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Does naruto ever hook up with hinata

hinata becomes upset when she sees naruto wearing a blue-striped scarf. naruto official movie guidebook: retsu no sho, it is shown in an omake-manga titled after the last that naruto and hinata went on dates after they began their relationship. has been on his journey of redemption for a couple of years and, although he is welcomed to return to konoha if he wants to, he is unsure to whether he should or not due to the guilt he feels for betraying his friends. even now her pure feelings of "i want to walk with naruto-kun forever. obito offers naruto a hand, persuading him to lose hope, but naruto is stopped by hinata, who slaps him across the face, reminding him of neji's words. a now married couple, sakura refers to sasuke as "anata" (アナタ, meaning darling) and often as her husband (旦那様, dan'nasama), whereas sasuke often refers to sakura as tsuma (妻, which means wife but with a little adoration). when the group returns back to naruto, naruto asks sasuke if he thanked sakura. shippuden/boruto new generation family (marriages) (naruto,sasuke,sakura,hinata. during the flashback, sakura is cheering for sasuke but pauses when sasuke ends the brawl by half-way, pausing his fist from hitting naruto. sakura then tells naruto that she understands hinata very because girls do not change their feelings easily when they had fallen in love." just as she was saved in the past, this time hinata gently heals the despaired naruto's heart. at the end of the movie, naruto reminds hinata of the lesson in their academy days about writing the name of the person they want to be with if the world was going to end and he confesses that he wants to be with her and wants to spend all and every single one of his days with her. and hinata are approached by kabuto yakushi, who explains that he wanted to see naruto. however, she's able to pluck up her own brand of courage sometimes, as proved by that "attack" of hers. sakura haruno echoes this statement, mentioning to naruto that hinata was always watching him. realizing naruto was fighting the akatsuki's leader, pain, alone, hinata attempts to aid him in his battle. angered and aware of the fact that naruto was becoming stronger, sasuke unconsciously knocks away the apples that sakura had offered him. as she ran alongside neji, she thought of naruto and asked him to wait for her, and that instead of running after him, she'd be walking with him, hand-in-hand, once the war had ended. "if naruto is on the verge of crisis, hinata will risk her life to protect him! hinata walks into a spider web and blushes when naruto helps her take off the spider web from her hair. the two fight more, with naruto defeating several more white zetsus until neji appears. sakura asks naruto why it matters if the scarf gets wet to which naruto replies that it is a big deal because the scarf means a lot to him. real reason why naruto never truly loved sakura - boruto & naruto explained. however, hinata admits that she admires naruto because he is able to keep trying despite his imperfections and difficulties. upon visiting the hospital, they find out that sasuke had already left. in the end, sakura leaves without telling naruto about her plan. naruto hears hinata’s scream and rushes to where hinata is. naruto looks at hinata because she seems quiet all day. later, it is revealed during this time that sasuke had entrusted sakura to not tell naruto about his cursed mark. sakura then tells naruto to walk hinata home to which naruto asks why and says that hinata is strong so she can walk home herself. jumping into the arena, naruto confronted boruto and disqualified him for cheating, with hinata hugging himawari when the young girl asked if boruto did something wrong. she wants to catch up the person she loves, and always support him at his side. upon iruka appearing in front of them and telling the team about the scrolls, sasuke teases both sakura and naruto about how glad he was that they didn't try the occasion in sarcasm. to naruto about sakura and sasuke - chapter 474:"it's because sakura loves sasuke that she doesn't want him to sink any lower. naruto chases after hinata and the paper with his name written on it falls to him and he then sees hinata in her shippuden form, saying to him that she loves him. however, the moment is short-lived once sakura overhears sai's questioning about sasuke's true motives to juugo. and sarada in one flashback, sarada began frequently asking questions about sasuke and why he never came home, to which sakura reassured her the reason why sasuke couldn't come home yet was because they are precious to him, also while noting this was probably something she wouldn't be able to understand until she got older. realizing hinata's location, naruto greets her, causing her to faint. however, he looks away in much disinterest and annoyance while naruto comments how amazing she is, causing much disappointment on her behalf as she frowns. however, sasuke continues to demand for naruto to catch more. despite noticing sasuke, who is surprised by her sudden appearance, sakura switches her attention to kakashi's wounded eye and reports the situation to the group as she proceeded into the medical procedure. the red scarf is shown burned up by the blast, symbolizing their broken bond. an army of puppets attack naruto and he beats them up along the way as he chases the puppet that took hinata away. shikamaru yells back at naruto saying that he doesn’t know what went on between naruto and hinata, but as a shinobi, he needs to get on with his mission and go after hinata regardless. but upon seeing boruto wearing naruto's old jacket, hinata is reminded of naruto when he was younger, deciding to finally put her trust in her son. and hinata regroup with sakura, shikamaru and sai at the castle. naruto, who is sitting on a tree, sees hinata going somewhere into the woods. after being informed of the situation, naruto sees the area that he destroyed while possessed by the nine-tails. being healed by sakura, hinata began to panic at the possibility that naruto was dead, but is quickly reassured by sasuke who states that naruto was alive and in another dimension. before they dive in, naruto takes off his scarf so it will not get wet. when she was fighting neji, no matter how many times she was struck down, she would think of naruto and stand up. waking up, naruto realize the boys are gone, hinata approaches naruto and asks if he was okay, also offering naruto his scarf back.!" there is a girl who embodies the ever-enchanging truth that " a maiden in love is strong". assured by kiba that naruto is near by, she quickly activates her byakugan and notices his slow heartbeat. when the landscape is transformed from a flowing stream of lava to a vast frozen mountainside by kaguya, sakura asks naruto's shadow clone where sasuke is. is the only naruto pairing that made it into the top 20 most reblogged ships on tumblr in 2016, having dropped 7 places, it ranked 14th. when momoshiki and kinshiki appeared and attacked everyone, naruto defends his son and teams up with sasuke to fight them, with hinata fleeing with himawari into a safety zone, continuing to stay in the arena out of concern for both her husband and son.

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however, she has a flashback, and it was revealed that naruto was smiling at her during the time they were holding hands. however, the young sakura still confirmed that she would fight for him then. during his date with hinata, naruto takes hinata to a restaurant and he was shocked that the food of the restaurant is very expensive. although glad that he had finally woken up, sakura questions about his condition. upon looking at sasuke's photograph, sakura sheds a tear and turns to look at the crescent moon by her window. when sakura and kakashi finally arrive at the valley of the end, sakura comes to both sasuke and naruto's aid, and reacts with sadness when she sees they have lost both their arms from their battle. obito and sakura are left alone in the desert dimension, the two work together opening several other dimensions until they find sasuke's."sasuke is trying to leave the village, and sakura implores him to give up that idea. seeing her, naruto asks hinata why she is by herself. gaiden: the seventh hokage and the scarlet spring:When sarada finds out that naruto, the seventh hokage, was going to meet with her father, sasuke, sarada decided to follow naruto along with chocho, in hopes of finally meeting her father. often makes bento lunch boxes for naruto to eat which he often miss out due to his job. of the fans have said that sasuke acts stoic around sakura in public, but in privacy, he shows her a more gentle and loving side, which is supported in the naruto gaiden and the boruto novel. the roof top, naruto comments that the scarf is ripped. hinata becomes distressed, naruto, being able to sense her negative feelings, reminds her that she is strong, remembering her bravery when fighting pain and mentions being able to see everything in her eyes. during the tree climbing practice, sakura, wanting to impress sasuke, sasuke wakes up shows off her ability to easily control chakra by being the first to complete the training. you're so stupid, it's obvious she had a reason she couldn't reveal. fights naruto, naruto protects hinata from tenten, sasuke flirting with sakura and tenten! after the flashback, she says to herself that she wants to be by naruto's side forever, and that she has figured the trick in connecting her attack and successfully completes her 64 palm combo. hinata silently thanks naruto in her thoughts and the match begins. naruto follows hinata and he sees her knitting the scarf. when naruto jumped in front of momoshiki's jutsu to protect boruto, sasuke, and sarada, hinata tried to save him but failed and was left injured in the process. into the classroom, sakura greets sasuke as she pushes naruto and asks to sit by him. what you're gibly talking about using up and tossing out are the vessels of flesh! naruto then asks hinata to join them for ramen and says it's his treat since he had a good day. to hinata - the last: naruto the movie:"hinata, i'll never let you. naruto then approaches hinata and she tells him that she is a mean elder sister because she is just knitting the scarf every night while her younger sister is in danger. at the hokage headquarters, naruto is informed about his son's prank on the hokage monument. she abandoned the weak version of herself who had to be protected, and chased after naruto's back, and put herself through strict training, wanting to become strong. the next day when the team meets up together, as sakura is shown greeting naruto, sasuke silently comments to himself how unusual she seemed. upon wanting to ask about it, she is stopped by hinata's appearance. the end of the novel, sasuke receives a letter from naruto that mentions sakura remembering his childhood dream of joining the konoha police force. along with everyone else of konoha 11, she is shocked and dumbfounded with his sudden announcement of wanting to become hokage in order to change the ninja system., toneri did not admit defeat and gather all the byakugan eyes from the tenseigan that naruto and hinata have destroyed. next day, naruto, hinata, sakura, sai and shikamaru; with him leading the team, are sent on a mission to save hanabi. observing the match, and seeing hinata refuse to admit defeat after being dealt a hard blow, naruto comments that hinata was tough. threatens orochimaru however, shin attempts to kidnap sarada but sakura pushes her to safety before being taken to shin's lab and he demands for her assistance at an organ transplant surgery, sakura refuses as he tried to kill her family and good friend."whenever she thinks of sasuke, she is gripped with regret. seeing that he doesn't have much money, hinata asks if they can eat at ramen ichiraku instead, which naruto agrees to. on one occasion, sakura helps carry a heavily injured naruto while sasuke watches the two from afar, commenting to himself how naruto was unable to care for himself. naruto continues his fight with the puppet after he asks hinata if she is okay. however, sasuke decides to quickly dismiss it as his imagination and continues walking. when hinata stands with neji and declares to naruto that they will protect him, naruto shouts her name in surprise. hating herself for always having to watch everyone's back as they protect her, sakura vows to become stronger and breaks herself free by cutting her own long hair. clenching to herself, out of exhaustion, she prays for neji to protect naruto. kakashi's lecture about revenge gaining him nothing but emptiness and loneliness makes sasuke remember his friendship with sakura and naruto, and he becomes conflicted between his bond with her and the team versus his desire for revenge and power. canonical movie titled the last: naruto the movie, is a love story between naruto and hinata. with sasuke and naruto getting further into the battlefield, sakura asks hinata who is observing the grounds with her byakugan how the two were doing. naruto then tells hinata that they should rejoin with the others. naruto's fight against neji in the finals, hinata is seen rooting for naruto, but due to having not yet recovered from her fight with neji, she faints and misses the rest of the fight. is shown watching naruto as he leaves the village, silently vowing to become stronger as he has. the broken-hearted naruto falls towards the hole as he watches hinata leave with toneri and hinata watches naruto fall before she passed out. the group stays within sasuke's susanoo, sakura questions sasuke about the currency of what was happening outside. naruto step in front of hinata and protects her as he warns the masked man to get away from her. gets mad at sasuke for sleeping with karin, orochimaru thanks naruto for protecting his son. they watched as boruto fought shikadai and seemingly won, making both naruto and hinata proud. sakura and sasuke are then shown scowling at ino's sudden action with naruto commenting how annoying she is. hinata is put in naruto's group and, blushing, says, "let's work together naruto-kun.

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when hinata finds hanabi’s kunai and wants to put it in her bag, naruto sees the red scarf and asks her why she didn’t wear it since it is snowing. naruto bonds: the words that bind , sakura is introduced as a kunoichi who loves sasuke. hinata was about to dive in but she sees naruto didn’t make a move so she stops and asks him what is wrong. naruto's presence as he is brought by gaara, hinata quickly turns around in curiosity. turning their attention away, the group prepares themselves for madara's arrival. lee to naruto about hinata - chapter 80:"she's very similar to you. naruto's training with kakashi, sakura and sasuke are shown watching the latter. upon her search, kakashi finds sakura and places her under a genjutsu. but whenever she was hurt, she faced forward, and tearfully vowed to become stronger. after winning the match, in his head naruto wonders where hinata was and if she was watching. talks of flowers and love - chapter 93:"even during winter it keeps it's beauty, never losing to the cold. meanwhile, hinata flashes back to the time naruto fought pain alone. meanwhile, as naruto is still comforting sarada, who is only thinking about sakura, sakura rushes out of the village to find her daughter. teasing naruto - chapter 611:"don't act tough just because hinata is here, naruto! when hinata reaches her house, she decides to go and give the scarf to naruto. stating that sasuke shouldn't bother with naruto, sakura continues onward mocking naruto about not having parents, and triggering the word "alone", sasuke scolds sakura and before leaving, calls her annoying. addition, kishimoto said that, despite everything, sakura is the last person sasuke ever wanted to hurt. naruto and hinata holds each others hand as they bounce from moon to moon. the cave with the glowing lake, naruto and hinata ask toneri to come back with them and live on earth instead of living alone on the moon to which he declines, saying that he will remain in the moon and atone for his sins and he then leaves. scared at the thought of naruto dying, she rushes to his side. naruto special talk show in japan, the forehead poke is described as the "ultimate expression of love". when naruto turns to look at the young hinata, he is surprised to see that she had written down his name as the person she would want to be with on her last day on earth. to naruto about neji's sacrifice - chapter 615:"neji just said that your life is not your own anymore.'''i have been married for 4years now and i have a break up with my husband 3months ago and i was worried and so confuse becaus. the fighting ended, hinata and himawari bid farewell to naruto and boruto as they both left for work and missions respectively. little does she realize that this goal acts as a powerful weapon in her arsenal, constantly motivating her to sharpen her skills as a shinobi so she can impress sasuke during every task and mission! however, she secretly decides to take care of sasuke on her own rather than let naruto take that burden upon himself. 1 (hinata hyuga's profile):"hinata is in love with naruto, but regardless, she can't take a step forward. however, naruto shows obvious disagreement and shouts in hinata's defense. is confirmed in hinata's childhood, she was the only person who acknowledged naruto and admired him. upon later hearing the members that would be on her team, sakura cheers when she hears sasuke's name. much later, when sakura notices sasuke's absence beside naruto after the zabuza fight, she quickly runs to find sasuke, only to find where his lifeless body laid. to naruto about him and hinata - chapter 103:"in the end, you and hinata-sama share the same destiny! overhearing that sasuke only saved her and kakashi from the infinite tsukuyomi because they were nearby naruto, sakura becomes saddened, but is reassured when naruto steps in and calls sasuke out, reminding sasuke that he also didn't mean to save him at the bridge when fighting haku and the situation made sasuke save them out of instinct.'s confession to naruto - chapter 437:" i used to always cry and give up. however, in absorbing this energy, toneri is pulled out into space as he accidentally absorbing the sun’s energy, which he passed his chakra limits.! hinata's resolve is firm, dismissing naruto when he worried for her, "i'm just. naruto replies to hinata that the blue-striped scarf was actually knitted for him by his mother and he found it when konohamaru bring him to his storehouse. a flashback is shown about the time when a puppet toneri appears in front of hinata and he asks her to marry him. 1 (sasuke uchiha's profile):"though until then he had taken no notice of either love or friendship, after meeting with naruto and sakura, sasuke begins to accept them as nakama, even if only little by little. the logistic support and medical division compound, sakura is healing the wounded. naruto thank hinata and says that he will cherish it, which makes hinata happy. toneri was about to explode but naruto goes to grab him and pull him back to the moon, saving his life and stop the moon from falling. naruto says to hinata that what she is saying was not true because she has come all the way just to save hanabi and tells her not to worry because he will save hanabi. can be seen practicing her confession to hand over the scarf to naruto in an empty street. (japanese ナルヒナ naruhina) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between naruto uzumaki and hinata hyūga. lying to her teammate that she wanted an image change, sasuke stares at sakura as she continues explaining the false situation to naruto. insulting lee and his thick brows and lashes, sasuke and naruto would later join sakura when comparing might guy and lee. angered, naruto yells at shikamaru asking if he wants to have a fight."ironically, hinata's timidness reaches its peak in front of naruto, the one who changed her. when the students finally picked up their pencils and started writing, naruto who couldn't think of anyone to write, folded his paper into a plane paper and throw it outside the window. after speaking with his editor about the future of the series, he was advised to create a rival character for the series' protagonist, naruto uzumaki, which resulted in sasuke's creation. after a humiliating defeat at the hands of the sound four, who offer him to join them to orochimaru, he ultimately decides to defect and sever his bonds with sakura, naruto, and the rest of his friends. later, various masked puppet breaks into the hyuuga house and kidnaps hanabi. returning home from naruto's training grounds, sakura is in her bedroom staring at team 7's photo. with naruto elsewhere, sasuke and sakura find themselves paralyzed when orochimaru places them under a "death" genjutsu, where they see their own deaths. during the team's break naruto decides to ask sakura for advice. 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as naruto and the other members catch up, yamato tries to reason with sasuke about the efforts sakura and naruto have made to return him to konoha and they still consider him a comrade. shikamaru tells naruto to chase after them while he stays behind to fight the puppets. wanting to give naruto her healing ointment, she starts to dig in her pocket. "no matter what kind of trial there is "i never go back on my word. at night time, in the hyuga mansion, hinata is shown knitting a red scarf, remembering the time naruto defended her from the three bullies, also revealing she had kept his old one from that time. however this is quickly short-lived once naruto suspected boruto of cheating.'s thoughts while holding hands with naruto - chapter 615:"naruto-kun's hand. before the search, the task force of team 7 and team 8 split up to begin searching for clues about itachi's whereabouts. on their way to sasuke's location, a worried hinata warns naruto, trying to tell him that there is someone around. kabuto reveals that he wanted to give naruto a book containing orochimaru's information on the akatsuki. she almost fails, due to naruto not knowing what she was holding, but kurenai yuhi aids hinata, explaining what the ointment was for. she then finally confesses her love to him, which shocks naruto. couple ranked 7th on a poll for the most reblogged ship on tumblr. this makes naruto finally realize that hinata has loved him for so long. with a saddened expression, the group is rebounded by this where kakashi confirms to sasuke that they also wanted to know with naruto, also jumping in and defending sakura and later kakashi. upon finally awakening, sasuke is tearfully embraced by a relieved sakura and, for once, sasuke doesn't reject her affection. meeting itachi, sakura becomes angered at the fact that itachi was the one who was 'inflicting pain' on both sasuke and naruto. and everyone else was then released by naruto and sasuke from the infinite tsukuyomi. later, kakashi stepped down as the sixth hokage with naruto becoming the seventh upon his recommendation. towards sakura's intervention, both sasuke and naruto try to pull their attacks away but quickly find themselves unable to. shippuden final episode & begin of boruto (english sub) | naruto storm 4. being informed by inoichi from headquarters that naruto and killer b were fighting the "masked madara", hinata and the rest of the konoha 11 rushed to his aid. the battle continues, naruto and sasuke go head on first with attacking the ten-tails. the fourth shinobi war, naruto and hinata were often seen hanging out together, something which sakura commented on. when sasuke prepares to kill naruto with his katana, sakura shouts for him to stop until yamato and sai intervene. however, hinata tells her cousin that she is able to tell it is naruto by looking into his eyes. the scene then cuts to hinata, leaving from ramen ichiraku after hearing naruto not willing to walk her home. naruto and hinata attend neji's feneral and they can be seen standing near each other. telling neji that hinata will change during their fight, naruto tells hinata to defeat neji. ignoring naruto's comment about his late arrival, sasuke turns to sakura. however, she is halted by kō, who tells her that she will only be a burden to naruto. concluding the only way was to run, sasuke stabs himself in the leg to dispel the illusion and grabs sakura, taking her into hiding until naruto finally comes to their aid but they are found by orochimaru. naruto is later taken down by orochimaru, with the two only watching in horror, leading sakura to scold sasuke for being such a coward unlike naruto. it's most likely supported because of the evidence given in the manga/anime as well as the fact that hinata is in love with naruto, and how naruto has shown that he cares a great deal about her and is protective of her.'s confession to hinata - the last: naruto the movie:"i am not being kind because i love you or anything. upon her coming, nara shikamaru confesses that the hokage had already told him the story and asks sakura if she really wasn't able to convince sasuke. thinking about the promise she made to neji - chapter 662:"naruto-kun's heart beat is. upon taking off his scarf, sakura begins to wonders why naruto was so concerned about it. naruto safely retrieves sakura as sasuke quickly jumps back into safety. naruto later wakes up and rushes to both sakura and sasuke and asks about sakura's hair, much to sasuke and ino's annoyance. as sakura watches sasuke and naruto clash with the clones, she thinks back to the vow she made to herself to get stronger and catch up with sasuke and naruto. naruto thinks of the time he and sasuke were set to spar with each other in the academy. naruto walks into a spider web when he wants to goes to take a leak and hurts his back after he trips. while i find her irritating and a lousy match for naruto (especially in the five kage summit arc). however, the two decide to fight as mere rivals rather than for sasuke's affections during the match. the trio enters the battle field, the ten-tails creates multiple clones and begins charging at the group. however, sakura freezes when she hears a familiar voice echo her name."despite the lack of that awareness [that orochimaru's seal is giving him more power / chakra], sasuke's killing intent sharpens like a blade, and he starts shooting at the opponent who tried to hurt his "precious friend" who he was supposed to protect. as naruto shouts to everyone in acknowledgement of their arrival, kiba smiles and yells to naruto, saying he shouldn't act tough just because of hinata's presence. when she was about to practice again, naruto appears and goes to talk with hinata. sakura tells naruto that hinata might have something on her sleeve and says to him that he is an idiot especially when it comes to love. after, when sarada arrives home from the academy, she tells sakura that guys are stupid but yet comments that boruto and herself have something in common, which is having distant relationships with their fathers. naruto and hinata mentioned that they could see the truth through each other's eyes. hinata’s memories, naruto sees the time when she protects him from pain and confesses her feelings to him. hinata runs off with naruto to the tenseigan’s location. as naruto enters the scene, sasuke gives naruto a taunting look and challenges him to a match. the chunin exams, naruto and hinata cheered for each other. 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omoi and karui confront naruto and sakura about sasuke's crimes against their village, as well as informing them that sasuke had joined the akatsuki, sakura begins to protest and object, but before so, she is brought to tears when karui questions what sasuke meant to her. however, sakura becomes encouraged when naruto states that he was keeping his promise. with its canonization as well as the last: naruto the movie, naruhina has became even more popular in japan, with naruto and hinata being featured in non-naruto material and some people calling it a "power couple. naruto then chases after toneri and hinata on sai’s ink bird. criticizes orochimaru for calling sakura weak as the group reunites and ventures out to find sakura, orochimaru states sakura might already be dead, much to sasuke's chagrin, who quickly claims that his wife is not soft or weak. complete body susanoo, sasuke, sarada and the group head over to shin's location where sakura and shin are currently engaging in battle. however, naruto replies that the scarf was really wrecked so he didn't need it. meanwhile, at the cave, after hearing sakura's advice, naruto finally understand about hinata’s feelings and vows to save her as he reaches his hand towards the sun. this surprises hinata as she asks naruto what he just said. however, neji instead is hit when he throws himself in front of hinata, causing extreme damage to his body. upon orochimaru's approach, sasuke angrily demanded information on shin's whereabouts, even going as far as to threaten him if he had anything to do with shin trying kill sarada and kidnapping sakura. practicing her confession to hand over the red scarf she knitted to naruto - the last: naruto the movie:"naruto-kun. his fight against neji, naruto tells hinata that he likes people like her. hinata is shown being healed by sakura, who notes her feelings for naruto. however, realizing that sarada was only upset due to her father's absence, sakura quickly apologizes. looking at naruto, hinata asks him, in her thoughts, if she changed even a little before soon passing out, being carried away and taken to the hospital. turning to naruto, sakura gives naruto a genuine smile, not noticing the jealous scowl on sasuke's face. i didn't do that because of what naruto just said. before naruto left the scene, the young hinata thanks naruto and he bids her a goodbye. when naruto fails and is unable to, sakura becomes disappointed. the ten-tails is immobilized by the alliance, sasuke appears before sakura, naruto, and their friends. when the real sasuke arrives looking for naruto, sakura happily greets him and asks if he was ready this time. the jump festa 2017 interview, masashi kishimoto stated that he decided to make naruto and hinata a couple early on in the manga, and that it was all about naruto and hinata getting married from an early stage. hinata then uses her byakugan and looks inside naruto's wallet. the hyuga clan arrives at the battlefield, the entire clan firmly states they will protect naruto. naruto wants to ask about hinata's memories but changes his mind and dives into the lake. last naruto the movie: sakura x sasuke love story - hokage kakashi trailer. glancing towards sasuke who was still showing much disinterest, sakura decides to whisper it to naruto. hinata is shown cheering for naruto, but her voice is drowned out by the other girls cheering for sasuke. naruto is the one who gave hinata such things as "potentiality" and "self-confidence". few years later, sasuke meets with naruto to receive a scroll and naruto asks sasuke why he won't visit the village. after shikamaru told them the hokage had already left, boruto decided to leave it at that, until sarada offered to take it to naruto. when team 7 leaves to meet up with the rest of the members of konoha, ino yamanaka appears and embraces sasuke from behind. when she is finally caught within her dream, neji and hanabi are shown spying on both her and naruto while they seemingly are together as a happy couple. sugiyama also implied that sasuke realized he always loved sakura after his final battle with naruto. hinata climbs up the building but her body suddenly becomes numb and she falls from the roof when the scarf is ripped. the beginning of the chūnin exams, naruto's opinion on hinata was that she was "weird" and "timid," explaining that whenever he was near her, she would always stutter and blush. with all her might, she cheers for naruto in a small voice. naruto then says that he wants it and he doesn’t care that the scarf is already shreds. the team then tells them to hurry up and leave the cave before it collapse. swearing to herself that she'd be the one to protect sakura, sarada demonstrates the same immense strength sakura herself learned, injuring multiple clones at once, shocking sakura and the entire group, with sasuke smirking with pride. however, when he refuses to acknowledge the rumors, she grows worried. and sasuke apologize to sarada joining the battle, an angry sakura quickly plummets shin while exclaiming his reasons for trying to kill her husband and child, leaving sasuke, sarada, and naruto shocked of her sudden arrival. confessing her doubts again how she worries things will never be the same, she is reassured once again by naruto. hinata eventually gives naruto the red scarf she knitted, that he wears in the movie and the poster of the movie, as a call back and meaningful echo to his own mother's soulmate story. toneri and the puppet then disappear, taking hinata with them. takes naruto to sakura and he sees her resting because she ran out of chakra after healing naruto. finally, naruto decided not to cheat off her paper, and told hinata the reason for him refusing was not only would he get in trouble, but she would as well. if we all give up and discard those words and feelings now, neji's sacrifice will have been for nothing. when naruto reaches the park, he sees a puppet holding hinata as toneri casts something on her. upon sakura's turn, sakura mumbles but hints all her answers are towards sasuke. while still in flight, in the susanoo, sarada ponders about sasuke's feelings towards sakura but is quickly comforted by naruto. sasuke doesn't respond and asks naruto to give sakura a message, which is that sasuke is sorry for everything, and quickly leaves. the dimension from the other side opens, the group is approached by madara who had fully gained both his rinnegans along with a controlled obito., the team regroups and kiba is able to find sasuke's trail. if it's to save naruto, hinata will not withhold even her own life! listening to naruto's last words to sasuke, sakura smiles to herself, believing now how a dream of team 7 being back together was still possible, and decides to put her whole faith in naruto and sasuke. 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boruto: naruto the movie novel strongly implies that sasuke and sakura have a very intimate relationship. after leaving the scene, an embarrassed sasuke asks naruto what advice sakura gave him, leading an amused naruto to taunt him. the past, she was filled with hesitancy due to the pressure of her family name being too great, but with a push from her beloved naruto, she made her hidden talent blossom through the power of perseverance. to sasuke (who later revealed to be naruto) - chapter 3:"all i want is. after hearing those words from naruto, hinata cries happily in tears. guilt-ridden, sasuke then sincerely apologizes to sakura, stating he's sorry for everything he's done up until now. can be seen sitting alone on a swing in a park and wonders who gave naruto the blue-striped scarf. the class then erupted into laughter due to naruto's comment. sakura was shocked when naruto declared he and sasuke would die in their final battle, and she feels anger at herself for not being able to do anything. leaning herself in, sakura prepares to kiss him, but they are quickly interrupted and "sasuke" runs off. in his worry, naruto tightly clutches at his chest, but is able to then sense her chakra. sakura misses sasuke and wishes for him to be home more often, she remains supportive of his duties and is very loyal to him. upon a travel during their mission towards sasuke's location, when sai insults sasuke, naruto quickly reacted in defending against him. however, she is quickly saved by kakashi, who notices the intensity of the chidori and makes him realize that sasuke was being serious in trying to kill her. part i and part ii, whenever sasuke was mentioned, sakura would defend or act in some sort that references towards him. with naruto's arrival, naruto questions sasuke why he would attack sakura. kakashi hatake summons his ninken and divides the team into groups. to sarada about sasuke and sakura - chapter 700+4:"sasuke never wore glasses though. sakura expresses disbelief when sasuke denounces any bond with sakura and naruto. not knowing her bag is open, hinata’s scarf floats out from her bag and wraps around naruto, allowing him to see hinata’s memories. naruto charges ahead into the battlefield, hinata stays behind with the troops and is seen watching him with her byakugan. with the release and completion of the sequel naruto gaiden: the seventh hokage and the scarlet spring where both the pairing and their child, sarada uchiha, were shown and given more in depth, the pairing has become even more popular. the day when the entrancingly graceful, fully bloomed sakura flower dances upon the battleground is close at hand! the end of the movie, an older hinata is shown knitting a red scarf and an older naruto is seen training outside. sakura and naruto catch up to sasuke and gaara, sakura rushes to sasuke's side and tries to aid him as the cursed mark began to consume his body. feeling betrayed, toneri takes the scarf that hinata finished knitting it and angrily says that she is actually not knitting it for him but for naruto. confesses her feelings to naruto before getting stabbed by pain, which caused naruto to go on a rampage. to shin - chapter 700+7:"even if everything you said is true. at the same time, naruto who was having ramen at ramen ichiraku is approached by konohamaru, who tells naruto that he has something to show him. after being rescued, sakura turns her attention to sasuke after being asked if she was alright by naruto; pondering if sasuke even cared for her. sasuke offers him their scroll in exchange for them to be left alone, to which naruto opposes and condemns sasuke for being a coward, with sakura watching them. naruto glances at hinata when the winds blow and gets caught up in his thoughts as he stares at her. sakura says to naruto that he is already looking away to which naruto denies. red scarf suddenly appears and naruto is seen wearing it as he runs hand-in-hand with hinata with their memories appears on the moon in the background. realizing hinata's love for naruto - chapter 442:"you must really do love naruto. at the surface, naruto sees toneri and stands in front of hinata, protecting her as he warns toneri not to get near her. naruto at first protests, but quickly changes his mind while sakura watches the two in horror. during the second session of the test, sasuke offers his assistance to naruto. he shows distrust, showing suspicion to whether naruto was a zetsu clone or the real thing. although before healing sasuke, tsunade notices the fresh daffodil flowers in the vase and questions herself if sakura was visiting everyday. giving sai a reassured smile and apologizing for naruto's actions, sakura sends sai a punch and automatically declares that she could care less if he doesn't forgive her, ending her sentence by threatening to not go easy on him the next time he insults or bad names sasuke. watching as sasuke and naruto begin to clash like before, sakura screamed for them to stop, but in the end, they are both briefly knocked out. the team regroups, naruto tells hinata that he will never let her out of his sight again and looks away. when we get there we might find she's tidied up the place. as the group is under attack by shin and no longer having the upper hand, shin targets sarada but it stopped by sasuke who quickly uses himself as a shield to protect his daughter. katsuyu notifies him that no villagers had been harmed and, shedding tears of relief, naruto repeatedly mutters "thank god"."side by side holding hands, naruto and hinata face the juubi. sakura returns hinata the small piece of the scarf and says that she was going to give it to naruto. as iruka scolds naruto for throwing the paper, hinata looks at naruto and writes something down on her paper. however, they are quickly interrupted by naruto who meets with the group and the team soon gets into a small bickering. as naruto, hinata, and lee as well as the rest of the allied forces charge at madara and obito, naruto attempts to throw his rasenshuriken, but finds that his arm is still dislocated. bonds aren't merely made up of just time and blood. seeing this, hanabi teases hinata, telling her to hurry up and just tell naruto how she feels. however, sasuke ignores the question and tells naruto to focus on the enemy. the last: naruto the movie, naruto used to have a red scarf when he is young but it was wrecked after he defends hinata from the bullies. is a theme song titled, "naruto and hinata" in the last: naruto the movie. in sasuke's eyes, before he even notice it, he and naruto became mutual good rivals capable of boosting up each other's skill - and also, when his heart was about to be swallowed by orochimaru's wicked cursed seal again, he was rescued by sakura. 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upon watching his departure, hinata is shown to still hold onto the scarf. the credits of the last: naruto the movie, naruto and hinata are married and have a son and daughter.'s thoughts about naruto while fighting neji - chapter 80:"naruto-kun. after neji talks about his personal life, naruto stands up for hinata by saying that he's not the only one who is special, and that hinata suffered as much as he did. sakura gets angry and leaves after she calls naruto an idiot. they come out from the lake and blast a hole through the cave and flies up into the sky. realizing hinata would never do something like that, naruto nearly agrees, though he does ask her why she would let him cheat off her paper. later, naruto sees sakura and hinata talking about him in the café. after seeing hinata get stabbed, naruto becomes enraged and transforms into the kyubi, growing six tails and later nine. the meantime, naruto was having ramen with sakura and team 10. when everyone talks of wanting to be by naruto's side, hinata notes to herself that she must also work hard, for she wants the same. naruto smiled, and was about to cheat off her test, only to stop himself at the last moment, as he saw the instructor watching him. the novel shikamaru hiden, sakura states that she is with sasuke, implying they are a couple. finds out that hinata loves him, naruto confesses his love, naruto and hinata's first kiss., naruto regains his consciousness and stares at the destroyed hidden leaf. admitting that she also missed naruto and wanted him to be home more often, she however defends naruto when boruto started bad talking about him, causing boruto more anger to the point where he threw naruto's old jacket out of the window in a fit of rage. hinata then asks sakura why she is encouraging her so much to which sakura replies that they need to support each other after she reminisces about sasuke. hinata almost falls but naruto grabs her and carry her in a bridals way. when she reach the location of the tenseigan and was about to destroy it, an army of puppets appears and fights hinata. the battle now calmed, sakura then apologized to sasuke for not properly explaining their family situation, however sasuke quickly intervenes and says she shouldn't be apologizing as this was majorly his fault. when the team travels to the tower, sakura helps support sasuke walk throughout the session. naruto then fights and defeats toneri, only to find out that it is just a puppet he is fighting. wishes that she could move even one step closer towards the back of naruto. upon healing karin, karin stated that the sasuke sakura was now facing is no longer the same sasuke she knew before. they bounce from moon to moon, naruto reminds hinata the time iruka asks them to write the name of the person they want to be with if the world was going to end. naruto, sakura, shikamaru and sai try to get into the moon’s barrier to save hanabi and stop toneri and hinata's wedding ceremony. naruto converses with the nine-tailes about the hatred of an entire war and sasuke, naruto flashes back to the academy days where naruto and sasuke were paired to spar against each other. sakura tells hinata that naruto has been really popular with girls recently and some have even come from other villages just to meet him. upon seeing hinata and himawari, naruto comments to himself how he would prefer to sit with them rather than with the four other kages. arriving at the battlefield to assist in the fight against the ten-tails, hinata immediately asks naruto if he is alright. sai and sakura went to find and save hanabi while shikamaru and naruto went to stop the wedding. hinata quickly uses her gentle palm to relocate naruto's shoulder, allowing him to throw his attack at obito. naruto, who is hiding behind the wall, comes out and asks hinata about what she saw before she fainted and what she wants to say about toneri’s puppet. hinata is shown to be worried and then relieved after seeing naruto stand. hinata's words cause naruto to cheer up and regain his confidence. declaring he no longer wanted anything to do with them, sasuke prepared to kill them all until he was quickly interrupted by orochimaru and in the end, sakura is forced to watch sasuke flee with orochimaru. meanwhile, sakura and sai found hanabi, as well as a small piece of the scarf hinata knitted for naruto. sarada was still a toddler, sasuke had to leave home for an important mission that would take him away from his family for years and, although he wasn't able to keep in contact with his family, he never forgets about them. his life quickly fading, neji tells naruto that his life is not his own anymore, but everyone's, as all of the shinobi were willing to sacrifice their lives for his. presenting himself, sasuke stated he was no longer a part of the team and only saw each and every one of them to be the members of konoha that had killed both his brother and his clan. however, turning his attention to sasuke, kakashi questions him what his current dream is. as hinata holds naruto tightly, all of their memories appear on the moon around them in the background. watching as sasuke leaves, sakura reviews her actions and decides to be nicer to naruto. in the ending credit, everyone attends naruto and hinata's wedding. walks with hinata and says that naruto can be so dense. returning back to her group, sakura then later shares the intel with naruto and kakashi. indeed, haruno sakura, a kunoichi from konoha grew up beautifully out of the sorrows she's experienced. re-confessed her feelings to sasuke before the last battle between him and naruto., not having seen naruto in two and a half years, hides behind a fence upon first seeing naruto. naruto informs the great toad sage of all the times he had let the kyubi take over his body, he mentions that when he saw hinata get stabbed by pain he became so full of rage, he allowed the nine-tails to take over his body without thinking. as hinata is brutally injured by neji, naruto solemnly recalls her previous statement of wishing to change herself. naruto caught up with toneri and hinata, toneri orders hinata to attack naruto. is one of the most popular couple among the fans. at one night, naruto is seen standing at the window as he holds a blue-striped scarf in his room filled with presents.! the branch family is supposed to protect the main family, yet doing that to hinata. at the same time, she feels strength welling up inside her! at sarada's request, naruto talks about her father, noting how although sasuke didn't wear glasses, she looks just like him as well as like sakura; having her father's physical features but her mother's personality.

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confessing that sakura only wanted to save him and be by his side, kakashi continues that even after everything he's done, sakura still feels and cries for him, and continued to love him, even to the point of it breaking her own heart. got sick and hinata gets mad at naruto and boruto''find out hinata is the ramen queen''. however, naruto quickly denies her confession and confronts sakura that she was lying to herself about no longer loving sasuke. but she yields before neji's juuken, and gets wounded and beaten down several times over. toneri attacks naruto by draining almost all of naruto’s chakra and creating a huge hole in the ground when it hits. naruto has a conversation with the kyubi about the hatred of an entire war and sasuke, naruto remembers him and sasuke in their academy days. naruto asks is she making the scarf for him to which hinata says yes. when toneri absorb naruto’s chakra, hinata holds naruto’s hand and transfer her chakra to him. then, naruto sees sakura walks with hinata and she encourage her to give him the scarf she knitted."in order to protect naruto, she overcame her own limits to employ 8 tirigrams 64 palms. wanted to know more about hinata, toneri uses his power to see hinata’s memory only to see that hinata only thinks about naruto. afterwards, the uchiha family returned to konoha and were able to live as a normal family for a couple of years. when the moon shows the memories of the time hinata confessed her feelings to naruto, they can be seen running hand-in-hand in their shippuden form and then, in their pre-shippuden form when the memories of their moments from the chunnin exam appears on the moon. upon being called a monster because of her byakugan eyes, breaking into tears, naruto, who is sitting on a swing nearby, comes to defend hinata. hinata questions sakura to why she has so much support from her. the team set out on their journey on sai’s ink birds and they split up to search for clues. hinata thanks naruto and says that he is very kind to which he replies that he is not being kind because he loves her or anything and says it is because she is worried about hanabi. toneri then tears the red scarf into pieces and cast a jutsu on hinata and manipulate her as a puppet. arising from her, the emotionally unstable sakura picks up her kunai and goes back to the location of sasuke and kakashi. even though he understands the love that she feels for him, in order to sever all his connections sasuke turns his back to the village. she offered her own test as a cheating source, but before he responded to her, naruto pondered if her offer was a trick set by kiba inuzuka, her teammate. naruto yells at toneri to give hinata back to him to which he replies that hinata is coming to him willingly and they are getting married. naruto is distraught at hinata's apparent rejection of him and sakura comforts him, noting that hinata may have something up her sleeve. next, naruto sees the time when iruka asks them to write the name of the person they want to be with if the world was going to end. vs hokage naruto full fight (english dub) - naruto shippuden storm 4 road to boruto 60 fps. when naruto mentioned sarada may resent him for leaving her, sasuke replied it was better that she hate him rather than living in fear and he was confident she was better off with sakura. watching sasuke as he prepares to leave for his battle against naruto, a tearful and angry sakura tries to appeal to him once more. meanwhile, sasuke and the group arrive at orochimaru's hideout, suspecting shin to be a test subject of his. toneri and a lifeless hinata try to escape while naruto and shikamaru fight an army of puppets. tells naruto how much she admires him - chapter 98:"in my eyes. wakes up and find herself in toneri’s castle the next day. naruto and shikamaru crash the wedding just before the ceremony seems to be completed. when hinata’s stomach rumbles, naruto invites her to eat ramen in his apartment. naruto flashes back to the time when iruka asks them to write the name of the person they want to be with if the world was going to end, then he flashes back to the time he fights kiba during the chunin exams, and then he flashes back to the time when hinata gives him her family's ointment as she blushes. stating that she can no longer move, she mentally calls out naruto's name as she descends into the genjutsu. while sakura is cutting an apple for sasuke, sasuke is shown having flashbacks of itachi's torment along with when sakura had turned away from him and smiled at naruto. a jump festa in 2010 when an interviewer asked about sakura's feelings for both naruto and sasuke, masashi kishimoto stated that although naruto is close and sakura worries about him, sakura loves sasuke. upon awakening and seeing sasuke above her, sakura happily embraces sasuke in relief despite his claims to not hug him. reminiscing about sasuke, sakura tells hinata that they need to support each other. to toneri about the red scarf and hinata - the last: naruto the movie:". receiving the chakra from naruto, hinata deflects one of the ten-tails' attacks with her 8 trigrams 64 palms. it is then revealed that hinata has been knitting the red scarf every night. sai then comments that naruto doesn’t need to worry about the scarf because he doesn’t get wet when he touch the water. seeing hinata's hesitation, sakura also asks hinata to join them and moves over to let hinata sit next to naruto. upon his reawakening, hearing her mourns, sasuke opens his eyes only to be greeted by a sobbing sakura. sakura and naruto reface kakashi to test their strengths, kakashi uses the same genjutsu of a near dead sasuke on sakura again. and sasuke in the flashback as naruto goes out to comfort sarada, he remembers a flashback from when sasuke requested to go into a top-secret mission to gather information on kaguya, to protect the 'new-generation', all the while with sakura beside him (in the manga). replying she was fine, hinata sees a cut on naruto's face. with an argument between the two, kakashi stated that sakura never stopped wanting to save him. naruto keeps groaning hinata’s name to which sakura says that he finally realized hinata’s love for him. naruto and sasuke leave for their battle, hagoromo states that in the end, he wants sasuke to be able to reclaim that love he has lost." that nindou,set forth by naruto whom she admires and loves, has long since become hinata's path. naruto tries to comfort her by telling her that sakura was still her mother no matter, stating how love is more important than blood. to naruto about sakura - boruto: naruto next generation epiosde 15:"give sakura a message for me. claiming that the amount would be more than sufficient, the group then sets off to get ready to enter the other dimension. seeing this, shikamaru says to naruto that if he is giving up on hinata so easily then he might as well give up on being hokage. next day, the team finds another abandoned village and they split up to investigate.

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tearfully continuing, sakura states that if she could, she would had taken away all his pain and suffering and shoulder upon it herself. knowing this, sai creates a clone and informs naruto and kakashi in her place. the written exams, hinata sees naruto struggling to complete his test. hinata laughs at naruto and he asks her what is so funny to which she replies it is nothing. it is supported due to the growth of their feelings for each other and sakura's shown devotion towards sasuke as well as the bond they shared throughout the sessions of the series. would later join with sarada and few others to watch sasuke travel to another dimension with boruto and the other kages to find naruto. although she tries to be supportive of his journey, sakura is actually frustrated at the fact that she and sasuke have a long-distant relationship, to the point she hasn't seen him since the day he left the village after the war and rarely hears from him. naruto is unable to attend himawari's birthday party due to work and sent a shadow clone as a stand-in, which ended up dropping the birthday cake, boruto, enraged at his father for missing his own daughter's birthday party, vented his anger to his mother, hinata. shikamaru then tells naruto that they need to save hinata and hanabi, but naruto gives no reactions to shikamaru. wanting to protest, naruto begins to ramble how they should then switch places but is stopped by sakura's arrival and request for a fire. one of these attacks heads towards naruto and hinata steps in front of him with the intention of being struck instead, willing to risk and sacrifice her life for his own. 2 (hinata hyuga's profile):"hinata passively gave in to everything, but with the support of naruto's cheering, she had a fierce battle with neji, and matured greatly. a conversation with naruto clears her head, though, and she accepts that sasuke likely doesn't find the rumors important. when naruto sneezes, hinata asks him if he is okay to which he replies that he is totally fine. as naruto brings up sakura's feelings for sasuke, he denies that sakura would go after sasuke and kill him because she is truly in love with him. the team split up once they are inside the castle. the flashback ends at naruto comes and stand in front of hinata, protecting her from the puppet toneri. back her self-confidence, sakura grabs hold of both sasuke's and naruto's hand and goes through, although not to their knowledge, they are followed by rock lee. forced to watch as sasuke began to violently rampage upon them, breaking the arms of the shinobi who wounded her, a frightened sakura realizing that "this is not sasuke", quickly rushes to his side and embraces him, begging him to stop and to return to the sasuke she knew. naruto gets an idea and he holds hinata’s hand and tells her to infuse him with her chakra. hinata seemingly accepts his words, but after naruto is pierced to the ground by pain, hinata immediately rushes to his side, despite knowing the grim odds. the attack of the god tree had calmed, naruto's memories and emotions are transferred into the troops. at the end of their tied battle, ino teases sakura about not giving up on sasuke. the cursed seal receded, sasuke collapses with sakura supporting him. hinata reiterates to naruto their shared nindo of never going back on their word. sakura is left in charge of gathering wood for the fire while naruto and sasuke are in charge of gathering food. hinata finished knitting the scarf, she happily runs down the stairs to leave and give the scarf to naruto but begins to hesitate. naruto tries to apply the ointment himself but cannot reach it so hinata help him apply the ointment instead. naruto pleads with hinata, telling her to flee for the sake of her own life, but hinata refuses. naruto tells hinata that he didn’t write any name on the paper because he doesn’t know his parents and doesn’t have any friends and confess to her that now he finally knows who he wants to spend all and every single one of his days with and that person would be her. hinata suddenly walks up to naruto and gives him the red scarf and leaves with toneri as she says goodbye to him. the other surface, hinata asks naruto about his blue-striped scarf. team 7 consisting sakura, naruto, and kakashi get together for the first time in two-and-a-half years, they remember their first training session and get gloomy at the mention of sasuke's name, showing sakura still misses him. however, sasuke coldly declines and claims that she's the same as naruto and she should focus on her own training. sasuke however claims of having no reason to love her just as he claims not seeing any reason why she would love him.! she can't even look naruto in the eyes as she hands him the ointment to treat the injuries he's received during the chuunin exam, but she's put all her strength into this. to put the burden on herself, sakura heads towards naruto and makes a fake confession of her feelings to break their promise to each other in bringing sasuke back home. to naruto about hinata - the last: naruto the movie:"i never thought you'd confess your love first. the cave, naruto is still sulking about being rejected by hinata. pinned against a tree and knocked unconscious, sasuke declares and entrusts naruto to save sakura no matter what, stating sakura to be one of those dear and precious to him whom he never wants to lose. obito finds a way to access the other dimension to save sasuke, naruto's clone suggests coming along since a huge amount of chakra is needed. deciding to finally confess sasuke's situation to naruto, sakura asks naruto for a moment between the two and reveals her severe concern of sasuke's possible future decision to choosing the wrong path. out of curiosity, sarada then asked sakura if she and sasuke had ever kissed. naruto then fights the gedo-esque statue with his bijuu mode. despite everything that's happened, she confesses that she still loves and holds deep care for him. at one point, sakura asks hinata about sasuke and naruto to which the hyuga calmly replies that the two were, "smiling". group quickly engages into another battle as multiple shin clones are later revealed. sometime later, sakura wakes up and immediately asks for sasuke and naruto's whereabouts. ignoring her, sasuke asks for naruto's whereabouts but is quickly dismissed by sakura's comment.!" so as not to be left behind by naruto, who is always pushing forward, she has determined to continue in her own growth. he explained the reason he sealed this decision and started realizing that naruto and hinata were meant to be is because hinata always supported and acknowledged naruto, even before master iruka and she had the ability to see beyond his reputation and see the true person inside. when hinata asks naruto why he didn’t wear his scarf and he replies that he feels warm so he takes it off, the scene shows them having their alone time together; they walk up the village stairs together, naruto lets hinata drink some water from a fountain after he drinks it and he grabs her hand when she almost falls off the building. with sasuke and sakura when a dna test is taken and seemed to show karin as sarada's mother, sarada calling naruto a liar, as well as no longer wanting anything to do with sakura. however, before she can hand the item to naruto, he leaves. to boruto about bento made from hinata to naruto - chapter 700+3:"and, a bento isn't for just eating, right? however, yamato their team captain quickly takes the hit instead. tearfully, sakura recites the shinobi rule #24 to never show any sort of emotion, violating it as she mourns for his loss.

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not wanting to worry sakura and the group, sasuke fights the seal and defeats his opponent. back in konoha, sakura woke up and is notified by shizune about sarada running away. reads sai's book about proper human interaction and he learns that men are supposed to pay everything on a date. real reason why naruto never truly loved sakura - boruto & naruto explained. the new york comic con interview 2015, kishimoto said that he decided from the middle of the story that naruto and hinata would end up together in the end of the story. when hinata was introduced, she was shown to have feelings for naruto. naruto manages to defeat the puppet and hinata falls down from the roof. when sasuke and naruto start to leave to begin their attack on the ten-tails, sakura quickly follows them and stated that, as a member of team 7, she was going to fight beside them. wins a ramen competition, naruto and boruto are shocked to find out hinata is the ramen queen. when hinata’s stomach suddenly rumbles, hanabi teases her again saying that naruto will laugh at her if her stomach rumbles in the middle of the confession. a horrified naruto then remembers hinata and wonders if he killed her and the villagers. up by october 31st for an extended 3-month trial of youtube red."hinata rebukes naruto, who had lost his will to fight upon neji's death! no matter how hard the journey, sakura will never give up. a married couple, hinata refers to naruto as anata (which typically means 'darling' or 'dear' in japanese). however, sai quickly notes that although her words are sincere, the smile she gave him was fake."the one she admires taught her about the courage to stand up! however, instead of getting discouraged, a tearful sakura vows to get stronger. to naruto about hinata and their similar love while mesmerizing to sasuke - the last: naruto the movie:"remember long ago when you said you loved me? roots for naruto during his fight with her teammate, kiba. with hinata's blood still on the ground, naruto grabs some of it, holds it out to neji and vows to defeat him in her place. when hinata wants to tell something to naruto about toneri’s puppet, sai appears and says they need hinata to check out on something. shikamaru and sai leaves as sakura and naruto have an alone chat about hinata. this magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break. however, sakura soon becomes one of the victims who watch in dismay as naruto instead "kisses" sasuke, resulting in naruto later receiving a beating from sakura along with the other female classmates. motivated, sakura confirms to naruto that it'll be the both of them bringing sasuke back together. when hinata takes the seat, naruto's fangirls appear and naruto treats them ramen the same way he treated hinata. hinata keeps quiet when naruto asks her whether what toneri said is true. upon staying there, sakura is approached by a shinobi she had healed earlier. hinata then confirms to sakura that both sasuke and naruto were smiling. is the only naruto pairing which listed in one of the list of "50 of the most popular "ships" in fandom culture"[27]. hinata is surprised at his appearance, but naruto only asks if she is alright. naruto wakes up and sai tease him that he keeps groaning hinata’s name over and over and it has given him such good research materials. regaining himself, naruto thanks hinata for being by his side, takes her hand, and transfers chakra to her and the rest of the allied forces. a large gedo-esque statue attacks the team and naruto is seen grabbing hinata and carry her in a bridals way. news finally reach konoha that sasuke had killed orochimaru, team 7 and team 8 decide to group up and find itachi to allow access to also find sasuke. hinata attacks three white zetsus, naruto appears and protects her from them. before naruto leaves, he tells hinata that he once thought she was weird and plain-looking, causing hinata to sulk. bisuke and shiba are sent to partner up with sakura and ordered to protect her. kakashi then summons some of his ninken and adds each ninken to each group. the bond between sasuke & sakura | naruto storm 4 road to boruto. naruto and kiba's fight during the preliminary matches, hinata attempts again to give him some of her ointment. up by october 31st for an extended 3-month trial of youtube red. breaking into tears, sakura turns to naruto and begs him to bring sasuke back."hinata is never assertive about anything, something she tends to hate about herself. however, naruto gives her hope that it won't happen and she calms down a bit, but still remains worried of the possibility. the present-day of the movie, sakura encourages hinata's relationship with naruto. a battle ensues, and naruto is knocked into a pond. team 7 leaves the ichiraku ramen, they meet konohamaru who demonstrates his new perverted technique; sexy: girl on girl technique for naruto's amusement. turning to sasuke, sakura begins to thank sasuke for saving her from gaara but is quickly dismissed when sasuke confesses it was naruto. after neji's death, obito taunts naruto, mocking his resolve, pointing out how he said he wouldn't let any of his friends die. she comforts her daughter, himawari, when asked about her father's fate, also refusing to allow boruto to go with sasuke and the other kage in their mission to rescue naruto, afraid of the possibility that he would get killed by momoshiki and kinshiki. however, sakura quickly dismisses the moment and shows concern over the cursed mark. upon finding him and his "severed head", sakura collapses again before shrieking while sasuke expresses confusion. kurama, who is helping naruto fighting the gedo-esque statue, duke it out on the surface of the moon. later, during the sunset, naruto comments that hanabi doesn't seems to be in the village.. i'm the one who has to own up to it.

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