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have an iphone 6 that was verizon but recently switched to metro pcs and got a new phone but i want to use my iphone can i use it? i want to get the iphone 6s sim free can i use it with metro pcs. the metro psc does not unlock at their stores so you will need to purchase an unlock code from the internet. in this case you will need to visit a local store so that you can get your iphone flashed to the metro services. i have restored and updated the phone and i have also manually put it in the network settings the mms messages but it tells me to enter the apn info for internet tethering in order to set my cellular data through metro but my problem is that i do not have the feature option to manually program it, is there anything else i can do in order to fix my problems? it has been mentioned before that the metro pcs and iphone enthusiasts are working on many techniques in order to make the iphone metro pcs a reality. the difference between the plans is based on how much 4g web connection the users can use. will ibe able to keep old number and get metro pcs ? tengo un samsung galaxy s6 edge de att…quiero desbloquiarlo para poder usarlo con metro pero no se si se pueda…por la razon q la sim card del samsung es mas pequeña q la de mi telefono q tengo con metro…q debo hacer?

Operate your Unlocked iPhone with the Help of Metro PCS Services

i have a iphone 5c and i want to switch my metro phone number to that phone but its an at&t service… how can i switch my number? the iphone 5 the only version of iphone to utilize the metro services? metro pcs plans comply with the iphone:This service currently has 3 plans for the iphone: , , plans. the data packages do not operate with the transfer iphone cellular devices, but if you have a wifi connection, then this problem will be resolved with ease. and where to get an iphone to use on metropcs! shop2014-05-17 15:36:332014-05-18 01:43:43operate your unlocked iphone with the help of metro pcs services. to activate an iphone on metropcs (full step by step tutorial)! already have a bring your own iphone with metro pcs. if i buy an unlocked iphone 5, and take it to the metro store, will they put the card in, and help me make it so that my iphone is under my plan, and my current phone is not.

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&t needs to be unlocked if you want to use it with metro pcs. i bought iphone 6 is original from verizon is factory unlocked it have sim slot i want to know can i used it for metro pcs. i was wondering if i can connect an iphone4 sprint to metro pcs? you will have no problem running the metro pcs if you use it in iphone 6, iphone, iphone 7 and other latest iphone models. i use an iphone 6 plus at&t blacklisted on metro pcs ? this service does not support flashed iphones while they are on their network. can i order or buy an iphone 5c and activate it with metro pcs and still be on the 4 for 0 plan. yes, you can use it with metro pcs and just pay for the sim card and data plan. i switch an iphone 5c to metro pcs, if is locked and how i unlock it if i don’t know the passcode.

Unlocking iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPhone 5 with Metro PCS Sim Cards

got an iphone 6 i took to metro store and they said sim isn’t compatible but i checked settings and what the phone is about an the carrier says metro pcs. to use iphone 6 plus on metropcs | no activation fees iphone 6. can i connect the unlocked 2g, 3gs, 3g, 4s, 4, and iphone 5 to the pcs services? i took it to metro pcs(i’ve been a customer for about a year at that time), a couple of months ago…. i am already with metro pcs and i’m on the 4 for 0 plan with my family and i would like to switch to an iphone. if i were to buy a iphone 5 from the apple store could i bring it in and use it in metro? no quiero gastar dinero en desbloquiar el telefono y q despues no me sirva para conectarlo con metro ? pcs is known to be able to support unlocked iphones while they are on their network. the reason for this is because there is place created to insert the metro sim card.

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i have a unlocked iphone 5 that was originally from sprint how much would it cost to activate it to metro.?If your iphone has been unlocked for any carrier, sure you can use it with metro pcs. and verizon iphone 5s are able to be utilized with the services of metro pcs through a program known as bring your own device program because they are cooperative with gsm sim cards of metropcs. i restarted my cell numerous of times(was told to do this in the past w/previous cell phone per metropcs). if you buy a sim card from with a retail price, you can go to metro pcs and buy a sim card. is how metropcs gave me 48 hours extension on my service. remember that a few iphones can be gsm and cdma and in this case they can be compatible with the pcs services (verizon and sprint iphone 5). settings for the apn iphone with the metro pcs services are applied as follows. 21, 2017 - 1:56 amoperate your unlocked iphone with the help of metro pcs.

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individuals adore the metro pcs services because there is no contract involved and the compatibility of these services with the iphone is mind-blowing. to fix no service | no 4g lte data | metropcs apn settings. unlock iphone with metro pcs price and cost is around . – 3rd party tools can be used to flash the iphone to the metro services. an iphone need to have a slot for the sim card in order to convert to metro pcs? will need to unlock it, and then you will be able to activate with metro pcs. switched my t-mobile galaxy note 4 to metro and it was fine but now it says no service what do i do ? if you are the owner of a gsm phone, then you can have the phone unlocked to metro pcs. the present members who would like to operate their iphone with the metro services will have to buy the sim card as stated above and will have to pay an upgrade fee of .

How to use iPhone 6 Plus on metroPCS | No Activation Fees iPhone

In this video, I give a full step by step tutorial on how to activate an iPhone on metroPCS. metro pcs currently offer their own cards for their iphone users. when it turns back on will it still be connected to metro or not. this process works for all of the gsm iphones that are unlocked. iphones that work with these services usually run off the gsm (t-mobile and at&t). pcs has launched a bring your own device scheme and this program allows iphone users to operate their phone with the help of the metro pcs services. i bought a phone from someone else and they had sprint can i go over to metro to start a plan ? anyone know if you can use google play store for the free downloading of apps using the metro pcs carrier? i switch my iphone 5c from sprint to metro pcs!

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i just got an i phone that is unlocked i’m not sure weather its an iphone 3 or 3g i wanted to know if i can switch my metro phone that i have to the new iphone. you want your iphone to operate on these services, then you will need to purchase a metro sim card.  if you would like to take advantage of the services, then unlock your phone and buy a metro sim card. after you unlock the iphone you just need to purchase the metro sim card to activate the phone. the metro pcs services have been indifferent entirely throughout the process and there is no new about them selling the iphone in the future., you can use any t-mobile or unlocked phone with metro pcs. just bought a new iphone off ebay it said it was tmobile but it was sprint but it also said it was unlocked so does that mean i’m able to use it on metro still or no? so i “flashed” my iphone 4s on friday and i took it to metro and they said to wait for it to catch the signal.. at that time, metropcs at left top of cell, stated that it was searching for carrier.

How to Unlock an AT&T phone to start service with Metro PCS

you can contact metro pcs for more help and search about how to factory unlock an iphone. to use iphone 6 plus on metropcs | no activation fees iphone 6. to unlock a metro pcs phone to use with any company, info metro pcs doesnt want you to know! went to metropcs on fri, spoke w/a rep about my issues. can also check metro pcs website about how to unlock iphones with metro pcs sim cards. metro pcs support visual voicemail and wifi calling for iphone 5? it possible to transfer the existing pcs connection the iphone? have a iphone 6s plus can it be flash with metro. i went to a metropcs store to buy a sim card n the sa told me that they couldn’t activate a iphone 4s i’m like ok fine either way i need a sim card the one i have for the old metro phone i had to cut it to make it fit on the iphone my metropcs phone was really bad it stopped working i dint have $ to buy another one at the time i was given the iphone 4for free from a fam member .

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the byod program does not support iphones of the cdma. aren’t iphone 4s, 4, 3gs, 3g, and 2g take by metropcs but the iphone 5 is? soposed to be unlocked and be gsm it was a brand new unopened box can i take it to metro pcs and have service, because they said its only for straight talk. if your iphone had unlocked, you will be able to use it with metro pcs., i currently have been using metro for about three years, and have had three different phones. to activate an iphone on metropcs (full step by step tutorial)!, guys i just want to share where you can order an app that unlocks your device for metropcs, visit the android official unlock for metropcs usa for a fast and reliable service. please help i don’t know what to do i called metropcs but i was told i have data n stuff to check on another iphone or ipad apple product and verify my apple id which i did i don’t know if this n issue i have to resolve with metro or apple or get another sim card n i don’t know if sim card for a 5 fits n 4 s idk :-((( thank you! can i order or buy an iphone 5s and activate it with metro pcs and still be on the 4 for 0 plan.

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the iphone has been flashed to the metro services, then it is possible to utilize the cdma iphone. what is the process for joining metro like does the current bill needs to be paid etc. the direct stores of metro pcs do not support such flashing, but other companies advertise that this procedure is possible. i am already with metro pcs and i’m on the 4 for 0 plan with my family and i would like to switch to an iphone. flashing is known to not be directly supported by the metro pcs and can be against their conditions and regulations. to save activation fees on iphone & android mobile phones | metropcs | t-mobile. flashing only needs to be done if the phone cannot work with metro pcss program and does not have a slot for the sim card but you would still like to use with the metro pcs. much would ya tell use if we connect two iphones in metro one is a iphone 6 and the other one will be a iphone 7. i use a iphone5c with metro, even though i have my own sim card.

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you can then go the metro pcs center to get your sim card. i want to know how much does the installation going to be for metro pcs and how much do you pay a month? pcs iphone 6 6+ 5 5s 5c 4s 4 how to unlock from t-mobile. phone should be able to accept a metropcs sim card. the cdma devices do not require sim cards for their services and this is why cdma phones do not comply with the metro pcs bring your own device scheme. i was wondering if i’m able to use my unlocked iphone 5 that is originally from sprint on metro pcs? the flash will provide imei serial number of the metro pcs services. it turns back on will it still be connected to metro or not, yes, it will be connected to metro pcs, because t-mobile phones are compatible with metro pcs.’m currently on metro pcs lg optimus f6 phone and i want to switch the phone to an at&t iphone 5, it’s already unlocked i want to know if i can use my lg optimus sim card on the iphone 5 instead of buying a new one?

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have an unlocked t-mobile carrier iphone 4s through metropcs and can not connect to the internet with my cellular data but can through wifi and also can not send nor receive pictures but through wifi i can upload them to facebook or send them with fb messanger. pcs apn settings (internet settings) for bring your own phone. so, if i buy the new iphone 6s, unlocked, from the apple website and bring it into a metro pcs store can i just pay for the new sim card and the upgrade? the gsm iphones from at&t do not need to be flashed to the metro services. if the metropcs finds the gsm iphone unlocked, not only the negative or stolen list, then it can be utilized with the services of metropcs. i have a iphone 5c with sprint and i brought it from a friend with no pass code can i swith to metro pcs. i got a iphone 5c off ebay and i already have metro pcs service so what would i need to do next. the i flash the at&t samsung galaxy note 2 for metro pcs? i reset an iphone that is originally from t-mobile and connected in metro what will happen?

MetroPCS, Like T-Mobile, Says Bring Over Your AT&T iPhone

much money is needed to unlock the iphones for the metro pcs services? monthly fee you just have to purchase the sim card from metro and they may charge an activation fee. can also go to any metro pcs center and get your iphone 5s or any other phone factory unlocked for around 0. the home option and you will be set to receive and send mms on metro pcs! if i bought a used iphone without any voice or data plan, i think it could still connect to internet with wi-fi to download the app, but i think i could then only use the phone outside the house if i find a public wi-fi spot. i were to get metropcs for my iphone 4s, would it bot work on 4g and i could only be able to use it for call texts and or wifi only? best option to activate iphone 5s with metro pcs is to buy a full retail price iphone because metro does not offer iphone packages like verizon and at&t do. they only need to be unlocked and the activation will occur when you purchase a metro sim card. if i order a unlocked iphone 7 plus will it work with metro ?

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