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Great moments in drunken hookup failure News, Video and Gossip

maybe it was just a necessary means to a different end, one that deadspin thrives on: to indict the mainstream sports media. maybe the gravity of that situation had made deadspin aware that it should do more than just poke fun.

Great moments in drunken hookup failure News, Video and Gossip

Here Are Your Worst Prom Hookup Failures

its first report, deadspin seems to have started rooting for te’o’s downfall. 16 hours after making fun of the reporter at the notre dame press conference for talking about the football implications of the bizarre scandal, deadspin was talking about the football implications of the bizarre scandal.

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then again, maybe “fucking stellar investigative journalism” wasn’t ever the point for deadspin. others publish that kind of leading commentary, deadspin calls it “passive-aggressive chickenshit.

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deadspin broke the story last week that notre dame star manti te’o’s inspirational narrative of a girlfriend who died of leukemia was a hoax, the site relied on solid reporting. deadspin beat everyone to this story for the very reasons it constantly skewers them: because they’re part of the storyline-driven pr broadcast machine, and deadspin is not.

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of my favorite features on Deadspin used to be their “Great Moments in Drunken Hookup Failures” series. still, those commenters were probably surprised that deadspin would report at all.

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) instead of focusing on all the ways the rest of the media got things wrong, deadspin could be chasing down those named in the initial report. journalism-101 thing to do here would be to dispatch someone to track down and seek comment from manti te’o himself, but deadspin, after attempting to contact him for the initial story, was itself scooped by jeremy schaap of espn and katie couric, who got to te’o first.

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Going through the archive, however, got me thinking: Hookup failures from a girl’s perspective would be infinitely more interesting., commenters on the site have shifted from near-universal praise of deadspin’s reporting chops to something far less settled.

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’s obsession with documenting the failures of sports media—espn especially—is warranted. when espn writers plagiarize, for example, deadspin is there to shame them into fixing their errors.

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but it is disappointing, because the scoop itself was deadspin’s most effective criticism of sports media to date. with the te’o story, after that first, great post, deadspin created what it usually despises most from others: half-assed work.

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) in fact, deadspin’s subversiveness when it comes to sports media is what often makes it great. part of deadspin’s “great moments in drunken hookup failure,” bryan submitted the following story: so back in college i took an easy “a” course in sociology.

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that’s why i’m calling on you, dear reader, to send me your funniest, most ridiculous hookup failure stories. that article ended with typical deadspin sarcasm:Toward the end of the press conference, one reporter asked swarbrick if the situation had affected te’o’s performance in the bcs title game.

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some have started to link to mainstream media reports as alternatives to deadspin’s coverage. as that second post called the media “the other angle” to the story, for deadspin it appears to be the angle.

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morning’s post quoting a usa today story is a perfect example of just how frustrating deadspin has been on the te’o story. through the magic of the internet archive, however, we can start re-publishing these now, so they exist somewhere.

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this is simply an opportunity to share your most ridiculous hookups gone awry with your fellow betches. citing the above judgment, one commenter called deadspin’s tone “corrosive and cancerous” (mattmckinney).

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