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Is there matchmaking in elder scrolls online

: and from personal experience i know that if i play a garbage deck in casual and go on a huge losing streak, i will get matched with players who have just started playing the game (jugding by their decks). but in any case, i think a better matchmaking system is significantly more important when the playerbase is hurting. info: antoinejonesantoinejones 4 months ago#[email protected] for best gear, that comes from raids, which also have their own storylines which are quite good. goldreply[–]kl4in 1 point2 points3 points 4 months ago (0 children)afaik that's the only way to do online matchmaking in any skill based online game but i could be wrong.

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even if the dungeons were explorable they're timed sooo you dont exactly have the luxury of messing around. however raiding in ffxiv has another huge problem, as i said before ffxiv is a very casual game, you can pretty much solo to max level, and the stuff you do need to group for can be done via matchmaking with people who arent even on your server thus youll see during that particular event and never see again. for guild, ps4 na server,casual as i work weird and non consistent hours , newish (i played back before before orsinium) returning to have some more fun. it literally does everything i loved about ffxi (which is a much better game than ffxiv despite it being a ps2 looking game) and addresses every complaint i have about ffxiv.

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xiv is actually fun to play whereas eso is not (which is its biggest problem) and ffxivs story make up for all its listed problems, just play it like its a single player ff game that just happens to have online co op for the story and you'll be golden. so you're stuck with the same issue destiny has of everything having matchmaking but now you're on raids where there's no matchmaking an you wonder why you dont know anyone to try to do em with. once the game was released for early access, a huge influx of players were added and most have not passed plankerton yet.'m new to eso and do not have any friends that play.

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thus you hit max level and thanks to this game steering you completely away from having to rely on other and meet people in game to get things done (unlike eso and ffxi) you hit max level and you sill know just about as many people and have just about as many friend as you did when you were a level 1 newbie (i. i'm lvl 34 currently have exp scrolls training gear and esp plus. theres also a year long ultimate weapon storyline quest that will grant you a better weapon than the hardcore raid weapon, that casuals can do but the quest although not hard requires a lot of grinding and tie commitment but by the time the weapon is done itll be better than the raid weapon, only difference is the raid weapon will have existed months before than legendary ultimate weapon youre working on will. i know it works like this in hearthstone and many other online games.

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    den bugging out57 · 31 comments til there is no 17 magicka action234is casual matchmaking completely random? main problem with eso besides its lack of story (final fantasy xiv has 2 full aaa single player jrpg worthy stories with a 3rd starting june 20th (might as well wait til then to buy the game so you can get all of them bundled for 50-60 bucks) unlike eso and most other mmos with a boring throw away story that bland and simply only seems to be there just to say they have one).'s multi instanced matchmaking is optimal only if it has enough of a player base to occupy enough missions majority of the time, to make progression feasible and somewhat enjoyable (i have yet to meet trolls on xbox tbh. in eso (or ffxi) you see an enemy thats 10 levels higher than you, then if you dont have help, you either turn around and go back the other way, or you do your best damn solid snake impression to sneak past it, because if it sees your ass you may as well just put the controller down and let it kill you cause you're done.

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    sign up for free (or log in if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. given the casual nature of the game se did make casual versions of the endgame raids that still provide "some" challenge, that do have matchmaking that casuals can do to still experience the raids storyline and also get gear, just know that as a casual player you're gear will always only be 2nd best whereas the hardcore people will have the good stuff, though that hardcore base is like 10%, so 90% of the playerbase is the casual crowd with the second best gear. goldreply[–]kl4in 1 point2 points3 points 5 months ago (2 children)that's the way any competitive matchmaking works. i'm very confused how matchmaking expects me to compete at such an overwhelming disadvantage, so it got me wondering if there is even a proper system in place.
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      dedicated to the elder scrolls: legends, free-to-play strategy card game for pc, android and ios. i have help getting in 2 the white gold tower plz. is a more traditional mmo where eso is more of a hybrid of traditional and an elder scrolls game. goldreply[–]drunken_mimes 0 points1 point2 points 5 months ago (4 children)are you just guessing about the match making ratio or have you heard this somewhere?
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      well in ffxiv thats not an issue because not only is the stuff you fight in the open world a joke (compared to enemies in dungeons and raids that are the same level as the stuff outside) and on the extremely unlikely chance that something in the open world could kill you, all you have to do is run 10 feet away and itll give up chase and turn around, thus theres no sense of danger in the open world as anything that comes after you all you gotta do is run 10 feet and youre safe, thus you can easily run through a level 50 enemy area and level 10 without breaking a sweat, try that crap in eso (or ffxi) and youll be dead quite fast. then all of a sudden the hardcore raids ditch the matchmaking feature and now you need people to get those done unfortunately you know no one and most people by then have their own cliques and elitists so good luck getting the hardcore stuff done, whereas if the game had been forcing you to meet ppl from the start by the time you and the maybe 30+ people you've met and teamed up with on the road to max level, now at max level you have practically an army or friend you can call upon to take the hardcore raids with. think that it might be time to implement the stats scaling system similar to that of the one tamriel update for elder scrolls online where instead of the enemy stats adjusting to the difficulty of the players' choosing, the stats of the players change instead. others have a bigger collection, but none of their decks are fully refined - so collection size is no indicator for winrates.
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