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the man is a stranger or unknown to you, he may be representing a shadow aspect of yourself – a positive or negative trait or characteristic that you are not consciously aware of, have repressed or denied.

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if you had a dream about a relative having sex with a stranger?

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here's the scoop, according to the dream interpretation sites dreammoods and dreambible.

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”  even strangers we barely know, people we have noticed for only a fleeting moment at the shop, on the train, passing by on the street, all can make guest appearances in your nightly imaginings.

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. i had a really weird dream last night having to do with my mom and a stranger.

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the man is a stranger or unknown to you, he may be representing an aspect of your animus that you have not seen before or are denying.

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  just think if you dream of others in this way, even strangers and people you don’t especially care about, how often have you made a guest appearance in somebody else’s dream?

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losing teeth "this is a really common dream, the interpretation of which is steeped in traditional meaning.

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to dreambible, dreaming about a stranger "represents feelings about new or unexpected possibilities being out of reach.

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  similarly, a woman dreaming about making love to a gorgeous male stranger is not necessarily having a fantasy, but more likely embracing her own masculine qualities, such as maybe learning to stand up for herself or become more assertive.

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