who often included themes of bondage and submissiveness in his stories. the early golden age comics, batman often flirted with catwoman, as he was charmed by her beauty although not so much by her methods. perhaps the two most prolific relationships of the comics are talia al ghul — who was the mother of his child, damian wayne/robin — and selina kyle, better known as catwoman. there's never really been any romantic inclinations between aquaman and wonder woman — apart from in the alternate "flashpoint" timeline where the two were betrothed to be married — arthur curry has admitted to having a bit of a thing for wonder woman in the past. the batman and robin film, poison ivy, portrayed by uma thurman, she acts exactly as her comic book counterpart, often relying on chemicals to hypnotize men, forcing them to lust and fight for her." a change in editorial team at that point, however, brought a swift end to that story line and, apparently, all that transpired during the arc. believing she can no longer function as a criminal, selina has since decided to become one of batman's outsiders. their first encounters, talia has shown a devotion to the dark knight as strong as her love for her father, often saving batman, but always choosing to remain by her father's side. the fight was tough and almost a draw, but eventually huntress was able to defeat lion-mane. earth-16, bruce broke off all ties with talia because of her conflicted morals; her love for batman on one side, her devotion to her father on the other, but mostly, because she considered the two equal. if one of the amazons is able to catch the moon goddess, they get to wear the mask and take over her duties. as previously mentioned, there are elements of lust and desire between them, but there is not a real love or romantic interest between them. the earth-two continuity, julie and bruce broke up as she expected him to become something more than a mere playboy, but when he refused, she left.. senator from the eurasian assassin cheshire; during the mission, she saves lady shiva, who was bound and gagged in the trunk of a car wired with explosives by chesire. this impresses selina, who mentions that she had tied up the child using an "inescapable" knot that bruce had shown her years earlier. two new lovebirds plan to return to earth together, but as soon as they enter earth's solar system luma becomes incredibly weak and agonized. she worked for the black glove, and gained his love as part of a plot to destroy him during "batman r. she broke off the engagement when she and her father had to flee the country to escape the mob. then appears in a series of backup stories in detective comics #759 - #762. her feats have been so amazing, one could argue that her athletic ability is somewhat superhuman. selina kyle is reintroduced as a cat-loving prostitute/dominatrix who is inspired to become a costumed cat burglar when she sees batman in action. when silver returned to gotham, she and bruce tried to work a serious relationship in what could possibly be the best attempt by batman to have a normal relationship, but as usual, things fell apart. appears to be completely reformed, and her love for batman true (although brash and unpredictable).

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her criminal activities are often tempered by a reluctant altruism, making her an inconstant villain and occasional ally to batman. their relationship becomes intensely dramatic toward the end of the movie, to the point where bruce actually implores her to abandon her vendetta against max shreck and come and live with him in wayne manor, to no avail. selina was taken in by "mama fortuna", the elderly leader of a gang of young thieves, and was taught how to steal. julie madison was an actress and she eventually adopted the artistic name of "portia storme". back in reality, talia reveals to the sirens that just a few hours prior, an unknown benefactor had offered up a massive reward to whoever could kidnap and deliver catwoman to him, with the hopes that he could penetrate her mind and learn batman's secret identity. she dated bruce for a few issues, but later fell between the cracks and disappeared. and catwoman have had several romantic encounters in the new earth continuity. however, by the time of the events of batman: arkham knight, selina is aware of batman's identity as bruce wayne, addressing him as such after he rescues her from the riddler. cyber cat); and a stint as a reluctant government operative. stories in the 1970s featured catwoman committing murder, something that neither the earth-one nor earth-two versions of her would ever do; this version of catwoman was assigned to the alternate world of earth-b, an alternate earth that included stories that couldn't be considered canonical on earth-one or earth-two. their history on the earth-two continuity developed to the point were catwoman reformed and batman admitted his love for her, formally marrying shortly after and having a daughter, helena wayne, who later became the huntress.. wonder girl makes out with robin in the remains of her dead boyfriendanother charming tale from dc comics concerns the death of conner kent/superboy and his best friend tim drake/red robin's efforts to bring him back to life. talia tries to kill selina before vanishing, but she survives and ultimately reunites with bruce, who had recently returned to the present. discovery of her father's evils drove rachel to pay her father's penance on his behalf by enrolling in a nunnery and breaking off her engagement with bruce wayne, who had prepared himself to end his crimefighting career to marry her.'the flash' showrunner explains why the show abandoned speedster villains for season 4. • batman reborn • battle for the cowl • the black mirror • blind justice • cataclysm • contagion • the dark knight returns • a death in the family • death of the family • endgame • face the face • fugitive • gotham's most wanted • hush • the killing joke • knightfall • last rites • legacy • a lonely place of dying • the long halloween • night of the owls • no man's land • officer down • prodigal • the resurrection of ra's al ghul • the return of bruce wayne • batman: where were you on the night batman was killed? if she could win, lion-mane would release the hostages, or if lion-mane won, she would have to reveal the location of the treasure catwoman buried in the forest. almost every other alternate universe and continuity, catwoman is depicted either as strongly interested in batman/bruce wayne, or vice-versa. the follow-up to the return of bruce wayne, the sirens help zatanna put out a massive fire at a local park near their home, only for them to be ambushed by a creature made of mud. bruce is gone, selina continues to keep close ties to his family, spending christmas eve with dick grayson and alfred pennyworth (and to a lesser extent damian). however, after his encounter with the joker and realizing that there would be more enemies like him, he broke off their relationship to protect lorna. what made her remarkable was that she suffered from a rare "light sensitivity" disease and her skin was bleached white. batwoman's love for batman was never reciprocated and was only seen as a good friend. but luckily for wonder woman, a handsome prince by the name of aquaman just happens to be in the vicinity. it was revealed that selina kyle had been the wife of an abusive man, and eventually decided to leave her husband.

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this is a dark and tragic period which culminates with selina's former pimp stan abducting and violently abusing her sister maggie. before the knowledge can be ripped from her mind, selina's captors (revealed to be shrike and a new villain named senpai), are eventually defeated by the other sirens. and harley accept this answer for the moment, and ivy tries to make amends by growing all manner of exotic fruits for selina. the excuse some writers come up with is that "catwoman loves batman, but she loves outsmarting him even more! however, in later storylines, like batman: heart of hush, it has been strongly hinted that they still love each other deeply. the queen of fables saga of 2000's jla comic book, manhattan is turned into a dark fairytale land by the villainous queen of fables and the justice league are trapped there. selina discovered that ivy had apparently seduced and drugged the riddler with her plant pheromones, keeping him in a vegetative state. stealing the contents of a safe belonging to the falcone crime family, selina returns home to find kitrina falcone, a teenaged escape artist and carmine falcone's long lost daughter, breaking into her room. this played a huge part in the development of wonder woman, as marston wrote "give [men] an alluring woman stronger than themselves to submit to, and they'll be proud to become her willing slaves!'s a lot of weird stuff in comic books, and relationships are perhaps the weirdest of all. remove the custom ad blocker rule(s) and the page will load as expected. rather than talk it out, selina kisses batman and pushes him to the floor, and we learn that this isn't the first time the two have hooked up. batman was no exception and the two of them started a relationship as they were both equally fascinated by the other. she started a relationship with bruce, but when she learned that bruce was batman and that her father was killed as a result of batman's actions, she left gotham and her relationship with bruce, choosing to become a missionary in africa. she later returned in batman beyond, but bruce was horrified to learn she had given up her body for her father.: dark victory, the sequel to the long halloween, implies that catwoman suspects she is the long-lost illegitimate daughter of carmine falcone, although she finds no definitive proof of this. asks catwoman to infiltrate the violent tribe of bana amazons during the amazons attack! this is echoed in the justice league animated series, where producers decided to pair diana with bruce instead of clark because the show's creators disliked pairing wonder woman with superman. they eventually break up though, because batman is unsure if he can trust her after the events of hush.. superman wants to marry his cousinseriously comic books, what is it with you and incest? things went awry when batman learned of a massive conspiracy organized by hush and he decided he couldn't trust in her anymore, ending their relationship. following the procedure, angle man turns himself in to the authorities; film freak, however, embarks upon a murderous rampage. in the silver age and in response to various allegations which caused the comics code authority to be created, batman was given a female counterpart. it has been implied that her sister's keeper was rendered non-canonical by the events of zero hour, and subsequent writers have rejected miller's choice to make the post-crisis catwoman a prostitute. ivy and harley move in, but before ivy makes a final acceptance of selina's offer, she surprises selina and drugs her with truth serum-like spores.

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the golden age, batman had a couple of relationships as bruce wayne, but he would often flirt as batman with occasional villains, among which was catwoman. of her sister's keeper and the year one origin conceived by frank miller remain canonical to catwoman’s origin, while other portions have been dropped over the years. they have a brief but intense argument about the morality of tim's actions, which of course ends with the two of them crying and making out. actresses julie newmar, lee meriwether, and eartha kitt introduced her to a large audience on the 1960s batman television series. michelle pfeiffer portrayed the character in 1992's popular film batman returns. • batgirl • batman • batman and robin • batman beyond • batman confidential • batman incorporated • batman: dark knight • batman: streets of gotham • birds of prey • justice league of america • outsiders • red robin • superman/batman. acrobat: selina is a gifted and accomplished athlete, with heightened acrobatic prowess. it wasn't until the mid-70s that some writers started taking batman's love life more seriously. this story kara zor-el/supergirl decides that it's high time superman got serious about his relationships, instead of messing around trying to decide between lois and lana lang. marston was a psychologist in addition to being a writer, and used early wonder woman tales to explore themes around bondage — both physical/sexual and social/political. vale was portrayed in the tim burton batman film by kim basinger. writer doug moench was mainly responsible of slowly removing vale from batman's love life in after he took the writing chores from conway, but she was later used as a recurrent love interest for bruce wayne by many other writers. later, she posed as a night club goer in order to get acquainted with it's owners and return later to rob them. it turns out, superman isn't all that against getting married, he's just got his standards set to the height of his 16-year old cousin. quinn: best known as "the joker's girlfriend", harley has had occasional romantic encounters with batman, most notable her big smooch with him on the episode harley's holiday from batman: the animated series and most recently, in the the new 52, there have been a couple of harley quinn stories in which she becomes infatuated either with bruce wayne or batman. after being dragged underneath the soil by the creature, catwoman awakens tied up and gagged on the floor of a dark room, and is quickly forced into an illusion by her unseen captors. soon afterwards she disappears and is believed to have been killed by the assassin deathstroke the terminator, ending her series at #94. rescuing her daughter, selina convinces zatanna to mind-wipe film freak and angle man (whom she had bound and gagged with duct tape after beating them brutally) in order to preserve her secret identity. in an attempt to harmonize the various versions, some writers have posited that catwoman, early in her career, pretended to be a prostitute in order to scam lonely men and rob them. knight:batman and nocturna the most remarkable of his love interests at the time was nocturna, aka natalia knight, created by doug moench in the early 1980s. in an early 80's story line selina and bruce had developed a relationship.: the first occasion in which zatanna was portrayed as a strong romantic interest of bruce wayne was in batman: the animated series, where the two of them met in their youth and were interested in each other, but bruce gave priority to the pursue of his training to become batman. the catwoman: year one story (catwoman annual #2, 1988), selina (now an adult) achieved some success as a thief. list includes all those women who have sporadically appeared as romantic partners of batman:Linda page: a character adapted from the batman serial (1943), linda page was adapted into the comics during the golden age as a romantic partner for bruce wayne. after years of building sexual tension between the two, batman and catwoman embarked on a somewhat tenuous relationship in hush, with batman even revealing his secret identity to her.

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black mask attacks the institution, and somehow awakens maggie from her coma. the bat-hound • alfred pennyworth • azrael • barbara gordon • batgirl • batman incorporated • batman of zur en arrh • batwoman • bat-mite • batwing • bruce wayne • cassandra cain • catwoman • commissioner gordon • crispus allen • damian wayne • dark ranger • dick grayson • helena bertinelli • flamebird • el gaucho • gcpd • harold allnut • harriet cooper • harvey bullock • huntress • jason bard • jason todd • julie madison • knight • legionary • leslie thompkins • lucius fox • man-of-bats • martha wayne • matches malone • mr. hardly one to knock over a bank, catwoman would rather break into the chairman's office and take his personal documents. once selina is freed, talia orders zatanna to wipe bruce's identity from her memory, reasoning that her kidnapping has proved that the knowledge is too dangerous for her to handle. on the other hand, bruce wayne, batman's alter-ego, has managed to have a few relationships with ladies of his interest, but they always come to a rather abrupt end, because of the lack of trust and constant absence shown by wayne, which has earned him the reputation as a notorious playboy. martial artist: she was trained by the armless master in martial arts and by wildcat in boxing and street-fighting. beaumont: in batman: mask of the phantasm andrea is a woman that bruce wayne was briefly engaged to prior to becoming batman. she was the first version of the character to learn the identity of batman without seeking it. a hidden radio reel reveals that catwoman has a slight grudge for batman, though, since he knows her secret identity but she doesn't know his. huntress infiltrated the prison and challenged lion-mane into 1-on-1 fight. selina appears again as a criminal in batman #84 and detective comics #211, her final appearance for many years (until 1966). cloud, natalia knight and julia pennyworth; while others were re-introduced, like vicki vale and catwoman. after a tense and violent confrontation with a traumatic figure from her past — which ends with her attempting to claw his eyes out — selina returns to her hideaway, and batman shows up shortly after to check in on her. she then asks selina to reveal the identity of the original batman. she left gotham after the "no man's land" crisis and was later desecrated as a plot device by greg rucka when he had vesper killed by david cain on orders from lex luthor in order to start the bruce wayne: fugitive storyline. afterwards, she is seen covering her bed with past versions of her catwoman costume. maggie is then shown in the depths of the gotham city sewers clad in the bloodied nun robes, muttering about her plan to kill catwoman in order to free selina's soul. to new york, selina becomes corporate vice president then ceo of randolf industries, a mafia-influenced company, through blackmail. batman has made it clear that after these incidents, he no longer trusts zatanna. however, alfred's suspicion of her led him to checking her background, discovering a criminal record of a woman, whose description matches jillian's, who used the aliases of kathryn cole, christine gherard, diana lopez, pamela weisman, and many other identities to seduce young wealthy men for their fortunes, then later arrange events that led to their deaths so she can claim their wealth. she winds up reforming and stays on the straight and narrow for several years, helping out batman in batman #65 and #69, until selina decides to return to a life of crime in detective comics #203. however, a normal life with batman is out of the question as long as he is fighting crime. vs superman: batfleck to star as batman in his fifties! in this quest, she became involved with bruce wayne, as she suspected him of being batman and she was determined to find the evidence. canary: although black canary has a relationship with green arrow, she has shown an attraction to the dark knight and she and batman have shared kisses from time to time.

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however, when ed brubaker re-introduced her into the comic, he implied that maggie may have directly entered an orphanage and promptly been adopted. the green goop is even shown splashing around in a few panels as cassie and tim kneel on the floor in the remnants of superboy's dna. while selina falls into a stupor, ivy says that she wants total honesty between all of them if they are to trust one another. when catwoman appeared again, no mention whatsoever was ever made of the notion that she had apparently figured out who batman actually is. questions whether she should be raising a daughter when her life as catwoman has already proven to be such a danger to the child. the two drifted apart afterwards, with sylvia blaming selina for her negative experiences; she hated selina for not inquiring about what had happened to her at the hands of her abusive first client.[3][59][60] catwoman has mastered the following martial arts styles; boxing, capoeira, hapkido, jujutsu, dragon style kung fu and karate. each diana's day, one member of the amazons puts on a silver mask representing the moon goddess diana, and goes around giving out gifts. kinsolving: shondra was a psychic and the half-sister of benedict asp. holly, from batman: year one, and her sister maggie (from her sister's keeper) have appeared regularly in the catwoman series. she is last seen going over her options, now realizing that she cannot murder her own sister, and therefore must personally exorcise the "cat demon" from within selina's body. however, she couldn't handle being involved with someone in such a dangerous line of work. the character has been one of batman's most enduring love interests. if they fail to defeat her, however, they get captured and are tied up. tim burton's batman returns, selina (played by michelle pfeiffer) seems to be the true love of bruce's life, as not only their costumed identities but also their disturbed psyches are described as similar. following a massive battle with black mask and his henchmen (which ends with neither woman being able to claim the bounty), selina agrees to take on kitrina as her new sidekick, catgirl. this series, written by an assortment of writers but primarily penciled by jim balent, generally depicted the character as an international thief (and occasional bounty hunter) with an ambiguous moral code. she is part of a group sent to rescue a u. in the comics, they had a major falling out after bruce found out zatanna lobotomized doctor light, erased his mind of the event and brainwashed catwoman to be more heroic. he was initially a henchman of that world's catwoman who betrayed him and buried the loot in the forest. as catwoman, she assists batman against lex luthor in the reconstruction of the city. in the course of the story, the origin of catwoman was also re-envisioned. maria kyle was a distant parent who preferred to spend her time with cats, and committed suicide when selina was very young. daughter of the supervillain, ra's al ghul, talia's father has encouraged the relationship in hopes of recruiting batman as his successor.'s first silver age appearance was in superman's girlfriend lois lane #70 (november 1966); afterwards, she continued to make appearances across the various batman comics.

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-mane - lion-mane was a human with feline features and heightened strength. original and most widely known catwoman, selina kyle, first appeared in batman #1 (spring 1940) in which she was known as the cat. as an adversary of batman, she was a whip-carrying burglar with a taste for high stake thefts. just as black mask is about to gouge maggie's eyes out and shove them down selina's throat, harley and ivy arrive and defeat the black lantern by trapping him in the stomach of a man-eating plant. brian kyle, a drunken layabout angry at his wife for killing herself, disliked selina for resembling her mother and eventually drank himself to death. 1989 catwoman limited series (collected in trade paperback form as catwoman: her sister's keeper) by writer mindy newell and artist j. superman pops off to staryl faster than you can say "restraining order," and he and luma fall instantly in love. after enlisting batman's help in faking the death of both herself and her daughter, selina puts helena up for adoption. kane; batwoman: first introduced as a female counterpart for batman, batwoman developed into a romantic partner in the silver age, where many imaginary stories featuring kathy and bruce getting married were often published. concerned at how weak catwoman had become, ivy takes selina to where she'd been staying, the home of the riddler. lorna later left the city, feeling that gotham wasn't safe anymore because of batman and the joker. and dean will raise jack in 'supernatural' season 13, which co-showrunner calls 'my two dads: hell edition'. but determined to do it in style, she learned martial arts and trained extensively to perfect her skills in cat burglary. however, the two had difficulty surviving on their own, and in desperation tried to support themselves by working as child prostitutes. is a list of those romantic partners that have been prominently portrayed in comics books and other media:Julie madison - first appearance: detective comics #31. despite this developments, catwoman realized batman and bruce could not totally trust her and she would always leave gotham, to keep away from both men who were one and the same. timeline is where you’ll spend most of your time, getting instant updates about what matters to you. the most prominent one is probably from the storyline batman: hush, in which bruce finally revealed his identity to selina and invited her to become part of her life. she was thirteen, selina discovered that the hall's administrator was embezzling funds and confronted her. girls are then untied and dressed in deer costumes for the diana's day hunt, when the other amazons chase them across the island firing sucker-tipped arrows at them. in the brave and the bold #197, the golden age origin of catwoman given in batman #62 is elaborated on, after selina revealed that she never actually had amnesia. catwoman's response to this revelation is unequivocal: she pitched zatanna out a window (zatanna survives the fall). "one year later" selina kyle is no longer catwoman, has left the east end, and has given birth to a daughter named helena (whose father is initially unknown). in this version, julie had auburn hair instead of black and she was the daughter of norman madison, a wealthy entrepreneur. knowing that the real bruce is dead, and that the man with harley is really thomas elliot (hush), selina takes ivy to the restaurant where the picture was taken.

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modern writers have attributed her activities and costumed identity as a response to a history of abuse. revision in catwoman's origin, and the introduction of the modern version of the character, came in 1986 when writer frank miller and artist david mazzucchelli published batman: year one, a revision of batman’s origin. the strong influence of superman's success, forced the creators of batman to introduce a serious female figure who can eventually become batman's partner. appears in gail simone's "sensei and student" story-arc in birds of prey. up instantly on the best stories happening as they unfold. the comics of the new batman adventures, bruce briefly dated julie, but batman broke up with her after he discovered she was after his fortune. earth-one, catwoman and batman were often at odds since they were on different sides of the law, but eventually, catwoman reformed and batman accepted her as part of the vigilante team in gotham city. this 1999 side-scroller by kemco, catwoman is hired by talia al ghul to steal an ancient crystal skull from the gotham city museum. when each girl is captured they're brought back to camp and strung up like literal deer, before being "skinned" (removed from their costumes) and "served" on platters for the diana's day feast. this issue, catwoman has just escaped having her apartment fire-bombed to bits, and is hiding out in an empty hotel penthouse. she is a dangerous, clever and resourceful fighter, known for precise, agile attacks and speedy getaways. she had a brief love affair with batman, having been brought in to help him when bane broke his back. in batman beyond, bruce hints at a relationship with selina in his past, as well as comparing that relationship with terry's and the current 10 of the royal flush gang. the 1990s, catwoman has been featured in an eponymous series that cast her as an anti-heroine rather than a supervillainess. somewhere along the line it gets going again, as issue 1 of the new 52 catwoman series treated us to seeing the two going at it — in vivid detail. familyjustice league of americaoutsidersbirds of preysecret society of super villainsinjustice league. selina accompanies him on a mission to break into doctor sivana's armory, and later travels with him to tokyo in order to recruit a japanese representative for batman incorporated. eventually, batman realized his love for nocturna was an obsession caused by the drug she carried in her skin and he struggled to stop thinking about her. batman eventually defeated benedict, but the damage to shondra's mind was too great. pennyworth: the daughter of alfred and french resistance fighter mlle marie, julia was brought in by doug moench in the early 1980s, but their efforts to make her a romantic partner of bruce wayne were impossible because of the presence of vicki vale and nocturna. superboy kicked it during infinite crisis back in 2006, dying in the arms of cassie sandsmark/wonder girl — his girlfriend. the concluding story featured a closing panel in which she refers to batman as "bruce. athleteexpert burglarsteel spring-loaded climbing pitonsrazor-sharp retractable clawswields an assortment of bullwhips and cat o' nine tails as gymnastic equipment. while ivy and harley distract him, selina ends boneblaster's threat by shorting out his gauntlets with a live electrical conduit, deducing that the villain had yet to get used to the technology, and had failed to properly insulate his gloves. catwoman began life as a villain, she later progressed to anti-hero and sometime hero status as her character developed.

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